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Wednesday 25 March 2015

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New record set

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Teens save drunk cook

Jacob Chandler

A drunk cook was saved by three teenagers who heard the man’s smoke alarm sound at around 3am on Saturday. The man returned home from a night of drinking and decided to cook some sausages in a pan on a stove. He went into another room to sit down and fell asleep

leaving the pan unattended. Richmond chief fire officer, Ralph Lonsdale, says the man was lucky he had smoke alarms that alerted the teenagers to the property. “The people walking past called the emergency services and broke into the house, taking urgent action before the emergency services arrived. The man himself didn’t

hear the smoke alarm going off because he was deep asleep” He says smoke inhalation in that sort of situation was very common. “In that sort of scenario that’s usually what happens. If it was a longer period of time the sausages would of course catch fire and smoke and possibly the whole house would go up. Of course, if the person’s fast

asleep they don’t wake up.” The man was treated at the house by ambulance but wasn’t transported to hospital. Ralph says it goes to show the dangers of drinking and frying, and advises everyone to have smoke alarms installed. He says the incident highlights the need for the fire service’s current “don’t drink and fry” advertising campaign.

Campaign to help families cut food waste Two new initiatives are about to be launched to encourage people to minimise food waste, after a survey showed that families in Nelson and Tasman were throwing out an average of 3.3kg of edible food each week. The survey conducted last year, involving 19 households throughout the region, showed that food makes up a massive 30 per cent of the rubbish placed into kerbside collections that goes into landfills. Twenty-seven per cent of households admitted to being large food wasters, throwing out more than $21 per week of edible food while 38 per cent wasted $8 per week. Tasman District Council utilities network engineer, David Stephenson, says that’s too high, and both the Nelson and Tasman councils

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter


have been preparing two pilot schemes aimed at encouraging households not to waste food. “We interviewed everyone in the survey and found that no one wanted to waste food but they needed some tools and guidance for minimising that waste. Education is the key, so we are going to hold a series of workshops with parents in kindergartens around the region starting next term. “We’ve also filmed some videos of the chef Michael McMeeken in his Streat Kitchen, which will be released on Youtube in April. They show people how to use all of the food they buy and avoid


Tasman District Council utilities network engineer David Stephenson with some food that was thrown out in the rubbish at the Richmond transfer station this week. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

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2 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

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Last week we reported on Air New Zealand passengers who were stranded in Auckland. What has been your worst experience with air travel?

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“I haven’t had any problems because I don’t fly that often.”

“My luggage got lost on a trip from New Zealand to Los Angeles, on the flight I also spilt a drink on me, so was stuck in juice-covered pants.”

“I’ve flown a lot with sport but never ever had a problem.”

“I don’t think I have ever had a bad experience, just flying back from Christchurch to Nelson we hit bad turbulence and that is all.”

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Campaign cut food waste FROM PAGE 1 wasting any.” David, whose family took part in the survey, says it was interesting looking at waste on a small scale after managing thousands of tonnes of solid waste the district produces each year. He jokes that one of the biggest challenges his family faces is “getting the kids to eat all of their school lunch”. “Families often cook meals that are too big and then the leftovers get thrown out. A lot of people also

throw out food that’s passed its expiry date or bread that’s gone stale. “But we found one of the biggest ones was school lunches. We’ve got four kids and you try to get them to eat all their lunch - it’s impossible.” David says minimising food waste is important because it will help cut the family grocery bill, as well as reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. “It takes up space and produces methane, and we have to pay to collect it, cart it around the district and put it in the ground.”

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Former Grey Power president to stand Andrew Board

Two former presidents of Nelson Grey Power have made two very different public announcements this week – one is re-standing for president, the other is pulling out. Gordon Currie, president of the organisation for 21 years, is putting his name forward to be president again, while Neville Male, his successor, has pulled out of the race. Gordon made his announcement to Waimea Weekly, saying he’s been asked by members to stand to provide some “stability

and direction” to Nelson Grey Power. “It has been difficult for me to stand by and watch the drama that has occurred over the Former last six months. Nelson I have remained Grey Power silent because president I do not beGordon lieve that these Currie. problems can be solved by public arguments and clashes of personality. No one wins in this scenario, espe-



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cially not Nelson Grey Power and its members.” Gordon’s announcement comes less than a week after ousted president, Neville Male, said he would not stand for president at the AGM, but endorsed a “progressive” list of candidates. Members on both sides of the warring factions say they hope the AGM on April 1 will end months of dispute between the two. Both sides are urging a big turnout for the AGM, which is being held at 10.30am at Annesbrook Church, on Saxton Rd, in Stoke.

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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Native fish given new home

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Simon Bloomberg

Thousands of native fish were salvaged from Borck Creek and introduced to their new home in a man-made waterway last week as part of a $2 million project to widen the creek and improve Richmond’s stormwater drainage system. Borck Creek starts in the Richmond Hills before meandering across the Waimea Plains and entering the Waimea Estuary near Headingly Lane off Lower Queen St. It is an important part of Richmond’s stormwater drainage system and last week the Tasman District Council completed a key step in a project to widen the creek. “Borck Creek doesn’t always cope well in high flood events so we’ve made a wider channel to help take the flood flows,” council project manager Chris Blythe says. “The old channel is being abandoned and replaced by a 70m wide and 400m long one.” Chris says the new waterway flows alongside Headingly Lane between Lower Queen St and the Waimea Estuary, and is designed to accommodate flood flows of up to 35 cumecs. The flow in Borck Creek was diverted into the new channel on Wednesday and fisheries consultant Tom Kroos and council staff spent Thursday and Friday salvaging fish using

Fisheries and wildlife consultant Tom Kroos, right, and his son Harrison and staff member Steve Waterhouse, with an eel they salvaged from Borck Creek. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. nets and electrofishing equipment, and releasing some into the new channel and others into Waimea River. “We are finding an incredible number of fish,” Tom says. “There isn’t a lot of species diversity, with mostly common and giant bullies, long finned and short finned eels and inanga, but there’s so many of them.’ Chris says the new 400m long section of the waterway is the first stage of the project that will eventually extend upstream to a stormwater connection at Jubilee Park. The project will also involve planting native vegetation along the banks of the new waterway and, in future, there will be landscaping to provide a public amenity. “It’s a collegial project between different Council teams

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including engineering, parks and reserves, community development, and environment and planning,” Chris says. “The stormwater is the immediate priority but we are also aiming to reproduce a natural streambed and provide public amenities. It’s a bit a of a learning curve for all us and we’ll be making improvements as we go. We’ll stop at the end of the first section and assess things, and see what works and what doesn’t - we’ll get better as the project proceeds.” Chris says the next stage of the project, to widen 280m of the creek upstream of Lower Queen St, is expected to start in six to eight weeks. The final stage of the current work will extend along Poutama Drain to Jubilee Park.

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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Dun slip ‘shouldn’t have happened’ Simon Bloomberg

Re-opening the Dun Mountain Trail is a priority for the Nelson City Council and Brook Waimarama Trust, after a major slip wiped out a section of the historic trail earlier this month. A 22 metre long section of the 152-yearold Dun Mountain Trail slipped onto the new fence line cut for the sanctuary’s pest-proof fence, following heavy rain in Nelson on March 6. Engineers are presently assessing the damage, and sanctuary general manager, Hudson Dodd, says they expect to have some options for repairing

the trail within a week. “We are waiting for the assessment so, until then, we don’t have a lot to go on,” Hudson says. “But we are very keen to reopen the Dun Mountain Trail and we are working to make that happen as soon as possible - we expect to have an initial assessment in week.” The council’s communications manager Paul Shattock says one option would be a “quick fix to open up the trail to cyclists and pedestrians” by removing around 4-6 cubic metres of ground. A consent has already been granted for this under emergency works. Paul says permanent repairs will take

longer because the slip is situated in the conservation zone. Soil disturbance or earthworks are not permitted in this zone except for the maintenance of an existing track on the existing alignment. However, well-known mountainbiking advocate Bryce Buckland and Nelson Residents Association president Mike Rodwell, say the slip should never have happened. Mike says a geotechnical report, indicating that cutting the fenceline close to the Dun Mountain Trail would increase the risk of slips, was ignored by council. “Any practical person knows that cutting the toes of hills in Nelson is inviting prob-

lems big time,” Mike says. “The experts on this project have committed a cardinal sin and must now front up to their mistakes.” Mike, who is a former trustee of the Dun Mountain Trail, says both he and Bryce warned the council about the potential risks of conducting significant earthworks near the trail. Bryce says the terrain near the slip is so steep that “the probability of slope failure was obvious and the fence should not have been allowed anywhere near the trail.” Paul says engineers are currently investigating whether there is a relationship between the earthworks and the slip.

Massive turn out for summer fare

Above: The crowd enjoying the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare. Insert: Having a great time at the Summer Harvest Fare are, from left, Luke Geary, Sarah, Guy and Sophie Thomas, and Scott, Sienna and Loretta Geary from Richmond. Photos: Monique Bergman.

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Despite the cooler weather, the locals came out to enjoy the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare last Friday at Sundial Square. Organiser of the event, Kim Quint from Richmond Unlimited, says it was a great night without any incidences. “There was a good steady crowd all night and it was a very calm, laid back evening. There was a distinct lack of young ones attending, compared with previous years,” says Kim. Plenty of food and beverage stalls were on offer from around the region and band Urban entertained the crowd with people up dancing and having a good time. Kids were occupied too, with bouncy castle and face painting. There were a couple of unrelated incidences that same evening with one person taken away by Richmond Police for detoxification and some infringements handed out for breach of the liquor ban within the Washbourn Gardens area.


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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Flight cancelled so plane could stay in Auckland

Stranded passengers of an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Nelson last Sunday say they will make a formal complaint, after the airline admitted they cancelled the flight because they wanted the plane to stay in Auckland. As reported by Waimea Weekly last week, passengers were scheduled to fly from Auckland to Nelson but the flight was delayed until it was finally cancelled. The reason given was poor weather, but Air New Zealand has admitted the poor weather was for the return leg, meaning it could have flown the passengers home to Nelson but it didn’t want the plane stuck

here overnight. Air New Zealand spokeswoman Imogen Dennis says “a number of factors” caused the issue. “First, the aircraft was late arriving into Auckland. The second factor was that engineering requirements for other aircraft in our turbo prop fleet meant this aircraft was required in Auckland for the peak Monday morning services. “With weather conditions forecast to seriously deteriorate, the decision was taken not to operate the outbound service to Nelson as there was a significant risk the weather conditions would have prevented

NEWS in brief

Andrew Board Editor

andrew@nelsonweekly.co.nz the aircraft making the return leg to Auckland.” Passengers say they should have been compensated for their accommodation costs because the reason they didn’t get home was because Air NZ wanted the plane left in Auckland, not bad weather stopping them from leaving. But Imogen says the airline will not be compensating them.

“As stated in our previous response, while engineering requirements played a part in the initial delay of flight NZ5253, the final decision to cancel the flight was made due to weather conditions. For this reason, compensation for overnight accommodation expenses was not provided.” Since the initial story other passengers have come forward, saying they were also upset with the way Air New Zealand handled the situation. Two separate passengers have told Waimea Weekly they will be writing a formal letter of complaint, as the response from Air New Zealand had been “woeful”.

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QUAKE HITS THE LAKE: Two earthquakes hit near St Arnaud on Monday morning. The first was a magnitude 3.5 just after at 2.16 am, 30 kilometres south of St Arnaud. It was 16 kilometres deep. The second was a 4.3 magnitude quake which hit 30 kilometres north of Kaikoura at 7.06am. It is known to have been felt in St Arnaud and parts of Nelson. The quake was 44 kilometres deep.

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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015



Local cider wins in Dublin

A sugar-free berry cider produced by McCashin’s Brewery in Stoke has claimed the Supreme Cider Award at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in Ireland. The Rochdale Three Berry Cider was one of six McCashin’s Brewery products to gain recognition at this month’s awards. Its Rochdale Ginger Lime Cider and beers, the Stoke Bomber Bohemian Ale, Stoke Bomber Oatmeal Stout and Stoke Dark all won silver. McCashin’s Scott McCashin says the Three Berry Cider came out of a lot of trials. It was made using a blend of local boysenberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.

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Playcentres struggle as mums head back to work Monique Bergman Fewer families are sending their children to Playcentres and Kindergartens, forcing two of the traditional powerhouses of pre-school education to rethink the way they operate. The Stoke Playcentre, opened four years ago next to Stoke School, is now only open two mornings a week as it battles to attract local families. The facility has seen its numbers reduce from around 17 families last year to only five this year. Parent Kelly Diskin says it’s “sad” to see the facility virtually empty. “It’s such a nice place and so modern and we’d love to have more friends to share it with. But I think the problem is so many mothers have to go back to work and it means they can’t come to Playcentre.” Nelson Playcentre Association executive team member and liaison officer for Stoke Playcentre, Amanda Davis, says “nationally, Playcentres are in a state of flux”. She says that financial pressures on parents across New Zealand are forcing them to go back to full-time work and place their children in day care facilities. As a result, Playcentres don’t have the same number of volunteers available to run the sessions as in previous years. Next month, the Playcentre Federation of New Zealand will hold a meeting to discuss possible changes to its current structure. “The social climate has changed a lot in

Families at Stoke Playcentre are looking for more friends. They are from left; Oliver McGuinness, Jessica Barnes, James and Kelly Diskin, Easton and Nicola Dowell. Photo: Andrew Board. New Zealand and parents are returning to work earlier and not staying at home as long as they used to. Regionally, we are trying to keep all the centres open and financially viable until possible national changes are made,” says Amanda. Playcentre began over 70 years ago as a support service to women who were left raising children alone during the Second World War. Its original aim was to provide leisure for mothers and opportunities for the social development of pre-school aged children. Today there are 33 Playcentre Associations throughout New Zealand which offer a learning environment for chil-

dren from birth to six years. A typical Playcentre session is held between 9.30am to 12noon. Trish Casey, CEO of the Nelson Tasman Kindergarten Association, says pressures on the availability of parents at home have forced Kindergartens across the region to adjust their hours also. “Over the last few years, all of our centres within the region have been migrating towards school hours, we are definitely following what the demand is,” says Trish. In the meantime, Kelly says they’d love to have more Stoke families enquire about joining the Playcentre.



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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


School turns cricket fever into maths comp World Cup Cricket fever hit Henley Primary school this week with the launch of a new cricket math competition. To get students interested and involved in math, teacher Rachael Meyers created a competition relating to the World Cup. “The point of the competition is to promote math in a positive way,” says Rachael. Children are given math problems related to the cricket world cup to take home and complete with their parents. Once homework is completed and handed in

to their teachers, student’s names are drawn out to win cricket prizes. Rachael runs various math competitions throughout the year that include topical subjects. She involves the local community by requesting prizes for the children, this time she approached Nelson Cricket who donated shorts and a cricket bat. “It is all about getting both the children and parents involved in math in a fun way,” says Rachael.


Bull on the loose: A bull took a prime opportunity to escape as it wandered through a gap in a farm fence near Stoke late this morning. The council’s customer service centre was alerted to the escaped bull at the top end of Songer street and two animal control officers were dispatched to guide the animal back to it’s paddock. The farmer returned to the area just as the bull was led back onto the property. He then set about repairing the fence.

Teachers Cade Armstrong and Rachael Myers, in front of Henley Primary School students participating in the Maths Cricket World Cup activities. Photo: Monique Bergman.

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Residents urged to oppose liquor store: Victory Liquor Centre has reopened its doors after it was restored to the companies register this week. Residents opposed to the reopening of a liquor store in Victory Square are being urged to make their voice heard.



AOS called to Victory: The Armed Offenders Squad completed a dawn raid at a Jenner Rd address around 7am Friday morning. A 38 year old man was held in custody and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of an explosive (ammunition), burglary, and unlawfully being in an enclosed yard. The man will appear in court on Monday.










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8 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Students learn speeding lesson

Pupils at Richmond School witnessed the shocking consequences of speeding when a drunken pedestrian was hit by a speeding car on Church St last Friday. Fortunately, Dozy Dave, the drunk pedestrian, was a cardboard cut out and the blood that splattered on the car windscreen was tomato sauce all part of a road safety demonstration being held outside Richmond School. But that didn’t Richmond School middle syndicate pupils watch a ‘pedestrian’ being hit by a car during a traffic make the stopping distance demonstration any less terrifying for safety demonstration outside the school last Friday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. the pupils, or teacher Pip Scott who was a passenger in the car. “I’m still shaking even though it wasn’t real,” Pip told the pupils after she got out of the car that had hit Dozy Dave. “It’s not a nice feeling hitting the person - I had to look Wardrobe Doors away.” direct to you! The demonstration, which showed how long it takes for a car to stop • Shower Door Systems • when travelling at 20kmh, 50kmh • Replacement Shower Doors • and 60kmh, also made a big im• Sliding Wardrobe Doors • • Replacement Wardrobe Doors • pression on the pupils. They were all surprised that a small increase Baden neal in speed resulted in a big increase in stopping distances. ew wner “It was really cool, but it would 11a Hunt St, Richmond have been really bad if it had been Ph 544-8700 • Fax 544-8706 h or real,” middle syndicate pupil Nina

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Fowler says. “I was surprised how it took so long to stop when the car was going 60kmh.” The demonstration, conducted by driving instructor and former traffic officer Gary Dunn, showed that the car could stop safely without hitting the dummy pedestrian at 20kmh and 50kmh, but not at 60kmh. Gary explained that an adult hit by a car travelling at 30kmh would have a 70 per cent chance of survival while a child would only have a 10 per cent chance of survival. “Dozy Dave would be hit in the leg and receive leg injuries, and rib and head injuries but a child would be hit in the torso and have their internal organs crushed and head smashed,” Gary says. “It’s always far worse for a young child because they are smaller.” The two key messages Gary gave to the children were not to play on the road and, if they were a passenger in a car that they thought was going too fast, to “ask the driver are you speeding?” The stopping distance demonstrations were held at 10 locations across the Tasman district and four in Nelson, last week.


WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

e l p o e p d o o f h Y ou r f re s Chris Baird, left, Peter Thomas, centre, and Digby Kynaston, swim au naturel in the Port Nelson Sea Swims. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Seals brave cold at sea swims They do it for all sorts of reasons. Some of them don’t like being restricted by a tight wetsuit. Others just enjoy the pure, uncomplicated simplicity of it all and a few just like the natural sensation of seawater against their skin. But whatever their reasons, the swimmers who went through the Port Nelson Sea Swim series wearing nothing but togs certainly gained the admiration of their wetsuited counterparts. The 18race series started on November 6 when the water was a chilly 13 or 14 degrees Celcius and ended last Thursday. “It was pretty cold at the start for them,” series organiser Dick Bennison says. “You can’t just jump in and swim in the cold like that - you have to acclimatise and that’s what a lot of them do. “I think quite a few, like Geoff Lart, swim right through winter without a wetsuit. But most of them are Poms and I reckon if you learned to swim in the Irish Sea anything else will seem warm.” But Peter Thomas, who swam without a wetsuit for the first time this season, says the worst part is actually standing around waiting to get in the water. “The first few swims were cold but the hardest part was standing

around waiting for the swim. Once you get in the water and get going it’s actually not too bad.” Peter says he decided to join the non-wetsuit swimmers this season “for a challenge”. Apart from the cold, he says it also took some time to feel comfortable swimming without the potentially life-saving buoyancy of a wetsuit. “It took a while to get used to it but now I’m really enjoying it,” he says. Veteran non-wetsuit swimmers, Chris Baird and Digby Kynaston, concede that they also felt the cold early in the season but Chris says that just “makes you feel very fresh and alive”. Digby says he couldn’t imagine swimming without the “feel of the water on your body”. But the early season chill and lack of buoyancy aren’t the only challenges of swimming without a wetsuit. “You lose some speed because wetsuits give swimmers extra streamlining,” Peter says. “I’ve noticed this year I’m about a minute and half slower over a kilometre without my wetsuit.” For the record, Geoff Lart won the non-wetsuit men’s long course series ahead of Peter and Chris with Cheryl le Lange, Kay McPherson and Monique Day on the podium for the women.

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This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Rachel Stringer and Andrea Bruce at the CCS night at Fashion Central.

Mark Rea with Lucy and Blair Elvy at Marchfest on Saturday.

The biggest street party in Richmond was held on Friday night with the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare in Sundial Square. We were there snapping some of the locals enjoying the night. We also have photos from the CCS fundraiser at Fashion Central in Richmond and from the Marchfest event in Nelson. If you’re having a party or event and would like us to come along, call us on 544 9037.

Kristy Fielding and Jenny O’Connell at the CCS Disability fundraiser night.

Andrea Watson, Sally Bryce, Joan Davidsen, Jessica Stalker and Amanda Apperley. Heather, Ben and Nicola Scoltock from Richmond enjoying the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare.

Hayden and Maia Jones having fun at the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare.

Hugh Macmillan and Rhys O’Connell at Marchfest.

These photos are for sale To order Ph 544 9037 or drop in to 6 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Mereia Shah and Teresa Stratford listen to the live music as they relax on the grass at Marchfest on Saturday.

At the Summer Harvest Fare, from left, Cheryl Wood, Shane and Julie Geddes and Joanne Polglase.

Diane and Eric Mahone have a drink inside the beer tent at Marchfest. Julie Coutts, Vanessa Mullenger, Barbara Gould and Dave Whitehurst, at the CCS fundraiser night.

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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Tapawera Area School dressed up in purple last week and held a parade at assembly for Purple Cup Cake Day. Students made purple cup cakes and banners during class, and decorated their classrooms with balloons and all things purple. A gold coin donation was made by the children who raised around $200 for the Purple Cup Cake cause.

with Jessie Johnston

Jean Jackson, Wednesday, March 11: Local artist Jean Jackson was thrilled with her birthday surprise when her daughters organised an art exhibition solely for her work, held at the Trailways Hotel last Saturday. Jean said the support she got from friends and admirers of her art was amazing, particularly when, the day after her exhibition, she was contacted by a man who wished to buy a second piece of art. Of the 36 pieces that Jean had on display, she successfully sold five of them. Nelsonians gather in Gallipoli, Wednesday, March 11: After winning a double ticket to the centenary commemorations at Gallipoli this year, Cathy Knight has made an effort to meet up with the 26 other Nelsonians attending. So far, she has heard from three other couples who are all enthusiastic about meeting after the commemoration and they will be meeting up this Sunday at the Honest Lawyer to discuss their upcoming trip. For those going on the trip who want to make contact with Cathy, they can reach her by emailing cathy@pss.co.nz

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12 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Your Voice

Air New Zealand flight cancelled: I am not surprised to read your report. My wife and I were booked on NZ5253 on Sunday, August 31st, last year as the last leg of a trip home from the UK, and on landing at Auckland we discovered that the flight had been cancelled.

No explanation given. We finally - after a lot of being mucked around - got on the 2050 flight, and arrived home considerably more tired that we had expected. We had originally been booked on 5253 the previous Friday, but had to re-book as my wife became unwell on the flight across Australia and we had to stay in Brisbane for two nights. We then discovered that a neighbour had been booked on 5253 on the Friday we were originally booked, and that flight was cancelled. She also told us that a friend of hers had had the same experience on the same flight LIMITED within the previous two weeks. That is beyond coincidence. The inescapable conclusion is that this flight is a phantom flight, Conveyancing Practitioner scheduled, but operated only if there are enough passengers. It doesn’t matter how much the Offering an experienced, efficient, passengers are inconvenienced. cost effective service for all your Anyone seeking any semblance of a reliable booking would be property law and trust matters. well advised to avoid this particular flight. Roger Cole.


Whitby House 90 Collingwood Street, Nelson PO Box 823, Nelson 7040, NZ T 546 8833 M 021 224 7133 E kim@pplaw.co.nz

Yes, this was a strange situation. We were on the 5.40 flight from Auckland which left on schedule, despite the earlier flight being postponed and subsequent-

• • • •

ly cancelled. Stranger still was the fact that there were empty seats on our flight! Alison Lonsdale. These customer service people need a shake up, as well as the national carrier. Sheralee Taylor. The attitude of staff does not surprise me one bit. Flew Air NZ, international last year, same s&^% attitude from staff. Airline of the year? Yeah right! Never again... Brian Gower. You can email Air NZ all you like, they NEVER reply!! When’s that other airline starting from Nelson? Jude Gray. Grey Power: It is unfortunate that due to an unwillingness to accept arbitration, and a lack of interpersonal skills, the former Nelson Grey Power leadership has attempted to discredit the standing Committee. The current Nelson Grey Power Committee and Vice-President, who have been named as rebels by the former leadership, have, in fact, acted constitutionally and appropriately in trying to advance the interests of the members. If politicians call black white often enough, the public sometimes believe what is being stated and are misled. But it can be hoped that at the Grey Power AGM on April 1, the members

editorial@waimeaweekly.co.nz txt: 027 UR VOICE TXT facebook.com/waimeaweekly editorial@nelsonweekly.co.nz te www.waimeaweekly.co.nz facebook.com/nelsonweekly www will not vote for the so-called “Progressive” candidates who are standing for committee. They plan to reinstate the former leadership which has overlooked appropriate constitutional procedure. Dan McGuire. Water levels: I was reading in National Geographic that sea levels are predicted to rise by at least 2 feet, and possibly up to 6ft, by 2100. Surely this needs to be planned for and should be treated as a matter of priority. It would make the Southern Link on Rocks Rd unviable and there is the concern that the whole of the CBD etc would be underwater. What does the mayor have to say? By the way, this is not a ‘do you believe in global warming’ question as the planet has warmed 1 degree over the past century. Whether it is man made, (most likely) or not, is not the point. The point is what are we going to do about it? Doug Barry-Martin. Inflated water bill: Ha! We contacted the council about our just over $1,000 water bill for six months. We don’t even water our garden and we paid a plumber to check taps, etc on the property. No leaks and dry under the house. The council wouldn’t come to the party and we had to pay all of it. About six months ago they changed our water metre to a new one and we have had no problems since, go figure! Hope Rogers.

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14 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Henley to help Vanuatu Local man remembers Gallipoli war tales Henley Primary School children held an appeal for the Red Cross last week to raise funds for cyclone ravaged Vanuatu. Both kids and teachers were encouraged to wear red for the day and donate a gold coin towards the cause by placing it onto a red cross. The school presented a cheque for

$577.70 to Jackie Tye, Service Centre Coordinator for the Red Cross. Henley School principal, John Armstrong says it will be a big appeal. “We plan one major fundraiser each term and everyone was happy to get behind it and support such a good cause.”

Welcome, come and enjoy Companionship. Spending time with like-minded individuals doing things you enjoy. Catching up with mates in a relaxed, friendly environment. A great restaurant meal. The chance to win cash in weekly draws. Fantastic entertainment every Saturday night. Being part of a club with wonderful facilities. You should join Club Waimea – your local club! Thursday from 6.00pm - Membership Prize

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Richmond’s David Gruschow could be one of the last people in the country to have heard a first-hand account of what it was like in Gallipoli. David’s great uncle, Doug Dibley, was New Zealand’s longest surviving Gallipoli veteran, passing away in 1997 at the age of 101. David remembers visiting his great uncle on the family farm as a young child and recalls his family always being proud of his war efforts. Doug was from Rotorua and during WWI he was a stretcher bearer in the field hospital unit. It was believed that he carried the last wounded man off the peninsula before the final evacuation. In later years, David would visit his great uncle in his rest home where they would share stories about serving in the army, including Doug’s Gallipoli experiences. David received general service medals for his time as a Military Chaplain, serving in Bosnia and Bougainville during their civil wars. “Some people who fought at Gallipoli didn’t like to talk about it but he would chat quite happily about it, perhaps it was because I was also in the army. He talked about training at Trentham and how the con-

Father David Gruschow with an image of his Great Uncle, Doug Dibley, who was the last surviving New Zealand Gallipoli veteran. He died then he was 101. Photo: Monique Bergman. ditions were dreadful at Gallipoli,” says David. Doug joined the army in 1915 at 19 years old, after he and his mate saw an advertisement in the paper wanting orderlies in Trentham Military Camp. They had been training a month when they were sent off overseas as members of the New Zealand medical corps. He was transported to Gallipoli at night, to the top of the cliffs at Walker’s Ridge, where the unit was located right behind the lines. The young green soldiers were told to dig holes and burrow in, where they would hear bullets whizz past, a new sensation for Doug, having never heard a shell burst or rifle bullet fly past

before. His job was to take injured soldiers down to the base at the beach, waiting for them to be transshipped at night. Almost 9000 New Zealanders served at Gallipoli and conditions were rough. Soldiers didn’t have enough water for a wash and, as a result, lice were rife throughout the camp. Food consisted of bully beef, biscuits, jam and cheese, with the odd tin of stew. Doug returned to New Zealand in 1918, married and had 11 children. Like many war veterans, he saw first hand the damage war does to people, both at home and to those who go away, and as a result his last recorded statement was “No-one wins in the end”.

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While we are all buzzing over the Cricket World Martin obviously received good advice. His proCup, the Cup has been tinged with sadness with gramme included products which are complex one of cricket’s greats, Martin Crowe, having by nature, and which, to obtain the best from, reonly weeks to live. quire quality advice. This relates not only to the In a very personal article he talked about the amount of insurance cover, but also the products value of personal risk manused. That’s where good adagement. He was asked how vice is gold. A quality advishe dealt with knowing he had er will not only understand not long to live. Here are his the product, but also use inwords. dependent research to help “The first thing I had to come you decide which product to terms with, and this is very and product provider best obvious for everyone, has to suits your needs. It can be a do with money and security. fine line between a product When I looked at my situation which will pay out and one I was covered, because I made in which there is an “escape” a call at the age of 40 to get clause. cover for everything: trauma, My passion is helping good long-term illness, death. I did people with good advice. it because I had a little girl Don’t under estimate the value of Whether you are a business who had just been born and business and personal risk manowner or a family person, who needed protecting. I am agement. Speak to Vern today. I can assist you to ensure in a position where, because that, if the worst does hapI’m not supposed to be alive, they have already pen, you, your family or your business remain paid me. I’ve set up a trust, so when I leave, financially secure. Emma will be looked after. It’s an odd situation And finally, a wonderful statistic - most people where you are paid out for death while you are who claim on their insurance make a full recovstill alive, but it’s a clause they have in these days. ery. If you have 12 months or less, you can call on that money”. Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


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16 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Affordable Funerals & Cremations Talk to us at the Positive Ageing Expo about the options and services we can provide for you and your loved ones. (Pre-planning & pre-payment available)

03 544 4400 • www.wrfs.co.nz

Independent Advice Independent Advice Personal Listeners & Telephones Personal Listeners & Telephones Rest Home Services – Staff training Rest Home Services – Staff training Clinics in Nelson–Stoke–Richmond-Motueka-Takaka Clinics in Nelson–Stoke–Richmond-Motueka-Takaka

www.hearingnelson@xtra.co.nz / 03 548 3270 354 Trafalgar Square Nelson

www.hearingnelson@xtra.co.nz / 03 548 3270 354 Trafalgar Square Nelson


Our funeral home offers you;


e v i t i Pos

Retirement is a time that many people are looking forward to and this year’s Positive Ageing Expo at Headingly Centre is packed with information and services that will help make your retirement years some of the best of your life. The expo will be showcasing around 70 stalls, from commercial services to help you maintain a fit and healthy body through to a range of leisure groups that can help you fill your social schedule. There are many services out there to help people age positively, from the health basics such as hearing and blood pressure tests, to social opportunities to make it easier for people who have a bit more time on their hands to enjoy themselves and meet people with similar interests. Those out there with skills they wish to carry on into their retirement can utilise them within community groups, such as Menz Shed and the trapping and bird recovery groups that

Shirley Dunlea and Jo Kara from Access, at the expo at Headingly Lane last year. work out the back of Richmond. Many of these clubs aren’t found in the phone book and this is the perfect chance to break the ice and learn more about how your skills or enthusiasm can be put to good use. Alongside their stall holders, the Positive Ageing Expo will feature two great seminars by Lois Tonkin and Mark Inglis. In the first seminar Lois will be dis-

Ph 546 5700 - 24hrs


Two out of every three New Zealanders are touched by dementia. Learn five ways to reduce your risk. See us at the Expo or phone us on

0800 004 001 Lets get our heads around dementia

cussing how to cope with grief. Feelings of grief cover a number of situations that we face throughout life, as well as bereavement. It could be moving out of the family home and downsizing, or saying goodbye to family as they become independent. In the afternoon, Mark Inglis, a role model for positive ageing, will be delivering an inspirational talk on the challenges he has faced during

Years more cycling! Stay fit and mobile with an electric bike from Electric Bike Hub!

Supporting Your Independence Available from: Village Cycles: Queen St Richmond Coppins Cycles: High St Motueka Tech & Demo Centre: Nelson Quiet Revolution Cycles: Takaka

164 Tahunanui Drive

headingly centre richmond 10am - 3pm

ageing expo

• A warm and uplifting chapel • A modern, comfortable catering lounge, including outdoor patio • FREE parking in our large car park, including disabled parking • Pre-planned and pre-paid funerals • Monumental sales and installations

100% locally owned & operated

friday 27 march

Phone 0800 100 467 or 545 1122 www.electricbikehub.co.nz

• Escorted transport for appointments, outings, social activities, shopping • Advocacy and companionship • Assistance with communications and correspondence • Home maintenance

Call Nicki for a complimentary, in-home consultation

Ph: 544 5004

WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

ageing expo

his life. Entry into both seminars is free, although entry is limited to 350 seats. The expo will begin with an introduction from The Hon. Maggie Barry, the Minister for Senior Citizens, after which people can explore and learn more about the huge number of services, products and opportunities on offer. This year, organisers will also be introducing a passport system which will end in some prize giveaways. Those attending will be issued with a list of all the stalls, which are divided amongst six lines throughout the venue. Simply get one stall from each line signed off, submit it and the winners will be drawn and notified after the event. Prizes include Richmond Mall vouchers and a trip into the Abel Tasman National Park, plus heaps more thanks to some generous local businesses. There will also be some questions for attendees to answer regarding improvements to the expo in the future. Entry into the event is free, with lunch available for purchase and morning and afternoon tea provided. Stoke Seniors have provided a shuttle bus service from Richmond’s Sundial Square to the event which will link up with the N-Bus from Nelson.

Lyn Trolove with Christine Stanton, and Vivienne Moody at last years Positive Ageing Expo.


Make sure it has St John on it!

headingly centre richmond 10am - 3pm

The St John Medical Alarm is the only medical alarm that connects you directly to St John. In an emergency St John are expert at getting the most appropriate help to you. After all, that is what they do. And by choosing a St John Medical Alarm you’re supporting St John Ambulance and their other essential community services.

friday 27 march

0800 50 23 23 www.stjohnmedicalalarms.org.nz

e v i t i Pos


Goodnews, news,choosing choosingaa Good medicalalarm alarmisissimple. simple. medical Good news, choosing a medical alarm is simple. Good news, choosing a medical alarm is simple. Makesure sureitithas hasSt StJohn Johnon onit! it! Make

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Make sure it has St John on it!

Make sure it has St John on it!

The St John Medical Alarm is the only medical alarm that connects you directly to St John. 0800 50 23 23 In an emergency St John are expert at getting the most appropriate help to you. After all, www.stjohnmedicalalarms.org.nz that is what they do. And by choosing a St John Medical Alarm you’re supporting St John Ambulance and their other essential community services.

0800 50 23 23 www.stjohnmedicalalarms.org.nz

Whether you’re approaching retirement and are starting to plan some of the changes to your life, or you are already enjoying retirement and want to better those years, this event is not to be missed, says Councillor Judene Edgar. “I’ve also found it to be a great resource for younger family members so that they can be informed and better support their loved ones.” The Positive Ageing Expo will run from 10am until 3pm this Friday and is located at Headingly Centre, Headingly Lane, Richmond.

Find out why Ernest Rutherford ticks all the boxes... teed! Fixed weekly fees for life - guaran s Beautiful townhouses and apartment e Resthome, hospital and dementia car hair and Bowling green, pool and spa, gym, e! beauty salon and even a movie theatr

49 Covent Drive, Stoke, Ph: 03 538 0880 5150

Come along and meet Durham and Debbie at the Positive Aging Expo to find out everything you need to know about your retirement living and care options.


Feature Feature

TUESDAY 24 March 2015 2015 18 WEDNESDAY 25 March 18

Locally Owned and Operated


Fight 4 Victory is a proven winner out of the ring and it’s now only ten days away from finding out who the winners will be inside it. The corporate boxing event was first held in 2013, raising money for the Victory Boxing Charitable Trust. It’s success has helped improve the lives of local kids and of the boxers who took part. The money raised from that first event took a small after-school programme with a few kids and turned it into a hub of Victory. A place buzzing with people, throughout the day and night, six days a week. Since then a lot of work has gone into getting the structures and programmes right as the trust has quadrupled in numbers. So this year’s Fight 4 Victory isn’t so much about establishing a facility and programme, it’s now about making sure it’s here for the long haul. This year’s Fight 4 Victory will feature 20 local boxers. Amongst them are business people, chefs, hairdressers, engineers, lawyers, a landscaper and a police officer. Regular people who are putting their body on the line to help raise money for a good cause.

Restaurant & Bar





Andrew Marriott lands a heavy shot on Rob Crawford at the last Fight 4 Victory. Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shuttersport. Fifty corporate tables have already been sold for the event and general admission tickets are selling well. Programme director at the trust, Paul

Hampton, says he’d love to see a good crowd on the night. “This event is unique for Nelson. We don’t see a lot of events like it so hopefully people grab a few friends and

make a night of it. There’ll be a lot of people who know some of the fighters, but even if you don’t it’s still great entertainment.” The fight is sanctioned by the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association and will be MC’d by comedian Mike King and local personality Murray Leaning. Paul says every cent of the money raised goes to the trust. “The funds help sustain and grow our programme and without this event we wouldn’t be here. It’s hugely important for us.” Pat Leonard from the NZ Professional Boxing Association says he does around 50 corporate events around the country each year and the Fight 4 Victory is one of the best. Paul says the fighters have put in 12 hard weeks of work, Saxton Stadium will look a treat and now all it needs is a good turn out to cheer them all on. Doors open for Fight 4 Victory at 5.30pm at Saxton Stadium on April 4. The first fight starts at 7pm and the event is expected to be finished before 10pm. General admission tickets are $35 per person and can be bought from the Theatre Royal, Nelson i-Site, Richmond Mall or online at www.ticketdirect.co.nz

Proud to be major sponsors of Fight 4 Victory Proud to be the official photographers.

We are proud to support Fight 4 Victory.

Proud to support Fight 4 Victory Ph 545 7191 284 Trafalgar St www.hopgoods.co.nz

Nelson Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

Nelson Waimea Weekly Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

Go Rhys ‘The Axeman’ Horncastle! Check out photos of the night at


Ph 541 0640 www.stonewood.co.nz

Waimea Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

proud proud toto support support proud FIGHT FOR VICTORY FIGHT FOR FOR VICTORY VICTORY FIGHT

Proud sponsors of Fight 4 Victory.

Proud to support Victory Boxing


Daniel Reed Daniel Daniel 021 548 548Reed 982 021 daniel.reed@bayleys.co.nz 021 548 982 daniel.reed@bayleys.co.nz daniel.reed@bayleys.co.nz

Barry Galbraith (Trustee Of Victory Boxing Charitable Trust), Paul Hampton (Victory Boxing Programme Co-ordinator) and Chris Bowater (CEO of Bowater Hyundai)

Cnr Rutherford St & Hardy St (Opposite McDonalds) P: 545 8032 www.bowaterhyundai.co.nz



ORY2 LSON NZ 4 April 2015 at Saxton Stadium Nelson Weekly

Feature Feature

Locally Owned and Operated

TUESDAY25 24March March 2015 WEDNESDAY 2015 19 19

Doors open from 5.30pm

1 VS

Tim “Fire Starter” Skinner

4 VS Richard “Urban Brawler” Malcolm

Kevin “Chopper” Hopgood

2 VS Emma “The Riddler” Riddell

Garry “Silver Mustang” Ford

Ivan “The Tank” Tava

5 VS Michelle “Molotov Mish” Byczkow

James “The Hammer” Maxwell

3 VS

Karl “The Pitbull” Griffin

7 VS

Tony “The Professor” Snape

The team at Tonic are right behind you!

Andrew “Bad News” Board

James “Junkyard Dog” Hemi

Rhys “The Axe” Horncastle

8 VS

6 VS Heath “Bam Bam” Botica

9 VS

Hazel “Bulldog” Trethowen

Johnny “Bonesaw” Wilkie

10 VS Libby “The Tonic Terminator” Brumwell

Steffan “The Sheriff” James

Justin “Machine Gun” Carter

Proudly sponsored by:

Hayden “The Hitman” Thompson

Wishing all the contestants the best of luck for this great fundraiser. WARRANTY

When success is critical get the gibbons adVantage

Libby “The Tonic Terminator” Ph: 544 4444 221 Queen St, Richmond www.tonichaircultureandbeauty.co.nz

Ph: 545 6100 Mobile: 021 524 965 ben.nalder@summit.co.nz


Proud to support Fight 4 Victory and Emma “the Riddler” Riddell

321 Hardy St • Ph 548 4847 www.bamfordlaw.co.nz


Duncan Party like Kings at the Cotterill FIGHT4VICTORY WARRANTY are proud After Party to support Lone Star - Sat 4 April Fight4Victory




90 Hardy St, Nelson |ph 03 548 1441 www.lonestar.co.nz



Tickets on sale NOW!


Moving on tomorrow. Today.

Proud sponsors of Fight 4 Victory




General admission

Available from:

4 April 2015 at Saxton Stadium Doors open from 5.30pm

20 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Celebrating 10 years

ONE STOP SHOP 24/7 fuel • WOF • Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance • Car Products & Oils Tyres & Puncture Repair • Batteries • Lathe Machining & Turning Bait & Ice • Photocopying • Dairy & Grocery • Coffee & Food to go SuperGold fuel discount 15c per litre. See instore for details.

Brightwater Motors 34 Ellis St • 542 3756 • Open 7 days

Congratulations on 10 years in business.

Scissor Art Feature

It’s been 10 years since Sharon Stockdale took fully qualified stylist with over 10 years of experiover ownership of Scissor Art and she and her ence and alongside her is Neisha Woodward, a team have loved every minute of servicing the fully qualified senior stylist with over eight years needs of the Brightwater area. of experience. Scissor Art is also proud to introDuring it’s decade under Sharon’s management, duce its most recent staff member, Taylor Miller. Scissor Art had undergone some transforma- The third year apprentice stylist is exceptionally tions of its own, most obvious being it’s recent talented and will be a big asset to the business. Sharon herself renovation. The has been in the salon successindustry for 30 fully achieved its aim of becoming years, worka comfortable ing in Australia and Christchplace for clients and a great work urch, tutoring environment for for three years the stylists to at Polytech work their magand was also ic. “Everyone’s involved with loved it, I had WOW for three years; experia rep in today who hasn’t been ences that have here since it was After 10 years of ownership, Sharon is thrilled with the all combined to done and he was current look and success of salon, Scissor Art and continues make Scissor blown away by to enjoy being part of the Brightwater community. Art the success it is today. the transformation. Everyone who hasn’t been here for a while Being a country salon has no effect on the quality and remembers what it did look like is blown of the services they provide, the team are conaway by it and how amazing it actually looks and stantly up-skilling with colour training days, over looked by a technician from the Keune range of it’s lovely to work in,” says Sharon. A fantastic looking salon needs fantastic staff and hair products, and their own staff training exerwith a talented team of stylists on hand, it defi- cises that allow them to practice new techniques nitely delivers on that front too. Bidi Holani is a that can be transferred to their customers. Their

Why struggle with your accounts?

Congratulations on 10 great years

58 Ellis Street, Brightwater Phone 03 542 3608 Open 7 Days: 7.30am – 7.30pm Now doing international postage

We work with: • New or Existing businesses • Rural, Rental, Individuals, Sole Traders, Companies

Controlling your accounts with Business Roundup makes great business sense.

Registered Electricians

We offer: • Bookkeeping and Payroll • GST • Troubleshooting (bookkeeping / software) • Budgeting, cashflow solutions • Trusts • Debtor management – getting the cash in • Advise on appropriate accounting and job costing software • Training for you or your staff • Tax returns

Congratulations Sharon, on ten years in business! Ph: 021 482 088 AH: 542 2328

Always welcome, always local, always Four Square Phone: 03 544 9748 Mobile: 027 283 3448 Email: admin@businessroundup.co.nz

CT builders • New Builds

• Shop Fitouts

• Renovations

• Alterations


Congratulations Sharon, thanks for all the haircuts!

Call Chris Thompson

544 4382 or 027 532 3232

Email: rddron@gmail.com 4 Ernest Place, Brightwater

13 Factory Rd, Brightwater

Phone: 542 3422



WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


56 Ellis St, Brightwater Ph 542 3839 www.scissorart.co.nz great range of Keune products includes a parasor Art from Monday March 30, until Thursben and sulphate free option as well as the exday April 2, you will get a special something clusion of PPD’s from their hair colours, which thrown in depending on which day you book. limits the possibility of skin irritation. The From a free eye trio consisting of an eyebrow salon also offers facial waxing, eyelash tinting and eyelash tint and tidy, to half price facial and eyebrow waxing and tintshaping. ing, all you need to While Scissor do is quote the flyArt has already er and promo code undergone to receive your some big changbirthday gift. Scises, Sharon has sor Art will also more plans for be launching their the businesses new website, www. future up her scissorart.co.nz, sleeve, includso make sure you ing enrolling in check it out dura small business ing their birthday management week. course that is Scissor Art are a teaching her professional, relihow to set and able, enthusiastic achieve busiand creative team ness goals. The of stylists that idea to host a strive to exceed miniature hair their customers’ care workshop expectations. They has also been take the time to an ambition get to know their for Sharon ever The talented Scissor Art team are Bidi Holani, Sharon clients and prosince she took Stockdale, Neisha Woodward and Talor Miller. vide that special over the salon personal touch. To and now it’s finally time to start planning. book an appointment with one of Scissor Arts To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Scisstylists, give them a call today on 542 3839 or sor Art will be offering a week of special deals. come in and see the salon for yourself at 56 ElWhen you make a hair appointment with Scislis St, Brightwater.

Scissor Art

56 Ellis St, Brightwater Ph 542 3839 www.scissorart.co.nz

When Richmond resident Joan Probert was pottering around her garden recently, she was surprised to find a pumpkin growing in her Camelia tree. Joan regularly throws her vegetable scraps into the garden which includes pumpkins seeds and as a result, several pumpkins have grown. The vines of one pumpkin climbed the tree and settled on a branch and stayed unnoticed until it was large enough to poke through the leaves. Photo: Monique Bergman.

Got a story? Contact us first

544 9037


15 nd chmo i R > n Nelso


S E T U MatIpNeak times

Thanks for 10 amazing years!


*Richmond to Nelson routes every 15 minutes during peak times on week days. Other routes every 30 minutes during peak time. Also, save up to 30% each trip with a 30 trip concession card! NB surp us... ris awe ingly som e!

NBUS .co.nz

22 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015




Country music at its best

It was country music heaven as the annual Sun City Country Music awards rocked Club Waimea. Things kicked off on February 28 with a showcase, highlighting the talents of the weekend’s judges and guests. With a capacity crowd, it was a successful start to a weekend of the country’s best country music singers, with auditions starting on Saturday and continuing on until Sunday in the club’s hall and the Richmond Bowling Club. In a letter to Club Waimea, organisers of the music awards thanked both clubs for the use of their facilities. “We appreciated the support shown from all that attended and also a big thanks to John and his team at Club Waimea for the wonderful assistance and facilities,” wrote convenor, Linda Hahn. Saturday evening saw competitors compete in the Rock’n’Roll section which was well supported by the local Rock’n’Roll club who didn’t hesitate to show of their impressive dancing skills and, by Sunday, the judges had narrowed the acts down from 260 to 51. The final showcase on Sunday, featuring a lot of local Nelson’s Brooklyn Scott singing in the NZ Sun City Coun- talent, was well supported by members try Music Awards for 2015. Brooklyn was crowned overall of the public who came to enjoy counwinner of the junior section. try music at its best.

Come in and check out our specials 41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137 OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm




315 Queen St

Ph 544 9189

Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

The team to support you in your business

270a Queen St, Richmond Ph: 544 6179 www.caca.co.nz

Ph: 543 8203 www.nbs.co.nz

Kevin McKenzie with the Club Waimea courtesy van that will safely get you home.

Courtesy Van If you find yourself on a Thursday night in need of a drink at your favourite club, but you don’t want to chance the drive home, the Club Waimea courtesy van is now here to rescue you. Not only is the service a handy way to commute to and from the club without a worry, but the drivers offer some friendly conversation too. Let the group of reliable vol-

unteers do the driving while you enjoy the food and atmosphere of Club Waimea, their services are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm. To book the courtesy van for your next night at the club, give the office a call on 543 9179. While you’re there, don’t forget to get in on the raffles or the membership draw on Thursday night.

Members Draw Members 1450, 837, 273, 1574, 487 were not here and the weekly draw on Thursday 26 March will start at $1,400.

Barnicoat Bistro

Open from 5:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Plus, from 5:30pm on Sunday, don’t miss out on the buffet night. Only $22.50 per person.

join now! Enjoy companionship, fun activities, great food and a friendly environment 345 LOWER QUEEN ST, RICHMOND P: 543 9179 www.clubwaimea.co.nz


WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015




Ph: 543 8203 www.nbs.co.nz

From the President’s desk...

Club Waimea manager, John Hewison and president Jan Phipps with Clubs New Zealand president, Tom Fisher during the conference and AGM.

Our Club has impressed

Club Waimea have impressed on a national level after hosting the Club’s NZ 2015 Conference and Annual General Meeting. It’s been on everyone’s minds for the past few weeks and now the club can relax and go back to their normal routine with the satisfaction of knowing the

conference and AGM was a success. Club’s New Zealand President Tom Fisher expressed his approval at the quality of Club Waimea’s hospitality, rating them as an eight on a scale of one to ten. The event was important to those in leadership positions within clubs around the country for

its networking opportunities and chances to learn updated information about their industry. The AGM then dealt with the rules, regulations and licensing that comes with operating and allowed members to share their expectations for the Clubs New Zealand organisation.

Upcoming Entertainment March 28 Avago

April 4 Matt Werner April 11 Tim Pannell

Clubs & activities to join at Club Waimea Cards Darts Fishing Golf Indoor Bowls Pool Rugby Supporters Snooker Squash Texas Hold’em Poker Outdoor Bowls Sioux Line Dance Totsadl RSA RSA Ladies Harmony Chorus Men in Accord NN Motorcycle Group Sun City Rockers

Anne Ryder Karen Thomas Leanda Richards Wayne Bowen Kevin McKenzie Rob Barnett Gary Brown Shane Geddes Brendon Whitley Bill McKenna Jean McKenzie Sue Wilson Viv Hitchcock Terry Richardson Jan Blackmore Maggie Trodahl Brian Wood Craig Mills Marie Bone

544 7267 541 0554 541 8123 544 9766 544 8060 021 076 8726 544 4681 027 675 2757 544 1091 or 027 223 0813 544 6166 544 8060 03 528 6788 021 926 011 544 5479 541 0360 03 526 6775 or 021 163 7610 547 7191 or 021 183 3703 545 8506 544 1018 or 021 100 4492

join us! P: 543 9179 www.clubwaimea.co.nz

Three weeks ago we host- ished on Saturday with the ed the NZ Country Mu- Clubs NZ 2015 AGM. sic Awards and by all the This was only made posfeedback received, it was sible with the help of so successful, again, many many volunteers who thanks to all willingly gave the volunteers their time for any and all that helped. duties. We I wish to also thank the were honsports secoured to have had David tions volunBirdling (a teer drivers valuable Club for commencWaimea Diing the Thursrector) as the day night bus conference service and Janine Phipps MC, he also by last week’s promoted our usage, this is going to be a success. own and other exhibitors The new drink driving products with such prolaws have been effected fessionalism and experour club however we are tise. I also wish to extend trying to encourage new my thanks to our manager members to increase pa- John Hewison and all the tronage, so if any member staff for the professional has a positive suggestion way they carried out their please let us know as it duties. On Thursday evencould be beneficial to all. ing entertainment was put So it’s all positive news, on by Barry Korcheski, let’s go forward together Friday by The Travelling and enjoy our club and its Hillbillies, and Saturday by The Four Tones, who facilities. The Clubs NZ Confer- were supported by the Sun ence and AGM is an event City Rockers and their that will be forever etched dance display. All of these in my memory; a first for were above expectations Club Waimea (we may and I hope it’s not long benever have the chance to fore we see them entertain hold such a prestigious again in our club. Finally I event of this type again) wish to thank all of you for and it was a huge success letting us have this event with praise was freely of- in your club and the way fered by all who attended. in which you responded to It all started with the ex- our visitors. hibitor’s equipment arriv- Janine Phipps ing on Monday and fin- President

Panel Beating & Chassis Straightening Specialist

Tunes, services and WOF all makes and models Petrol and diesel

7 Gladstone Road,Richmond, Nelson

Ph: 544 2266

36 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Bill & Bevan Ph/ Fax 03 544 8978

24 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


withaFRE Bat eryvaluedatupto$325.

New Show H On the Brightside After a long, dry drought there are occasionally some field mushrooms out in the paddocks in front of Snowden’s Bush. Not every year mind, but when they are there, they are very nice and tasty. Imagine my surprise last week, when a giant truck with house on trailer appeared in these paddocks. Fortunately, the laden truck moved off in the middle of the night last Monday. The house being relocated was formerly the vicarage for St Paul’s Church has stood on its Brightwater site since 1903. This month Brightwater Community Association has installed a bench seat at the Tomlinson Reserve, on the banks of the Wai-iti River. Native planting on the adjacent riverbank has been planned for this winter. We are


Pick up up and in Pick andDelivery Delivery

Brightwater and Wakefield Locals supporting locals

also going ahead with the purchase of two picnic tables for the Village Green. This ANZAC Day, being 100 years since the landing on the Gallipolli peninsular of the ANZAC forces, we are going to celebrate this great occasion with a morning tea in the Memorial Hall following on from the 9am service at the Domain gates. More details next month. Just a reminder that we are sharing our next Community Meeting with Tasman District Council who will be presenting their 10 year plan. The venue is the Brightwater School Hall at 7.00 pm on Monday 30 March. All Brightwater residents are welcome to attend. Andy McQueen, Chairperson Brightwater Community Association

TermsFREE andcondit oBATTERY nsap ly,askinstorefordetails.Of ersvaliduntil30April2014orwhilestockslast.

Southfuels helps local school

Purchase any STIHL Cordless Kit and SAVE with a FREE Battery valued at up to $325.

Brightwater School has received School principal, Gerald Baldwin, $1000 worth of sports equipment, says they are fortunate to have three thanks to three businesses who joined businesses signing up for the promoa Southfuels promotion called Fuel tion. B and J Hahn’s owners, Brett and Junita Hahn for Schools. of BrightB and J Hahn water, have Contracting, Proud supporters of the three daughAllan Hahn Brightwater community ters, Nikita, Contracting Buy Selected STIHL or Masport products and go in the draw to win an EcoSheds shed and tools to the value of $5000. Shawna and and Cable Darby, at Ha r v e s t i n g Brightwater joined the School while promotion STIHL FS 38 LINETRIMMER STIHL MS 170 CHAINSAW Allan Hahn and nominatof Richmond ed Brightwac o m p a ny, ter School as Allan Hahn the recipient Contractof 50 cents Richmond ing, is their for every 100 South Fuels John Eales, right, with Brightgrandfather. litres of fuel water School teacher Alan “Dobbie” Dobson South Fuels they purchase and pupils, from left, Nikita, Shawna and Nelson-Marfrom SouthDarby Hahn with the sports equipment dolborough acfuels. This nated to the school by Fuel for Schools. counts manmonth the toager, John Eales says Fuel for Schools tal of donated funds reached a target Sian Potts of $1000 and Southfuels handed over started eight years ago and has donat027 296 8345 the money which Brightwater School ed $165,652 to schools in the South used to purchase equipment for the Island. Karyn Holland “It’s a great way for South Fuels and traditional Maori game, Ki O Rahi. 027 223 9561 our customers to give back to the community,” he says. www.holland-pottsproperty.co.nz John says Brightwater School Purchase any STIHL Cordless Kit and SAVE Pouring now already has a head start towith a FREE Battery valued at up to $325. wards the next $1000 target • Over 40 years with its rewards total sitting experience at $89.70. Limited Release - Don’t miss out! Southfuels is a New Zealand• Alterations Terms and conditions apply, ask in store for details. Offers valid until 30 April 2014 or while stocks last. - Gates owned and operated, South • Bathroom Island-based bulk fuel and - Balustrades lubricant distributor special• Kitchen Text Here Fencing ising in servicing the rural, From $12, Eat In or Takeaway. • Toilet contractor, commercial and Text Here Available all day, everyday. Ellis St, Brightwater Phone: 542 3356 industrial markets. www.reco.co.nz • Locally


NOW $245 SAVE $50

Text Here

Proud to be part of the Brightwater community NOW $345

SAVE $50

Licensed REAA 2008

Terms and conditions apply, ask in store for details. Offers valid until 30 April 2014 or while stocks last.

Text Here


American Pale Ale


TextHere Text Here Text Here

Italian Pizza Quiz Nights

Every Thursday 7.30pm Supporting local charities.

YOU’LL ONLY NEED ONE 54 Ellis St, Brightwater


Text Here

owned & operated

Right into outdoor power equipment


62 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 6122


WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


w Show Home at 5 Fairose News Drive, Brightwater Community

St Paul’s Vicarage – on the move! Perriam Enterprises have been contracted with the task of relocating the vicarage to its new site, just this side of Motueka. The vicarage was built in 1903 to replace its predecessor, an 11 room residence that was destroyed by fire. Insured for a

princely sum of 300 pounds, extra funds needed to be borrowed from the diocese. Interestingly, the very first Brightwater Horticultural Society flower show was held to help raise funds for the first loan instalment. A new residence is being built on the site.

Senior Care activities

Exercise and games, 10am Thursday at the Brightwater Community Church Hall, $2 donation. Community luncheon, 12 midday on the third Thursday of the month. A donation toward lunch is requested. Home visiting. Transport for medical appointments, grocery shopping and Senior Care activities.

Plunket Playgroup

A small and valued team of volunteers supports Nicola. If you would like to volunteer or are interested in any of the upcoming activities or events please contact Nicola 541 9225 or 021 277 8061. Waimea Senior Care is a community service for seniors in the Brightwater and Wakefield areas provided by the Anglican Church.


If you would like to come and enjoy the informal playgroup on Wednesday mornings, it is held in the Brightwater Community Anglican Church Crèche building at 68 Waimea West Rd, Brightwater from 9am – mid day.

83 Ellis Street, Brightwater Phone/Fax 03 542 4247

After hours emergencies:

Phone: 027 644 9941

ALCALA POULTRY & STOCK FEEDS All feeds available in 25kg bags

Priced as listed: Chick Starter Grower Mash – 20% protein Poultry Layer Pellets – 18% protein Poultry Layer Mash – 18% protein Poultry Feed Wheat Feed Barley Pig Grower Meal Poultry Grit Kibbled Maise Maise

$30 $30 $27 $25 $23 $25 $25 $31 $28

Feeds also available in 40kg bags, ½ or 1 tonne bags. Discounted prices for bulk orders. All prices include gst.

MURRAY GIBSON’S POULTRY Ph Murray 0800 768 587 for poultry orders Ph Ian 542 3998 or 0274 334 403 for stock & poultry food orders

Plus *Conditions apply. Valid until 6 April 2015.

• Fascia & Guttering • Downpipes • Gutter Guard • Repair work

Call Shane 027 213 9660

4 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Ph: 544 6613 www.colourplusnelson.co.nz

26 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Just a thought...

Save & Win $5,000 with NBS Target . . .

Have you heard?

Every month NBS gives away $5,000 cash.

How can you win? All you need is an NBS Target Account, with an opening deposit of $100, and every one hundred dollars in your Target Account equals one more chance to win.

What is NBS Target? NBS Target is an interest bearing savings account, earning interest on every dollar deposited. If you need to dip into your savings, you can withdraw once per month free of charge.

How to open an NBS Target Account? Call into your local NBS branch, you’ll need an opening deposit of $100, and if you’re not already an NBS Account holder two forms of ID and an address verification (like a power bill, or phone account). It’s that simple!

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and win $5000 cash per month*

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207 QUEEN STREET. RICHMOND. 03 543 9391. www.nbs.co.nz NBS is not a registered bank.

I recently read about a homeless man living on the streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, who fled from police who were bringing him news of a six million dollar inheritance that had been left to him. Tomas Martinez, 67, thought the police were coming to arrest him and he took off and has never been seen since, so never found out that he was really a very wealthy man. What a tragedy. This true story of a man who had great wealth available to him but he had no knowledge of it. Equally sad is the true story of New York billionaire Leona Helmsley, who left $12million dollars to her pet dog, Trouble, while some of her family were left out of the will, causing greater trouble. Inheritances can be cause for great celebration and unfortunately they can also be the reason for incredible trouble and animosity. Ask any lawyer. Leaving an inheritance is Ross Ferguson Richmond actually God’s idea which Community is a consistent theme right Church. through the scriptures. The underlying purpose is to be blessed and to be a blessing, to live fruitful lives and to leave a legacy for future generations. Sadly, today, there are many ‘baby-boomers’ who are going on ‘ski’ holidays (Spending Kid’s Inheritance) because they can’t trust their children with hard-earned wealth. There is a proverb that says: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Our family have just had a weekend celebrating the 90th birthday of a very special person, who has left a legacy that has touched countless people besides his own children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Don Fraser has laid a foundation for the generations that is of far greater value than worldly wealth, because it has been built on an understanding of and a relationship with the Father heart of God and his Son Jesus Christ, who had no wealth of his own, yet following his death he has left a lasting legacy. The apostle Paul’s life message was that God’s grace or undeserved favour was given as an inheritance that is for all who want to be adopted by God into His family, so anyone can become heirs of a ‘rich and glorious inheritance’ that is available now. Unfortunately, there are many folk who, like Tomas Martinez, carry guilt or shame that is robbing them of a rich inheritance that is available through the person of Jesus Christ. Think about it.

- Funerals - Cremations - Memorials - Counselling - Urns Ph 542 4424 or 0800 738 386 www.petcremationsnelson.co.nz


Beauty and style For everything you need to create a beautiful and stylish home, there is no name quite like Bed Bath and Beyond. After much anticipation, their newest store is now bringing its stunning range of products to some excited Richmond admirers, located in the new development on Queen St. Bed Bath and Beyond is New Zealand’s largest and only specialist retailer of linen and manchester related products, catering to customers from 52 stores around the nation. The new store has been welcomed with open arms to Richmond, with many customers

sharing their pleasure at having a store of their own. And who wouldn’t be thrilled to have the best linen, bath products and home ware items on their back door step. Customers to the new store can also look forward to meeting the lovely team of ladies who will be taking care of all their Bed Bath and Beyond requirements. The staff of five have a huge number of combined years in the retail industry, offering excellent customer service and a friendly atmosphere that will make you want to stay forever. Step inside their wonderful world of patterned duvet covers, quality

linen, bathroom accessories, rugs and mats, home decor and much more. There is so much to view and even more you will want to take home for yourself so get in quick and make the most of their four day sale. With one of the team qualified in interior design, you can discuss the perfect colours and styles to suit your home, or find the perfect gift for someone else. Come in and see for yourself the treasure trove that is Bed Bath and Beyond in Richmond. You’ll find them next to Kmart and The Warehouse on Queen St. Advt.

WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY 25 25 March March 2015 2015

?? 27

The Bed Bath and Beyond team are (from left) Stephanie White, Jill Knowles, Shelley Yate, Emma Nicholson and Samantha Jackett.

28 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


SPORT Richmond rider wins Rainbow Rage www.shuttersport.co.nz

Richmond’s Brenda Clapp was the fastest woman in the 20th, and possibly last, edition of the 106km Rainbow Rage mountainbike ride from St Arnaud to Hanmer Springs, while Hanmer’s Stephen Halligan won the men’s race ahead of Nelson’s Tom Filmer. Brenda completed the journey through the old stock driving route in 4hr 34min to finish seven minutes ahead of Liz Roberts and nine clear of Jessica Hughes, both

of Nelson. Stephen and Tom rode together for most of the 106km before Stephen raced clear approaching the final climb over Jacks Pass to win in 3hr 33min, five minutes clear of Tom. Organiser Mike Gane says fast times were the order of the day for the Printhousesponsored race, with riders enjoying a steady tailwind for all but the first six kilometres. “There was a headwind drifting down the

valley at the start but I told the riders in the race briefing that they’d get a tailwind after about 10km and they got it after six. It was a beautiful day for them and everyone came in at the finish absolutely grinning.” Although riders had to negotiate a series of slips across the road, Mike says that added to the adventure. “It was a real mountainbike ride because there were so many shingle slides before Island Saddle. Some of them were really

hard to ride so it made it pretty entertaining.” The only bad news for riders is that the 20th Rainbow Rage may be the last. Numbers have been dwindling for a the last three or four years and Mike says the 300 who entered this year were not enough to make it economic. “It’s too early to say if it’s the last. I’ll need some more time to think about it, but it’s not sustainable with 300 riders.”

FREE vein assessments*

Vein and Skin Cancer Clinic Dr Shona Dalzell and our friendly team in the Nelson Region provide vein and skin cancer assessments and effective treatments.


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Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance


Star & Garter Waimea Old Boys halfback Andy Stevens leads the charge against Taylor’s Contracting Wanderers in their 20-8 division one club rugby game win at Trafalgar Park on Saturday. Photo: Barry Whitnall/shuttersport.co.nz

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WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Kaiteri to host mountainbike race

Waimea College’s Bridie Edwards on her way to winning the under-16 girls 3000m at Saxton Field last Wednesday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

The Kaiteriteri Weekender 6 Hour Bike Relay will be held during the April school holidays on Saturday, April 11. The date has been moved to encourage families to camp at the event hub, the Kaiteriteri Beach Motor Camp. In addition to the mountain biking event, the Nelson Orienteering Club will run a two hour mountain bike Rogaine on the Sunday morning. This involves each team navigating its way through the Park’s

trail network, visiting checkpoints to accumulate a maximum score within a two hour time period. Also on Sunday afternoon, Steve Newport of HeliBike Nelson will run shuttles to the top ridge so all of those with tired legs can have runs down Corkscrew, Jaws, Velocity and Flamin’ Noraor Rockface. For further information, please go to kaiteriterimtbpark.org.nz or facebook page KaiteriteriMTBPark.

Super 15 Tipping Our locals pick their winners Hurricanes vs Rebels

Round 7 Ben Coman

Reds vs Lions

Chief Highlanders Waratahs vs vs vs Cheetahs Stormers Blues

Sharks vs Force

Bulls vs Crusaders


Brent Stewart (Stew) 26/40

Waimea runner sets new 3000m record Waimea College’s Bridie Edwards continued her record-breaking run in the 3000m, setting her latest mark in the under-16 girls race at the Tasman secondary schools athletics champs at Saxton Field. Bridie had already broken the Tasman 3000m records for the under-14 and under-15 age groups, running 10min 34.71sec in 2013 and 10min 28.19sec last year. Last Wednesday, she added a third record when she blitzed the 3000m in 10min 33.03sec to beat the previous mark set by 36 seconds. And Bridie will get a another chance to improve on that time when she lines up in the South Island secondary schools champs starting at Saxton Field this weekend. Waimea won three 3000m titles last week, with Sami Jordan taking out the under-19 girls race and Dylan Hampton winning the

under-14 boys. Sami also won her 1500m while Garin’s Jared Lautenslager won the under-19 boys 1500m. Waimea’s Gregor Wilson won the under-15 boys hurdles. Waimea College athletes also performed well in the field events with Corbyn Robb (under-14 boys), Phillip Jordan (under-15 boys) and Megan Stack (under-16 girls) winning high jump titles and Jess Kelly (under-14 girls), Shania Kuipers (under-15 girls) and Megan winning their long jumps. Jess and Garin’s Ryan Churchill (under-14 boys) won the triple jump, with Ryan setting a new record of 12.04m. Waimea’s Emma Mackay-Smith (under-16 girls shot put), Samantha Hardie (under-14 girls discus), Brooke Robertson (under-15 girls discus) and Phillip Jordan (under-15 boys discus) also won field events.

Dawn Rameka 25/40 Hayden Stevenson 25/40 Belinda de Clercq 24/40 Chris Shand


Mark Cessford


Dick Baker


Ben Brownie


Paul Mackay


Chris Satherley


queen street

Roy Tomlinson


SPECIAL SALE HOURS Thursday 2 April - Open until 9pm (Just before easter weekend)

Open every Saturday until 3pm Grab yourself a clothing bargain,many top quality items ½ price, but only while stocks last.

Run by Shooters for Shooters Phone 03 528 4276

277 High Street, Motueka e: thegunshop@vodafone.co.nz



30 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Waimea students make national beach volleyball teams Four Waimea College volleyballers have been selected for national age-group teams to play in a series of beach volleyball tournaments in the US in July. Harrison Kilgour and Jacob King have been named in the boys under-21 team, Hannah Davenhill is in the girls under-21 team, while Holly Chandler has been named in the girls under-19 team. Only six players from the South Island have been selected in the two squads that will play US high-performance teams in Waimea College’s Hannah Davenhill, left, and Holly Chandler have been selected for California. New Zealand beach volleyball teams.

FC Nelson look to take on Falcons Andrew Board The championship-winning Nelson Marlborough Falcons football team could fold if talks with FC Nelson don’t pan out, says chair of the board behind the team, Aldo Miccio. Aldo says the current board behind the team will not bid for a licence after their current licence expires for the 2017 season and he’d like to see a club take over to make sure the team remains sustainable. The Falcons had a mixed 2014. On the field it won the national title, an incredible achievement. But off the pitch the lack of a major sponsor and dwindling board meant the organising of the team was done by fewer people, and the board is still paying off last year’s entry fee. Aldo says the team should be in a club structure, where it will have access to more volunteers and supporters. He says the Falcons are about to enter formal discussions with FC Nelson. “After last season we realised that everyone has done their bit, we had run the franchise for two years and needed it to go to a club. We’ve had board members there from the start and if you look at any board you need rotation.” FC Nelson president George Molnar says the club’s focus remains on development of youth players and the Falcons fit into that. “We think this is fantastic for our club and for the Nelson region.” Asked about the financials, a problem that has hampered the Falcons over the past season, George says they will look closely at it. “We wouldn’t be sitting down talking to them if we didn’t think we could make it work.”

Tasman Hockey For registrations for the 2015 season please email

tasmanhockey@gmail.com with your expression of interest. All new & existing players welcome.

insurance sPecialist


Phone 545 8928 Mobile 027 447 7275 email peter.ogilvie@plus4.co.nz www.plus4.co.nz INSURANCE SOLUTIONS

Peter Ogilvie


WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015


Waimea swimmer wins gold medals Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter


Waimea Swimming Club’s Tayla Graham completed a golden week, winning four gold medals at the national division two championships that ended in Dunedin last Saturday. Tayla, 16, started her golden run at the Waimea Club championships held at the Waimea College pool on March 14. She beat the club’s 16 year-old girls records in every event she entered, including the 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle, 100m and 200m breast-stroke and backstroke, 100m butterfly and 133m individual medley. The year 12 Waimea College student carried that form into last weekend’s division two nationals setting personal bests on her way to winning the 50m and 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke and 200m individual medley. Incredibly, Tayla recorded 2min 42.26sec for the 200m IM to beat her previous best time by a massive 8.12sec while improving her 100m butterfly by 5.36sec. Tayla had earlier qualified for the national division two champs after winning four events at the South Island Country and Town champs in Blenheim from February 28 to March 2. She also set new records in the 100m and 200m

Tayla Graham with the four gold medals she won at the national division two swimming championships in Dunedin last week. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. IM at that meeting. Tayla, who has been swimming competitively for just over two years, attributes her big improvement to good coaching, hard training and the excitement of swimming national championships. “Jos Pattison is a great coach and he’s really helped me get faster,” Tayla says. “I taught myself to swim but he’s shown me how to improve on all the little things that are so important and he’s so encouraging. “I think the atmosphere at nationals helped too. You always swim faster when you are racing against top swimmers at a big meet.’

Although Tayla has shown talent across all four strokes, she says she wants to focus on breast-stroke and butterfly. Now that she has competed successfully at the division two nationals, her next aim is qualifying for next year’s national age group championships. “I’ve already got two qualifying times for 50m, but I need 100m or 200m qualifying times as well. I’m getting close, so hopefully I can get those for next year.” Tayla’s next assignments are the Tasman secondary school champs in May followed by the South Island secondary school champs in July.

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32 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Community Notices

Community Events


DEaths NICHOLLS, Ethne Graham (nee Hunter) 17.2.23 -15.1.15 Judith, Kevin, Philip, David and families, would like to express their gratitude to all those who attended Ethne’s send off. We know that Ethne would have been so humbled and touched by all of those who came to pay their respects. We were really grateful to everyone who visited, phoned, sent emails and cards. Your support and thoughtfulness gave us an enormous amount of comfort. It was really heart-warming to see so many people at Ethne’s funeral especially those who had travelled so far to attend and many faces from years ago. We were truly grateful to the staff at the Kensington Court who have cared for mum’s care over the last 18mths – thank you. We also would like to thank the ladies who did such a lovely job of the refreshments after the service. If we have missed anyone please accept this as a personal thank you and acknowledgement of gratitude on behalf of the Nicholls family this being an end of an era for us.

Keeping you in touch Social afternoon on Weds. 1st. Apr. at Age Concern Hall, Oxford St. Richmond at 1.30pm. Curious ? Do join us. Brenda 5445872 FREE! Employment Info Evening in Motueka for people new to NZ Where? Motueka Community House. When? Friday, 27th Mar. 6 – 7.30pm. Experts from Fair Workplaces & Union Network of Migrants. Join us for complimentary drinks & nibbles, Question & Answer session. FRESH FOCUS Kathy O’Donnell speaking about “The Women’s Refuge”. Monday, 30 Mar., 10-11 am, at Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive. Everyone welcome. Entry $2. Richmond Lions, Next bi-monthly meeting of Lions is on Apr. 7 at Age Concern building Oxford St. Richmond. 6.00pm for 6.30pm meal. New members warmly welcome! Contact Alex on 544 2639 or for the Wakefield area Ivan on 541 9689. ASTRONOMY View the Moon & other celestial objects on Fri 27 Mar 8 pm weather permitting at the Cawthron Atkinson Observatory at the Clifton Terrace School Atawhai. All welcome. Gold coin entry. STOKE PLAYCENTRE Nau mai, haere mai! Children birth to 6 years of age, & whānau, are welcome to join us for a fun, learning experience. Mon., Wed. & Fri. 9:30am-midday (First three visits are free!) Stoke Playcentre is the newest Playcentre in the Nelson Association. We are located beside Stoke School, Ranui St. Ph: 5477299

Holiday Care for the Under Fives. Nelson Tasman Kindergarten 8.30am - 2.30pm, 7 Apr. to 16 Apr. 2015. Open to all 3-4 year olds. Richmond, Nelson & Motueka venues. See www.ntk.org.nz. Alzheimers Nelson For people living with Memory loss & Dementia Advice, Information & support ARE AVAILABLE . Ph: 5467702 or 0800 004 001. Messages cleared regularly. Waimarama Community Gardens: In The Brook AN URBAN GARDEN is being developed. It’s an ongoing project to show what can be done in your backyard. Come help create it.Every Wednesday 9.30-12.30. Much fun & learning to be had. FOSTER Parents Change Lives & Communities. Child, Youth & Family are offering free training for foster parents & caregivers in Nelson. Dates: Mar. 26 & Apr. 2. Time 6-9pm. Contact Heather 03 989 4200 or heather.couper002@cyf.govt. nz for further info. Get MONEY Smart - Want to save money or SLASH debt in 2015 for FREE? Register for our weekly evening class held in Nelson, Motueka or Blenheim. Bonus - NO FEES!! Call Pip 03 547 6138 or Register at www. barbicantc.com for info session next week. RED PUPPY APPEAL Volunteers needed for an easy 2 hours of collecting for the Blind Foundation at tables at shops in Nelson & Richmond on Fri 27 & Sat 28 Mar.. Please contact Carl Horn at 539-1108. Playgroup: Sallies Play Cafe Rich-

mond held at The Salvation Army, 57 Oxford St Fridays 9.30-11.30am (term time). Come & meet other mums while the kids play. Bring morning tea for your own child(ren). Cuppa provided. Gold coin donation. More info contact Vanessa 0274446976

Wallace Marty and Caroline (nee Wilson), now in Auckland, are proud parents to a darling little girl; Ellie (Elizabeth) Jayne weighing in at 7lb 3ozs. Welcome to Ellie Jayne, love and hugs from Granny and Poppa Dino.

REGULAR EVENTS Tiny Tots, a free, fun introduction to stories, songs, active movement & rhymes for preschoolers & their caregivers. Tuesdays 10-10.30am Children’s Area, Richmond Library during term time. Playgroup Richmond Plunket Oxford St. Mon.s (term time) 9.30am to 11.30am morning tea provided Contact Angela 0274441546. SINGERS WANTED! Women of all ages who enjoy singing are invited to join a Thursday night rehearsal with Nelson Bays Harmony this month. Brush up your vocal skills & experience the buzz of singing 4-part a cappella harmony. For details contact Jenny on 547 4354 or visit www.nelsonharmony.org.nz Better Breathing Classes (BBC) including hydrotherapy pool held regularly. Light exercise with a focus on breathing & relaxation. Ph: Nelson Asthma Society 546 7675 for more information & classes near you. TOASTMASTERS Improve your social confidence. Learn the art & skills of public speaking. There are 4 Toastmasters Clubs in Nelson&Motueka. For info contact June at 022-018-0853 or neatjun@yahoo.co.nz.


Elliott Henry Holden Prentice Happy 2nd Birthday for 4 April Love from Mum, Big Brother Jack & Family xxxooxxox

DEADLINE: MIDDAY FRIDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: accounts@waimeaweekly.co.nz Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Across 1 Proverb (6) 4 Leave behind (8) 9 Only slightly (6) 10 A breed of guard dog (8) 12 In an angry tone (8) 13 Discourse (6) 15 Part of the eye (4) 16 Seek to defend (5,2,3) 19 To clash with (4,4,2) 20 Operatic song (4)

8 Cambridge St, Richmond • Ph 03 544 1129 Across contd. 23 District (6) 25 Bombastic (8) 27 Countermand (8) 28 Transfix (6) 29 Scatter in all directions (8) 30 A mass departure (6) Down 1 Moscow ballet company (7) 2 Determinedly (4,1,4) 3 Lightening of a burden (6) 5 Threatening (4) 6 Eliminate (5,3) 7 To levy (5) 8 A leopard (7) 11 Using maximum effort (4,3) 14 Currently in progress (2-5) 17 Obtained directly (5-4) 18 As might be expected (2,6) 19 Permanently (3,4) 21 Oration (7) 22 Culmination (6) 24 Conjecture (5) 26 A positive factor (4) Answers next week

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Old fashioned values - Old fashioned ethics

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Puzzle 1848

SEPARATED/DIVORCED? DivorceCare is a support group offering a recovery programme over 13 weeks. Begins Thursday 16 Apr., 7.30pm at Hope Community Church, Ranzau Road, Hope THE RAY WIN COLLECTION of Jowett vehicles & speedway bikes will be open & on display on Sunday 5 & 19 Apr.. We are now situated at Higgins Heritage Park Wakefield. Group visits can be made outside of these dates by prior arrangements. Ph 5447096. For more information or to register Ph: Ruth on 538 0739 or Lois on 543 2942 Refugee Support: you can make a difference. Support former refugees to resettle in Nelson. Full training provided. Contact Red Cross jettie. zeestraten@redcross.org.nz or 5484978 “BRING HIM HOME: AN ANZAC TRIBUTE” with the Nelson Male Voice Choir. Sat, Apr. 25 2-00 pm Old St John’s Hardy St. Guests Tasman Brass Quartet; Sarah Stack; Steve Rudhall: Hilda Bester . Adults $20; Under 18 $5-00, Under 10 Free. Tickets available; i-SITE, Millers Acre, Nelson; Summit Real Estate Stoke; Richmond Mall. NELSON TRAMPING CLUB invites you: Mar 29, Boulder Bank, easy, $2, Ph: Lou 547 7727. Details www. http://nelsontrampingclub.org.nz Forest & Bird Wednesday Apr. 8 Andy Underwood is a NZ author & photographer & will talk on ‘Presenting Wildlife’. 7.30 p m Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai St HOPE/RANZAU W.I. have a Craft/








Classifieds Ph 544 9037


gArAge sAle

public notice

ATTENTION GREYPOWER MEMBERS “Progressive Team” Candidates Announced.

As Nelson Grey Power Inc will still not recognise two Special General Meetings and reinstate Neville Male as a member, allowing him to be nominated for President the team has, out of respect for Neville, decided not to contest this position. The following members have been nominated to stand for Officers / Management Committee positions of Nelson Grey Power for 2015-16. Vice-President: Malcolm Saunders - current committee member and Board Waimea Village. Secretary: Garry Thompson - extensive administration and HR experience in Government and National Organisations . Also served NZ Police, Scouting NZ, Community Patrols NZ, past produce retailer. Treasurer: Eileen Wilkin - Financial advisor for Nelson Electorate, vast office management experience, past Probus and Nelson Suburban Club executive roles. Management Committee: Peter Johnson - Career in management, various Directorships, Night Patrol Volunteer. Rosalina McCarthy - Owner/operator research archives, Post Graduate Museum Studies. Hugh Neill - Bachelor Commerce, Past Accountant, Farmer and currently Principal Affordable Accounting. Ron Oates - Vast Management experience, Sanford and NZ King Salmon, Grey Power member 15 years. Meryl-Lynn Pluck - Director of Rainbow Reading , Schoolteacher, Post Graduate Qualifications. Hilary Upton - Career as Nurse, Cert in Computer Technology NMIT, served on many organisations. Reginald Upton - Wilkins & Field 37 years, past executive roles on Lions Club, Nelson A & P Assn. John Walker - Company Director, Former owner House Parts Nelson, extensive business experience. If you are unable to attend the AGM and wish to vote for this “Progressive Team” you may do this by proxy vote, or if you have already signed a proxy form giving your proxy personal discretion (i.e. ‘as my proxy sees fit’) you may revoke this proxy at any time before the AGM. Please contact Eileen 544 6392, Malcolm 544 5053, Errol 546 7928 or Peter 545 1002 for assistance with recording your preferred proxy votes.

public notice

Walk Back In History...


Sun 29 March

Saturday 28 wet or fine. Clearing out sale everything must go! Many bargains! Chest freezer, clothes dryer, bread maker, electric jugs, [all in working order] rotary hoe [howard] stock crate [ute] workshop and household clear out, cane bookshelf, cane chair and side table, linen, double bed, something for everyone. Palmer Road, Brightwater. Signs out at 9.00am. Not before!

WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

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hoMe loAns

For ALL your equipment needs, use the local guys CommerCial



Ph: 543 9044 56a Gladstone Road, Richmond


Mortgage Advisers First home buyers • Purchasers Refinancing • Investment Properties Guarantor lending 100% loans

Phone 548 8590 www.lifetime.co.nz Mark Langdon & Ian French

dog grooMing


Dog grooming stuDent


Seeks small breed dogs for fully supervised Breed Standard practice hair clipping. Call Shirley for student price. Paws R Precious 539 4729

public notice

Separation, Divorce, Pain There aren’t many people around you who understand the pain your relationship breakdown, separation and/or divorce has caused. DivorceCare is a series of evenings conducted by people who understand what you are experiencing and helps you develop a hope for the future.

10am-2pm | $2 Entry

At Hope Community Church, Ranzau Road, Hope Commencing Thursday 16 April from 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Good torches and footwear are essential. No dogs please. Turnoff foot of Spooners Kohatu side, follow signs.

For further information or to register please contact: Lois, phone 543 2942 Ruth, phone 538 0739 This is a 13 week course


Small Loans from $200 - $800 No Credit Checks No Security Held

If you’re in employment and your wages go directly into a bank account, you’re almost there.

We Could Help You! For further enquires please phone 03 577 8650 or email wecashcando@gmail.com Call into Cash Can Do Ltd, 42 Arthur St, Blenhiem


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Richmond’s Master Painters • Free Quotes • Qualified Security Checked Team • Interior & Exterior Painting • Roof Painting • Water Blasting • Wallpapering • Locally owned since 2002

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Repairing whiteware from Richmond to Wakefield, and surrounding areas.


For service call: 027 685 5777 or 541 8877

10.00am every Sunday

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm We are located at:

@ The Headingly Centre Headingly Lane Richmond You are welcome

Stoke/Waimea Methodist Parish

Stump Grinding Tree Felling & Removal Site Clearance

Dennis Ellmers Certified Technician 105 St Vincent Street 021 081 82 123 Mob: 027 7474 566 stumps@orcon.net.nz Ph/Fax: 03-548 7858 www.theoutboardshop.co.nz www.stumpgrindingservice.co.nz

• FRIDGES • FREEZERS • WASHERS • DRYERS Repairing whiteware • DISHWASHERS OVENS from Richmond to•Wakefield, and• surrounding areas. RANGEHOODS

Sunday Service 9.30am

Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church

Cup of tea to follow

5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway

Enquiries Ph 544-8394

All Welcome! Ph 544 8987 www.richmondcatholic.co.nz

Wensley Road Richmond (opposite TDC) (no access off Waimea or Ridgeway) Contact: (03) 547 - 6056


027 685 5777 or 541 8877

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Sunday Services

29 March 2015 9.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Praise on the Hill Theme: Loud Hosanna’s All Welcome Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion www.holytrinityrichmond.org.nz

Notice to all Advertisers:

Meeting Sunday 10.30am Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there

10.00am Worship Celebration

Sundays 10am

Favourite Hymns

Wednesday 20 Feb 10am - Morning Tea Cnr Croucher & Darcy

Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St www.richmondchurch.org.nz



For service call: 027 685 5777 or 541 Servicing the Waimea and Tasman region

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street



Andrew Workman

Weekend Mass Times



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public notice

By placing your advertisement you agree with the terms and conditions of the Waimea Weekly Ltd. Namely, payment by the 20th of the following month, or in the event of non-payment, the recovery of any debt and its costs will be charged to the customer. This includes all costs and commissions paid to a debt recovery service. Should you require any further information please phone the newspaper on 544 9037.



Sunday Services

9.30am Richmond, 11 Florence St 10am Stoke, 271 Songer St 10am Tahunanui, Muratai St Children’s programme at Stoke and Richmond. Rev Jon Parkes 544 6507

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Trades & Services

34 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

Trades & Services






Keep track of your business

24HR Call Out

We’ll come to you! Support with; • Tax • GST • Payroll • Bookkeeping • Software • Training


Contact your local consultant Sue Thomas

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate,Nelson

Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models

03 544 9748

Ph 544 3985

24HR - PH: 544 5723




iPhone - iPad Screen Repairs

Your only MTA Auto Electrician in Richmond

Apple Computer Repairs



All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

A Automotive


10 Poutama St, Richmond (off Gladstone Rd)

544 8388


Carpet, rugs & vinyl Carpet stains Upholstery Mould Pest control

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning IICRC internationally qualified

24/7 phone: 03 548 2831 nelson@enviro.co.nz www.enviro.co.nz

Ph: 544 1212

CLEANING Specialising in

Technical Cleaning Solutions

• Commercial & Residential

• Property Maintenance

www.techclean.co.nz FREE PHONE


0508 832 425


Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

545 1053

INSECT MAGICSEAL SCREENS FORINSECT WINDOWS SCREENS SCREENS AND DOORS. FOR WINDOWS FOR WINDOWS Any Size, AND DOORS. AND AnyDOORS. Size, Any Colour Any Colour Any Size, PHONE PHONE Any Colour 03 1398 03 545 545 1398 PHONE 104 466 0800 104466 03 545 1398 0800 104466 SOLAR

Basic Service 85 Improve the performance

sOul Oasis Regas or New Struts

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond (offRichmond Beach Road)

Healing you Over 20 years experience $80 per hour

022 609 0088 www.souloasis.nz



0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher




• Leaks • Repairs Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters • Maintenance Since 1915 Since 1915 Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes • ReRoofs Jobs Jobs • Kitchens & • New Roofs Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage

and the life of your heatpump

Ph: 538 0824 Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 8090 Stoke

Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes roofing requirements for over 10 years

544 7285 No job too small

Camping and RV • Hot Water Heating Domestic and Commercial • Dairy Farms12v Off Grid Clean, green, affordable • 12V Grid Tie/ Off Grid • Camping and RV • Domestic and Commercial • Swimming Pools

Hot Water Heating Dairy Farms 12V Grid Tie

Chris Inglis 03 5448059 0275485877

544 1660

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond LOCALLY OWNED

1-19 McPherson St Richmond www.nzsolar.co.nz info@nzsolar.co.nz

03 544 8059 www.nzsolar.co.nz


Services Alterations

• Alterations to ready-made curtains/ nets All Installation

• Roman Blinds

Re-Stringing & Re-Lining

• Door to Door Service • Complete rental makeovers Brenda: 027 842 1780 bbsservices@xtra.co.nz


Baby&Mobility HIRE

Smart Solutions for Smart People

- zips, hems, mending

Liz McLean

Kevin Harris Kevin Harris


Your solar specialists Specialising in supply & installation of Solar Systems for:




• Curtain Making

www.callageek.co.nz – since 2005

Bridal Childrens



Call a Geek

Sew for U Formal



We do call outs and remote support too



(behind Mobil)

Phone 03 544 2266

16 Halifax Street

Quick - Efficient Professional

Heatpump Servicing


Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond

548 0007

Fully Trained, Security Screened



guarante service Friendly

For the best service in town call or visit

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

• Pressure Cleaning • Window Cleaning


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

• Tenancy Changes

Your one-stop shop for - WOF - Engine Tuning - Brakes & Clutch - Wheel Alignment All mechanical services

Computer Problems?


• Builders Cleans

• Carpets & Upholstery



Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs


Carpet cleaning professionals

12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Richmond 4A Gladstone Road,Road) Richmond





Hassle free motoring

You can be assured of MTA standards of service everytime.

Certified Mac Technician www.mac111.co.nz Ph: 0275481618



269 Queen St Richmond. Ph 544 6603 NOW OPEN SATURDAYS



TA S M A N S TO R AG E • Low prices • Secure storage • CCTV Surveillance

• Inside car storage • Self drive truck hire • Staff on site

Size & Price List available at www.tasman-storage.co.nz

74 Gladstone Rd, Richmond & 481 High St, Motueka

Ph 544 4306


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Trades & Services

WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015 35

Trades & Services




For all women’s & men’s alterations come and see the experts

NZ Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor • Difficult Tree Dismantles/Removal • Power Line Vegetation Clearance • Thinning & Crown Reductions • All Aspects of Tree Work • 24hr Emergency Call Out Service

NelSoN TailorS MeNSwear

Ph 548 7655

PHONE 0800 TREEWORK (873396) • (03) 544 0588 • 027 274 5653 • lianp@treescape.co.nz www.treescape.co.nz

(opp Westpac)


155 Trafalgar St





CONtraCtiNg i








We have A great team with 37 years in the industry References available ●

New homes ● Light commercial ● Renovations ● Fences/landscaping ● Mapei waterproofing systems ● Original stone installation ● Free quotes John Cunningham P: 0274 812 481 E: Cunningham.construction.nn@gmail.com



Building Repair and Construction maintenance, commercial fitout, decks, fences and hard landscaping Prompt Service

Prompt response is our priority

24hr Service

542 2120 027 542 4473

p0wa2u@xtra.co.nz FREE Mileage - conditions apply




Domestic & Commercial Wiring

Owners Candy & Richard

Ph 544 6411

864 Lower Queen Street Richmond

Atawhai to Wakefield and everywhere in between

FREE Quotes Call Simon

545 1000 021 223 3135



Fayette Ln Storage Stoke


Caravans Campervans Buses Boats

Suit Hire

for all formal occasions Ph 544 1290 Mob 027 245 8192 eemland@xtra.co.nz Fayette Lane - No.2, Stoke, Nelson

MADE FOR MEN 249 Queen St Richmond

543 9977

544 6880

Registered Electricians

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328



AL FRESCO Garden & Property

Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings Over 20 years Experience

Dave 0274 296 669

Adam eliteflooring2005ltd@xtra.co.nz www.elitefloorsanding.co.nz 4 Ernest Pl, Brightwater Brumwell

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Painting PAINTER - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying Adam - Waterblasting Brumwell - New & Old Painting Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Obligation - Waterblasting - New & Old WorkFree Quote - Fully Qualified Tradesmen - Obligation Free Quote

Locally owned and operatedCall


671 8417 027 232 1550027 027 671 8417 AH/Fax: 544 3177

or 544 9415




All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

Call Adam

or 544 9415

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954




Work Place First Aid Courses

Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor

For course dates see www.harristraining.co.nz

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775 info@harristraining.co.nz

April: May: June: July:


0275 288 434

• • • • • •

7, 14, 21, 30 1, 2, 12, 28, 29, 30 4, 16, 25, 26, 27 7, 16, 23, 24, 25

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available


ArcAdiA Sage

• Landscaping + Fencing • Pre-Sale Garden Tidy Up • Lawn Care & Mowing • Gardening • Hedges & Treework • Green Waste Removal • Section Clearing • Handyman Services • Chipping Greenwaste • Stump Grinding • Mowing Services for Large Sections Contact us today! Andrew & Wendy Neame

021 255 6163 / 544 0444

+ Light Gardening/Lawn Mowing

Ph: 544 5168



Carpet Laying

• New & Second Hand • Repairs • Restretching

or 021 955 168




or 027 240 4979




off with mention of this ad


Maintenance & Repairs

Painter Decorator

• All new facilities • Personalised service • Insulated & double glazed kennels • Regular exercise • The closest boarding kennel to town (only 5km)

Phone Lindsay

¥ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning ¥ Quick dry year round

59 Edens Rd, Hope

PV Solar expert


lawnmowing weedeating gardening

• Homekill • Wildmeat Processing • Beef • Sheep • Venison • Domestic & Wild Pigs • Smallgoods/Ham/Bacon

Contact Ian on Mob 027 284 3957 or (03) 547 2242


New Homes • Commercial Rural • Retail • Alterations

Wakefield Butchers


(2 0 1 4 ) L


The small team with all the skills Residential to Lifestyle Blocks

WE DO IT ALL Phone Tony & Amber

the wise choice

Planning Construction Planting Maintenance Call us today for a friendly no obligation quote P: 03 5530 306 M: 022 122 5013

E: ollie@sagelandscapes.co.nz www.sagelandscapes.co.nz


Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

0275 423 343

• • • • • •

Maintenance Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

A/H: 542 3343

544 8059


window cleaning

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN


Marks Off

Window Cleaning

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobilewashing 0220 649 822 House Roof treatments for mould, lichen, moss, algae Gutters cleaned out Paths, decks, driveways Ant, spider, cockroach control Chimney cleaning

Jeff NeilsoN


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •


Jeff NeilsoN A/HWaterblastiNg 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

Jeff NeilsoN

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

Jeff NeilsoN

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson


Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN

WaterblastiNg Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

Cell: 0220 649 822 A/H 547 7856

Professional Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Oven Cleaning Walls, Bathrooms House Washing

541 0008 027 650 5605


36 WEDNESDAY 25 March 2015

massive sale e e R F


• Underlay g n i d n i B t a •M



• Measure & Q • Colour Co uote nsultant



Mall Vou


massive sale Mat binding service instore

199 Queen St Richmond Opposite Richmond Mall Car park

*Terms and conditions apply, see instore for details.

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