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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Temporary home for school of music

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Local man in action

Record rolls for Waimea schools

Simon Bloomberg

Tasman schools are continuing to grow with Waimea College running out of classrooms after a record 1555 students enrolled, up 20 from last year, while Garin College’s roll has increased from 490 to 505. Murchison Area School has also increased its starting roll from 120 last year to 133

this year, although Tapawera has declined “25 to 30 students over the last five years” to start with 192 students. Some primary schools are also growing with Brightwater starting with “over 280” pupils compared to “250 to 260” last year. Waimea College principal Scott Haines says their increasing roll means classrooms are at a premium, creating a nightmare for the staff organising student timetables.

Waimea has also had to turn away 43 students from outside their zone, resulting in some “very difficult discussions with their families”. “The real issue, for us, is we are fully at capacity in terms of our buildings,” Scott says. “It’s been a real challenge for our time-tablers to fit everyone in. “Our office staff tell me they had about that many inquiries again from families

living outside our zone. We would like to take them because they want to come to Waimea for good reasons, like their parents work in Richmond or they live just outside our zone, but we can’t. “I really feel for those students and their families. It’s difficult but we only get funding for our property budget based on the


In a wheelchair for 6km muddy adventure race Andrew Board A motorcycle accident in the late 80s left Nelson man David Trotter in a wheelchair with severe head injuries and struggling to speak. Improvements in strength and coordination have been slow, but David’s appetite for adventure has been anything but. He loves to skydive and in a few months he will take on one of the region’s toughest races, the 6km Wairau Warrior Obstacle Race. David has been going to Wairau Body Coaching Systems in the Wakatu Estate for seven years to help build strength and muscle, and last year watched the inaugural Wairau Warrior race at Happy Valley. After the race he said he wanted to climb over one of the A-frame obstacles. He couldn’t and his frustration

David Trotter, centre, will compete in the Wairau Warrior 6km race in April, along with his teammates from left; Simon Topp, Seija McIntosh, Jay Blazek and Greg Witika. Absent is Jesse Clifton. Photo: Andrew Board.


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Waitangi Day was on Saturday. The Waimea Weekly asked people whether they think it is still a significant commemoration?



2 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

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Proud to be

Deanna James, Richmond.

Shane Wagner, Appleby.

Joanie Wilson, Nelson.

Greg Inwood, Richmond.

“No, it should be New Zealand Day, I’ve thought that for quite some time.”

“I have no idea, don’t really care, it’s a day off work for me so I’m pretty happy.”

“Absolutely, it is my cultural heritage and as Tangata Whenua, it’s really respecting the past and where we are in the present and the future.”

“My wife and I have got different view points, I think, personally that it should be New Zealand Day.”

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Wheelchair won’t stop warrior FROM PAGE 1 gave Wairau owner and race organiser Greg Witika, along with David’s support worker Jesse Clifton, an idea: why not sign him up to the whole race. “And we’ve been working towards it since then,” says Greg. A support team of five will push and pull David’s wheelchair over the muddy course, help him overcome more than 20 obstacles including over walls, under the barbed wire and through a river. Greg says David’s determination is inspirational. “David’s got obstacles every single day but that doesn’t hold him back. It also shows others that you can push past those barriers.” He says David will head out before the rest of the pack and he’s hoping that as people pass them they’ll have a few nice words of encouragement for him.

One friend burst into tears when we told her what he was doing. - Barbara Trotter.

David’s mum Barbara says she’s seen a huge improvement over the past few years but doing this race was still a shock. “He went to the gym to learn how to climb this A-frame obstacle last year and when he came back they said he was signed up for the race. I said ‘what?!’ “People who know him are really surprised. They say ‘wow’. One friend burst into tears when we told her what he was doing.” David has spent the past year getting used to the type of obstacles he will encounter on race day in early April. He says the training has been “ace”.

But, there is one but. David cannot complete the muddy course in his standard wheelchair, he needs an all-terrain wheelchair. A supplier in Dunedin has found an ex-display chair that he can sell them for $6000. The same chair normally retails for $13,000. Barbara has set up a Givealittle page to help raise the money. So far $2000 has been pledged. Greg says once the chair is bought it will be made available for anyone in the community who may need it. “We’re going to leave it here and if people need it to go to the beach or to maybe do this race next year, it’ll be here for them.” To pledge money for the wheelchair, visit www.givealittle.co.nz and search for David Trotter. To sign up for the Wairau Warrior visit www. wairuawarrior.co.nz For video on this story, visit

nelson L ve nelson L ve


Record rolls for schools FROM PAGE 1

number of our in-zone students.” Although Garin’s roll has increased by 15, relieving principal Sheila Grainger says they don’t have any issues with staffing levels or classrooms. Murchison Area School principal Tina Johnson says their increase reverses a trend of declining rolls in rural schools although she considers that the increase may just be a one-off. Tapawera’s Kelvin Woodley says the gradual decrease in their roll reflects the merger of smaller farms into bigger dairy farms operated by fewer staff. “Our roll is trending down which is simply what most other rural schools around the country are doing. Everytime a farm converts to dairy

we lose families and students.” Brightwater School’s roll has jumped from 250 to “over 280” which principal Gerald Baldwin says “is the biggest roll in our history”. “Brightwater is a good place for young families to come and that means our school is getting bigger. We had 14 new students on day one and have another 14 starting later this term. Henley had 42 new students when school started last week and principal John Armstrong says their roll will hit 550 by the middle of the year. Richmond’s roll is also steady with principal Tim Brenton saying they will reach 500 for the second time in the school’s history later this year. Wakefield principal Peter Verstappen says they also have similar numbers to last year with “around 250 students.”

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Weka getting caught in possum traps

A forestry company has reacted quickly to concerns that weka are being caught in possum traps set in commercial forests around the Nelson region, by removing the traps and ensuring trappers adopt new methods. Last week, groups of walkers found a number of weka caught in legal foot-hold traps set in commercial forests in the Richmond Hills. The traps had been set on the ground for possums, which destroy seedling pine trees, but had inadvertently caught some weka. Forestry company Hancock Forest Management reacted immediately, instructing its trapping contractor to remove the traps and initiating a review of their trapping policies. “We take the wellbeing of native animals in our forests very seriously,” Hancock’s John Moorhead says. John says they instructed their contractor, Action Forest Management, which manages trapper access permits, to contact all trappers and ensure they use Department of Conservation approved traps, set off the ground in weka areas. Trapping contract manager Paul Fleming says the eight trappers he manages will now be setting the traps on


Chicken Thighs


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

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My focus is securing the best price for you, with an unbeatable low fee guarantee. thinking of selling – call me now ! Paul Fleming with the leg-hold traps and platform that trappers will be using to catch possums. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. boards bolted into trees at least 900mm off the ground, out of reach of the weka. Paul says the problem has only really surfaced in the last year or so after weka numbers increased dramatically as a result of voluntary groups trapping predatory pests around Nelson. “The traps are legal and permitted and we were setting them away from the road to keep clear of walkers, but they were still catching the occasional weka. We have never had a regulation for anything like this because there have never been that many weka around. “When I started trapping 15 years ago you hardly ever saw one, but now they are everywhere so we need to change the

Rump Steak

way we do things. I spoke to an engineer this week and he designed a system to set the traps off the ground.” One of the walkers who found weka caught in the traps, Sarlinda MacMillan, says she is delighted the problem is being quickly resolved. She says they were “really distressed” when they found the weka caught in the traps, especially when so many dedicated volunteer groups were working hard to protect native birds around Nelson. “There was one dead weka by one of the traps, but we found two alive and let them out,” Saralinda says. “It was really sad though because one of the weka had its mate hanging around waiting for it get out.”

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BMX riders gathered at the Tahunanui track last week to remember local free-style mountainbiker Kelly McGarry. Photo: Grant Stirling.

Tributes flow for local legend The tributes keep flowing for Nelson free-style mountainbiking legend Kelly McGarry, with hundreds turning out to a memorial service in his hometown of Wakefield on Monday following a tribute ride at the Tahuna BMX track last week. Kelly, 33, tragically died last week after suffering a cardiac arrest while biking on the Fernhill Loop track near Queenstown. Family members, friends and bikers farewelled Kelly at the Wakefield Recreation Reserve in an emotional memorial on Monday. Kelly’s father Nick says the Wakefield Recreation Reserve was a fitting backdrop for the memorial because Kelly and his brother Matt and friends

built their first BMX track in bush next to the reserve. The memorial was attended by Kelly’s partner Samantha Hitchcock who was followed by a peloton of riders as she drove a Chevrolet truck carrying Kelly’s casket across the reserve’s grounds. The Tahuna BMX track was also a fitting venue for last Wednesday’s memorial ride attended by about 60 riders. Nelson photographer Grant Stirling says he remembers seeing “a tall, skinny kid” from Wakefield launching his bike into the stratosphere at the track. Kelly was a keen BMX rider before switching to mountainbikes and becoming one of the

544 9037 Colourplus Long Summer

world’s top professional freestyle riders. “I remember the first time I saw him on a bike was at the BMX track at Tahuna,” Grant says. “I was photographing a wedding and we were having a break when I saw a “tall, skinny kid” on a BMX bike doing this amazing stuff. Kelly, who attended Wakefield School, Waimea Intermediate and Waimea College before pursuing a career as a professional free-rider, backflipped to fame in the Red Bull Rampage in Utah in 2013. The GoPro video of Kelly’s electrifying, and now famous, backflip over a 21.9m canyon received over 28 million views on YouTube.

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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

Air quality meets 2016 deadline

The Tasman District Council has met the government’s 2016 deadline for reducing air pollution and is on track to meet even stricter air quality standards by 2020. Last year air pollution in Richmond breached the National Environmental Standard for Air Quality on three occasions – a result bettered only in 2014, when there were just two breaches. The highest air pollution level recorded last winter was also the lowest annual maximum since recording began in 2000. Environment and Planning Committee chairman Stuart Bryant said the council had met the government deadline of 2016 for reducing air pollution, which allows three breaches of the national standard a year. “ R i c h m o n d ’s air quality has been steadily improving since One of the three bad air 2003 and we’re days in Richmond last on track to meet winter. the even stricter 2020 deadline. From then on, we won’t be allowed to breach the air quality standard more than once a year. “During a normal winter we should be able to meet that – although exceptionally cold, still winters may pose a challenge.” In 2000, the air quality standard was breached 45 times in Richmond and the highest pollution reading that year reached 111 micrograms of pollution particles (PM10) per cubic metre of air. Last year, the maximum hit 57 - the national standard for PM10 is 50. “The quality of the air we breathe is important to our health. The main contributors to air pollution are wood fires used to heat homes in winter,” Stuart says. “As well as the rules we have in place for the installation of woodburners in Richmond, we’ve been educating homeowners about how to make sure their fireplaces are operating well, and the importance of the supply and use of good, dry firewood. “Those efforts, combined with policing complaints about smoky chimneys, is making a real difference as Richmond’s air quality was once very poor and has improved immensely.”

ACTORS WANTED: Rhianna and Saramea Waterman dressed in some of the costumes for Prince Mabon - The quest for Rhiannon and the Dark Lord’s Curse. Theatre director Saramea is on the hunt for some local talent to feature in her latest production. Saramea says she is looking for 20-30 experienced and unexperienced boys, men, girls and women. “If a guy wants to bring out the hero or warrior in him, shout a lot, throw things around and wield a sword, then this is his opportunity but it’s not just the boys who get to wield a sword, the female warriors are awesome and they get to fight too.” Auditions are being held on February 13-14, for more information, contact Saramea on 021 0584726. Photo: Jessie Johnston.


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.co.nz News

WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

Here are some stories from www.

DUAL RESCUES: Police, Search and Rescue and the Nelson Surf Life Saving Club were called out to two separate rescues in Nelson Haven on Thursday afternoon. The firstYour involved a male swimmer who electronic dailY newspaper was rescued beside the buoys off Tahunanui Beach after he tried to swim in the direction of Haulashore Island. The second incident involved an inflatable mattress with two girls on board, which has since washed up on Rocks Keep up to date with Download Genuine Each week we give Rd.happening Policein saydeals they what’s withhave our Clickinformation ‘n $50 for the best Video of the week: Kelly Mcandthat around Nelson! Save bargains! tip, the two girls who were on theEXCLUSIVE mat- newsGar ry, who died last week aged A minimum of 50% off. photo or video! tress managed to make their own way 33, left a huge mark on the world to shore. and, in particular, his home town of Nelson. To view this video, visit CENTRE OF NZ TRACK: Work to nelsonlive.co.nz restore Nelson’s most popular walking track, up to the Centre of New Zealand, structure committee, is about to get under way. Council contractors are scheduled to councillor Eric Davy, says he is delightstart work on February 15 to re-instate ed to see the slips being repaired. the full width of two sections of track “The storm in 2011 caused a lot of damthat were damaged during the heavy age and, although these tracks were quickly able to be re-opened, this work rain event of December 2011. Work is expected to take eight to 12 is important to bring them back to their weeks and detours will be in place dur- original condition and width.” ing this period. Walkers are advised to follow all signage and keep away from CHANGES TO RURAL SUBDIVIDING RULES: If you own rural land in the work area. The work will involve construction of Tasman or are considering subdividtwo new timber pole retaining walls ing, the Tasman District Council’s latest and restoration of the track to its origi- plans may affect you. nal width. Chair of the works and infra- The council are proposing to change


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some of the rural land rules to better protect the district’s best productive land. The council’s Environment and Planning Committee chair Cr Stuart Bryant says the proposals include changes to subdivision rules in the Rural 1 and 2 zones, more flexible housing provisions that better cater for co-operative living and modern family living requirements, guidance and controls on business activities in the Rural 1 zone, and at the same time, ensuring rural land is protected for rural productive or related uses in the Rural 1 and 2 zones. Submissions on the proposed changes are open until Monday 14 March 2016. Submission forms are available online at tasman.govt.nz/feedback or at any council service centre. OUR CYCLE TRAILS BEST? Are the Tasman trails your favourite place to cycle? Voting for New Zealand’s Favourite Place to Cycle kicks off today and Kaiteriteri’s Mountain Biking Park is in the running. The park has made the competition’s short list for the Off-Road or Adventure Ride category and is up against Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington and Christchurch’s Port Hills. To vote and to find out more information about both NZ’s Favourite Place to Cycle and Bike Wise Month, visit www.bikewise.co.nz

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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

Fishing comp attracts $30,000 prize pool

Tasman Bay Snapper Classic organiser Troy Dando with the teams’ trophy that is up for grabs and the nelsonlive.co.nz app, to which people can upload their photos. The top three photos will win a cash prize. The total prize pool for the competition is more than $30,000 worth of products, including a brand new boat with motor and trailer. Photo: Andrew Board.

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Catching an average-sized snapper isn’t usually cause for too much celebration, but reeling in the average snapper next weekend will win some lucky fisherman or woman a brand new boat. The Tasman Bay Snapper Classic is back and bigger than ever this year. The fishing competition has attracted more than $30,000 in prizes, including the $12,000 DNA 300 Dinghy Watercraft Trailer boat, which also comes with a Honda motor and trailer. Organiser Troy Dando says it’s the biggest prize they’ve ever had. “It’s massive, it’s a whole boat, and not just a boat but with a brand new motor and trailer, it’s bloody amazing really.” The Tasman Bay Snapper Classic is open to all fishermen and women and is on Saturday, February 20. Teams of four have from 5am until 4pm to catch whatever they can. There are prizes for the heaviest 15 snapper, heaviest three gurnard, kahawai and blue cod, and for the largest kingfish. Among the prizes is cash. People can upload their photos of the their catch throughout the day to nelsonlive.co.nz, the best three photos as judged by the website’s editor will win $150, $100 and $50 cash respectively. To upload the photos, people need to download the nelsonlive.co.nz app. Before weighting-in and prize-giving, a fish auction will be held at the Speights Ale House. Anyone from the public can come and bid on a fish which will then be filleted onsite. All money raised from the fish auction will go to the Nelson Coastguard. The teams cup is also up for grabs for the four heaviest fish combined. The Tasman Bay Snapper Classic is open to anyone who can form a team of four. Troy is expecting around 300 entries and says people don’t even need a boat. “You could go fishing off the wharf or the beach and catch an averagesized snapper. That might be enough to win you a new boat.” For more information, see www. tasmanbaysnapperclassic.co.nz


8 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016




Temporary home for school of music

Kate Russell

It may be closed for redevelopment, but the Nelson School of Music is back in business for 2016 at a new temporary base on Collingwood St. Bright yellow musical notes on the footpath lead the way to the new premises tucked in behind the former Relationships Services building, which is just a stone’s throw away from the school. School of Music campaign manager Bob Bickerton says the base will see them through to the end of the school year until the $6.4 million redevelopment of the Nile St premises is complete. The former office building which, Bob says, came up after several suggested locations, boasts three studio rooms, a percussion room and an office. “We just looked around and when this came up we thought it would be perfect because it’s so close to the school,” he says. “Now we’re all moved in and the students are back. It’s worked out really well for us.” Bob says it’s been a “real community effort” to keep things going while the school has been closed, with many teachers teaching from their homes,

School of Music campaign manager Bob Bickerton outside its temporary base on Collingwood St. Photo: Kate Russell. and locals opening up their homes to some of the teachers, too. “It’s good to have the support – there’s a lot of community interest in what the school is doing and, in fact, student numbers climbed to 332 last year, which is pretty amazing. So, we’re definitely not idle. “We just want to let people know that we’re operational. One of the frustrations is that, because construction hasn’t started yet, people have been saying ‘what’s happening’? but, there’s a lot happening - it’s just behind the scenes at this stage.” Bob says they are hoping that the project will go to tender in

the next few weeks, and once the main contract is awarded the construction period will start. They are hoping to be back in the main building before the start of the next school year. Fundraising for the project is still going strong, and just before Christmas the school received a grant from the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board which boosted the fundraising appeal to $1.2 million. The school is launching a ‘sponsor a seat campaign’ at this weekend’s Opera in the Park. The new School of Music offices are at 142a Collingwood St. The office is open 1–5pm weekdays.


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


e l p o e p d o o f h s Y ou r f re Nelson fire fighters, from left, Lee Beloe, Nathan Palmer, Brendan Jones, Ashton Oliver and Sam Speight, are in Tasmanian helping to battle bush fires.

Fire fighters battle Aussie blaze

Five Nelson fire fighters joined the massive contingent of rural fire teams fighting wild fires in Tasmania last week. The Waimea Rural Fire Authority has provided one crew made up of two members of the Brightwater Voluntary Rural Fire Force, one member of the Tasman Voluntary Rural Fire Force and two members from the Nelmac rural fire crew. Lee Beloe, Nathan Palmer, Ashton Oliver, Brendan Jones and Sam Speight have been deployed to the Strathgordon fires in the mid-west of Tasmania. Waimea principal rural fire officer

Ian Reade says the the largest of the fires they are working on covers 4700 hectares, with a number of smaller fires in the surrounding area. “A lightning storm that went through on January 13 started the majority of the fires. In total, there are 73 fires currently burning in Tasmania.” The crews are staying in camps and being flown into the fire fighting zones by helicopter. They are working 12 to 14 hours a day for seven days then have two days rest before another seven days in the field - they will be away for about 20 days, Ian says.

Jan - operations manager of in association with Dugan /presents Wellington Dugan / Wellington presents...

Brendan Dugan

Tony Wellington SINGS


Johnny Cash

Roy Orbison

IN C L UDIN G A L L Y O U R F A V O U R I T E S O N G S S U C H AS : W a l k t he Li ne F o l s o m P r i s i o n Bl u e s R i ng o f F i r e Pretty Woman C a l i fo r ni a Bl u e You Got It P e nny A r ca d e

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Monday – Friday 8am till 7pm Saturday & Sunday 8am till 6pm All our fresh meat is 100% NZ FARMED. specials VAlid 9 February - 14 February 2016

Friday 19 February - from 7.00pm F or b ook i n g P: 021 941 474 o r E: bre ndan.dugan@xt ra.co.nz

Tickets $20 - Available at Club Waimea Courtesy Coach available (bookings essential)

Ph 543 9179

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Full restaurant and bar services on the night


This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

Out & About



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David Simpson, Southy and Brownie at the Star & Garter on Saturday.

David and Debera Watson enjoying a night at Club Waimea on Saturday. On Saturday night, we decided to do a mini Richmond pub-crawl and see who was about. We started at Club Waimea, then headed to the Star & Garter before finishing at the Sprig & Fern on Upper Queen St. It was a great night out but remember, if you’re hosting an event or party, give us a call and we’ll come along and take photos of your guests at no charge. Get in touch by calling us at 544 9037.

John and Jo McKenzie at the Star & Garter on Saturday.

Mark Jessop and Charles Quintil at the Richmond Sprig & Fern on Saturday night. Geoff Mead, Ken Hall and Bill Thwaites at Club Waimea.

Grant and Annette Phillips at Club Waimea on Saturday night.

John Reaymackey, Kevin Cooper, Doug Reidie, Kane Koupa and Murray Fowler at the Star & Garter.

These photos are for sale To order Ph 544 9037 or drop in to 6 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Graeme Duncan and Patrick Smith enjoying the live music at the Sprig & Fern.

Tony Cammock with Tina Barr and Paula Cammock at the Richmond Sprig & Fern. Noel Waters, Kelvin Trower and Barry Hogg, at Club Waimea.

Jimmy Whyte, Pud Ansell and Ian Forker at the Sprig & Fern.

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Warriors’ signs nicked

WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


KAI FEST: Siblings Eli, Tobias and Zoe Anderson’s toffee apples were selling like hot cakes at Monday’s International Kai Festival. Over six thousand people turned up to Founders Heritage Park and Whakatu Marae to taste the world and enjoy the sunshine. The annual festival is in its ninth year and co-organiser Carol Hippolite says the grass roots festival just keeps growing. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Andrew Board

Excitement around the Warriors playing their first game in Nelson next week is growing but organisers are finding it hard to keep their roadside presence with 15 promotional signs being stolen in the past few weeks. Organisers of the Warriors pre-season game paint | wallpaper | curtains | blinds against St George Illawarra at Trafalgar Park had 20 signs printed to be hung in various parts of Nelson. But less than two weeks before kick-off, most of the signs have been flogged. Each sign cost around $50, leaving the organisers out of pocket by $750. Event manager Peter Win says they’re up to Save up Colourplus Long Long Summer Summer Sa ve to seeing the positive Colourplus side of it, that peoLast days of ple like the signs and are excited about Barry Galbraith and COLOURPLUS COLOURPLUS seeing the Warriors Peter Win from TraCOLOURPLUS SAVVEE COLOURPLUS ULTRA ULTRA A S ULTRA ULTRA PREMIUM PREMIUM % 5 2 in Nelson. “I keep falgar Events with one PREMIUM PREMIUM AQUASUN AQUASUN 25% AQUASUN AQUASUN on putting them of the signs that hasn’t ROOF PAINT SAVE ROOF PAINT Trish Gray E 10L RRP $198.50 10L RRP $198.50 SA 25V% up and then they been stolen. 10L RRP $198.50 10L RRP $198.50 NOW $148.85 25% NOW NOW $148.85 $148.85 4L RRP $131.50 SAVE get whipped, so I’m NOW $148.85 SAVE A MASSIVE $49.65! 4L RRP$85.45 $131.50 SA E NOW SAVE A MASSIVE $49.65!Save up to 35V% Save up to spending half of my life putting up signs andColourplus Long Summer Colourplus Long Summer NOW $85.45 5% 100% premium acrylic paint 3 that offers extreme sun The ultimate roof coating, specially formulated for New protection for exterior surfaces • Provides a tough and 100%fipremium acrylic paint that offersconcrete, extreme sun Zealand’ s unique weather • Self priming, and durable nishfor• exterior Ideal forsurfaces weatherboards, plaster, they just disappear.” The ultimate roofcoverage coating,conditions. specially formulated for New protection • Provides asatin toughand andlow provides with anti-corrosive properties. galvanised iron• and more • Available in gloss, Zealand’ ssuperior unique weather conditions. • Self priming, and • durable fisheen nish Ideal for weatherboards, concrete, plaster, Satin fi nish and available in 12 standard colours fi nishes (excludes Aquasun Flexibuild) provides superior coverage with anti-corrosive properties. • galvanised iron and more • Available in gloss, satin and low He says they have been stolen from various Satin finish and available in 12 standard colours sheen finishes (excludes Aquasun Flexibuild) parts of Nelson including Atawhai, central NelCOLOURPLUS AVVEE COLOURPLUS COLOURPLUS SA COLOURPLUS COLOURPLUS COLOURPLUS TIMBERCARE COLOURPLUS son, Bishopdale and Motueka. E V E A V S S COLOURPLUS A TIMBERCARE ULTRA ULTRA S SAVE TIMBER & TIMBERFINISH ULTRA ULTRA E DECK STAIN Bethany Hutt “It’s getting out of hand so we’ve decided that S2A5V% TIMBER & TIMBERFINISH PREMIUM PREMIUM % 5 PREMIUM PREMIUM % 2 5 2 DECK STAIN TRADITIONAL AQUASUN 25% AQUASUN AQUASUN AQUASUN OIL STAIN we’re actually going to have people holding TRADITIONAL ROOF PAINT 10L ROOF PAINT OIL STAIN 10L RRP$159.95 $175 VE RRP SA10L 10L RRP $159.95 SAVE $159.95 10L RRP $198.50 10L RRP $198.50 10L RRP $198.50 them on the main streets, it’s cheaper than get5%RRP 10L RRP $198.50 10L $159.95 NOW $103.95 2NOW 25% NOW 10LRRP RRP $179 $113.75 $119.95 NOW NOW $148.85 NOW $103.95 $148.85 $119.95 NOW NOW $148.85 RRP $99.50 $99.50 NOW $148.85 NOW $134.25 4L RRP $79.95 4L4LRRP ting new ones printed all the time.” 4L RRP $131.50 E V 4L RRP $131.50 4L RRP$64.65 $99.50 SA SAVE A MASSIVE $49.65! 4L RRP RRP$59.95 $79.95 SAVE SAVE A MASSIVE $49.65! 4L $79.95 NOW NOW NOW $64.65 $85.45 35% NOW $85.45 35% As for the game itself, organisers say 6000 NOWNOW $64.65 NOW $59.95 NOW $59.95 • Timber & Deck Stain is a semi-transparent water based stain that 100% premium acrylic paint that offers extreme sun 100% premium acrylic paint that offers extreme sun allows the Stain natural of the timber water to show through. The ultimate roof coating, specially formulated for New Efinishacrylic for exterior surfaces • Provides a tough and The ultimate Vprotection • Timber & Deck is agrain stainfor that protection for exterior surfaces • Provides a tough and tickets have already been sold, with the aim of roof coating, specially formulated for New • Traditional Oil Stain issemi-transparent a linseed oil based stainbased designed Zealand’s unique weather conditions. • Self priming, and SA Solid colour paint interior and exterior surfaces. durable • Ideal forfor weatherboards, concrete, plaster, Zealand’s unique weather conditions. • Self priming, and allows thetimber natural grain ofAvailable the timber show through. durable finish • Ideal for weatherboards, concrete, plaster, exterior surfaces. in 7tostandard coloursfor provides superior coverage with anti-corrosive properties. • Available infor 7•RRP standard colours. galvanised iron andpaint more Availableand in$198.50 gloss, satin and low provides superior coverage with anti-corrosive properties. • • Traditional Oil Stain is a linseed oil based stain designed galvanised iron and more • Available in gloss,|satin and low 10L Solid colour acrylic interior exterior surfaces. paint | wallpaper | curtains blinds Satin fi nish and available in 12 standard colours sheenAvailable finishes (excludes Aquasun Flexibuild) Satin finish and available in 12 standard colours exterior timber surfaces. 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12 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

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• editorial@waimeaweekly.co.nz

Support for Lewis Stanton: It's a simple disgrace, and we're all paying through the nose for the Nelson City Council's sheer incompetence with regard to what looks remarkably like a vendetta conducted against Lewis Stanton. Even the judge in court dismissed the case against him (we all paid for this), saying it looked too personal. It's time the council sorted out the mess they themselves have created - fancy trying to ban him from nearly everywhere in Nelson! And we are all being forced to pay for his pointless time in prison. Give him back his tent and his horse, and find somewhere where he can contribute, the way he used to. And it's time we had it out in the open - let's know the details of the deal the council is offering. J G Oliver. More work needed: Why do we keep hearing the same excuses from the NCC's works and infrastructure team about the neglect of remedial and improvement work that still hasn't been attended to, as it should have, after that last big storm and flooding? If they're not up to it, let's hear this. And what recompense is going to be offered to the Brook St grocer, for the consistent undermining of his business? Morag Woode. NCC gets things fixed: Reading comments about ‘weeds around streams’ prompted me


editorial@nelsonwe facebook.com/nelson

editorial@nelsonweekly.co.nz text: 027 UR VOICE facebook.com/nelsonweekly www.nelsonweekly.co.nz

• txt: 027 UR VOICE • facebook.com/waimeaweekly • www.nelsonlive.co.nz

to write this. Are you aware you can go onto the Nelson City Council website and, under ‘Quick Links’ near the top, is the heading ‘Get something fixed’. Complete the form and send it in to the Council and I have found whatever the problem, it gets sorted quite quickly. If after two weeks it hasn’t been, I just send a gentle reminder. This ‘fix-a-gram’ covers ‘anything around town that needs attention’ that you believe the council is responsible for. Lois Moreland. Stop the poison: Nelson ratepayers should consider that they are paying the $240,000 cost of the proposed indiscriminate operation to scatter brodifacoum at the Brook Sanctuary. This operation reveals that the Sanctuary is an environmental initiative in name only. The destruction of the most beautiful remaining stand of native beech forest on the Jenkins Hill Ridge to make way for the fence was another notorious action. Nelson council should stop spending our money on initiatives that harm the environment, and focus on our neglected infrastructure. Dan McGuire. More flights at Nelson Airport: This is great news for Nelson but, having been out to the airport four times in five days, trying to find a park is a real problem that needs to be addressed. Janine Brennan.

How about Chch to Nelson return? Elizabeth Neil Seagar. The skies are alive with planes over Tahuna Beach! Elizabeth Mead. Brightwater Wine and Food Festival: Always a great day, looking forward to it. Christine Dayman. Good to see it's gone back to being a local event and not all ponsy with rip off prices like in the past. Well done, I will be there!! Brian Gower. Kelly McGarry dies in Queenstown: This is so sad. I heard today that my nephew and his mates met Kelly on a track in Wanaka on Sunday and were raving about him all night. He was their hero. They’re devastated at this news. Much love to his family and friends. Jaclyn Knapp. Sad news, a great guy taken way too soon! Thinking of his friends and family. Ride the skies. Darrin Power. Bro, will miss you forever. Learnt a lot from you. Keep on cranking Pams. Glen Mcpherson. To have your say on any local issue, or any article featured in this newspaper, simply email us at editorial@waimea weekly.co.nz.

Festival welcomes motorhomes

Richmond Rotary Event Raising Funds For Your Community


NMENT TOP CLASS LOCAL ENTERTAI Richmond Rotary Event Raising Funds For Your Community





Tickets $15 Gate Sales $20 Children Under 12


OW Village Cycles, Specsavers (Richmond), NColourPlus,

Haven Realty Offices ( Nelson & Richmond), Wakefield Supermarket, FROM: Brightwater Motors,TICKETS RelianceAVAILABLE Beta Electrical (Motueka), PaperPlus (Nelson), $15 & Fern (Motueka-Mapua-Brightwater), ColourPlus, Village Cycles, Specsavers (Richmond), Free TicketsSprig HQ Brightwater

Gate Sales $20

Children Under 12 Free

Haven Realty Offices ( Nelson & Richmond), Wakefield Supermarket, Brightwater Motors, Reliance Beta Electrical (Motueka), PaperPlus (Nelson), Sprig & Fern (Motueka-Mapua-Brightwater), HQ Brightwater

SUNDAY 21 FEB 2016 SUNDAY 21 FEB 2016 WIN TIckeTs! to enter just email: fourgears@ihug.co.nz www.bwff.co.nz www.bwff.co.nz

Nelson Weekly Waimea Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

The Brightwater Wine and Food Festival is a celebration of local food, wine and beer that has the whole region talking. Each year organisers work hard to improve the event so it better caters to the crowds and 2016 is set to see the biggest festival yet. Self contained motor homes are being encouraged to stay overnight, for free, on both the Saturday and the Sunday, making it convenient for anyone to attend, not just locals. Kevin Gear of Richmond Rotary says they have had a fantastic response from motor home owners near and far, from the North and South Islands, which could mean record numbers for this year’s Brightwater Wine and Food Festival. Set amongst the vines of the beautiful Middle-Earth vineyard, the festival will also be showcasing a great lineup of local musicians including Kramit, Antoni Neal, Urban, Toms Field and Samba Del Sol, and with supervised children’s activities running throughout the festival, it will be a day out the whole family can enjoy. With the vineyard located right beside The Great Taste Cycle Trail, organisers are encouraging people to make their way to the festival


editorial@nelsonweekly.co.nz text: 027 U facebook.com/nelsonweekly www.nelson

by bike, or by bus, which will be leaving Nelson at 10:30am and Stoke at 10:50am. There will be secure bike storage on the day and overnight security for anyone needing to leave their transport behind on Sunday. While gates sales will be available for $20 on the day, early bird tickets are available right now for just $15 and can be purchased from a number of local businesses throughout the region, including Colour Plus Richmond, Haven Realty Offices in Nelson and Richmond, Wakefield Supermarket, Brightwater Motors, Reliance Beta Electrical in Motueka, Specsavers in the Richmond Mall, Village Cycles in Richmond, Paper Plus in Nelson, HQ Cafe & Bar and the Sprig & Fern in Brightwater, Motueka and Mapua. For those interested in winning themselves some tickets for free, simply email your details to fourgears@ihug. co.nz. Tickets to the event are sure to be selling fast so get in now to grab the early bird prices. For more information on the event including the bus timetable, sponsors and entertainment schedule, visit the festival website at www.rich mondrotary.org.nz/bwff. Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Schools are back… School is back and that means there will be more children out and about, especially in the mornings and afternoon. The basic message around schools is: slow down and look out for kids. In many places around Nelson electronic variable school speed limit signs will be turned back on. Reducing your speed to 40km/h provides for a much increased reaction time for a driver, meaning you can identify potential hazards and react much more quickly.

Pedestrian crossings are places where pedestrians should be able to cross the road in safety. Drivers need to slow down as they approach them and be prepared to stop. Students and families need to remember to use the correct place to safely cross the road outside the school. So be extra careful around schools and watch out for kids!

20 km/h past a stationary school bus Remember – the speed limit for passing a stationary school bus when children are getting on and off is 20 km per hour. This speed limit applies no matter which direction you are travelling in.

Drivers – school bus incidents can happen

on both high and low speed roads. However, the faster your vehicle is travelling, the more likely it is that a child will be killed if they are hit.

Parents – when dropping off or collecting

your child from the school bus, try to do it so that you are on the same side as the bus. This will cut out the need for your child to cross the road. Park your car well away from the bus stop or other children so you don’t block drivers, children’s or the bus driver’s visibility. Get out of your car and meet your child or walk with them to the designated bus stop.

Students – wait at the nominated bus stop

area and stand well back from the road edge. Bus stops have usually been chosen as a safer place to stop. After you have got off the bus wait as far away from the road edge as possible, until the bus has moved away. If you need to cross the road, wait until the bus has driven off and you can see clearly up and down the road.

Thank you.

6980 HotHouse Communications

School crossings

14 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Nelson Motor Show 12-15 FEBRUARY 2016 Nelson’s biggest and best priced motor show is back for 2016, offering both local and visiting enthusiasts three days of wall-to-wall automotive pleasure. Last year, the show attracted around 6000 people to the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park and this year Steve Steele and his dedicated team of organisers expect an even better turn out. Get up close and personal with cars of all shapes and sizes, talk to owners about their restoration journeys and enjoy the great range of entertainment the

Nelson Motor Show has to offer. The icing on the cake of this festival of motor vehicles is all the fantastic prizes up for grabs, from clothing and automotive products to car batteries and even memberships to Kohatu Park, but you won’t win anything unless you’re there. The show unofficially starts on Thursday, February 11, at Smugglers Bar and Café with a registration evening, which this year, will see one lucky participant walk away with an industrial style, stainless steel chilly bin,

Need it engraved? You name it, we engrave it ... we can also scan logos and images and engrave it on almost anything imaginable! Computerised, laser and rotary engraving of name plates/badges, signs, metals & brass, plaques, control panels, plastics, photos, labels, rubber stamps and trophies

the day for the public show. Day one officially begins on Friday, February 12, with the Lake Hop Cruize, a day out exploring the beautiful Nelson Lake area, then, at 5:30pm, locals will get a taste of what’s to come at the public show when entrants take their cars for a Nelson Motor Show organiser Steve Steele with Gareth Caldwell of The spin in the Friday Nite Cruize. Cars Speights Ale House, the show's major sponsor and supporter. will assemble at The with contents of course. Speights Ale House with the planned route taking The evening will start at 5pm for anyone wishing them through Richmond, Stoke, Nelson and to get in early and register for the motor show, Tahunanui. A map of their exact route is included which includes the Lake Hope Cruize, Friday in this feature, so get to your nearest location and Nite Cruize, Nelson Motor Show formal and the watch some impressive cars pass by. Drivers will public show, or simply come along for a catch up then return to Speights Ale House for a catch up if you’ve already registered. Steve says 2016 will and the chance to win prizes, vouchers and gift see a much simpler system for signing up, with baskets. each car's number plate acting as their registration Saturday, February 13, marks the start of the information, registrations will also be taken on public show where owners from New Plymouth to

ENGRAVING & TROPHY CENTRE PHONE / FAX 544 8001 - Call Bill 0274 573 825 Email: bill-val.eng@xtra.co.nz - 5 McGlashen Ave, Richmond


Radio, CD, USB, Bluetooth

Hands free calling and music streaming

Only $299

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Find us at 111 St Vincent St Nelson

“See you at the Show” Experienced & Qualified - Service While You Wait Parts Guaranteed - Quality & Care


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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016



HOLIDAY PARK Invercargill will have their pride and joy on display. Last year the show featured over 400 cars, and a number of trade stalls for people to explore. There will be plenty of kids activities including a bouncy castle and car rides round the holiday park, while the army will be set up to answer any enquiries. There are heaps of prizes for the public to win too,

overnight for anyone that needs to leave their cars at the ale house. Sunday offers a second chance for the public to see the beauty of American muscle, all the way through to modern day automotive technology, and being the final day, the show will conclude with the much anticipated prize giving. The Nelson Motor Show features 40 trophies, from the traditional titles of Show Champion, and People’s Choice, to the more bizarre awards for, ‘work in progress’, ‘shit that’s different’ and ‘unique modifications’, to name a few. A variety of refreshments will be available for sale on the day too, with adult entry just $10 and show entrant

packed with entertainment in the form of the Nelson Motor Show Formal. Everyone’s welcome to attend, either put on a t-shirt and tie or go the whole hog in your formal attire and join in the fun at The Speights Ale House, where dinner at 5:30pm will roll into a continuous Happy Hour from 7:30pm for motor show fans. A live band will be playing all the music you know and love, while security will be provided


FRIDAY 12 FEbRUARY 2016 Meet 5.30pm, leave 6.30pm.

Ange Kelly with the 1954 Desoto Diplomat at last years Nelson Motor Show. Photo: Jessie Johnston from products, to vouchers and cash, all you need to do is vote in the People’s Choice section and your voting slip will become your entry into the prize draws. For $5 you can also purchase a Nelson Motor Show book which has entry slips into a variety of other prize draws, including the very popular ‘drift in the General Lee’. Things don’t end there though, Saturday night is jam

Exit into Cadillac way, continue into Nayland Road, left at Saxton Field, right into Main Rd Stoke, continue into Salisbury Rd, left into Champion Rd, right into Hill St, right into Hart Rd, right into Wenseley Rd, right into Oxford St, continue into Salisbury Rd, continue into Main Rd Stoke, right into Saxton Rd, left into Kingsford Dr, left into Suffolk Rd, continue into The Ridgeway, left into Chings Rd, left into Waimea Rd, right into Beatson Rd, right into Scotia St, right into Ulster St, left into Waimea Rd, right into Van Dieman St, left into Traflagar St, right into Brougham St, left into Collingwood St, right into Nile St, left into Tory St, left into Hardy St then right into Milton St, continue into Atawhai Drive, left into Queen Elizabeth Dr, right into Haven Rd, continue into Wakefield Quay, continue into Rocks Rd then onto Tahunanui Dr, turn right into Muritai St, right into Waikare St, continue into Hounsell Circle, right into Bisley Walk,right into Beach Rd, continue into Golf Rd, left into Parkers Rd, right into Bolt Rd, left into Quarantine Rd, left into Cadillac way.

Mackle Motors Ltd

Proud to support Nelson Motor Show 24HR BREAKDOWN SERVICE

WOF $39

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$30 WOF WOF $30



Appointment Necessary Power steering hose, oil cooler hose , Nhydraulic E Lhose, S fargolar O Nfittings, BATTERIES TYRES COURTESY COURTESY CAR FULL MECHANICAL WORKSHOP BATTERIES 125 VICKERMAN TYRES CAR STREET FULL MECHANICAL WORKSHOP ND SEE US FIRST, FORbrass ALL YOUR HOSE REQUIREMENTS and stainless fittings, PORT NELSON W NE Vehicle Full Servicing T Power hose steering hose, oil cooler hose , hydraulic hose, fittings E•Rfargolar EN total service new or repair D 125 VICKERMAN STREET BATTERIES LUBE SERVICE Mrepair N PHONE E U www.mobilstoke.co.nz G PORT NELSON Brass and stainless fittings, total hose service new or LUBE SERVICE Necessary A• WOF BATTERIES * Appointment N A CALL AND SEE US FIRST, FOR ALL Ml stoke.co. nz * Appointment Necessary PHONE www.mobi 03 Tyres5481161 -TYRES FREE Fitting COURTESY & Balancing CALL AND SEE US FIRST, FOR ALL YOUR HOSE • REQUIREMENTS CAR YOUR HOSE 03REQUIREMENTS 5481161 TYRES COURTESY CAR

teering hose, oil cooler hose , hydraulic hose, fargolar fittings ass and stainless fittings, total hose service new or repair

Family & Friends Discount Voucher

• Electrical Repairs ..it’s

• Qualified, Friendly Staff Behind Mobil Station PHONE



SPECIAL SPECIAL WOF + oil & filter WOFchange + oil & filter Brake & Clutch Specialists change PHONE

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Behind Mobil Station


LUBE SERVICE MECHANICAL WORKSHOP Ph 03 547 7588 The only workshop on 03FULL 5481161 PhBATTERIES 03Main 547 7588 TYRES COURTESY CAR Rd Stoke Brake & Clutch Specialists Brake & Clutch Specialists

* Appointment Necessary




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1a Main Road Hope Mob: 027 425 3783


*Offer only available to retail WOF 'over the counter' purchase. Offer not applicable to trailers, caravans and mototcycles. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other valid offer or 'special pricing'. Offer does not attract any AA Smart fuel benefits.

125 SPECIAL WOF + oil & filter

utch Specialists


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- Fully trained & qualified - Fully trained & qualified staff using quality parts staff using quality parts - Expert service you - Expert service you can trust can trust - Full personal guarantee - Full personal guarantee

change BRAKE AND CLUTCH WOF + oil & filter RICHMOND RICHMOND BRAKE AND CLUTCH 13 McGLASHEN AVEpetrol PH 544 1660 (4 cylinder cars only) change 13 McGLASHEN AVE PH 544 1660 Open Monday - Friday (4 cylinder petrol cars only)

Open Monday - Friday

- Fully trained & qualified ualified


Simply present this discount voucher with your vehicle to Vinz Nelson: 34 Packham Cres, Stoke, 03 547 0589 to receive a $35 WOF. Visit us online at www.vinz.co.nz


Ph: 541 0556


car w Power steering hose, oil cooler hose , hydraulic hose, ’s wherefittings ..itfargolar ere your h w s ’ t i . . Brass and stainless fittings, total hose service new or repair

drivers and children under 15 free. The Nelson Motor Show wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of so many sponsors, and the support of several local businesses is much appreciated by Steve and his team. Entrance to the show is off Parkers Rd, or main entrance off Beach Road, with traffic management provided by Asphalt and General, and free parking for all public cars within the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park. The Nelson Motor Show encourages everyone to support their sponsors as they make the show a reality. The public show on Saturday and Sunday will start at 10am and run until 4pm.

34 Packham Cres

34 Packham Cres

Ph: 0800 Go Vinz

(468 469)

16 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


“Totally Dependable”

Mico Plumbing & Bathrooms are proud to support Steve, Vicki and the Laser Plumbing team. 0800 101 999 www.mico.co.nz

The Laser Plumbing Nelson team is, from left, Sam Millson, Hamish Ballagh, Mitch Amberger, Vicki and Steve Millson and Joel MacMillan.

ooked Handc atural 100% N

Made in Nelson Available at all leading retailers nationwide


Proper congratulations Steve, Vicki and the amazing team at Laser Plumbing! ✔ GLUTEN FREE ✔ GMO-FREE ✔ VEGAN FRIENDLY ✔ DAIRY FREE ✔ NO MSG ADDED


Water Pumping, Treatment and Filtration Specialists Sales and Service

It’s an exciting time for local plumbing business Millson Plumbing & Drain Laying, after they took the opportunity to join the Laser group 12 months ago. The move has meant a name change to Laser Plumbing Nelson, but directors Steve and Vicki Millson want people to know they’re still the same honest and reliable team, now with the added support of a well-established New Zealand brand. Laser Electrical and Plumbing currently has over 200 members and has evolved to become the leading electrical and plumbing contracting network across Australia and New Zealand. Steve and Vicki have owned and operated Millson Plumbing & Drainlaying for 24 years now, earning a reputation for quality workmanship and being ‘totally dependable’, a trait that will serve them well within the Laser franchise. Vicki says the change has been a great advantage for the business, allowing it to operate far more

Nelson’s only Authorised Dealer and Distributer of

All Leading Brands available

“Totally Dependable” Electrical Services

Pumps & & Pumping Pumping Equipment Equipment -- Water - -Pumps WaterTreatment Treatment&&Filtration Filtration- Underbench Filtration - Servicing & Cleaning --Underbench Filtration - Servicing & Cleaning ProudProud to support ASB Aquatic Centre to support Laser Plumbing

03 544 0141 64 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

efficiently than before. “It’s about belonging to something bigger. When you’re a small business you can feel very on your own, particularly now with the changes in compliance and other legislation which can be overwhelming.” Being part of the franchise now means great support from both computer software and the assistance of a business support manager, who can view what’s happening within the business and offer advice to improve their operating systems. Before it was pen and paper that kept the schedule for their tradesman, now job details are taken down in the office and sent to the tradesmen on site through their phones, while their book work is also completed from the same handy little tool. “We run a lot slicker ship than we used to, we get through more work, we’ve got more customers and our customers expect a high level, and we want to be working at that level. We don’t want to let anyone down,” says Vicki. The success of the business has also seen it expand with the addition of two new tradesmen, bringing their team to a total of six, including Vicki in the office and Steve providing client work and quoting, as well as plenty of time on the tools. Vicki says Laser Plumbing Nelson has always

03 548 4141 42 Vickerman St, Nelson


Environmenttechnology wastewater treatment

Supplying AES wastewater systems from Nelson to Laser Plumbing and the rest of New Zealand

Z RO opeE ra costtsing

Nothing to break down Easy to install 20 yr warranty

www.et.nz info@et.nz

0800 WASTE H20

Our range of expertise and services include:

Proud to suPPort Laser PLumbing

47 Franklyn Street, Nelson TEL: (03) 546 6039 info@franklynvillage.co.nz

• Domestic, commercial and industrial wiring • Design build projects • Air conditioning, home ventilation, security and CCTV • Floor heating, in slab, under tile • Solar PV systems • Oven repair specialists • Electrical repairs (24/7 callout service)

20 Elms Street, Wakatu Industrial Estate Ph 543 9222





WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Phone: 03 544 4646 works hard to deliver every job to an excellent standard, plus, when you deal with the laser team, you’re backed by the Laser Plumbing guarantee, from timely delivery of a project to the promise of care and skill

Laser Plumbing Nelson is proud to take on and support apprentices like Mitch Amberger, helping them become reliable, qualified tradesmen.

for results that will meet or exceed your expectations. For more information on how the team can assist you, or to call on their services for your home or business, give them a call today on 544 4646.

FIXED FIXEDFEES FEES Call the property and business specialists Call the property and business specialists

taken on and supported apprentices, not just in order to train them to their high standard, but because of the positive environment it creates within the business. “It’s always nice to have young people coming through, and because they’re training, they’re bringing new information into the business, because the industry changes all the time.” One of their apprentices was taken on after coming to them through Waimea College’s work experience programme,

while the other is their son, a fifth generation apprentice whose great-great grandfathers registration certificate is hanging proudly on the office wall. Laser Plumbing Nelson prides itself on being a real team, which is largely due to Vicki and Steve making sure their staff are happy in their work, as well as taking an active interest and supporting their lives outside of work. When it comes to their services, Laser Plumbing Nelson has the knowledge and the

skills to undertake domestic and commercial jobs to the highest standards, from new homes and renovations, to septic systems, gas fitting, maintenance, hot water systems, and, of course, drain laying, an area they are keen to expand. Being experts in both areas means the Laser Plumbing team can save project managers, as well as home or business owners, the hassle of dealing with two companies. Laser Plumbing Nelson is well known, well respected and

Providing practical, down to earth and affordable

Removelegal priceadvice. uncertainty withsimple Knapps fixeddealing legal fees. will It’s that when withKnapps us. Providing practical, down to earth and affordableand then take your instructions, scope the work to be completed, Remove price uncertainty with Knapps fixed legal fees. Knapps will legal advice. It’s athat simple when dealing give you fixed fee before starting.with us. take your instructions, scope the work to be completed, and then 22 Oxford Street, Richmond | 279 Hardy Street, Nelson give you a fixed fee before starting. 218 High Street, Motueka Tel: 03 544 7888 (all offices) 22 Oxford Street, Richmond | 279 Hardy Street, Nelson 218 High Street, Motueka Tel: 03 544 7888 (all offices)

Making it easier to do business with us Making it easier to do business with us www.knapps.co.nz www.knapps.co.nz


“Totally Dependable”

PROUD TO USE LASER PLUMBING Milestone Homes Nelson Bays Showhome open 1-4pm 7 days a week 1 Langdale Drive (off Wensley Road), Richmond P 03 543 8663 E nelson@milestonehomes.co.nz milestonehomes.co.nz

CT builders

New Builds Renovations Additions Alterations

creative transformations

New Builds Renovations Additions • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Rural Alterations

• New Builds • Renovations • Shop Fitouts • Alterations Proud Chris to workThompson with Laser Plumbing on our projects

0275 32Call 32 32 Chris Thompson 03 544 4382 544 4382 or 0275 32 ctbuilders@xtra.co.nz

32 32

w w w . ct b u i l d e r s . n z

• Maintenance & Servicing • Drain Laying • Gas Fitting

Ph: 03 544 4646 Steve Millson: 027 544 4646

18 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Focus on WakeField 150th Church Anniversary The Spring Grove Church has seen many changes within the community it services, and this March, its current congregation will help celebrate its 150th anniversary. The formation of the church in the Spring Grove area came about

Rural Mail

Friendly Efficient Service

• Letters • Parcels • Unaddressed Mail • Wakefield Pharmacy Perscriptions Pick-ups & Deliveries from Springs Grove to Spooners Range

Call Jill on 027 324 2126 Monday - Sunday

Locally owned & operated

when evangelist, Edward Lewis, gathered a group of New Testament converts, and under the name Church of Christ, they began meeting in the Baptist chapel. This first core group was created in 1866 and it was a further 12 years, in 1878, when they finally constructed a building of their own. The church was erected on the main road property we see today, although now it’s the Sunday School Hall. Years after its completion, the congregation began to worry about the structural integrity. So in 1908, it was proposed to build a new church next to it, which is the chapel in use today. Unfortunately, once time and money had been put into the new building, it was then decided the original chapel could be saved and the congregation had it fitted with bracing. While the Sunday School Hall had additions made to it early on to accommodate the growing congregation, today’s church has undergone the most alterations. A mezzanine was installed to hold an extra 30 people or so during the 1960s, when the church held its 100th

Earth Moving Site Excavation & Sub Division Land Clearing & Landscaping Hire - Digger,Truck & Rollers Driveways & Paths Ph:027 200 3320 Earth Moving Drains & Electrical Trenching Address: P.o.Box 29 Wakefield 7052 Site Excavation & Sub Division Footings & Retaining Walls Land Clearing & Landscaping Post Hole Boring Email:jimmysagarnz@gmail.com Hire - Digger,Truck & Rollers And Much More... Driveways & Paths Drains & Electrical Trenching Footings & Retaining Walls Post Hole Boring Andjimmysagarnz@gmail.co.nz Much More...


anniversary, and the relocation of the main entrance. Otherwise, they are both largely the same as the day they were built. Originally, the church had doors opening out onto the main road, and, as it was horse and cart days, it wasn’t a problem. But as traffic increased, so too did the noise until finally, the congregation moved the entrance off to the side of the church. Now home to a congregation

of around 35, the church is most recognised for the bible messages that adorn its road facing window. “We just like to keep the Christian message out there,” says committee member, Margaret Clark. “A lot of churches can’t do that because they’re not in the right place, but it’s a small thing that we can do.” Rex Brooks and Garfield Ellery are both active members of the church today and have

Proud to supply Veterinary Services to the Wakefield community.


027 200 3320

Spring Grove Church committee members, Geoff Clark, Margaret Clark, Garfield Ellery, and Rex Brooks are all involved in organising the church’s 150th anniversary.

The clinic is open Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm, with a vet available for consultations on Monday mornings 9am – 12, Tuesday afternoons 2 – 5pm and Thursday mornings 9am – 12.

Ph 541 8974 Edward Street, Wakefield


Drainage metal : Hard fill : Basecourse 70mm : Topcourse 40mm & 20mm Landscape rock : Lime : Firewood Drainage metal fill : Hard fill : Basecourse 70mm : Topcourse 40mm & 20mm metal : Hard : Basecourse 70mm : Topcourse 40mm Landscape rock : Lime : Firewood You Collect or We’ll Deliver

Landscape rock : Lime : Firewood You Collect or We’ll Deliver

You Collect or We’ll Deliver

566 Church Valley Road, Wakefield

Ph: 5419093

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

566 Church Valley Road, Wakefield

Ph: 5419093

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

info@tcvet.co.nz www.tcvet.co.nz • Over 40 years experience • Alterations • Bathroom

& 20mm

• Kitchen • Toilet • Locally owned & operated


been a part of the congregation for over 50 years. While Rex married his wife in the chapel, Garfield has links to one of the church’s founding families, Higgins, and both say the church has been a great family over the years. The church is also proud to be active in the local area and support mission work overseas. “We work in the community of Wakefield, we help with rest home services alongside the Anglican church, we do a Christmas outreach with other churches and work together when the need arises,” says Margaret. “And if there’s a community need, we listen to it and do what we can to help.” The 150th anniversary celebration will be taking place on March 19 and 20, starting on Saturday at around 3pm when past and present members of the church will come together to reminisce. Already there’s around 100 people coming from within the district and around the country and even some from Australia, and Margaret says anyone is welcome to help them celebrate. Sunday will include a worship and communion service, followed by lunch. Anyone that has not already registered their interest in the 150th anniversary weekend can do so by emailing Margaret at m.r.clark@ xtra.co.nz


Focus on WakeField New owner, Krista Hobday outside the 100 year old church at 57 Edward St in Wakefield.

now, with new plumbing, insulation, bracing and wiring, there is still plenty


to be done to turn this old church into the perfect home.






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SNOITARETLA PLEASE YNA TAAPPROVE HT ETON .E THIS LBISAD SOAS P SSOON A NOOAS S SPOSSIBLE. A DA SIHT ENOTE VORPTHAT PA E A .ENILDAED LAMUST IRETABE M RFINALISED UO YB DESBY ILAOUR NIF EMATERIAL B TSUM DEADLIN Church Renovation If you haven’t taken a walk up Edward St in a while, you may not have noticed the changes that have been going on with the former church at number 57. From a dated building to a modern home, new owners Dawn Rosie and Krista Hobday have worked miracles with the property, transforming it into a stunning abode in the centre of Wakefield Village. Dawn had spent 14 years in Nelson, while Krista had lived in the city centre for 18 years, when they both decided it was time to make a break for the country. “We sold our house in Nelson and we were looking for a piece of land really, maybe to build a new house,” says Dawn. “We thought we’d take our time and enjoy not having any commitments for a while, then, less than six months in, I saw this in the paper, I’d always hankered after a church, so we came out and Krista was thinking it was a bit of a joke. “I wasn’t really serious, then as soon as I

pulled up outside the door I knew I loved it. That day there was a lot of people there looking at it, then someone put an offer in that weekend so it really spurred us on to do something. We put an offer in, I was delighted that we were successful and Krista was shocked.” Take one look inside and you wouldn’t believe it’s the same 100 year old building. The Sunday School Hall, that formerly held a toilet and kitchenette, now incorporates four double bedrooms, a bathroom, en-suite and a laundry. However, the talking point of the whole property is the living area, featuring an open kitchen, living and dining space, all cosily accommodated under the high ceiling of the chapel. The building has been gutted and rebuilt, with Dawn and Krista doing as much DIY as possible, and

s u n o l l Do you want to g save money? a ! C t u o n i d a e h e r o f e b

Reduce tyre wear? Reduce fuel costs? Improve vehicle safety and handling? A wheel alignment on your vehicle will help achieve this. Wheel Alignments

WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

When to have a wheel alignment: • About every 12 months or 12,000km • After having tyres fitted • If your vehicle is pulling to the left or right • You have travelled on a rough road, hit a kerb or pothole • Have uneven tyre wear

February Special • Bait • Hooks from $60

• Ice • Fuel & Outboard Oil from $85Licences • normally Fishing Wakefield Auto Services Ltd

Interior & Exterior

& Wallpapering For a FREE quote Call Peter Thompson

0274 449 364 AH: 541 9678 62 Whitby Rd, Wakefield

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patios et•erDriveways cnoc •dColoured eru& olo C • concrete • Exposed reggid • Truck &aggregate kcur& T digger • laitnedise•rColoured & laic•rCommercial emconcrete moC • & residential • Truck & digger ekam uo• yCommercial pleLet h mSam aS&tresidential eL help you make

ytilaer a saediyour ruoyideas a reality

Mobile: 0275 811 621 6651023AA

126 118 5720 :Mobile: eliboM 0275 811 621 moc.liacarterandsonsconcreteltd@gmail.com mg@dtletcarterandsonsconcreteltd@gmail.com ercnocsnosdnaretrac www.carterandsonsconcrete.co.nz zn.oc.etercnocsnwww.carterandsonsconcrete.co.nz osdnaretrac.www AA3201566

67 Whitby Road, Wakefield Phone 03 541 8121


• Hire Trailers for hire Heavy duty double action log splitter (towable) Heavy duty wood chipper (towable)

• Storage NEW additional yard 25 Bird Lane, Wakefield Now accommodating boats, vehicles and caravans Long and short term hire

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20 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Focus on WakeField

Scouts The Wakefield Scout Group is looking forward to a busy and exciting 2016. We currently have 12 leaders and a good committee of enthusiastic parents. We have around 50 youth involved and numbers are increasing as the new year kicks in. Wakefield Scout Group provides opportunities for youth to participate from the youngest section known as Keas, through Cubs and Scouts then onto Venturers. This caters for girls and boys in school years 1 through to 13. Our Venturer section had a good number go to Inferno (Venturer Jamboree) in Rotorua in early January for two weeks. Three of our Venturers, Justin McRae, Jamie Honor and Sam Harrison, have recently achieved their Queen’s Scout Award, which is the highest award for youth in the Scouting organisation. Our Scout section, this year, is busy fundraising for the 21st NZ Scout Jamboree in December and January. In addition to preparing for the event by doing lots of camping, they are working on fitness and learning new life skills that will help them to be away from home for the 10-day camp. If you have a child in year 6 to 10

The Wakefield Scout Group provides opportunities for youth to participate in a number of fun and educational activities. and would like them to attend be given the option of camping the Jamboree please contact your at our annual zone camp. They nearest scout group. usually only come for the day so The Cubs will be celebrating 100 some are very excited at the opyears of Cubs this year and will be portunity. participating in events with other We have a wonderful commitcub groups within the Nelson tee which assists with the runregion to celebrate. Scouts NZ ning of our group by taking care has issued three specific badges of the finances, the building and for the event with a variety of re- assets and other areas as needed. quirements to be met which will Our Leader team has grown and see the cubs having lots of fun is looking strong for 2016 with and learning plenty. sections offering varied sessions The Kea section is growing at involving both fun and learning. a very fast rate and fortunately If you would like more infora new leader has been enlisted, mation on the Wakefield Scout allowing even more growth for Group, please email us at wsour youngest section. This year is g4kids@gmail.com or phone the first year the Kea section will Nick at 541 9190.




Gorse - Brush - Crop - Pasture

Contact Barry Green Ph: 027 285 1010 Contact Barry Green AH: 541 8794 Ph:03 027 285 1010 AH: 03 541 8794 E:E:btspraying@gmail.com btspraying@gmail.com

Proud Sponsor of the

Proud Sponsor of the Proud Sponsor of the Wakefield Football Club

Wakefield Football Club Wakefield WakefieldFootball FootballClub Club

Wakefield School Music Program

Wakefield School Music Program

Wakefield WakefieldSchool SchoolMusic MusicProgram Program

Wakefield Bowling Club NZ

Jessie Johnston

After the success of their pictorial book on the Tui, Native Bird Recovery Richmond is soon to launch a second, focused on the Fantail. The group has been involved with trapping within the four gullies behind Richmond for the past 10 years and these books are a handy fundraiser, aiding the continuation of their conservation work. Unlike the pictorial study of the Tui, the Fantail book also features observations made by its producers Anne Webb and Neil Page, detailing the unique traits of the bird. “It’s not just a pretty book, it’s explaining how a fantail flies with aerodynamics that have probably never been photographed before. It’s not done by scientists, it’s a layman’s study with photography to back it up,” says Neil. Collecting photographs of the much loved bird has taken around

a year, and every picture seen in the book was taken by the same photographer on Anne’s property in Ruby Bay. “The photographer spent days capturing images, taking thousands of photos. They’re a very tricky bird to photograph because they’re never still, and you can’t predict where they’re going to be,” says Neil. The group hopes this book will be just as successful as their last project, which came out in 2013 and is still selling copies. Books can be purchased from BNZ Richmond and Nelson, or at the Grey Power office in Stoke. The large copy is $25 while the smaller version is $20. A book launch will also take place on Wednesday, February 24, from 1pm, at the Richmond Library. The Native Bird Recovery Richmond group welcomes everyone to attend, where refreshments and signing opportunities will be available.

Summerset in the Sun Vets’ Sunshine Classic Don’t miss out – get your entries in fast! 50+ years for Ladies and 55+ for Men. Great prizes, Great fun and Great camaraderie. Entries close 12 February. All welcome. Go to www.greenacresgolfclub.co.nz

Wakefield WakefieldBowling BowlingClub ClubNZ NZ

Wendy Pearson 021 567 722

Bird recovery group launches book on Fantails

Feb 18 - 19 2016 at Greenacres

Wakefield Bowling Club NZ

Wendy 021 Wendy Wendy Pearson Pearson 021 021Pearson 567 567 722 722 wendy.pearson@tallpoppy.co.nz

Neil Page and Anne Webb of Native Bird Recovery Richmond, with copies of the Fantail book they have created to raise money for their conservation work. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

567 722

wendy.pearson@tallpoppy.co.nz wendy.pearson@tallpoppy.co.nz wendy.pearson@tallpoppy.co.nz

Ph 03 544 8420 Best Island Richmond


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Vietnam soldiers reunite in Nelson Andrew Board

The 160-odd members of Whiskey 2 Company that fought alongside each other in Vietnam, and considered themselves “brothers”, have met again for the first time since they disbanded in 1969. When they arrived back in New Zealand, the soldiers were told to tell their friends that they hadn’t been in Vietnam fighting a very unpopular war, but were instead on their overseas adventure. There was no parade, no reunions. But Nelson man Ralph Urwin got sick of seeing his old comrades' death notices, so decided to act and organise the company’s first reunion. “There are guys here who I haven’t seen in almost five decades. It is quite emotional.” The reunion started on Friday night at the Suburban Club with a registration. On Saturday night there was a

dinner and on Sunday a parade at Anzac Gardens before a barbecue. Ralph says he volunteered to go to war when he was 19 and an apprentice electrician. “It was my OE. We were brought up under the domino theory and were told to fight them in someone else’s back yard before you fight them in your own, that was the mind-set.” About 160 men from around New Zealand, and even one from the UK, joined the company and headed to Vietnam after months of training in New Zealand and Malaya. Ralph says it was often boring work, “indispersed by manic times”. The company would patrol, as there was no fixed front line. When they ran into a Vietnamese unit they would decide whether they could take them on themselves or if they would need back up in the form of ar-

tillery or air strikes. His company lost seven men during the war and had 30 injured, but he says they never lost a fire fight, “just the war”. “Charlie [the Viet Cong] was a good fighter and he was fighting in his terrain and he knew why he was fighting. About three months after I got there I wondered ‘why are we here?’” He says there were depressing days, especially when they were patrolling for days on end in the wet season. Ralph was the platoon medic and one day he was called to the perimeter because a man had been hit. “He was an Aussie guy and he had a big hole in his chest and he said ‘f*&%, I’m dead, I’m going to die’. I said 'hang on a minute Jacko, lean forward', so he leaned forward and there was no exit hole, so I said ‘you’ll live mate, it’s only shrapnel, you’ll live.’ He slept in my bunk for the rest

of the night until they could helicopter him out in the morning.” Ralph says he left New Zealand feeling proud that he was doing his bit for the nation, but returned “a villain”. “People were blaming the soldiers instead of the politicians. We were just doing what we were asked and the soldiers wore it, not the government.” Ralph returned to Nelson after the company came back home and picked up his apprenticeship. He then went to work for the Nelson Fire Service for 20 years. Ralph marched at the reunion parade at Anzac Gardens on Sunday with his grandchildren. He says it was a “special moment within a special weekend”. He wanted to thank all of those who travelled from all over New Zealand and Australia for the reunion, and to Nelson RSA president Barry Pont who helped organise the reunion.

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03 528 0040 Ralph Urwin with two of his grandchildren at Anzac Gardens on Sunday, as part of the Whiskey 2 Company reunion. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

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22 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


Queen St upgrade: what do you think?

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Three major projects are set to shape Richmond’s town centre and the council wants to know what you think of them. The Tasman District Council is consulting on all three projects in February. The reinstatement of Queen St is part of a major stormwater upgrade for central Richmond. New water, wastewater and stormwater pipes will be laid beneath the street, and the centre of the street will be lowered to direct floodwaters away from properties during heavy rain in future. Richmond Ward Councillor Judene Edgar says the surface of Queen Street will need to be reinstated from shop front to shop front. “This gives us the

Major changes for Queen St. opportunity to improve the design of the street at the same time. We’re considering making the road narrower, footpath wider and having a continuous surface with no dropped kerb – similar to Upper Trafalgar Street. This would slow traffic and create a more pedestrianfriendly environment.” Judene says construction is scheduled to begin in August 2016.

The council is also reviewing the planning rules for buildings in Richmond’s central business zone to ensure a high standard of development as older buildings are gradually replaced. The review will include building heights, design, frontage, living and signage. Finally, the Council is looking into providing for mediumdensity housing within walking distance of Richmond town centre. There will be two open days for people to find out more and talk to council staff. These run from 9am – 6pm, at the Richmond Mall on Friday, February 12, and Richmond Library on Monday, February 15.

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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016



Waka ama paddlers compete at Lake Rotoiti Waka ama paddlers from around the South Island will descend on Lake Rotoiti this weekend for a twoday regatta. Paddlers will take part in the annual Tuna e Hoe Ana regatta, organised by Nelson’s Maitahi Outrigger Canoe Club. Many seasoned paddlers

will compete and several crews will use the event as a training run for the Takapuna Beach Cup, an international marathon race in Auckland later this month. Event details: Friday February 12, 5-7.30pm and Saturday February 13, 8.30am-3.30pm at Kerr Bay.

Waimea College beach volleyball players, from left, Holly Chandler, Ellie MacIntyre, Grace Young and Alex Bloomberg won medals at the national secondary schools champs in Tauranga.

Beach results are ‘best ever’ for Waimea volleyballers Waimea College had their best result in three years of competing at the national secondary schools beach volleyball champs with two pairs of their five pairs winning medals and another two securing top-five placings. South Island junior champions Grace Young and Alex Bloomberg won silver at the two-day tournament at Mt Maunganui losing just one game, the final 21-16, 22-20 to New Plymouth Girls’ High School.

Grace and Alex had earlier beaten schoolmates Flo MacIntyre and Harriet Ogilvie in a tense semi-final - Flo and Harrier finished fourth. Holly Chandler and Ellie MacIntyre lost only two games on their way to winning bronze in the senior competition. Matt Heyward and Tane MacDonald were fifth in senior boys with Charles Ching and Nick McDonald-Davis 11th in senior boys. “They had 54 teams in the junior girls so to have two of our


teams playing in the semi was fantastic,” coach Josh Ovsenek says. “Every other pair was right there as well - Matt and Tane did well finishing fifth in their first year in seniors and Holly and Ellie played really well for third. “It’s the first time we have had two pairs medal so it’s the best result we’ve had in three years. I’m already looking forward to next year.” Nelson College for Girls’ Tali Uia and Nadja Baden finished 10th in senior girls.

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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

Top drag racers put on a show

Local man Craig Griffith in action at the NZDRA Southern Nationals in Motueka on Saturday afternoon. Photo: Chris Symes/Shuttersport.

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Your Community Newspaper

NelsWeek only Wednesday 5 March 2014

Relay unites thousands

Page 8

100% Locally owned & operated

Page 17 - 20

Tough start for Wheelers

Exclusive stockists Handcra fting 29 Page of Nelson’s your perfect sparkliest Christmas giftdiamond now cut

er r wond te wate Community WhiYour Newspaper

exactly why Murchison Most of the 250 plus competitors at showcases known as the “four river plains”, Selwyn Place or www.jenshans en.com the weekend’s Buller Festival were is its top spots being used by Tuesday 25 March 2014 from out of town, but Nelson boy with to the of competitors over the akin to someone with the public response Tommy McDowell made sure he hundreds to do, and this is one of merged was prizes around the golden sands. of things said. the best – taking weekend. with abruptly hitting the rewind button event. was up there O’Connell By Tim Mulder day mine,” she Sophia “There was just a real good of the spokesperson main attractions W 11am on a DVD. of the SouthEventThe men’s restslalom. open the the While out the C1 and a real the tide in for Ne place With the the around and rs Page buzz dip biggest the 6 slightly mid-winter a doubt Ne the no was were this was The duck race rain, snowsays oW encountered is New Zealand’s Island Festival the commuThe Buller drew start of the dip there was a very of which calenboth duck race, out affair, yet attract- connection between Murchison on the it was at- weekend pestilence and typical and run from the shore to the more drawn said. water event white and premier locals entries in short leaving the hundred or so ed just as much interest as the nity and school,” he spent money of from sunshine at Kaiteriteridar,plenty plenty with of ocean, Showing leadership and a large crowd of out-of-town tractedTasman hundreds out of towners keen to support brave folk who entered little time earlier event, although it wasn’t Sunday as Beach onincluding a former the town. School. Pages of inani- immense fortitude, Mr Campbell – & 17 the nature Page competitors before long16 of to chicken out. descended on the shoreline for“I Riwaka we had a lot this year and a took to the water for the dip along bumblebees and 26 UK. Fairies, the School Mid-Winter think Olympian managed mate object racing set in Riwaka handful the from a Katherine We Admirably, Principal further. the Deputy from with among coming were people superheroes an good portion of the entered ducks The festival Festival.started off with the swim- to remain in the water for competiin Sefton, a feat which he says was display as the international a lot of on and thehadcostumes to milk were soon bobbing listlessly cross, an event boater performances popular Bands, “better than coffee”. the former. ath- extended period of time professional not justfor and tastytorsmers andgathered of hottogether array race although it should the lagoon, sees kayakers which standard The Mid-Winter Festival raised from Jeanette good the moment, for aLower Speaking to the Guardian after just here a welcome peofor the but some Clark madeOver foodriver. course ofwayletes to $9000 for the school, a pre-plunge be noted that most of these close in in down the found day was successful Moutere while extremely an morning, a winter to spendthere time,” she says. believed to be up on fate that ple were female. was also kayak bysocial the weekend contemplation of the icy Riwaka School Principal total which is children were entertained a good long queue eveFor the rest however, the the sun, washer. SUPand“There cross, raftermini was ecstatic previous years. awaited slalom, and canoe jeeps castles, bouncy flat sequence of events once sub- Fraser Campbell was list the Four their bucket has Square cup, “Everyone dig forrywhere, classic the as as a bigNew wellcardboard race and trains When Arthritis was flat out. station needed petrola local out, the volunteer a vessel outZealand which involvestomaking help promote much its cause don’t raise think somethey’ve money,sold the as and taking it Iand and tape of cardboard man canoe the in to put competes his hand up was this did McDowell as they Tommy a 94 yearand meat oldbeer bread, World down the river. War 2 veteran. slalom at the Buller Festival over the weekend. year and weekend.” held every The event isMaurice Abrahams is a legend in Nelson. Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shuttersport. He still plays in the Nelson Brass Band, has served as a Freemason for more than 70 years and volunteers for Arthritis NZ after developing two forms of arthritis.


Firemen burn house

Club rugby kicks off

Still a volunteer at 94 years old

base we don't usually see. So there are quite a few classes that we get to run at this meeting that we don't run at our other three events we host” says John. “I don't think we’ve seen that many North Island entrants into the South Island ever. So that speaks volumes in respect to what we have going over there.” A large crowd helped round off a great event and overall the association was happy with the weekend. Motueka man Craig Griffith was the pick of the locals on the track, winning the Supercharge Outlaw category. The next drag meeting in Motueka will be Easter weekend, on March 26.

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It was billed as the biggest day in local drag racing for some time and it didn't disappoint, with 39 cars from the North Island helping set sizzling times to match the sizzling weather. Organiser John Gourdie says he was thrilled with the racing. "Certainly the day went well, we were lucky with the weather and we had a great amount of entries and everyone who travelled here loved Nelson." The Southern Nationals was a part of the New Zealand Drag Racing Association national championships. That was enough of a carrot to attract the country's top drag racers. "The event draws in a participate


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ome Every h lley i Va from Ra Bay! en oldion m for to Greg Development boo Simon Bloomberg v O er Along with his partner Sue, Maurice leads an active life and part of it is volunteering at the Ngawhatu swimming pool, where he is a trained lifeguard. “But I only save the ladies,” he Edward St and Gossey Drive North in joked. on Lower Queen Rd, A 120-site holiday Lastpark week he and Sue Tuesday, while spent two Wakefield hours Wensatsigned on Z petroloff last village Senior reporter Reporter lifestyle St, a $50 millionstation in Halifaxrural have approved the Olive worked as a “commuresi- hecommissioners a 95 lot St, where ley Rd in Richmond nity and concierge” washingthe at 109 Wensley Rd. village simon@waimeaweekly.co.nz lifestyle Estateand greeting customin Wakefield are windows dential subdivision ers. He handed out orange for the Lower Queen A resource which consent his customers months on this get the green light tokens latest developments couldtouse Septem- “We’ve already spent four last to votetoforgrow. granted was park Arthritis holiday St NZ and help the charity 50 sites for selfas the Tasman district receivecontinues cash from Z, through Yarrell says they stage. We are powering-up andinco-owner ber, Good has its the HoodRod and Motorhomes promotorhomes and caravans and Queen St Caravans motion. Maurice says he got relief working on installing fencing contained are presently from his treatment stage one of their holiday so we’ll get started on the ablution block already startedwanted then to give back,open cabling and water the ifunderground and sure in wasn’t he’d be offered will be but he laundry. park development and with a jobwhich job after his efforts. “Sue’s right big a been has it follow says into He it and but we’ll I just Ben Nevis Holdings pipes. time for next summer. of “We have consents for 120 sites along, but kilometres 3.5 when people trenches, of respond metres 600 you rufeel good.” had a resource consent for their 95 lot probably only put in around 90 so they’ll electric cabling and 210 metres of fencing. ral residential subdivision on Totara View

all be a bit bigger. There’s also going to be camping sites and 12 cabins but we won’t be taking permanent residents.” The holiday park is being developed on the site of Rod and his partner Linda Manera’s business, Queen St Caravans and Motorhomes at 442 Lower Queen St and Rod says they have already been getting inquirMaurice ies from prospective customers. Abrahams, the “Demand will be huge judging by 94, washes a car window at Z SEE PAGE 2 Halifax last Friday as part of a fundraising push by Arthritis New Zealand. Photo: Andrew Board.

,0e0ach0 40 copies

Noisy plane’s 6am land ekg wein

A noisy New Zealand Post aeroplane is expected to land in Nelson at 6am every day for at least three weeks, which could wake people from their sleep, admits Nelson Airport Ltd. NZ Post will bring its mail from the North Island to Nelson for three to four weeks in April, as an upgrade of navigation equipment is carried out at Blenheim Airport,

Additional copies $1

where it usually goes. The work in Blenhe- tive Kaye McNabb says the delay to 6am rival until 6am, im means the plane – a Fokker 27 to minimise Friend- will have a big impact * the effect. The on NZ Post, but they changed ship – will arrive in Nelson each schedule will have a significant day at 6am and its noise will have a “noticeable” weren’t willing to have such an impact on impact on NZ Post with the inevitable flow locals during the middle of the night. impact. on effect through the distribution “If the aircraft arrived at 3am I am and deBut the 6am landing is much better sure we livery chain, so we’re pleased that the opthan would be inundated with calls wondering erator has been 3am, which is when NZ Post usually so willing to co-operate for flys what was going on,” says Kaye. in and the time they had proposed the benefit of local residents.” to land “After discussions with the operator it The eaweekly.c in Nelson. Nelson Airport Ltd chief o.nz www.waim first early morning execu- was agreed the aircraft landing is expected would delay its ar- to be on April 100% locally owned and operated 7.


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WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

College students take on Coast to Coast


Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter



Waimea College’s Finn Mitchell, Cameron Jones and Daniel Reid have done their homework on the Coast to Coast and now they are hoping to pass the real test when they compete in the new school team’s section of the iconic multisport event. The students decided to teamup for the Coast to Coast late last year with Finn, 14, assigned the mountain run, Cameron, 15, the kayak and Daniel, 15, the road cycling. Although they already had a high level of fitness, Cameron says they had to modify their training to prepare for the unique demands of the Coast to Coast. Finn has been running “up riverbeds” to simulate the rocky terrain on the Coast to Coast’s mountain run while Cameron has been kayaking in rough seas to prepare for the paddle down the long Waimakariri River. Both Finn and Cameron have also had a practise run on the course to avoid any surprises on race day and now Cameron says they are ready to go. “I’ve training kayaking in rough seas and done a couple of long paddles to try and simulate the race conditions. I also paddled the Waimak last week and it was great.

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“It took me about five and half hours but we stopped a few times so I’m probably looking at racing it in just under five. All the technical stuff was fine, it was just the (67km) distance that will be hard.” Although Cameron is relatively new to kayaking, he has been getting plenty of expert help with Flow Kayaks supplying a fast boat and Kayak HQ providing training and equipment. Finn says the key to negotiating the mountain run will be “to keep looking up and seeing what’s ahead”. “It’s quite a tough run with all the rock sections and the run out is a long stretch when you are tired. I’ll have to make sure I keep eating and drinking so I don’t run out of energy.” The three cycling sections will be “business as usual” for

nelson L ve High Profile Retail / nelson Office - Upper Queen, L ve Richmond





You can also call either Council’s Customer Service Centres, 03 546 0200 for Nelson and 03 543 8400 for Tasman.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DAY ARE ALSO ONLINE Registrations must be in by 9.00am, Thursday 10 March so Councils can publish the list of addresses of people taking part on their websites.

You can find out about other reuse options on either Council website: www.nelson.govt.nz and www.tasman.govt.nz

Got a story? Contact us first

544 9037


s p o r d e h t r p fo week



le is e tipp lu a v t s the g a be ks of Findin ith my pic w -earth wn-to simple o ore, d r uch m . Fo m d n week y’s na Henr ciatio local appre r u o to y call in ask. st and ju

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High profile street front premises in the Kmart/Warehouse retail Y ONL EPT C N complex Upper Queen Street. CO ENTRY


Register by going online to Nelson City Council or Tasman District Council website, search word: <second hand sunday>.

Daniel who is an A grade cyclist with Tasman Wheelers. However, Daniel says he will be wary of the first cycle stage because it looks flat but is actually slightly uphill. “It’s a bit of a false flat so I’ll have to be careful. I haven’t done anything special for the Coast to Coast because I’ve been doing plenty of training for the national track champs next month, but I’m looking forward to racing in a team,” he says. The Coast to Coast two-day race starts on Friday with a 3km run from Kumara Beach followed by a 55km cycle to the foothills of the Southern Alps and a 33km run over Goat Pass. A 15km cycle is followed by a 67km kayak down the Waimakariri River and a final 70km ride to the finish at New Brighton Pier.

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High Profile Retail / Office – Upper Queen, Richmomond


High profile street front premises in the Kmart / Warehouse retail complex – Upper Queen Street. Proposed STAGE 4 development for 2016. Term Negotiable.

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Ground floor retail: 237m2 1st floor office: 50m2-250m2


Expressions of interest to Property Manager: Louise Devine M +64 21 548 785 T +64 3 548 3039

Proposed STAGE 4 development for 2016. Term Negotiable. / Ground floor retail on street edge providing high level exposure / First floor premium office space with modern functional fit out / Private parking facilities / Plentiful natural light and ventilation / Multi-level with lift access







Waimea College team, from left, Finn Mitchell, Cameron Jones and Daniel Reid will be competing in this weekend’s Coast to Coast. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

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Ground floor retail: 237m2. 1st floor office: 50m2-250m2

Retail/Hospitality from 237m2 plus First Floor Office from 50m2-250m2

/ Ground floor retail on street edge providing high level exposure / First floor premium office space with modern functional fit out / Private parking facilities / Plentiful natural light and ventilation / Multi-level with lift access

For more information, contact: Louise Devine Ph 03 548 3039 or 021 548 785 louise@gibbons.co.nz www.gibbonsproperty.co.nz




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Henry’s encourages safe & responsible use of alcohol. Shout prices run from Monday 8th February until Sunday 14th February 2016 or while stocks last.



26 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016 AIRSOFT: The Airsoft Sport Nationals were held in Nelson over the weekend. Pictured left is a group of competitors preparing to storm Rabbit Island on Sunday morning. For full story and video see nelson live.co.nz

Club Trials sTarTing soon We look forward to seeing new and existing players in February





Robyn Leonard 027 312 2368

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Tues 23 Feb 6-8pm Sun 28 Feb 1-3pm at Saxton Stadium

Prices Jane Andrew Pharmacy 021 221 3533

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Sun 14 Feb 4-6pm Sun 21 Feb 4-6pm at Saxton Stadium


All grades

Wed 24 Feb 6.30pm at Saxton Stadium

Carol Cook 027 662 7838

Suburban Carole Ferguson-Leslie Premier/Senior 2 021 162 7578 Other grades

Trials riders come from all over for NZ Ihatove in Wakefield More than 30 trials motorbike riders from around New Zealand, and another six from overseas, will take part in the New Zealand Ihatove Adventure Trial in Eighty-eight Valley, near Wakefield. Ihatove has been running in Japan since the late 70s but is a comparatively new form of competing in New Zealand. Founded by Nelson rider Stephen Oliver, the event now attracts some of the best riders from around the country. Riders can pick one of five categories to compete in, each is based on level of difficulty. The Ihatove starts on Friday with a day dedicated to coaching, the competition-proper starts on Saturday and finishes on Sunday.

Sun 21 Feb 1.30-3pm Sun 21 Feb 3.30-5pm at Saxton Courts


Nelson's Shirley McDonald checks out the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial course in Eighty-eight Valley. Stephen says the best spectator viewing will be between 11am and 3pm either day. The location will be signposted from the Eighty-Eight Valley Rd turn-off. “We are grateful

txt us your view 027 UR VOICE




to Ian Parkes and family and Richard Hunt and family for the use of their properties so we do not allow smoking or dogs and all litter must be removed," says Stephen.


BRAND NEW DNA 300 Dinghy Watercraft Trailer Honda 8hp 4-Stroke Outboard


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016


The Lantern Waitangi and me Parishioner, Antonio Sardella, had the opportunity to visit Waitangi several years ago and shares his reflections on learning more about New Zealand’s history. Going to Waitangi, I have to admit, I didn’t really know a whole lot about the Treaty or even how much the church had to do with New Zealand’s first steps. I didn’t even know what the Marsden Cross was. It’s so easy to brush New Zealand’s history away and say, “Well, it’s not my history”. But after being there and seeing with my own eyes and going to all the historic sites, it opened me up to it all, and I think now that actually it is my history, it’s all of our histories. We are a part of this nation, we live on its lands, we take the freedoms it gives us, and we are a part of the story that is playing out. So since we are a part of it, shouldn’t we know where it began? I loved learning about how much the Church actually played a part back then. You never really hear a lot on that side of the story. The missionaries were the ones that pushed for a treaty between the Europeans and the Maori people, they were concerned about Maori being mistreated and cheated out of their resources.

The Treaty was signed not as a peace settlement or business contract, but as the joining of two nations, Maori and Pakeha. Even though it all went wrong, the meaning behind it still stands, we are two nations joined. The church helped bring the two peoples together, and when the treaty fell apart, they were there to help pick up the pieces. When the lands were being taken from the Maori people, missionaries were the ones that would purchase those lands off the Europeans and gift them back to the local Iwi. The Church played a massive role in this country’s development. Even though the Church continues to be phased out in our country, we are still there. We are behind the scenes helping our country and its people, bringing our nation back together, not caring about religion, colour, gender or age.

Youth Leader wanted Church on the Hill is at an exciting stage and looking to form a new team to lead us forward in what the Lord has for us. To do this we need a new team member – a youth leader. This role is part time (12 and half hours per week paid) and has huge potential. Our mission statement, Following Jesus; Building Community puts our focus on Jesus and his mission – discipleship and outreach. Our existing paid team consists of the Vicar, a children’s team leader, seniors’ team leader, play group co-ordinator and administrator.

The youth leader will organise Friday night youth group and Sunday morning youth study along with a fortnightly evening for older youth. There are several volunteers helping already so you will be part of a team. It’s a fun and rewarding job with lots of support available. The job description is on our website or call our Vicar Susan 544 8827 or email susan.churchonhill@xtra. co.nz

Why lunch is so good Dawn’s enjoyment of Lunch on the Hill is infectious. She says, “If you are thinking of coming, you will get a warm welcome, the meals are marvellous and the people are lovely.” Dawn has been coming for about a year and a half. Two of her friends had suggested she come to the lunches, but she says, “It was quite hard the first time I came because I didn’t know what to expect.” Now she is a regular, and says that what she likes is the friendship – good company and great to get together over a meal. “Don’t worry if you haven’t got much money, you can donate as much or a little as you choose,” she says.

Dawn grew up in Aniseed Valley then moved to the North Island where she lived until coming back to Richmond 15 years ago. Dawn is a joy to have at Lunch on the Hill, as she now welcomes everyone and loves to talk to anyone new. She says that since finding Jesus He has given her such peace and love, she just wants to be with people and for them to have what she has found. Dawn is a member of the Church of Christ in Croucher Street, Richmond. The next Lunch on the Hill is on Tuesday 16 February and then 1 March. You will be welcome from 11.30 for a cuppa. The meal is served at 12 noon.

Church on the Hill Richmond Anglican Church, 27 Dorset St

Services: Sun 9 am & 10.30 am, Wed 10 am holytrinityrichmond.org.nz

What’s on

For more details, ring the office 544-8844

Older Youth Sunday 14 February 5–7 pm Sunday 28 February 5–7 pm Church on the Hill hall Bring something to share for tea.

St Albans, Appleby Services Sunday 14 February 10.30 am Sunday 28 February 10.30 am

Lunch on the Hill Tuesday 16 February Tuesday 1 March Church on the Hill hall Come for a cuppa at 11.30 am or midday for the meal. Food and friendship for body, soul and spirit. Koha welcome.

Messy Church Sunday 21 February 4 pm Church on the Hill hall Theme this month: Extreme love

Afternoon Women’s Fellowship Wednesday 24 February, 2:00 pm Church on the Hill hill

Men’s Forum Monday 29 February, 7–9 pm Topical non religious subjects

Taizè Service Sunday 6 March 7 pm Church on the Hill A time of prayer, listening to music, scripture reading with an emphasis on reflection

Youth Group Fridays 7 - 9 pm Church on the Hill Age range is 12-14 year olds

Kids Church Every Sunday 10.30 am

Friends ‘n’ Fun Mondays and Thursdays 9.30 am -12 pm Preschool playgroup for tots and parents, includes 30 minutes of music and movement.

Church on the Hill Services Every Sunday 9 am prayer book service, 10.30 am informal service Wednesday 10 am communion service

Church Open for Prayer Mondays 9 am - 2 pm Church on the Hill

Waimea Anglican Budgeting Advice For free budget advice phone 544 8901 or 022 020 5565.

Did you know… Wednesday 9 February is Ash Wednesday in the church calendar. It marks the start of Lent, a period of reflection and can include fasting that leads up to Easter. Ash is used as a sign of being sorry and wanting to make changes for the coming year. See us again in the Waimea Weekly on 9 March 2016

28 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016 ANNouNcEmENt

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ENgAgEmENt Your announcement here for free.


Les & Edith Bannan

love and happiness on their

on 11th February 2016. From your children, Colleen and Peter and partners Garry & Jennie, and grandchildren, Andrew, Sophie, Florence and Oscar.


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ON SITE AUCTION 18B VANGUARD ST, NELSON (former premises of Waimea Electrical Ltd)

To be held on FRIDAY 12th FEBRUARY at 11AM

VIEWING: Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday from 8am FEATURING: Shelving, ladders, work benches, power tools, cable, light fittings, lamps, PVC Ducting & Conduit, trunking, switch gear, office furniture & equip, and many other items. ABSENTEE AND PHONE BIDS WELCOME SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR PHOTOS


13 NEW ST, NELSON Ph: (03) 546 8890 Opposite back entrance to Warehouse Stationery


Phone 544 9037 sales@waimeaweekly.co.nz

SitS vAcANt

SitS vAcANt


Qualified Builder wanted: We are looking for a qualified LBP who is capable of supervising staff and working unsupervised to a high standard. Must have own vehicle and tools. This is a fulltime position. Phone Brent on 03 544 1295 or email info@dunleabuild ing.co.nz

Store Manager

Makeup by Nancy

clEANEr WANtED House Cleaning work, inside and out, available in Redwoods Valley. A newly built home for a not quite retired couple needs work done while they do the same. RSVP between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM - M-Th. 03-5446017.

at DoMino’S richMonD

Must have two yrs experience, and able to work all weekends, late nights and public holidays. For more info and to apply visit Trademe, Ref no. 1026939320

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nelson L ve nelson L ve

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Jacqui Singleton-Soffer Property Manager

021 0295 9044 or 544 4396 rented6@rented.org.nz 205c Queen St, Richmond

• $45 Makeup Session • $15 False Eye Lashes • $30 Basic Hair Styling Limited time 9 Feb - 7 March

Call 021 214 1149

HEAliNg Healing Through Guided Meditation • Ease Emotional Trauma, Separation, Death, Depression, Stress

to lEt

Dedicated - Caring - Professional

• Qualified Makeup Artist

• Improve Vitality

Camper/Mercedes 5 berth from $125.daily, s/ term only ph.547 5252.

• Self-Love/Self Esteem

WANtED to buY

Call 021 214 1149

A records wanted excellent prices paid for good records especially Kiwi and overseas bands 60’s – 90’s PennyLane has a buyer in town for one week only ph 542 2152 or 021 222 6144 www. pennylane.co.nz 7 days.

• $60 Special 7 Feb – 7 Mar

ProPErtY WANtED Wanted. Modern 3-4 bedroom home in Richmond. Will pay around $500,000 for the right property. Ph 0275 448 255. Ready to go.

Classified Deadline

5pm Monday

544 9037

Community Events Keeping you in touch

bADmiNtoN, Veterans Badminton Club welcomes intermediate players – Thurs 7.30pm Stoke Memorial Hall tHE trEASurE boX: featuring & vast array of locally handcrafted items. Unique & affordable. Open Tuesday till Sunday from 10am until 4 pm until 26 February at 14 Whitby Way, Wakefield. Facebook. AStroNomY View the Moon & stars on Fri 12 Feb 8:30 pm start, weather permitting. Cawthron Atkinson Observatory at Clifton Terrace School Atawhai. All welcome. Gold coin entry. Info 539-1108. FrESH FocuS will be starting this year on Monday 29 Feb 10-11 am at the Suburban Club 168 Tahunanui Drive. Everyone welcome. Entry $2. StoKE mEtHoDiSt biblE clASS (1970-1983) REUNION: Easter Sunday 27 March 2016. A get together, tea, & evening worship service are planned to be held in the Stoke Methodist Church complex. For expressions of interest please ph Rev Max Hornblow 540 2718. If you know of former members - please tell them of this reunion. NEigHbourHooD SuPPort WAimEA iNc. invites interested Richmond residents to their next meeting at 7pm, Tuesday 16 Feb, at Impressions Studio, Petrie Car Park, Richmd. Enquiries Ph Glenys 03 544 5756(W) or 544 6210 (H). SENiorNEt NElSoN , Next Club Day meet at 11 Hastings Street, Nelson a 2pm on Wed.17 February. After a Special General Meeting Nicola Harwood from Elmer Turner Library will talk about Online Services. All are welcome. EXPEriENcE ADult colouriNg-iN for creativity & calm. Not just for children, colouring-in for adults is the new craze. All materials supplied. 2-23

February, Motueka & Richmond Libraries. club itAliA PizzA NigHt this Friday 12 Feb. Bring your friends & join us for a great family night with traditional wood fired pizza. As much as you can eat $20 adults, $10 children, under 10 free. From 6pm at 9 Trafalgar St. Cash Bar. AuDitioNS Country Players production ‘Inspector Drake & the Time Machine’ from 12pm Sunday 14 February at Wakefield Village Hall. Refer to www. countryplayers.wordpress.com for more information. ForESt & birD 10 Feb. Corey Mosen will talk about “Keas” & the struggles they face in the wild & what the Kea Conservation Trust , DOC & others are doing. 7.30pm Tahunanui School, Hall Muritai St. NElSoN trAmPiNg club invites you: Feb 6-8, Arthur Tableland, medium, contact Debbie 553 0427; Feb. 8, Club Night, Show ’n’Tell. Details www. http://nelsontrampingclub.org.nz tiNY totS, fun for preschoolers & their carers with stories, music & movement. Tuesdays 10-10.30am. Free. Children’s Area, Richmond Library. Tel 543 8500. bEttEr brEAtHiNg clASS – Richmond held 1st Tuesday of the month at 10.30 at Oakwoods Village, Lower Queen Street, Richmond. Starts 2nd Feb. Light exercise with focused breathing & a supportive group. $2 per class. AuDitioNS country Players production ‘Inspector Drake & the Time Machine’ from 12pm Sunday 14 Feb at Wakefield Village Hall. Refer to www. countryplayers.wordpress.com for more info. NzcHiNA FriENDSHiP SociEtY Chinese New Year Banquet & AGM. Feb 14, 6 p.m. Eastern Cuisine

Restaurant Richmond. Contact Barbara Markland erm@xtra.co.nz 544 4712. YogA & bEllY DANcE clASSES with Debbie Sumner. Yoga on Monday & Friday mornings in Stoke & Brightwater. Zenda Belly Dance on Monday/Wednesday & Thursday evenings throughout the Nelson & Tasman area. Contact for details dbsumner@xtra.co.nz or ph 0276890558. 2016 EDucAtioNAl grANt available for mature female students undertaking full time tertiary study for the first time. Application forms available from: Secretary, Soroptimist International Club of Waimea, email siwaimea@siswp.org PilAtES iN ricHmoND, Suitable for all levels. Term 1 new 10-week courses starts Wed. Feb. 10 @ 11:30am & 5:30pm $135. Tasman Rec Centre Cambridge St Richmd. Sue call 0292 813 735 sue@ suewilson.kiwi.nz SENior cHEF - Beginning Wed 17 Feb. for 8 weeks. This course is free to those 65years & older who live alone or with a spouse/partner & who are want to know more about cooking for 1 or 2. For info. & to enroll ph Annette 5447071 KAYAKiNg. rivEr KAYAKiNg courSE, 17-21 Feb 2016. Nelson Canoe Club. Application deadline 10 Feb. For more info and application form call 03-547-2838 or email training@nelsonkayakers. co.nz. tASmAN coAStAl PlAYErS iNc PrESENtS -The Umpire Strikes Back. Written by Simon Denver, Directed by: Haidee Janetzki. .Auditions Actors/ Dancers/Singers 16+. Tues. 22 March 7pm— Playhouse Cafe Theatre, Mapua. Show dates: June 2326 2016 at the Playhouse. Register your interest or

for info text: 021410989 DivorcE cArE – 13 week course starting on Mon. 15/2/16. 7.30 – 9.30 pm at Richmond Church of Christ, cnr of Darcy & Croucher Streets, Richmond. Divorced, separated? You do not have to go through it alone. Email: divorcecarenn@gmail.com or txt 0274193035 & we will contact you DovEDAlE couNtrY AFFAir FEStivAl – Sunday 14 Febr. 11am – 4pm. Live music and entertainment, food & crafts, water slide, laser tag, exhibitions, vintage machinery, farm animals, games, & more. A fun day out for the whole family. Adults $2, Children Free, Dovedale Domain, Please NO DOGS. YogA - Come & enjoy the benefits of Hatha Yoga. Yoga Postures, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation. All levels welcome. Mondays, Lord Rutherford Hall, by Snowden’s Bush Brightwater (near soccer grounds). 2 classes 5 -6 :15 pm & 6:30-7:45pm. Bring mat & blanket. $7/class casual or 8 class ticket for $50. Teacher: Jeanette Ida. NZ Registered Physiotherapist, Member of IntYogaTeachersAssoc. bouNDAriES For WomAN grP starting in Feb for 8 weeks. This group will change your life in every area. It will teach you how value you. For more info ph0274435507, Sharyn trAiN AS A citizENS ADvicE burEAu voluNtEEr. Every shift is different. Get info. from CAB 9 Paru Paru Rd., ph 5482117 or email nelsontasman@cab.org.nz Applications close Friday 12 Feb. . SAlliES HEAltH & liFEStYlE ProgrAmmE. Free individual health checks 9:30-11:30. Free group health talk 12.30-1:30. Tuesday – Families, Thursday – Older People. No need to book. The Salvation Army, 57 Oxford St. Phone Ros 544 8140.

DEADLINE: MIDDAY FRIDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: accounts@waimeaweekly.co.nz Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst. Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.


WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

ChurCh NotiCes Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church 5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway All Welcome! Ph 544 8987 www.richmondcatholic.co.nz

One church, Many expressiOns


Weekend Mass Times

Sunday at 10am

Salisbury Rd, Richmond All welcome!

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St www.richmondchurch.org.nz

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm We are located at:

to Grace Church

Richmond/Stoke Methodist Parish

Sunday Service

Sundays WednesdayHymns 20 Feb Favourite Sundays 10am Morning Tea 10am Wednesday 20 Feb

The Headingly Centre Headingly Lane Richmond

at Richmond 9.15am Cup of tea to follow.

Cnr Croucher & Darcy

Sundays @ 10am

Enquiries Ph 544-8394

Favourite Hymns


Favourite Hymns 10am - Morning Tea Wednesday 17th at 10am

Cnr Croucher & Darcy

RICHMOND BIBLE CHURCH Richmond School Hall, Cambridge Street Sunday 10am Bible teaching and The Lord’s Supper


Holy Trinity Anglican Church 27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Sunday 14 February

9.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Praise on the Hill Theme: The God we Worship All Welcome

Meeting Sunday 10.30am Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there

Richmond Church of Christ

271 Songer St, Stoke Sunday 9.45am Sunday 9.45am – Worship Service and Whakatu Kids No Sunday service at Richmond

Boot Market This Saturday 9-12pm Sites $5 Great bargains

brake an Wednesday 10.00am maintenance landscaping lawnmowing home and car Cnr Croucher maintenance and carSt Ash Wednesday Service ices plumbers electricians ing hom&e Darcy serv mow cial lawn finan ns (no access off Waimea or Ridgeway) nts ricia unta elect acco Contact 544 8692 bers ers ts build lawnmow Revices Jon plum Parkes 544 6507 h specialis ricians Phone 544 5415 nts financial serv brake and clutc acco ing scap land ts build Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses andhorganisations whoers charge forunta courses cial services plumbers elect 547 - 6056 nce (03) specialis tena e and clutc www.holytrinityrichmond.org.nz brak home and car mainContact: builders accountants finan oring544 8288 ing scap mow cial services plumbers land specialists www.whakatupresbyterian.co.nz lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads. or events cost $10+gst. acco car brak bers www . rcnzonline.com/nelson and ers e ing plum ialists build mowing hom nce landscap accountants financial services ing brake and clutch spec ers accountants financi ing home and car maintena plumbers electricians lawn car maintenance landscap and clutch specialists build untants financial services bers electricians lawnmow nce landscaping brake ns lawnmowing home and specialists builders acco nts financial services plum tena ricia clutch specialists builde unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing ts ices scap ing land mow cial serv h specialis home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan landscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce landscaping ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts and and e e hom accounta bers elect scaping brak electricians lawnmowing clutch specialists builders nts financial services plum and bers unta and car maintenance land e lawnmowing home a acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial elect ts land bers specialis nts finan maintenance nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta unta land spec h acco plumbers electric lawnmowing home and car nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car ialis ing and finan h spec nts landscap mowing home ialists builders accounta landscaping brake and clutc spec home and car maintenance h nce clutc ing untants financ tena plumbers electricians lawn and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns build e ing ricia landscap ing hom specialists plumbers elect home and car maintenance scaping brake and clutch bers electricians lawnmow land ing plum ialists build mow nce ices spec accountants financial services h lawn tena serv clutc cial ns main and ricia e car finan home and plumbers elect landscaping brak builders accountants maintenance electricians lawnmowing untants financial services brake and clutch specialists lawnmowing home and car tenance landscaping brak financial services plumbers ns main specialists builders acco h car ricia nts clutc and elect unta e and acco e hom bers brak ers ing plum ing build cial services ns lawnmow maintenance landscap brake and clutch specialists ing home and car maintena builders accountants finan services plumbers electricia maintenance landscaping bers electricians lawnmow brake and clutch specialists ers accountants financial lawnmowing home and car nts financial services plum and clutch specialists build unta e maintenance landscaping car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing ialis mow tenance and clutch spec plumbers electricians lawn mowing home and car main nce landscaping brake plumbers electricians lawn ing home and car maintena countants financial services bers electricians lawnmow plum ices serv cial finan untants specialists builders acco

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Keep It Simple Solutions

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9 Vivian Place, Tahunanui

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AeriAl PhotogrAPhy High quality imaging stills and movies. Latest drone technology. Friendly, professional service and great rates. Weddings, sports, media, corporate - all events!

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NZ Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor • Difficult Tree Dismantles/Removal • Power Line Vegetation Clearance • Thinning & Crown Reductions • All Aspects of Tree Work • 24hr Emergency Call Out Service PHONE 0800 TREEWORK (873396) • (03) 544 0588 • 027 274 5653 • lianp@treescape.co.nz www.treescape.co.nz ARBORISTS – TREE & VEGETATION MAINTENANCE


Your only MTA Auto Electrician in Richmond You can be assured of MTA standards of service everytime. 10 Poutama St, Richmond (off Gladstone Rd)

544 8388

brake and c maintenance landscaping lawnmowing home and car home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians ing serv mow cial lawn finan ns nts ricia unta elect ers acco plumbers lawnmowing electricians e and clutch specialists build untants financial services financial services plumbers tenance landscaping brak h specialists builders acco ialists builders accountants mowing home and car main cial services plumbers ele landscaping brake and clutc spec lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect acco car brak bers and ers e ing plum build landscap ing hom untants financial s ccountants financial services brake and clutch specialists home and car maintenance bers electricians lawnmow h specialists builders acco maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing nts financial services plum landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car ialists builders financial services plumbers nce spec pecialists builders accounta ns h nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial scaping hom land plum build andscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts e and elect unta scaping brake and ricians lawnmowing hom home and h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ing clutc nts and bers mow unta and car maintenance land e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial elect bers specialists nts finan maintenance land electrician nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta unta land bers spec h acco awnmowing home and car plum nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan specialis scaping mowing home and ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch ialis land e and car maintenance land financial spec hom h nts nce clutc ing unta tena plumbers electricians lawn and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns scaping ialists build ing home plumbers electricia er e and car maintenance land ing brake and clutch spec bers electricians lawnmow accountants financial services ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists build car maintenance landscap and brak elect nts financial services plum e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices build serv lawn nce ts ricians ea maintena nts financial brake and clutch specialis cial services plumbers elect lawnmowing home and car tenance landscaping brak ialists builders accounta finan ns main spec h car ricia nts clutc and elect unta e and acco e hom bers brak ers ing plum build mow services nce maintenance landscaping brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn ers accountants financial ing home and car maintena maintenance landscaping accountants financial services e and clutch specialists build bers electricians lawnmow lawnmowing home and car clutch specialists builders tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum and unta e main car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing mow h specialis tenance plumbers electricians lawn landscaping brake and clutc mowing home and car main home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn electricians lawnmowing countants financial services bers plum ices serv cial untants finan FULL MECHANICAL specialists builders acco N E L S O N

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30 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016

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Hassle free motoring

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Advanced Automotive 12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Richmond 4A Gladstone Road,Road) Richmond

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Your one-stop shop for - WOF - Engine Tuning - Brakes & Clutch - Wheel Alignment All mechanical services

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544 1660

Did you know you can choose your own caterer for your loved ones funeral.

builder/ maintenance

CONtraCtiNg (2 0 1 4 ) L






Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

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• Pressure Cleaning • Carpets & Upholstery

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“Every home needs the female touch”

Weekend Special $59+gst per hour

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545 1053 DRIvING

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• Curtain Making


• Alterations to ready-made curtains/ nets All Installation

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Re-Stringing & Re-Lining

• Door to Door Service • Complete rental makeovers Brenda: 027 842 1780 bbsservices@xtra.co.nz

For all painting & decorating call Elly for a

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FLOORING SERVICES Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings Over 20 years Experience

Regas or New Struts

Dave 0274 296 669

0800 427 782

eliteflooring2005ltd@xtra.co.nz www.elitefloorsanding.co.nz

4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond

Be seen! Advertise here from only $

17 +gst per week

544 9037

or 03 544 1212

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Nelson/Tasman 8.5 tonne machine 4 in 1 loading bucket

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o o

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• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

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the wise choice

Residential to Lifestyle Blocks

Planning Construction Planting Maintenance


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P: 03 5530 306 M: 022 122 5013

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544 8059 www.tasmanbayplumbing.co.nz

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• Leaks • Repairs • Maintenance • ReRoofs • New Roofs


The small team with all the skills

Professional Plumbing Services in Nelson, Richmond & Motueka


ArcAdiA Sage

Owen Tasker

E: ollie@sagelandscapes.co.nz

T: 03 544 8778 (24hrs) M: 021 047 6352 E: owen.tasker@raywhite.com


Baldwin & Brown (Richmond) Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes roofing requirements for over 10 years




Heatpump Servicing



• Garden tidy ups • Regular maintenance • Roses and pruning • Irrigation • Qualified team

Pick up & drop off in Richmond Drop off depot in Nelson Call Jan

Baby&Mobility HIRE

Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

FREE Mileage - conditions apply

021 050 0250 / 544 0444


New Homes • Commercial Rural • Retail • Alterations

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(offRichmond Beach Road)

Grey Power Discounts

Phone 03 547 7445 559 Main Rd Stoke

Carpet Binding Any size Any shape

Driving School

020 4077 4722

• Landscaping + Fencing • Pre-Sale Garden Tidy Up • Lawn Care & Mowing • Gardening • Hedges & Treework • Green Waste Removal • Section Clearing • Handyman Services • Chipping Greenwaste • Stump Grinding • Mowing Services for Large Sections Contact us today! Andrew & Wendy Neame

• Building Jobs • Carpet Cleaning • Retaining Walls • Concrete • Section Clean Ups • Gutter Cleaning • Fencing


www.streetsahead drivingschool.co.nz

AL FRESCO Garden & Property

No job too Big or Small...


542 2120 Jason Smith owner/operator



Quick Quick Diggers Streets b e r ‘S Ahead




At Gourmet Catering we tailor-make menu’s to suit every client.

P 03 547 4811 M 027 667 2837 E feedme@gourmetcatering.co.nz www.gourmetcatering.co.nz


Building Repair and Construction maintenance, commercial fitout, decks, fences and hard landscaping Prompt Service

Technical Cleaning Solutions

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• Section clearing/ • General mowing maintenance • Ride on service clearing/ • General mowing • Tree • Section • General mowing removals • WINZ quotes maintenance • General gardening • Ride on service • Ride on service • Section clearing/maintenance • WINZ quotes • Free quotes • General gardening • Weeding & clearing • General gardening • Free• Free quotes quotes • WINZ quotes • Security checked and • Weeding & clearing • Hedge trimming • Security and satisfaction guaranteed • Hedge&trimming clearing • Security checked &checked satisfaction guaranteed • Weeding • Pruning satisfaction guaranteed • Fully Insured • Pruning • Fully Insured • Hedge • Fully Insured • Tree trimming removals • Tree removals • Franchise opportunities • Franchise opportunities • Franchise opportunities available • Pruning available available

0800 0800 803 803 200 200 or book online

book online orwww.greenacres.co.nz book onlineor www.greenacres.co.nz


Ph: 538 0824 Stoke

Gun & Barrel Works

Restoration of Antique and Service of Modern Firearms Manufacture of unavailable parts a speciality Specialised metal and woodworking skills Licenced Firearms Dealer

Dr Dave Ward 021 277 3115 or 543 3777

Basic Service 85 Improve the performance


and the life of your heatpump Phone

0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher




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Trades & Services


Painter Decorator

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Locally owned and operated

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COMPETITIVE PRICING on commercial and residential joinery No job too big or small AVAILABLE NOW Contact Chris on For 021 226 1566 or on 03 548 3039.


lawnmowing weedeating gardening

Ph 027 542 4329 0800 444 343

Be seen!




Adam Brumwell




548 0007

- Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesmen - Obligation Free Quote

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027 671 8417 or 544 9415




36A Vickerman St, Nelson Phone: 546 6660 Email: paintco@xtra.co.nz

Call Mike

546 9991

Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915

For professional property management services contact the regions most preferred company by far.

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & Nelson Welcome bathrooms Welcome Richmond • Solar Blenheim • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 8090

03 546 9290 03 544 2900 03 578 0404

Ph: 543 9044 89 Beach Road, Richmond


Stoke Motueka Picton

03 547 2476 03 528 4001 03 573 6166

• Tenancy Changes COMPUTERS

• Pressure Cleaning We do call outs and remote support Friendly - Prompt - Value for all things GEEKY too • Carpets & Upholstery

Call a Geek • Window Cleaning


Hope Nurseries • Fuchsia • Tuberous Begonia • Bedding and vegetable plants • Perennials • Hanging baskets • Herbs • And much more!

Troubleshooting, Virus, Wireless, Internet, Email, Printers, FREE www.callageek.co.nz –0508 since 2005 425 Tablets,PHONE Windows 10,832 Computer Setup, Repairs, Training, just to name a few!

Visit 16 Halifax Street, Nelson

Open 7 Days 10am – 4pm at Berrylands 108 Appleby Hwy 03 391 1080 or 022 50 36100

OR we’ll visit you,

property management



are you struggling with a tenancy issue? We’ll fix it for free and provide you with our

guaranteed rent.

Phone Propertyscouts nelson on 027 411 2012 www.nelson.propertyscouts.co.nz



Call 03 548 0007



Specialising in supply & installation of Solar Systems for: Your solar specialists Camping and RV

Domestic and Commercial Your Solar • Grid Tied PV Systems 12v Off Grid

Chris Inglis 03 5448059 0275485877

For a quote phone:

0800 25 25 03 www.exceed.co.nz

2 Central Locations

24/7 Access



1-19 McPherson St Richmond

www.nzsolar.co.nz • Dairy Farms info@nzsolar.co.nz

03 544 8553

Registered Electricians

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328 www.rowandronelectrical.co.nz

4 Ernest Pl, Brightwater


• Inside car storage • Self drive truck hire • Staff on site

Size & Price List available at www.tasman-storage.co.nz

• Domestic & Commercial

74 Gladstone Rd, Richmond & 481 High St, Motueka


Ph 544 4306

03 544 8553 1/750 Lower Queen St Richmond 7081




Work Place First Aid Courses


Private Courses Available

Feb: 16, 25, 26, 27 March: 10, 15, 23, 30, 31 April: 2, 14, 19, 28, 29, 30

13 Packham Cres.

18 - 20 March Pre-hospital Emergency Care

Peter Ph (03) 547 9191

Maintenance & Repairs

• Camping & RV

12 - 13 Feb Outdoor First Aid

- off Echodale Place www.centralselfstorage.co.nz

PV Solar expert

• Low prices • Secure storage • CCTV Surveillance

• Off Grid PV Systems SpecialiStS Clean, green, affordable • Solar Hot Water

2 Echodale Place - off Nayland Road

Innovative electrical solutions


Smart Solutions for Smart People

Hot Water Heating Dairy Farms 12V Grid Tie

Domestic & Commercial Wiring



Install RETRACTABLE insect screens for a BUG-FREE, SPRAY-FREE summer



• Builders Cleans


Looking for storage?


Residential 0508&832 425

FREE • C ommercial PHONE

All grown locally!


544 9037


Technical Cleaning Solutions www.techclean.co.nz

16 Halifax Street


 Marine Paints  Automotive Paints  Industrial Paints  Car & Boat Care Products

per week

For ALL your equipment needs, use the local guys

• Property Maintenance

Call Simon

• Property Maintenance


17 +gst hIRE

• Window Cleaning

FREE Quotes 021 223 3135

Advertise here from only $

-Quick Drying

Atawhai to Wakefield

545 1000

Certifying Plumber, Gasfitter & Drainlayer

Alex Bint

• Builders Cleans -Upholstery • Tenancy Changes -Hot water extraction method • Pressure Cleaning

Carpets & Upholstery and everywhere between the best inservice in • town call or visit


• Maintenance • Renovations • Waste Water Service Management • Kitchens/Bathrooms

Technical Cleaning Solutions -Carpets, rugs & vinyl • Commercial & Residential -Carpet stains

Computer Problems?


INSECT MAGICSEAL SCREENS FORINSECT WINDOWS SCREENS SCREENS AND DOORS. FOR WINDOWS FOR WINDOWS Any Size, AND DOORS. AND DOORS. AnyColour Size, Any Any Colour Any Size, PHONE PHONE Any Colour 03 1398 03 545 545 1398 PHONE 104 466 0800 104466 03 545 1398 0800 104466 PAINTER

Trades & Services



WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016 31

Ph 544 9180 www.tripleonecare.co.nz



Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor

For course dates see www.harristraining.co.nz

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775 info@harristraining.co.nz

window cleaning

• Tree thinning • Height Reduction • Stump Grinding • Tree Removal

window cleaning • Professional • Domestic • Commercial • FREE Quotes

Nick 027 831 4414

32 WEDNESDAY 10 February 2016



s h t n mo e e r f t s e r e int e c n fina 2016

FRESH START SPECIALS Stock Vinyl from $ sqm


Stock Carpet



lineal metre

All carpets reduced throughout the store for the month of February

Interest Free Finance available

199 Queen St Richmond Opposite Richmond Mall Car park

Terms and conditions apply, see instore for details.

Locally owned & operated

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