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Danger Zone A large quake could result in a tsunami By Nikki Papatsoumas The successful Blue Lines project is set to be rolled out into other coastal communities in Wellington. The project, which outlines tsunami safe zones, is already visible in Island Bay, Houghton Bay and Owhiro Bay. The project was developed after GNS Science created a model that was able to show the maximum run up height for a tsunami. Continued on page 2 Dan Neely from Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) with blue lines in the suburb of Island Bay.

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Monday July 29, 2013

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Tsunami awareness By Nikki Papatsoumas Manager for Community Resilience at Wellington Region Emergency Management Office Dan Neely says people are often confused about what a tsunami is. He describes a tsunami as a movement of the land in the water, such as an earthquake, that causes a displacement in the water. He says that people often assume a tsunami is a giant wall of water, but says it is better described as though you were filling a bath up. “It is like filling up a bath tub, it’s a surge of water that keeps coming ashore. It is not a wave, it is best to think of it as how much water would keep surging into your community.” The lines that are currently painted around the southern coast show the

absolute run up height of a tsunami in the worst case scenario. Dan says it is the simplicity of the project, which has won international awards, that makes it so effective. He also says consultation with the local

“It is like filling up a bath tub, it’s a surge of water that keeps coming ashore” community helped to make the project more successful. “We spent six months working with the community to go through ideas about what they thought was a powerful type of signage and that would have an impact, so this is basically the communities idea.

Wellington student army a success By Nikki Papatsoumas A group of four first year students from Victoria University have organised their own Student Volunteer Army, and quickly gained an impressive amount of interest. Founder Matt Harrington says he decided to create the army in response to last Sunday’s earthquake and out of a general wanting to do something for Wellington. Matt who is originally from Christchurch, says the army is modeled off the successful version that was set up in Christchurch after the 2010 Earthquake. He created the Facebook page ‘Wellington Student Volunteer Army’ on the Sunday evening of the earthquake, and within 48 hours it had over 300 likes. Committee member Ben Guerin says when the student army was formed in Christchurch it was a good example of how the model could succeed. “From what we have seen from the earthquake, young people do want to make a difference, and have a drive to do the sort of tasks most people don’t want to do at all.

From left: Ruby Sands, Matt Harrington, Ash Stanley-Ryan and Ben Guerin.

“It is a fantastic asset and we want to unlock that and be the body that facilitates that.” Committee member Ruby Sands says it is great to see so many people wanting to come out and help. She says through building networks with other community groups and resilience within communities you can build a sense of community. Committee member Ash Stanley-Ryan says it is really inspiring to see so many young people willing to help out. “When you have an event like that it reminds you that everyone is responsible for

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everyone. It serves as a catalyst to get this off the ground.” He says he has been working with Volunteer Wellington to organise a forum for young people to get involved and this has served as a platform for university students to get involved with all kinds of volunteering roles. Matt says next they will work on expanding into working with and alongside volunteer charitable organisations. For more information, head to the ‘Wellington Student Volunteer Army’ Facebook page.


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“There is elegance to it, it is very cost affordable and has a very high impact.” He says the lines are powerful tools because even if people don't give much thought about tsunamis, they still know where the lines are painted in their communities identifying the safe place to evacuate. The project is now set to be rolled out to the suburbs of Lyall Bay and Kilbirnie in the next couple of months. Dan says in the meantime he encourages people to be prepared for the big one. “What we want people to do is if there is a long or strong earthquake, immediately move everyone in their household or business to higher ground. “The only warning you need is an earthquake.”

195 Willis Street, Wellington 45098

Monday July 29, 2013

Vandals leave their mark know what to do so we got it painted over, then we went to the council. “There is some type of movement taking place after hours, so we would like to see some more police control.” He says they hope to create some public awareness in an effort to prevent future tagging and vandalism. Spokesperson for Wellington Airport Greg Thomas says the properties were purchased as they experience a level of noise that cannot be insulated against, and are in the process of being removed. He says it is part of a wider programme to treat properties within the Air Noise Boundary against future noise. Mr Thomas says as far as they are aware the tagging has only occurred in the last few days, and they have not received any complaints. “This building is going to be demolished in the near future, with the remaining area to be landscaped in line with the rest of eastern Bridge Street where properties have been removed. “Our contractor employs a caretaker to manage and monitor the properties located in Bridge St over the period of their removal.”

Library temporarily closed Wellington Central Library will be closed again on Sunday August 4 but this time for an IT data centre shift. The library was closed for a few days earlier this week after Sunday’s earthquake. Small areas of cracked plaster prompted the closure until repairs could be done.

‘Living legends’ get involved

The property on the corner of Bridge Street and Cairns Street is causing concern for locals.

By Nikki Papatsoumas Tagging and vandalism to abandoned houses in Rongotai has local business owners seeing red. A stretch of houses in Rongotai’s Bridge Street have been left deserted after they were purchased by Wellington Airport. According to a local business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, taggers and vandals have been attracted to the houses. He says in particular the property at number three Bridge Street is a “complete eye sore”. He says the vandalism and tagging is now spreading, and local businesses building and cars are suffering. “There has been an increase of unsavory characters hanging around the neighborhood. They need to get the houses down they’re there for demolition, and have been sitting there vacant for two years. “It’s not just a little scribble on the side of a building, it is one of the nastiest cases I have seen locally around here in years, they have really gone to town.” Manager from Tulsi Wholesale Food Supply Ravindran Annamalai says their work trucks have now been vandalised on three separate occasions. “The first two times we didn’t


Above: Tulsi truck vandalised by local taggers.

Rugby legend Sir Brian Lochore will help plant 3,200 native trees as part of a major Wellington conservation initiative. On the day of the All Black test in Wellington, August 24,Sir Brian will join local volunteers to complete the Living Legends planting project in Wellington. Living Legends was established in 2011 to leave a legacy of New Zealand’s hosting of Rugby World Cup by planting trees with Rugby Legends in locations throughout New Zealand. So far 129,000 native trees have been planted.

Public transport: Have your say. The Greater Wellington Regional Council is asking for submissions on the future of Welllington’s public transport. The Wellington Public Transport Spine Study is now complete and open to public opinion. The study looked at options for the future of public transport in Wellington. An overview of the options and how they compare is available online.



Monday July 29, 2013

Family focused creche for Mount Victoria By Nikki Papatsoumas Crossways Community Creche is excited to see work on their new property in Mount Victoria running smoothly. The creche has purchased a house on the corner of Majoribanks and Hawker Street, which is in the process of being renovated. Spokesperson from Crossways Creche Kaf Henderson says they hope to be in their new premises by the beginning of September. The creche has been in its temporary home in Coromandel Street in Newtown for the last five years, and Kaf says they are excited to return to their original community of Mount Victoria.

Kaf says it was difficult to find somewhere that had the right look of a creche, and a lot of work has gone into securing the move. She thanks all the parents that have been involved in finding a new premise, and devising a sustainable financial model for the creche’s continued growth. Crossways Creche is a not-forprofit organisation that takes a community based approach to child care. The creche is run by a committee of parents and caters to around 18 children a day. “It is not the sort of place where you drop your kids off at nine and come back at five, this is a much

Crossways Creches new premises in Mount Victoria.

more family focused place that offers families the opportunity to get involved in their children’s learning” says Kaf. To celebrate the impending move, the creche have organ-

ised the Crossways Community Creche Carnival. Kaf is encouraging local families to bring their under-fives and families to come along for games, dancing storytelling

and more. The carnival will be held this Saturday, August 4, at their Newtown Premises at 132 Coromandel Street between 10am and 1pm.

Hydrotherapy users in too deep you buoyancy,” says Ms Moore. “You can’t do exercises when the water is too high. In the old pool it was up to our waists and now for some of our members it is up to their noses.” Ms Moore says she was disappointed that members of her group had not been asked about their needs before renovations were made. She says she is pleased her classes have begun again this week, after the depth of the pool was addressed, but still wishes there had been a better consultation process. Spokesperson for Wellington City

By Nikki Papatsoumas A local woman is pleased to see changes have been made to the Hydrotherapy Pool at Kilbirnie Regional Aquatic Centre. Rosalind Moore from Berhampore used the pool with her stroke club, but classes were eventually cancelled due to the depth of the pool. The new Hydrotherapy Pool has a depth of 1.3 to 1.5 metres, which some people have found to be too deep. “The classes helped with balance and for some it was the only exercise they could do because the water gives

Council Richard MacLean says the pool’s depth allows for a full range of exercises, and this is something the previous pool could not offer. He says a platform was installed in the pool to deal with the issue of depth in late May. This platform, which is approximately 1.2 metres wide by seven metres long, takes the depth of the pool to 1.1 metres. “We have had very positive feedback from this which enables people with disabilities, or people of a short stature, to work in water at a depth of

1.1 metres.” Mr MacLean says since that time they have been running monthly hydro users meetings which are well advertised around the aquatic centre. “Overall, feedback from users has been positive and we were unaware that anyone was feeling they were being ignored or of any outstanding issues. “The pool is being successfully used by hundreds of people each week. The vast majority, many with disabilities or recovering from injury or surgery, are enjoying the new pool.”

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Monday July 29, 2013

Local royalist celebrates happy day By Nikki Papatsoumas Last week the Royal Fa m ily welcomed t he birth of a new baby, and Wellingtonians jumped on board with the celebrations. The Dutchess of Cambridge gave bir th to a son last Monday, July 22, named George Alexander Louis. To celebrate the birth of Prince George, who is now third in line to the throne, a 21-gun salute was fired from Point Jerningham at midday on Tuesday last week. As well as this landmarks around the country were lit up blue to celebrate the birth of a boy. Among them were the Majestic Centre light, the Albatross Fountain and the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington. Kilbirnie local Margaret Barnes says she has been a royalist for as long as she can remember, and is thrilled with the news. “I have always heard all about the royal family from my family, they have all been to England and I

It’s a boy

Royalist: Kilbirnie local Margaret Barnes have Scottish grandparents,” says the 97-year-old. Margaret says she doesn’t have a lot of memorabilia but she follows their movements in the news and on the television.

“They are just adored, millions flock when they hear they are coming. When they go around the world they have wonderful receptions and are so well received. “I just love royals.”

Margaret says she is also very pleased with the chosen name. “It’s a great name, thought there would be a George there somewhere eventually.”

The Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy last week. The couple has named the baby George Alexander Louis, and he will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. There have already been six British monarchs called George, with the last being the Queens father, George VI. Prince George was born at 4.24pm (UK time) at St Mary’s Hospital in Wellington. The future heir to the throne weighed in at a healthy 8lb 6oz. Prince William was present at the time of birth, and the baby now becomes third in line to the throne after Prince Charles and Prince William.



Monday July 29, 2013

Fresh focus needed on city council A mix of voices on the council are needed to keep Wellington moving forward according to southern ward council candidate Jacob Toner. The Berhampore resident was born and bred in Wellington and believes getting the basics right should be a priority for the new council. “Those basics include things like providing key services to the city, things like affordable rates and solid public transport infrastructure,” he says. Mr Toner says effective transportation needs to be discussed as there has been very limited progress on cycle lanes from the southern suburbs into the CBD. “One of my key aims should I become a councillor would be to work alongside the council in getting a cycle lane into the CBD from the suburbs.” If elected, Mr Toner would be the youngest councillor at 28 years of age and says it would be great to have some rejuvenation around the council table. “I was staggered when they cancelled a regular meeting earlier in the year because there were not enough items on the agenda.” “We have a lot of experienced councillors currently but there may be a lack of fresh ideas coming through and I think I could help out there,” he says.

Strathmore local announces bid for council Strathmore local Graham Mc Cready has announced that he will stand for eastern ward councillor in the upcoming local elections. Mr Mc Cready was born in Thorndon in 1944, where he attended Thorndon School. He then went on to Wellington Technical College and Victoria University of Wellington. He says he has lived in Strathmore and Miramar for almost 20 years now, and it has encouraged him to stand for council. “I have lived here for a long time now. I bought a house in Strathmore in 1995 and have been here ever since. Strathmore is a wonderful place to live.” Since announcing his bid for council, Mr Mc Cready says he has received a lot of well wishes and support from friends and family in the community. Mr Mc Cready describes himself as a motivated advocate for the people and has recently been working with city housing tenants. “I have been a powerful voice for city housing tenants, helping to stop nonsense when work isn’t done and the tenants have given up.” He also runs the Computers for Schools Program which has seen 1,000 computers donated to low decile schools in the Wellington Region, South Auckland and the Chathams. He says future plans include working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities at the Open Polytechnic in November. He also holds a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering, a New Zealand Diploma in Business, a Management Degree from York University in Toronto Canada and an advanced Diploma in Creative Writing in

Southern Ward candidate Jacob Toner

also important in light of recent events and the council plays a key role in mitigating these risks, says Mr Toner. “Buying a leaky home myself prompted me to think about the risks we face as a city and how we can stand up to these. I believe the council should be proactive to ensure we are well placed to deal with adversity.”

Building a resilient community is

Eastern Ward candidate Graham Mc Cready

Non-Fiction. He believes that if elected he would be able to reflect his communities best interests. “I would bring a very strong voice to the table, and I bring a different aspect to the table.” "I bring to the role 50 years as an advocate for low income people and small businesses. I am well educated and bring to the table a strong voice for my natural constituency. "

Local election nominations open The time has come for Wellingtonians to make a stand for their city after nominations for the upcoming City Council elections opened of Friday. Electoral Officer Charlie Inggs says those who have considered local politics should consider standing as a candidate this year.

"If you want to work with and for the local community and have a say in how the city is run, now's the time to use your voice." Candidate workshops will be held on July 29 and 31 where people can listen to incumbent councillors talk about what their job involves and the rules around


standing for election and campaigning. The workshops will be held at the Council offices at 101 Wakefield Street at 6pm on July 29 and 1pm on July 31. Mr Inggs says they are seeking candidates of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to ensure Wellington's diverse community is represented.

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Wellington City Council positions that people can stand for are Mayor, councillor and Tawa or Makara-Ohariu Community Board member. Nominations close at noon on Friday August 16.

Korean War Veterans remembered Korean War veterans were remembered at the National War Memorial in Wellington on Saturday. A ceremony was held on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice and was officiated by Principal Chaplain Air Force, Chaplain Class 2 Anthony Hawes. Local Korean War veteran Roy Robieson laid a wreath on behalf of the Korean Veterans’ Association.

When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, New Zealand was one of the first of 16 nations to respond to the United Nations Security Council’s call for combat assistance. A delegation of 29 New Zealand veterans who served in Korea are currently attending commemorations in the Republic of Korea to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice.

Monday July 29, 2013


School holidays goes of with a roar From Left: Monique Mackenzie-Brown, Olivia Kesly, Caitlin Coventry and Alana Coventry.

By Nikki Papatsoumas To celebrate the last day of the school holidays, East Care After Three holiday programme in Miramar had a monsters themed party. This is the fourth time the holiday programme has run from the Miramar Community Centre, and organisers say they have plans to continue through to next year. The group also runs a successful after school care programme. “Things are going really well, and for us the vision is to continue to grow and get bigger and better,” says manager and coordinator Lio Afamiliona.

From Left: Anthony Vache, Brenna Stratford and Tyler Chase.

From Left: Embla Joergensen, Savanna Docherty, Esther Ropati and Lillian Munro.

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Monday July 29, 2013

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: Are you prepared for an earthquake?

Doug Walker Miramar

Ken Aperila Miramar

Tauasosi Tuimavave Miramar

Stuart Bryson Miramar

Angela Leck Miramar

“I am not prepared I should be but can’t really be bothered.”

“I think it is important to be prepared. I wasn’t prepared for Sunday, and I still haven’t got anything but I am going to.”

“I wasn’t prepared but we got all of our bags and stuff together straight after the earthquake on Sunday and put it in the car.”

“I’m not prepared. I am a bit blasé about them all, they don’t really scare me that much.”

“Yes we are prepared. We have a box in the garage and we have for a year. We have been through it again though after the weekend to make sure it is all OK.”


to the editor

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication.

The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Andrew Wells Miramar “We have water, food and torches all ready, it is important to be prepared.”

Pedestrian woes Dear Ed, How good is it to see Cook Strait News raising the issue of a new pedestrian crossing close to the intersection of the Parade and Humber Street. (CS News Page 4, 22/7). A lot of through traffic uses Humber Street to get through to Happy Valley, on the western side.

It is indeed a busy intersection. If it was up to me, I would relocate the bus stop currently outside St Hilda’s because buses are made to wait at this stop, it is hard to get good visibility if you are crossing from the east side of the Parade to its other side. Yes, a lot of children need to cross here, and a lot of elderly as well.

It is good that a local resident has approached Paul Eagle and the Cook Strait News and let’s hope there is a result. Yours sincerely, Christine Swift

Anti Pill Popper Dear Ed, I was glad to see that your newspaper is supporting the march against party pills being tested on animals. I don’t even understand how they can consider it, to me it seems they’re condoning the use of these party drugs by justifying animal testing. Countries around the world are attempting to remove animal testing completely but NZ seems to be going backwards. If people want to experiment with drugs

Wellington 10-11 August TSB Bank Arena

that should be on them, they’re big enough and ugly enough to know what they’re doing and should know the consequences of their actions without some defenceless animal being subjected to these treatments. The MPs that are pushing this should ask themselves - would they sacrifice their family pet for the cause? I’m sure they wouldn’t and if they did I’d have to question their integrity as a human being. Kind Regards, A Macleod

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Monday July 29, 2013


The young get grooving A Mount Cook music and movement group for pre-school children is encouraging more local mothers and their children to come along and join in. Mini Minstrels is a weekly class that introduces children to rhythm, timing and beat as well as listening. Children in the class taught to use percussion instruments, while participating in a variety of songs. Coordinator Georgina Preston says the classes are a great way of helping

children to develop a sense of rhythm, while learning about and enjoying music. “It is a really fun thing for children to do and a great way for people to meet others in the community.” Classes are run on a Wednesday out of the hall of St Pauls Lutheran Church in Mount Cook, during the school term. For more information on classes contact

From Left: Naria Moeaukusitino, Masie Wong, Glenis Hislop, Lawrie Penney and Diny Bode.

Healthy cooking on a budget By Nikki Papatsoumas Every Monday at the Kilbirnie Community Centre cooking classes are held, to teach locals how to cook good nutritious food on a budget. Between 10 and 15 people attend the class, which involves them cooking and sharing a meal together. The classes are run by Nga Unuka and Cheryl McKane, who have both been running community based classes for five years. “It is about bringing people together and helping them to cook with their community, while supporting each other and sharing skills and experiences,” says Cheryl.

“A lot of people have the skills, they just need to be reawakened.” Nga says they try and teach them how to shop and encourage them to go to markets and get cheaper vegetables and fruit, which they can integrate into their meals. For last week’s meal, the class cooked a roast vegetable salad, garlic bread, coleslaw and apple tartlets. Nga says they hope those who attend the class then go on to make the affordable and nutritious meals for their families at home. For more information, contact Beryl at the Kilbirnie Community Centre on 387 7867.

Mini Minstrels teacher, Heather Garside with students.

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programs, using proven Kip McGrath methods  Maths  Reading  English  Spelling  Comprehension  NCEA Maths English & Science

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Monday July 29, 2013

Menzshed offer helping hand By Robert Johnson Wellington City Menzshed members are combining their skills and experience for sustainability in the capital. The group have teamed up with the Te Aro Upcycle Project and will build two greenhouses for the project over the next week. Menzshed Wellington spokesman John Shrapnell says projects like this are great for both the social aspect and helping the community. “It’s great, we have a group of guys here working together and have an environment where

we can have fun and provide companionship.” The Menzshed team completed one frame in just two days last week and began work on the second frame on Tuesday. The completed frames will be picked up by the Aro Upcycle team before plastic bottles are used to glaze the outer frame. Mr Shrapnell says they had around eight gentlemen working on the first frame, bringing a wide array of skills from varied backgrounds. “We had a farmer, a university lecturer, a surgeon, an engineer, a journalist, and a hospice

worker. It’s great having so many different people with fresh ways to look at everything,” he laughs. The Wellington City Menzshed offers semi-retired and retired men a place to work and socialise with like-minded individuals. Mr Shrapnell says the guys always have a smile on their face when they turn up. “Working on projects like this proves to everyone that they still have value. Doing this makes us less likely to end up in a rest home or a hospital.”

John Shrapnell from Wellington Menzshed stands in their almost complete greenhouse frame.

Mayoral campaign brings Wellingtonians together Jack Yan's mayoral campaign function brought Wellingtonians together in a high-fashion setting. Mayoral candidate Jack Yan’s fundraiser at Soi last week brought together many Wellingtonians including double Olympian Dick Joyce, former CentrePort chairman Nigel Gould, online publishing pioneer and author Richard MacManus, jewellery designer Victoria Taylor, city

councillors and one council candidate. The event, which donated 10 per cent of its proceeds to CanTeen, was a showcase of Mr Yan’s ideas of unity and creativity. Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng and Arcana Imperii fashion producer James Butters coordinated a fashion show where guests could get photographs taken with models who were showcasing the latest fashion, while make-up and hair special-

ists Dollybird ran an on-location suite for those who wanted touch-ups during the evening. Models were provided by Kirsty Bunny Management. Alissa Corbett served as the official photographer on the night. Jennifer Hamilton performed live music, while Tanya Carr-Smith MCed the night. Soi served canapés, while sponsors Invivo Wines, Perrier and Zumwohl

served drinks. A live auction helmed by Grant Cederwall of Tommy’s topped the evening off, with items sponsored by Spicy Thai Design, Miniscus, Fashion Marketing Ltd., Soi, Ultra Shoes, Tory & KO., Go to Martinborough, The Cattlestop Martinborough Retreat, Voon, Stalex, Beaute Rituelle, Inspia Creative, and Forever Young Hairdressing.

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8 July, 2013

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For any Van, Ute, Truck, 4WD Pay $500 to $8000*


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Damaged, Mechanical, De-registered, Crashed, No WOF No Problem “ALL WELCOME”. *Selected Items Only.

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Hataitai, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay, Miramar, Roseneath, Seatoun Strathmore, Berhampore, Island Bay, Newtown.


Today 5-9

15 July, 2013

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Outlook for Today Shower s. Souther ly gales easing

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Same day service

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Postcard a rarity

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$ You r Loca P $$$ forcarfun & gam GET TO$600* Forlany es! & 0- BUSES TRUCKS FROM $20 S - 4WD-



00 LU 0 - $60 NC H ME Starts tod NU ay! Peto 800 666 Seaview,22s Ron 0800 gota

l Availab s Franchise


By Nikki Papatsoumas Staff at Kilbirnie Library are hoping to reunite a very rare postcard with its owner. Amongst the usual lost property the postcard was unearthed, and it has been discovered to have been hand written and signed by children’s author Enid Blyton. Enid Blyton is well known for a list of popular of children’s books, including The Famous Five, The Secret Seven series and the Noddy books. Continued on page 2

cker a Wre i Road, Kilb reck irnie Call Meg .megaw Ph 387 111 www




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Professional Auto Repairers

Is your Car Road Safe?


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Auto Rep aire


387 2105


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GET $500 - $6000 HOURS: Monday–Friday 7.30am–5.00pm Ph 387-2105 4-12 Cruickshank St, Kilbirnie


GET $500


/ 4-12 Cruick


121 Port Road, Seaview, Petone.


Call Mega Wreckers 0800 800 666

CASH FOR VEHICL ES GET FROM $200TOP $$$$ - $600* For any car - 4WD-



shank St, Kilbirn

ie 43827

The team at AUTO CARE will do the job quickly and efficiently.


We urgently require new stock and are paying top prices. Turn you old collectibles into CASH. If you are unable to attend and have items for sale then phone (06) 355 4857.

By Nikki Last week Papatsoumas suburb residearound 100 eastern by Well ingto n May lic meeting nts attended a pub- Wade-Brown, Well or Celia ington City Councillo in Hataitai, they discussed rs Leon ie where Councils propo Wellington City Paul Eagle, WellingtonGill and Airport airport runw sal to extend the representative Greg Thom Urba ay into Evan s Bay son n Development spokeas and Warren Uluse sperThe meet ing was atten Continued le. ded on page 2.

Pictured: Library Assistant Sylvia Grindlay holds a signed postcard from Enid Blyton, dated 1961.

- $6000 ALL VEHI CLE PART S AVAILABL 121 E AT Port Road , Seavi


080 Same day 0 71 72 73 service


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ay 11-14


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ew, Peton Call Mega e. Wreckers 0800 www.megawre 800 666 z

apply Sam Barnes email:



Damaged, Mechanical, De-regis No Problem “ALL WELCOM tered, Crashed , No WOF E”. *Selecte d Items Only.


SALES: Nikki Papatsoumas



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*conditions apply David Lewis


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2013 July 1,

CASH NOW For any Car ! For any Van, $200 to $1000

Hatai tai, Kilbir nie, Lyall Strath more Bay, Miram , Berha mpor ar, e, Island Bay, Rose neath , Seato un Newt own.


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Monday July 29, 2013


Zoo safe after quake All is well at Wellington Zoo after the weekend’s 6.5 earthquake: the animals and staff are safe, and there is no structural damage to the Zoo to report. The Zoo was open on Monday as per usual. “Our community can enjoy

a relaxing stroll in the Zoo grounds, experience our new exhibits like Hero HQ and enjoy a warm break in Mojo café these school holidays,” said Chief Executive, Karen Fifield.

Writer and poet Yilma Tafere Tasew

Local poet celebrates fifth book launch By Nikki Papatsoumas A local poet and writer celebrated the launch of his fifth poetry collection last week. Writer and poet Yilma Tafere Tasew says he has been writing since he was a child, and launched his latest book Broken Wings at Wellington Town Hall last Thursday. Yilma is originally from Ethiopia, but fled the country in 1991 after getting fed up with the violation of human rights. He then survived out of refugee camps in Kenya, before eventually coming to New Zealand, where he has turned his experiences into poetry and writing. Yilma says he follows the writing style ‘wax and gold’ with the wax being the external meaning of the poetry and the gold being when you re-read it and try to understand the meaning. “This is the first time I have written this kind of poetry.” He says his poetry is interpreted differently by each and every person that reads it, based on their own life experiences. Yilma says when he is inspired he can write

Got a story you think is news worthy?

10 or 20 poems in just a few hours, but can sometimes go months without writing. “I’m not too worried, when it comes it comes and when it doesn’t it doesn’t that’s how it works.” Yilma has published a book based on his experiences in Kenya after he left Ethiopia, and now he is working on the second part which is based on his experiences in New Zealand. He says he also hopes to write a third volume that will be based on his childhood up until when he left Ethiopia. “If I achieve those things in my life that will be really great. For me writing is my life and I live for writing.” Publisher Roger Steel from Steel Roberts Aotearoa published the collection of poems. “Yilma doesn’t bother with literary devices, he cuts straight to the heart, and the pain and the agony of being a refugee in a no win situation.” “As publishers we are always on the side of the underdog, Yilma is a prolific writer and if he had it his way we would be putting out a book a month.”


Phone Nikki papatsoumas on (04) 587 1660


KARATE Being Physically Bullied? Want To Fight Back If Attacked? Let Us Teach You How! 2 FREE Trial Lessons in Kilbirnie

PH: 383-6348


12 Monday July 29, 2013

MINUTES WITH: John Klaphake

Wellington Volunteer Fire Support Unit


What is your favourite food? Food, I just love food – I’m not fussy! Most of all, I love cooking and seeing the enjoyment of friends partaking. It’s such a great way to bring people together, build relationships and share.

What makes you smile? Those who do singular acts of kindness without the expectation of reward or favour. This puts a smile deep in the core of my being. I also have a great admiration for those who go beyond the expectations of others to achieve great things.

What’s your pet hate? I have a strong aversion to those who misuse power, who use it for their own benefit rather than as a means to empower and enrich all. This is the ultimate betrayal of humanity.


Who would you invite to dinner? Just about anyone who can hold a good conversation, share their experiences and knows how to use a plate drying implement!

What’s your favourite music? I’m a real eclectic when it comes to music. I love all the recordings of the Buena Vista Social Club. But also love the Puccini operas. You don’t really have to understand Italian to understand the depth of emotion in his operas. I think Puccini understood the often conflicting emotional drivers within us all.

What is one thing Cook Strait News readers would be surprised to know about you? On the other side of my life I’ve been a web developer for the past 16 years.


Your favoured holiday destination? I just love the Wairarapa in the height of summer. Cycling through the countryside and smelling freshly cut hay and the smell of pine as you go through banks of trees. It just evokes freedom.

What’s next on your wish list? Very few things ever fall of a wish list, it’s all about trying to do things better.

Rush for emergency supplies after quake in the capital Last Sunday’s magnitude 6.5 earthquake has forced many residents to consider if they are properly prepared for a disaster, with many rushing out to buy supplies. Bottled water and canned food were snapped off supermarket shelves all across Wellington in the days immediately after the quake. A countdown spokesperson says the supermarkets did experience a rush with

regards to certain products but had coped well. “Our Wellington stores did see an increase in customer demand for items like bread, bottled water and batteries following the earthquake, however stocks were quickly replenished by Monday evening with increased deliveries through our distribution network.” They say demand has levelled out this

CHANGE YOUR L IFE W ITH B ETTER H EARING T ODAY . Hearing Tests . Ear Wax Removal by Microsuction $45.00 (carried out by a registered nurse)

. Assistive devices available (phones, doorbells & other)

for independent advice phone us today!


I 16 Kent Tce, Courtenay Place,

Wellington | Ph: 04 384 7017 | E:

I Open10am to 4pm weekdays

week with all stocks now up to date. A spokesman for Pak’nSave Kilbirnie says the day after the earthquake was pretty busy too with a rush on candles, hand sanitizer, canned goods and emergency kits. “We were quite happy with how things went. We didn’t run out of anything and have plenty of stock to satisfy those wanting to stock up.”

“Most of our suppliers like Coca Cola were really good to us and replenished us on the day to ensure we didn’t sell out of essentials like bottled water,” they say. Emergency kits containing items like an alarm radio, first aid kit and crankpowered torches were still proving popular, they say. “We have plenty of stock of them, I hope we don’t need them.”

Trades & Services


Death Notices

Good Natured Garden Services Ltd

Island Bay Plumbing

BRENNAN Toni Therese Irma (nee Stewart): July 19,2013

For all gardening needs from section clean ups to rubbish removal and everything in between.

Your Local Plumber

Phone Mike 021 177 7854 or 04 973 0439 A/H



We buy any trucks, big or small


$500 - $8000 Trucks - Vans -Utes- *4x4s $200 - $1000 - Car We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for

Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999


0800 71 72 73

Exc. Refs. Comp. Rates. All work guaranteed. FREE QUOTES Marcus Ph: 973-4343 or Mb 021 764-831

FREE REMOVAL - Same Day, Next Day


* Conditions apply (selected items only)

Go on and like our facebook page, and on every purchase we will give you $20 extra.


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Toyota Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser, Dyna, Surf, Townace

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only $45

kick your way to fitness.

Stretch class: tone

your body gently using your own body weight & breathing.

CALL Patricia

Avg $78kpa.

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Invest from $14,500+gst. Find out how.

We Clean and Repair

We clean and repair

Mildew Removal Specialist PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

(conditions apply) PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

CALL 07 579 0501 Tawa Creative Curtains


P: 04 232 3868 or drop off at 20 Main St Tawa or 0800 579 0501 for more info 44193

W O R D Puzzles ANSWERS - ISSuE 220 YOGURT: 30 words: gory, got, gout, gouty, goy, grot, grout, gut, guy, gyro, orgy, our, out, rot, rout, rug, rut, tog, tor, tour, toy, troy, trug, try, tug, tyro, YOGURT, you, your, yurt

• Lawns • Gardens • Rubbish removal • Section clearing • Hedges • Handyman • Free quotes

PH. 0800 846484

Call Jims Mowing 939-1773

10 X 30m Classes

Cardio class: punch &

$1000 per week for 3/4 days

• Curtains & Drapes • Thermals & Nets • Austrian Blinds Roman Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Venetian&Blinds • •Curtains & Drapes • Thermals Nets MILDEWBlinds Removal Specialist • Austrian • Roman Blinds


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BUILDER K&T Cooper Ltd All sorts of work undertaken PHONE:

WORK SCHOOL HOURS Cleaning nice family homes Minimum 10 hours/wk. Week days including Thur, Fri. Stress free. Car & good English essential.

934 3627 or 021 451 269


Earn $19-37 per hour Free call ph 083244558

221 BALLOT: 24 words alb, all, allot, alto, atoll, ball, BALLOT, bat, blat, bloat, blot, boa, boat, boll, bolt, bot, lab, lat, lob, lot, oat, tab, tall, toll

Situations Vacant

FINLAY, Paulette Cecily - Peacefully at Mary Potter Hospice on 20th July 2013. Paulette is survived by her loving husband of 48 years, Gary; her brother Raymond and her sister Sue; her children Matthew, Sean, Thomas, Ana, Hamish and her grandchildren Duncan, Isabella, Miya, Abbie, Sasha, Sena, Yua and Jack and her loved nephews and nieces. May she rest in peace. Special thanks to the staff at Hutt and Wellington Hospitals, staff and volunteers at Mary Potter Hospice and Dr Aine McCoy. A Requiem Mass has been held. Barwell, Ismay Isabel, aged 97 years, on 17 July 2013 at Maupuia Lifecare, peacefully. Dearly loved wife of the late Charles Barwell of Invercargill, loved mother of Ismay Janet Ann and Graham, grandmother of Elinor and the late Owain Thomas, and great-grandmother of Kaia and Mae Armstrong. The family extend their thanks to the staff at Alexandra Rest Home and at Maupuia Lifecare for their loving care in her final years. A funeral service has been held. Lychgate Funeral Home FDANZ Tel. 385 0745 Trades COMPUTER support, repairs, upgrades, virus removal etc. prompt services on/offsite Ph. 9779069 or 021-140-2017. PAINTING Decorating for all Painting Services

by competent and considerate Tradesmen. Realistic rates. Phone Neil 388-7518 CERTIFIED Builders all types of work undertaken. Phone 3838274. CHP Builders Licensed & Master Builder Certi-

fied. Decks, fences, alterations & extensions, new housing, building maintenance. No job too small! Ph 478-3397 or 021-477 992. email: martin@

Wanted To Buy

Part Time Cleaner

Part Time Cleaner needed to clean our Creche, Tues and Fri 2 hours per week.

WANTED to buy old Gold and Estates Wed 9-5pm. Lloyd Kelly Jewellers. 163 Riddiford Street, Newtown.

Public Notice

To apply and for more information, a job description and an application email Karen at

Jumbo Crossword 920 SOLUTION;

ACROSS: 1 Ashen, 4 Crocodile tears, 11 Dress, 14 Honey, 15 Sarcophagus, 16 Maltreat, 19 Western, 20 Entry, 21 Ice hockey, 24 Satellite, 26 Rattle, 27 Plucky, 31 Banal, 32 Matching, 34 Astronomer, 37 Aft, 39 Calibre, 40 Jovial, 41 Relief, 42 Stag, 43 Palette, 46 Separately, 51 Endorse, 55 Ring, 56 Hamper, 57 Turban, 58 Headway, 60 Era, 62 Sweetheart, 63 Traverse, 64 Baton, 67 Stigma, 68 Forked, 69 Infuriate, 74 Repudiate, 75 Amber, 76 Mansion, 81 Onlooker, 82 Silver plate, 83 Cadet, 84 Scent, 85 Marching orders, 86 Jeans. Down: 2 Shovel, 3 Elect, 5 Real, 6 Coconut, 7 Depart, 8 Lead, 9 Truncate, 10 Search, 11 Dotted line, 12 Eyes, 13 Satisfy, 17 Brief, 18 Child’s play, 22 Clear, 23 Scimitar, 25 Avarice, 26 Regalia, 28 Panama, 29 Silica, 30 Freeze, 33 Choke, 35 Rogue, 36 Brat, 38 True, 43 Pores, 44 Lingerie, 45 Enamel, 46 Supersonic, 47 Pure, 48 Rotated, 49 Tarzan, 50 Leave, 52 Need, 53 Old salt, 54 Shadow, 59 Stamped out, 61 Issue, 65 Skittish, 66 Rival, 67 Serious, 70 Needled, 71 Museum, 72 Embryo, 73 Modern, 77 Scare, 78 Flue, 79 Even, 80 Stir.

Jumbo Crossword 921 SOLUTION; CARPET LAYER NEW ACROSS: 1 Money down the drain, 10 MocROOFING Repairs/Maintenance casin, 15 Renege, 16 Disqualify, 17 Milliner,

a new roof?25 19 Pepoftalk, 21 Fused, 22Need Arguments, Relay old and Therapist, 27 Pliable, 29 Groove, Fancy, Repairs? Or33Spouting? new carpets 34 Teaspoon, 36 Comprehend, 39 Gas, 41 We have been45 All materials be 43 Client, Odyssey, 42can Sunset, 44 Bare, supplied servicing the 57 Antwerp, 48 Family tree, 53 Devoted, Raid, 58 Social, 59 Troops, 60 Mixture, 62 Wellington area for FREE QUOTES Lid, 64 Wainwright, 65 One bypast one,25 66 Cache, the years. John70 Hearing, 71 Associate, 76 69 Phone Echoed, Give us83aLopsided, call for a Perplexed, 77 Fatal, 78 Tally-ho, 381 2216 84 Worshipped, 85 Unsure, 86 Designed, 87 no obligation quote. 027 442 691543964 Benefit of the doubt. 478 9106 Down: 2 Obeyed, 3 Event,Ph 4 Due, 5 Wide, or 0274 457 145 6 Tissues, 7 Eluded, 8 Rule, 9 Informal, 11 Olives, 12 Cold turkey, 13 Song, 14 Narrate, 1844050 Required for Guillotine, 20 Lure, 23 Spiel, 24 Forecast, 26 commercial Hacksaw, 31 Bonsai, Interior cleaning28inLengthy, 30 Harden, 32 Opened, 35 Sauna, 37 Dread, 38 Dear, 40 Eastern Suburbs. Painting Scar, 45Evening Arrow, 46 Twilight, 47 Phobia,& 48 Friday Frightened, 49 Mill, 50 Letdown, 51 Trowel, only for 8 hours. Wallpapering 52Working Empty,with 54 Edit, 55 Outlast, 56 Earthy, 61 full Sweetening, time staff 63 Union, 67 Gruesome, 68 Member Master Visa,4pm 69 start Exhaled, 72 Shampoo, 73 Painters Sphere,NZ Contact John 388 3862 74 Tahiti,phone 75 Cherub, 79 Lasso, 80 Opus, 81 Please 027 4466371 Isle,Manager 82 Adit, 85 Use. or John’s Decorations Ltd


04 388 8844



Monday July 29, 2013

Housekeeper Required

ds Cla ssi fie To advertise in your local classifieds call David Lewis on

4 Hours per week Oriental Bay location Experience & references essential

Please write to M Spiers PO Box 2747, Wellington

587 1660

Do you need staff? Advertise in the Cook Strait News

Call David Lewis on

Ph: 587 1660

Free Birth Notice Create a keepsake for your precious new arrival by sending us your newborn photo and birth notice to be featured on our Crossword page


Cleaning fun

Play Doh was first manufactured as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s.


14 Monday July 29, 2013


The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email

Annual Carnival


Tea Dance

Crossways Community Creche would like to invite you to our annual carnival @ 132 Coromandel Street, Newtown on Sunday the 4th August from 10am-1pm. For under fives. Money raised will go towards renovations for our premises.

Spice up your wardrobe at the Wellington Dress for Success sale. Great work and designer gear at great prices. Mon 29th July - Sun 4 August 10am - 6pm, Dukes Arcade Cnr Willis & Manners Streets. Eftpos available. All proceeds go to the running of Dress for Success Wellington.

Sunday August 4th 2-5pm Holy Cross Hall, Hobart Street, Miramar. Live Band - $10 per person.


WordBuilder 6





How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. TODAY Good 17 Very Good 22 Excellent 27 Solution 219: lop, lope, LOPPER, lore, ore, pep, per, plop, pole, pop, pope, pore, prep, pro, prop, PROPEL, rep, roe, role, rope.


55 56 57 58 60 62 63 64 67 68 69 74 75 76 81 82 83 84 85

Telephone (4) Picnic basket (6) Man's headdress (6) Progress (7) Age (3) Beau (10) Cross (8) Conductor's stick (5) Mark of disgrace (6) Bifurcated (6) Enrage (9) Disown (9) Cautionary light (5) Grand house (7) Witness (8) Shiny metal coating (6,5) Trainee (5) Perfume (5) Notice of dismissal (8,6) 86 Denim trousers (5)

1 Grey-faced (5) 4 Insincere show of grief (9,5) 11 Apparel (5) 14 Bee product (5) 15 Stone coffin (11) 16 Abuse (8) 19 Cowboy film, book (7) 20 Way in (5) 21 Fastest team sport (3,6) 24 Orbiting device (9) 26 Baby's toy (6) 27 Courageous (6) 31 Hackneyed (5) 32 Paired (8) 34 Moon starer (anag)(10) 37 Towards the stern (3) 39 Gun barrel diameter (7) 40 Jolly (6) 41 Alleviation (6) 42 Male deer (4) 43 Artist's board (7) 46 Independently (10) 51 Declare one's approval of (7) 1



DOWN 2 3 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 17 18 22 23 25 26 28 29 30 33 35 36







38 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 52 53 54 59 61 65

Digging tool (6) Vote in (5) Tangible (4) Large seed of tropical palm (7) Set off (6) Heavy metal (4) Cut short (8) Quest (6) Place to sign (6,4) Potato dents (4) Make content (7) Fleeting (5) Easy task (6,4) Transparent (5) Oriental sword (8) Greed (7) Insignia of royalty (7) Sun hat (6) Main ingredient of glass (6) Turn to ice (6) Throttle (5) Scoundrel (5) Nasty child (4)



66 67 70 71 72 73 77 78 79 80

Accurate (4) Skin holes (5) Women's underwear (8) Tooth coating (6) Faster than sound (10) Unpolluted (4) Turned like a wheel (7) Legendary jungle man (6) Permission (5) Require (4) Experienced sailor (3,4) Follow secretly (6) Eradicated (7,3) Children (5) Nervous; inclined to shy (8) Opponent (5) Grave (7) Provoked (7) Relic repository (6) Unborn offspring (6) Up-to-date (6) Frighten (5) Chimney (4) Balanced (4) Mix up (4)











22 24




28 32






























66 69






75 79




Many of us have a natural instinct for which colours suit us; however this instinct can be derailed over the years. The temptation to experiment with the latest fashion colours of the season can be a problem if these colours do not suit your natural colourings. Maybe you had a school uniform and got tired of wearing a particular colour. At Colour with Style it is our job to put you back on track so you will be looking nothing but your best. Everyone is born with unique eye and hair colourings and has either a warm or a cool undertone to their skin. Wearing the right colours will give your skin a healthy youthful glow, whereas the wrong colours can cause a dullness to appear, accentuate any lines or blemishes, can drain the colour from your skin or just drag you down. Colour can also be worn to highlight your favourite features, for example if you have green eyes you could wear green to make them pop but you need to know which type of green enhances your skin tone. If you like the top half of your body, wearing the lighter or brighter colours here will draw the eye to these features. You can disguise a challenging feature by wearing a slightly darker colour here. Dressing monochromatically (one colour from head to toe) will make you look your tallest and slimmest possible. If you don’t normally wear lots of colour its best to start small with one colourful piece and build from there. You could also look to introduce a new neutral colour to wear (in place of black) for a refreshing change to your wardrobe. You could simply wear a coloured shoe to add the pop of colour to your outfit. The great thing about coloured shoes is that they jazz up even the most boring outfit, and they always stand out in a crowd. Red shoes with a little neutral dress or hot pink heels paired with jeans and a top – either way, you can’t go wrong. A piece of coloured jewellery is a very effective way to add colour to a neutral dress or outfit. Optionally you could match it in with the coloured shoe to give you a very co-ordinated ensemble whether it’s a necklace, scarf, earrings or a bangle. A coloured handbag is a simple way to transform your outfit, it can be just as versatile as a neutral handbag if you select a shade that blends well with the rest of your wardrobe. Most importantly wear colour to express your personality and add some fun to your look, experiment and enjoy yourself. Wearing the right colours will instantly enhance your natural beauty and you will be more memorable! Andie Dunne from Colour with Style is a Wellingtonbased Wardrobe Stylist offering a range of personal packages to help you look and feel fabulous.





61 63








Colour me gorgeous




Celebrating an engagement? Send pics to



Monday July 29, 2013



SPORTS Briefs Scorching Duathlon

Local girls play Futsal as part of a school holiday programme run by Capital Football.

Futsal programme a hit By Nikki Papatsoumas Last week children from the Wellington region took part in a Futsal holiday programme. The programme was run by Capital Football at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie, and was split into two groups, a girls only group and a boys group. Futsal is a variation of football involving five players per side, a smaller ball is used and it gives players a chance to showcase their football skills. Women’s Development Officer for Capital Football Natalie Lawrence says that

Futsal is becoming a very popular sport. “It’s social with five a side you get way more touches on the ball and you are much more involved.” Natalie says the girls are taught a variety of skills including individual skills, but a lot of the programme focuses on them playing as many games as possible to really develop their skills. “This is the third programme I have run for girls and the numbers just continue to grow and grow. More girls are getting involved because it is a fun and friendly environment.”

Winter is no excuse, dust off those cobwebs and warm up as part of the Scorching Duathlon on Sunday August 4. The dualthon event starts and finishes at Scorching Bay and covers a range of distances ranging from 8.4 to 48 kilometres. Race director Daryl Bloomfield says the event offers novice, short, medium and long sections to cater for all fitness levels. Over 120 participants are expected to line up for the event. Mr Bloomfield says the events are all about taking on new challenges and having some fun, making for a great communtiy event.

Battle at top of Central League Miramar and Wellington Olympic continue to battle for top spot in this year's Central League football championship. Miramar currently sit in pole position after winning ten of their 14 games for a total of 34 points. Wellington Olympic however, sit just two points adrift after a 4-1 win last weekend against Wellington United. Teams took a break this weekend due to Chatham Cup fixtures across the country.









16 Monday July 29, 2013