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5th, June, 2013 Delivered to Western and Northern suburbs of Wellington including, Thorndon, Wadestown, Karori, Kelburn, Northland, Ngaio, Khandallah, Crofton Downs, Johnsonville, Newlands, Churton Park,Wilton. Today 8-14

The Clown Doctors dropped in to the Children Wards at Wellington Hospital to share a bit of their smiles, joy and laughter. From left, Ruby Bosch-Thaisen, 16, of Ohariu Valley, Stephen Hollins ( Dr Pep-

Thursday 8-10

Friday 5-12

Saturday 10-15

Clown Doctors New Zealand got together in Wellington on Friday to celebrate the start of ‘New Zealand Smile Days’, from May 31 to June 2. New Zealand’s only Clown Doctors organisation started its Wellington get together with an enthusiastic song and dance flash mob event at Wellington airport, which was shared with amused onlookers.


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The Clown Doctors followed their flash mob routine with an en masse visit to Wellington hospital to give patients and staff throughout the hospital a 'taste' of the Clown Doctors. Many a smile was bought to the patients and staff the clowns giggled and joked with. Continued on page 2.


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eroni) of Auckland, Tiffany Anderson (Dr Blossom of Wellington), Luka Lokmer, 16, Julian Donovan, 16, both of Crofton Downs, and Chris Carrow (aka Dr Bob of Christchurch).

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Outlook for Today Rain, heavy falls afternoon. SE gale gusting 120 km/h PM.


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Wednesday June 5, 2013

How to reach us Telephone (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax: (04) 587 1661

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Delivered to Western & Northern Suburbs of Wellington City ABC Audit 2012: 24,456 copies weekly Independent Herald The largest circulating newspaper in Wellington West & North

With a smile

Continued from page 1. Clown Doctors work in teams of two and go into hospitals to bring joy and laughter to sick children and people in need. Clown Doctors are trained in the art of 'medical clowning'. Through humour, the Clown Doctors alleviate pain and fear, and help the people they come across, whether it be patients, family members and/ or staff, feel positive in their situation. Red Noses International is the umbrella organisation. Professor Thomas Petschner is the CEO and founder who has recently started the International Institute for Medical Clowning. He is the only 'real' doctor so all the other clowns call him the 'funniest doctor in New Zealand'. The Clown Doctors are a registered Charitable Trust that relies on sponsorship and donations to operate. Currently based in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch public hospitals, Clown Doctors hopes in the future to reach every major hospital in New Zealand.

A famous walk, a different location: the Clown Doctors mix a zebra crossing with the Beetles famous walking style off their Abbey Road album. PHOTO CREDIT RACHEL BINNING

Bringing the Clowns to workplaces.

Clown Doctors Charitable Trust is launching Smiles initiative – a programme offering ideas and support to change the atmosphere of the working environment. They will provide tailored support to suit a range of industries offering ideas and activities on how to create a more positive environment among staff, clients and customers. Depending on their level of support, some businesses and organisations will be entitled to a half or one day stress releasing/ positive thinking/team building/ problem solving workshop using humour as a vehicle. Clowns Doctors Programme director Rita Noetzel says she hopes to see many businesses coming on board. “By producing smiles you can connect your organisation with something positive like the mission of Clown Doctors and at the same time you are helping to fundraise for children in hospitals,” she says. Museum Art Hotel owner Chris Parkin hosted the official launch of Smile Initiatives.

The Clown Doctors take a moment to thank their Jetstar pilot at Wellington airport. PHOTO CREDIT RACHEL BINNING

Members of the Clown Doctors New Zealand performing a flash mob song and dance routine at Wellington Airport. PHOTO CREDIT RACHEL BINNING

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Wednesday June 5, 2013

Couple receive QSM Husband and wife Eric and Marlene Batten from Churton Park have both received Queen's Service Medals for services to the community. They have each contributed more than 30 years to the Johnsonville community. Mr Batten has served as treasurer, secretary, auditor and president of the Johnsonville Lions, while Ms Batten has served as chair of the programmes committee and vice president. Mr Batten says it's "a bit overwhelming" to receive the medal. She ran the Johnsonville Lions Christmas pa-

rade for 11 years but gave it up several years ago. "Every time it would start off it would bring tears to my eyes because it’s a culmination of a year’s hard work." They are still continuing their work – Mr Batten is chairman of Senior Net and looks after the Masonic Hall. They still have the North Wellington festival to organize for November and both still belong to the Lions. “We get over one [event] and think, what else can I do,” says Ms Batten.

inbrief Museum one of the best Carter Observatory and the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, two of Wellington’s top visitor attractions, have received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award for 2013. Following the news that the Museum of Wellington City & Sea was selected as one of the Top 50 Museums in the World by United Kingdom's The Times, the award comes as no surprise to Museums Wellington Director Brett Mason who says that, “This award just further establishes the quality of the experience we provide in Wellington for our visitors.”

Eric and Marlene Batten

“I want to make a difference” Mr Brian Poole from Churton Park will be the recipient of a Queen’s Service Medal for his services to health and the community in this years Queen’s Birthday Honours 2013. Mr Poole has been a patient of Crohn’s Disease, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) for 40 years. “When I retired five or so years ago I determined I wanted to make a difference, because there was very little support.” Mr Poole went on to help establish the Crohn’s and Colitis New Zealand Charitable Trust, which he says has helped to educate patients and their families about the disease.

The New Zealand Order of Merit: The following appointments have been made to The New Zealand Order of Merit Companions of the Order Mr John Walter McKinnon For services to the state. Mr McKinnon served as Chief Executive and Secretary of Defence for six years until retiring in 2012. He is now the Executive Director of the Asia New Zealand Foundation. Mr Ian Duncan McKinnon For services to education and the community. Mr McKinnon is Deputy Mayor of Wellington and Chancellor E of THE Victoria University. RITISH " Elizabeth Anne Ms Deidre Tarrant WEEK For services to contemporary FFdance. THESE


Gumboots cause hospital attention

Mr Brian Poole

activities of the International Engineering Alliance. Mr Darryl Maurice Stevens For services to the youth and the Commonwealth. Mr Stevens is the President of the Royal Commonwealth Society Commonwealth Trust in Wellington. He has been in the society for more than three decades and has also represented the New Zealand branch at international conferences. Professor Carl David Burgess For services to pharmacology. Professor Burgess was appointed to PHARMAC’s Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee (PTAC) IN 2001, and has served as Chair since 2004. Mr William Neil Plimmer For services to the arts. Mr Plimmer has served as

the Chair of the Wellington Sculpture Trust since 2000, and will retire in 2013. Queen’s Service Medal Mr Alister Fitzgerald Macalister For services to the blind. Mr Macalister has been a solicitor for the Mayor of Thorndon Blind Kiddies Appeal for more than five decades and is an Advisory Trustee of the Henderson Trust Fund. Mr Robert Houston Mayo For services to the community. Mr Mayo has been involved with numerous charitable organisations in the Wellington region including the Compassion Centre Soup Kitchen, the Wellington Night Shelter, the Wellington Peoples Resource Centre, the Aro Valley Community Centre and Riding for the Disabled.

For plenty of Kiwis last winter, it was their gumboots that caused them to seek hospital attention – or at least pay a visit to their local GP. Last year there were 160 gumbootrelated ACC claims lodged last winter. According to ACC injuries happened while people were putting on, taking off, cleaning, throwing, walking, running and jumping in their gumboots. People were bitten by spiders resting happily in their boots, learned the hard way that rubber offers little protection against an axe chopping firewood, and realized cleaning your gumboots with hot or boiling water, while your foot is still inside them wasn’t a smart idea.

Update on Dictionary A Victoria University academic is creating an updated Samoan language dictionary on the web. Galumalemana Alfred Hunkin, Senior Lecturer in Samoan Studies, Va’aomanu Pasifika, was sponsored by Victoria to attend an intensive five-day workshop where he gained new skills in preparing a body of text using the web and in writing dictionary entries. His collection of 300,000 words of spoken and written Samoan was loaded on to internationally renowned website Sketch Engine alongside other world languages.

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The trust has seen a book published, a website and a Facebook page established, and conference calls around the country take place. “We are not sufferers we are patients managing our disease, and this work has helped to make life more liveable.” He says receiving the honour has been “surreal” and something he didn’t expect. “I’ve known about it for three or four weeks, it was like waiting for Christmas. I have had phone calls and texts, it has been a nice opportunity to catch up with family.”

Ms Tarrant founded Footnote Dance in 1985. She retired as Director in April 2013. Officers of the Order Mrs Dawn Jane Sanders For services to theatre. Mrs Dawn Jane Sanders has been Chair of the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Trust since 1991. She also helped to establish the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival in 1992. Members of the Order Mr Basil John Wakelin For services to engineering eduation. For the last 37 years Mr Wakelin has contributed to national and International engineering education and accreditation. He has helped with the development of accreditation of engineering degrees in New Zealand, as well as being involved in the international engineering



Wednesday June 5, 2013

Digby Van Winkle an internet star By Nikki Papatsoumas Digby Van Winkle from Wadestown is one very special dog. The griffon has his own surname, 108,000 Instagram followers worldwide, and iPhone cases and t-shirts with his picture on them. Although he is often showered with public attention, Digby would much rather run around the park with his furry friends. Digby’s proud owners Liz Cherry and Dani Kelly are the founders of the Wellington Griffons and Friends Group, who meet at various spots around Wellington suburbs every Sunday. They have also recently extended their brood by adopting eight-week-old Aloysius Van Winkle. Dani says that the day they got twoyear-old Digby, they set him up with an Instagram page, and it snowballed from there. “There were quite a few pages

already of griffon dogs, and when we saw other people doing it we thought it looked like fun. “It started off as a fun thing to do and then it turned out that everyone loved him and it kept growing.” The name Digby came from the television show Pushing Daisies, and Liz’s mum suggested Van Winkle as a surname. “My mum saw a picture of Digby’s dad and said he looked like Rip Van Winkle the man who slept for 20 years,” says Liz. As well as his popular Instagram account, Digby also has a Facebook page, and website full of advice columns and tutorials. Search Digby Van Winkle on Facebook, @digbyvanwinkle @ digbyvanwinkle@digbyvanwinkle on Instagram or visit

Pupils plant community forest Bellevue School pupils will plant a community forest of Manuka trees today to regenerate a wasted scrubland. Waihinahina Park, in Newlands, is the site of the old Horokiwi landfill. June 5 marks World Environment Day, and pupils will gather at the new carbon forest site, as part of the ‘Forests For Health New Zealand’ initiative led by OraTaiao: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council and the Sustainable Business Network. OraTaiao is a local collective of senior doctors and health practitioners committed to combating the effects of climate change on population health. Recognising that the health sector contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, OraTaiao have devised

a way for health professionals to reduce their carbon footprint by growing trees in a dedicated carbon forest in Newlands. “The health sector consumes resources at a vast rate and has a sizeable carbon footprint. We are working with health workers to reduce their emissions - at work and also at home. ‘Forests for Health’ provides an opportunity to compensate for any unavoidable emissions,” says Johnsonville Medical Centre GP Rebecca Randerson. Waihinahina Park, adjoins the local marae, Nga Hau e Wha o Papararangi, who are partners in the project. This initiative, created in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network and the ‘Trees for Survival’ trust, allows health

professionals to pay online to offset their carbon emissions from unavoidable air travel, road travel, and electricity use. This money buys native trees for the carbon forest project managed by Wellington City Council and Nga Hau e Wha o Papararangi marae. OraTaiao’s Dr George Laking says “trees absorb carbon emissions as they grow and tree planting is an internationally recognised way to remove excess carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for dangerous global warming”. With a long-term planting vision, OraTaiao hopes support for this carbon forest will be adopted by many New Zealand health professionals and the hospitals and institutions they work in.

Waihinahina Park, Newlands.



24 Hurman Street, Karori

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For further information including 12-page Brochure & Interactive Floorplan refer to & &

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Eleanor Harford M 027 448 3579 A/H 04 894 7253

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Wednesday June 5, 2013


New liquor store opens used to be café Premium Espresso, owned by Mr and Mrs Ghandi. They say the decision to move the sale of alcohol to another premise would be fairer on the children, as the shop is renowned for its Mr Bun pies as well as other convenience items. “A lot of kids come to the shop and we don’t want them to be around alcohol.” The new shop will be strictly over 18. Mr Ghandi says until now, the far end of the mall used to be a dead area. He says the new alcohol shop will have a lot more variety of alcohol. “Over the years we were told by the community that we need a proper bottle shop here; there’s one at the back but that’s no competition,” Mrs

Ghandi says. Newlands Liquor Store will be open seven days a week, from 10am to no later than 10pm. Mr Ghandi says they will be closing at 8:45pm on Monday and Tuesday. Mr Ghandi says they are looking at business prospectives for the One Stop Super Shop, but are yet to confirm what that will be. “We have been granted our license on being responsible for not selling alcohol to people under 18. “We also don’t sell K2 because we know what harm that doles to the community. We want to look after our community,” Mr Ghandi says. Mrs Ghandi would like to add a big thank you to their customers, including the children, for their ongoing support at One Stop Super Shop.

Hoping for second time lucky By Mary Nichols, Massey Journalism student Mark Peck is again competing for a spot on the Wellington City Council, 38 years after his first unsuccessful attempt. Although he has never been a city councillor, Mr Peck was a Labour MP for Invercargill for 12 years. Mr Peck says he had his arm twisted to run for the Lambton ward by the Labour Party this year. He says that if elected he would like to look at what he calls Council’s lazy money. “Any organisation the size of the Wellington City

Council has got money lying around not doing much. “It is in those areas where you can identify money which can be transferred to services which need to be provided. “Two things that I would like to do pretty much straight away, are look at transport infrastructure and housing issues,” he says. Mr Peck disagrees with the Prime Minister’s recent comments labelling Wellington as a dying city. “It’s anything but a dying city, but it can do more to look after its people and to encourage others to come to Wellington,“ he says. Mr Peck says he has been

Benjamin Huxford, of Newlands College, argues his side for the intercollege debate with Onslow.

Wellington city council candidate Mark Peck

door knocking around the ward and reactions to his campaign have been positive. “If you see a short, dumpy, little old guy, with not much hair on his head and a little rosette on – come and say hi,” says Mr Peck. Mr Peck has lived in Wellington on and off since he first moved here as a teenager from the United States over forty years ago. He now runs Little Peckish Café in Dukes Arcade and lives in the same Thorndon flat he lived in as a Labour MP.

Onslow College wins debate Onslow College’s debating team has won the third annual intercollege debate sponsored by the Lions Club of Johnsonville. Onslow’s team in their second only debate were close winners against Newlands College. The teams debated that “the Wellington region should become a super city”, with host college Newlands taking the affirmative view. After careful deliberation guest

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One Stop Liquor Shop owner/ operators Chintu and Divya Ghandi, outside their new premises.


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By Dani McDonald The Newlands Liquor Centre will open on June 12, located in the Newlands Mall on the corner of Stewarts Drive. Owner/operators Divya and Chintu Ghandi will move the sale of alcohol from their One Stop Super Shop. Their license at One Stop will surrender on June 19. A license to open the new liquor store was granted on February 11. The application received 118 objections with three petitions, however the Licensing Authority accepted the proposal from Mr and Mrs Ghandi because they have “established an exemplary record in the nines years they have held an off-licence,” the authority wrote in its decision. The Newlands Liquor Centre site

We welcome • Small & medium sized businesses • Professionals & individuals • Companies & Family Trusts Johnsonville – 477 1801 1st Floor, 11-13 Broderick Road PO Box 633, Wellington

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11 Burgess Road, Johnsonville Ph: 478 2477 Fax: 478 3505 Owner operated & personal service is guaranteed Pick up and delivery in and around the Johnsonville area.

adjudicators Hon Peter Dunne and Daniel Wilson of Victoria University determined that Onslow had won narrowly. Both adjudicators agreed that the debate was very close, with some clear thinking and strong arguments from both teams. Onslow’s winning approach was to more clearly identify and rebut the arguments put forward by Newlands College.


Wednesday June 5, 2013

Candidate committed to services

Malcolm Aitken is running as the Onslow-Western Labour candidate for the Wellington City Council.

and send his children to Otari/Wilton school which offers kohanga reo. He grew up in Te Marua, north of Upper Hutt and has been a communications professional for the past 10 years. Mr Aitken is married with two children – a four year old and a one year old. Mr Aitken, who is standing for council for the first time, has had an interest in local politics for some time, and would like to see council retain public services. “We’ve got the worst unemployment in Wellington for many years and while the local government is

By Dani McDonald Malcolm Aitken is committed to keeping public services in the Onslow/ Western ward. He is running for the ward in the Wellington City Council elections coming up in October as a Labour candidate. T h e O n s l ow / We s t ern ward covers Ngaio, Kaiwharawhara, Wilton, Northland, Crofton Downs, Wadestown, Khandallah, Karori, Broadmeadows and Makara. Mr Aitken lives in Vogeltown but is looking to purchase a home in the area

only part of the equation we could do more to create jobs. “Rather than contract out services, I believe we’ll save rate payers money and it will allow council to keep more staff,” Mr Aitken says. Mr Aitken supports the need for an events centre in Karori, and also finds the decision to cut the Khandallah library hours a major concern. “I think the potential savings to the council would below but the social cost would be high. He says Wellington City needs fresh faces and new ideas around the table.

“I’m taking a stand because I see huge opportunities being squandered – economically, socially and environmentally. “I will put my heart and soul into being part of a refreshed, absolutely positive Wellington, but it’s got to be absolutely positive across the income spectrum. “Let’s make sure we retain and nurture full public library services and properly fund community centres such as Karori’s,” Mr Aitken says.

New Community Centre a hit with locals By Boris Jancic Massey Journalism student Churton Park residents have jumped on the chance to get into kindergarten programmes, Zumba classes and parents’ groups at their new community centre. C o o r d i n a t o r Be ck ie Duffy says calls have been flooding in since the centre opened last week. “It’s been an overwhelmingly positive reaction.” Upcoming events include a women’s business forum, a Matariki story-time for local kindergartens, a Chinese parents group, SPCA adoption days, and J.P. sessions, along with weekly pilates and zumba classes.

She says the number of applications shows how long residents have been waiting. “We are so pleased to finally have something in the suburb that is uniquely our own.” Physiotherapist Kirstin Davie will be teaching pilates courses at the centre and says her classes in other neighbourhoods are full of Churton Park residents who have been waiting for the centre to open. “This is really going to be a hub for the area. “It is going to attract a very wide variety of people and that’s what you want.” Ms Duffy now wants more ideas from residents to make the centre a hub for the area.

“Churton is a very multicultural community and we want to create unique programmes that are responsive to the unique needs of the community. “The community needs to feel like they own this.” Volunteer Terri Taylor says the centre is too great an opportunity for the community to not help out. “This is really the centre that the community needed.” Mayor Celia Wade-Brown will officially open the centre on June 22. The centre has meeting rooms, a versatile space for activities, and full kitchen and bathroom facilities for more than 100 visitors.

From left, Kirstin Davie, Beckie Duffy, council libraries and community spaces team coach Kathleen Lockett, and Zumba instructor Carloyn Patchell take a break in the kitchen of the Churton Park Community Centre.

It is part of a Wellington City Council plan to invest in the Churton Park Village, that also includes the opening of a new road, and new retail and medium density residential spaces. Councillor Justin Lester says the area has been over-

looked for the last 30 years and the current council is working hard to correct it. “The investment just hasn’t kept up with the growth.” He says the area is one of the fastest growing in the region and has a lot of potential for families.

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Onslow College Open Evening Wednesday 12 June, 5.00pm - 7.30pm Classroom visits from 5.00pm Welcome and Principal’s presentation at 6.30pm

Mud Cycles 421 Karori Road, Karori Ph 04 476 4961

A new medical centre will also open in the area in July. Want to see the full list of programmes or have an idea for your own? Contact the centre coordinator on (04) 803 8741or atcpcc@ with your expressions of interest.

Parents and prospective students are invited to attend our open evening. If you are unable to attend please contact the school for a prospectus and enrolment pack. Phone 478 8189, Email

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Available to constituents:

Johnsonville Saturday 8 June Maungaraki Monday 10 June For appointments phone 478 0076 (J'ville office) 3 Frankmoore Ave, Johnsonville 560 4773 (Maungaraki office) 151C Dowse Drive, Maungaraki

Wednesday June 5, 2013


Babies love music too By Dani McDonald A local mother of three is in her second term of teaching babies up to preschoolers the joy of music. Janna Dennison, of Karori, runs the Windmill Music Company at the St John’s Hall. Janna has been involved in music since she was a child. She holds a Masters in music, played the cello is in the Southern Sinfonia in Dunedin and Heisenberg Ensemble in Scotland, was a sax player in the Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra, and a member of a guitar/cello jazz duo. She has also taught pri-

vately and in schools, as well as tutoring on the Music Heartland Project for Gifted and Talented primary school students. Her Wi nd m i l l Music classes began in Kelburn in 2011, and ran for a year before she gave birth to her third son. Her classes vary in fun songs for children, as well as action and movement songs. She says children learn about rhythm, listening and enhance their awareness of pitch. Children range from six months to four years, and Janna brings along her instruments, such as the

recorder, violin and ukulele to her classes. “Kids don’t see a lot of live instruments in action and they’re absolutely gobsmacked,” Janna says. As the term continues, Ja n n a i nt r o duc e s new instruments such as the saxophone and the oboe, and the euphonium – which is a big brass instrument. “It’s got lots of buttons to press and it’s shiny,” she says. She says the classes are educational for parents, too, but she won’t force them to dance. Janna came up with the idea of host i ng music classes for children in St

Andrews, Scotland, when her friends wanted their children involved in music. “They’re really responsive and engaged.” There is about 60 children enrolled in the classes. While there are only a few spaces left in the Thursday morning classes, Janna hopes to expand for term three. “There’s a lot of interest in music for young kids but people don’t know where to go for information,” she says. For more information, contact Janna on 022 122 4912 or visit her website at Musician and teacher Janna Dennison, of Karori.

Glenside's Halfway House Dominique Poultney, 9, with school friend Heaven-Leigh Wharehinga, 10, line up the coin trail.

One of 50 to go overseas By Dani McDonlad Bellevue School pupil Dominique Poultney, 9, has helped raise $360.30 for Koru Care New Zealand, a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill and disabled children. Dominique was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at three years old, and was selected by Koru Care New Zealand to travel to California for two weeks recently. Her mum Vivienne realized something was wrong when she didn’t want to stand up because her ankles were sore. Dominique has been the face for Arthritis New Zealand, and recovered well after medication. While she is in remission now, her mum

Vivienne says there is no guarantee that it won’t come back. “We’re very lucky,” Vivinenne says. Dominique was one of 50 children nationwide to go on the trip, as part of Koru Care New Zealand’s 30th anniversay. As part of her school project to ‘give to people in need’, Dominique asked her fellow pupils and teachers to dress like kings and queens on Thursday, and to bring a donation. The class with the longest coin trail received eight pizzas donated by Johnsonville’s Domino’s Pizza. Room 1, made up of Year 1’s and 2’s raised $45 on their own. Dominique will be leaving for California in October.

Reconstructed to meet earthquake standards Glenside's Halfway House’s brick chimney has been pulled down. As part of the Halfway House restoration, the brick will be reconstructed to meet earthquake safety standards. Restoration of the Halfway House restoration works began in 2012, after a long battle between the Glenside Progressive Association and Wellington City Council. Project manager Vikki Muxlow of Wellington City Council says council is getting underway with the next stage of work. “The first part is the deconstruction of the brick chimney. The scaffolding is up

and during the week after the inspections and documenting has been completed, the deconstruction of the chimney will begin,” Ms Muxlow says. She says council is keeping as many of the bricks as they can and plan to stack them on pellets and store for future use on the site. “Some will be reused when the chimneys are reconstructed. There will be security fencing installed in front of the house to secure the site around the scaffolding while this work is undertaken.” Once this part of the stage is complete, the scaffolding will be removed to allow for the repiling work to begin.

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RONGOTAI EXPERIENCE Friday 21 June Be a part of Rongotai College for half a day. If your school has not already arranged this, please telephone our office to arrange.

170 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington P: 939 3050 • E: • W: •

OPEN EVENING Tuesday 25 June 7pm to 8.30pm

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Wednesday June 5, 2013

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. While most people enjoyed a day off on Monday the Independent Herald took to the streets of Johnsonville to find out what Queen's Birthday means to Kiwis.

Janette Thompson, Ngaio

Monica Preece, Paparangi

Allan McKenzie, Woburn

Shaun Taylor, Newlands

Deepa Munshi, Newlands

“It’s more of a chance to do more around the house.”

“It’s a public holiday and that’s about it.”

“It’s great fun - I worked all weekend.”

“I wouldn’t have a clue.”

“I know it’s not the Queen’s birthday on this day.”

Jay Daysh, Khandallah “It’s just a day for relaxing.”

Letters to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Saving Johnsonville RSA While I have approved your support for the campaign to save Johnsonville RSA this can only be validated by a successful rebranding of their behaviour and standards. I had a most unpleasant Anzac Day experience there, about 20 years ago. I was told to take my hat off. Considering that I almost always wear a hat and I was rendering my tribute to all those, including my father, who

had made a sacrifice fighting for Queen and Country this was most objectionable and uncouth. I have not returned. Will this new RSA be inclusive and accept it is a changing world with different standards?. Incidentally at the Margaret Thatcher funeral service there was a resplendent Muslim wearing traditional headgear. C G Duff, Newlands


The chilling winter woes By Dani McDonald I suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder. The pelting wind and those cold dark nights have turned my experience of life to a misery ever since this damned winter began. I cringe waking in the morning. At 6am my hand peeks from under my duvet to feel around for the switch so my heater warms up before I turn off my alarm every ten minutes until 6:30am. I spend the next half an hour in the shower staring at a white wall, my mind occupied with what I can wear with my two pairs of shoes that keep my feet dry – it’s too much to think about at such a cold, awful hour. I wait for the bus in the Ngauranga Gorge woefully

staring at the cars and the giant trucks, while being battered by the horrendous, deathly wind that ruins any attempt I made to put on makeup and do my hair. At this point my feet are usually wet. Trying to find some glow of happiness amongst the grey concrete jungle is a joke, and I commiserate at the cracks that have formed on my face, I’m actually not kidding. I know, S.A.D sounds like something for sooks. But I stand staunch. It is a real thing. I don’t suffer this grief for nothing. According to my search on Wikipedia - S.A.D is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer. I’m not certain on the summer part. That sounds ridicu-

lous. But Wikipedia tells me that if I am a “classic” winter blues sufferer I should try out light therapy with sunlight or bright lights. Would someone just provide some colour in places? Even the blue and pink Johnsonville mall sign that I look at from my desk seems dull and colourless – whether that has always been like that, I cannot answer. Perhaps this is why Queen’s Birthday falls five days after the start of winter - to accommodate with the fall of depression the population takes on. Maybe we should change the name to National day of Preparation for Doom and Gloom, rather than something as glorious as a Queen's Birthday, because rather than sending good wishes, I’m staring at the mall sign.

Out & About

Wednesday June 5, 2013


Armageddon Young and old Wellingtonians turned out en force for the Armageddon Expo on Queen's Birthday Weekend at Westpac Stadium. The Independent Herald captured some of the fun.

Jennifer Smith and Gregory Martell

From left: Meg Bleasdale, Mandy de Silva & Aaron de Silva

Fiona Macleod and Victoria Kershaw

Kane Griffiths and Danielle Stead

From Left: Storm Trooper, Alysha Nichol & Darth Vader

From left: Lulu Nalder, Chloe Schuster, Alysha Nichol, Misty Cole

Elena Schween and Luiz Sebastiao

Octavia Gordon

Nic Asbery and David Drummond

Rachael Mildenhall and Rahul Bhovan

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Wednesday June 5, 2013



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WednesdayJune 5, 2013





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Wednesday June 5, 2013

By Stephanie Rangi, Massey Journalism student Manicure salon owner, Judy Nguyen, says she supports a new campaign that has been introduced for businesses that are ignoring safety requirements when handling and storing hazardous substances. Wellington businesses, in particular, are one of the worst nationwide, with only 17 per cent of businesses complying with the requirements. A recent survey has shown that only 25 per cent of New Zealand businesses comply with all the legislative safety requirements needed when dealing with dangerous chemicals.

Ms Nguyen, who is the owner of the 4 Seasons Nails franchise and has shops in places like Johnsonville and Kilbirnie, says she knows how to handle and store dangerous chemicals. “We have the council come in and check we are doing it right,” Ms Nguyen says. About 150,000 workplaces throughout New Zealand use hazardous substances and it is estimated that 500-800 New Zealanders die each year of exposure to these substances. Chair of the Environment Protection Authority Kerri Prendergast says New Zealand is at risk of death and injury due to improper handling of hazardous substances.

“We want to introduce an important new initiative in our drive to improve the safety of New Zealand workplaces.” Ms Prendergast says. Hazardous substances are used in businesses such as panel beaters, hairdressers, dry cleaners, and furniture refurbishments. Com mon ones could be cleaning products, adhesives, paints, acids and solvents. The EPA have designed a ‘toolbox’ for businesses to learn and understand the importance of handling and storing hazardous substances. Ms Nguyen says that she will take advantage of this toolbox, as she thinks it will be useful.

The toolbox includes a guide to working safely with hazardous substances, information on how to use the online tools, and a flip chart with what to do when something goes wrong. The online information has demonstration videos on how best to use and store chemicals and it also has a hazardous substances calculator. The calculator gives information on what chemicals can be stored together and what safety gear is required when using a particular chemical. Ms Prendergast says the aim of the package is to prevent workplace injury and chronic health impacts from exposure to hazardous substances.


Wellington businesses a safety hazard


Money raised for Newlands Food Bank

From left, owners of Wellington Spices Klaas Gill-Verwey, Sharon Gill,with Newlands Community House treasurer Tracey Wernicki, Johnsonville Police sergeant Lance Murdoch and Newlands New World owner/ operator Ross Jordan.

By Dani McDonald Over $400 was raised for the Newlands Food Bank from the official opening of the Newlands mall recently. Sharon Gill, owner of Wellington Spices, organised a gala to be held in conjunction with the opening of the Newlands Mall on May 18. Money raised from stalls and raffles at the gala went towards the Newlands Food Bank, run through the Newlands Community House. The stalls raised $165, Downers

donated a $100 voucher, as well as an umbrella and alarm clock and New World owners Ross and Donna Jordan contributed two hampers valued at $40, and Wellington Spices contributed a $20 voucher as a final prize. The Newlands Com munity House, which coordinates the Food Bank, is a not-for-profit organization that supports elderly people and at risk youth in Newlands. It works in association with the Newlands Community Centre,





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and runs the food bank out of the community centre’s premises. A knitting group supported by the Community House sold handmade booties at the gala and raised $289 for the food bank, also. Treasurer Tracey Wernicki says the Community House is looking to expand its services and is seeking assistance from grants. “Until we get some money we can’t expand much more,” Ms Wernicki says.

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Independent Herald reporter Lydia Anderson and Wainuiomata News reporter Rhiannon McConnell received Graduate Diplomas in Journalism

at the Massey University Graduation ceromony last Thursday. Previous to that Lydia completed Honours in Diplomacy

and International Relations and Rhiannon completed an undergraduate degree in Media Studies, Film and Marketing.

Lydia And e rson

Congratulating our reporters

Razzle dazzle them By Dani McDonald Husband and wife duet Frances and Daryl Prowse are experts in a field not many of us would know much about. The Newlands couple has performed together since 1997, and specializes in ballroom music. “It’s very specialized and it took us a long time to get the music right. “Not many bands have the patience to get it right for the dancers, and you’re always adapting – there’s a lot of compromising to get it right for the dancers,” Frances says. They say getting the tempo right is serious stuff in ballroom dancing, and just as important for the band playing the music. She says she would like to see more people taking up ballroom dancing, given it is coming back into fashion. Last week they played at the Hutt Horticultural Hall for a ballroom dance, where 140 people showed up. “They were thrilled that so many people were turning out,” Frances says. The couple also performs at functions throughout the Wellington region. Daryl is a music teacher at various schools and in his heyday played as the backup music for bands such as The Drifters, Dalvanius and the Fascinations, and The Ink Spots. His talents include playing the keyboard, saxophone, guitar, double base, the clarinet and the flute. They used to play at the Johnsonville Community


Rhiannon McConnell

Wednesday June 5, 2013

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Russian Tea Party Wadestown locals and visitors took up the opportunity of trying a Russian Tea tasting afternoon tea party at Wadestown Library's Community Space on Thursday May 30. Marina Babitcheva, a librarian at Wadestown library,

served various types of Russian tea and traditional delicacies to a delighted group. She also discussed various aspects of Russian culture and daily life from her years growing up and living in Moscow. Community Coordinator

Louise Davies was pleased with the turnout and response to the free event. "It was lovely to see everyone mingling and enjoying the opportunity to warm up over tea while learning about Russian culture," Ms Davies says.

260 Lambton Quay, Ph: 499 8411 Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm • Sat: 10am-4pm Women’s Fashion Store


Wednesday June 5, 2013

Out & About

The Placid Puss: although not a winner in her companion cat class due to her many colours, Amy, the short haired Persian is well loved by her owner, Gary Lane. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Companion Cat Class winner '' the Bengal cat is held up by his owner Maxine Jorgensen of Cambridge. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Kitty Perrrfection

Judge Allan Raymond, of Australia, judges the Burman cat class. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

An unassuming winner: Juliet Scott of Miramar with her large and very well-behaved cat, Thor, the winner in the companion cat class. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Cat mania was unveiled at the Indian Cultural Centre in Kilbirnie for the New Zealand Cat Fancy National show on Sunday. Cats from all over New Zealand were glammed up to be judged on grooming and personality by nine international judges. Local photographer Rachel Binning, from Bella Photography, was there for the claw-clenching day.


Women in Business Women’s Business Forum Presents: An event for local female business owners. Join the crew at the Churton Park Community Centre, Tuesday June 11, 10.30 – 11.30, where Gaylene Hughes from Jdi Business coaching will speak on improving your cashflow, working smarter not harder and controlled growth. Gaylene is part of a group called Action Coach, a US

business coaching business set up by entrepreneur Brad Sugars. She is a Chartered Accountant, and the founder of JDI Business Coaching and Gaylene Hughes and Associates. Cost: $3 per person. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. Spaces are limited, so please register your interest by 7 June to Angela Craig: angela@bulletproofreading. or 027 444 4111

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Wednesday June 5, 2013


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The problem today is 62% of New support, expertise and education that If you would like to find out more about Zealanders are overweight (35% being enables participants to achieve their goals MiracuLoss call 2338820 to register for the next officially obese), and the statistics continue and maintain a healthy weight long term” FREE Introductory Talk or visit their website Foot comfor t this to worsen each year. 40 years ago obesity she says. was rare and now it is common place. And many of our clients have reported Winter with a How can this be when we are bombarded improvements or relief from numerous treatment from with messages about healthy eating and long term health problems including Active Feet Podiatr y exercise? arthritis, depression and cardiovascular Is it because those who are overweight conditions. are just lazy or eat too much? “And the best part is it doesn’t take Book An Appointment Today. Research has clearly shown that over- forever” says Kimba Lawrence the other And Visit Our New Premises. weight people actually consume less calo- founding director. “Our clients are achievries than those who are within a healthy ing size reductions of up to 40 kilos in less weight range and gyms are full of regular than 12 months. We specialize in helping attendees who despite their best efforts those who have tried everything and who Services We Offer Include: are still overweight. Something is clearly have virtually given up hope. • Sports injuries • Family Foot Care wrong with our modern diet and lifestyle. “We even work with those considering • Verrucae • Skin and Nail problems Achieving and maintaining a healthy obesity surgery”. • Orthotic Services weight is far more complex than just conWhen asked about the long term results trolling calories and increasing exercise, Kimba was equally enthusiastic. “We have and the causes of abnormal weight gain worked with over 700 clients and so far CUSTOMER MIRACULOSS PUBLISHING 09/04/13 Dr. Tim Halpine - Caring for your feet can be numerous. about 80% are still within 2-3 kilos of their SALES REP KWIHAPI PUBLICATION KAPI-MANA NEWS “Food sensitivities, stress, poor diges- ‘new weight’ with many of them having ERTISING tive health, hormonal imbalance SECTION and notROP regained all.” DESIGNERatSbird BILLatONLY Active Feet Podiatry Level 2, many modern foods are just a few of the So what’s the secret? “Well it’s a comROOF 85 The Terrace, Wellington PROOFED 4/5/2013 10:39:15 AMthat can cause your body to workSIZEbination 10.00of X things 3.0 really, says Kimba. Our things (opposite Les Mills and directly next door to The Wine Loft). AD ID 5291903AA less efficiently and lead to gradual or FAXprogramme provides daily contact with a rapid weight gain’ says Fiona Paulsen, a weight loss coach which is a key aspect, founding director of the award winning Phone: 04 473 8696 and helping people discover what makes PROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS ‘MiracuLoss’ programme. their body work efficiently is also really “MiracuLoss provides the framework, important because we are all different.” MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. Active Feet Podiatry

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Wednesday June 5, 2013

Superfast Broadband installation Underground fibre optic cables for ultrafast broadband (UFB) are being installed by Chorus in Thorndon and the central city, and that means there could be several worksites around town at any time. The work of installing UFB, by necessity, causes some inconvenience. Large

holes on footpaths or in the road close to the kerb are required, and there will be some noise at times. The UFB programme is also under way in the northern suburbs. For more information go to call 0800 MY FIBRE.

Trades & Services

Karori Rotary member Kirsten Mischefski hands Karori Normal School pupil Bryce Smith, 6, his own set of climbing beans.

Healthy Heroes programme takes off By Lydia Anderson Children at Karori Normal School are eager to show off how many vegetables they've been eating as part of a Karori Rotary initiative. The younger classes packed into the school library yesterday to receive a three-week progress reward of climbing beans and gardening tools. Healthy Heroes is a nine-week programme that aims to improve children's health by encouraging regular physical activity, healthy eating, adequate sleep, a lively mind and concern for others. Rotary member Kirsten Mischefski, who

holds the youth and community portfolio, was on hand to present the rewards. “Three weeks into the programme it's really encouraging to hear feedback from the kids.” She says Healthy Heroes is part of Rotary's major commitment to the school, where the group is hoping to build an ongoing relationship with pupils over time. Kirsten says Karori Rotary is keen for more parents to become involved in future initiatives, and is currently looking for more members. For more information on how to get involved go to

A beautifully maintained 1935 Morris Eight Tourer Convertible joins the parade to mark Kircaldie and Stains 150th birthday. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Nathaniel and Hamish Wood of Khandallah get a huge cuddle from Hospi the Lion during the Kircaldie and Stains 150th birthday celebrations. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Kevin and Joanne Buck of Tawa in their Ford V8 1935 car in the parade to mark Kircaldie and Stains 150th birthday. BELLA PHOTOGRAPHY

Kirkcaldies Celebrates 150th Kirkcaldie & Stains celebrated their 150 birthday on the first day of June, with special visits from Hospi the Lion, from Wellington Hospital. On Saturday, Clydesdales from Pirongia led a cavalcade from Bunny Street to the front of the store arriving where Denis Kirkcaldie, great grandson of the founder, accompanied by other family members, cut the ribbon to launch the promotion. The store has selected the Wellington Hospitals & Health Foundation, official fundraiser for Wellington Children’s Hospital, as its Birthday charity and is committed to raising funds for the charity through a variety of activities during 2013.

As part of the milestone, Kirkcaldies has launched a month long instore celebration,. The Lambton Quay windows will tell the story of Kirkcaldie & Stains. The stores archives will be on display for all to enjoy. The store will be suitably dressed for the occasion. Kirkcaldies will continue the celebrations right throughout June with very special Birthday offers throughout the store along with demonstrations, tastings and visiting experts. The instore promotion will conclude at the end of the month with the cutting of the Birthday cake and a charity fundraising dinner, however the celebration and fundraising continues all year.

Wednesday June 5, 2013 Public Notices

public notice


Applications for Out of Zone Enrolment for Terms 3 and 4, 2013 Enrolment at Northland School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office or the school website The Board of Trustees has made several places available at Years 1, 4 and 7 for out of zone students in Terms 3 and 4, 2013. As the Board operates an enrolment scheme, it is required to fill any vacant out of zone places by ballot in cases where there are more applications for enrolment than there are places available. Under the terms of the enrolment scheme siblings of out of zone children currently at the school get priority for available places. The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is 4.00pm Friday 14 June. If necessary a ballot will be held on Monday 17 June. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. Application forms for the ballot are available from: The Principal. Northland School. 14 Harbour View Road. Northland

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Time: 7.00 pm Date: Monday 10 June 2013 Venue: Boardroom (Admin Block), Newlands College

WILLIAMS, Iris Joan 15/2/29-26/5/13. Peacefully in her sleep. Dearly loved wife of the late Robert (Bob). Much loved mum of Roger & Mary, Trevor & Angela, Martin & Raewyn, Brenda & Allan and Val & Ced. Loving nana to Sheryn & Floyd, Ashleigh, Hayley & Alex, Matthew (dec), Paula, Alice, Andrew, Rebecca, Daniel and Kate. Great Nana to Miah and Riley. Loved sister of Harry & Margot (England) and loved sister-in-law, aunty, cousin and friend. Special thanks to the staff at Sprott House and Ropata Village for their care during Iris's final years. A full and lucky life well lived. Gee & Hickton tel. (04) 566-3103 FDANZ

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KNUSSEN, Elisabeth Susan: May 26,2013 CALLENDER, Captain Peter Wroughton: May 30,2013 SPENCE, Robert Alfred OSM (Bob): May 26,2013 SWEENY, James Jude (Jim): May 23,2013


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$1000 per week for 3/4 days

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More than 50% of the Our AGM will be held at 7.00 pm people in WednesdayANSWERS 26 June 2013 ISSuE the world 211 PIGEON: 26 words: ego, eon, gen, gin, Room 3 ion, nip, nog, nope, one,have gip, gone, open, never opine, peg, Centre pen, peon, pie, pig, PIGEON, pin, Karori Community pine, ping, pion, poi, pone, pong made or 7 Beauchamp Street received a Karori telephone ALL WELCOME call.

$500 - $8000 Trucks - Vans -Utes- *4x4s $200 - $1000 - Car We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for

Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Newlands College Parents’ Association. Parents investing in their children's education by dispensing ancillary spending and supporting the college staff. All welcome!

Karori Community Centre Annual General Meeting

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We clean and repair

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Jumbo Crossword 911 SOLUTION; ACross: 1 Halve, 4 Peter Pan, 9 Resist, 14 Heart, 15 Hard on the heels of, 17 Choke, 18 Era, 19 Cavalry, 20 Scrawling, 21 Debris, 24 Hoi polloi, 25 Rudder, 26 Sample, 29 Geologists, 31 Ant, 32 Muffin, 33 Beta, 35 Ore, 37 Gust, 39 Out of gear, 40 Chicanery, 41 Theft, Registered Nurses 42 Reprieve, 47 Compress, 51 Cheek, 55 Bagatelle, 56 and Health We are lookingNauseates, for exceptional people 58 Song, 59 Ice,to60 Need, 61 Panted,Care 62 Ass, 63care Particular, 66 Better, Increased, help us in our home business. Your67 Finals, 69 Assistants Retaining, job satisfaction72 willSketch, be the73 feeling that 75 youSpirits, 77 Cut, 80 Ideal, 81 Draw a curtain over, 82 84 Make (experienced) have brightened up someone’s day. Truss, 83 Devoid, sure, 85 State. 2 Avalanche, Vodka, 5 We Echo, 6 Ethical, 7 require Registered Carers dutiesDown: range from 3 meal Prevaricated, 8 Nasal, 9 Refined, 10 Sick, 11 Shovel, preparation, light housework, errands, and Healthcare 12 Cares, 13 Strange, 14 Hearsay,Nurses 16 Nursing home, grocery shopping, personal care and 22 Corset, 23 Perfect, 24 Holster, 25 Retort, assistants to join27our companionship. Hours28are flexible Precede, Libido, 30 with Safe, 32 Meter, 34 Abyss, friendly and supportive 36 Warp, 38 Use, 42 Robin, daytime, evenings, overnights and43 Pigment, 44 Into, 45 Vulgar, 46 Tepid, 48 Mississippi, 49 Rescued, 50 Son, team. weekend shifts available. 51 Certain, 52 Kneads, 53 Question mark, 54 Help, Weekly pay 57you Turkey, 64up Apartment, 65 Genesis, 66 Boycott, If this sounds like - pick the phone 68 Amended, 70 Concurs, 71 Scheme,04724605239. Strut, 74 NOW and call Alarm, Sue on76 04Roost, 5664476. 78 Also, 79 Stir.


Mildew Removal Specialist PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE

(conditions apply) PICK UP AND REHANG SERVICE



Death Notices


Call Stephan van Rensburg on




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Jumbo Crossword 912 SOLUTION;

ACross: 1 Pay through the nose, 10 Holidays, 15 Assume, 16 Irritating, 17 Etcetera, 19 Western, 21 Beret, 22 Chihuahua, 25 Alleviate, 27 Evident, 29 Bleach, 33 Dogma, 34 Supplier, 36 Accentuate, 39 Toe, 41 Usually, 42 Muesli, 43 Rarity, 44 Long, 45 Bivouac, 48 Monotonous, 53 Embrace, 57 Spry, 58 Reflex, 59 Arbour, 60 Foolish, 62 Tip, 64 Cradle song, 65 Endanger, 66 Fated, 69 Climax, 70 Cheated, 71 Barometer, 76 Capillary, 77 Rhyme, 78 Portray, 83 Crockery, 84 Occurrence, 85 Parade, 86 Traitors, 87 Swear black and blue. Down: 2 Answer, 3 Trust, 4 Rue, 5 Unit, 6 Harvest, 7 Hatter, 8 Note, 9 Sunshade, 11 Outlaw, 12 Inequality, 13 Area, 14 Spanish, 18 Rhinoceros, 20 Reef, 23 Minus, 24 Paranoia, 26 Lumbago, 28 Vertigo, 30 Bonsai, 31 Fiasco, 32 Pestle, 35 Pluto, 37 Eagle, 38 Ulna, 40 Ergo, 45 Basic, 46 Verbatim, 47 Crease, 48 Melancholy, 49 Next, 50 Trapeze, 51 Nobody, 52 U-turn, 54 Moot, 55 Release, 56 Cashew, 61 Flea market, 63 Venom, 67 Dairy cow, 68 Veto, 69 Crew cut, 72 Ammonia, 73 Mirror, 74 Cherub, 75 Landau, 79 Throb, 80 Nova, 81 Puma, 82 Peak, 85 Pen.


Wednesday June 5, 2013

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W O R D Puzzles

WordBuilder 6

is holding a fun wine and trivia quiz night on Wednesday, June 12th, at 7.30pm, at Hall 3 in the Johnsonville Community Centre. There is a $10 entry fee and visitors are welcome. Please check out our website for more information.


Constitution Conversation Event 912


57 Nimble (4) 58 Automatic reaction (6) 59 Garden alcove covered with climbing plants (6) 60 Silly (7) 62 Inside information (3) 64 Lullaby (6,4) 65 Put at risk (8) 66 Destined (5) 69 Culmination (6) 70 Defrauded (7) 71 Weather instrument (9) 76 Small blood vessel (9) 77 Poem (5) 78 Depict (7) 83 Dishware (8) 84 Event (10) 85 Cavalcade (6) 86 Those who betray (8) 87 Assert adamantly (5,5,3,4)





2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 18 20 23 24 26 28 30 31 32 35 37 38 40


Response (6) Have faith in (5) Regret bitterly (3) Single entity (4) Crop (7) Milliner (6) Short letter (4) Parasol (8) Ban (6) Disparity, lack of balance (10) Locale (4) A language (7) Horned African animal (10) Coral bank (4) Less (5) Intense unfounded suspicion (8) Back problem (7) Dizziness (7) Miniaturised tree (6) Debacle (6) Chemist's grinder (6) Planet (5) Bird of prey (5) Arm bone (4) Therefore (4)





45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 54 55 56 61 63 67 68 69 72 73 74 75 79 80 81 82 85

Fundamental (5) Word for word (8) Fold mark (6) Sad pensiveness (10) Following (4) Circus swing (7) Person of no importance or authority (6) Policy reversal (1-4) Debatable (4) Let go (7) Kidney-shaped nut (6) Street stalls selling used goods, etc (4,6) Poison (5) Milk producer (5,3) Vote against (4) Short hairstyle (4,3) Pungent gas (7) Looking-glass (6) Winged child (6) Four-wheeled enclosed horse carriage (6) Pulsating pain (5) Flaring star (4) Wild cat (4) Reach maximum (4) Cage (3)




Newlands meeting.

Newlands Paparangi Progressive Association Monthly meeting 7:30pm to 9:30pm, Tuesday June 4 at the Newlands Community Centre.

The New Zealand School of Music Big Band

The 18 piece Jazz band will be doing a family concert at 7:00pm today, Wednesday June 5. The concert will be held in Goodtime Music Academy at the ZEAL building, 101 Ghuznee St. Gold coin donation at the door, everyone welcome. Further details email 14

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23 25





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73 76


77 81





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Public Meeting to have your say about the Treaty and the Constitution "Starter" Debating Competition by Wellington's top law students. Thursday 27 June at 6pm, Wellington Main Public Library. The event is intended to allow any interested members of the public to come along and speak their mind about the Treaty and the Constitution.



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Artrium Gallery announces a new group exhibition - WINTER BLUES, on June 6-30th. Artrium Gallery is located at 310 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, open 7 days.

The Cellar Club Inc.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. TODAY Good 16 Very Good 21 Excellent 24 Solution 211: ego, eon, gen, gin, gip, gone, ion, nip, nog, nope, one, open, opine, peg, pen, peon, pie, pig, PIGEON, pin, pine, ping, pion, poi, pone, pong.


Winter blues art

Saturday June 8, 9.30-11.30am, 28 Johnsonville Rd, Johnsonville. Later on 12.30-2.30pm outside Newlands New World. A variety of baked goods including gluten and dairy free.


1 Part with an excessive amount of money for something (3,7,3,4) 10 Time off work (8) 15 Take to be true (6) 16 Galling (10) 17 And so on (8) 19 Cowboy film (7) 21 Soft hat (5) 22 Very small dog breed (9) 25 Ease (9) 27 Plain, obvious (7) 29 Colour remover (6) 33 Unquestioned doctrine (5) 34 Wholesaler (8) 36 Stress (10) 39 Digit (3) 41 Under normal conditions (7) 42 Breakfast food (6) 43 Uncommon thing (6) 44 Protracted (4) 45 Temporary encampment (7) 48 Humdrum (10) 53 Hug (7)

ON... Newlands Primary School Bake Sale





Herald sport

Wednesday June 5, 2013


Volunteer-oholic! By Lydia Anderson Years of hard work and dedication are being recognised for a self-professed “volunteeroholic” Johnsonville resident. For more than a decade Helen Mallon has volunteered in numerous roles in the footballing community and is now a double nominee for prestigious regional sports awards. Mallon has been nominated for Volunteer of the Year and Administrator of the Year in the upcoming Dominion Post Wellington Sportsperson of the Year Awards, to be held on June 13. She says the nominations have put her right out of her comfort zone. “It's never been about me.” Although her attitude is modest, Mallon has so many volunteering roles she has her own sports CV. A keen footballer herself, she restarted a disbanded women's team for the Miramar Rangers before switching to North Wellington Association Football Club

after her son James was born. She then took on several roles for North Wellington Junior Football Club including committee member, coach, club manager, and from 2009, club president. As the years passed, Helen also became involved in management at North Wellington AFC, becoming assistant club manager in 2012 and this year assistant coach of the U17B Saints. However her commitments do not end there. She served as secretary on the Alex Moore Development Board from 2010 to 2012, is a current board member for Capital Football and is secretary for Federation Five Referees. She also referees games and trains new referees. What is so impressive about Mallon is how she fits her voluntary commitments around her family life and full-time job as a administration manager for science and engineering services at BRANZ.

“I have a clone – she stays up late to all hours of the night,” she jokes. “I have to be ultra-organised.” She says what keeps her going is her passion and desire to give opportunities to people from all walks of life. One such example is organising donations from club members to purchase furniture and give free memberships to refugee families. “It's that sort of stuff that keeps me going.” North Wellington AFC chair Mark Pearce says the club is very grateful to have had Helen at the heart of its committee administration and operating processes since November 2011. “She has an amazing network through the wide range of volunteer roles that she delivers in and is proactive, efficient and a pleasure to work with.” Pictured right: Award nominee Helen Mallon at North Wellington Association Football Club.

Time for Blues to blossom

Sweet victory for Johnsonville A jubilant Louis Karl, captain of the Johnsonville Rugby Club's Senior 1st side holds the Harper Lock Shield aloft after his team downed Norths 39-10 at Helston Park on Saturday. The win was the team's 10th from 11 games to date this season and they won the first-round competition by two points from the Wellington club. Johnsonville had previously won the Harper Lock in both 2007 and 2008. The shield, for senior 1st supremacy in Wellington club rugby, has a lengthy history. It was created by two New Zealand servicemen during the Second World War in Maadi, Egypt. Mr Harper, a Pakeha brigadier, and Mr Lock, a Maori brigadier, carved the shield and it was played for between Pakeha and Maori teams in the desert. In 1943 the 22nd Battallion defeated the Maori Training Unit to win the shield. It was also played for between service teams when the soldiers returned from war but in 1951 the Wellington Rugby


Union took it over and it has been played for ever since between Wellington Senior 1st teams. One of those responsible for the shield being given to the WRFU was serviceman and Johnsonville Rugby Club player Mick Kenny. Johnsonville were on the back foot early in Saturday's match and were behind 8-10 at halftime but in the second half, into the wind, they came into their own and put on 31 unanswered points. The win was especially sweet for coach Mason Lawrence who had coached Marist St Pat's to win the Harper Lock last year. Johnsonville now step up to the secondround Hardham Cup competition which involves the top four teams from the Harper Lock round -- J'ville, Wellington, Old Boys-University and Avalon -- and the bottom four teams from the premier Swindale Shield competition -- Upper Hutt, Norths, Wests and Rimutaka. The top four teams after the Hardham Cup round-robin play premier rugby next season.

Then we saw some of the class of the Blues and the talent of the three named earlier in this piece as well as Rene Ranger, Luke Braid and several others. There was even a hint that they could do the unthinkable and haul in the Highlanders. That was not be but the The Blues came back from being down 37-7 early in the second half to end up only 10 points adrift of the Highlanders. The final score was 38-28. Yes, it was only the cellar dwellers the Highlanders the Blues were playing but the Auckland team showed courage to get back in the match after an appalling start and revealed also that Piuta, Luatua and Saili are going to be hugely exciting players to watch. So, bring on this Saturday’s first test against France who will be without some top players. Of course we’ve been here before with the French. The one lesson the All Blacks have learned playing France over the years is that you can’t afford to drop your guard against them. Meanwhile, last Sunday saw Christchurch holding its big annual marathon. Watching TV One Sport on Sunday evening I expected there could be some coverage of this event which draws thousands of runners and is the biggest marathon in the South Island. Silly me. On June 23 Wellington has its annual big marathon. I wonder if that manages to get on the TV One sports news? I’m not counting on it.

By Chris Tobin One stand-out feature of the All Blacks named this week for the three-test series against France is three rookie Blues players who are still in their first season of Super Rugby. Second five-eighths Francis Saili, fullback Charles Piutau and blindside flanker Steven Luatau are the newbies in the All Blacks named on Sunday along with the Crusaders flanker Matt Todd, and Hurricanes lock Jeremy Thrush. While Saili, Piuta and Luatua have impressed with the Blues this season it was not so apparent in the Blues’ match against the Highlanders in Dunedin on Saturday night, at least for threequarters of the game. The usually hapless Highlanders were all over the Blues in the first half. The tackle statistics for the first half were mind boggling. Such was the Highlanders’ dominance they had only to make 16 tackles to the Blues’ 98. This was just before the half-time whistle. When the ref blew his whistle for halftime these statistics had gone out to 106 tackles for the Blues and 18 to the Highlanders. With Blues’ halfback Piri Weepu knocked cold and skipper Ali Williams forever yapping in the ref’s ear instead of concentrating on playing the game and leading more by example than his mouth, they looked odds on for a good old fashioned- hiding. Yet this did not happen and it seemed apparent that once veteran hooker Kevin Mealamu came on the paddock, only then did the the Blues get their ship on course.

There’s something

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20 Wednesday June 5, 2013








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