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Wednesday May 4, 2016

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With a smart design which optimises the heat of the sun, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout most of the year while cutting down on the need for heaters and fans/air conditioning units. This is known as ‘passive’ heating and cooling (passive’ in this context means no appliances or mechanical heating and cooling are used). In winter, a well designed home will catch the sun’s heat and store it inside your home. In summer, shading will keep the sun out and ventilation will keep your home cool. To achieve these benefits your home will need to be well insulated. Without good insulation, you’ll gain and lose heat through the ceiling, walls and floor. If your home is well insulated, the biggest source of heat loss is windows and other glazed areas - so it’s worth considering double glazing or some other method of preventing heat loss through windows. Passive heating and cooling isn’t just for new

Make the most of the sun’s position to help heat your home.

homes or major renovations. You can achieve significant benefits from small alterations to an existing home such as insulating, adding a north-facing conservatory, shrink wrap secondary glazing on your

windows or simply putting up thermal-lined curtains. Talk to your local friendly builder and window specialist about the options available for your home.

Landscaping your site The first step to a great home is understanding your site. A property isn’t just a piece of land. It’s part of a neighbourhood, and a wider landscape and ecosystem. By choosing your property carefully, and designing/building to harmonise with your site, you can make your home and surroundings more attractive, and enhance your quality of life. You can also enhance your lifestyle, reduce commuting time, cut building/renovating costs, and ensure you fit in with the local community. It’s worth doing your research before you buy or build on a property. By taking time to research and understand a property and its surroundings, you’ll develop a ‘feel’ for what it will be like to live there and whether it’s right for you. You’ll also find out about any problems or hazards, any conservation or planning issues, and any other factors that will influence your quality of life and the design of your home or renovation. It’s also worth thinking about the way you

Make sure there is a Mastercraft Kitchen at the heart of your home

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Do your research and choose your property carefully to suit your lifestyle.

will be living there - which shops, schools and other amenities you’ll be using, where your friends and relations are, where you’ll be working, how you plan to get around, and what type of environment you want to live in. To get a comfortable, efficient, durable home you’ll need to consider the climate. Sun, wind, rain, temperature and humidity will all influence your enjoyment of a property and the design/construction of any new home or renovation.

Give plain flat doors an elegant touch of texture by using a ‘faux panel’ look when painting it. Attempt it yourself or call on your local friendly painter.

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The Blenheim Sun 04-05-16  

The Blenheim Sun 04-05-16

The Blenheim Sun 04-05-16  

The Blenheim Sun 04-05-16