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Wednesday 18 September, 2013

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Goodbye seaview How high will it go? By Robert Johnson A Newlands couple is concerned they will lose their view of Wellington Harbour and have their home devalued thanks to an addon to a neighbouring property. Mirian and John Fenwick have lived happily at their Miles Crescent address for 30 years until two weeks ago when they saw a large structure erected right in the middle of their sea view. Mrs Fenwick says they called Wellington City Council on Wednesday to complain after seeing the building last Monday. “I was put through to the consents area and was told there was nothing I could do about it. It’s just unfair.” They visited their local Citizens Advice Bureau and contacted Fair Go after becoming frustrated with a seeming lack of rights.


Pictured: Newlands residents Peter and Mirian Fenwick, who are worried the building in front of them will soon block their sea-view.

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Wednesday September 18, 2013

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Goodbye seaview “From what I understand, they have consent to build up to eight metres high. We only realised in the last two weeks the effect it would have on our property’s view. “It’s a hard feeling. How would you like someone to come and park right in front of you and spoil the view?” Mrs Fenwick asks. “It’s unfair that our property could be de-valued and our view spoiled because of this.” The couple talked to the property owners at the end of 2011 when they thanked them for removing some tall trees on the property. “They told us it was because they were building an add-on flat for their in-laws. It seems quite large for an add-on flat,” Mrs Fenwick says. Mr Fenwick says they expected some sort of consultation as they are directly affected by the new building. “We never received a letter asking for our consent or advising us of the commencement of building, which would have been

nice.” Wellington City Council spokesman Clayton Anderson confirmed resource consent for the building was approved back in 2011, and while it is recommended that consent from neighbours is sought, it is not required. However, a copy of the consent shows four affected neighbouring properties were outlined, all of whom gave consent. The Fenwicks property was not considered one of these. Ali Layakat, who owns the property under construction, told the Independent Herald he followed the correct council process but understands the Fenwicks frustrations. “I gained all the necessary approvals as required by the council for consent. I am open to a conversation with them to see if there is a workaround,” he says. Mr Fenwick’s current concerns around the add-on are simple. “How much further will it go? I know they can’t pull it down now but a work-around would be nice.”

The view towards Wellington Harbour from the Fenwick's outside deck.

Candidates square off By Dave Crampton About 80 people gathered in the Uniting Church in Johnsonville to meet local government candidates and listen to their pitches for power on September 11. Peter Gilbert is promoting his science background, and denied reported comments that the city is dying. “The only thing …that is dying is that researchers are dying to promote their research,” he says. Current councillors Justin Lester and Helene Ritchie both outlined their many achievements while on council.

Mr Lester said that residents and ratepayers just don’t want to be heard, they want their representatives to act. Parking is always a discussion point at candidates’ meetings. Ms Ritchie was critical of the outsourcing of parking services. “We need to bring as much as we can in house,” she said. Jacob Toner said that parking priorities should be on parking places, not parking fines. “It becomes a revenue generating exercise, instead of helping people find a place to park,” he says.

Mr Toner, who has a Master’s degree in Local Government, was critical of the current council, saying the alternative giving campaign to address begging was an “utter failure”. He publicly slammed Ms Ritchie for her grading as one of the worst performing councillors as judged by a newspaper in April last year. He said Ms Ritchie was not very imaginative and not as impressive as she has been in earlier terms. Community activist John Maynard says he has never witnessed a critique of a councillor “in the fashion (Mr

Toner) did”. He stood up for what he saw as an attack on Ms Ritchie. “I think it was important for someone in the audience to do that - to say we don’t accept that sort of behaviour,” Mr Maynard said after the meeting. Tawa Community Board chair Malcolm Sparrow has been involved in the Tawa community for many years and wants to broaden his representation throughout the ward. “I want to liaise with local people and serve them well,” he says.


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Photo:Tom Lynch





Wednesday September 18, 2013

Alcohol strategy goes to final stage By Robert Johnson On and off-licence alcohol sale hours in Wellington are set to change. At last Thursdays strategy and policy committee meeting councillors agreed to push the proposed alcohol policy to the final stage. The amended policy contained a number of differences to the original, which has generated almost 1900 submissions from affected parties over the past few months. Under the new strategy, maximum on-licence trading hours of 7am- 5am will apply, and off-licence outlets, such as supermarkets and bottle stores, will be required to stop selling alcohol at 11pm.

However councillor and social portfolio leader Stephanie Cook says the council would like to work with off-licence outlets through a “voluntary accord” to find a solution. Suburban on-licence venues saw changes, with their trading hours increased to 7am-1am, as opposed to the original midnight closing recommendation. The idea of an entertainment precinct was also scrapped after concerns it may centralise the problem. Councillor Justin Lester tabled an amendment to the strategy which involves exploring a regional approach, involving

enhanced regulatory and educational tools to keep Wellington safe and vibrant. Mr Lester says this could include temporary trespass notices, public advertising and a ban on being d r un k in public, among other initiatives that could arise through working with the community. Councillor Br ya n Pepperell seconded the amendment, stating it was “absolutely correct” despite being “given a lemon and limited tools” by central government. Councillor Simon Marsh

agreed with Mr Lester and felt the amendment offered a chance to not be punitive. “Education is one thing we need to be firm about. Educate and regulate.” Councillor Iona Pannett opposed the amendment, calling it “ridiculous” and “resourceintensive”. “I want the police to catch rapists, murderers and wife-beaters, not people who get a bit drunk on the weekend,” she says. The amendment passed with councillors Ray Ahipene-Mercer and Helene Ritchie joining Ms Pannett in opposition. The council will now discuss the final policy in a meeting on September 25.

of 100 things. “I thought it was a great idea and live below the line is one of the things on my list. I decided this is the year to do it.” She did a practice shop last week in preparation for the real week which begins on September 23 and says it was a hard learning curve. “I could only get things like porridge, beans, pasta and rice. Even milk was too expensive,” she laughs. Ms White says preparing for the week has been educational in itself and a real eye opener into how much food we waste. “It makes you think twice about throwing away a half-


Khandallah meet the candidates

A meet the candidates meeting will be held in Khandallah at the Presbyterian Church Hall (33 Ganges Road) on October 2 at 7:30pm. The meeting is jointly supported by St Barnabas’ Anglican and St Benedict’s Catholic Churches and will feature the same format of candidates speaking about the top three issues as decided by members of the public. People attending the meeting will also have a chance to ask candidates questions at the end of the meeting.

Support Blue September this month

Blue September month supports men with prostate cancer. Every year more than 550 New Zealand men die from prostate cancer, and one in ten will develop the disease in their lifetime. This year various groups like the Vodafone Warriors and Placemakers have got behind the initiative. Those wanting to support the initiative can text ‘blue’ to 4847 to donate $3 to prostate cancer.

Living below the Line By Robert Johnson Ditching the daily coffee is going to be the biggest challenge for one Wellingtonian as she prepares to live below the poverty line for a week in support of UNICEF this month. Aro Valley resident Juliet White will join 1381 other Kiwis participating in ‘Live below the Line’—where individuals are challenged to survive five days living on a budget of just $2.25 per day to experience what it is like to live in extreme poverty. Ms White decided to take part this year after hearing about a man in Australia who had a yearlong bucket list consisting


Voting papers almost on their way

Juliet White shows what one week's worth of shopping ($11.25) for Living Below the Line looks like.

eaten apple, and having my 12-year-old daughter see it and comprehend what I’m doing is a good thing.” She has already raised $710 for UNICEF, and now hopes to reach $1000 by the end of the campaign, despite her original goal being $400. “I’m not looking forward to


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giving up my daily coffee. My guy I get coffee off each morning even offered to give them to me for 20 cents each but I’ll do it right,” she laughs. Live below the Line has already raised over $137,000 this year to combat child poverty around the world.


Get ready to have your say about Wellington and how it’s run. Voting papers for the local government elections will be sent to all enrolled voters from Friday this week for their say on Wellington City Council, Regional Council, Capital and Coast District Health Board and Community Board elections. Voters will have until midday on Saturday October 12 to return their papers and determine who will represent their area for the next three years.



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Wednesday September 18, 2013

Seeing double

Matthew Young, who was sick during the group photo. Crofton Downs School’s twins from Top left: Zac and Callum Woods, Nicola and Hannah Ross, Morag and Jake McLellan, Sam and Emma Guzman, Isaac and Nisha Davies, Scott Young, Julia and Rachel McDermott and James and Natalie McTeigue.

By Dave Crampton Seeing double is common at Crofton Downs School. One of the smaller Northern Suburbs schools, it has eight sets of twins in its

roll of 160. Two are identical sets, and four sets are younger than seven. “It’s unusual to have that many – it’s quite exciting,” Principal Toby Stokes says. Isaac Davies, 6, was surprised to start school last year and see five other sets of twins – then two more sets joined the following year. “It was twins, twins, twins,” he said. “Eight twins (now).” Zac and Callum Woods, 10, are tall, they play cricket - and are both locks in the same rugby team. “Sometimes we swap to confuse people,” Callum says. Rachel and Julia McDermott, 10, share a bedroom but sometimes have difficulty in finding their clothes. Jake and Morag McLellan, 6, also share the same room –but it is Morag who wakes first and often wakes her brother. “I give Jake his teddy and drop it on his face,” Morag laughs. Identical twins Hannah and Nicola Ross, 9, not only look alike, they share

friends, and have mastered the art of synchronised speaking. When asked what their favourite school subject, there was only one answer. “Sport,” they both said simultaneously, without hesitation. And after school? “Playing on the computer,” they both said. When the girls were in the same class last year, they swapped seats to confuse the teacher, Hannah says. Wellington Multiple Birth Association President Michelle Kitney says working women, who tend to have families later in life, are more likely to have twins if they conceive between the ages of 35-40 –especially when using in vitro fertilisation. “If you have IVF you are more likely to have identical twins – as the embryo splits in two.” Mr Stokes, who started at Crofton Downs this year, says he sometimes has difficulty telling the twins’ apart. “You have to really work hard before you talk to them.”

Top prize for young scientist By Robert Johnson A budding young scientist from Wadestown School has topped the year 7 section at the 2013 NIWA Wellington Science and Technology Fair—taking home an iPad and $300 for her efforts. Miro Macdonald’s project, which investigated the thermal conductivity of different fabrics, took out first prize in Class 1 and also the Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Science prize. Miro decided on her topic through her involvement with Girl Guides in Wellington. “We have a polar f leece jersey as part of our uniform so it got me thinking about

what material is the warmest in certain conditions.” She tested eight different fabrics in wet and dry conditions, measuring the thermal conductivity of each material as well as the wind chill factor. “I used a tin which I wrapped the material around and polystyrene inside it as it keeps the air in. From there I had a thermometer in the tin to measure the temperature.” Miro says she was “pretty happy” to win but the result came as a surprise. “NIWA posted the results on their website. My friends mum text my mum telling us to check the results. “My first thought was ‘I

can’t believe I won a prize’, I was just really happy to get through to the competition as only about 200 got through.” Despite all her friends asking her what she is going to spend her prize money on, Miro is taking the conservative approach. “I’m putting it in my bank account and leaving it there,” she laughs. She already has an idea for next year’s competition and is aiming to take out the top overall prize. CREDIT: DAVE Wadestown School principal ALLEN NIWA Sally Barrett says Miro did a great job. “We are so proud of her Miro Macdonald stands in front of her science project at the 2013 NIWA achievements, it’s fantastic.” Wellington Science and Technology Fair.

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Wednesday September 18, 2013

Healthy flat policy presented

Information wanted: This grey Subraru Impreza WRX (XX4471) was stolen from the Tory Street carpark in Wellington City on June 18 around 3:20pm and was last seen entering Wainuiomata on the main road at 3:53pm the same day.

By Robert Johnson and Nikki Papatsoumas The end of “crappy flats” is in sight. A policy that will ensure warmer, healthier homes was presented to students at Victoria University’s Kelburn Campus last week. The Healthy Homes policy launch was presented as part of Victoria University Wellington Students’ Association’s annual general meeting. In attendance were Mayor Cel ia Wade Brown, Healthy Housing programme director Philippa Howden-Chapman and around 100 students. Victoria University

Wellington Students’ Association president Rory McCourt says students felt as though their flats were often cold, wet and damp, and they were paying high rent to live in “crappy places”. He says students would like to see regulations ensuring better living conditions, through the introduction of a rental war rant of fitness— where flats would be required to meet certain standards. “We need to meet the conditions of Wellington weather with good quality housing. “Ac c o m m o d a t io n shouldn’t be rented out until it is to a high standard.”

Ms Wade-Brown wants to up basic minimum standards around housing regulations through the introduction of a council housing policy. The policy will include setting minimum standards for rental housing with regards to insulation, heating and ventilation. She says this will be achieved through a partnership with central government and Housing New Zealand on better mixed-use housing solutions in Wellington. “I want people in Wellington to be healthy and warm. “A rental warrant of fitness is an achievable way of raising the bar.”

Ms Howden-Chapman says this is an important step towards getting rid of “crappy flats”. She says conditions around renting a f lat should be no different to a car passing a warrant or a restaurant health and safety inspection. “Just because you don’t have much money why should the place you spend most of your time in be in poor condition?” She says the policy is “very exciting and the beginning of a move to give renters a voice.” Ms Howden-Chapman says the introduction of a rental warrant of fitness would hopefully not result in an increase in rental prices.

Local explores Chinese punk scene think the powers that be would find the proposal appealing - punk and all that,” he told the Independent Herald from Beijing. “I put a proposal in for the residency outlining the ideas I'm interested in. It's a pretty sweet deal.” Raised in Newlands, Mr Lake now lives in Lyall Bay and is interested in how Western punk music and culture is re-interpreted by Beijing youth. “Punk scenes have been emerging in countries throughout Asia over the last couple of decades as borders have become increasingly porous to trade, migration, information and outside cultures," he says.

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Wellington photographer John Lake who will document Chinese punk culture in Beijing.

By Dave Crampton Wellington photographer John Lake has been selected for a funded residency within the arts and cultural centre of China to explore and photograph Chinese punks. He arrived in Beijing earlier this month, and will explore and photograph the city’s punk scene and exhibit his collection in Wellington when he returns in December. The trip is part of a Wellington Asia Residency Exchange, co-funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Wellington City Council. “To be honest I didn't



“I think in New Zealand we still have a big blind spot for what is going on in Chinese and Asian cultures in general.” Punk is monitored for problematic lyrical content in China, Mr Lake says. “This is the complete opposite of Wellington where punk music as a form of open political expression.” Well known for his Up The Punks exhibitions of Wellington’s punk scene over the past 13 years, Mr Lake fits his photography around his work as a postie. “They were kind enough to give me three months unpaid leave, so hopefully there's still a job going there when I get back”.


Pictured: Student President Rory McCourt, Wellington City Council Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

If you have any information regarding this vehicle or know the identity of the suspect driving the car, please contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111. All information or reports can be made anonymously.



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Wednesday September 18, 2013 An artists impression of the proposed Karori Community Events Centre

Book Fair to support Karori Event Centre The Karori Rotary and Lions Clubs are hoping a solid community turn-out at their upcoming Book Fair will bring the Event Centre project a step closer to fruition. Wallace Simmers, Chaiman of the Trust fundraising to build the Event Centre, is delighted the two major service clubs in Karori are continuing to help

fund the cause. “The new community Event Centre is a major undertaking, with a target of $4 million by early 2015. We recently received news that the Council has pledged funds toward the Centre, and we need to work to match their funds from the community.” The service clubs are calling

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Holiday Workshops Fantastic opportunity for all NCEA students! Excellent holiday workshops across a range of subjects and levels will help you develop the skills necessary to gain achieved, merit or excellence grades in some of your upcoming exams. Workshops are open to both male and female NCEA students and will be presented by expert Marsden teachers. They will run for 3 hours on various days in the October holidays. For more information and to enrol go to our website.

for good quality books and CDs/ DVDs for the sale. Residents can drop these off at the Karori Community Centre, Karori Mall and the Karori Park Café. Karori Rotary Chairman David Watt says the two clubs have a strong bond after working together on many community projects and are happy to help

the cause. A special bonus to book buyers will be offered with the opportunity to win spot prizes on the day. “As Karori is Wellington’s largest suburb, and still growing, the new community Event Centre will give us, and surrounding suburbs, a modern venue in which to hold many different

types of performances, events and activities,” Mr Simmers says. The Book Fair will run from Friday October 4 from noon9pm and again on Saturday October 5 from 8:30am-3pm in the St John’s Hall on the corner of Karori Road and Campbell Street.

Dunne raises concerns in Parliament By Dave Crampton The publicity surrounding care of residents at the Malvina Major village has reached the highest political level after Ohariu MP Peter Dunne raised concerns in Parliament this month. Mr Dunne, a former Associate Health Minister, met with Susan Christian, 43, earlier this month. Mrs Christian’s 69-year-old mother was found in an unacceptable state at the village several times in June. “I have been concerned about the situation at Malvina Major Retirement Village in my electorate. I have met the daughter of the woman at the centre of the case,” Mr Dunne says. “The blunt truth is that Malvina Major [staff] failed her. I will be talking to them.” Mr Dunne asked Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew what specific "corrective actions’ the Malvina Major Retirement Village is required to undertake following a Ministry of Health spot audit.

Ms Goodhew said since the audit, the Ministry of Health and the Capital Coast District Health Board have been closely involved in monitoring the changes required of Ryman Healthcare. “The distressing events were found by inspection to have been

I have been concerned about the situation at Malvina Major Retirement Village

substantiated. Steps to ensure improvements and a time frame for change have been made clear, and the district health board will work with Ryman Healthcare to ensure their implementation.” Areas for improvement included the management and documentation of complaints; quality and risk management; processes for infection prevention and control; assessment of residents; care planning

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specific to individual residents; and the overall standard of care provided to residents. Both the Ministry of Health and the Capital and Coast District Health Board are monitoring progress. The first date for corrective actions was September 5. A written progress report to the District Health Board outlined actions undertaken in relation to corrective measures. Mr Dunne says Mrs Goodhew will be advised by the Ministry of Health on the corrective actions by her Ministry, and he will be making sure that occurs. . “I will be talking to Mrs Goodhew to see what advice she is given.” On Monday, the Independent Herald again approached Ryman Healthcare chief executive Simon Challies for comment on corrective actions undertaken. “At this stage, I`m not prepared to comment further,” he says.

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Wednesday September 18, 2013


Spring into Tawa

Promoting Tawa College Community Education: Gisele Lupi, the Italian Cooking tutor

Enjoying a family day out: Peveline and Rocky O'Keefe with their children, Amber (3), Rory (7 months) and Tui (3) of Tawa

By Rachel Binning You have to feel sorry for the weatherman and happy for the crowds that turned up in force to enjoy the crisp spring weather at the Tawa Spring Festival on Saturday 14 September. The warnings of mixed weather didn't eventuate and blue skies meant the crowds enjoyed a variety of activities. On offer was plenty of food, goods from pre-schools, college and Plunket stalls, information on community organisations and the chance to chat with local city council and national politicians. Festival go’ers also had the chance to experience the local fire brigade's machinery as well as well-tempered llamas for the kids to pat. Well done Tawa - you have a community to be proud of. PHOTOS BY: BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

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Best friends together for a good cause: Amy Wilsher (10), Grace Thompson (10), Abby Robinson (10) and Maddy Taylor (11) all of Tawa, selling sweets and cakes with 50% of their sales being donated to Starship Hospital.

Helping the Tawa community: Tracy Wellington and Anita Vitendaal of Kiwi Community Assistance

560 4773 (Maungaraki office) 151C Dowse Drive, Maungaraki






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Wednesday September 18, 2013

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Have you been watching the America’s Cup and who do you think will win?

Tony Instone, Grenada Village I’ve been watching it. It’s touch and go at the moment. On paper it would appear New Zealand has it sown up but Oracle have had the upper hand in a few races.

Wendy Pallett, Johnsonville

Jordan Tegus, Johnsonville

Peter Luke, Johnsonville

Graham Salisbury, Churton Park

I’ve been watching it when I can. I think Team New Zealand will win.

Yeah, been watching it. Team New Zealand will win. We always seem faster.

I’ve been watching the results. I think we will win being 6-1 now. I was more interested in the All Blacks vs South Africa test match.

Course I’ve been watching. Team New Zealand will win. We’re faster and the scoreline is on our side, it’s hard to overcome that.

Catherine Manchester, Ngaio I’ve been keeping tabs on the news around it. Team New Zealand will win and I’ll probably watch the final races.

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the

right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Offended Dear Ed, I attended the public meeting hosted by People's Power Ohariu. As an ordinary citizen finding myself surrounded by other ordinary, concerned and fed up citizens at that meeting, I find Peter Dunne's words about the meeting attendee's highly offensive. His words are arrogant, divisive

and contemptuous. This latest display of arrogance only furthers my view of Dunne being the thorn in the side on New Zealand. Given the damage Dunne has done with his one vote on bad legislation, I urge my fellow Ohariu Electorate residents to vote him out in 2014. C Bindon

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Wednesday September 18, 2013

Pasifika roots on show crowd to five items, each put together to highlight the importance of Pacific cultures in New Zealand. Newlands Intermediate deputy principal Lena Meinders says the group has been practicing a combination of dances and music for a fortnight in preparation for the event. “It was fantastic as we used the kids’ own knowledge about their culture and the expertise of their family members, with some of them coming in to work with the group.” Ex Newlands Intermediate student Tusiga Fiu was one of those helping out with the boys after being asked by his cousin.

“I’m just here to help them with their actions and moves and a bit of discipline if they need it,” he laughs. Ms Meinders says the festival is a big event on the calendar as it celebrates what makes New Zealand so special. “It’s part of who we are. It allows all students to express their culture and acknowledge the ties between all of the different Pacific nations that make up New Zealand.” Pictured: Newlands Intermediate Pasifika members Jayelle Pelasio and Decima Schmidt practice before the Pasifika Festival.

Dispelling dieting myths

New World Karori, in conjunction with The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand, St John, Rotary NZ and Foodstuffs, will hold their fifth Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign on October 5. A free “Blood Pressure Site” will be set

up at New World Karori and those with a high reading will be advised to have a further check with their GP. In last year’s campaign, a whopping 46.9 per cent of people nationwide were found to have an above-normal reading.


Bring this voucher & receive 10% off all remanufactured cartridges in our NEW KARORI OUTLET. Offer valid until 30th November 2013 • Ink & Laser Printer Cartridge Specialists • Printer Advice • 100% Money Back Guarantee • Free Advice

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Opening Tuesday 17th September Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 1pm, 274 Karori Rd, Karori


Cartridge World stores are independently owned and operated

Why Pay more to print?

Jordan Crosbie from Nutrition X outside the Tawa branch of Revolve Fitness.

question here.” The next seminar at the Tawa Community Centre on October 15 will cover men’s health.  To register your attendance at the seminar email

Celebrate Women and Art at Parliament Take a free tour to view some of the stunning art collection specifically selected to celebrate 120 years of women’s suffrage. The selected works features female artists and pieces that recognise and celebrate women’s suffrage.

Come along to

the Charity opening preview Be among the first to experienCe the magiC of



By Robert Johnson Cutting out carbs after six, diets with no sugar at all and weight-loss supplements are among the myths a local nutritionist wants to negate through a series of free community seminars in Tawa. Nutritionist Jordan Crosbie has been sharing her knowledge with the community since March, with six sessions so far covering topics like health after 50, to specific women’s health seminars. It is about improving well-being on the whole and getting healthy for the long-run, something that crash diets do not achieve, says Miss Crosbie. “It’s great being able to take my knowledge and help people in the community lead a healthy life. It’s definitely rewarding.” After graduating in nutrition from Otago University last year, Miss Crosbie started her own business, Nutrition X and is contracted to Revolve Fitness in Tawa who provide fitness advice at the seminars. The seminars have proved popular, with a variety of people from athletes to retirees attending, but Miss Crosbie is encouraging more people to take advantage of them. “It’s a great way to get advice that is tailored to their situation. We answer queries from what nutrients are needed to perform better in a sport to the effect of dieting. “There is no such thing as a stupid

Check your pressure


By Robert Johnson Newlands Intermediate joined six other schools from the North Wellington region for a cultural festival highlighting their pacific roots. The Pasifika Festival, hosted by Brandon Intermediate in Porirua, provided a stage for Newlands students to showcase culture from the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tokelau with a “little bit of Newlands thrown in”. Tawa Intermediate, Raroa, Titahi Bay, South Wellington and Evans Bay Intermediate joined Brandon and Newlands in Friday’s celebrations. Almost 50 Newlands students performed for 15 minutes, treating the

Wednesday 25th sePtember 6pm - 8pm These 90 minute specialist tours will be offered on Sunday 22 September at 10.30am and at 1.30pm – bookings are essential as space is limited. Normal Parliamentary Tours run daily, private and art focused tours for groups available on request and need to be booked in advance.

For bookings and tour information:

P: 04 817 9503 E: or

Purchase your tickets at the Jewellery Counter • Ground Floor $10 each Proceeds from ticket sales go to



Wednesday September 18, 2013









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Offers apply from Monday 16 until Sunday 22 September 2013. All offers are subject to availability or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade strictly not supplied.

114-124 Jackson Street, Petone (04) 939 3663 Open 6am - 11pm, 7 Days


Wednesday September 18 2013




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For a selected time only Terms and conditions may apply. Excludes the purchases of gift cards, tobacco products, payment of accounts and Christmas Club deposits. See in store or visit for terms and conditions.

Offers apply from Monday 16 until Sunday 22 September 2013. All offers are subject to availability or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade strictly not supplied.

114-124 Jackson Street, Petone (04) 939 3663 Open 6am - 11pm, 7 Days





Wednesday September 18, 2013

Final Takeback for TVs

Sustainability Trust communications manager Megan Hubscher stands in Karori's Birdwood Street carpark with an old analogue TV.



By Robert Johnson Wellington residents who have an old TV sitting in the garage or spare room gathering dust have been given a prime opportunity to get rid of it the right way. A drive-through TV Takeback will be held in Karori’s Birdwood Street carpark on Saturday September 21 by Sustainability Trust who have partnered with nationwide recyclers RCN ecycle. Sustainability Trust communications manager Megan Hubscher says it is the perfect time for Wellingtonians to recycle their old analogue TV’s before the digital switchover on Sep-

tember 29, where residents will need a digital TV or set top-box to continue watching free-to-air television. “Recycling a TV normally costs $25 but thanks to government subsidies, we are doing it for just $5. You won’t get a better chance to recycle it and it is much better than just dumping it.” Collected TV’s are taken to RCN in Seaview where they are broken down into recyclable parts and the circuit boards are sent to Australia and Singapore to have components recycled. A team of around five workers will be there to take the TVs and

due to the drive-through nature of the event, residents won’t even have to get out of their vehicle. Ms Hubscher says the previous take-back at Westpac Stadium a fortnight ago attracted over 1000 people and they hope to see around 300 from the Western suburbs on Saturday. Those who cannot make this weekend’s Takeback can drop their TV off at Sustainability Trust’s offices down Forrester’s Lane in Te Aro for the same price of $5.  The TV Takeback on Saturday will run from 10am-4pm in Karori's Birdwood Street carpark.



CLASSIC PANEL & PAINT 213 NEWLANDS ROAD 939 3928 / 027 6670581

Richard Herbert for Tawa Community Board Tawa Residents Support the Community you Love and Vote


This Advertisement has been authorised by Richard Herbert, 8 Duval Grove, Tawa 5028. Email


Pacific Radiology Johnsonville has relocated to 25 Broderick Road › X-rays › ultrasounds › pregnancy scans

We are open 8.00am to 4.30pm. For appointments call in or phone us on 978 5500. cathie and the team look forward to welcoming you.


Appointments: 978 5500

Pacific Radiology receptionist Jenny Lea and charge sonographer Deb Macintosh show off their new Johnsonville branch.

New look for Pacific Radiology By Robert Johnson Pacific Radiology celebrated the opening of its new premises at 25 Broderick Road on Monday after a three month fit-out was completed. The slightly smaller premises, which replace their old location on the Johnsonville Roundabout, offer a more central location and better access for patients. Operations manager Jane Rourke says they were looking for a smaller space following the expiry of their lease at the old rooms. “We wanted to maintain our presence in Johnsonville having been here for 12 years already. We love the new fit-out and the location. It offers easy pedestrian access and parking at the door or just across the road.” The Johnsonville branch has five staff, including a radiographer, two sonographers and two receptionists, and will continue to offer services such as x-rays, ultrasounds and pregnancy scans.

Through working with its nearby branch at Bowen Hospital, Pacific Radiology can offer an extended range of services including DEXA, mammography, CT and PET/CT. Communications manager Teresa Grace says Capital Construction did a great job with the building and they are happy to be back in Johnsonville after a short absence. Pacific Radiology Johnsonville’s hours are 8:00am- 4:30pm Monday to Friday and patients can call to make an appointment or call-in to the branch for urgent appointments. A selection of Wellington artwork supplied by Creative Stance will don the walls of the branch along with some funky skeleton designs on the windows thanks to Sign Foundry. Mrs Grace says they had a few patients through on Monday morning but would be back into full-swing today.


Wednesday September 18, 2013


Your one stop shop for all your valuations YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING FROM:

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Bookings advised

Your Local


THINK BURKES FOR TYRES New tyres • Leading Brands Puncture Repairs Specialised Wheel Alignment & Balancing

16-30 Coutts Street Kilbirnie, Wellington Phone: 04 387 3101

First Tongan optometrist in NZ Inspiring others to follow their passion As a young girl growing up in Tonga, Wellington Specsavers optometrist, Defini Tai didn’t even know what optometry was. Two university degrees and four children later, the 34 year old is the first Tongan optometrist practicing in New Zealand. “Optometry wasn’t really heard of in Tonga and there were no optometrists,” says Ms Tai“I always had an interest in science and after high school moved to New Zealand with my family to study a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University.” After graduating in 2002, Defini found a part-time receptionist job at a local optometrist, managed by Specsavers Wellington’s current owner David Aldridge. “I was inspired to become an optometrist and applied for a Bachelor of Optometry at The University of Auckland,” says Ms Tai Five years later Ms Tai completed her degree. At Specsavers Lambton Quay, Specsavers Cuba Street and Specsavers Johnsonville, Ms Tai works for her former boss David Aldridge. She loves being an optometrist and believes if you are passionate about something you can make it happen. “It’s great to be able to provide affordable eyewear and quality eye care to patients coming through to Specsavers. I’ve also referred people to their doctor when I’ve picked up suspected diabetes or high blood pressure. Eye tests are so important in maintaining overall health,” says Ms Tai. Specsavers offers Digital Retinal Photography with every standard eye test at all of its 53 stores across New Zealand, for free. Digital Retinal Photography is a powerful tool that allows optometrists to screen for abnormalities, assisting with the early detection of diseases including diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Owner: Michael Sellars

A valuer since 1968 Fellow of NZIV and PINZ

• Fair rental reviews for landlords and tenants • Mortgage/financing • Accounting • Sale/purchase • Commercial & residential property • Sum Insured Insurance Valuations To Contact Sellars Valuation Ltd Phone: (04) 385 7267 Mobile: 027 7333 398


From $25 per bear with a free signature bear for the birthday child. Terms and conditions apply.

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Where we do our best to make you look your best! Clothing Repairs & Alterations If it fits under the machine, we can fix it.... Suits, Weddings, School wear, Tailored garments

Right: Defini Tai - first Tongan optometrist in NZ

Wellington BNZ Shopping Centre Foodcourt Level - Shop 2 P: 04 499 9336


Wednesday September 18, 2013


Each week the Independent Herald will speak to Wellington City Council candidates in this years Local Government Elections. This week we talk to those standing for the Lambton Ward

Michael Appleby Lambton Ward

I have been a legal educator for 44 years and have lived in Wellington for 37 years. I have taught at various Law Faculties in New Zealand and was the dean of the Open Polytechnic Law Faculty for five years.

John Dow

Lambton Ward I have been working for 30 years in Wellington bringing together diverse interests for the good of our City through a wide range of successful projects and events. I believe my experience, knowledge and track record of achieving results and outcomes is ideally

Rex Nicholls Lambton Ward

I am a civil engineer with long experience in construction and saving and restoring old buildings. I moved the Shamrock Hotel, saved and restored Carrigafoyle on The Terrace and developed CQ Hotels.

Iona Pannett Lambton Ward

I’m a life-long Wellingtonian growing up in Te Aro and now living in Mt Victoria with my partner and our two children. I’ve worked in Communications, as a campaigner and researcher and have nearly 20 years of experience

Mark Peck

Lambton Ward I am a local business man coowning the Little Peckish Cafe in the Dukes Arcade. I have vast political experience having spent twelve years as the MP for Invercargill.

My educational background includes a BA in English and politics and a Master’s degree in law, focusing on administrative law- the branch that keeps public servants up to the mark. I completed my bucket list of travelling overseas and feel it is now time to give back to Wellington the wonderful life it has given me. I have been involved in the

community through my work as a human rights lawyer and as leader of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party for 17 years. I have represented a lot of cannabis smokers through minimizing the harm that prohibition causes and making sure the questions around cannabis use are not swept under the carpet. My proudest achievement to date would be having my first

grandson, whom I just visited and bonded with in Sydney recently. Between 30-35 per cent of Wellington will vote and they determine the future council. It is incumbent on everyone to vote for their chosen candidates otherwise they cannot complain or moan if decisions are made against their wishes.

suited to a Councillor role and I wish to continue my commitment to Wellington City in that capacity. I have been a regular contributor to a wide range of Sports and Arts organisations and supporter of many Community groups and charities in Wellington. My proudest achievements include: initiating and helping establish Wellington Phoenix, securing the All Whites versus Bahrain

match for Wellington, Director of Wellington Gold Awards (annually celebrating and acknowledging business success,innovation and job creation),delivering the St Kilda Saints versus Sydney Swans AFL Anzac Day match which stimulated $9 million for the local economy, helped establish Call Active Wellington branch creating potentially 100’s of new jobs for our City, NZ Director of World

Press Photo Exhibition in 2011 and 2012, Convenor of Judges for the Wellingtonian of the Year Awards and my daughters educational, travel and teaching achievements. Wellington City’s greatest asset is its people. The people need to be actively involved and participate in creating a great future for Wellington and this process starts by everyone voting.

I've had two previous stints on WCC, and was then Mayoress to Kerry Prendergast for nine years. I'm standing again after seeing a lack of business acumen and timely decision making for three years. I wish to spearhead the loan/rate scheme I developed for earthquake risk buildings, to lend money to buildings for their earthquake strengthening; with no risk or cost

to Council. I am back on board of Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, mainly sorting out the building's long term maintenance and removing its earthquake risk elements. I'm also helping Mary Potter Hospice with their long term building plans and recently finished on the program team, building the new Ronald McDonald House. My proudest achievement to date

would be the completion of CQ Hotels including strengthening the Peoples Palace building to 100% of the earthquake code. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro last year was also a physical highlight. Council needs rejuvenation after three years of indecision. Our city needs some councillors who make decisions for Wellington's benefit, not just to enhance their chance of re-election.

in governing Wellington community organisations. I want to promote growth in jobs through smart businesses and social enterprise; invest in libraries, public transport and airline long haul; protect Wellington’s heritage and waterfront and Wellingtonians against earthquakes. I also want to continue the regeneration of the CBD and inner city shopping villages and ensure that

any proposal for a supercity is put to a poll. As a councillor, it’s my job to be heavily involved in our local community. I spend a significant part of my week meeting with various community organisations particularly in my ward. I listen to their ideas and advocate on their behalf. In my spare time, I’m a Trustee of the Hill Street

Farmer’s Market and am a member of the Clyde Quay Kindergarten Parent Committee. One of my proudest achievements would be leading the city’s successful $50m plus earthquake strengthening project. Councillors spend your money and set regulations and policies that affect you. It is important to have your say on who those councillors are.

I am grateful for the opportunities Wellington has afforded me and want to contribute something back. My unique mix of skill makes me well placed to help guide Wellington through the range of challenges facing the city over the next three years. Working sixty hours a week in the cafe leaves little time for

much else, but in my spare time I chairs the Goring Body Corporate and am president of the Karori Golf Club. My proudest achievement over the last few years has been establishing a successful business, which provides six full time equivalent jobs, and doing this during a period of sustained economic recession.

It is time to elect a council that will show some leadership. The present council has failed miserably in leading the city over the last three years and if the challenges facing Wellington are to be addressed this has to change. I want to use my political and business skills for the good of Wellington.

Wednesday September 18, 2013



Each week the Independent Herald will speak to Wellington City Council candidates in this years Local Government Elections. This week we talk to those standing for the Lambton Ward

Steve Preston Lambton Ward

As a proud Wellingtonian, I am standing for Lambton Ward in the Coolest little capital in the world as I believe that I will be a proactive component of positive change in the Council. I have the knowledge, passion,

Jennifer Stephen Lambton Ward

As a proud Wellingtonian all my life, I have had the pleasure of working and living in the Lambton Ward for over 8 years. My background is in the Finance and Energy Sector where I have gained exceptional grounding in governance, problem solving and

intelligence and skills to make a difference for Wellington, with a wealth of experience ranging from student and voluntary work through to corporate management and directorship in multi-national organisations, working in both business and in the community. Currently a corporate trainer in the fields of communication and leadership, I have the skills, wisdom and, most importantly, the

desire to ensure that your voices will be heard and acted upon. In the past six months I have been involved in community education as the Wellington Division Governor of Toastmasters. My proudest achievements include being founding Chairperson of an Organic Gardens Trust and helping others achieve their potential by finding their voice. Wellington is the city with a

soul in NZ and I believe that Wellingtonians should get out in force to have their voices heard on issues like sustainability, climate change, better public transport, earthquake strengthening, the flyover, housing issues and cycleways. Now is the time to act to make a difference.

the financial and economic impacts of decision making. I am running for council because I believe the current city council lacks real vision and long term strategies. They have completely lost focus of the bigger picture, wasting time and ratepayer dollars on pet projects and arbitrary bylaws that hamstring progress and business investment. I endeavour to help out in our

community through a variety of avenues. The current council spends too much time interfering with the day-to-day lives of citizens and not enough focusing on community engagement. If elected I will ensure communities are a council priority. I have many things I am proud of however, it is important to focus on what you can achieve and what we can do better.

I strongly believe I can shape Wellington into a city with a coherent plan for growth, where people with ideas are able to drive the engine of our local economy. Wellingtonians need to vote in order to ensure we can elect a proactive council with a clear vision to make Wellington the best little city in the world.

Mark Wilson did not respond to the invitation to provide a profile

John Woolf Lambton Ward

I was born and raised in Wellington. I’ve lived and worked in Lambton Ward for 30 years. I have an extensive background in the Telecommunications industry having worked in product management for a number of companies including Telecom.

Nicola Young Lambton Ward

I was born and grew up in Wellington and worked at The Evening Post as a journalist, then spent 20 years in England working in London’s financial markets and raising my two children (now adults). I Returned to Wellington 17 years

Having returned from a six-year circumnavigation, I’ve fallen in love with our city all over again. The issue that prompted me to run for council was the Basin Reserve flyover!What council would condone building an ugly, dirty, noisy flyover past Wellington’s iconic cricket ground? There are other more elegant solutions to separating the traffic flows and Council have given in to NZTA’s blunt instrument. I am interested in all aspects of

making Wellington a modern, walkable city with good fast transit public transport and retaining our heritage buildings. Do these things and Wellington will become a destination of choice for high value businesses. I have participated in the community through collecting signatures for the ‘Keep or Assets’ campaign and volunteered at the Green Party headquarters around this issue. My proudest achievement would

be completing the circumnavigation of the globe in my yacht 'Beyond’ over a six year period. It is something I have wanted to do since I was a kid. While local body politics may appear boring, councillors shape our lives in the city beyond simply the nuts and bolts services they manage. Council has an important duty to nurture quality of life.

ago, and set up my own communications and political strategy company; clients include PHARMAC and I write a regular feature column in Tommy’s magazine. I Want to contribute my energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to help boost Wellington’s economic growth and regain its spark; despair at Council’s flip-flops and inaction. Our council is stale, and needs new faces – starting at the top.

My involvement in the Wellington community has been represented through writing about Wellington and maintaining my long-term interest in city’s arts, theatre and heritage sectors. Also, door-knocking to find out more about local concerns. My proudest achievements include organising ‘Wired Wellington’ which – for the first time – connected city’s ICT business

sector with the Prime Minister, and central Government. ICT sector is Wellington’s economic future, so I plan similar events for other growth sectors. Wellington needs leadership to restore growth and city vibe, and improve living standards for everyone. Long-term incumbents need to be voted out.

More than just a pretty face By Zealandia Volunteer Ken Miller Eels are never going to win many beauty contests, even in the fish world where competition is pretty thin. I can’t see a “spokes-eel” replacing Sirocco, the Spokesbird for NZ conservation, any time soon either. And yet, when I was given the chance to help release long-finned eels at Zealandia I jumped at the chance. The life-cycle of the long-finned eel (or tuna in Maori) is quite fantastic.

For starters, they travel a tremendous distance to spawn: approximately 5,000 kilometres north to Tonga. Here, the females will lay millions of eggs, which hatch into tiny onemillimetre long creatures. A far cry from the one to two metre adult eels they will eventually become. These tiny eels aren’t able to swim their way back to the waterways of New Zealand and instead rely on the ocean currents to carry them south. Once back at Aotearoa, they make

their way up fresh-water streams and rivers to make their home. Whilst that journey doesn’t exactly sound straightforward, we haven’t made it any easier. Firstly, by draining wetlands or by diverting rivers we have reduced available habitats and access ways. Secondly, Eel fishing can significantly impact population numbers. This is because when eels go out to sea to spawn, they don't come back. This is a journey they take at the end of their life, which can be up to 60 years. Eel fishing results in

the death of eels that haven't had a chance to breed. Seeing an eel is quite a special treat, and holding one even more so. This is what I had to remind myself of when I was releasing them into Te Mahanga stream. It was either that or focus on how much they felt like metre-long porous bags of mucus. That takes the shine off the occasion somewhat.

Pictured: A New Zealand long-finned Eel.

PHOTO CREDIT: Alton Perrie


Wednesday September 18, 2013

40 years around...


Clothing Alterations & Sewing Needs

Hours: Monday Tues-Thurs

9:00 - 5:00pm 9:00 - 5:30pm

Friday Saturday

9:00 - 7:00pm 9:30 - 3:00pm

16 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington

Ph: 477 1204 Mob: 027 221 5099 After Hours: 0274 540 951 Email: Web:

Marieka Schrader Director


Mower, Chainsaw and Small Engine repairs At Johnsonville Mower & Chainsaw Services

Arrival of the first train in Johnsonville.


(incorporated with)

RICHARDS MOTORCYCLE SERVICES 30 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, 04 477 2322





22 Broderick Road




previously Johnsonville Fruit Mart

Ph: 04 478 6812







8 Burgess Road Johnsonville

$5 off

from 9am to 12noon

Get the treatment you deserve! Full range of massage and reflexology available

Above: The modern Matangi electric train which replaced the old model in 2012.

Treatments: Head > Neck > Shoulder > Arms > Legs > Feet > Whole Body

Prices from $15 to $100

Johnsonville Shopping Centre

Ph: 021 049 9289

Emergency Service House Calls Free On-site parking Stockists of Hills® Science Diet Ph: 478 3880 | 10 Burgess Road, Johnsonville Welcome to Healthy 10/20 “Caring for you, naturally” in Johnsonville for 25 years!

Our name stands for a Healthy 10 to 20% off most products in store With our own brand ‘NFS Pure’ at Factory direct prices! To be healthy every day visit Healthy 10/20! Northern End 7 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville. Ph: 04 939 4355 • Web: Talk to us about your accounting & taxation needs

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Johnsonville - 477 1801 Lvl 1, 11-13 Broderick Rd PO Box 633, Wellington

Upper Hutt - 528 3739 72-74 Main Street Upper Hutt

20% - 60% off selected items • • • •

Commercial & Residential Lighting Light bulbs / lamps Lamp shades Electrical contractors – Maintenance & Repairs

04 478 9899 | 1a Fraser Avenue, Johnsonville |

All aboard to Johnsonville When delving deep into Johnsonville’s rich history, there are many lasting monuments to remind us of times past, none more so than the train service. The Johnsonville railway service has undergone many changes, some more recent than others, that have shaped it into the service many of us use today. The 10 kilometre Johnsonville line was originally built in the 1880s by the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company. Its main purpose was to connect Wellington to Longburn, providing a travel option for commuters around the region to get to work. Residents from areas such as Ngaio, Khandallah and Paremata used steam locomotives to travel before it was found that they struggled with the gradient of some hills along the line.

The first electric passenger train began operation in July 1938 with additional units added by the end of 1946. As the use of electric trains grew, additional stations were added at Raroa, Box Hill and Crofton Downs to meet demand. These same electric trains continued to do the job for the next 60-odd years before they were replaced with the new electric Matangi trains in 2012 by Greater Wellington Regional Council after concerns around the braking ability of the old electric model. Figures gathered in 20112012 showed the ridership of the Johnsonville line was 1,119,000 per annum, cementing it as an important part of Johnsonville’s infrastructure and history.

Wednesday September 18, 2013 Trades & Services


public notice

Could your business survive if you lost your

James McDonald

Computer Data due to Earthquake, Flood, Fire, Burglary or if the computer crashed?Call Delly Ranginui for a SECURE CLOUD BACKUP solution on 049736292


Funeral Director

7 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville. Wellington Tel: (04) 477 6855 Fax: (04) 801 7203

PAINTER Free quotes. Exceptionally reliable, honest, trustworthy with 25 yrs exp. Both int/ext private work. Refs avail. Phone Duncan Smith 2341667 or 027-221-4455 or see flyingcolourspainting.



ERIN 0800 86 77 27


We Clean and Repair

We clean and repair

• Curtains & Drapes • Thermals & Nets • Austrian Blinds Roman Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Venetian&Blinds • •Curtains & Drapes • Thermals Nets MILDEWBlinds Removal Specialist • Austrian • Roman Blinds

Mildew Removal Specialist PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

(conditions apply) PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

CALL 07 579 0501 Tawa Creative Curtains



public notice


Retirement Villa




227:MINUTE/MINUET: 29 wordsemit, emu, item, men, menu, met, mien, min, mine, mint, MINUTE, MINUET, mite, mute, net, nim, nit, nut, ten, tie, time, tin, tine, tun, tune, unit, unite, untie, ute

OHARIU VALLEY GOLF CLUB (inc) lay & p free w r o o rf nn Joi embe t Sep

KARORI NORMAL SCHOOL Out of Zone Enrolments The Board invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their child at Karori Normal School. Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office. The exact number of places across the year levels for Out of Zone students will be confirmed on 16 October 2013. Applications should be made on the form available from the school office. The deadline for receipt of applications for Out of Zone places is 16 October 2013. Applicants who live within the home zone are also requested to apply by this date to assist the school to plan effectively for next year. Applicants who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot is required it will be held on 30 October 2013. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Play Golf and enjoy our course and facilities

Board of Trustees

Summer Membership

1 October to 31 March 2014 join before 20 September 2013 and get the following subscriptions: Full playing $ 250.00 or 9 hole $ 160.00 payment options available.

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Death Notice

PERRY Noeleen Grace: September 12,2013 SMITH Christine: September 12,2013 PRESTON-THOMAS Grant: September 16.2013 HOOKER, Beverley Dianne - Passed away peacefully at Wellington Hospital on Tuesday 10th September aged 81 years. Married to Leicester for 53 years, lovingly worked together as parents to Dean, Glen, Brett, Jane, Robyn, Reece, Sally, Craig and all their partners. Proud grand parents to all of our grand children, 21 great grand children and their families. Daughter of Frank and Mabel Carter. Loved and living sister Norma and Ken Swain and family of Levin. To my friends who have been faithfully with me on this journey, dear Amanda, Glenis Elsie and many others, may the angels always surround you all. And now I am with joy, face to face with God our Father and Jesus our Saviour. Genesis 2.18.24. Revelation 21.1.6. 22.6.17. A funeral service has been held. ROWAN, John - Kings Own Scottish Boarderers British Army Scottish Division. RNZAF Warrant Officer K76783. Suddenly but peacefully on 12th September 2013 aged 84 years. Loved father of Doug & Lesley.Loved Grandfather of Jolene & Scott, Tracey, Gavin & Sarah, Mandy & Rod. Loved Great Grandad of Ethan, Toby, Marshall, Seth, Jacob and Nathan. Best mate to Murphy & Norman. A funeral service has been held. the Lychgate Funeral Home.


P: 04 232 3868 or drop off at 20 Main St Tawa or 0800 579 0501 for more info 44193

St Johns Villas, purpose built for a retiree to enjoy an affordable, independent, quality standard of living. Only six years old, all on one level and with a sunny conservatory. One king size bedroom, whiteware included. Carpad, bus stop at door, very close to shops.


Johnsonville and Tawa

BATTISTON Dorothy Mabel. On 12 September 2013 at Wellington Hospital, aged 87. Dearly loved wife of the late Joe. Much loved mother and mother-in-law of Cate and the late Frank Bacon and John & Joanne. Loved grandmother of Matthew & Yvette, Anthony & Jess, Eloise & Corey; Michael and Elizabeth and great grandmother of Charlotte and Lachlan. Loved sister of Ray (dec’d.), sister-in-law to Fay and the late George and to Sante & Colleen. Loved by all her nieces and nephews. Valued friend to many. No flowers please, by request, but donations to The Womens’ Refuge, PO Box 11985, Wellington would be appreciated. Messages may be sent to the family c/- 306 Willis Street, Wellington. A service for Dorothy has been been held. Lychgate Funeral Home FDANZ Tel. 385 0745 Xiao, Zhenzong. On 12 September 2013 at Wellington Hospital, aged 80 years. Dearly loved husband of Tengfang Li. Loved father and father-in-law of Guohua, Yanling and Chirong Su. Grandfather to Catherine, Rachel, and Tiffany. In lieu of flowers, donations to Wellington Free Ambulance would be appreciated and may be left at the service. Messages to the Xiao family may be left in Zhenzong’s tribute book at or posted c/-4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville. A funeral service has been held.

See our website for details 04 478-4009 or ring the manager Allan Johnson on 0274 966649 10 minutes from Johnsonville (slow drive!)

Kids cake decorating classes for the school holidays Cakepops, cookies, cupcakes – something for all ages! to book or call Becs on

021 220 7845

MCGILL, Nicola Mary (Nicky) On 15 September, peacefully at Wellington Hospital. Beloved daughter of Sylvia & Patrick. Loved sister of Samantha & Edward (London), loved niece of Carole Howard (London) & much loved granddaughter of Phyllis McGill (Foxton). Guardian Funeral Home Special thanks to the outstanding oncology Johnsonville: 4 Moorefield Road team at Wellington Hospital. In lieu of flowers, Ph: 477 4025 donations to the Wellington SPCA would be Tawa: 157 Main Road appreciated and may be left at the church or sent to P.O.Box 7069, Newtown, Wellington. Ph: 232 1588 Messages may be left in Nicola’s tribute book at Nicola’s funeral service will Johnsonville’s ownedFuneral Funeral Directors be held at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Johnsonville’sonly onlylocally locally owned Directors Tawa on Thursday 19 September at 11am and will be followed by a private cremation. Guardian Funeral Home Ngaio –Johnsonville- Tawa Supporting people to acknowledge Locally Owned death and celebrate life


Wednesday September 18, 2013 Trades & Services

Eye on Crime


We buy any trucks, big or small

GET CASH NOW! For any car $200 - $500 We pay up to $5000 for selected models only

0800 71 72 73 FREE REMOVAL - Same Day, Next Day * Conditions apply (selected items only)

Johnsonville Bowling Club Want to have a go at lawn bowls the game for all ages? Did you know that the Johnsonville Bowling Club is one of the country’s most successful sports clubs, with success at all levels of the game? What do I need to bring: Flat soled shoes and a smile What will it cost: Nothing to have a go! Where: Johnsonville Bowling Club, 34 Frankmoore Ave, Johnsonville (just up the road from Keith Spry Pool and the Community Centre)

When: Saturday 14 September 1:00pm Sunday 22 September 1:00pm Sunday 20 October 1:00pm Can’t make it on those dates? Give us a ring or come on down and take a look at our facilities and we will make you welcome. Take a look at the Johnsonville Bowling Club web site For more information contact: Keith Alexander 478 2228 Pat Maddocks 478 9890 - Allan Galbraith 478 7718

Sits Vacant

TWIGLAND PART TIME STAFF REQUIRED. I am looking for casual Part Time retail shop assistants, with experience. VACANCY 1. The first vacancy is for an assistant to work five days..Mon to Friday from 2.00pm to 5.30pm (3.5 hrs per day). VACANCY 2. Assistants to work just one day on a Weekend. One person on Saturday and one person on Sunday, or both days. VACANCY 3. A person with an accountancy background to do account reconciliation, debtors and creditors as well as ACE Payroll. Only approximately 3-4hrs per fortnight. Mondays. No shop work involved. If you are interested and have the skills please contact: Peter Dunshea Twigland Gardeners World Glenside Johnsonville. Ph. 477 4090 (not Wednesdays please)

Surfers Paradise Free night

Healthcare Assistants We require experienced healthcare assistants to join our friendly and supportive team. Weekly pay. Ph 04 460 5239

Stay 7 Pay 6 At Le Chelsea Apartments with Lynne and Peter (Ex Kiwi's) Close to Beach, shopping & attractions. (Conditions apply) PH: 0061-7-55383366


Need a new roof? Repairs? Or Spouting? We have been servicing the Wellington area for the past 25 years. Give us a call for a no obligation quote.

Johnsonville Neighbourhood Watch

A busy week on the crime front. A run of ten burglaries in total dominated the crime stats this week. Three homes in Newlands, in Archbold Street, Bloomsbury Grove and Batchelor Street were broken into over the past week. In Khandallah, three properties—all on Homebush Road— were broken into on the same night plus another property on Lohia Street.

Ph 478 9106 or 0274 457 145 44050


Re-Roofs Roof Repairs

A newly constructed property on Mark Avenue in Grenada Village was entered with a contractors power tools being stolen. Suspects escaped with an expensive laptop and camera following vehicle break-ins on Dr Taylor Terrace and the Johnsonville Mall car park. Also in Johnsonville, a green Hilux van was stolen from Ironside Road, taking the tally of stolen vehicles this week to four.


WordBuilder 6

Building Maintenance

The other three vehicles were stolen from Khandallah (blue Mitsubishi station wagon) and Ngaio (red Mazda hatchback and a blue Honda). Two vehicles were damaged in Johnsonville, one on Ironside Road and the other in the Johnsonville Mall carpark, with both having their windows smashed. That’s all for this week, stay safe.



House Painting WRITING SPACE



Workmanship Guaranteed

Ph: 04 971 9356 or 021 451 549 CRAFTSMAN PLUMBER

REG DRAINLAYER Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999


BUILDER Qualified for:

Alterations, Additions Refurbishment, Repairs Ph Alan Johnstone: 973 1239 027 450 3239

Guitar Lessons Beginners Welcome Contact Phil on 021 0231 9783 973 7754

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80 83


Wednesday September 18, 2013



Winning Walsh works wonders By Dave Crampton Tawa College student Ben Walsh is one of New Zealand’s rising swimming stars and the best swimmer from Tawa Intermediate. Ben,16, is the fastest ever swimmer in the greater Wellington region in the 100 metres and 200 metres breaststroke, as he holds Wellington Open records for these events in both short course (25 metres) and long course (50 metres) pools. He also holds New Zealand age-group records in both events as well as 34 other Wellington records. Rem a rk ably, Ben a lso achieved two top 10 breaststroke placings at the Youth Olympics in Australia earlier this year against swimmers four years older. He also got a top 20 in his 100 metres butterfly. From Whitby, he is currently the Dominion Post

male Swimmer of the Year, and the Porirua Young Sportsperson of the Year. He may collect the latter again this year at an awards ceremony on October 3. Ben, a year 12 student, has been Tawa College’s top junior or senior swimmer since Year 9. Last year, he was also the college’s swimmer and sportsperson of the year, and is in line for both again this year. But these achievements weren’t without effort. Ben was swimming from age three, and has swum competitively since he was eight. He progressed to break his first New Zealand record at 14 and his first Open record at 15. The pool is his home for 16 hours a week under Porirua City Aquatic’s senior coach Nevill Sutton. He was in the pool at 4.45am three morn-

ings a week when he had to train at the Cannons Creek Pool for a fortnight – but is now back at Porirua Pool and a more leisurely 5.15am start. “He is a work in progress.” Mr Sutton says. “He is showing that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” A highlight at the Wellington championships at the Wellington Regional Aquatics Centre earlier this month was Ben’s national 200 metres breaststroke age-grade record of 2:14.81 – nearly three seconds inside the previous record set by Olympian Glenn Snyders in 2003. “It was quite an honour to beat one of Snyders’ records,” Ben says. “It was amazing”. At the championships, Ben also topped his 16-17 age group as a 16- year-old, winning all 13 events, 10 in personal best (PB) time and nine in Wellington record time. “It was his best meet ever as

Tawa club swimmer Ben Walsh in his element.

far as records go,” Ben’s father Bill Walsh, says. However, Ben says his best swim was the Open 200 metres breaststroke final at last year’s New Zealand Short Course championships at Kilbirnie, where he qualified to swim for New Zealand at the Youth Olympics. Ben will be at this year’s Short

A different kind of ‘Tour de France’ By Robert Johnson For most people, riding up and down steep hills with a bag full of water, food and spare bike parts sounds like a punishment but for a Northland resident, it’s a dream. Johnny Waghorn will fly to France on Sunday to line up against 69 other competitors from around the world at the 2013 Trans-Provence enduro mountain bike race. The week-long race challenges riders to race over a distance of almost 300 kilometres, climbing up 9000 metres and going down 14,000. Wa g h o r n s ays h e decided to do it after watching it online for the last couple of years. “It’s always appealed to me. You get to go out on a big adventure, it’s great.” With just 70 spots up for grabs in the field— and 20 of those held for professional riders— Waghorn says there

was a mad scramble to secure one of the remaining 50. “I had to send a little CV about myself, outlining my history and the kind of riding I like to do in order to get a spot.” Competitors in the race have to do four races every day, with each stage about 50 kilometres long, and camp out in tents each night as they trek through the mountains of southern France. “It will be great to chat to all the other riders at the end of each day and test myself against them. Sitting on top of those mountains is going to be fun,” Waghorn says. With over 20 years’ experience in mountain biking including a seventh place finish in the well-known Karapoti Classic, he hopes to finish in the top chunk of amateurs. “I’ve been training about four times a week doing both long and

Katherine Joyce-Kellaway

Course championships on September 29 and is hoping to be selected for next year’s Junior Pan Pacific championships in Hawaii. When he knocks down his breaststroke times by a few more seconds he will also be eligible to swim at the Commonwealth Games.


Study Art and Design at Massey University Wellington Portfolio applications due by 1 October 2013 Create your future here. Wellingtonian Johnny Waghorn with his modified mountain bike.

short rides. The long ones can take three to four hours. You have to have a good level of all-round fitness.” Waghorn and his modified Santa Cruz mountain bike will start their journey on September 28.


20 Wednesday September 18, 2013

Johnsonville + Kilbir nie + Tawa opposite Railway

477 6650

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behind Amcal Pharmacy

387 4444

232 0333

Independent family owned & operated Wellington business since 1990

Proud to be the major sponsor of the Johnsonville Cricket Club

Johnsonville Cricket Club Inc. T20 Run Chargers 2013 Grade Winners Division 1 T20

Johnsonville Cricket Club Inc. Mens Premier Reserve Grade 2013 Winners of the Alan Isaac Trophy

Johnsonville Cricket Club Inc. Womens T20 2013 Grade Winners

Johnsonville Cricket Club Inc. Hawke’s Bay Cricket Camp January 2013 Yr 6 Team Celebrating Success

PLAY CRICKET THIS SUMMER!! Junior registration years 1-8 Boys/Girls Saturday 21 September 10am - 1pm @ the Cricket clubrooms, 17 Bannister Ave Johnsonville (on Alex Moore Park)

Seniors: For Adult Men/Women email, visit our website or ring Rick Mudgway 021 1830 764

The Club is very proud of our 3 Cricket Wellington grade winning teams and all our other senior and junior teams. “Johnsonville is an awesome club, striving for success on and off the field” – Julian Allen, Chairman JCC Thanks to our sponsors: 1841 Bar and Café - Young Motors - New Zealand Community Trust - Pub Charity - Infinity Foundation - The Trusts Community Foundation Andrew Duncan Real Estate - Cooper & Co - Gillian Cross - Guardian First National Real Estate - Wrightway Homes - Motor Doctors Blair Wright Group Ltd - Northpac Timber Newlands - Life Photography - Mana Coach Services - Hell Pizza - Spencer Homes - World Series Indoor Cricket Lesvos - Shoe and Bag Repairs - Johnsonville Club Inc

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Independent Herald 18-09-13

Independent Herald 18-09-13  

Independent Herald 18-09-13