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THE IEYmELTON TIMES, dissatirfsction; I wish as many opportunities a6 possible to be dorded for spenkit~gout, convinced that where both portico mean well the best chance of earning to entire rgrec~nentis b i prumoting frir and amicable di~ussion. I cannot conclude without thanking you, most heartily and sincerely. for the kind mannerin which you speak of myself personally, and expreasiug a cordial hope that our intercourse ma continue to the end, nnclouded nod Friendly sa it begun. I am, Sir, your very obedient. servant, Joan ROBERT GODLEY. Agent Cant ~ G o c . P.S. I did not thiuk it necessary to say anything in the former part of thisletter, upon the question of the rercewes laid oid for the Association in this bwo, because I do not believe that it has been raised among the enlonists here; but, as nome stceaa Beefa5 to have.been laid upon it by the Association at honre, I think it may be well not to leave it unnotiee8 The Committee, while leaving with me a discretiounry power with respect to the whole matter, intimates generally their wish that X should allow the land on which their buildinrs, i.e. the emigration barracks, the store, the boabhouses, and the agent'. house, should be given up for selection After consulting some of the leading colonists on this point, I oonaider it ao clearly far the pablic interest, that the land should be retained, that I have determined to taka the responsibility of retain in^. it. Nor do 1 think it a point which it would be &ir or proper to refer to tho body U colonists after the orden OF choice are drawn and knom, because the question betug obviody between the intereets of the two or t h e e first holders, and the rrst of the purchasers, to appeal upon it to a general meeting, would be merely a formal proceeding, adopted for the pnrpose of reEeviug myself of responsibility. fZ I had permitted one or two persons to select the load on which the Association's buildings are erected, the result wor:d simply rave been that they might have m8de their own terms with us; we ahould havu been completely in their power. The land i n n e r r m q + for the cenduct-of our operations ; a large sum of money has been laid out on the hypothesis that i t was to be reserved; and, knowing all this, the ownera would haveat once perceived Bat we shoula have been- compelled to pay them any rent they chose b ask,sooner than at eueh a time as tbi, ~o permit our buildings to be pulled dow. Iqda wt believe that there is a single land purchaser whc would wish rhat the fuuda of the Settlement ahonlt be thus prernitnrely burdened, for the cf as. suring an exorbitant income to one or two fortunati individuals. , On the. other hand, the reserves at tbey now stand z e public property, which may b6 sold,& the proceeds applied to the gencml good 'if a t any future time it may cease to be reqnired EOI J. Pi. G. tbe praeut purposes In answer to this communicafaou, the' Courn ci! had drawn up &hefollowiog report. " Tire Council of Colonists having caeefullj considered the sevecal .snbjects refelm4 to i~ Mr. Godley's con~rnmnication, have resdveu uaanimonsty to draw up the foilowing Repor1 thereon, and to scihmit i t to the general body c ! laud-purchasers for their al~ptocaland adop. tion. In flaming their Beport, our Counci' feel i t due, i n thk first place, to I&. Godley, t c take the emliest opgortu~ityof tiranking him for the public spixic and devotion which led him at 40 earl%a period of the Asmiation's plan tc thmw bimself into it. and learing his nativc home to bffiume the pionee~of our great ulrder. tukirrg, and also for the peat exertions he ha: m d e to provide for the mccptioa and aceom. modation of the first body of settlers under cir. ctmlsuneffi of unumal and unexpected difficulty They would also e z p p s s the eetire col~fidmcc they feel in his ability, iutepity and il;c!ginenl for the pro er management o f their aKa~rsand regard to tieir interests, in the ardnota and re sponviblc position which he holdr, ws chief ageni of the Aawiation. Proceeding to rhc leading topics referred to i n Mr. Godley s communica, tion, your CowCjl, in &e first place, tl~inktbi! a Gtting opportunity of exprersing tbcir rea. dinto resign the trust confided to then v a i n into the hmda uf tl e g e e r s l hody o colonists ;and ilris, they am lerl to do as well k f ~ $heir own s a ~ S ' w t i o r ,to preverpt any mirur~der fitanding uls to tlic manuer find validitv of tbei. electios: and in order w aAilrd to &f.Godlc: tlie asnrance be requires that yoor Cooncil doe: rcally and adequately v e p r e ~ e tbe ~ ~ t ka~~d-pw chase~rrof t l ~ csettlement. Shoulrl, however the geseril hody 06' land-purchasers, as repre s&n&d at this meeting, u ~ ~ a n i m o u ~sxpras ly tBeii desi1.e that tlie resent Council do cvntinua t o repreonat them, %sy j1.e ready to re-accep chc trust. " Yqw Council most h e a d y pgres in $' jdl e u l o ~ u mpaid to (Jiiptail?,,Thwr4(~,r r r g would a u ~ g ethat t a special vote of t h p h i dub frc.~n the whel* hacly of coloniets i.11 tha v n t i e t u i ~ ~SO'~ the judg~wcnt,eucrgy, sLiU, rziu secret



. -Ma. Bnrmax

eneverauce wbich he ha8 shown uuder great i @ c ~ \inb p r e p ~ r i a gt h e 6mt site of the see,clnent far the oocupation of the culoniats. " On the subject of the amount of loalgin~ ckmodation tha2 had been prepared, and wbicn a* found available for the passengers on their rrival, your Council agree with Mr. Godley ms the pedect propriety of the cuune purs~:ed, ad that i t w,ould not have been wise or right I have expended any larger po:tiori of their hnds in the erection d buildings so essmrialliy rmporary a s emigration baaeke, a n d that any lore extended prepsrations in this department, 'ould have involved a needless reserve of land, ~d outlay of money. T h e more ao as tbe counI! have ascertained from the hnmigatiom dea a n e n t , that suGcieut.amomodaEion b s actd!y heen ai&rded to neady 400 plerwns, withut including tbe cabin pasengem, and that no abin or intermediate pmenger in the four nips has yei applied for seater, without having :ceived aecomodation. " On tile last and most important subject, of ie best spprupriatibm of %hefunds a t present t Mr. Godley's disposal, your council a1.e unaipnously of opinion that t l e eady mariplctiun of be road b Bumner (which xilt opm np the teaiest communication between Popt I L y t ~ I t mand he plains) is the wprk beyond any other by rhich the permanent intemtx of the settlers, and he future deviLpment of the resources of the olony will be h e s t promoted. "They admit that the tcmporarv accomudutinn rl~iialrwould be aforded $0 the present settlers y having the means of more teadily transpoetrig- their goods by water to the plains, would loubtless be a F e a t present boon, and prove cry rgcceptslde. But looking, as tbey oonsiler hey ought to do, more a-head to the future wellreing of the colony, and the readiest means ol Leveloping its nascent resources, they cannol ~ u think t that m y larger outlay in thisdirection, vhich would have the e f h t of stoppin arding the great \vorIr at' the mod to would be greatPy ta be deplorecl They there ore unanirnou4sly c o ~ o u in s recosnlnenaina tha h e .whole arailabN muds 'at X r . Godley's dis posal, be at once d e v d to the speedy eomple $on of ebe road to Surnne~. "The Council believe that :he difficulties whic? bare hitilerto stood i n the way.of tnnsmi;tinl luggagwto the p l a h q a r e temporary, hut una voidable: temporary, becaubr. as soon as the ar rival of so many s h i p is made hiown iu &I oeighhouring settlement, b a t s will c m e h n d l p m t e r s , which will sup~~ly the accomtnoda tion ~ e q a i r e d; unavoEdsble, because until ou actaal arrival of course no boats would come Bsd even lrad the road beeu mmpleaecl tc Chti~tchcmrek~, a similw drlay must still bum iaken place until the deliland had atIrw&c :ares a ~ ; dhorses fiom the t ~ ~ ~ p h b o ucdohies rin~ These sud other difficulties are ?ess khar Iliose which have stood iri [lie way of all otile ~etdersjnentirelv new rountries, and lour Coun cil I ~ a r ono fear 6ut that they will be cheerful!! met, mud manbJiy overcome." \V. 0. B n ~ ~ r rChirman.' s, After a brief discussion XIr. D.INPIER mew( that the Report of the Count:! upon Mr. Qodicx': lettdr of the 1'7th of Deceml~rr,be received ani ado ted. T h e znokion, bi~bi~ig heen .smndet by tlr. 9. Plsasa, was amrrned with one dis ;enEieuk voice. Mr. B ~ X T TtAk N n addue~scdthe meeting or the s~thjectof the present jiwition of t21e Cor~n dl as seprescntiiig thci body of land-purchasers B e was himself cbS opinion'rhat rbe beat eoorsf woiildn~wbe to elect u nen Council ; lput i f ' t l s ~ Meeting tho~:gl,t otlrerwisr, he eo~~sidered it a tease desirable tirat stre Mectiirg s!iuuld talk4 tlmt o!~p)~rtunity 01 expre$.,~~:r their cvnrinblrc cbnldence ill them, 01 rr~hcisisc:aqd rvitlr tlia view he tenclered, pvo~fi,t.m,i,111e reuig~rationo the resent Co~ulcil. 'I'ltcrru *In h!~, Csohx~roatnovrd ..'l'lI:tI t b 11re6en Council I)e req~~cxtcd rt, retitin office 1;11. twt montlls from the presmc ~l.t!c,in1111lhut i k Xene rd naeetiar:: be t11cn anlle~llor E ~ I Cp t l l ] ~ o so~ electin a nrew Co~~neii." Mr. %or.mni> secoiidcd tile mrtiznn. MI.. B a a ~ smoved as ~ n r ~ a r d m e n614% t, "the presenz col~ncilbe iutl~imted t o metin 118ie* for t ~ c r l t nmonths, and J , . ~ I steps he imtnsrha b l n take$ h;oiBllinp . u p ~ l , zpreewnt. anoaavler hlr. o e o i ~ d e1l.r d t~~rpm~dnaene. llre qucdnrr.l9aing put. ibrre:alyreat.~l For Mg.Bwrke's w & l 1 i m ~ r d I....-. . . 17 fir unqi~raln~oticI I ........ ...... IQ



.ig of opinion


feo~ed&hat so side a diver-

as to the Perm of oftice of t i l r : >,until, might be constaued intoamark ,f wall!

>f coafidence in them, and for hiniself, under .hew rircnms%aneea, be should prefer ta reai&u rnd submit to a new ekeetiom. Mr. FITZ~KLSAI.P WOPM adupt the =roe :oune. Other members of &e Guncil inbmaad [helike desire. Mu. Dasppusw tben mood, '' -,at the preEeat cCouaciB Ivelwquested M retain office until a new Council can be elected, and that s general meeting UP land-purchasers he ca!led for tbsa put om for T u d a y >the 7th of J a n u n r ~ 185 , 1. kip. Por.tae~,seconded the motinn", whish was pawed unanirareamsly. Mr. Bsrl-r~mthen, in the name of the Coonoil, acceded to the terms of the foregoi~grmcLuLioa, and the Secretary was ordered to take ste s in accordance with it. gfr. F1~zas;nnw,then addressed the meeting io temis of hi& enlogy on the service d m c By Captain Thomas to the celony by the work, finished and in progress, a t the arrjrd of the :~,Lonists, and he begged leave to prome the rollowing resolution" That the Council be requmted to cornmuoicatc the cordid thanks of the colonists to @apt. Fhomas, the chief surveyor sf t l ~ eAssoeintioa, For his eonduet of the undertaking nniil the wrivd of &lr.Godleg in the ~olony,a5d the warm admiration with which they hare seoa h e various works which be h w aceomysglishod under circuznstanees of areat and necuiiss diBcdty.


The Bon. 3. STUABT W o r 9 r ~ e rsecoanded the motion, and ihe resolutiaa a a r u a m b u d y adopted. The meeting then adjournad to the 7th of Ya~uary. On TUESDAY, the 7th inst., the Special General Meeting, convened for the purpose ert elect ing the new Council,was held iil the large ma' of tbs ikfisocia~on'aStme. fils. BBXTT~R tuck the Chair. Bwiew t e the transaction af tlta special business sf the day, Mr. B~tnr~ra?r rose add wid, that befo~ethe commencement of tlrs Dusi7ess for whicil tile meeting had been called, be had the hoaorr t o introduce Dr. Belmyn, the Lard Bishop of So. Zea1and;who had at the r q c e s t of a de11~1tati~ir1 of the council, who hild aaitec! upoil l ~ i sl&dship; Mtld$yconsented to be present, and who, he belicvsd, desbed to address :he eolonia@ 011 c-veid mattem of deep interest to the future well-being of the cdony, more p s r t i e u l ~ l s35 regardeP the ecclesdaeal arrangernmts o i t h c Associasion. The B ~ s u osaid ~ &at lie mas glad to have thisol~porLuni!g of meeting the h t ~ l yof colonisls, us he was aariuuu to address thcul ttpoa ose or two p u i ~ t sconnected nit11 the nrllare of able coio~~yT . h c first was t o do axxi. w;th an irnpt:e&iun which he a?>prebendedhid been esterwined hy sol;re, thai he her1 bee11 c,npc,aed ta the dixnemberlnent of the diwese of X a ~ vZcalrutl 'd'lre' fact lloweser was that, up to tile prssen t momcr~the .had bad no oBeiai irtt~trra~iot~ of <Le propvsai of tlre Canterbui.? A ~ ~ O C ~ P I10 ILI~ cre:rte a se arate diucese of the uirnle ei tile Aliddle a n 1 ~jotrthern Islands. The hrst In\;ana.dou Ire had received of this praposat, was thror;ptl a pritrted paper wl~ictnL t i heeia put into Iris hand* at Sgdriej a short time ago. Be ired xl%nvs cherished the idea of irmundiug a sr.. parate h&hopric f o ~the New Zeailm,d &'o:l, pasy's &rtlemet>t i~ Cuuh's Skraits, land tie Eiad now w r i t t e ~ ito L ~ r dI,yitelton, to projtose 11,cr tlre new diocese oftbe Bishop04'l.gttsltorr shc~ti!tI extend aver all klse 3Iiddie a11d h o u ~ h c r r la~ lands, soulh uf a parirllel of laticuric dra-3, througl~.the nlost northerly poi111of tlia Cartcellu~rv63i\ttic1. '6'11at a ~ e c o n d*tiwehe shei~id erleuu 1tvr.1ihe New Zeslaud G)myi~l~y's Settle~pieetsin C#,rdi'sStrnih, iehrir~g$in c s n i i s ~ cesa over the ~ovcusllej!6 *LI~UIS) i~&)I@ .@%&L. In c o u q n e n c e of a legal ixopus,ib~iitr 0fa63bcii~itliirgthe diosea of S e w Zealaud r?itlusar 11,s (the bishor's; cusbtwnt, Dr. JiwLson w o l d $ c,,gnr in tl:e tiest irrsl.~neru~s~~)asscc!&t~,d , unrb Ille~.efore11e (Bp. 8:.1wyn) auarl~lp r ~ ~ l ~ ibe rl~l~ 1~1acrdfur sullie time in ll,e rri.arl,vaa r $ i ' $i.iho~ cehaah ?SP

the C O L U I L ~ S L ~ .H e

~ i l , , t!u.v,

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alinious ru a ? c c ~ t ~ i ?rbe a ol~i:~lcr~r .<sicl f~.rliri;\ pqtlle colonists oat oor or t w o p i t i t , hie 1in.l obarscd with preak pleasure ilia2 s cnii,l ileal "I hedlv Saeliug h ~ grunbl d u p :l~rcolt, @im, ;PIICI C I C T on ~ boibni the ships, w t!rr)r ;arb. > l , l , , I!i,d t,v1.r, i t 1 !.<,I)>* #I?.~Y<,C a wr: of p>+& ~ ! ~ ILC , j ~ E I I C V C O L la~tuthe li!tr!cotltse he 11nd hs4

Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...

Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...