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Wednesday June 26, 2013

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Close call during storm 245IH016-09.85/N

By Robert Johnson Winds gusting up to 200km/h caused havoc in K handallah on Thursday night as 100-year-old trees were uprooted, fences were flattened, and trampolines were turned into frisbees. Khandallah resident Tony Stoddard was shocked when


a huge tree branch came crashing down on Thursday night, completely blocking his driveway and destroying a number of uncommon shrubs in the process. It narrowly missed his car which was sitting just four metres away. Continued on page 2

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Wednesday June 26, 2013

Close call during storm

How to reach us Telephone (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax: (04) 587 1661 SALES: Stephan van Rensburg E: P: 587 1660 SALES: Charlene Mckay E: P: 587 1660 REPORTER: Robert Johnson E: P: 587 1660

Many of the trees in Khandallah Park were planted in the early 1900’s and have survived their fair share of storms, but after Thursday night the landscape has completely changed, Mr Stoddard says. He was also “gutted” that a number of bird information signs he had built from scratch were destroyed in the storm. “They were smashed up when the trees came down, its six month’s work gone just like that.” Wellington City Council had been alerted on Friday morning and had added the property to the list of homes waiting for repairs. They can still walk to the supermarket for the essentials, but plan to “hunker down and wait” until the property had been cleaned up. “At least we will have firewood for the next ten years,” he joked.

By Robert Johnson Continued form page 1 Mr Stoddard, who works as a freelance designer but also volunteers in Khandallah Park, did not hear the branch come down because the wind was howling. He says the storm was unlike anything he had seen before in his life and highlighted the extraordinary force that nature has. Mr Stoddard says although it was an inconvenience, the situation could have been a lot worse. “The branch must have come down just before 7pm. My wife came home just after 6:45pm so would have just missed it.” His wife wasn’t the only lucky one to escape harm as the family’s pet goats were narrowly missed by a falling tree, confining them to their hut but providing a delicious treat to get them through the wild weekend.

A big macrocarpa tree was uprooted on Simla Crescent in Khandallah where it lay propped against a unit after the storm.

Widespread damage By Robert Johnson Simla Crescent resident Susan Blyther was woken abruptly on Friday morning when a large Macrocarpa tree was uprooted and left itself precariously perched against the side of her unit. Mrs Blyther alerted the fire brigade at around 1am on Friday morning when she heard her toilet windows smash when the tree came down. “I heard glass smashing followed by a knocking sound, like an open gate or door. I couldn’t believe it when I saw what had happened,” she says. She was concerned she would have to spend another night in her unit before the tree was removed but later heard from the council that it would be cleared by the end of the day. The tree had tangled itself in the electrical lines outside the property but power to the street

REPORTER: Lydia Anderson E: P: 587 1660 National Sales Sam Barnes E: Production:

Delivered to Western & Northern Suburbs of Wellington City ABC Audit 2012: 24,456 copies weekly Independent Herald The largest circulating newspaper in Wellington West & North

was unaffected. The damage was not restricted to Khandallah as Middleton Road in Churton Park and Makara Road were closed on Friday. Wellington City Council released an update on Monday saying Makara Road would take two to three days to clear but could be accessed via Ohariu Valley and Johnsonville. Johnsonville Community Centre Co-Ordinator Jan Pike says they were not affected in the town centre but acted as a welfare centre for any individuals who needed support. A few people were directed to Keith Spry Pool after calling about showering, as power outages to surrounding regions took their toll, she says. Despite the amount of damage in Wellington no casualties were reported. Normal bus and ferry services in the capital have resumed.


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A ute on Middleton Road in Churton Park is trapped after trees were uprooted on Thursday night.

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A bird information sign lies destroyed in Khandallah Park after 200km/h winds tore through the region.

Photo: Jo Moore

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Wednesday June 26, 2013

Dunne focused on community of support for him and his family from friends and loyal members of the public. "I've been through a full range of emotions but the feedback from the locals has been remarkable. "People have called me at home, sent flowers and left messages all giving their support. It's more positive that I could have imagined," Mr Dunne says. United Future has been registered since 1995 and was de-registered after confusion around the number of paid-up members in the party and an absence of hard-copy evidence. It could still take six to eight weeks for the party to be registered once they supply the necessary documentation. Mr Dunne finds it frustrating that the Electoral Commission


would not accept an electronic spreadsheet showing their members considering most people do things electronically now. They need to keep up with the times. It's petty and pedantic, he says. The Electoral Commission's decision has had some positive effects on membership numbers according to Mr Dunne, with people flocking to sign up to the party in support. Although he has resigned as Minister, Mr Dunne explains he still holds the power to make things happen for his supporters. The confidence and supply agreement will continue and I still have the critical vote in some situations, he says. Mr Dunne has made no call on whether or not he will run

High tea for charity This Sunday June 30, Mary Potter Hospice, with the James Cook Hotel, is hosting an elegant afternoon tea and charity auction as a fundraiser for the Hospice, 2.30pm to 5pm at the Hotel. To buy tickets call 04 381 0191 or email

Ohariu MP Peter Dunne sits at his new desk in Bowen House where he discussed winning back the trust of his electorate.

Support for Storm victims

for the electorate next year only that he normally reviews the decision a year out from the election. Once the party is re-registered Mr Dunne will gather new and existing members together and build a focus for the coming months. "We will work with the new people coming in and demonstrate that their action is worthwhile," Mr Dunne says.

If you need assistance or information from the City Council around the storm damage from Thursday please contact 04 4994444.

Power still out in some northern areas




Power to parts of Khandallah, Newlands, Karori and Tawa, as well as other parts of Wellington, is still out as a result of damage from Thursday's storm. Wellington Electricity have released a statement saying there are still approximately 540 homes without power as the damage to parts of the network was far worse than initially thought. Repair crews from as far as Whangarei and Tauranga have come to the capital, doubling the number of repair crews in an attempt to restore power as quickly as possible. Affected residents will be contacted by Wellington Electricity to advise them when to


expect repair crews in their suburb. Complete restoration of power could take up to a week from Tuesday. Tawa Community Centre advocate Mandy Russell says parts of Takapu Road were still without power and waiting for repair crews to begin work. Wellington City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean says the council have welfare staff available to call in and see if they can help individuals where they can. Some members of the public are getting quite frantic as they still have no power but council staff have managed to arrange alternative accommodation for

those who need it, he says. Mr MacLean says the council are working hard with Wellington Electricity to alert them to properties still without power. In some areas, the outages are confined to single houses rather than outages to the grid, lifting frustration levels when those affected see their neighbours with power. "Those affected need to keep on to Wellington Electricity and let them know your situation, don't just sit there and expect it to be fixed," Mr MacLean says. If residents have any doubts they can call Wellington City Council and they will pass on their concerns to Wellington Electricity.


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By Robert Johnson Ohariu MP Peter Dunne admits it will take time to regain the trust of his electorate but he is ready to prove his worth after a hard month involving his resignation as a Minister and the de-registering of his party, United Future. Mr Dunne says the way forward is to demonstrate his worth as a local rep for the area by working closely with the residents associations and acknowledging the main issues such as transport and lifting community profile. “Because Ohariu is a commuter suburb, it often gets missed out. The split between Johnsonville, Newlands, and the Western Hills sometimes leaves it as the poor relation.” Throughout the past few weeks, Mr Dunne has witnessed a huge outpouring



Wednesday June 26, 2013

Katrina Shanks shows awareness

National MP Katrina Shanks gets down to business during her volunteering week with Johnsonville Police Station Sergeant Lance Murdoch on Thursday.

By Robert Johnson Local National List MP Katrina Shanks has spent the last week offering her services around the region as part of National Volunteer Awareness Week. National Volunteer Week marks New Zealand's biggest celebration of civic participation and has the theme, 'he tangata, he tangata, he tangata', meaning 'It is the people, it is the people, it is the people'. Mrs Shanks has been helping out in Vinnie's Op Shop in Khandallah, Wellington Hospital, and Johnsonville Police Station to see the value of volunteers first-hand. She spent Thursday with the Johnsonville Police department learning how new technology is helping them on the front-line and taking a ride with local Sergeant Lance Murdoch to see the technology in action. Community patrols and a

front office contact are just two volunteer roles that help police out in a big way. "They give us another set of eyes in the community and their local knowledge makes them invaluable," Sgt Murdoch says. Volunteering is becoming a big part of New Zealand culture and has been bolstered through recognition of the work they do, Mrs Shanks believes. "The hospital has a team of 200 volunteers dedicated to knitting and quilting so every baby goes home with something, its amazing. "They act professional, look professional and are an important part of the business. It's giving value to the work volunteers do," she says. She believes the next challenge is finding a way to get more youth involved in volunteering.

Wellington lights up by Robert Johnson Wellingtonians have been enjoying the bright lights on Wellington's waterfront as part of the LUX festival which began last Friday. One of the most popular exhibits in the festival is the digital wattle, a group of lights that are controlled by a computer programme and can also respond to sound. It is the first time the artwork has been shown in New Zealand and managed to attract a lot of people despite the stormy weather. Wellington Waterfront Ltd Property Manager Allan Brown says the festival brought in large crowds on Monday and Tuesday after a shaky start on Friday.

"One of the pieces of artwork was damaged in the storm and had to be taken down and repaired on Friday before being back on show by Saturday," Mr Brown says. "It has been absolutely fabulous, the view of the lit artwork really is something special." Wellington LUX festival producer Mary Laine says it has been great to see so many families out enjoying the artworks after such a wild weekend. “The storm meant we had a shorter festival, so we’re very grateful to Wellington Waterfront Ltd for generously extending the season for Digital Wattle.” The digital wattle will be on display until Friday.

Wellington residents admire the ambient lights of the Digital Wattle as part of the Wellington LUX festival on the waterfront.

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Wednesday June 26, 2013


Proposed alcohol sales curfew including major supermarket chain Progressive Enterprises, who have Countdowns in Karori, Johnsonville and Tawa. Progressive's senior lawyer Phillipa Clifford said the company opposed the shortened hours, on the grounds their purchasing statistics showed 82 per cent of transactions did not contain wine or beer. “We have found ourselves under sustained attack for being responsible for alcohol related harm in Wellington. “We strongly refute these attacks.” She said the council's point-of sale research was “fundamentally flawed” and they presumed customers were only purchasing alcohol after 9pm with the intention of “pre-loading” before heading to city bars. However she said at that time of the evening, the majority of their customers were heading home with their purchases. Northern ward councillor Justin Lester,

By Lydia Anderson Alcohol buyers in the northern suburbs will have to keep an eye on the time if off-licence sale hours are shortened in line with a Wellington City Council proposal. In a Strategy and Policy Committee meeting last week the council were asked to consider a range of options on opening hours for on-licences and off-licences throughout the city. Three options for off-licences such as supermarkets, bottle stores and dairies included: the new national default hours of 7am to 11pm, city-wide hours of 7am to 9pm, or 9pm closing for the central city and southern suburbs. Councillors voted 8-7 in favour to consult the public on the city-wide 7am to 9pm option. A number of interest groups and business associations participated at the meeting,

Morrison wants enterprising economy By Robert Johnson Sort out the economy and the rest will follow, that is the way forward according to Wellington city councillor and mayoral candidate John Morrison. Morrison has been on the City Council since 1998 and has been frustrated with the lack of progress within the city. “There has been a total inertia, nearly three years of nothing. We need to be proactive with good projects and stop them failing at square one,” he says. Cr Morrison believes the council needs to be proactive and focus on rebuilding the economy first by working closely with central government and getting important projects over the mark. “It’s simple, we have been sluggish with regards to the economy. We have been stoppers instead of doers. “If the economy is healthy then we unlock the door to get more done,” Cr Morrison believes.

Councillor John Morrison

The recent successes in his Onslow/ Western Ward such as Khandallah’s new hall and community centre as well as the progress on Alex Moore Park’s artificial turfs are evidence of a positive shift for the capital, he says. Cr Morrison is happy with where he is placed so far in his campaign after earlier reports of plagiarism in one of his speeches came about. It was a genuine mistake and was only used to read over a couple of key points that Wellington City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery had made earlier, he says. His sporting background makes him a wellknown name in many Wellington households and will give the public a choice around which direction they want to see Wellington go, Cr Morrison says. “I wouldn’t be running onto the field if I didn’t think I could win. I’m really motivated to get Wellington going again.”



By Robert Johnson Wel l i ng ton Cit y Cou nci lor Jo Coughlan has not made a decision on whether she will run for mayor this year but is still “seriously considering it”. The Onslow/ Western ward councilor will consider her family commitments first before making a formal decision before the end of July when nominations open. Were she to run, Cr Coughlan believes she would bring a lot of energy and expertise when it comes to implementing economic strategy in the capital. “We need to market Wellington properly. Create another 10,000 jobs and make Wellington a business investment destination.” A convention centre and concert arena similar to Vector Arena in Auckland could cement Wellington as an innova-

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important one.” “Restricting the availability of one of several measures we need to take as a society to reduce the harm from alcohol on indivduals, their families and society.” The proposal is part of the council's draft Local Alcohol Policy, mandated under central government legislation looking at the sale and availability of alcohol. Public consultation will open on July 2 and submissions close August 2. COUNCILLOR VOTES For 7am-9pm off-licence opening hours: Celia Wade-Brown, Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Stephanie Cook, Paul Eagle, Leonie Gill, Simon Marsh, Iona Pannett, Helene Ritchie. Against: Ngaire Best, Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster, Justin Lester, Ian McKinnon, John Morrison, Bryan Pepperell.

Coughlan still considering mayoral bid

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Selected Commuting

Councillor Jo Coughlan

tion capital, she says. “We have done well in regards to promoting tourism but not in regards to business development. “We need to encourage those who want to invest in Wellington and welcome government money on big projects.” It is important for Wellington that decisive decisions are made on projects such as the work around the Basin Reserve and continued work around long-haul flights from Wellington Airport, Cr Coughlan says. The most important thing is that Wellington has great leadership and secures a positive future, Cr Coughlan says. “I have six children so I have a big investment in the city. I want a good environment for kids to grow up in with plenty of good jobs.”

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who voted against shortening the hours, says people will simply buy alcohol earlier in the evening. “I don’t believe this will change the total amount of alcohol consumed and it is also unlikely to change the behaviour of those people whose drinking causes the most harm. “In sum, I think shortened hours is a knee jerk response and should be better thought through with a series of policy initiatives at both a national and local level.” Fellow Northern ward councillor Helene Ritchie voted in favour of the proposal, saying she based her decision on the council's obligation to carry out the new legislation. “I need to be clear that reducing the availability of the sale of alcohol by bringing back the sale by two hours is not going to solve our binge drinking culture in Wellington but it is a small step and every small step is an

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Johnsonville Monday 1 July Johnsonville Monday 8 July

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Mud Cycles 421 Karori Road, Karori Ph 04 476 4961

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Wednesday June 26, 2013

Community Centre coordinator Beckie Duffy, left, at the centre’s opening speeches. Churton Park Community Centre Opening Ceremony and events. Sgt Churton Park Community Centre Opening Ceremony Lance Murdoch from Johnsonville Police serves the community … and events. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, Cr Justin Lester lamingtons and fudge. and his daughter Madeleine Local group the Capital Harmony Chorus sing their hearts out.

Pictured right: Churton Park Community Centre Opening Ceremony and events. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown serves the first piece of cake to Millie Williams.

Churton Park celebrates About 600 people turned out for the official opening of Churton Park Community Centre last Saturday despite the chilly weather. Centre coordinator Beckie Duffy says the centre was packed with people all day long.

“We are so grateful for the support of the community.” Crowds were entertained with acts throughout the day including Toddlers in Tutus, free pilates and yoga classes. “The day just flew by.” She says feedback was positive with

people commenting on the centre's warm, cosy atmosphere. It seems the open day is having a good flow-on effect. “Yesterday I was rushed off my feet with bookings.” PHOTO CREDIT: Neil Price, Wellington City Council

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Wednesday June 26, 2013


Presbyterian Support Volunteer Heidi and resident Gabrielle at Huntleigh.

Residents benefit Enliven’s Huntleigh Home in Karori offers a vibrant living environment where residents can continue to do the things they enjoy - whether it’s socialising, engaging in a favourite activity or going on outings. Many of these activities would not be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers. For resident Gabrielle Croft, regular visits from local school teacher Heidi Stierand are always enjoyable. “I always look forward to Heidi coming to see me,” says Gabrielle. “We have lots in common, and we often sit and chat about day to day things. Our fathers are both German so that is always a talking point! Other times we go out and about to shopping centres or for a stroll around the Botanical Gardens to get some fresh air.” Heidi volunteers at Huntleigh Home for a few hours twice a week and says that she always looks forward to her visits. “When I first started volunteering here, Gabrielle and I hit it off immediately” says Heidi. “We have lots of the same interests

and hobbies, and have plenty to chat about regardless of the age gap. Gabrielle is a very talented painter, so not only have we both gained a new friend, but I also have a new art teacher!” Huntleigh Home Recreation Officer Gwen Esler says, “Volunteers play an incredibly important role at Huntleigh Home. We sincerely thank all of the volunteers who donate their time and energy to make a difference to the lives of older people in their local community.” Enliven supports thousands of older people across the lower North Island each year with a range of services including practical home help, retirement villas, respite care, rest home, hospital-level and dementia care services. Enliven Positive Ageing Services are provided by Presbyterian Support Central, an organisation which has been committed to helping people in need, regardless of age, background or religious belief, for over 100 years.

Opening 1 July 2013 New medical practice in Churton Park welcomes patients. A new medical practice, Churton Park Medical Care, will be opening for appointments from 1 July 2013. GPs, nurses and staff at the practice are pleased to be offering a full range of primary healthcare services with a strong emphasis on community, the environment, and working together for comprehensive care. Drs Tim Ngan Kee, Cynthia Ngan Kee, Rebecca Randerson and Rachael Waters, the four partners establishing the new practice, are currently partners at Johnsonville Medical Centre and they welcome their existing patients to join them at Churton Park Medical Care. New patients from the Northern Suburbs are also welcomed.

The partners have a strong connection with the community and look forward to working with the Pharmacy and Physiotherapy Clinic in providing health care services from Churton Park Village. Churton Park Medical Care would like to thank the developers of Churton Park Village, Guy and Rodney Callender, for their vision and support. The Churton Park Medical Care team includes associates Dr Kyra Jones and Dr Shona Crorie, with the nurses being led by Jo Evans and Shirley Baker, and management/reception by Lynne Alo and Amber Williams. Phones now open (04 477 0014). Other information can be found on www.

Enliven Positive Ageing Services Enliven Positive Ageing Services are provided by Presbyterian Support Central to support older people in their own home or in one of ours. At Enliven, we encourage our clients to keep enjoying the things they love. We believe that having something to work towards matters at any age. At Enliven we are committed to providing quality care. We value our staff and invest in training and development to ensure high standards of care.

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**Services may vary by Home.

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Wednesday June 26, 2013

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: Do you think your local Wellington City Councillors should live in the area they represent?

Tim Caughley Johnsonville Resident

Ann Harvard Johnsonville Resident

Sono Barnes Johnsonville Resident

Graeme Francis Johnsonville Resident

Craig Ell Johnsonville Resident

“Yes, then they have more of a community understanding.”

“Yes. They should have their finger on the pulse of that area.”

“That should be the way but in practice they have political strategies to win.”

“Most definitely, they don’t know what’s going on otherwise.”

“It’s a good idea, seems reasonable to understand the challenges and issues in the area.”


Tina Joslin Johnsonville Resident “They should do. Then they know what’s going on in the community.”

to the editor

L et ters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Gone but not forgotten Dear Editor, So sad to hear about the departure of your reporter Dani McDonald. I encountered her several times and she always had an upbeat go-getter attitude. I wish her well on her journeys overseas.

I’m sure she’s left her beat in capable hands with your new addition Robert Johnson and I do hope I get the opportunity to meet him! Kind regards, C. Arbuckle

Image appreciator Dear Editor, I’d like to commend you on the photograph of the little girl that featured on your front cover (Wednesday 19 June Issue). Such a beautiful image of innocence.

A refreshing change from the negative images that scatter our media. Sincerely, Keep positive

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Tel: 586 6441 E:

Maureen Toms, after 30 years of service to the CAB.

Royal reception for Maureen By Robert Johnson A printed t-shirt, themed mug and a royal reception awaited Johnsonville Citizens Advice Bureau member Maureen Toms at a surprise party on Wednesday, celebrating 30 years of service with the organization. Mrs Toms, who started with the CAB in 1983, thought she was attending a CAB training session at the Johnsonville Community Centre but was instead greeted by colleagues wearing masks of the royal family. “I was told there would be a meeting between one and three today so I had prepared for that,” she says. “It took my breath away.” Mrs Toms has served the community as President of the Johnsonville Probus Club, a member of the North Wel-

lington Awards Committee and a Justice of the Peace to name a few. A change of circumstances and a desire for something new led her to get involved with the CAB and her love of dealing with people kept her there, Mrs Toms says. “I have always been involved with the community and enjoy interacting with people. “I found my niche,” she says. CAB Chief Executive Kerry Dalton attended the party and thanked Mrs Toms for her unique service over the years. “You’ve contributed at all levels. We always knew we could call on you to offer your wisdom and experience,” Mrs Dalton says. Approximately 40 people attended the surprise celebration including Ohariu MP Peter Dunne.

Wednesday June 26, 2013

Probus club celebrate mid-winter christmas By Robert Johnson Members of the Johnsonville North Probus Club were in celebration mode on Wednesday as they gathered for their annual mid-winter Christmas party at The Roundabout bar in Tawa. About 40 club members were treated to entertainment from Aotea College’s barbershop quartet at the gathering. Club President Helen Murray says the

mid-winter party is one of many gatherings the club holds during the year and is fantastic as they have the venue booked out. “We’re on to a good thing here so we’re staying put,” she says. The Johnsonville Probus Club has 62 members and provides opportunities for retired and semi-retired individuals to share their interests.


RSA almost halfway there By Robert Johnson The doors still remain closed for the time being but Johnsonville's RSA have almost raised half of the estimated $50,000 needed to wipe their debts. The troubled club held a garage sale last Saturday, selling a variety of furniture, electrical goods, clothes and sporting equipment in an effort to re-open the clubs doors. RSA committee member Tony Carter says the club raised around $3000 from the garage sale and combined with their recent gala event had achieved approximately $10,000.

The weather did put a damper on the event as many stayed indoors instead of brave the elements but Mr Carter was happy with the overall result. "Essentially anything that would fit in the lift was on sale. We managed to move most of the goods," he says. Many of the club's creditors who were owed money have written off their debts but another $30,000 is needed to allow the RSA to begin trading again. Mr Carter says the club is planning to hold a raffle in the near future to keep raising funds and remains upbeat about the doors re-opening.


Dawn Wade and Margaret Heenan.

From left: Lillian Deverill, Pauline Weight & Anne Fyfe.


to be in to win a double pass... to Beethoven re CYCLE with Chamber Music NZ send your name address & phone number to COMPETITION CLOSES 26TH JUNE

Joan Venn and Barbara Gillan.

Jean Heath and Ro McCea.

Open Days Tuesday 2 July – 8.45 to 2.50 Wednesday 3 July – 9 to 12.10

Information Evening Wednesday 3 July 2013 7pm in the School Hall Do you know what learning experiences Raroa can offer for Year 7 and 8 students?

Johnsonville Probus Club members Jan Hood and Rosalie Heap enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at the club’s annual mid-winter Christman celebration.

Do you know what extra curricula opportunities there are at Raroa? Do you know what Extension, Learning Support and Thinking programmes operate at Raroa? Come and find out why Raroa has such a high and enviable reputation nationwide. Prospectus available from the school office – Phone: 477 5330 Year 6 students at our Contributing Schools (i.e. Johnsonville, West Park, Khandallah, Ngaio, Churton Park, Cashmere Avenue and Crofton Downs) will receive a prospectus via their current school.

RAROA NORMAL INTERMEDIATE 37 Haumia Street Johnsonville Private Bag 13907 Johnsonville Phone: 04 477 5330 Fax: 04 477 5331 Email: Website:

From left, Presdient Helen Murray, Ian Murray, Dorothy Pryce and Eric Batten.


Wednesday June 26, 2013




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Wednesday June 26, 2013










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12 Wednesday June 26, 2013


Need a shipping container? Cozycool aims to make homes healthier Contact the team at TSL Container Hire and Sales. Whether it’s for storage or freight purposes, or for one of the other growing uses to which containers are being put to (cafés, market stalls, offices, workshops – you name it), TSL Container Hire and Sales can see you right. At TSL, we sell, refurbish and custommodify a comprehensive range of new and used dry and refrigerated shipping containers. TSL also has a modern fleet of high quality 10, 20 and 40ft dry and 20ft reefer containers available for lease.

We can assist with organising costeffective delivery of your container to you.. The options with containers are many, and the experienced team at TSL enjoy working closely with our customers, discussing their needs and preferences and together arriving at a satisfying, successful solution. TSL Container Hire and Sales is part of Transport Systems (2000) Limited, a CentrePort Wellington/United Containers joint venture company. For more information us on 0800 875-825 or visit us online at www.tslcontainers. ADVERT



• From conception to completion or work from your plans • We construct items such as decks & fences to renovations & new houses • We can project manage our jobs for the ease of the client • We have a full group of qualified and competent subcontractors to fulfil your dreams • Our company won awards in the 2009 Master Builders House of the Year Awards. Category winners Renovations $250-500K • No job too small PO Box 13 721, Johnsonville, WELLGINTON F: 04 478 3397 - M: 021 477 992 E:


An affordably warmer, healthier and more energy efficient home or office environment, that’s the CozyCool aim. New Zealand has the second highest prevalence of asthma in the world. A major contributing factor is that our homes are too cold and damp. In cold temperatures the moisture in the air settles on cold surfaces such as un-insulated walls, ceilings and windows as condensation. Condensation and cold create the perfect environment for growing mould. Mould with its tiny spores, is at the root of many respiratory illnesses and asthma,

as well as some forms of gastroenteritis. Talk to the CozyCool team about solutions to make your home healthier, including; ventilation systems, insulation, a range of heat pump options, ducted central heating, or savings to be made with energy efficient LED lighting. Great winter specials available now and finance options too! Plus, if you purchase a Fujitsu heat pump from CozyCool before 31 July you can enter to win a Suzuki Swift! Call 0800 26 99 26 for your free home health and energy assessment or visit their website

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• Clearshield applicators • Frameless Glass Showers •Mirrors • Splashbacks for kitchens & bathrooms • Glass block walls • Cat and dog doors


Phone: 04 934 0948 • Fax: 04 589 8196 •

StoArmat Plaster

for repairing cracked surfaces

New Zealand with its windy marine environment, fluctuating temperatures, earthquakes and predominance of timber frame residences means it is imperative to ensure the exterior is watertight. Changes in the construction industry and an ever increasing number of regulations and requirements for residential housing require the owner to facilitate regular exterior inspections identifying items needing remedial work to maintain and protect the integrity of the home. Researching the vigorous demands placed on exterior plaster systems Sto Germany have developed the StoArmat reinforcement plaster incorporating innovative technology to provide flexibility and impact resistance packed in a pail including a comprehensive range of Stolit coloured finishing renders to complement the StoArmat plaster system the home owner can future proof and modernise the exterior finish with confidence.

Quality German Assurance

Dallas 027 450 0946 Veronica 021 450 851 veronica@sto Wellington 04 801 7794 Auckland 09 522 1058 Christchurch 03 338 3570 Stoanz Limited 04 801 7794 email:

Wednesday June 26, 2013

Plunket fundraiser

By Rachel Binning Khandallah Plunket braved the wind and rain on Saturday, raising $770 for the organisation at their second-hand sale fundraiser. Stall holders at the sale commented on how quiet it was

compared to previous years with the poor weather making a dent in attendance numbers. The profit, although not as large as last year’s effort where $1600 was raised, will go some way toward helping spruce up the Khandallah Plunket rooms

The brains and braun behind another successful Khandallah Plunket sale: Lt to rt: Sarah Polaschek, Gemma Wila, Julia Paterson-Fourie, Nimisha Parbhu and Miranda Biggins.

Zach (13) helps his mum, Edwina Hough, out with her stall.


which are starting to look a bit drab. Khandallah Plunket will be approaching Kiwi Community Assistance this week to see whether they can put some good quality clothing items that didn’t sell to good use.

Shalini Agarwal of Ngaio

Maria Seymour, Khandallah Plunket Toy Library sells the Library's excess gear.

Claire Takacs of Newlands with her wares for sale

Anna Reid and Madeleine Mitchell of Khandallah

A sales opportunity to work for an established local newspaper We’re looking for an enthusiastic motivated person with skills to sell advertising solutions to both existing and new business clients for our newspapers. A positive can do attitude with the drive and motivation to be the best at what you do. Strong communication, sales and planning skills with a good attention to detail. We want people who have the energy to reach personal targets and team goals, but who also have integrity, and the work ethic to deliver these outcomes. Here's a list of must haves: • • • •

Volunteers Beverly Donovan and Angela Roestenburg enjoy a hot tea and chat with National MP Katrina Shanks at the annual Volunteers Morning Tea in Johnsonville.

Local Heroes By Robert Johnson Warm cups of tea and coffee were on hand to greet around 40 volunteers who braved the wild weather last Friday to attend the annual volunteer's morning tea celebration in Johnsonville. Community workers from organisations such as meals on wheels and the community patrol came together at the office of local MP Katrina Shanks to celebrate their continued work with the community. Meals on Wheels volunteer Angela Roestenburg has been with the organization for over 12 years and says the interaction with the community is the most rewarding part of the job. "It's a great way to contribute to the community and the people are always delighted to see you," she says. Beverly Donovan organises the checking of the

meals for Meals on Wheels and says they help their clients stay in their homes and keep their independence. Rick Dayland, a volunteer handyman for He Huarahi Tamariki, says they do not give up their time for the kudos but it is nice to be recognized. He has been helping out at the school for teenage parents for the last five years by repairing fences, doing building work and has also built 23 storage units with wheels. "I love it and will keep doing it until I can't anymore," he says. The morning tea has been going for six years now and offers volunteers from different parts of the community an opportunity to have their contributions recognised.

Excellent phone manner Organised Articulate and self disciplined Computer literate

• • • •

Highly motivated Well presented Driven and target oriented Team player!

The remuneration package consists of a base salary, and incentive structure after a qualifying period. Please forward a current CV and covering letter to the Manager. Wellington Suburban Newspapers | email: Publishers of Independent Herald and Cook Strait News

Chamber Music New Zealand and the Royal Society of New Zealand Present

mme uble progra Special do concert d talk and illustrate

Tues 23 July Talk: 5.30pm Concert: 8pm Wellington Town Hall Buy tickets:

Join Prof. Brian Foster, UK violinist Jack Liebeck and some of NZ’s much-loved chamber musicians for an evening inspired by the great Albert Einstein. 0800 CONCERT (266 2378)


Wednesday June 26, 2013

Johnsonville Medical Centre Pharmacy Ltd

2 Trafalgar Street, JOHNSONVILLE Geoff Savell MPS Phone: 920-8844 OPENING HOURS: Mon-Wed: 8:30am - 8pm Thurs/Fri: 8:30am - 6:00pm. Sat: 9:30am - 12:30pm

For all your pharmaceutical needs see us at Unichem





Strike before influenza does The 2013 influenza immunisation campaign was launched earlier this month by Health Minister Tony Ryall who himself received a vaccination. “We want more New Zealanders to be protected against this serious disease, and this year the goal is to vaccinate 1.2million people,” says Mr Ryall. Around 400 New Zealanders die, directly or indirectly each year from influenza. Last year the disease put more than a thousand people in hospital and nearly 50,000 people visited their GP with influenza like illness. “Last year over one million

New Zealanders had a flu vaccination around 23 percent of the population. However we want more people to be protected and I encourage you to get your flu vaccination, especially if you are in one of the at risk groups,” says Mr Ryall. The influenza vaccine is approximately 80% effective in preventing infection with influenza A and B viruses. Vaccination again influenza is needed every year as protection lessens over time, and influenza can be caused by different types of influenza viruses that are not represented in the previous Take a visit to your local GP to be vaccinated against influenza year’s vaccine. before it stikes this winter.

Are your ears ringing?


Tinnitus is a physical condition, experienced as noises or ringing in the ears or head when no such external physical noise is present. It may be an intermittent sound or an annoying continuous sound in one or both ears. Its pitch can go from a low roar to a high squeal or whine. Prior to any treatment, it is important to undergo a thorough examination and evaluation by your audiologist. An essential part of the treatment will


Unichem Karori Mall Pharmacy The Mall, 250 Karori Road, Karori WELLINGTON (04) 476 7564

Stay healthy this Winter

be your understanding of tinnitus and its causes. One of the preventable causes of inner ear tinnitus is excessive noise exposure. In some instances of noise exposure, tinnitus is the first symptom before hearing loss develops, so it should be considered a warning sign and an indication of the need for hearing protection in noisy environments. For more information about Tinnitus contact your doctor or audiologist today.

Staying healthy this winter Newlands Pharmacy 33 McMillan Court • Newlands Ph: (04) 478-7483

Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean our Summer glow has to leave with the long, warm days. Here are four simple tips to help you stay healthy.  Eat Well Make sure you get at least three servings of vegetables each day, and two servings of fresh fruit. In addition, opt for whole grains when you can, and make sure you’re

taking in at least two servings of milk or yogurt each day.  Wash Your Hands Wash your hands with hot, soapy water every time you use the bathroom and before every meal.  Get Plenty of Sleep To make sure your body is fully capable of fighting off illnesses this winter, create

a consistent bedtime routine. This should include going to bed at the same time each night so that your body learns to anticipate sleep.  Take a Multi-Vitamin This simple daily step can play an important role in keeping your body healthy. Get into the habit of taking a once-daily multi-vitamin.





Phone: (04) 477 9315 Fax: (04) 477 1963

Life Pharmacy Johnsonville

Phone: (04) Phone: (04) 477 477 9315 9315 Fax: (04) 477 1963 Fax: (04) 477 1963

“Friendly and efficient staff here to help with all your health and beauty needs”

Bevan Pharmacist


“Friendly and efficient staff We have everything here to help with all your you need for health and beauty needs” cold & flu season...

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm Sat: 9am - 6pm. Sun: 9am - 5pm

31 Johnsonville Road P. 04 477 9513 - F. 04 477 1963

Amanda Pharmacist

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday - 9.30am to 2pm

Shop 40 Johnsonville Shopping Centre, Johnsonville e: p: (04) 478 4863 • f: (04) 478 4921

93 Upland Road, Kelburn Phone 04 475 9512 Fax 04 475 9156 Email 44539

Wednesday June 26, 2013


City Menzshed an international winner Wellington's City Menzshed are celebrating after receiving international recognition from far afield. The MenzShed has won a one thousand pound reward from Britain’s National Health Service and Lancashire’s Salford City Council, who advertised internationally for ideas on how to keep its elderly citizens independent. Out of the many proposals from all over the world, the Council selected Wellington City MenzShed's proposal as a winner. City MenzShed Secretary John Shrapnell recommended the City Menzshed structure as a way of helping the older men in society to improve their independence, selfesteem and their health. Members come from across Wellington, from Newlands to Island Bay, to use the centre and socialise with other men in the 65-plus age

bracket. Their proposal described the ways in which the City MenzShed works, and sent videos of the shed in operation in its new home, Frederick Street. “I don’t think they initially realized that the proposal came from the other side of the world,” says Mr Shrapnell. He says Britain is facing the same problems of a rapidly aging population that exists in New Zealand. “It’s ironic that Britain’s National Health Service and a major UK City Council have given award to the City Menzshed in Wellington yet there has been little or no interest from comparable bodies here.” “The most important thing for us is the recognition of what we do.” He says there are an estimated 20 000 men over 65 in Wellington. “Some of them are fine but a lot of

City Menzshed member George Sutton, left, with group secretary John Shrapnell in their Frederick St premises.

them are not fine – the difficulty is getting to them. “We've seen men in a sorry state and finding the Menzshed life starts to take meaning for them.”

Membership is slowly growing, with 780 visits by members in the year ending March 31, 2013. Mr Shrapnell says he is still in communication with the British

authorities, who are yet to make a decision on how to use the Menzshed initiative.

Early Maori artwork on show Collection days could take new shape Although Wadestown residents will lose their yearly council rubbish collection day, the Residents' Association are keen to preserve it in some form. Every year Wellington City Council provides a few large trucks to different suburbs, to take away large unwanted items. However with recent council service restructuring those services have been coming to an end. Residents' Association committee member John Shrapnell says the collection has been going since 1970. “It's a chance to get rid of stuff that most of us can't get rid of easily.” He says it's also a chance for “communitybuilding”. Mr Shrapnell is concerned people will take to dumping items behind Wilton substation, instead of taking them to the

landfill. Onslow-Western ward councillor Andy Foster says the yearly collection days have been an “anomaly” in Wellington's userpays culture. He says he is not concerned about the prospect of people illegally dumping items. “It's only a small minority that will do it.” Both Mr Shrapnell and Cr Foster are keen to see a yearly recyling service take the place of the collection days. “I think thats something that will be a good thing for us to support,” says Cr Foster. Although details are yet to be confirmed, Cr Foster says if the Residents' Association confirms they want to pursue this option the council will endeavour to organise the service.

One of William Beetham's oil-on-canvas paintings, Wi Tako Ngatata, c1858-1861

Portraits of Maori preceding those of notable artists Goldie and Lindauer will be on show to the public at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery this week. The exhibition, Te Ru- Movers and Shakers, features the work of 19th century painter William Beetham who was born in Yorkshire but moved to New Zealand in 1855. Once in New Zealand, Mr Beetham was commissioned to paint a number of portraits of Maori leaders.

Many of these portraits have been held by Iwi until now and not seen by the public. His first painting in New Zealand came a month after arriving in New Zealand when notable Maori leader Tamehana Te Rauparaha requested a post-humous portrait of his father. The exhibition, curated by Jane Vial, opens on June 27 and runs until September 8 at Shed 11 on the waterfront. Admission is free with public viewing between 10:30am and 4:30pm everyday.


10/51 Adams Terrace

Recently repainted both inside and out, this one bedroom unit has all new carpet as well. Situated in the popular Aro Valley area it includes one off street car park. Viewing at Open Homes only. Online: For Sale By: Negotiation Open: Sunday 3:00-3:30pm

Terry Dooley p 570 3063 m 027 445 8822 e Professionals, Hutt City Limited | Licensed Under REAA 2008



Wednesday June 26, 2013

A West Side Story

Joe Witkowski and Mishalee Wickremesekera from Karori's Samuel Marsden College get ready to play Tony and Maria in the school production, West Side Story.

By Robert Johnson Karori’s Samuel Marsden Collegiate School is pulling out all the stops this year to make their production of West Side Story a hit when it opens on Monday July 1. The school have hired a director, dance choreographer, musical director, and a fight choreographer to teach the students how to do realistic but safe fight scenes. This year’s show includes 54 students between year 10 and 13 – 44 girls from Samuel Marsden College and 10 boys from Wellington College, St Patrick’s College and Heretaunga College. The students have been rehearsing since the end of March and are taking the reins with regards to lighting, front of house, hair and make-up for the show. Mishalee Wickremesekera, who plays the female lead role of Maria, has been singing for 5 years and is excited to be performing centre stage. “I’ve been in all of the school productions but normally in a dancing or

singing role. This is the first time being in a lead role where I do everything,” she says. Being the lead isn’t all fun and games however, with hours of practise both in and outside of school necessary to be on the ball come opening night. “We rehearse at school three times a week but I try and practice my songs and lines every night for at least an hour,” Mishalee says. Joe Witkowski plays Tony in the production and says the hard work is balanced out by the social aspect of being in a show such as this. “Everyone here has an appreciation for the arts and performing. “It’s great being able to share it in such a positive environment,” he says. West Side Story opens on Monday July 1 at 6:30pm in the Marsden College Auditorium with two more shows held on Tuesday July 2 and Thursday July 4 at 7:30pm. For tickets call Samuel Marsden Collegiate on 04 4768707 Adults/Seniors $20, Students $15

Affordable Funeral Directors deliver special funeral packages throughout the greater Wellington area without compromising on service. Affordable Funeral Directors fees are up to 50% lower than other funeral directors. *Conditions Apply. William strongly believes in ensuring that his services are available to clients families - no matter what the hour. Within his community, he is an active church member, belongs to the local Community Association and has been President of the Johnsonville Rotary Club. Contact William and his team to talk more on how we can help.

We go where we are needed.

0800-333-309 44427

Tawa Community Centre advocate Mandy Russell

Settling in at Tawa Community Centre Tawa Community Centre's new advocate is keen for locals to pop in for a coffee and a chat as she gets settled into her job. Mandy Russell started as centre advocate, formerly known as coordinator, just over two weeks ago. A long-time Tawa resident, Mandy has lent a hand to community initiatives such as a parent fundraising group for Redwood School, Brian Webb Kindergarten committee and the Plunket car seat rentals scheme. She says one reason she took on this latest role was to work more closely with the community. “I've been in Tawa for a long time and I enjoy being round people.” She says she had had a few people come and say hello, and has even had people recognise her when shopping. “I would love them to come in and say hello – come and see what we've got.” Recent Wellington City Council restructuring

sees council community centres come under the management of public libraries. Tawa fits into the northern cluster along with Johnsonville, Newlands and Churton Park. Although Mandy currently works 9am to 1pm those hours are likely to be extended. Mandy says she has always been a big library user and is looking forward to developing new programmes at the “under-utilised” community centre. She would like to encourage different cultural groups to use the facilities for regular meetings. The centre currently offers free wifi, pilates, zumba, and hosts church groups. Mandy welcomes suggestions and feedback and can be contacted on mandy.russell@wcc. For more information on centre activities go to the Tawa and Linden Community Centres Facebook page.

Wednesday June 26, 2013 Trades & Services

Situations Vacant

BUILDER Qualified for:

Alterations, Additions Refurbishment, Repairs Ph Alan Johnstone: 973 1239 027 450 3239

Death Notices

A sales opportunity to work for an established local


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Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999


Earning potential: $1000 per week for 3/4 days

We clean and repair

• Curtains & Drapes • Thermals & Nets • Austrian Blinds Roman Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Venetian&Blinds • •Curtains & Drapes • Thermals Nets MILDEWBlinds Removal Specialist • Austrian • Roman Blinds

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Mildew Removal Specialist PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

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CALL 07 579 0501 Tawa Creative Curtains



P: 04 232 3868 or drop off at 20 Main St Tawa or 0800 579 0501 for more info 44193

Ground Staff Ltd We require experienced gardeners for varied work. Top rates paid - $18-$25 p/hr plus allowances.Opportunities to train. Drivers licence essential.

Please email cv to: or ph 04 389 1570

We’re looking for an enthusiastic motivated person with skills to sell advertising solutions to both existing and new business clients for our newspapers. A positive can do attitude with the drive and motivation to be the best at what you do. Strong communication, sales and planning skills with a good attention to detail. Must be able to work unsupervised and show the ability to succeed in meeting sales targets. We want people who have the energy to reach personal targets and team goals, but who also have integrity, and the work ethic to deliver these outcomes.


NEW ROOFING Need a new roof? Repairs? Or Spouting? We have been servicing the Wellington area for the past 25 years. Give us a call for a no obligation quote. Ph 478 9106 or 0274 457 145 44050

PAINTING TEAM Exc. Refs. Comp. Rates. All work guaranteed. FREE QUOTES Marcus Ph: 973-4343 or Mb 021 764-831


O'CONNOR Joseph Roger: June 12.2013 TODD Allan John: June 17,2013 MOHUANGA Fleur: June 18,2013 STORM, Merie Jocelyn. Passed away peacefully on 18 June 2018 at Johnsonvale Home. Aged 90 years. Dearly loved wife of Fred. Beloved sister of Vi, Brian and the late Don & Pat. Muched loved mother and mother-in-law of Dave, Jan & Steve, Dianne, Rick & Bron, Jeff & Trudy and Tracey & Dan. A wonderful Nana and Great-Nana to all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You were the rock of our family. We love you and we are all going to miss you so much. Rest in peace. The family would like to send huge thanks to the staff at Johnsonvale Home for her care. A service has been held. Lychgate Funeral Home FDANZ TEL. 385 0745

James McDonald

Here's a list of must haves: • • • • • • • •

Excellent phone manner Highly motivated Organised Well presented Articulate and self disciplined Driven and target oriented Computer literate Team player!

Funeral Director

7 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville. Wellington Tel: (04) 477 6855 Fax: (04) 801 7203

The remuneration package consists of a base salary, and incentive structure after a qualifying period. Please forward a current CV and covering letter to the Manager. Wellington Suburban Newspapers email: Publishers of Independent Herald; Cook Strait News and Wainuiomata News. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit.


We Clean and Repair



8b Burgess Rd, Specialists in Golf Club Repairs. $25 Racket Stringing. Ph 477 3975. PAINTER Free quotes. Exceptionally reliable, honest, trustworthy with 25 years exp. Both int/ext private work. Refs avail. Phone Duncan Smith 234 1667 or 027 221 4455 or see flyingcolourspainting.

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We buy any trucks, big or small

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$500 - $8000 Trucks - Vans -Utes- *4x4s $200 - $1000 - Car We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for Toyota Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser, Dyna, Surf, Townace

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Wednesday June 26, 2013

WHATS ON... SeniorNet Wellington Visitors Session

The Great Winter Art Trade.

Inviting artists and art collectors from the Wellington Community. Saturday June 29 11:30 to 3PM. A one day event. Pablos Art studios via Roar! Gallery. Corner of Vivian and Victoria Streets, Wellington.

Winter Blues Exhibition

Beat those winter blues by viewing some cool, calm works of art. Every day from 10am to 5pm until June 30. The Artrium Gallery in Thorndon 310 Tinakori Road, Wellington

Offering beginners and old hands advice using ipads, computers and other technology. 10am Thursday July 4 Level One, Anvil House 138-140 Wakefield Street, Wellington

Needing to stretch and improve your flexibility and fitness? Enliven are running modified Tai Chi classes for all ages and abilities in Khandallah Town Hall on Mondays 1-2pm, and at Newlands Community Centre 11.30-12.30pm. Classes are $5 each, and there are concession cards available. Call 439 4967 for more details.



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How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. TODAY Good 12 Very Good 15 Excellent 19 Solution 214: let, lev, lore, lot, love, lover, ore, ort, over, overt, ret, rev, REVOLT, roe, role, rot, rote, rove, toe, tole, tor, tore, trove, vert, vet, veto, vole, volt,

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This bus service is sponsored by the Lychgate Funeral Home. It operates on the first Tuesday of each month. (If the first Tuesday is a Public Holiday then the bus trip will take place on the following Tuesday). The cost of the return trip is $5.00 per person.











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Cemetery Bus Service Karori & Makara Cemeteries



23 26

Create a keepsake for your precious new arrival by sending us your newborn photo and birth notice to be featured on this page

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Hired car (4) Waterproof jacket (6) Be (5) Sour (4) Non-professional (7) Assigned rankings to (6) Private teacher (5) Close examination (8) Titillating (6) Seer (10) Caprice (4) Boating event (7) Change (5) Donate (4) Packing case (5) Vista (8) Three-pronged spear (7) Idea (7) Eastern temple (6) Civil (6) Meal (6) Hold responsible (5) Desert green spot (5) Perfume (5) Manage (4) Violent anger (4)





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Opposite 38 Onepu Road, Kilbirnie Miramar Library Newtown Library (opposite) Island Bay Library Courtenay Place Bus Stop (Outside 11 Courtenay Place) Lambton Bus Interchange - (Platform C) Rutherford House KARORI CEMETERY (Gate only) (Outside 93 Karori Road) Karori Library MAKARA CEMETERY

1.00pm 1.10pm 1.20pm 1.30pm 1.40pm 1.50pm 2.00pm 2.05pm 2.15pm

Return trip leaves Makara Cemetery at 3.00pm, Karori Cemetery visitors pick up is at the bus stop opposite 93 Karori Rd at approx. 3.15pm.

CITY PH 385 0745

NORTH PH 477 6855

WEST PH 476 6472

Part of Bledisloe NZ Ltd

Tawa girls have eyes set on seven's glory By Robert Johnson The girls rugby sevens team from Tawa Intermediate have their eye firmly on the prize after winning two tournaments this year on their way to the AIMS games in Tauranga in September. The team, comprised of girls aged 11-12, won the Inter-Intermediate rugby sevens competition last month for the first time, beating out a number of school from as far away as Levin and Masterton. The sevens shield they won will sit alongside the trophy they took home from the Ki-O-Rahi rugby tournament earlier in the year. Team coach Meyer Goosen, who is also a teacher at Tawa Intermediate, says the team was expected to do well and have a really good chance to compete with the best at the AIMS

games. “These girls are very unique. They’re all terrific athletes and have a great attitude toward training.” The calibre of the girls’ talents made the decision to compete in the AIMS games an easy one, Goosen says. "We decided to take advantage of the great group we have here. It's not often you get a group of girls this talented all at once." Most of the girls play in a number of the school’s top cricket, basketball and volleyball teams. At the AIMS tournament in Tauranga, the girls will face off against other schools from New Zealand, Australia and Japan. They will represent Tawa Intermediate at the tournament for the first time and although they have waltzed through recent competitions, Goosen

Wednesday June 26, 2013



Members of the Tawa Intermediate Girl’s Rugby 7’s team show off their spoils after winning the Ki-O-Rahi and regional Rugby 7’s tournaments.

says it will be a learning curve. “We are going there to win but we are heading into unknown territory. We’ll scout it out and see what it’s like,” he says. The team is fundraising for the event to cover accommodation and travel costs for the girls. At the moment, the trip is going to cost approximately four thousand dollars if the girls

are billeted out. The school has been doing its bit with mufti days and sausage sizzles but is asking for local businesses to contact the school and get involved. The AIMS games begin on September 14 and include 189 intermediate and middle schools competing in 16 different sports.

Local heroes keep community focus By Robert Johnson Tawa Rugby premier men’s team created history earlier in the month when they won the Swindale Shield but say the profile it has given the community is just as satisfying. They played out a tense 29-all draw against Marist St Pat’s on June 1 and clinched the shield for the first time in their 66-year history. After 11 rounds, Tawa had nine wins, one draw, and just one loss to finish three points ahead of nearest rival, Oriental Rongotai. Tawa forwards coach Dion Waller says the community focus they have cultivated since the start of the season is paying off. “We wanted to make community and club the main focus this year and approach the season with a good culture and attitude. There is a lot of history in the club so we want to do the public proud,” Waller says.

The Tawa region has had a good few weeks building local pride after the opening of the new-look railway station and the Community Board winning a nationwide prize for 'enhancing communities'. The win offers the perfect avenue to lift the profile of sport in the area and offer opportunities for those players who work hard, Waller believes. “There is so much talent in this area and places like Porirua. We hope that our sucess will attract talented kids and show them there is a place to launch their professional careers.” The guys were stoked with the result and can now be part of Tawa rugby history forever, he says. The team harbours a number of young players who trialled for the Wellington Lions and with another year of top-level rugby under

Tawa Rugby Club’s premier men’s team celebrate with the public after winning the Swindale Shield at Lynhurst Park in Tawa. PHOTO CREDIT: Jun Tanlayco

their belt, will be ones to look out for in the future. The club’s focus now shifts to the rest of the regular season, where they have


two wins and one loss after three games. Waller says they would be stupid not to rate their chances of going all the way.


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Wednesday June 26, 2013




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