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Friday May 15, 2015


COUNCIL NEWS Notices Property Drainage Inspections The Marlborough District Council will be carrying out property drainage inspections in Picton and Blenheim over the next few months in an effort to reduce the amount of stormwater and groundwater entering the sewerage system in wet weather. These inspections are designed to locate faults within Council’s or private property sewage systems, plus any downpipes that may be connected to the wrong system. Rob Galloway of Galloway Contracting has been engaged to carry out these inspections on Council’s behalf. He will deliver a notice of inspection 5-7 days before the inspection explaining the process; this will also include an explanation of likely faults and repair methods. He does not require entry to your house, but does require access to your property to inspect any outside drainage systems and any Council pipe systems that may be located within your property. The reason for these inspections is that during rainfall the sewage system can pump up to four times the normal acceptable flow due to rain and/or groundwater water entering the system. These systems are not designed to cope with this additional rainwater. This can, and does lead to sewage overflows on properties and to waterways because of the excess flows. This programme is in the interest of all users, and is designed to make the environment we live in a better place. Enquiries should be directed to Kerry Walsh at the Marlborough District Council Ph: 03 520 7400.

Notification of Meetings June 2015 The Marlborough District Council hereby gives notice pursuant to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 of the following meetings: 1. Special Hearing Committee Tuesday, 2 June 2015 at 8.45 am Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at 8.45 am Thursday, 4 June 2015 at 8.45 am 2. Council Monday, 8 June 2015 at 9.00 am 3. Community & Finance Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at 9.00 am 4. Regional Planning & Development Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at 1.00 pm 5. Assets & Services Thursday, 11 June 2015 at 9.00 am 6. Environment Thursday, 11 June 2015 at 1.00 pm The above-listed meetings will be held in the Council Chambers, 15 Seymour Street, Blenheim. The times and dates may be subject to alteration and confirmation thereof prior to the meetings is advised by contacting Nicole Chauval, Committee Secretary, Ph: 03 520 7400.

Seymour Square Annuals Removal

Seymour Square annuals are being removed Monday 18 May 8.00 to 10.00 am. This is a chance for local gardeners to take home annuals for their own gardens. Our gardeners will be on site to give direction and ask that people bring their own garden fork and containers. Remember that it’s annuals only that are being removed from the flowerbeds. Happy gardening.

Submissions focus on water and library projects Letters and emails have poured in to the Council during the past week from ratepayers wanting to have their say on the Council’s long term spending plans. Well over 300 submissions have been received after councillors made a concerted effort to encourage the public to send in feedback on the Council’s spending programme, particularly the new projects which have been put forward. Mayor Alistair Sowman says the response – an increase on the number who spoke out on last year’s Annual Plan - shows that a good cross-section of the public will speak up if given a specific opportunity to do so. That feedback helped clarify the issues, he said. “Councillors do take a great deal of notice of the content of submissions and there’s no point in grumbling about how your rates are spent if you haven’t told us what you want,” said Mr Sowman. A large percentage of the written submissions relate to the provision of fresh water in Havelock, Renwick,

Councillor Jamie Arbuckle and Mayor Alistair Sowman with submissions on Council’s Long Term Plan for the next ten years. and Seddon, as well as the riverside precinct project for a community hub building to house Blenheim’s library and Millennium Art Gallery and a new library and council hub in Picton. Those who wish to speak directly to councillors on their submission will do so in three weeks’ time – June 2-4 – before councillors get down to the job of considering the views that have been expressed. Council makes its final decisions on all submissions on June 8 and then adopts the Long Term Plan 20152025 on June 25.

Long term plan timeline

A broad band of response Many Marlborough residents want better broadband and improved mobile coverage. That’s clear from Council’s survey of residents about their current connectivity. In one week, there were almost 500 responses with respondents saying: • It tends to be unreliable and doesn’t cope with multiple usages at the same time • Computer provider tells us our speed is equivalent or slower than dial-up at times • We live in town and have good, reliable connectivity but would welcome improved speed • Compared to the service we use

Positive ageing It makes sense to have appointed someone who is able to take care of your personal and financial matters if, for some reason, you are suddenly unable to do so. The suddenness of a stroke or an accident, for example, can cause legal complications if there is no one authorised to handle your personal finances or make decisions about your care. Setting up an enduring power of attorney arrangement may also be done as a temporary measure to last

Marlborough District Council PO Box 443 Blenheim 7240 New Zealand

in town, the rural service is not delivering to a level we require • Current connectivity is fine for basic emails and some browsing, but downtime and speed impede business functionality • More cell phone towers should be put up especially in remote areas where accidents do happen • We can only access cell phone from specific points around our property. Your feedback is important. Council and a Steering Group will use this information to shape a bid for a share of the $350M new Government funding for Marlborough to resolve

urban and rural broadband expansion and to solve mobile black spots. Complete the survey at InternetConnectivity. Ph: 03 520 7400 to contact MDC (Katie Covell) for a printed copy of the survey. The survey must be completed by Monday 18 May. Respondents who want to provide further input into the Registration of Interest are invited to a forum on Monday 25 May, 5.30 pm-7.00 pm, at the Wisheart Room, Marlborough Civic Centre.

Enduring Powers of Attorney for a designated time, if you are out of the country for example. It is vital to appoint someone you trust absolutely to take this responsibility and it is sensible to talk the issue through with your lawyer first. There may be some legal costs involved in setting up an enduring power of attorney. However, family solicitors may do this as part of drawing up a will and the Community Law Centre can give you basic legal

Phone: 03 520 7400 Fax: 03 520 7496 Email:

advice on this matter at no charge. Community Law is hosting a talk on this subject at the Blenheim Library; Wednesday 27 May, 12.10 pm to 12.50 pm. Further free information available from: • Community Law Marlborough, Ph: 03 577 9919 • Age Concern Marlborough, Ph: 03 579 3457 • Public Trust Office, Ph: 0800 371 471, 8.00 am-5.00 pm.

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The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15

The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15  

The Blenheim Sun 15-05-15