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Wednesday August 5, 2015

Blenheim leads sun race By Jacob Page Blenheim is leading the race to be New Zealand’s sunniest spot for 2015 according to weather statistics. Information compiled at the Blenheim Meteorological station located at the Grovetown Park campus of the Marlborough Research Centre shows Blenheim recorded 199.1 sunshine hours during the second month of winter. It is third highest July sunshine total on record for Blenheim since records began in 1930. The news gets better with the

Rob Agnew. year to date recording an extra 189.4 hours sunshine compared

to the same period in 2014. In the year to date, Blenheim has had 1554.6 hours of sunshine, 15 hours ahead of Whakatane, 90 hours ahead of Nelson and 98 ahead of Tekapo. Blenheim was the third sunniest spot last year, much to the frustration of many locals who conjured up a number of conspiracy theories as to why Blenheim had slipped off the pace in recent years. Blenheim last topped the sunshine stakes in 2008. Rob Agnew, liaison scientist at Plant and Food Research, says

last month was also no colder than an average July with a similar number of frosts recorded and the coldest temperature still being warmer than the coldest temperature in 2014. The average temperature of 7.5 degrees was the same as last year. Rain continues to be at a premium, July had just 35.2 millimetres of rain in July compared to the long-term average of 63.6mm. The first seven months of 2015 have recorded the driest start to the year since 2003.

Variety at new development By Adam Poulopoulos The owner of a construction company building a new residential complex at Westwood says it will provide variety in the Blenheim housing market. Robinson Construction is undertaking the new complex build on Rose Street, off Middle Renwick Road. The complex will contain 17 houses on larger sections, measuring between 450 and 869 square metres, and 11 houses with courtyards, all with sections measuring between 300 and 400 square metres. It will also contain two grass reserves, and a third surfaced with limestone chip. Plants will include established trees and swale grasses. The complex will also have a connection to the Westwood Business Park. Robinson Construction owner Phil Robinson says the complex will suit various living situations.

“I believe it’s something a little bit different for Blenheim. The smaller sections will suit couples whose kids have left home and there are the large sections which will be good for families. “Perhaps there are people who don’t want to be looking after their property as much when they’d rather be doing other things, like fishing or travelling.” Phil says the complex will also function to clean up an area which had been largely ignored for several years. He says the design for the development was inspired by similar builds in bigger New Zealand cities. Crafar Crouch begun working on the site earlier this year, and started earthworks at the beginning of June. Roading, infrastructure and planting on the site is due to Plans for the new development. The plans show the 28 houses stated, be completed by the end of the two grass reserves and the limestone area. The sections with red October, with titles assigned to lines are smaller, and have courtyards in them. houses before Christmas.


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Jubilee celebrations take step All residents of Marlborough with an interest in the early history of New Zealand are invited to hear authors Hilary and John Mitchell talk about Maori settlements prior to Captain Cook’s arrival in Ship’s Cove on January 16, 1770. It is the beginning of the planning stage to commemorate 250 years since James Cook’s voyage to New Zealand, in 2020. The event wll be held at Queen Charlotte College Hall tonight from 5.30 to 7.30pm.

Ritual sold Mother-son team Heather McAlpine and Matt Hellriegel have sold Ritual Café on Maxwell Road to Del and Dave Lowther. Del and Dave owned Marlborough Limousines for about two decades, and returned to Marlborough from central Queensland a year ago. Their first day at the café was Monday. W h e n o n ly t h e b e s t W i l l d o !

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The Blenheim Sun 05-08-15  

The Blenheim Sun 05-08-15

The Blenheim Sun 05-08-15  

The Blenheim Sun 05-08-15