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Wednesday June 12, 2013

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Farewell for now Sergeant says goodbye after nearly five years By Rhiannon McConnell The Wainuiomata community is what Sergeant Tania van Ooyen is going to miss most now she has left for a teaching role. “I will miss Wainui.” “It was a hard decision to leave.” Tania says she is leaving because a chance to teach the skills she has learnt came up. “It’s an opportunity to influence others on a higher level.” However she has not ruled out coming back one day. Continued page 2



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Wednesday June 12, 2013

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Educational role beckons sergeant Continued from Page 1. “I want to be able to get some more skills and bring it back to the community.” Tania initially came to Wainuiomata on a relieving basis nearly five years ago. “I had no idea what community policing was about.” It was not long before she decided to stay. “The more I learnt and I saw the close nit community the more I fell in love with it.” She says the first twelve months were about building trust and confidence and showing the Tania van Ooyen moves on. community they cared. “We are in the business of caring.”

Tania says she never saw it as work but saw it as a blessing and privilege to serve the community. “You are meeting community groups and agencies that only want their community to thrive and succeed.” Tania is most proud of the strong relationships she built with the community in her time and the drop in crime. Though she is excited about her new role, Wainuiomata is hard for her to leave behind. “It’s been a good journey and I’ve developed good friends from there and will still remain in contact with them and the

community. “I’ve been blessed with a good team.” Tania says she has always been impressed by the way the Wainuiomata Community pulls together. “It’s one way in and one way out but the community looks after each other. “Things get done because people put their hand up and say I’m willing to help” Tania says once they pick someone to fill her role that person will carry on the work and support the community. “This is not about me, it’s about the Police.”

Gifted prefab to be used as art space The Wainuiomata Community will soon have an arts space thanks to a free prefab gifted to the Wainuiomata Marae. Marae chairman Star Olsen says they are very grateful for the building and plan to put it to good use. “It benefits the community and it benefits us.” The prefab was a former Whitireia Polytechnic classroom which was offered free to a good home earlier this year. Wainuiomata Community Board member Campbell Barry, ex-Wainuiomata Rugby Club president John Morrissey and Hutt City councilor Ken Laben bought the prefab last year for a community project they were working on. The project did not end up happening so they offered the prefab to the community. Campbell Barry says they were originally concerned the building would not find a home. “Things, as they do in Wainui, seem to work themselves out- especially when you put it to the community.” He says there were a few groups interested in the building. “It was quite tough. We had to look at what’s the best way the building can be utilized for the whole community.” He says they are very happy the pre-

Marae Chairman Star Olsen is grateful for the prefab (pictured behind him) and is planning to start work on the outside of the building.

fab will be put to good use at the marae. “We think it’s going to go to really great use there.” Star Olsen says they hope to have a space to do art in and then an area to sell the art. “That’s the ultimate.” He says it will be wonderful for all the

talented artists there are in Wainuiomata. “We do know there are some gifted kids here.” But for now they have work to do on the prefab including getting resource consent. “There’s still a bit of work to do on the outside.”









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Wednesday June 12, 2013

inbriefnews Petone Winter Festival returns The Petone Winter Festival has been confirmed to return this year. It is the 7th year the popular Winter Festival will run. The carnival will take place on Saturday August 3 and will kick off with a midwinter swim at 12pm. 50,000 people are expected to attend.

Vote in Ikaroa-Rawhiti election Social worker Pam Pilalis and Donna Jensen encourage people to consider opening their homes to foster children.

‘Desperate’ for foster homes By Rhiannon McConnell In New Zealand last year 3884 children were placed in foster homes but Lower Hutt social worker Pam Pilalis says they desperately need more homes. “We have got lots of children who need that support but just not enough people to look after them.” The Hutt Child, Youth and Family social worker and caregiver says people often want to look after babies and preschoolers but they have trouble placing older children and sibling groups. “We are desperate for foster parents for children from three to 16.” She says they have a number of children in the Wellington area who really need to find life homes. Pam says she knows of one family who has seven foster children all from the same family. She says while that is a lot of work, they are seeing an amazing difference. “You can see a difference in all those children’s lives.” She says being a foster parent is not an easy job but the rewards are huge. “It’s not an easy job but it does have

its rewards when you see those children moving forward. “You know you are just helping a child in some way.” Pam has been supporting Wainuiomata mother of two Donna Jensen since she started fostering two years ago. Donna was encouraged to foster by a friend. “I haven’t looked back.” She has had seven foster children in the past two years and does not plan to stop anytime soon. “I love children. I wanted a big family.” Donna’s dreams of having a big family were almost crushed when she was not able to have her own children. She was able to adopt two children from relative and now opens her home to others. “Your doors are always open. “Your house becomes a home.” Donna says the rewards from fostering are massive. One special moment she can recall was when a young boy in her care had not spoken but one morning he called her mumma. She says moments like those are special because it shows the child is beginning to

trust her. “That’s what it’s all about- that child actually putting his little shoulders down and opening his heart.” Pam Pilaris was also foster mother before going into work as a social worker. “I just felt like there are children out there who needed home.” Her mother was also placed in one of the first foster homes, as we know them today, in New Zealand. “It’s kind of been a little bit of my life really.” Pam says they consider all ages and demographics for fostering. “Ordinary people are foster parents but we do say they are extraordinary people really because they are letting people into their lives and their homes.” They do have a vigorous assessment to make sure the parent or parents are safe and have no police record. As a foster parent a board payment is paid that includes food, electricity, education, medicine and clothing among other expenses.

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Servicing the Wellington Community for over 20 years Transpacific Waste Management and Recycling employ over 50 people who live in Wainuiomata

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Wellington is one step closer to becoming a super-city after the Wellington City Council voted in favour of it last Thursday. The council voted to combine the Hutt City Council with Upper Hutt, Wairarapa, Porirua and Kapiti Coast. Last month the Wairarapa councils put a proposal to the Local Government Commission to separate from the region, which Hutt City is also considering

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Wainuiomata residents on the Maori Roll will have the chance to vote in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election on June 29. The by-election comes as a result of Parakura Horomia dying in April. Wainuiomata residents who wish to vote will need to be on the Maori roll. Voting will take place on Saturday June 29 from 9am till 7pm. The candidates are: APPLEBY, Michael Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party DAVIDSON, Marama Green Party HOLLAND, Adam Independent NIKORA, Te Hamua Mana RAIHANIA, Na Rongowhakaata Maori Party WAIRAU, Maurice Independent WHAITIRI, Meka Labour Party

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Wednesday June 12, 2013

Most Councils in favour of Wellington Supercity By Liam Hyslop Wainuiomata residents will face a significant rates hike if the Wellington City Council’s proposed ‘Supercity’ idea gets the green light. Speaking to around 50 people at the Angus Inn last Thursday, HCC chief executive Tony Stallinger says under a ‘Supercity’ framework Lower Hutt rates would increase significantly more than under current circumstances, especially for places like Wainuiomata. The meeting had been called by leading Hutt City Council (HCC) figures to discuss the proposed changes to Wellington local governance with. With Wellington City Council voting in favour of Hutt City Council Mayor Ray Wallace spoke at the meeting. a one-tier council with 29

Wainuiomata resident Bob Ascheborck is unconvinced by the idea to amalgamate councils.

councillors and one mayor, the debate centred on what is best for Lower Hutt. HCC Mayor Ray Wallace led a presentation into the three options they have put

out for consultation. They are: keeping the council boundaries the same, a united Hutt Valley Council model which merges HCC with Upper Hutt City Council (UHCC) and the ‘Supercity’ idea that the Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti councils are all in favour of. The majority of people were in favour of the second option of merging the two councils together and also scrapping the Wellington Regional Council (WRC) in favour of a regional committee which would include members from the various councils in the region. But the night left Bob Ascheborck, a Wainuiomata resident for 37 years, unconvinced any plans to amalgamate councils are a

good idea. “Wainuiomata won’t gain anything. “When Wainui amalgamated with Eastbourne, Petone and the Hutt we got nothing out of it. “In fact we lost services like our free rubbish tip.” But Mayor Wallace says an amalgamation with UHCC will lead to an increase in shared services as well as better local management of areas which are currently controlled by WRC. Hutt Valley residents have until 14 June to add to the 1400 submissions that have already been made on this topic. To do so and for more information on the rest of the process visit and fill in the survey.

Old laptop wanted back from thieves By Rhiannon McConnell A Wainuiomata man robbed twice within three weeks says he just wants to feel safe and for his life to go back to normal. IT analyst Haibo Yang’s central Wainuiomata home was robbed on two separate occasions in April and May. He says he has been left feeling targeted and watched. “I am really, really frustrated and angry. “I want to get my life back.” His main concern is the return of a laptop with confidential work data on it. He says the laptop is not worth anything to the thieves as it is very old. “If I can get the laptop back my life would be much easier.”

He has even offered to pay $300 to have the laptop back. Haibo bought a house in Wainuiomata just before Christmas and says he felt safe. “Before April everything was so nice.” However on ANZAC day Haibo came home to find the home he shares with his girlfriend had been robbed. “It wasn’t a very pleasing experience.” On that occasion his iPad was taken along with a few other items. He installed a security system and thought that would be the end of the matter. On May 13 he forgot to set the alarm and came home to find a thief had been in his house again.

This time an old laptop Haibo used to back up files was taken. Another laptop, two cameras, a 32inch television and power tools were also stolen. Haibo has since spent a lot of money and time investing in security cameras, locks and the security system. “I have gotten myself well prepared.” He now takes all his valuables to work with him, which he says adds a lot of time. “It really has affected my life.” Haibo says he hopes his laptop will be returned and he can just move on with renovating his home. “I just don’t want to give up this house.”

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Wednesday June 12, 2013


New doctors in the valley There are four new Doctors in town and Dr Philip considers this one of the most they are not planning on leaving anytime important aspects of Family Medicine. soon. “You provide the best care to those you Doctors Philip Harrison, Sandy Dawson, know and care about.” Liz Hemmingsen and Dayna More (currently Philip has worked as a locum in Wainuioon maternity leave) from Hutt City Health mata and is familiar with its people. Centre (HCHC) have taken over Strandcare. He believes, with the planned new local Previous owners Doctors Trace Meech and housing initiatives, the community will Sue Young recently retired to follow their continue to thrive and its infrastructure own pursuits. Receptionist Rhonda Robinson will improve with better shopping, cafes will remain with the practice. and amenities. The health centre is based at the same loca“Maybe even the talked about road over tion - 3 The Strand - and has been in operation the hill might also emerge.” there for just over a week. “All of these things will provide more Dr Philip Harrison says the team’s impreslocal jobs, and bring new families to WOA.” sion of Wainuiomata is that the people are HCHC (Hutt Central) was started by quite lovely and have been accepting from Philip Harrison in April 2010, initially as day one. a solo practice. “It has its own special character.” There was some controversy about He hopes that with familiarity, and better whether there was a need for another facilities, the current patients will see positive practice in the Hutt Valley. changes for themselves and new patients From every point of view HCHC has Dr Harrison has taken ownership of Standcare. exceeded all expectations and it is now will join. Dr Philip says there is much to learn and servicing around 4,500 patients. the team will be listening to the needs of its expand the health centre to meet that demand. “In fact 500 of which are actually from Eventually, he would like to liaise with other Wainuiomata!” Dr Philip says. patients. “Only then will we truly understand their healthcare professional in the area to create a Philip says his plan for the Wainuiomata needs. And then we must address how we larger integrated family health centre which practice is to build a sustainable local practice really serves local needs and sets a high introducing modern IT systems. meet their expectations.” Dr Philip believes that Wainuiomata has an standard in the Valley. He hopes to eventually link both surgeries He says this must be underpinned by the together. increasing need for local doctors and plans to ongoing principles of continuity of care.

“This will allow patients to be seen in either location.” He says they plan to have a single telephone number for both surgeries for booking appointments and making enquiries. “This may take a few months to materialise but planning is well underway.” The Hutt Central clinic also runs a Thursday evening clinic which is good for working people. “It could well be something we could do in WOA.” Philip Harrison is a Yorkshireman who came to New Zealand in 2004 with his young family on a retirement sabbatical and ended up becoming a Kiwi. Earlier in his career he spent time as a hospital doctor then spent much of how life in medicines research and medicines regulation, whilst maintaining an interest in Emergency Medicine. He became a Fellow of the Royal NZ College of GPs and subsequently HCHC was asked by them to become a Teaching Practice. HCHC has also attained the College quality standard known as ‘Cornerstone’, all within 18 months of commencing trading. Dr Philip says this was largely due to the dedication and commitment of the team that supports him, whilst he gets disproportionate credit.

Injury turned creative outlet into business By Rhiannon McConnell Starting Facebook store LilyRose did more than just make some extra money for mother-of-two Lisa Winter, it gave her a positive outlook in the midst of a back injury. Wainuiomata resident Lisa started LilyRose three years ago when she injured her back lifting her children. “I wanted to find something positive I could do.” She says she was only being told what she could not do so she started the business. “It’s helped keep me busy and given me a really positive outlook.” LilyRose is named after the

middle names of Lisa’s two daughters Hayley and Charlotte. “They are really part of the inspiration.” Before the injury Lisa was a florist for 12 years. “I loved colour and texture.” That love is evident in the colourful kid’s clothes and toys she makes. She says she loves making people happy through her work. “It’s something I absolutely enjoy. “It’s rewarding.” She runs the whole business off her kitchen table and computer. “It’s a house hobby that has escalated.”

One favourite item is a carrycot using a pattern taken from one her grandmother made her thirty years ago. “They’re probably the thing that is keeping me the busiest.” Lisa has customers from across New Zealand including Auckland and Invercargill. Despite the popularity of LilyRose, Lisa says she does not want to make it too much bigger. “I like it being small and niche.” She has plans to do a baby range and says as her girls grow so might her clothing line. “There are lots of ideas it’s just finding the time to get it out.” A back injury encouraged Lisa Winter to start an online business.






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Wednesday June 12, 2013

Our readers have their say.

Find out the word on the street in Wainuiomata Question: Do you think Wellington should become a Supercity?

Dolane Fraser Wainuiomata

Rob McDonald Wainuiomata

Margaret Manning Wainuiomata

Tony Komen Wainuiomata

Nadeen Vermeeren Wainuiomata

Tony Nobbs Wainuiomata

“No, definitely not. I’m worried Wellington may prioritise their wants above smaller cities.”

“It should never be a supercity. People in Wellington are very politically correct. It’s just a name.”

“No, I think everthing is alright as it is at the moment.”

“No. Look at Auckland.”

“One supercity would be better.”

“No. It didn’t work in Auckland. You need people who know the area to understand the issues.”

Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication.

The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in emails.

Supercity Council meeting

I was at the Wellington City Council meeting when they voted for change to a super-city . They voted for a first tier of council and to go for change. It is the local Government commission that will make the decision about if we have a Unitary authority. The WCC have no choice but to

put in something to local Government Commission. It is putting pressure on them and if they do not put something in they will be seen as doing nothing . Councillors had lots of concerns from flawed consultation and Council not giving local representation. The meeting was emotional and

had to be adjourned. There was discussion on the Wairapapa Unitary Authority. What Wellington City Council is putting in is a submission and it’s not the final outcome. The WCC committee did say the public have final say through a referendum. They did acknowledge other

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Wednesday June 12, 2013

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100 Wellington Road

Calling All 1st Home Buyers Or Investors 3 bdrms, garage & wood-burner. Fully fenced, handy to shops/school´s & transport. Great flow from lounge onto front deck & selling below C.V! A home that ticks this many boxes won´t last long! For Sale $209,000 View Open by appointment Lisa Gough P 04 564 0006 M 027 668 6477

1st Home Buyers - Don’t Miss Out! Well presented, 1970’s, 3 dble bdrm home with grge, modern kitchen & bathroom, woodburner, aluminium joinery & polished, T&G flooring. Handy to shops & transport too so, at this price, you need to call now! For Sale $210,000 View Open Sun 2 - 2.30pm Lisa Gough P 04 564 0006 M 027 668 6477

Highly Motivated Seller! 4 bedroom family home with 2 living area’s & fantastic space for the family. Large garage, gas heating + hot water & a big (809m²) fully fenced section. It’s all ready to move into & live now! Call now for an appointment. Tender Closes 3pm 27th June, Harcourts Wainuiomata View Open Sun 1.15-1.45pm Lisa Black (Gough) P 04 564 0006 M 027 668 6477

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Free No-obligation Market Appraisal Harcourts Wainuiomata P: 04 564 7310


Wednesday June 12, 2013




off fuel

per litre

when you spend $200 INSTORE.


Wednesday June 12, 2013





78 2 $ .98 $ .98 11 7 c $












.00 EA


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Hurry! While stocks last!

Petone: 114-194 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington Hours: 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week Phone: (04) 939 3663

Our Policy: NZ’s Lowest Food Prices Valid 10/06/13 - 16/06/13 We reserve the right to limit quantity - while stocks last 43670


Wednesday June 5, 2013


What is your favourite food? Curry

What makes you smile? My Mokopuna

What’s your pet hate?

The destructive life illegal drugs create.



MINUTES WITH: Wiki Randle Te Kaupapa Training Centre

Your favoured holiday destination? England

What’s your favourite music? Gypsy Kings

What is one thing Wainuiomata News readers would be surprised to know about you? I’m a Breast Cancer survivor.


Who would you invite to dinner? Jesus Christ

What’s next on your wish list? A holiday in Italy.

A saying you like to live by? I’ll believe what you say when I see what you do.

New tyre shop gives ‘wow’ factor

Manager Lee Harper wants to create a clean and nice environment for those who need tyres.

Support for Meka Whaitiri

T he Wa i nu iom at a Marae hosted an evening in support of Meka Whaitiri’s decision to run for the vacant Ikaroa Rawhiti seat on Saturday night. Meka Whaitiri is running for the Labour party in the up coming byelection on June 29 due to the passing of Parekura Horomia. Marae Chairman Star Olsen says the night was enjoyed by all and they were very happy to host Meka. “Meka is passionate about ensuring our rangatahi have a voice on the political front.”

By Rhiannon McConnell There is a new tyre shop in the Valley and their focus is making customers go ‘wow’. Tubby’s Tyres Manager Lee Harper says they want to create a fresh, clean and nice environment for customers coming to them for tyres. “We are going to do things so new people in Wainui are going to go, ‘Wow what are those guys doing now.’” The store has moved in behind Caltex in the old Firestone garage. It is their first store but Lee says they are planning on starting one in Petone and Auckland as well. “This is our first test run.” Lee says he loves Wainuiomata and they want to encourage people to do their business in the valley instead of going to the Hutt. “It should stay here in the com-

munity.” The bright green wall and comfortable waiting room with a TV and DVD player are all to attract families and make them feel comfortable while they wait. “We want to make it as homely as possible.” He says sometimes a workshop can be intimidating but they have a comfortable waiting room with a TV and DVD player. “We want everyone to feel welcome.” Lee says they have already had interest from people walking by. Lee says one of the plans they have is to start a business hub with Caltex, Wainui Workshop and other local businesses. This would involve a loyalty programme and other deals. “We can do it together,” he says.

Get ready to put your bibs on...

It’s almost time for Visa Wellington on a Plate 2013, with 110 DINE Wellington events and 113 festival events BACK ROW: Jordana Turahui, Syd Tana, Te Rina Macgregor, Meka from August 9 to 25. About 100 excited people turned Whaitiri Tahi Clarke Anderson, Ginny Maxwell (tutor), Hinematawaia up the festival’s launch at Prefab last Vercoe (tutor). FRONT ROW: Desmond Minhinnick, Paapu Houpapa, Parehuia week. Onekawa. Photo supplied. F r o m l e f t : B e e r va n a M e d i a

Liaison,Catherine Cordwell, Logan Brown Head Chef, Shaun Clouston and Visa Wellington On a Plate Advisory Board Chair, Rachel Taulelei. Tickets presales available June 17-19 before going on general release. Go to www.visawellingtononaplate. com for more information.

Wednesday June 12, 2013

The man behind the Odes By Rhiannon McConnell Tony Watling has not been writing poetry his whole life; it is a passion he discovered later in life after getting a computer. Tony says his bad spelling put him off writing in his younger years. “You couldn’t read a blimmin word I had written.” He left school at 13 and says spell check has made all the difference. “With the computer it’s easy.” Tony, 87, started writing ten years ago when he retired from his job as a toolmaker. “I use to scribble a little bit of poetry at the bottom of birthday cards.” He jokes it was to give his wife some competition since she was the one who wrote poetry.

Then and now

Tony started writing Odes for the Wainuiomata News on March 24, 2010. Since then every week one of his Odes about the previous week’s news has been in the paper. He has collected four books of his odes. Tony says he writes on anything and everything that comes to mind. Tony has written a book of poems, An Old Settlers Odes, and hopes to write another one. He has also written a poem about his life. “You name it and I write it.” Tony moved to New Zealand in 1950 and was a toolmaker. When asked how long he will write for, he says as long as the paper is going. “Till I get old and decrepit.” Tony says it usually takes him an hour to write an ode.

Queen Street in Wainuiomata has seen a lot of changes in the last sixty years. Before 1954 Queen Street was just a patch of land, women had to push their prams to the Village

By Popular Demand! Now Open for Dinner on Friday

Milk 2 Litre Cow & Gate

Bizzy Lizzy’s cafe

Bread Sliced Rivermill

5pm - 8. 30pm S e rvin g e ntrees , roas ts & d esser t

only OPEN 6 DAYS. Tues: 7 - 2.30pm • Wed/Thurs: 7-3pm Friday: 7-2.30 5pm 8.30pm • Sat/Sun: 8-3pm 137 MAIN ROAD, THE VILLAGE WAINUIOMATA • PH 04 564-2090



Pepsi 1.5 Litre

Friday 5-7pm Home deliveries

Bluebird Chips 150g






Potatoes Agria 10kg


only $

Bluebird Chips 150g


Enjoy each others culture We all will learn a lot. Our Joy is in the Future Lets start from here this spot. Fraser Barton Ltd who specialized in footwear repairs. Parking on both sides of the road was parallel. Photo with permission of the Historical Society.

PRIME MUSIC ACADEMY Drums - Guitar - Bass - Piano - Vocals

50% discount on first lesson!! Group lessons, discounts and more Find us on


Ph: 027 259 1085 - 04 526 4124 Email: Web: PRIME FOR FIRST, PRIME FOR BEST, PRIME FOR RESULTS

HUTT CITY HEALTH CENTRE! CARING FOR WAINUIOMATA ! HCHC (WOA),  Number  3,  The  Strand     From     June   2013    


1-3 Parkway Wainuiomata Ph: 04 972 8799

A festival is needed, Jim Manu says it’s so. With people here from other lands Wainui needs to grow.


Johns Fish Market Every Saturday

frozen meals

@ Life City Church

Tony’s first ode in the WAINUIOMATA News.

By popular request... it’s here now!!!

$ .50

Apples, oranges, tomatoes, onions, carrots $2/$3/$4 Bags

He says he often laughs at the words that go together. “It’s just fun”. Tony says he would like to write a book about the old entities of Wainuiomata. “I am quite happy to do some poems about the ancient people who came here.”

shops at the southern end of town to get supplies. But in 1954 that changed when the Queen St was developed and new shops opened. The first shop on the street was

Any two for



Open Mon-Sat 8am till 7pm Sun 8am till 5:30pm 25 Parkway, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, Ph: 04 564 1372

Internet Cafe Now Open! Offers Available from: 12/5/13 - 18/5/13 or while stocks last

PHONE  04  920  2280  

Appointments/enquiries on Prescriptions

Open: 8.00  am  to  5:30  pm  weekdays     Website  

For former  pa*ents  of  the  prac*ce  this  is  a  Ime  of  inevitable  change  and  possible  uncertainty.       Our  new  Healthcare  Team  will  do  everything  possible  to  assist  each  family  and/or  individual     idenIfy  their  ongoing  health  needs,  as  well  as  helping  them  choose  their  new  family  doctor.         Drs.  Sandy  Dawson,  Philip  Harrison  and  Liz  Hemmingsen  will     be  accepIng  new  paIents  from  WOA.   Please note that our HUTT CENTRAL practice HCHC (HC) remains located at LEVIN HOUSE, 330 High Street, Lower Hutt 5010 Phone 04 576 2009 HCHC (HC & WOA) are both RNZCGP Teaching Practices


Wednesday June 12, 2013



Here at the Wainuiomata News, we want to share your special moments. From now on we’ll be showcasing your precious new arrivals (births) and engagement announcements. Send in your new baby pics to Send engagement pics to


WordBuilder 6

Tai Chi Classes

Needing to stretch and improve your flexibility and fitness? Enliven are running modified Tai Chi classes for all ages and abilities at the Wainuiomata Hall on Queens St every Friday 9.30-10.30am. Classes are $5 each, and there are concession cards available. Call 439 4967 for more details.

Hells Pizza in Wainui


For the weekend of June 15th and 16th only, Wainuiomata Shopping Centre is proud to host ‘Hells Pizza’. Hells Pizza Lower Hutt will be based in the south car park off of Wainuiomata Road in the Hells Pizza caravan. For all you pizza lovers, here is your opportunity to get a Hells pizza by the slice or a double.




Breastfeeding Cafe

Drop in enjoy a cuppa and a chat, this is an informal group for breastfeeding mothers. Preschoolers and support people also welcome. 10am - 12 noon on Fridays, Wainuiomata Community Centre. For breastfeeding help or meeting information call: Janine - 586 8162 Merewyn - 564 5647 Jenny - 971 2708, txt 021 184 0785 or email jennymcoles@gmail. com.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. TODAY Good 20 Very Good 25 Excellent 29 Solution 212: AMOUNT, ant, atom, aunt, auto, man, mat, moa, moan, moat, mot, mount, mun, muon, not, nut, oat, out, tam, tan, tau, tom, ton, tum, tun, tuna, unto.

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61 62 65 67 68 72 75 77 78 79 80 81 82 83

Has a break (5) Chore (3) Ran for office (5) Young deer (4) Possibility, probability (6) Pay out (8) Description under an illustration (7) Second-in-command (6) Baldness (8) Pirate (9) Lampoon (6) Fill with consternation (6) An unexpected event or occurrence; a surprise (1,4-2,3,3,5) Lay bare through digging (7) Spanish wine-juice drink (7) Practicable, feasible (6) Copper alloy (6) Excess of supply (4) Hinged window cover (7) Left in ruins (10) Gravestone inscription (7)






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T N A W WE ! ! T I R A TO HE





63 65




One will run our radio station. The second, news to feed the nation.





Got a story you think is news worthy?



Composed by Tony Watling 6th June 2013




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71 74







Rhiannon McConnell on

(04) 587 1660

Wednesday June 12, 2013 Trades & Services

Death Notices


$500 - $8000 Trucks - Vans -Utes- *4x4s $200 - $1000 - Car We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for

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Public Notice

Happy 90th Birthday

Mick Surridge

• Four double bedrooms • Large villa style home • Recently painted throughout • Five roomy bedrooms • Woodburner in living room • Second toilet, separate living $345 per week $395 per week | PRHC8978

19th June 2013 | PRHC2089

P: 04 568 1953 E:

Lots of love to the best Father Grandfather and great grandFather in the world

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Your family


Personal FOUND

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Plumbing & Gasfitting • Highest quality workmanship 121 Port Road, Seaview, Petone.

Trades & Services

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COLLI NGE , Nola June (June), (nee Elliott) died peacefully on 30 May 2013 at Aroha Care Centre, Lower Hutt; aged 91 years. Loved mother and mother-in-law of Sue Collinge and Margaret Fairhurst, Alison and Grham Wise, Wendy and Allan Martin and Graeme and Rebecca. Dearly loved Nana of Sally and David Jordan-Wise (England), Richard Wise and Julia Underwood (Melbourne), Logan and Riley Collinge, Michael and Mia Martin and great Nana June to Oscar and Theo. A service has been held.

CURRY, Joyce Celia - On June 6, 2013 peacefully at Elderslea Rest Home, Upper Hutt; aged 88 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Jim. Cherished mother and mother-in-law of Scott & Juanita, Paul & Christine, Julie & Bill, and Chris & Raewyn. Much loved Nana of Jodie, Jamie, Daniel, Samantha, Kate, Sarah, Nelson, Morgan and great Nana to Madi, Lizzy, Xanthe and Jimmy. Loveing sister of Joan, Malcolm and the late Dorothy. Member of KEV, RSA, Upper Hutt Bowling Club and Upper Hutt Arts Society. Special thanks to the caring staff at Elderslea. A celebration of Joyce's life has be held. Gee & Hickton Tel 04 566 3103 FDANZ


public notice

COMBO’S: Gum & D/Fir $490. Gum & S/Pine $440. D/Fir & S/Pine $430. Bagged Manuka $20ea. Bagged Kindling $10 ea. Prices incl. GST & Del FIREWOOD

• We will arrive at the time arranged 8873170AA

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WONG, Dolly, (nee Dorothy Chin Ting). Passed away peacefully on May 25, 2013; aged 101 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Willie. Mum of Ken (dec), Jean & Guy, Marina, David and Helene & colin. Nan to Nicolas, Liz & Chris, Darryl & Meiling, Jan & James, and Karin & Markus. Nan Nan Dolly to Calvin, Timothy, Gabriel, Rachel, Shaun and Kahanu. Aunty Dolly to her many neices and newphews.A good life, well lived. Loved by her family and friends; caring of others. Independent to the end. A service for Dolly has been held.

SPENCE, Michael Frederick (of Wainuiomata) - Tragically taken on June 5, 2013 aged 69 years. Loved husband of Doreen. Devoted father and father-in-law of Paul & Jo, Claire & Hugh, Andrew & Dean. Loving grandad of Lachlan and baby Alexandria. Brother and brother-in-law of Chris & Zoe, Terry & Marion. Uncle to Gary, David and Jonathan. A service for Michael has been held.

$1000 per week for 3/4 days

Jan Kendri ck

We buy Homes. Need to sell? Get an offer. Call/txt 02102671501

JOHNSTONE, Marie Frances - on June 2, 2013 peacefully at Te Omanga Hospice, Lower Hutt. Dearly loved wife of the late Royce (Johnny). Much loved mum of Michael, Gerald, Peter, Mary and Annette. Much loved Nana of her 10 grandchildren and her 11 great grandchildren. R.I.P. Requiem Mass has been celebrated.


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ply ns ap ditio *con

Board of Trustees Election Declaration of Parent & Staff Election Results Parent representative votes: Henare, Callum Kerr, Ian Opetaia, Tony Randall, Hanna Ruawai, Emma Smith, Vicki-Lee Invalid Votes

33 21 32 30 27 26 1

I hereby declare the following duly elected: Callum Henare Tony Opetaia Hanna Randall Emma Ruawai Vicki-Lee Smith Staff representative: As only one nomination was received I hereby declare Kerry Lewis duly elected.

• All work considered

Ph: 0800 677 077

Signed, Allan O’Brien, Returning Officer 44162

>> LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS << Phone: Anne Nicholas 587 1694 • Email:


Wednesday June12, 2013

Wainuiomata sport

Raymond’s Golden Gloves By Rhiannon McConnell An eleven-year-old boxer has beaten a champion in only his second fight at the North Island Golden Gloves this month. Raymond Seumanu tripped up right before landing the winning punch at the Golden Gloves. “I tripped up in the third round and he was coming to rush me but I threw a right hand to his face,” Raymond says. Raymond has been fighting for 18-months and has won both the fights he has competed in so far. He is currently in the under 42kg cadets. His coach Craig Bennett says the have big dreams for the young fighter. “New Zealand is already taking notice.” “We can see a good future for him the way he’s going with his attitude and the way he trains and the way he listens.” Raymond hopes to be famous like his hero Mike Tyson and the way he is going it is not hard to believe it. Not only did he beat the South

Island champion but he also won his fight against the Wellington champion the weekend before. “We think Raymond will be the New Zealand Champ next year. That’s how good we think he is.” Manager of the Wainuiomata Boxing Club Rob Cameron says the club is very excited about the results, especially since the club has only been open 18-months. “It was quite good to go to our first major tournament and come back with a title.” Raymond’s dad and assistant coach Rico Seumanu says he was very proud of his son and the time he puts in training five days a week. “I was just really happy, I can’t even explain it.” Later this year Raymond plans to go to the Wellington Championships but for now he says he is going to train hard to get to number one. Right: 11-year-old Raymond Seumanu has won his first two fights one week apart.

Rugby The 85kg Grade celebrated a win against against Poneke on Saturday. The team won 36-5 at William Jones Park. The Under-12 team drew

with Petone at Mary Crowther Park. Roving Photographer Daryl New was there.

FAR LEFT: Lachlan Collett finds a gap in Poneke’s defence line in the 85kg Grade game. TOP LET: Phillip Sage carves up the Petone attacking line in the Under-12 Rugby game. BOTTOM LET: The Under-12 Rugby Union team after playing Petone at Mary Crowther park on Saturday. BELOW: James Caurie is run down from behind in the 85kg Grade game.

Wainuiomata SPORT

Wednesday June 12, 2013


Don and Trish at the starting line of the Dorne Cup cross country course.

Dorne Cup runners record fast times Wainuiomata Harriers’ set out on the annual Dorne Cup crosscountry course at Trentham Memorial Park last Saturday. The typically hard and fast course was no different this year, and with the good weather, allowed a lot of runners to record faster times than last year. The course is typically suited to track runners due to its fast and flat nature. It covers most of Trentham Memorial Park, the riverbank and a bit of bush track. This race is one of the biggest of the season, so it was great to see so many green singlets of Wainuiomata Harriers out running. The children’s section once again showed good form, with a fantastic run from Joel Carman finishing 2nd in the boys under 15 race. They also had four other runners finish with a top ten placing in their respective races, and several newcomers to the event.

Results: Masters Women 35, 6km: Jen Stoupe 19th, 32.19 minutes.

Masters Women 50, 6km: Trish Coley 10th, 33.34 minutes. Masters Men 60, 6km: Don McGowan 7th, 29.45 minutes. Boys under 15, 4km: Joel Carman 2nd, 14.42 minutes. Girls under 11, 2km: Gemma Warrender 18th, 11.16 minutes. Boys under 11, 2km: Cameron Forsyth 12th, 9.07 minutes, Logan Stoupe 20th, 9.33 minutes. Girls under 13, 3km: Maria Cramp 10th, 13.53 minutes, Grace Forsyth 11th, 14.04 minutes, Anahera Ford 26th, 17.42 minutes. Boys under 13, 3km: Jesse Carman 15th, 13.03 minutes. Boys under 9, 1km: Luke Stoupe 10th, 4.19 minutes. Senior Men 8km: Sam Czarnomski 47th, 39.21 minutes, Stewart Clement 49th, 40.52 minutes Masters Men 40 8km: Paul Richardson 26th, 33.12 minutes. Masters Men 50 8km: Donald Coley 36th, 39.57 minutes, Warwick Pettigrew 38th, 40.36 minutes. Full results can be found on our website; wainuiomataaahc. Our next club meeting is at our clubrooms, Richard Prouse Park this Saturday, 15th June at 2pm.

League The Under-15 League team played Saint George at Wise Park, Wainuiomata on Sunday. Wainui won, 26-18. Roving Photographer Daryl New was there. BELOW: John Tahana-Rawhiri proves hard to lower. TOP RIGHT: Richard Houpapa almost breaks the tackle. BOTTOM RIGHT: Are Davis caught by a St George attacker.

BACK: Zara-May Blake, Shanice Toelupe, Sarah Sanders, Jade Whittaker. MIDDLE: Amber Williams, Rebecca Provoost, Cherish Yee, Navada Blake (Captain). BOTTOM: Paris Coleman, Gaylene Rawiri-Petelo, Laney Rawiri, Paige Ruawai.

Hockey girls are unbeatable

By Rhiannon McConnell Wainuiomata High Schools first hockey team to head to a tournament in ten years has not tasted defeat yet. Team Captain Nevada Blake says the success is fun but also hard work. “We have never played together so it was pretty hard.” The team has won the four games they have played and have scored 39 goals. They are now being considered for promotion to the next grade. Nevada says the team is really happy and supportive of each

other. “We are sort of like a family to be honest.” Team manager Keri Coleman says she is amazed by the girl’s success. “This year there is good community support.” She says despite their winning strike the girls remain humble. “I just think their sportsmanship is wonderful.” It is Coach Whitney Morgan and Assistant Coach Ngaire Blake’s first time coaching at a secondary level. Ngaire Blake says she the team

has been winning with scores as big as 15-0. “They do really well.” She says people have been noticing the success and commenting. Keri Coleman says they are planning to take the girls to a winter tournament in September. It will be the first time the school has had a team at a tournament since 2002. “They are really excited about that.” Keri says the next goal is to start a boy’s team next. “It’s all about building the next team.”

Good game, ‘disappointing loss’ against Tawa Wainuiomata suffered a disappointing loss against Tawa on the weekend but the team put in a strong fight, John Morrissey reports. A bus load of true Wainui Supporters travelled to Lyndhurst Park on Saturday to get vengeance after losing an earlier first round Tawa. This did not happen but we watched our team foot it with the Swindale Shield Winners for most of the game. The first blood was to Wainui with a penalty. It was followed by a good converted

try to Tawa. That was followed by a penalty and then another unconverted try to Tawa before Wainui got into the game with a converted try. This brought the half time score 15-10 to Tawa. Wainui held off some very good attacks from the home side early in the second half. Both teams shared a penalty before Tawa scored a very good team try which was converted 25-13. Wainui were not finished yet and put in some very

hard team work to score a try down the left flank. This was converted, 25-20. Wainui were still in the game to the very end but a wrong choice cost them a penalty to Tawa bringing the full time score to a disappointing 28-20 (no bonus point) loss. The supporters were quite disappointed on the way home but saw enough to be confident for the rest of the Jubilee Cup round. BELOW: Wainuiomata andTawa put down another scrum on Saturday.


Wednesday June 12, 2013


hutt city limited licensed under the REAA

Arakura 3 Ipswich Grove


Central 33a Bledisloe Crescent






If its low maintenance you want, then we have found it. This modern 3 bedroom 117 sqm home has large open plan living, warmed by log burner and HRV system, with ranchslider out to large deck. Large modern kitchen with dishwasher and a fantastic self cleaning oven. Lovely modern bathroom, 3 good sized bedrooms, all tastefully decorated throughou... Wayne Barton p 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e

Tui Reid

Asking price $285,000

I introduce this great property. Central, good size home and section, carport, heatpump, it's all ready for the next lucky buyer. Great space and tidy throughout, with a good section that units often don't have. With a ventilation system to keep the moisture out and a heatpump to keep you cosy.

Asking price $175,000

Ben McLennan p 564 8942 m 027 626 5003 e

p 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e

Village 50 Hair Street


Village 112 Coast Road


Make Me Home




A work in progress with character, cosy, decks, section are all here and the price can't be beat. A great opportunity for your first step into Real Estate. 2 bedrooms with an extra sunroom or possibly 3rd room, done up inside but still in need of a little TLC. Well worth a look. Great starter. Has a bridge over the river to the back section.

Asking price $165,000

Nothing beats a lovely, tidy, well presented family home for value. The property attracts good sun for warmth and the heatpump takes over when the sun goes down. The new kitchen/dining opens into the lounge and has views towards the hills, creating a restful haven for you and possibly your family. The section is nice and private and the rear ...

Ben McLennan

Linda Turner

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Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

.. ..

Village 69 Coast Road 3 bedrooms Garage HRV Fresh water tap

Asking price $239,000 Online

Louise Woolstencroft p 974 8194 e

.. ..

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

.. ..

Central 10 Isabel Grove New kitchen - YES 2 bathrooms - YES Insulated - YES 2 x Heatpumps - YES

Asking price $275,000 Online

Donna Tschurtschenthaler p 564 5315 Linette Bradbrook p 569 0767

Asking price $239,000

Sunday 2:15-2:45pm

.. ..

Pencarrow 19a Weymouth Grove Make an offer today! 2 bedrooms Good size garden Interior decorated

Asking price $148,000 Online

Linette Bradbrook p 569 0767 Donna Tschurtschenthaler p 564 5315

.. ..

Moores Valley 133 Moores Valley Road Low maintenance lifestyle property 4 bedrooms, huge lounge Modern kitchen/dining opening out Huge garaging and sheds

Asking price $635,000 Online

Linda Turner p 04 564 5317 e

Village 43 Moores Valley Road Massive Views 3035 sqm section Full of potential 3 bedrooms

For sale by Negotiation Online

Linette Bradbrook p 569 0767 Donna Tschurtschenthaler p 564 5315

10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

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