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Friday May 15, 2015



Thanks Eric

The Sun Reply to: Clean up Netball courts Completely agree with Netball Courts. Where on earth does the council think we will all park? MDC are so out of touch with what the general public want it’s ludicrous! Go down Lansdowne on a’s a nightmare! Now add the netball tournament? Why don’t u put the extra 1million it will cost towards fixing Seddon & Renwicks water! & fix the current courts! Shocking! Nadia.

Dominos you need to clean your fleet of cars as well they are filthy. Not a good look at all.

Reply to: Important job The woman driver of the passenger bus going down Holdaway St, Sat 2nd May at 10.51am. Do you know it’s illegal to text and drive? What makes it worse you are trusted with those passengers. Put your phone away and be responsible .

Reply to: The cost of petrol Grow up Toyota Corolla that almost took out others by overtaking on blind corner Para Swamp Friday 8th, a V10 M5 it certainly isn’t. Sorry to deflate your ego but driving like that will likely kill innocent others. I say grow up and drive like an adult, not the idiot you are.

Cyclists on footpaths I have noticed an increase in cyclists riding on footpaths. Most are wearing helmets but seem to have little regard for pedestrian safety. Has the road code for cyclists changed?

Smart meters are not compulsory You can refuse installation. The only benefit is to the supplier. Just another way of collecting information on you.

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Very funny, I just back from Aussie. Their petrol price is the same everywhere, but here in NZ every where is different. Auckland 198.9 to 2.049. When I arrived in Wellington 2.029 to 2.059, and next day arrived in Blenheim here is same thing too. The government should take action about the different cost.

Disappointing We have also been on the curt end of the top town manager. Just no need for it. It is disappointing when a movie is booked out but no need to be treated like naughty children! Movie fan.

Traffic management? Appalling traffic management at St Clair Marathon. Frustrated drivers doing u turns and speeding away after very long delays. Needs improvement.


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Never forgotten

Watched Para Gliders hovering above Eric Collins hill in Picton on Sunday. What an amazing pastime that is. Beautiful day to boot. Thanks Eric for allowing access to this most wonderful spot.

I will miss the sound of the Iroquois when its gone from our skies.. It was a thrill to see it too when I’m out in the vines, flying on its approach to Woodbourne. I can remember the drone of the Bristol freightor as it seemed to lumber across the sky to Wellington, loaded with cargo. Two sounds never to be forgotten, the Iroquois and the Bristol..two service aircraft that have earned deep respect.

Why are ratepayers paying? Why are rate payers paying 37 000 in 2 yrs for grape spills on roads? Should be grape growers and truckies.

Moving car To the person who rang up Marlborough roads about my car parked down by 24hour dairy. Yes it has no rego.wof. because it broke down. As for the $400 ticket that was issued it has been wiped, as I’ve been in hospital with a badly broken leg. Hence why I couldn’t move car. As for the person who issued ticket, simple phone call would have solved the problem, but no, gotta hand out those tickets, get that money in.

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Missing person Absolutely disgusted that elder care home waited 1 1/2 hrs to call for help when Person missing! Could easily have died! Should be prosecuted.

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Hey McDonalds What has happened to your TV’s in the restaurant? Did you forget to pay your sky bill? No TV’s on, no music, makes for a very dull atmosphere when eating in. Please put the TV’s and the music back on.

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The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15

The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15  

The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15