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0rPnixing a n efficient police force. Anothei- won him the good feelings of Ihe colonists. All / Ilec. 27, hnr(i!le C,.erty i3,:or.r, IieII, ma.:, r . qrlestiun of the peatest moment arose with re- : difficultiesahoutcus(oms weresetat rest,and t l ~ e/ from Piy~nollth Srp. 8 ,witla 2; calrrn. 2 3 iixtrrmediate. and 10.5 s*erace pasacrqers. to the Cttstom-house regrtlatiuns, which goods uf Lhe colonists lJave !,een landed free, Dee. 31, g ~ i l o ~ n eW*ri: r 12 tons, Day, mas*, s e r e f o t ~ ni~ i force on the arriv;~lof the settlers. upon tile sienature of a declaratio~rthat theS. from Sumncr. ballast Considerable d a m was occasioned by the fact were for private and personal use unly. Same day, cutter Ngr, 23 tons. Cemino, master, that high import duties were payable upon the The landing of gcnlds and passengers immegeodsbrought out for the parpose of set'-enlent. diately commenced, and has ,rapidly proceeded. " ~ ~ n w ~ , ' ~ ~ ~ , " ~ j ~ ~ " , ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " , " It was illdeed ascertained that what was de- The "Charlotte J a n e " discbarged and wailc: ballast, nominated ~ e r s o n dbaggage W a r n bead~nitted for Sy$ney in three weeks. ?'he "Randolph same day, schoo,lcr from We]Cree ; bnt that i t was ~vl1ollrat the dincretion of in two days more. The liarhour heen found IillKr,ln,cargs, potntoel, anll sundrier an *acid, who had hithcrb superintended the excellent as regards safety far shipping. 'rlle $am, ria:g, schooner PiiIFII1, 24 ton?, Denran, clljtoms st this place, b tlecide what should be nnly fault is the swell causer1by the sea-t~reez~, I maate-, frot11 Wcllin;.ton, cargo, potatoes, timber, called personal bagmge, a1111 what should pay which renders i t sometinlea ixcn~l\enient fcr I onions, and sundries. dl~ties. Same day, ~ehoonerC-zdw2, $0 tons, Champim. boats to lie alon~sidethe sGps ; but the ~ x p i Tile passengers on board the '' Gharlotte dity with which %e ships l l k e been discllarped m"S:*r. liorri Wrilington, having on board the Kt. Jane," eveu before the arrival of the otHer ships, proves that this dificu!tv is t;,lt slight, anri i t ia 1 Rev. Ihr Lbrd 8:sLcp 01. New Zealand. d d y , :*r.boonerflfrl. 12 tons, Day, master, were ft1ll of anxiety on this point; so lnuch so certain tllat heavier sea-brc.ezes haye blown , lrOals"nm",cargn, tools belong it^^ to Association. that thc members of the Cuuncil of eolunists duliug the past molltb thal; ;,t all usuai. "". H. vic'oria, t<lss, Deck. I who wcre on hoard that ship. determined, before Above 500 of the a;td s + ~ n eof the Wel'ing-ton, passengers#.Mr. Elta a~rivnlof the other members, to lose no time cabin-pasengers follnd gnod aceommodalion ill Chrpman, :he Hon. 11. W. Petre, la?. Fox, Esq. in aclrlrt.ssing the Governor on the subject. The the barrack<, and a week's lariuns were st-rued ,d lady, W, Wrey. Esn., and - Dawe8,Esq. FulLbwing is the letter which was addressed to ont to the former. Houscs rapidly 'behwn to Sameday, s~hornerFanny,9 t'ns. Smith, master, his Excellency hg tile secrchry to the colonists: spring up, evety kk;cld of hRbilati0n reared its from Sumner, ballart Itcad, from lbe iron-sture to tire turf cabin, or Jan. 7, sclroouer Henry, 20 tnno, Bowler, rnartrr, p m t ~ ~ t t ~&=. ~ t 16, ~ n1850. , Smq-Pirevious 19 the departure of the Can- even hl&tket tent. With a population of from Wellington, ui4 Cape Ca~npbeli,c a r p , timber tcrlrur): colonisb from England, they incorpo- eleven hnndreil souls, tine town is as quiet a t and sundries. day, cutter /@ha, JO tons, ? r l ' h g o i , r;%ted DbemselVes inm a societp, :%ndappointed a u i ~ b tas an English village The wearlrer bas coUndl, wll0nl they chaTed with the duty of heen perfect,-a hrillia~rt @\Inwhich neither master, from Wellington, caQo, regetehhs, shingles, and sundries. acting on their hellalf in all matters in wllich scorchemor oppresses: Ly~ttiltonitself, however, Jnhnsloncr l 2 tons* aeinterm& thecolollis~collectively were in- is too bot and too dusty for a p1ee:tsant ahode. "an' curter 4nd of all those who har.e deen to tile plxins, volved. ~ ~ ~ ' , " ~ ~ 6 n s~t e r , Sumo W a havc the honour to enclose a list of the "Otone ha Come back,whn dliesnut say that that ,, collnci~ bdow, on w130se hellalf we llave the is tflc place lo livein. Some were discontented SAILED. l g t t e l t ~ n; am in raPturcs with the Dee. 18, W. ILI. S. PIg, 18 gms, Capedin Dtivcr, lionour to address your excellency on a sub- i plainsbecame for Wetlington, aswngers, H:S ~ ~ ~ sip ;j. ~ i jeet lvhieIl has caused tile some un- plains. The anxiel\, to eo to great, and th~llgll for some days the strong seaGrey, K.C.B., dbYenLoz ill chief, ~ , , dl.dy c ~ ~ eJsirress on tflc:ir first arlival in die colony. are cbarKeahle with hreezes mafle tlrcliar hnl)assrI~le,boats a w now Col. Bolton, R E . , Captclin Kuge!ean.SYth~ q i m e n r , appears tllat all J. Thomas. Esq. H~~~ pmsing and repassitig frequrnlly and with ease. and Godfrc-y c,rrlain import duties ilnposed by 1% cutter A l ~ l l n , 1.0 tous, Mcc:egcr. ~+,,uernml,nf or by the ioMl ie~siature, but The freight to Christchu~%:ihas been rather c:leese. for Wel:ington-car6'*, wool dlat artides personai or are ex- high, 30s. a ton, hut the arrival of boats ma'terl Dee. *& schoouar Flirt, 12 tons, Day, master, elnptcd frtlm clle *f these laws; hilt and boatmen fwm the o&cr settlements will r Of road we shall have frum wvllat nzecnn learn from the Castom-Honse ~ " h a h l y l u \ ~ c it. o r ~ , " , - ~ ~ s ~ ~ ~ ~ e ~ $b~j ~tons, ,"~: k but even when that is finirrhcd, ffor oficor a t Port Lytultun, we are under the ~ e a hewaftcr, wellington. :rpprehcnsiou tllat it is Tety much ie t i s discre- I moht hear? goons will be Sent hy water. 3nn I , 18.51, cotter ffdherisz Joirnst~ne,12 ton<, Lahour llrs been a a r a a d w a e m y Armrtrong. masre5 for sunnrr, caqa, slrrr:ai ti011 to deurmine lrllat kirld of goods are ti) he cansidered chargenb!e, alld \~.lratare exempted , high. carpenters p t as much as a shilling an and lugeage Jan. $ sehuoner Flirt. 12 tons, Day, maskr, lor hour; but this is partly owing to the fact, that from duties. T h e colunists hare, in niostinstances provi- "11 the labour brought' out in the ships i c not Summer, cargo, luygrge ded ttlemselves %vith cuusicle~?sblequaitities of Y e t in the markef the people being occa~piedin Jau. 4, ~choorlerR i r f , 12 !on% Day, master, lor Sumncr, cargo, luggage. the necessery implements for settling themselves "ak'"8 olcir o3wuhouse?! P~o"isions are, for a new coiony, vervcheap. Same day, schooner ~ c r n a 9~ tons, , ~ i ~ l i tmiiSter, h, in the"colonv ancl for cultivating the la"&; and Sumner, pa& of oriainai luggage chop are di~$Ilpointedto find that duties must The "light rise, on the increase of popuiation in 7 ' Gurdun, 33b to'1a, Liiie!-' day 300 to 1100, has lieen -very remrtrbe paid upon tllese goo$s, at a tilne when their resot~rcesare required to enable them to h b l e : meat is only 5d. P e r k bread i d the sib. ' 720 tans, L ~ !Oaf. meet the iificultTes of an entirely new settiemaster, for Sydney. Yaswngers, Blrasrj. b V r l a l ~ is scarce above gro:rnd, but wells al- m&~ ; r ment, the more so as they are under he imSame day, cutter Fly, 23 tons, Cemino, master, pression that a11 such goods are exempted froln w a F @ve an abundalltsuppl$. During half the year mountain streams will i:pply a large town. fir Be!Jiigtoa duty in other cnlonieu,.and i n America. The immediate choosing of the town acre seeSame day, schooner f,'ndine; .W) tons, Champion, of the society of canterbury ~h~ tionShas been a most important and useful master, for the Chathanl Island5 md Otago. P P ~ Ionists beg with the respect to senger, The Bishop of New Zealand. measure. The uarter acre ,.hosen for the colthat yollr excellency will be to issue Fiipiol 2 ton8. mat.r> J-* 8, lege, vbicb msko 1, bas in for & (00 a year i n s ~ l , c ~ i otnu ~ tilc dcenthis phce, fiat S~mno', cap* lumage most favour;Ll,le cnnstrl,ction may be plsce,j already, and land aEong Worwich Quay is let"' Bcnson7 Same day1 COlo,,y, and that ali Koods Ling for 15s. a fctot, Frontaqe. An excellent lF3upon laws l ~ is to be built 'in!mediateb u~posite I ~ r o ~ i g1?). h t tllesettlers for their own private use, ~ l i hotel 12 and nnt int.e:~dcd fur M e , may be exempted Ammong, n v t e r , for Port A l h n , cugo. luggage. iTom three Jan. I@, ship RQndolplr, i 6 1 cons, Dale, master, from dtlty. p the cliff, for the ~ : b r~n b u e~k i ~ Wedesire on tlte pkrt of the colonists to ex- hawe died, Mr. Brittan's by l ~ l l i l ~over Mr. Fitzgerald's and U r . Phillips's by eating Same day. H . M. brig Yirimia, Deck, master, pness their at *e presence or yollu tutu. 5Vellincton ; passengers. Mr. Jus~iceChapman, for A11 these axe a .great loss to the eulony, erccllcncy amongst them on tlleir tilst alTir,sl especially the two fonner, wi~iclr tvcre pure Hon. H. ftr. Petre, W. Pox, Esq., and lady, W. ill tl,e colony, and have the honour tu remain, Durham cows. MI-. Fitrgera!r!'.i was fro~nAir. Long Wrey, and Mr. I h w e s . Sir, wit11 tile areatest respect, Your excel- ~ same day, schoolier Faany, 9 tons. SnGoh, maxtcr. j frlrm~ in 8uney, ~ # liad ~ wail prizt?s butll lency's IIIUSL obedient and humble Sert.ants, for Somner, cargo, 1uga:lge. as a calf iuad a cow. I n i.OClT. Eowmn b n e n T WAlm, It is itnposihle to takc rno mocb care in Ship Sir George ~ e ~ m o r r550 r . tons, Goodson. JAXEY STUABC WQUTLE~.~ ~ ~ d i ~at bthisr place. j ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~just Bar'1us L'ressg' Be!L nFa ship, the tutu, of whie!~tlerc is abuudniice Selwoner IKeary, 20 t a ~ ~Howler. r, anslver reeeivt.d :nlc.tonowing laere, is certainly fatal. Cutrcr Alpha, 3.0 lous, illc'Gregor. I4.M.S Fly, Lyttelton. -- - -. -. Schooncr Flirt, 12 tona, flay. December 17, I85V. -. W E must apologize for tine ;rr:~ri,nen,ent of our Gentlemen.-I am directed by Sir Gcorgc first palrer hcing so-newhat difl;r<otIron1 tl:nt proOn Thnrsdsy, the 20th of Decemhcr uit.,onc woeipr. of yo~trIctter, mised; arid for any other deiiclc,:cics G,hich are ~ * n - Of kite s:c.elnjir I M ~ C I I S C F S fr~rxithe Ititeriulpii, (irey to acknowledge pub~ ~ c ellaln~.d.fvtl!r Erlllidlllc,nlto I I : ~i~ecti walhlnK requesting that his excellency will be pleased to avoiclah:e in the elldcauour to c o ~ l ~ l t~h~~ Our arrival. , uat to Itic.carttr~lal!d C I I ~ I ~ ~ C ~ I U I . C l iI~Iu, n ~ j iutie instsuetions tile Coatoni-Huuse oflicc~.s lication r" 5 = . 1------a t t,lis t,lac. *nost j-avouriLlrlecollstr"c. lying dead nr~ii-t i l t . I~ri<ilr: l,,rtI>,oil i l ~ ct<,p ul 8 ~ I P P NEWS. ~ ~ Q the h:!i ;those tl,e ttiu,~r,!~y ~ r t r i co1lir.i- tiaseltion may 11s placed n p n tLc customs' laws of t l ~ ecol~,ny,as wg:~rdsall gocrds br111tgI11 Iry the ARUIYF.D. ( lers oil their reir1111. h i ~ ~ l i ~8 !~9aa l~ & u WIB i~~c i quicklg p r o c ~ ~ r c ill~t ~ i . i t was ~ S C C ~ I . I I I 16 I ( tlliti first sett1e1-s for their own use, and nor, ir~tended I , . , ~ ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ Dee, 16. I!,;p Chor-!oalr ;.lil 61r sale. nls.t,.r, from ~ a l g m u u ~ , sCp, i, *;,ti 26 ,a:,ll,, 2 ; lifu had bcrn lur s.liue tilnequite o-t:lli:. Y h c / ca,rse ~ , 1115 f dcatii ,111peai-s LO ltavc Lee11 OF a i l 111 reply I have to iaIi)r~n you thal llis excel- inler,l,ediarr,J,,rll o i arrer,rXc i,i;rse,, lency, will issue the in~trucliousyuo rc* snmd day, &,,,&iplr, :&I 0 . ~ 1 ,rurtr~.. ~. ap.,plect~ciratltrv. 311dnits ~~ruil.~I~ly Ilurriec: on and l a111 h n l ~ e directed r to rxprees the f r o n o t s , i t j I - IT i l l ? n a s . i . r . ! t a r .if t!ie*<.ith~r,in.1 i l s i ullusuai 1.~li~11e. Iu !vl~irl~, ~n hl\ ]~m~st,uorii>r ~ sure it :rt&,r~lstlre G u r e r n o ~to l~aueinel you d i : ~ t a~n. d I bl L ~ P C F S Rpasrengrrs. Sameday-,cutrer:dlpbn,ii) runs. \.:c'Grrpor, mas- c l k , i L , : t ~ , ~ ~[u; ~ >1i21cI , .i hti11<1hlr h I w 1 ,?I; w l t 2 c l ~YE "Iron y w r llrht nrrivui iu tllis coumtrg, ,vtjrle il F,trn.l), t l i c . der, .asc<i li:i#l e ~ ( : ~ , r c . < l all1 be a rioorce of great Rrlrt;ficat,un el ! ~ i ~:ktn ler. from \liellington, caran, s r n ~ J ~ . i a e . li,c.;ltc DPC. 171 S ~ I ~ PSir Gc*rgl-. ~ Y l . ~ ~ t ~450 * ~ ~ tnll-. rs ~ , i , , , \ ~ ~ j f . .rile lcllll,llll\ 1tc11. t ~ r ~ i l i ~ i:ito l i t 1<3itit, u l l rintrs ro prumute your illtevesra so f:rras may Gouclson. master, from I'lyninu111Svp. S. with tl) t,ur;c,] ; X I ti):, r c t s i ~ l < , ~utt \ tb I ' ~ ~ i l < . . ~ ~ r , ~ b~ in his Irolwr. E < L ~ L U ,23 i ~ . k i - m c d i n l yn n d , l ( i s -~..l.r:,:r'. p n - ~ r : : ~ - i - s ji ~ , i ! : ~ ~ l ~ ~ L:, L ~ GI t < 1 . :',&( h . J l h f l I hnrc the hnnnllr I,e, Ocntlcn,ci,, liol,I D@[!, y;i, kc)loollev Tui,,s, ,*, ,;,,<, uu",q. ,,;, ;, T e r , fGf,!,,,by,& u l g t ~c ; ~ , ,i. , !%.rsit!^ . x i w12q9 !:.'ti ol>lrlicnL, hulr11,lc Sertnot, from Wrilinglon, cargo, auoariea, portii~ti(% . ~ hf + t , r : l l ~)li!*:. 4L:. . k c , c . l : ~ ~ ~ C. L. S U O E ~ PT Ti ,v l t t;ir~cret:iry. ~ 1jcc 24, xrufhrr;,ra J ~ J ~ , ~1% ~ ~ , , ~ . 11'"4' :ri'i.l','i 1 , ) the :ilirc'l'll'i'iii'iri I t i s q~qi(;.lgrvill tlllrr Hi. t i x - ~ r l n n ~ r o nmnaks, g, fm Wcl:lllgrc)n,cars" surl1 "11 [Le > u l y c ~01,. ~ JLI, nicl~',>,\!I I rl;l,t ~ ~ ' : i ~ l t l : ~ ~ : ~ C L ! ~ < ' I I I : J ' Yp r ~ t > q ,ae'l i &iciAdlyiurc.ii;re8,cc lhira , J I ~ . .r




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Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...

Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...