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w k , d i n g to the abiEry, beneficial or hurtful, srccol&ng &. & inte*(y =d rooscientiowness with w h& . She task is perfome&

and party distinctions I%ig or T ~ F ~&&el . lotist raise arc amonpt $he produr~sss.hich by our 0- i n d u s ~3,doubt various objects of loco! intemt win snrlng 1113 calling forth discussion and creating d.rlbion, and parties will f o w themselves, c1usta;ag aronnd the apples of discord which time ail1 throw amongst us,

JABIJARY 11, week by week in a tabular fom. ~ b e s eabbes mill include the state of the markets, wholesale prices, shipping news, births, deskha, and mm.riages, tinres of high .hvaler in the hmbour and in the river, and 8. table of the weather during the previous week. Then will follow B o Ladicg articles,occnpying aboui the middle of the

Butaep&ion which a n e m p p e t occnpies in a new coluny is somewlat different. The importnnee of a newspaper to Ceoteabury n.il1 depend far less a aeopinions e q r w a in i@ lea$In8 Ades,than in $&*wt mnmnienae it wig' &e inhabitan&, and in iri generd ,&ity a medium of public intelligence in local affaixs &Jong 3s there is bu:.oke public journal in a piOn9, we hold it to be the duty of the editor tt, aFos abve u p making it exclusively fhe 'prgsn of any p;rrric&r party. H e ought & fnr tr,cons& &e public good as tr, make his j n d m& fur ena?Gng parties or indi~ & & to .lay views before theii fellowmuntrpmen, a ~ his' d columns ought to be equally and l l w ~ o& y to ali; Indeed, a far deeper ed~$g lies us to give this means ofespres;;on to o m fe~~w-colonists, so that our may fairly and f3ithfw ri?present the of the whoIe &rn~unitg,~ ~ c ~ IthIt]?.consiamtion &t we ark l i e n g a t present under a Gomrnmenk which d a d s the coIonists no 12~.~~ti++onal mode of. statlng their opinion upoh questions of public interest such lheq w d d possess under a represeaa&ve gorenuneat, and such as they themselves mjoged up to &e moment they left their native shores, 1% &however, impossible but that a conscie n ~ o q s \ ~ ~ n d ~ cjoumd L e d shodd possess an individd character, and maintain opinions eonsistent with such s c ~ c t e c It i.simpossible but that the editor m y be c&e& up0n.W express opinions agwkiig with or differing from the sentiments of vaiious sections of !he oommmity. Thereforr, in &king the support of the public of Cadterbury to our undertaking, we may E r I y &ae q ~ ~ t ~o amounce k d the general @nci&s.we @tend t o advocate. . I t is rigit% fi~%to state'%ba't the EYWELTON TmB is whoUg @dependent of the C a n k r h u r ~ &&&on, a d that the proceedings of thst b&y and of its agents will be imparti?liy caav a m d in our pages as sul~eotsof praise or @elus& as we may conceive them to bear on the herests of the colony. Again, although our newspaper was not of course undbvlaken @tho& the promise of suppnrt from of the W i g and influential donists, we anticipate th@ support no longer &an out journai shall be worthy to receive it, and we recognize no allegiance to the Council of C2lonisu, or to any set o r - & t e e whatever. Still lejs can we be accused of submitting to any influence from the Government of New Zealand. Oilr ohjeet will be to advocate tbe poMic interests of the colony by eveq means in our power, wholly iudependent of any bodiee or individuals by whose conduct the public. weal may he affected For the opinions wbfch we may have to express we are ouiyelva soldy responsible; F,utow anxious wish i s that the L ~ r n 1 1 ~ rthe character and st.tlir! of marly of the CotoJ O U a N A L Ot: T H E WEEK. e it 4 n a he p r o r o s Ttxus should be the organ af the m a i s h 0. ole n"ticc ment and of the settlers in t h e mostexteuded of Canterbury is ocr;l:l):n:: thc atteotiun of, a 1 princi ai events w)ljc), the rr sense, and that it may be oonduoted in such a very iaige Zn;!i*h public, as- arriAPof L e L b a first ships. well of the arumern:. friends uitd relatives of when ibe " Chnrlutte Siind," the timi ~irip, manner % to be sc regarded by our felluathe colonists, as of*,,?^: g-ner;llly iuerested in entered the barbour, lFcr bl;?jesty'a ~Ioupoi csdonists. was I Y ~ ~ K alicllor, having on w(.I! a38,1rCd I t is not vey easy toskte a t the o n k t what colonial projects. ;Ye board I4is .ExcclIency the (;orernor of New *h~)roxrcssof tbc colony vvill zcajand, and I , ~ , , ~ party po!itics w e may have to dvocate. IQ intelligence ir;,tP L:oplax~dit would be enough lo aag in one word be aa-xioilsly ex:,eeb.d I ~ Yntiuibers it1 Er~~lanci,ill llnpes of being I,rrseuk at t!,e we are Tory or Cuitsen.a~ive,Whig or k l i c d ; and this i t is PrOposrd trl ~uyj:ly~nIhe culo~nxis first hocly o f c ~ ~ l ~ ~ r ~ i s e s . 'l';;lr.k. itr France, Le#tirni~t, Constitutionalist, o n SO- of the LTS~LTOYQ


ranged thelnselvea under varioles party symbols, .;,d U, p.onourlee &. ~ ~ ~ ~ b -isr I o suBcient r d .declnra~innof prinoipies: but thou&&we hawe br"ugbr w, much of the old country wi~hus, i t no^ lolloiv that rie have brought it8 poliricri pPrty diJtinctiuns; and moBt of oui Canteil~oryrpatlers ar~nldprobatlly &ink it a mat%r of indigereace whctlrer ssa i l e d uwse1wes

complete oar sP1"e w i l l aclmit, r ~ the f latest Engli~tr,B Y ~ ~ ~ j T l i ~ ~ mw ~: the 61.relating lo tll' :ocai affairs of the colc,nr itmif. Tile filgt Dol.ii>tl*ill coa,nlerlcr irnrne-. diatelj nf'ter &heatl~er1i~r::ir~~~~ts, an,! exwnd $0 tire end 07%:, t h l l r l pnp,,, T),(. p0Tti011 will ~ ~ m m e lHlL~l icl t : Ileaid $,I'tlrc fourl), i PE:% riib l ~ uma?). l) 40~ aivcrh


It wxs ~ b , tlllli ilrrP a ~ tlir i ~alriVlti ~ ~of ),orly rendered tilt. t . , ~ , ~ ~ , l i ~ ~ , ~ , . .,,( , , : a snffic6r.lle authority preseri.i~i~ ,,r,it.!, a,rii ;x;lrl~iniqtcii W jilstice, a 1n;tllcr of thr: gli.:ltc.,t irojruj.(:tar~~. ! l i s E x c e l l e r ~ c ~ . t l ~ c . l c t ~~riri~ic.di;~rel~ .rc. apprliirerd 3. it. ~ 2 0 r l mv; i !,:.,,.>!I,,, ,.l,i<;f: (,F f;;,stu y A I t 1 ~ &fai;8ataatc at, l , y ~ t x ~ ~: iul :I, ~Ja,,u,iaa , :,,,ar,xcl,t c g , i b tLfl

Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...

Lyttelton Times 11-1-1851  

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper. The first issue of the Lyttelton Times presented here, appeared on Janu...