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Friday April 8, 2016


Massive shout-out


This is a massive shout-out to Katherine. You went over and above to help me out with my mixer. Exceptional customer service! Thank you so much.

The Sun Too young Yes, absolutely, too young for a one year old to be having chocolate. Glad there are people with this opinion. Sweet stuff like that should not be introduced so young as it’s training those taste buds and does them no favours in life. Then they take preference to sweet over savoury. It does ones child a huge favour to keep them off sugar for as long as possible, for teeth & all health.

Dangerous driving Silver car number plate EEExxx driving to airport 7pm Friday night in the rain. You’re lucky I didn’t report you lady - driving far too fast and aggressively and then when I saw you park at the airport and pull a toddler out of your car I felt sick. Think about it!

ASB Theatre World class theatre, world class show. Wow! celebration ShowTime what an awesome experience. Loved the entertainment, loved the decor of the auditorium. Congratulations to absolutely everyone involved. What a fabulous asset for Marlborough. Those who continue to be critics go buy a ticket for a show, see for yourself then you qualify to make comment. LD & EK

Take a bow Wow Marlborough, stand up and take a bow! We have some amazing talent here, having just been to the Celebration Showcase, I can’t believe how lucky we are to have people with the foresight and vision ( and extremely broad shoulders!) to take on building a theatre that will make us the envy once again of many other provinces. Well done also to the myriad of volunteers who put those shows together, it must have been chaotic out the back! I’m really looking forward to attending more shows and eagerly await the finished complex.

Big thanks A big thanks to the courteous broad shouldered driver of the AirNZ van on Monday who helped me clean my car windscreen of what appeared to be an enormous pterodactyl pooh. I didn’t catch your name but appreciate the help.

Good business? Would it not make good business sense to have all the local markets in one place on one day at A&P Park? It would increase the customers for all involved. Farmers Market could still “circle the wagons” as they do now. The artisans market is a natural compliment, the car boot sale could continue to charge $5 a site and there is an opportunity for another fundraising group to run a fee paying off road car park.

Cyclists To all the cyclists who ride beside each other, please ride in a line. You guys are blocking the vehicles behind. Also, do keep in mind that you guys have to follow the give way rules especially on one lane bridges!!

Going crackers.. Ok my turn to vent... Every week I shop at my local supermarket in Springlands and buy crackers as hey this is Marlborough the region of wine and cheese crackers, but sadly my supermarket is not on board - selling box after box of broken crackers every week. Handle with care be the logic I say, as a consumer we should be able to open all boxes until we find a good one if any at all, this is becoming a joke, sort it out please!!!

Illegal trailers Why, around the local roads, are there all these unregistered tractor trailers at all hours of day and night travelling not just a few but many miles! Oops, apparently that blind eye is okay for grapes, without lawful compliance. Just look for speeders, that’s the ‘ticket’ good lads. Drink to that!

Crimpy’s Niue

Chicken takeaways.. I can only think you may be referring to KFC and if so I totally agree. They do the best they can in their situation. I can see both sides here. You have customers going to a ‘fast food’ takeaways because it’s fast...or supposedly and they become frustrated when it’s, often, very slow but those of you do need to think that they are doing the best they can. If there’s not enough workers to cover demand then there’s not much that can be done. It’s not their fault. The way you treat others can have an impact on treat them badly they end up having a bad day now multiply that by the amount of people treating them badly. Have some empathy.

Check your till receipts For the second time in a week at my local supermarket in Springlands. My shopping was over charged nearly two dollars first and four dollars this time. And check the dates, I saw the eggs were a week out of date on Saturday.

txt talk of the week Many thanks Many thanks to the lovely girl who stopped in the dark to help me when my headlights failed. Your parents would be proud - you were the only person to stop on a dark drizzling evening. Thanks - Molina. We welcome your texts on 027 242 5266. Limit to 70 words please. Name supplied please. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sun management.

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Fair play Disappointing Fairhall School Rippa Rugby team and parents. I was at a game on Wednesday night Fairhall played Whitney Street School, clearly Whitney were young juniors compared to senior Fairhall. Fairhall sidelines were booing Whitney players. Where is the fair play and respect? Good On You Whitney Street juniors for giving it a go.

Beavertown airport Cheap flights are here, yahoo. BUT get caught parking over 15 minutes by the fence and airport parking will now clamp you- $$$$. More than the flight cost. New concept - go to the welcoming cafe across the road for a cuppa, free parking, watch for the flight and arrivals data App, wait 10 mins for luggage, then pick up friends, family, visitors, tourists who ring your cell phone. Perfect!

Truck stop Has Lansdowne Street parking lot become a truck stop? Noisy, band saws going at 10.30pm at night. No consideration for people that live on that street. Noise control are no help.


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Recycling After watching TV Monday night. Always someone “pin pricking”, I will still carry on washing cans/milk bottles etc and taking lids off. Better to sort and have rubbish picked up than left at roadside. Those blokes on rubbish trucks do a great filthy job, that most people never give a thought to when they put out their rubbish. Obviously contractors are not paid enough, so big circle back into land fill.

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The Blenheim Sun 08-04-16  

The Blenheim Sun 08-04-16

The Blenheim Sun 08-04-16  

The Blenheim Sun 08-04-16