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Wednesday 4 March 2015

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Bayden Sprozen flips upside down during the Power Boat Champs at Lake Rotoiti on Saturday. Photo: Evan Barnes/Shuttersport.

Spectacular crash ‘a freak accident’ As Bayden Sprozen did a somersault in his power boat at Lake Rotoiti on Saturday he had one thought: “I can save this”. He couldn’t. But it at least explains his hand stretched out and ready to meet the water in the photo of his spectacular crash with club mate Christine Hanning. Bayden was racing behind Christine at the Power Boat Champs over the weekend when her boat suddenly stopped when going around a corner. He tried to turn

left, but only managed to hit the front of her boat and was sent into an aerial somersault. “I used to ride motorbikes professionally,” says Bayden. “And one of the phases as you’re about to crash is ‘don’t worry, I can save this’. And that’s what it looks like, I put my hand out to try and flip it back over.” He says he has some sore hips and knees but the damage was minimal. “The boat is made of carbon fibre and is only 2mm thick, and all that happened was a small

crease in the carbon on one corner. We managed to keep racing in the regatta by duct taping it up after each race just to keep the water out.” Christine, who, like Bayden, races out of the Manawatu Club, was sent to hospital but only suffered muscular damage. She says the crash was a shock. “It’s a freak accident, we’ve never had an accident like that before. For more on the Power Boat Champs at Lake Rotoiti, turn to page 27.

Spooner’s cycle tunnel all go

The next section of the Tasman Great Taste Trail from Wakefield through the Spooner’s Tunnel to Kohatu looks likely to be completed this financial year with the Nelson-Tasman Cycle Trails Trust expected to announce a new funding deal next week. The Tasman District Council has already included $300,000 in its 2014-2015 budget to construct the next section of the popular cycling trail but that will only be available

if matching funds are secured from either Government or a third party. Last Thursday, the prospect of completing the section from Wakefield to Kohatu improved significantly when council agreed to accept “cash and in-kind” payments from the trust as matching funds. Although trust chairwoman Gillian Wratt would not reveal details of the matching funds and in-kind payments, she did say

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter

simon@waimeaweekly.co.nz that “we are optimistic we will secure the equivalent of $300,000 to complete the stage”. Gillian expects the funding would come through in time to complete the stage in

this financial year. “We still have to finalise some details but we anticipate that, by the end of next week, we will be in a position to make an announcement on the funding,” Gillian says. Gillian says she is delighted council agreed to the funding proposal which would not be possible without “great support from


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Tasman District Council is considering spending around 13 million dollars to upgrade the storm water systems within the Richmond town centre to reduce the risk of flood. Do you think this is money well spent?



2 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

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Adrienne Hill, Richmond.

Carla Milson, Brightwater.

Jim Matthews, Richmond.

Rex Strawbridge, Richmond.

“Absolutely, we have friends who have been flooded three times, so it needs to be fixed.”

“It is a lot of money but we definitely need to do something.”

“Being a local business owner who has been flooded, I think it is a good idea. We’ve been flooded two to three times over the past couple of years, the last time we had six inches of water throughout the shop.”

“I haven’t studied it but I think it would be a good thing.”

locally owned and operated

‘Distressed dog’ New funding deal for cycle trail was just a toy FROM PAGE 1

Animal welfare officers were called out last week after someone reported there was a distressed dog, panting and overheating inside a car parked on a Richmond street. When animal control officer, Linda Bergman, arrived at the scene she

found that the distressed dog was, in fact, a ceramic bobble-head fake dog placed inside the rear window of the car. Linda spoke to the two elderly occupants of the car who assured her the dog was well-cared for and had travelled with them for years.

Head on crash on Richmond Deviation Traffic on State Highway 6 along the Richmond Deviation was reduced to one northbound lane on Tuesday afternoon after a collision between a car and a truck at about 1.30pm. The accident was attended by police,

fire brigade and a St John ambulance. St John say the female driver of the car was taken to Nelson Hospital with minor to moderate injuries. The truck driver was uninjured.

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community groups, landowners and businesses.” Although councillors at last Thursday’s engineering and planning committee meeting were not given the details of the funding deal, they agreed to allow the trust to provide “a combination of cash and in-kind payments that will meet council’s requirements of matching funds”. A report to councillors stated that “the trust is in a good position to negotiate with suppliers and secure in-kind works” and that “this is not something the council is typically able to achieve”. It suggested that in-kind work could be completed by a private landowner or contractor who could provide their services and materials to construct parts of the trail.

Jo Leyland, a trustee of the Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust,outside the Spooner’s Tunnel.

Councillor Judene Edgar says the in-kind payments arrangement had already been successfully used to help fund community facilities around the district and could be applied to the cycle trail. “The trust is ready to go and all they need is approval to get the deal signed-off,” she told the meeting. Mayor Richard Kempthorne,

who is a keen mountainbiker, says “I’m really supportive” of accepting in-kind payments for the cycle trail. “The reality is that it is equivalent to real funding,” he says. However, Richard says that any in-kind payments would need to be assessed by council engineers to determine a mutually agreed value that was equivalent to contract rates.



WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Richmond dog Dusty FEATURE LISTINGS is ‘world’s best fielder’ Andrew Board

“He should be in the Black Caps”. It’s a phase Richmond man John Glazier has heard often from amazed on-lookers as his dog Dusty joins in on their family cricket games. John is a mad cricket fan and often takes a few kids to the Maitai Valley or Waimea Intermediate to play cricket. Dusty is there too and fields every single ball and returns it to the bowler. “Every time he does it,” says John. “He doesn’t get in the way of the ball when it’s being bowled, only after it’s been hit and he’ll chase it and bring it back to the bowler. We don’t need fielders or a wicket keeper. Just a batter and bowler.” The antics often catch the eye of passers-by and John says they often play in front of a crowd. “Especially at the Maitai. People will stop and watch him go, it’s incredible really.” Dusty is five years old and was adopted by John from the Nelson SPCA. He was found wondering the streets. John says basic training took years but cricket training was much easier. “When Seth was old enough I started to teach him a bit of cricket and Dusty would intervene. As we played more and

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Seth Joblin, 12, plays a shot which is quickly scooped up by Dusty the cricket-loving dog. Behind the stumps is Charlie Glazier, 6, with Ethan Henry, 14, at slip. Photo: Andrew Board. more he clicked as to what was going on. But it started off that we could never get the ball off him so we’d put him inside so that we could carry on. “He soon learnt that if he didn’t take the ball he could play and it went from there. It just developed really quickly.” Rules have also been added to incorporate Dusty. If Dusty catches the ball in his mouth after one bounce you’re out, says John. “We’ve gone through 200 tennis balls and probably 40 cricket balls, but we’ve finally found a plastic cricket ball that he can’t chew and that works a treat.” John says the mere mention of cricket sends Dusty into a fren-



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zy of excitement and he’s been in trouble in the past for jumping in on other people’s games. “He thinks that every cricket game is there for him, but it’s never a good look when he jumps out the car at Victory Square and there’s a game on.” John, who works at Waimea College and who also coaches a cricket team, says Dusty is a regular at training sessions. “In the nets, if a ball gets hit he’ll tear off after it and bring it back. He’s a handy coaching tool.” John says Dusty has to be the world’s best fielder because he just keeps going. “He’ll go for hours and hours. He never gets sick of it.”

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WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Grey Power NZ banishes Male

Grey Power’s national federation has given the strongest possible sanction to former Nelson president Neville Male, issuing him with a legal notice to stop using its name or logo. Neville has protested the involvement of the national federation in the affairs of the local organisation but national president Terry King says the national board was asked to get involved and as the governing body it has every right to do so. He says the management committee, led by Kevin Gardener, is the local authority and that Neville is way out of line by still claiming to be president of the group. The stance of the national body seems to give local Grey Power members some surety around which faction has control of the group, but the problems appear to be far from over. Last week two of the organisation’s computers were stolen from its Stoke office. Police are investigating the theft. That comes less than a week after supporters of Neville Male

Andrew Board Editor


tried to force their way into the Grey Power office. Police were called but the office is open again under the control of the management committee. National president Terry King spoke to Waimea Weekly and said “enough is enough”. He says the federation board “upholds the action of the Grey Power Nelson Management Committee, chaired by Mr [Kevin] Gardener”. He said the annual general meeting called by the management committee for April 1 is the place where the membership will decide who should lead the organisation in the future. Not the “special general meeting” called by Neville this Friday. “In calling another ‘Special General Meeting’ Mr Male is being very unhelpful,” says Terry. The comments follow a national board meeting last week to

discuss the issues with Nelson Grey Power and Terry says it was decided to send the strongest possible message that Neville Male no longer has any association with Grey Power. A letter from solicitors Bell Gully was then sent to Neville telling him to “cease and desist from claiming any affiliation to Grey Power, using the Grey Power name or its intellectual property”. Terry says Neville has got the wrong end of the stick. “The board’s position in relation to any issue within the 70 Grey Power Associations around the country is that it will not initiate a response to an issue but prefers to see local issues dealt with locally. [But] an official request for assistance was received from the Nelson committee so we got involved and quite rightly so.” Acting president of Grey Power Nelson, Kevin Gardener, didn’t want to comment to the Weekly but did say the AGM on April 1 will be the place where members can have their say.

CHILDREN’S DAY: Having fun at the Choice Children’s Day held at Rabbit Island last weekend, from left, Bella, Jessica and Ric Stratford from Brightwater. National Children’s Day was celebrated with interactive activities, games and lots of fun in the sun at Rabbit Island last Sunday. The free event supported by the Tasman District Council, was all about spending quality time with the kids and showing them how special they are. Popular children’s entertainer, Kath Bee wowed the crowd of wee tots who giggled, wiggled and jiggled to her songs and actions. There was plenty of things on offer for older kids too with bouncy castle, balloon twisting, bike riding challenges, biscuit decorating, face painting and various sports set up around the park. Photo: Monique Bergman


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Millions to be spent on flood protection

Queen St looks likely to get an extensive $8.9 million makeover, both under and above ground, timed to start in 2016-2017 as part of a wider project aimed at reducing the flood risk around Richmond. Richmond central business district was inundated by big floods in December 2011 and April 2013 and as a result the Tasman District Council launched a study to identify the causes of flooding. The study has just been completed and showed the best option

for reducing the risk of flooding in the town’s centre is to reshape Queen St and upgrade its ageing stormwater system. “The pipes are broken in Queen St and therefore they need to be dug up and replaced - there’s no way around that,” programme delivery manager Russell McGuigan told councillors at an engineering and planning committee meeting in Richmond last Thursday. “We also have to change the profile of the road because presently it’s higher than the entranceways

NEWS in brief

Simon Bloomberg

“we can get the floodwaters from the hills to the sea and not how it will look on top”. “How Queen St is reinstated is subject to consultation after the engineering options have been confirmed.” The town centre project is timed to start in 2016-2017. Russell also presented a number of options for reducing the risk of flooding around Richmond including improving the stormwater systems in Oxford St ($2.75million), Poutama St ($1.9million), Beach Rd ($700,000), Washbourn

Senior reporter Reporter


of buildings that front the street which is why shops got flooded in December 2011 and April 2013.” Russell says the water and wastewater pipes under Queen St also needed replacing and that it made sense to do that when they dug up the road. Although it was also a good opportunity to improve the street’s design, Russell says the priority will be ensuring

Dr ($725,000) and at the Queen St and Salisbury Rd intersection ($400,000) and enlarging the Jimmy Lee Creek detention dam to absorb floodwaters. Russell says council will now have to “select the best value options within available funding.” Mayor Richard Kempthorne says the study signified the start of a “key project” for Richmond and the next step was for council to consider the options. However, he says Queen St is top priority and will the immediate focus.

NO PLANS FOR LAND: There are no immediate plans to develop vacant land located on the corner of Oxford St and Wensley Rd in Richmond. Contractors recently removed a bund on the site adjacent to the Nelson-Tasman Civil Defence building prompting speculation that the site was about to be developed. However, owners of the vacant site, Fawdan Subdivision Ltd, say there are no immediate plans for land. NEW FOOTPATH: Tasman District Council is planning a new footpath to run from Sunrise Valley Rd to Upper Moutere School as part of a redesign of the Sunrise Valley-Moutere Highway intersection near Upper Moutere. The new path will mean that pedestrians won’t have to walk along the shoulder of the highway or cross the road to access the footpath on the northern side of the highway and then cross again to reach the school. FREE MONEY SEMINAR: Free financial ‘Money Matters’ seminars will be held at Richmond Library during March. The library is running the free financial seminars alongside a ‘Money Matters’ display. A range of skilled speakers will cover a variety of financial topics from setting financial goals to retirement planning. The lunchtime sessions are open to everyone with no bookings required. Seminar topics include set your goals and make a budget to meet them, think about your financial planning, shrink your high interest debt, grow your savings, Kiwisaver and Retirement Planning. For more information contact: Ruth Lawley, collections services librarian on 543 8500 or email ruth.lawley@tasman.govt.nz

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WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

Rai Valley A&P Show

Saturday 7th March Carluke Domain in Rai Valley Gates open at 7am Live entertainment, throughout the day and night Sturgeons, competitions, Rai Challenge, woodchopping, Giant Pumpkin Competition with massive prizes and loads more We look forward to seeing you at our biggest little show!

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Pupils ditch the cars and walk to school Henley School pupils, parents and teachers left their cars in the garage last Wednesday and walked to school as part of a health initiative aimed at promoting exercise and good nutrition. About 475 of the school’s 500 pupils and many of their parents and most of the teachers, including principal John Armstrong who walked to school from Tahunanui, took part in Walking Wednesday. When they arrived at school they were rewarded with a free apple from Raeward Fresh, spot prizes from the Tasman District Council and a greeting from the Life Education Trust’s mascot Harold the Giraffe. “It’s a good way to encourage the children to walk to school,” John says. “It’s got obvious health benefits and it also reduces the congestion we have around the gates with parents driving their children to school. “We won’t be doing this as a regular thing but we’d like our kids to walk to school as often as possible, or even get to school on bikes or scooters. About 70 per cent of our children walk to school already and we want more to join them.” John says Walking Wednesday was an initiative from the school’s health curriculum leader Natalie Doty. It was supported by the Life Education Trust, Raeward Fresh and the TDC.

Henley School children meet Harold the Giraffe from the Life Education Trust and get a free apple after walking to school. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.


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WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Anzac Day breakfast for Brightwater Anzac Day commemorations at Brightwater will be a bigger occasion this year, with the town’s community association organising a breakfast to be held after the service at the Brightwater War Memorial Gates on Lord Rutherford Rd. Association member and Brightwater School principal, Gerald Baldwin, says the association wanted to do something special to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I. The association decided a breakfast in the Brightwater Memorial Hall following the service would add another dimension to the commemorations and they now want people to contact the association if they are interested in attending. “We thought it would be a good idea and better

Brightwater School children, from left, Nikita Hahn, Charlotte Taylor, Jacob Hansen, Hamish Chisnall, Josh Bradley and Jony West, with the school’s new Gallipoli flag. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

with Jessie Johnston

Just Metal, Tuesday, February 24: Heavy metal concert, Just Metal, was a huge success and organiser Danny Freilich says he will definitely be looking to make it a regular entertainment activity for young people. The event, held at the Theatre Royal, gave young bands the chance to gain some professional live performance experience alongside the established band, Legacy of Disorder. Danny says they sold around 200 tickets to the concert where seven young bands performed. Concert goers were also thrilled with the event. Danny has booked the theatre again for November. Fight 4 Victory, Tuesday, February 24: General admission tickets for the Fight 4 Victory are selling well, says organiser Paul Hampton. Tickets for the charity boxing event at Saxton Stadium on April 4, went on sale last Monday and already in the first week Paul says more than 200 have been sold. “It’s been a solid start. Interest is really high so we hope that it will be a sell out.” Around 1300 general admission tickets are on sale for the event, to go with the corporate tables that are almost sold out. Tickets are $35 each and can be bought at the Theatre Royal, Richmond Mall, Nelson i-Site and online at www.ticketdirect.co.nz.

If you have an end to one of our stories contact Jessie on reporter@nelsonweekly.co.nz

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than going to the service and then going home again,” Gerald says. “It will make it more of a community event and people will still have time to get into the service at Richmond.” Gerald says Brightwater School has just purchased a special “Gallipoli flag” as part of the preparations for the community’s Anzac Day commemorations. The flag will be flying on the school’s flagpole every day leading up to Anzac Day. Anyone planning to attend the Anzac Day parade and breakfast at Brightwater, please contact Brightwater School on 542 3666 or email office@brightwater.school.nz so organisers have an indication of numbers.













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8 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

A little fishy? Many of you are aware of the recently published ‘Fish oil supplements in NZ’ study, which brought into question the stated amount per capsule and the oxidation (essentially degradation) of omega 3 per capsule. Fish oils (omega 3) are one of the most commonly used health supplements today and can be taken for a multitude of reasons, some of which include; reduction in heart disease, inflammation, improvement in brain function and skin moisture, to name a few. Vitaco, who produce Nutralife brand fish oils, have stringent, independently, Medsafe certified testing procedures and policies to ensure label claims on EPA/DHA content and long-term stability of their fish oils meet these and other standards. This provides a consistent quality standard and efficacious dose that you can trust and is a reason why we are happy to stock their range of products.


Entries open for volunteer awards Entries for the annual Trustpower Nelson Tasman Community Awards are now open and residents have the opportunity to recognise the dedication of their local voluntary groups. Run in partnership with the Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council, the Awards are open to all voluntary groups and organisations working to make this region a better place to live. Last year 110 entries were received

from 95 different groups and this year more than $7500 is up for grabs. The awards cover five categories, Heritage and Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Arts and Culture, Sport and Leisure, Education and Child/Youth Development. Category winners receive $500, runners-up receive $250 and the Supreme Winner will take home $1500 and an all-expenses paid trip for two representatives to the 2015 Trustpower

National Community Awards. Locals have until 5pm on Friday, May 1, to get entries in for this year’s awards. Entry Forms are available from council offices or service centres or can be completed online at trustpower.co.nz/communityawards. For more information, contact Jess Somerville, Trustpower community relations representative on 0800 87 11 11 extension 4310 or email jess@trustpower.co.nz

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Playing on the obstacle course at the Richmond Riding for the Disabled Fair on Saturday were, from left, Ariki Edwards, Noah Walker-Tahana and Ana Scott. Organisers were very pleased with the attendance at the event, with over $2,500 raised on the day. All proceeds will go towards the running of the centre. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Food and entertainment

The Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare is here showcase around 40 stall holders, including again and is promising to be an evening of fan- the delicious beer from Sprig & Fern, a range tastic food and musical entertainment. of local wine and cider and a huge variety of The free event is much looked forward to on stunning food; there should be no end of flathe social calendar, celebrating the rich har- vours and smells to tickle your taste buds. vest that the region enjoys this time of year. It’s Once again the bus services will be running also Richmond’s bigto get people safely gest street party with home. The NBus food, wine and beer will be running its stalls surrounding a normal route until laid back family at7pm, at which time mosphere in sundial the double decker square. This year’s bus will take over, celebration will be providing pickups taking place on Frifrom 8pm, 9pm and day, March 20 and 10pm. While the organisers are lookNBus service will ing forward to probe operating with its viding people with a normal fee, the dougreat opportunity to ble decker is a free The Double Decker bus will be operating for catch up with friends service that will run free at the Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare and family after a circuit starting at once the NBus service stops at 7pm. work, take advantage Sun Dial Square and of the evening while they’re still long and taste then making its way through Stoke, Bishopdale some of the best produce this region has to of- and then Nelson with a return trip through Tafer, all together it will be an event to remember. huna. With entertainment from talented local band The Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare is a Urban, there will be plenty of chances to get great community event and kicks off at 5:30pm, up and dance but most important is to share so bring along your friends and family and enin the delights of the regions harvest. The Sprig joy the night. & Fern Summer Harvest Fare can expect to Business Update. Adv.


Cathy Knight in front of a photo of Nelson soldiers ready to leave Port Nelson for WWI. Cathy won tickets to the 100th commemoration of the Battle of Gallipoli in April. Photo: Andrew Board.

Nelsonians to gather in Gallipoli Andrew Board Three Nelson men died on April 25, 1915, the first day of the battle of Gallipoli and exactly 100 years on, around 26 Nelsonians will be standing on the same beach and cliffs where the soldiers died, and one of them is hoping they’ll be able to do it together. Cathy Knight won a double ticket to the centenary commemorations at Gallipoli, along with 13 other people from Nelson. She says she has no idea who the other people are, and would like to get together with them before the big trip and hopefully catch up over there. “I just thought it would be nice if we could meet each other first. Twenty-six is such a small number, really, so it could be good to meet up over there.” Cathy is hoping to arrange a meeting in Nelson before the trip and perhaps one over there for what she describes as a “huge honour”.

“The chances of going were just so remote. I entered the ballot knowing that the chances were slim and got an email after the first ballot saying we hadn’t been successful, and I just completely forgot all about it. But I must have ticked a list saying that we’d go on a waiting list and in November I got an email out of the blue saying I’d been successful in the wait list. I had to read it several times.” Now that the feelings of shock have subsided, Cathy says the feelings of honour have replaced them. “It feels quite special just thinking about it. So the fact that we’re going to be on the spot where they landed on the beach, and we’re going to walk up the cliff where so many men died, it’s just going to be overwhelming. I expect it will be.” Around 2500 New Zealanders will be at the commemorations in Gallipoli and Cathy says any Nelsonians keen to get in touch can email her at cathy@pss.co.nz

Welcome, come and enjoy Companionship. Spending time with like-minded individuals doing things you enjoy. Catching up with mates in a relaxed, friendly environment. A great restaurant meal. The chance to win cash in weekly draws. Fantastic entertainment every Saturday night. Being part of a club with wonderful facilities. You should join Club Waimea – your local club! Thursday from 6.00pm - Membership Prize

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10 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

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Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Susa and Petra Robertson-Burns at the Winery Tour concert at Neudorf Vineyard last Thursday.

Mark Alderson, Sue Sladen, Ngaire McLennan, Diana Gordon and Jan McDougall.

Last Thursday, we went along to get some snaps of people enjoying the Winery Tour at Neudorf Vineyard. Saturday, we were at Grape Escape as volunteers for Hospice enjoyed their annual lunch, and on Sunday we went to the powerboat champs at Lake Rotoiti. Remember, if you’d like us to come and take photos at your event or party give us a call on 544 9037 or email us at editorial@waimeaweekly. co.nz

Susan and Chris Seifried with son Benjamin at the Winery Tour concert at Neudorf Vineyard.

Fiona and Croydon Hodge and Martin and Lesley Langelaan at the Winery Tour. Karen MacKenzie-Howe, Gayna Neave and Jackie Smith at the Grape Escape.

Terry Reilly and Don Poindgestre at the Powerboat Champs at Lake Rotoiti on Sunday.

Shirley Smith, Marg Leslie and Pam Collings at the hospice volunteers’ lunch at Grape Escape on Saturday.

Alanah, Lisa and Mariah Opdenbuysch at the Hospice volunteers’ lunch at Grape Escape.

To order Ph 544 9037 or drop in to 6 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Phillip and Yvonne Palmer of Wakefield at the Powerboat Champs at Lake Rotoiti.

Andrew Speake, Katrina Michelle and Trudy Richards at the Winery Tour concert at Neudorf Vineyard.

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Shiree Taylor, Bev Austing and Christine Allan at the volunteers’ lunch at Grape Escape.

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2/03/15 9:33 am


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Scooter challenge the ‘toughest yet’ Simon Bloomberg The “toughest and best” Survivor Scooter yet has raised about $8000 for the Nelson Ark after covering some of the most challenging offroad terrain around the top of the South Island. Twenty-four riders started Survivor Scooter Five in Murchison on February 18 and finished Survivor Scooter riders during their epic journey around the top of the South Island. four mud-covered, water-logged days later at the Kahurangi Lighthouse. During that time, paint | wallpaper | curtains | blinds they traversed across 440km of roads, tracks, rivers and beaches on their 50cc scooters, all in the name of fun and fundraising for the Ark. “It was the toughest and best one yet,” organiser Jason Monopoli says. “Two-thirds of it was off-road and we had some really difficult sections. “We were only in the second hour of the trip and we hit a really steep, rocky section near Lake Rotoroa. The last day was tough as well paint | wallpaper | curtains | blinds because we had to start at four in the morning Exposed RRP from to get the tides along the beach and had this $87.99 per roll muddy, boggy river crossing that slowed us Last days of Emeka Collection paint | wallpaper | curtains | blinds paint | wallpaper | curtains | blinds Exposed RRP from down.” $79.95 per$87.99 metre uncoated per roll Jason says they had to repair quite a few of the scooters along the way to keep the riders on track. Riders also needed the occasional push or a pull from the Nelson Four Wheel Drive Trish TrishGray Gray Club support crew to negotiate some of the trickier sections. * Although the route for Survivor Scooter Five was a big challenge, Jason says the riders finished largely unscathed. “There were quite a few bumps and bruises and minor cuts, but nothing serious. I was the only Brenda Grant one who really got injured when I dislocated my kneecap on the way back from the lighthouse. “I was carrying a scooter across a river and this tidal surge caught the bike and whacked it against my knee and dislocated the kneecap. Luckily, it popped back in so I was okay.” Jason says the event was such a success that he Paula Fletcher is already thinking about planning Survivor Scooter Six. * * Conditions apply, see in store for details. “About 90 per cent of the riders were returning from last year and this year just about everyone * Conditions apply, see in store for details. *Offer applies to lined pencil pleat drapes with a minimum 160cm drop. Applies to fabrics $39.95 and over with a maximum 150cm width from selected fabric ranges. says they want to come back again, so it looks Offer valid until Sunday 5th October 2014. like I’ll have to organise another one.” A Peugot scooter, donated by major sponsor Total Oil and used in Survivor Scooter Five, Justine Gunn will be auctioned on TradeMe as soon as its clutch is repaired with proceeds going to the Nelson Ark.

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12 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

Your Voice Trafalgar Centre: The Trafalgar Centre just sits there, when something should be happening if it is to open again in 2016. I see all the fabulous shows coming to New Zealand and Nelson City rate payers haven't got a show (literally). Surely, in three years we could have built a new entertainment centre. The land is there, if the existing building is going to cost too much why not build a new one? Last week in the Weekly, Brenda Kenny wrote "build a new one", I agree, Nelson ratepayers deserve it, we've waited long enough. Maria Clinton.


Kim Penketh

Conveyancing Practitioner

Offering an experienced, efficient, cost effective service for all your property law and trust matters.

Grey Power: Think I might stay once those that feel they are above both the law and the federation are all removed along with Mr Male. Looking forward to an AGM where maybe all the members can be fully informed of ALL facts. Sue Sara.

Whitby House 90 Collingwood Street, Nelson PO Box 823, Nelson 7040, NZ T 546 8833 M 021 224 7133 E kim@pplaw.co.nz

Got a story? Contact us first

544 9037


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editorial@waimeaweekly.co.nz txt: 027 UR VOICE TXT facebook.com/waimeaweekly editorial@nelsonweekly.co.nz text www.waimeaweekly.co.nz facebook.com/nelsonweekly www.n

don't go along these days as there was much to be learnt. Brenda Kenny. Yep, went to Max's Bush. Hiked for hours, was beautiful. Stopped along a river bed. Learned how to make a whole bunch of cool stuff. We put bananas into tin foil, placed chocolate down the centre of the banana wrapped them loosely, and threw them on the open camp fire oh nom nom! Our girl guide leaders were awesome. Sharon May Patterson. Orcas spotted in Golden Bay: That's why everyone needs to go out kayaking with Tony Lisa Kayaks, as Tony and Lisa are the best hosts and guides you could ever get! Golden Bay Kayaks are awesome - as someone who has been out with them, I know. Jamie Foskett. Truck crashes on Lower Queen St:

Just passed the speedway. Must have tried getting it sideways! Wayne Martin. Must be a tourist truck driver...... Brian Gower. Dork... guess he's got apples on board. Darren Leigh Coleman. Shows accidents like this do happen outside Auckland. Anne Alan. Hope he's OK. Allyson King. Cripes, hope the driver is OK. Did my forklift refresher course today. Our main focus was on Health and Safety and what the new laws will mean for us. Big shake up comin' New Zealand, are we ready? Sharon May Patterson.

I was about to join. I am not so sure now. Teressa Obrien.

Wow, scary for the poor driver! Sharon Wicks.

I'm not renewing my membership until they get their s^&$ together. Faye Tito.

Freedom campers: Do something about the freedom campers at Buxton carpark. It's a pain in the backside not having enough room to park on a Saturday morning. Maxine Hornell.

Scouts enjoy camp, did you? Yes, and much fun was had. It's a shame the majority of kids

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WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Quality Used Cars Buy Honda from Honda.

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08 ACCORD EURO L: bluestone, black leather interior, sunroof, heated seats, electric drivers seat adjustment, spot lights, 2.4L 5 speed auto. $15,900

07 CIVIC S, 1.8L, auto, neutron blue, leather, digital speedo, six air bags, sports shift, vehicle stability assist, climate air con $14,995

12 CRV Sport, 2.4L, current shape, 5-speed auto, reverse camera, 8.7L/100kms, one touch fold rear seats, dual zone climate aircon $39,900

10 JAZZ SPORT, 1.5L, 5-speed auto, red, black interior, 'sport' body enhancements, fog lights, alloy wheels, six air bags $18,900

09 ACCORD EURO S: light silver, cloth trim, 2.4L auto, one owner, 17” alloy wheels, USB port, cruise control, vehicle stability assist, 6 air bags. $21,900

09 CIVIC HYBRID, 1.3L CVT, petrol/electric, ex-demo, alloy wheels, climate air con, multi-function steering wheel, USB connection, remote locking $15,900

13 CRV N, 2.4L, 5-speed auto, AWD, cloth interior, satnav, twilight blue, one local owner, very low kms, climate aircon $37,900

11 JAZZ S, 1.3L, 5-speed auto, sunset orange, one local owner, full service history, alloy wheels, magic rear seats, ABS brakes, stability control $16,490

11 ACCORD EURO L: granite, 2.4L auto, memory seats, leather interior, 5 star safety rating, electric one touch sunroof, heated seats, paddle shift $34,900

13 EURO CIVIC S, 1.8L, 6-speed manual, crystal black, magic seats, daytime running lights, reverse camera, USB connection $21,900

13 CRV Sport, 2.4L, black leather interior, integrated satnav, reverse camera, adaptive headlights, heated front seats, facelift model $35,900

12 JAZZ SPORT, 1.5L, 5-speed auto, orange, low kms, one local owner, balance of new car warranty, sports shift, USB connection, $19,990

08 V6 ACCORD VL: 3.5L V6 engine, auto headlights & wipers, leather interior, 6 air bags, stability control, ABS brakes, cruise control $24,900

13 EURO CIVIC S, 1.8L, 6-speed manual, vehicle stability assist, reverse camera, alloy wheels, one owner, crystal black $21,900

12 ACCORD EURO L, 2.4L, auto, modern steel, ex demo, leather interior, paddle shift, heated seats, bluetooth cell phone calling, auto lights $37,900

09 CIVIC S, 2.0L, paddle shift, leather interior, ABS, vehicle stability control $20,995

14 CRV Sport Active, real time 4WD, active sportkit, towbar, metallic black, bluetooth with reverse camera, one owner, extremely low kms $44,900

11 ACCORD EURO L, 2.4L, auto, basque red, leather interior, USB, rain sensors, auto HID headlights, motion adaptive EPS, $22,490 Sample photo Sample photo

CRZ $27,330 11 CRZ SR, 1.5L, CVT transmission, petrol / electric IMA engine, 3 driving modes, CD player, USB connection, cruise control, remote central locking, vehicle stability assist

INSIGHT $24,900 13 INSIGHT SN, 1.3L, CVT, ex-demo, petrol / electric IMA engine, reverse camera, satellite navigation, alloy wheels, USB connection, bluetooth, six airbags $24,900

Bowater Honda 82 Achilles Ave, Nelson. Entrance to Wakatu Carpark

10 ACCORD EURO L, auto, 2.4L, silver, paddle shift, premium audio, dual climate control, air con, heated seats, stability control $23,900

Enquiries, phone: 548 7179 Nick D’Evereux 027 443 6777 Sheryl Wearing: 027 243 4312


Take advantage of our full Service & Parts Department.

• Genuine Honda Diagnostic equipment • Full service history recorded on the Honda New Zealand Database • Experienced Honda trained Technicians • WOF Issue and Repairs • Genuine Honda Parts Department • Full tyre fitting & wheel alignment service • Servicing for imported & NZ new cars

14 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Buy One Coffee Get One Free* with this coupon Expires 22/03/2015

Ask in-store about the Android and iPhone Columbus rewards App. All food home-made. Hours: 8.00am - 5.30pm Monday-Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday, 9.00am - 4.00pm Sunday

186 Queen St, Richmond

(Along from K Mart)

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Brendon [Arnie] Ahnfeldt, owner of Current Generation on Pascoe St, with the generator he has donated to the Reapers Owen River Party this weekend. Photo: Jacob Chandler.

Local business comes to the party

Forget the movie!

The Reapers Owen River Party almost became unplugged when their generator hire fell through last week. Luckily, one local business came to the party. The annual Reapers Party at Owen River has taken on a true community feel this year, with fundraising going towards Child Cancer Research. So when the hire of a generator fell through, the Reapers were in serious need of help. Without a generator the party wouldn’t have got started. Fortunately, Brendon [Arnie] Ahnfeldt, owner of Current Generation on Pascoe St, stepped in and has generously donated one of his industrial

Keep her happy, buy her a carpet from the more than 50 shades of grey on display

sized generators for the event. “It will be able to power all the concert equipment, all the sound equipment, and the PA,” he says. Brendon says the reason he is supplying the generator at no cost is due to the fact the event is raising money for Child Cancer Research. He has no affiliation with the club. Brendon usually hires the 1500 rpm diesel generators out, or sells them. The Owen River Party, held this weekend, is a family friendly camping event featuring music performed by Nelson band A Month öf Sundays. The party will also host a number of raffles, games and competitions with a biking theme.

Your local flooring gurus 6 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Ph 544 6746 or 0800 226 228

txt us your view 027 UR VOICE

Locally owned and operated

Bowater Toyota Toyota Dealer of the year 2014

Come celebrate with us in the month of March

Your choice of 75 vehicles from $3,990 to $55,990. All used vehicles sold at advertised price will receive a $500 petrol voucher

Bowater Toyota 0800 269 283 - 24/7



Cnr Halifax & Rutherford St Ph: 03 546 9269


10 McGlashen Ave Ph: 03 544 1117



258 High St Ph: 03 528 9600


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Wedding Album

Calling all brides and grooms! We’d love to publish your wedding photos. Email them to sales@nelsonweekly.co.nz Nardia and Brett Allan were married on 31 January at the Nelson Golf Club.

Tara and Shannon Kouka were married on 5 November 2014 in Rarotonga

Ian and Elly Bovey were married on 17 January 2015 at St Arnaud. Jacqui & Ben Pitcaithly married at a private residence in Tahuna on 10 January 2015

Photo: Claire Aickin Photography

Steph and Ollie Corby married on 16 October 2014 in Rarotonga

Amy Cameron and Jamie Mathews happily married on 24 October 2014 at The Playhouse Cafe. Photo: MiniMe photography

Andy & Miri Marshall, married on 9 January at Richmond Church on the hill.

Elli St George and Andrew Richardson were married on 20 December 2014 at Washbourn Gardens C A F É & T H E AT R E RESTAURANT

Nelsons most unique and amazing all in one wedding venue. A magical place, full of artistry and surrounded by lush gardens.

Let us take care of you, and help make your special day memorable for all.

playhousecafe.co.nz Ph 540 2985

Scott Shepard and Vanessa Lissant-Clayton were Married on 16 February 2013 at Nelson Cathedral Photo: Nelson Wedding Photography

moutere hills community centre

A beautiful location for your wedding reception Seats 160 Fully licenced bar (with BYO option) Commercial kitchen Your own function co-ordinator

Call Katrina to enquire on 543 2516



- 2p

Your big day is 22 March Monaco only offers one kind of wedding... perfect. Come to Monaco’s OPEN DAY, Sunday 22 March, for all bride and grooms to be. See Monaco’s pristine venues and accommodation and take a guided tour with our experienced team.

6 Point Rd, Monaco, Nelson Ph 03 547 0794 • events@monacoresort.co.nz • www.monacoresort.co.nz


16 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


We are locally owned and operated It is almost tax time again. With 31 March 2015 signalling another year end. Why not give Jill a call and have a talk about what you need to do. Jill offers accounting and tax return services, and drawing on more than 35 years experience in the accounting industry, you could say she is a bit of an expert when it comes to understanding the numbers. Open: Wed She knows firsthand what it -isFriday like to be a small business operator, and is sharing knowledge on how to do things by the books with other Otherher times by Appointment local business owners. Whether you are just getting started in business, growing or stopping and need advice on budgets, cash flow projections, employment or refinancing, she is passionate about helping you make it long term. Share the load of the financial burdens with someone who knows the ins and outs of finance. It doesn’t matter if you operate through a company, partnership or trust, whether you are a sole trader or simply getting started, Jill can offer friendly, practical, sound business advice and solutions. Phone Jill on 541 0549 for professional help with all your acccounting and tax return concerns.


... an Accountant you will enjoy working with... - WORKING TOGETHER -

- Annual Accounts - Tax Returns - GST Returns for Small Business, Rentals, Investors Farms & Rural - Practical Small Business Advice & Solutions Jill Vollmer Ltd, 61 Oxford St, Richmond, Nelson

P: 03 541 0549

C: 027 541 0549

E: jill.vollmer@xnet.co.nz

Washbourn Medical Centre • Excellent • Accessible • Caring

A College of General Practitioners Accredited Practice

See us for: • • • • •

Flu vaccines Health advice Mole checks and removals Smear tests Blood pressure and heart checks

• Hearing tests • Medicals for insurance, immigration, employment, drivers licence • Smoking cessation help • Green prescriptions

12 Oxford St, Richmond (opposite Washbourn Gardens)

Ph 544 8847

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm


We are committed to complying with the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights and the Health Information Privacy Code. We welcome compliments, comments and complaints as they help us improve our service.

Healthcare that is excellent, accessible and caring is the philosophy and practice of Washbourn Medical Centre and its doctors, Lucia Mitchell and Dr Janine Bailey. The premises have been refurbished recently and the practice has gained accreditation from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners – a warrant of fitness for patient well-being and safety. Teamwork and communication are important at the centre and the result is friendly, experienced people, confident in their roles. One of the important services offered by Washbourn Medical Centre is immunisation. Immunisation is an important way of preventing various unpleasant diseases. The Ministry of Health recommends the pneumococcal vaccine for those with chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes and those over 65, to help prevent pneumonia. This vaccine is not funded but can be given with the flu vaccine; which will not be available until April this year as changes have been made to improve coverage against anticipated strains of flu. A recent addition to available vaccines is Zostavax, which provides protection against shingles for those over 50. New patients are always welcome at Washbourn Medical Centre and those interested in immunisation are encouraged to contact the surgery.

Give your carpets an ‘intensive’ clean Intensive Carpet Clean offers customers the best of both worlds. Being locally owned and operated, they are not a franchise, which means their customers can take advantage of better value for money, whilst receiving the highest standards of service. Owners Tom and Lorna Gower have many years’ industry experience, working for the last seven years in the UK. During their time over there they were even trusted, on three occasions, with the task of cleaning carpets in preparation for visits by Queen Elizabeth ll. They are now happy to have returned to Nelson, bringing with them a huge amount of knowledge on cleaning systems, products and techniques, ensuring Leave it to the professionals. Tom and Lorna their customers get the best results every time. Gower each have 10 years experience cleaning Intensive Carpet Clean offers a range of services carpets. to suite all your carpet and upholstery clean“We are simply delighted with the condition of ing needs. From stain protection, stain removal and odour control, to mattress cleaning, marine our carpet after your cleaning work yesterday - it upholstery cleaning, carpet, rug and upholstery looks, feels, (even smells) new again, and the precleaning. Vacuuming can only clean so much vious tracking areas are no longer visible! Without doubt, this is the very best carpet cleaning and sometimes, theBusiness, high traffic areas on your car- Annual Accounts - Tax Returns & GST returns for Small Rentals, Investors can leave it looking dull and tired. The build outcome we have ever experienced as well as the Farms & Rural - Practical Small pet business Advice & Solutions up of dirt granules causes friction on the floor- most professional, considerate, and personable fibres when walked Nelson on, eventually leading service delivery. We will certainly recommend Jill Vollmer Ltd, 61 OxfordingSt, Richmond, to visible signs of wear and tear. However, even you to all looking for such a service.” Jan and Ellis. those annoying stains that just won’t come out jill.vollmer@xnet.co.nz 03 541 0549 027 541 0549 For a free no obligation quote, give Intensive can vanish with a little help from Tom and Lorna. Carpet Clean a call today on 544 5168 and see Because customer satisfaction is high on the list the difference a steam clean can make. for Tom and Lorna, you can be sure they will endeavour to give their customers and commercial Business Update. Adv. clients the best service available.

¥ Stain protection ¥ Stain removal & odour control ¥ Mattress cleaning ¥ Marine upholstery cleaning ¥ Carpet rugs & upholstery cleaning



with % off mention


of this C ad

Ph: 544 5168 or 021 955 168 www.nelsoncarpetcleaner.co.nz



WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


We are locally owned and operated Every day, we arrange finance for our customers, anywhere in the Nelson district. Our loans start from $1,000, and go all the way up to $500,000, with repayments starting from just $25 per week. The loans we can arrange for you are Personal Loans, secured or unsecured, Car Loans, Bridging Finance and Debt Consolidation Loans. We understand that every loan application is as unique as the client that sends it, so we assess each application individually based on its merits. Our aim is to provide you with a friendly, professional, helpful service so you can achieve your goals faster and easier. Why deal with us? We are locally owned and operated, mobile, we can come to you at your convenience for any paperwork signing. You are dealing with the actual owner of the business, and we are quickly and easily accessible to get your loan approved in as little as 2 hours Call Don from Central Finance and Loans now and discuss your requirements, on 03 928 0342.

Need a loan quickly, with no fuss?

Call Central Finance and Loans now on 03 928 0342 Email: info@cfal.co.nz

Richmond Hire is the business to call when you want to hire equipment. Currently situated in Gladstone Road, the Richmond Hire team are getting ready for their big move to brand new premises in Beach Road. The larger, purpose built premises are nearing completion and will offer easier access for vehicles, which means a faster, more efficient turnaround for tradesmen and home handymen alike. Richmond Hire is proud to be locally owned and operated. It means their team are knowledgeable, not just on the machinery they hire, but also the local conditions in which the equipment will be used. That means they can help match the right piece to the job you want done, saving you time, money and effort. For more information on how Richmond Hire can help you, give them a call on 543 9044 or visit their website, www.richmondhire.co.nz Aquaflow Spa and Swimming Pools have been designing and building beautiful high quality swimming pools for the local community for over 35 years. From concept and design, through to the completed project Aquaflow have the knowledge and skills to make your Swimming Pool ideas a reality. The latest addition to Aquaflow Spa and Swimming Pools is the Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pool range. With manufacturing plants in Australia and the United States Leisure Pools is a world leader in fibreglass pools and supplies to numerous countries around the world. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, whether your pool site is large or small there is a Leisure Pools style and size to suit your needs and budget perfectly. Manufactured using Patented Composite Armour that consists of a blend of DuPont Kevlar, Carbone Fibre, Basalt Fibre, and Corrosive Vinyl Ester Resin and finished with a Gelcoat Colour layer, Leisure Pools are the only company in the world to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. All this adds up to a pool that is designed to be easily maintained and to last a life time. For more information, or to arrange a free site visit and quote, please call us on 03 544 6165. Richmond Brake and Clutch are experts in providing motorists with a full range of mechanical repairs, as well as being specialists when it comes to servicing brakes and clutch. Owner and operator Barry Andrews has a lot of experience in the industry will get your car back on the road before you can say “rear-wheel-antilock-brake-system.” Richmond Brake and Clutch also provide a warrant of fitness service, with their drive through, no appointment option great if you are in a hurry. LTSA rules changed in 2014, meaning most vehicles now only require a WOF every 12 months. While responsible vehicles owners may keep up with regular services, many will not be able to recognise when their car is not performing at its best, or even safely. The onus of vehicle fitness will fall on the owner and they must ensure their vehicles are meeting legal requirements, making sure that their tyres have the legal amount of tread, and that the brake pads are still good, etc. To help keep on top of things, Barry now offers a half yearly safety check so you can rest assured you car is safe and legal. This new test will only cost $25 and will cover checking lights, wipers, windscreens, suspension, tyres and brakes – giving you an assurance that your car is safe and legal.


Locally owned & operated hire shop for all your equipment needs


Pick up F end Special return M riday after 4pm onda pay for 1y 9am and day

Ph: 543 9044 Mob: 0273 417 500 56a Gladstone Rd, Richmond www.richmondhireltd.co.nz

From concept to completion and beyond

95 95 95 95

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Pools for all situations and budgets

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Richmond Brake 18& McPherson ClutchStreet, Specialists

B - Fully trained & qualified $ SPECIAL Brake & Clutch Specialists Brake & Clutch WOF + $ oil & filter staff using quality Specialists parts change - Expert service you - Fully trained & qualified staff using quality parts can trust service you WOF- Expert + oil & filter can trust WOF + oil &RIC filter - Full personal guarantee change - Full personal guarantee



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AVE PH 544 1660 - Fully trained & qualified 13 McGLASHEN Open Monday - Friday using quality&parts 13 McGLASHEN AVE PH 544 1660 -staff Fully trained qualified - Expert you Monday staffservice usingOpen quality parts - Friday

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We are locally owned and operated

Happy Hands Massage

relaxation – lower back/neck/shoulder pain


headaches – sinus – nervous system Ideal for children and infants

Visceral Manipulation

abdominal discomfort – sacral and pelvic dysfunction indigestion - fatigue

Karyn White 021 207 5021

30 Kihilla Rd, Richmond

freeview sales & service • Digital freeview aerials • Installation of new TV’s • Wall mounting FAVSAT SATELLITE & AUDIO SYSTEMS

Ph: 0274 376 019 A/H: 544 8867 www.free2view.co.nz

Don Clementson Qualified Electronics Technician

Allergies treatments for all ages • Food allergies • Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (“hayfever”) • Eczema • Allergic rhinosinusitis (allergic sinusitis) • Asthma • Chronic urticaria (hives)

• Bee/Wasp allergy • Angioedema (recurrent swelling of the face/mouth) • Anaphylaxis • Medication Allergy

Plus Diagnostic services: • Skin prick testing • Spirometry (lung function testing)

355 Lower Queen St, Richmond

Ph 544 8818

Karyn White has been practicing massage therapy for 15 years and is passionate about using her skills to help people gain or regain mobility throughout their whole body. This encompasses the muscles, the organs and the nervous system. Through her business, Happy Hands, Karyn offers three types of therapy; therapeutic massage for relaxation, muscle work and sports related issues, CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. These are connecKaryn White tive tissue treatments; Craniosacral focusing on the nervous system and spinal fluid, while Visceral Manipulation works with organ mobility. By combining all of these elements into each session, Karyn is able to assist a body to move more freely, which in turn alleviates a lot of pressure and stress. Karyn’s clinic, located on Kihilla Rd, offers patients an exclusive, relaxing and private place to receive treatments that are created for their individual requirements. Contact her today on 021 207 5021 to make an appointment. Evening appointments welcome. If you are building or renovating, then talk to Don Clementson at FAVSAT about your options when it comes to home entertainment. When building call Don before the gib board goes up or even before the building starts, as this gives you plenty of opportunity to make necessary changes to wiring, placement of outlets and all the necessary technical elements that need to be sorted to ensure sure you have the best in home entertainment available. My Freeview has the advantages of recording live TV and the convenience of being able to watch your favourite shows whenever you want to watch them, it suits the whole family. My Freeview is the modern equivalent of an old video recorder, where you can pause live TV and record while watching. You can even record two channels while watching a third and come back to watch the stored programmes whenever you choose plus you can automatically record every episode of your favourite show – you’ll never miss Coro St again. Don can also retrofit any of the above options, so don’t despair if you have recently finished building or are simply wanting an upgrade. Contact Don now on 0274 376 019. Allergy Solutions have a dedicated team of four local health professionals, providing a comprehensive allergy service for the top of the south island. The team includes Paediatrician, Garth Smith, GP, James Chisnall, and registered nurses, Jacquie Westenra and Pam Manley; all of whom have done study in allergic disease and have qualifications in allergy. Allergies can make people’s lives extremely miserable and at times, very difficult to maintain normal daily activities, leading to decreased quality of life with time off work or school. Allergy solutions provide an evidence based model of care. This includes careful history taking, skin prick testing, providing treatment options, medication, and management plans. They offer desensitisation (turning off the immune system to the allergy) which is very exciting, not only for severe allergies that can be life threatening, but also for hay fever, house dust mite, cat, dog or pollen sufferers. They also provide a comprehensive consultation for eczema and asthma sufferers, with support, education and a management action plan, meaning most eczema and asthma can be well managed and controlled. For an appointment, please contact the practice manager Janette Haunch on 5448818 or 021 046 9032, or visit the website at allergysolutions.co.nz for more information. Quentin Earle has been in the painting business since 1984, which means he has 30 years of valuable experience in all aspects of painting and decorating. Now is the perfect time to get the brushes busy with any project you have waiting and Quentin is the perfect choice. Quentin is a qualified contractor with a reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship, consistency, professionalism, attention to detail and most importantly, customer satisfaction. He can lend his painting and decorating services to any residential or light commercial projects, offering interior and exterior painting and wall papering. Whether it’s giving the house a fresh coat of paint, getting on top of a renovation or giving a commercial building an updated look, now is the time while the weather is still good. Quentin does a job properly first time round, which means paying particular attention to preparation and detail. He also has a reputation for being a reliable tradesman who will be on site and ready to go when you need him. His expert advice on painting and decorating is also something he is happy to offer. Give Quentin a call today on 027 232 1550 or email him at quentinearle@xtra.co.nz and beat the winter weather.


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


We are locally owned and operated FREE QUALIFICATIONS NZQA Approved

The Nelson Technical Institute team: Nicole, Operations Manager; Dave, Electrical Tutor; Carmel, Administrator; Paul, Commercial Road Transport Tutor; Ian, Licensing and Endorsement Assessor; Paul, Automotive Industry Tutor and Carol, NCEA/NCES Tutor and Director. NTI offers a range of courses in the sectors of commercial road transport, automotive and electrical. Contact NTI today to learn more about their education opportunities. RightWay are a team of talented and energetic professionals that have been helping small-medium sized New Zealand businesses, for the last three years. Olivia van Vugt is the Nelson/Tasman regional partner of RightWay and is bringing the fresh and innovative approach to accountancy, to local business. RightWay don’t just do your accounts and tax, or meet with you once a year. RightWay are all about creating personalised relationships with their clients, helping them grow and realise their dreams; Olivia van Vugt whatever that may be. Olivia is a chartered accountant who, after working at Deloitte in both Wellington and Melbourne, spent five years in London as head of corporate finance for a large scale, multi-national corporation. Returning to Nelson for family reasons, Olivia is now using her skills to help local Nelson businesses succeed. To talk with Olivia about how RightWay can help you, give her a call on 027 964 1980.


NCEA Level 1 & 2 Employment Skills Automotive – Level 2 & 3 Electrical – Level 2 Commercial Road Transport – Level 3

Enquire or apply now - placements available all year Some conditions may apply

Ph: 544 7350

Email: admin@nelsontech.ac.nz | www.nelsontech.ac.nz

Looking for a fresh, innovative approach Looking for a fresh, innovative approach to your to your accounting needs? accounting needs?

From the co-founder of Xero, NZ’s fastest growing Accounting & Advisory firm brings you:

front monthly pricing plans From the co-founder of Xero, NZÕ s fastestT Up growing (including Xero) Accounting & Advisory firm brings you: T Regular financial updates and

T Access to corporate buying privileges T Cloud based product experience T A personalised approach on your premises

Give Olivia a call on 027 964 1980 or email olivia.vanvugt@rightway.co.nz to find out more! Kiwi businesses make a success of themselves Helping www.rightway.co.nz Steve Burton Electrical is the team to talk to for any number of electrical services. Their expertise stretches from new builds and renovations, to reLighting up Richmond, pairing and installing electrical equipment in your home office, providGive Olivia a call onor0279641980 ing 24/7 emergency maintenance and the sale and installation of SmartVent or email olivia.vanvugt@rightway.co.nz to find out more. systems. Waimea and Tasman Take control of your The locally owned and operated family business is owned by Steve Burton RightWay Ð Helping Kiwi businesses make a home’s internal and operated with the help of his son Chris. Not only are they registered Covering all your electrical needs climate and remove electricians, but both Chris and Steve have been trained and certified by success of themselves• New Homes • Rural & Retail • Detailed Quotes SmartVent to install and provide the systems needed for a warmer, drier condensation • 24hr Service and healthier home. Recently, Steve www.rightway.co.nz Burton Electrical has expanded and • Commercial • Renovations reshaped its business, and with a new, additional base, now established in Now available on Richmond, the professional services they offer can now reach a much wider area while their second location still services their existing clients in the Brightwater/Wakefield areas. Steve Burton Electrical can offer an even more Up front monthly pricing plans (including Xero) Regular financial updates & strategy sessions A personalised approach on your premises Access to corporate buying privileges ü Cloud based product experience

ü ü ü ü

efficient response to home owner’s electrical requirements. Contact Steve Burton Electrical today on either 544 9844 or 542 2120 for more information on their services, or to find out how a SmartVent system could be your escape from condensation and the cold this winter.

The Wairua Warrior is coming up in April, and with a bit of help from coorganisers, Wairua Body Coaching Systems, you could be part of it. Wairua Body Coaching Systems run sessions specific for obstacle course training, focusing on helping participants to overcome all obstacles, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. Obstacle Course Racing Xtreme (OCR-X) combines all aspects of the sport from army crawls to scaling walls; it’s all about technique. Those who participate in the sessions will also get a valuable insight into what they will be facing during the Wairua Warrior course. Wairua Body Coaching Systems is the only facility in the South Island to offer these specific training classes, catering to all fitness levels and fostering a culture of support and safety amongst members. Those who want to be part of the Wairua Warrior can register online at www.wairuawarrior.co.nz with all registered participants offered a chance to train in the OCR-X classes for only $10. Sessions are open for everyone and teach participants how to move their bodies better so no matter what they’re up against, they’re able to figure out a way to get over it, around it or under it. Contact Wairua Body Coaching Systems on 021 876 141 or 021 516 833 for more information on their classes.

strategy sessions

Registered Electrician

544 9844

or 542 2120, 027 542 4473

Steve & Chris Burton

“We Guarantee Honesty, Reliability and Quality”

“Creating Positivity through Movement and Mobility” OCR-X Overcome all obstacles physical, mental and emotional. SynrgyX Combining strength exercises and mobility with cardio drills. BoXfit You will be coached on technique and training intensities combining boxing and fitness Spin-X strengthen and tone the legs while burning bodyfat. CorefleX Challenge your core strength and flexibility with dynamic movement patterns. WAIRUA

Body Coaching

12 Elms St, Wakatu Estate, Stoke Donna: 021 876 141 Greg: 021 516 833


Donna and Greg Witika

20 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Wanderer’s Rugby Club


No job toofor bigall or small Choose Glassworx types of glass

From cat doors to double glazing and complete retro-fits • Shower Doors, Splashbacks, Mirrors • Window Repairs • Shower doors,Repairs Splashbacks, • Windscreen/Stonechip • Pet DoorsMirrors • Broken repairs • Insurance Workwindow • Retro Fit Double Glazing • Windscreen/Stone chip repairs We cover the Nelson/Tasman region Brightwater,Proud Wakefield, Hope, Mapua, Tapawera, to support Wanderers Richmond and Murchison 46 Teapot Valley Road, RD1, Brightwater, Nelson Proud to support Wanderers PH: (03) 542 4412 or 0800 452 779

go wanderers

south street gallery

0800 777 144

Tone Ng Shiu skips out of Waimea Old Boys grasp in the 2014 Division One Final. Taylors Contractors Wanderers Sports Club prides itself on being a fantastic community sports club where young and old can enjoy sport, whether they’re participating or watching from the sidelines. Expectations for 2015 will be high for all sports that call the club home after consistently having a strong representation in everything from rugby and league, to cricket and netball. With rugby season on their doorstep, players and supporters will be looking forward to another successful year with both senior teams, division one and two looking to take out their championships. Training for the senior team began a few weeks ago and Todd Bavin, coach for the division two team, says preparation is going well. “We’ve got a lot of numbers this season and we’re on track to try and go back to back with the championships.” The strong team that took out the Nelson Bays Division two champs last year has remained much the same with the one new addition of Richie Bolitho, who has returned after spending some time overseas. After suffering an unfortunate injury, former divi-

Now pouring

Wai-iti Lager Full Flavour - Mid Strength 3.4%

Nelson Forests Ltd are proud to support Wanderer’s Rugby Club and wish them all the best for the coming season

Plus new release

American Pale Ale

Quiz Nights Every Thursday 7.30pm Supporting local charities.

54 Ellis St, Brightwater Ph: 542 2323 58a Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph 543 81165


sion one player, Ethan Reuban will also be joining the division two coaching team, with both Ethan and Todd taking on the managerial position for the team too. With the hard ground conditions at the Wanderers club, beach trainings have been preparing the teams for their coming competitions, along with their brand new gym facility. The community gym was officially opened in December last year and will provide players, as well as local residents, access to a fitness facility whenever they want. Division one will be looking forward to going a step further in the competion this season after making it into the finals of the Nelson Bays Division one championships for the second time, however, they missed out once again with the title going to Waimea Old Boys. The Tasman Trophy will also be an important competition on the calendar; being between Nelson and Marlborough, the strongest team is effectively the best in the top of the south with last years trophy going to a Blenheim team. A group of players was also sent to play in the Woodend Rugby Sevens tournament in Christchurch. While they won the plate trophy in 2013, last year they were knocked out in the cup round, along with an early knock out in the Nelson Sevens Tournament in Motueka. Division one is

Follow the rugby in your local paper

Waimea aimea Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

Ph 544 9037 www.waimeaweekly.co.nz

Proud sponsor of the Wanderers

40 AL2’n1

RE108 EngieBrgs&Straon SAVE aterbls EngiePowr190c 2015 Wanderer’s Rugby WClub Feature

also looking to see some talented players enter the team from division two. After two or three years playing in the senior B grade, players such as Sean King, Bobby Palmer and Willy Hamilton are among those keen to make their mark in the top ranks of Wanderers rugby. This year Johnny Bloxham and Sammie Gibbons will make up the coaching side for division one, with Frazer Lochead and Ian Biggs as team managers. All senior rugby will be starting on March 21 and will go right through until July/August. The JAB section of Wanderers will also be expecting big numbers after the 2014 season saw 14 teams of 240 children. The JAB season normally kicks off on registration night which is being held on Friday, March 6 at the club rooms from 5pm un-

til 7pm. The clubs major sponsor, Taylor’s Contracting, will once again be giving away a free rugby ball to every player that registers and pays their subscription on the registration night. The club will also see a new under 14 team to play in the age grades, thanks to a partnership with Waimea College. Wanderers Rugby Football Club is always on the look out for willing volunteers and rugby supporters to take on a number of important roles within the club. From team managers in the JAB section and senior divisions, to kitchen hands for the senior teams Thursday night meals after training. For more information in the club or to enquire about playing at Wanderers this year, visit their website at www.wanderersports.co.nz.


TEAM AT TOTAL OIL NELSON. CO.NZ Talented young players continue to come through the ranks at Wanderers with both Sam Liebezeit and Fletcher Matthews receiving scholarships in 2014.

WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

$10 NOW

Engi e Cap city 230v Flow Rate 6.3L/min



$ 41 Seinstoref ulrangeofprmotins.Oferavilbeuntil31Decmbr2014orwhilestocklast.TermsandCoitnsaply.

CONGRATULATIONS ON proud sponsors of 21 SUCCESSFUL YEARS IN wandErErs JAB BUSINESS. Registration Night


57 Vanguard St, Nelson

StoreDtailsher ‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE ToTal oil NelsoN StoreDtailsher GET FREE StoreDtaEXTRAS ilsher the SPECIALISTS $257 $344 StoreDtailsher

Friday 6 March PROUDLY SUPPLIED BY THE TEAM AT TOTAL OIL NELSON. Wanderers WWW.TOTALOILSOLUTIONS.CO.NZ Club Rooms 5pm - 7pm www.ToTaloilsoluTioNs.co.Nz

FS 38 Linetrimmer

MS 170 Chainsaw

Engine Capacity 27.2cc Weight 4.1kg

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62 Gladstone Rd, Richmond Richmond Ph 544 6122 544 6122 YOU’LL Ph ONLY NEED ONE

STIHL Engine Briggs & Stratton BATTERY MS 170 UP Engine TO $250 Power VALUE 190cc


See in store for full range of promotions. Offers available untilOR 31 December 2014 or while stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply. Engine Capacity 230v Flow Rate 6.3L/min



Store here StihlDetails Store Details Store Details here

Stihl Store Details



22 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


What’s new in Tech and Sound

ARK OPEN DAY: Nelson Ark member Lizzi Gillard and her dog Cora put on a display at the Ark’s open day held at Stonehurst Farm on Sunday. The day was organised in order to promote the relationship between both groups. Stonehurst has recently rebranded, now offering horse owners 50 hectares of grazing and the hire of their facilities for personal use or equestrian events. The Nelson Ark used the day to demonstrate the benefits their organisation brings to dogs that need re-homing and young people who are in need of guidance and support. Photo: Trudy Nicholson.

Latest products Cambridge Audio Go Radio - $299

Invitation to attend a Road Safety Demonstration in your neighbourhood Organised Stopping Distance Demonstrations are being held as part of a road safety campaign to show how long it takes for a car to stop when travelling at different speeds. You, your family and your neighbours are encouraged to join in with one of these demonstrations. Please note: • Cars will be allowed into & out of the area under controlled conditions at certain times. • No road side parking will be allowed during the road closure. • Emergency services will be notified and allowed access. • If you have to exit your driveway during the road closure period please seek assistance from a steward in a safety vest before exiting. This is for your own safety. • Exact times for the demonstrations can be found on the Council website (www.tasman.govt.nz). For further information please contact: Krista Hobday, Tasman District Council on Ph. 03 543 8551 / 027 405 6888.

Kill your speed... not a child!

The following roads will be closed to traffic to allow these demonstrations to take place: • Fairfax Street, Murchison Monday 16 March 2015, 9.00 am – 10.30 am • Iwa Street, Mapua Monday 16 March 2015, 1.15 pm – 3.00 pm • Wadsworth Street, Takaka Tuesday 17 March 2015, 9.15 am – 1.10 pm • Grey Street, Motueka Wednesday 18 March 2015, 9.10 am – 12.15 pm • School Road, Lower Moutere Wednesday 18 March 2015, 1.15 pm – 2.45 pm • Woodland Avenue, Motueka Wednesday 18 March 2015, 6.00pm – 7.30pm • Greenhill Road, Ngatimoti Thursday 19 March 2015, 9.00 am – 11.30 am • Goddard Road, Tasman Thursday 19 March 2015, 1.30 pm – 2.55 pm • Church Street, Richmond Friday 20 March 2015, 9.05 am – 12.15 pm • Herbert Street, Richmond Friday 20 March 2015, 1.35 pm – 3.00 pm


WOODLANDS AVENUE, MOTUEKA COME and SEE this dynamic road safety

demonstration and meet some of your neighbours

WHEN – Road closure from 6:00pm – 7:30pm – Activities and displays from 6pm – Demonstration at 6:15pm – 6:45pm WHY is it important ? If a pedestrian is hit at; 70km/hr - 95% will die 50km/hr - 40% will die 30km/hr - 5% will die

What’s on! • Chat about neighbourhood issues with Citizens Advice Bureau volunteers, and discover how they can help

If a child stepped out in front of you, could you stop in time?

• Learn more about Civil Defence preparedness from the Nelson CD Emergency Management team • Enjoy a picnic on the lawn or the sausage sizzle from MORE FM

This neighbourhood road safety event is supported by:

The new Go Radio is a portable, battery powered wireless speaker that is designed to play music from just about any smart device or computer. It has a builtin FM radio tuner, allowing you to enjoy your favourite radio stations, in and out of the home. It allows you to enjoy great quality music at home, away, on the beach or in the caravan. • FM radio with 3 presets • AptX Bluetooth with Near Field Communication pairing • 2 x titanium tweeters • 2 x 2” woofers • Charges the connected device • Up to 18 hours battery life

Topaz Stereo Receiver SR20 - $899

The SR20 is the most powerful amplifier in the Topaz range offering an immense 100 watts per channel, backed by a dedicated subwoofer output as well as two sets of speaker outputs. It also features analogue inputs, digital inputs, a phono stage, an FM receiver and an MP3 input, so it will connect and play virtually anything you throw at it. • Outputs 85 watts per channel • Built-in MM Phono stage • Built-in FM/AM radio • Twin speaker output

What’s hot

Ruark R7 Digital Radiogram - $4,699

Inspired by the 50s and 60s design, Ruark’s new R7 is the latest iconic piece. With stunning looks and amazing sound quality, it’s a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram. • DAB/DAB+/FM and internet tuners • Dual aerial inputs for separate DAB and FM aerial feeds • Plays both standard CDs and MP3 disks • Streams music through Bluetooth and DLNA WiFi • Charge port for smartphones and devices • 8” long throw subwoofer • 160 watts power output The Audiophile in Nelson is owned and operated by audio and visual expert Daniel O’Connell. Daniel and the team have been leading suppliers of Hi-Fi, home theatre and home automation Daniel since 2008. The Audiophile offers O’Connell expert advice on products and services and is Nelson’s only CEDIA approved member. At The Audiophile we pride ourselves on delivering each client their own unique custom-built audio and visual experience. Right from the initial design consultation phase to the installation of multimedia solutions, system control, cabling, data network and security systems, we tailor our services to our clients personal preferences and requirements. 14 Elms St, Wakatu Estate, Nelson daniel@theaudiophile.co.nz www.theaudiophile.co.nz Ph: 544 0473



WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Garin bowler wins champs Garin College’s Max Nalder won the boy’s singles bowls title convincingly at the Tasman Inter-Secondary Schools Bowls Championships last week with a clean sweep of wins in all of his games. In the doubles, Max paired up with Tayne Clements but the Garin pair lost the final to the Nelson College team. In the girl’s pairs, Ellie Cathman and

Richmond man Julian Stillwell with his boat at Lake Rotoiti on Sunday for the Powerboat Champs. Photo: Jacob Chander.

Stillwell wins on home water Jacob Chandler

Third generation Nelson Powerboat racer, Julian Stillwell, took out top prize at the Lake Rotoiti Powerboat Championship on the weekend, putting him in second place for the New Zealand champs. Julian’s boat is a USA-built formula one, powered by 320 horsepower Mercury V6. The Richmond man says a lot of the boaties invest a lot of money in the sport but the races are designed to be a fair judgement on skill. “There would be eight guys at least who have good gear to run a race, but it’s not crucial. We have a rev limit and a weight limit and a couple of other engine restrictions to keep it not so much about money.” One of the difficulties of Lake Rotoiti is the altitude. Julian says this means he has to do a lot of fine tuning on the

Lucy Watts from Nelson College for Girls played Bianca Rogers and Lucy Rodman-Brown from Waimea College. The Nelson College for Girls team proved too strong, winning the title in the end. A record 41 students entered the championships, hosted by Bowls Nelson and Sport Tasman, was held at Stoke Bowling Club.


20 off all lingerie, summer nightwear, swimwear and maternity wear %

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Including Hotmilk and Lovable Maternity wear.

51 Bridge St | P: 548 3943 www.littleboutique.co.nz | Richmond’s Julian Stillwell in action on the water. Photo: Evan Barnes/Shuttersport. engine. “You can never make as much horsepower at altitude as you can at sea level. It’s quite difficult to get maximum power out of the engine.” He says the water at Rotoiti is less buoyant than the other lakes he has competed at. “You get thrown around a lot more. It seems really hard.” Julian is part of the Rotoiti Powerboat Club which currently has around 30 smaller ‘clubman’ boats.

He says they are a good way to get into the sport as they are easy to learn and cheap to run. “It gives kids an opportunity to get into the sport and it’s a class we really want to foster.” Julian faces two more competitions before a New Zealand champion is crowned. Currently he sits only two points behind the leader. He will be competing at Lake Kaniere in Hokitika at Easter and Cromwell on Anzac weekend.

FREE vein assessments*

Vein and Skin Cancer Clinic Dr Shona Dalzell and our friendly team in the Nelson Region provide vein and skin cancer assessments and effective treatments.


Skin Cancer

• Free vein assessment* • All treatment options for varicose veins (radiofrequency,

• Free Spot Check

laser, injections and surgery)


(for 1-2 moles/lesions of concern)

• Full body skin checks • Excisions

No referral necessary. Covered by all insurance companies for treatment. Conditions may apply.

Phone: 03 539 0175

Specialist Suite, 355 Lower Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson Where medical necessity criteria apply. Southern Cross criteria and conditions apply.

Skin cancer | Veins | Appearance

*Symptoms and Initial reflux assessed. A formal USS scan and consultation required before definitive treatment.


illesPie1 GillesP H O M E K I L L

Baden neal

new owner Ph: 547 7746


022 368 0605

24 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Fishing with

Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club

The kids from Richmond School are fighting fit and ready to take on the Weetbix Triathlon at Tahunanui next weekend. Photo: Monique Bergman.

Kids prepare for try-athlon Monique Bergman

School kids received a special delivery with Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon race packs delivered to around 20 schools across our region last week. Over 1800 kids from Nelson-Tasman took part in the event last year and it is hoped the figure will increase this year. Overall, the series was a huge success with 22,000 children across New Zealand racing. The TRYathlon is the world’s largest triathlon series for under 16years and every child who participates receives a certificate, medal, race Tshirt and a swim cap. It will be held at the Tahunanui recreation ground and all children swim

50 to 100 metres, bike four to eight kilometres, depending on their age, and all finish with a 1.5kilometre run. This year participants will have the chance to meet sporting celebrities Dillon Boucher, Aaron Gate and Sam Demster who will be attending and handing out medals on the day. Richmond School has 63 kids participating in this year’s event and has been running swimming lessons through the school leading up to the event. There are 14 events across New Zealand running from December until April, with the Nelson event race held on Sunday, March 9. Registrations for this event close on Wednesday March 4.

Super 15 Tipping

Hi Nelson Fishos! That time is here, Tasman Bay Snapper Classic is this Saturday 7th March. The biggest event on the fishing calendar is this weekend. With a recipe of massive prizes, awesome venue (Speights Alehouse), great support from local sponsors and an auction to support worthy charity Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson, this is one not to be missed. Lead by organizer Troy Dando, with the support of the Dawnbreakers Fishing Club, this competition is set to become a major event from now on. This is a four person team's one day event with all competitors having to leave from one base, Nelson ramps, and in the same set area to fish of Tasman Bay, only as high up as Greville harbour, French Pass across to Separation Point. Timing is perfect, with big schools of snapper having finished their spawning and coming back on the chew in the last few weeks. Good size snapper are getting caught on the rod and reel again, giving eve-

ryone with a bait in the water a chance of collecting a prize. Recent reports are of snaps being caught in the shallows and deeper waters on both sides of the bay, kingfish seen everywhere and good size gurnard, john dory and blue cod also. So give the boat a check over this week, get together your team of four people and follow the easy steps online to complete your entry before this Thursday night, on www. tasmanbaysnapperclassic.co.nz. So Nelson folk, come along and check out the fish weigh-in and fish on display from 3-5 pm this Saturday at Speight's Ale House, which will be followed at 5.45pm by a fresh fish auction of the donated fish and lots of new sponsored items, with all proceeds from both going to the local charity. A professional filleter will be available for a small donation to fully fillet out those fish that people have won the bidding on. What could be better than "fresh as" fish to take home, as well as lots of new gear to bid on. See you there.

Our locals pick their winners Chiefs Brumbies vs vs Highlanders Force

Round 4

Blues vs Lions

Reds vs Waratahs

Cheetahs vs Bulls

Stormers vs Sharks

Lions vs Stormers

Hayden Stevenson 16/21 Brent Stewart (Stew) 14/21 Ben Coman


Chris Shand


Ben Brownie


Paul Mackay


Dawn Rameka


Chris Satherley


Skilled local fisho Pete Connolly nabs a Tasman Bay 20 pounder.

Honda CB650F

queen street

Dick Baker


Mark Cessford


Roy Tomlinson


Belinda de Clercq 11/21

Brand new design from the wheels up, simply stunning in new tri-colour with gold colour wheels.

$13,995 +ORC

MORLEY Motorcycle & Marine

25 Elms Street, Stoke, Nelson Phone 544 8703 www.morleymotorcycles.co.nz


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

Axewoman makes debut in Murchison

The Murchison A and P Show got off to a damp, drizzly start last Saturday, but things soon improved as the skies cleared and a crowd of about 2000 enjoyed the stalls, equestrian events, shearing, animal nursery and cooking displays. Secretary Colette Barrow says the standard of exhibits at Saturday’s show at the Murchison Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre and Murchison Domain was especially high. The photography and cooking competitions attracted outstanding entries while there was also a “very high calibre of horses and ponies in all sections of the show”. Colette says another big attraction was the cooking displays by the “mad wild food chef ”, better known as Daryl Crimp. “Crimpy whipped up some amazing dishes from venison back straps to the perfect whitebait patties. There was also some hilarious humour and crowd participation and a splash of wine here and there making two great shows to watch.” The Goldpine animal tent was also popular with “a constant flow of families and children of all ages coming through all day to pet, scratch and admire the cute and cuddly animals on display”. Entertainment was provided by Harmony Aquarian of New Zealand’s Got Talent fame who performed a variety of tunes from the TNL Music truck, Colette says. The- Principal, 30 woodchoppers, Nelson Collegeincluding for Girls axewoman Mel Jones who was making her competitive dette Milligan - Director, INP Medical Clinic but, shearers, terrier racing and Grand Parade were the other big attractions. “The committee was very pleased with the day,” Colette says.

TRIATHLON: Garin College’s Sam Ashley negotiates the cycle stage turnaround point during the Andrew Jones Memorial Triathlon held at Rabbit Island on Tuesday. The annual event, run by the Nelson Triathlon Club and Sport Tasman, is the championship event for intermediate and secondary school students in Nelson and Marlborough. Triathletes as young as 10 will take part in the event at Rabbit Island, with the distances tailored to suit the various ages. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

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Join Club President, Leigh Bromell, to “Celebrate”

er vice rices - Principal, Nelson College for Girls Annette Milligan - Director, INP Medical Clinic

69 79 99

With Guest Speakers Judene Edgar - Councillor, TDC Alison Boswijk - International Projects Manager, World of Wearable Art Dot Kettle - CEO, Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce • A good selection of mags is also available. Best Service Cathy Ewing - Principal, Nelson College for Girls • Puncture repairs, second handprices tyres. Best Annette Milligan - Director, INP Medical Clinic


PUNCTURE REPAIRS Best Service Best prices


• Good honest advice.

No memtbaer? Be our Tickets Sales & Charity Auction proceeds to: guest Nelson Regional Breast & Gynaecological Cancer Trust, Nelson Women’s Refuge & Nelson Women’s Centre

MC - Breffni O’Rourke, The Breeze

Proud to support the Nelson Motor Show

PH: 544 7575 RICHMOND PH: 544 7575 RICHMOND

Tickets available from Club or nelsonsuburbanclub-hightea.eventbrite.co.nz.

High Tea - Sat 7th March - 2pm to 4pm


Daryl Smith Smith Daryl Owner/Operator Owner/Operator

38 Oxford Street, Richmond 38 Oxford Street, Richmond

k c i p

Tickets $5 (Charitable Donation)

(Entrance to Warring car-park) (Entrance to Warring car-park)

k e e w

e h t r fo

. week f the o s e k or , pic uch m k. h my it m w d n s ple tion a just a is sim precia ’s and ipple p y t a r e n h t e lu r a lH to-ea best v r loca owning a o you t Fiinndin For d in call

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330ml 15 Pack Bottles

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Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

ichmond Mel Jones competes in the woodchopping at the Murchison A and P Show last Saturday.

Jim Beam Bonded 7% or Smirnoff Ice Double Black & Guarana 7% 250ml 4 Pack Cans

Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Noir 750ml

Steinlager Pure 330ml 15 Pack Bottles





ng car-park) 16 35 22 insurance sPecialist

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Collect 1 Point for every $20 spent.

181 Queen Street, Richmond (next to BP) • Phone 03 541 0190 • www.henrys.co.nz Peter Ogilvie


Henry’s encourages safe & responsible use of alcohol. Shout prices run from Monday 2nd March until Sunday 8th March 2015 or while stocks last. *Choose any 6 wines or spirits. Further discounts for Shout items do not apply. Excludes Beer and RTD’s.

9.99 pack

26 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


Paddleboarders join kayakers at Bullerfest

The stand up paddleboarders provided most of the entertainment at the Bullerfest with plenty of thrills and spills as they negotiated the grade three O’Sullivan Rapids on the Buller River. It was the first time stand up paddleboards were included in the three-day white water event based at Murchison and organiser Sophia Mulder says the paddlers gave the spectators plenty of laughs. Sunday’s paddleboarding was followed by another fun event, the Cardboard Cup, featuring two paddlers racing in a vessel made out of duct tape and cardboard. “The paddleboarding is becoming popular at whitewater events in the US so we decided to include it this year as a bit of a trial,” Sophia says. “It gives people who aren’t necessarily kayakers a chance to compete and it was pretty good fun for the spectators.” However, Sophia says Bullerfest got off to a more serious start on Friday with the Boater

Cross on the Matakitaki River. That was followed by the Kayak Slalom and Rafter Cross on O’Sullivan’s Rapid on Saturday. John Snook of Rotorua won the Boater Cross which is described as a blend of down river racing and roller derby with four paddlers contesting each heat. Murchison’s Daan Jimmink and Phil Palzer were second and third respectively while Murchison’s Rata LovellSmith won the women’s final - John, Daan and Phil finished in the same order in the kayak slalom. Sophia says the Rafter Cross followed the same format as the Boater Cross with four rafts racing head-to-head through a slalom course on O’Sullivans Rapid.. “The racing was competitive but the numbers were down a lot on last year because we had a clash with the Citroen whitewater event in Queenstown,” Sophia says. “That was a bit of a communication mix-up but we’ve got the dates right for next year.’

Murchison’s Daan Jimmink competes in the kayak slalom at BullerFest. Photo: Barry Whitnall/www.shuttersport.co.nz

Brads Auto Groom Springtime Super Special

Express Groom 3 hours - start to finish Bookings Essential

99 Ph: 544 8845 from $

6 Kotua Place, Richmond Conditions apply


WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015


4 MARCH 2015

Newslineupdate K e e p i n g yo u i n fo r m e d a b o u t n e ws a n d e ve nt s i n Ta s m a n D i s t r i c t

Public Notices

Community Notices

Navigation Safety Bylaw: Temporary reservations and speed limit uplifting for maritime events

Do you have a great community arts project that needs some money to make it happen?

In line with the provisions of the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2005, the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster has (or may soon) granted authorisations for the following known events during March 2015. Other events may also occur during this time but the Harbourmaster has not yet received further applications.

Tasman District Council’s Creative Communities Scheme has money to help groups and individuals running arts projects in the Tasman District. Creative Communities provides funding to support community involvement in the arts, whether that’s music, theatre, festivals, mural painting, outdoor sculptures, art in public spaces, kapa haka, singing, art workshops or something else. Funded by Creative New Zealand, the Council’s Creative Communities Scheme is designed to support opportunities for communities, urban or rural, to have a go at art whether it’s for hobby or to develop a career, said fund co-ordinator Mike Tasman Jones. “We’re looking for art projects with broad community involvement, involve young people or projects that support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities.” The Tasman Creative Communities Scheme funding in 2014 enabled theatre groups like “Body and Space” to workshop “The Map” with local Golden Bay performers aged 13 to adults before the community performance. The Embroiders Guild were able to host a weekend of workshops for beginners to “old hands”, budding authors were able to attend a “Breaking into Print” workshop, 50 members of the Mapua community were able to roll up their sleeves, mix up the grout and mosaic one wall of the public toilets and 500 Richmond residents watched a large cast of locals at the outdoor summer theatre in Washbourn Gardens. The Creative Communities Scheme funding, alongside a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm from the applicants, is what enabled these opportunities and many others to take place. If you have a great community arts project needing some dollars to make it happen the Tasman Creative Communities Scheme maybe just what you’re looking for. There are three rounds of applications per year. The next round closes on 10 March 2015, for projects starting after 1 April, the next rounds later in 2015 close 10 July and 10 November. There is $39,007.80 allocated per annum with allocations averaging $1,000. For application forms go to www.tasman.govt.nz and search ‘creative communities’ or contact Mike Tasman-Jones on Ph. 03 543 8400 for further information.



7 March – 8 March 2015

Lake Rotoiti, Kerr Bay

Classic boat show

Due to Navigation Safety requirements, water users not involved in these events may be excluded from defined areas during these activities. Notices will be placed at nearby access points during these events. Further details for these and any new events may be viewed at www.tasman.govt.nz/link/marine-events

Feedback sought – Rural land use and subdivision policy review In recent months, the Council has been preparing changes to rural land use and subdivision provisions in its Tasman Resource Management Plan. Feedback on a Draft Plan Change is now being sought from residents. The proposed changes could provide opportunities for rural housing and subdivision with specific opportunities for rural commercial activities, cooperative living and rural-residential development. The new ideas have been developed from an earlier period of consultation on issues and options and Council workshops on the feedback received. The Council is now seeking public input into the Draft Plan Change until the end of March 2015. To find out more and see a copy of the draft Plan Change you can go to the Council’s website or view at the Council’s Service Centres. For more information about the rural review and the Draft Plan Change contact: Sonya Leusink-Sladen, Email: Sonya.Leusink-Sladen@tasman.govt.nz or Mary Honey, Email: Mary.Honey@tasman.govt.nz

Rates Rebate Deadline The rates rebate deadline for 2014-2015 rating year is quickly approaching. Applications MUST be in before 30 June 2015 to be accepted. The Rates Rebate Scheme operates under the Rates Rebate Act 1973. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide a subsidy to low income home owners on the cost of their rates. The maximum rebated for this rating year is $605. Forms are held in each of the Council’s offices. These have a Rates Rebate Income Eligibility Table on the front. The property you are applying for must be your principal place of residence. You cannot claim a rates rebate for the rates payable on a property that is used principally for business, farming, commercial or industrial purposes, or a home that is not your usual place of residence. To check your eligibility and download a rates rebate form please go to our website www.tasman.govt.nz/property/rates/rates-rebate

Roading Proposed Road Closures to Ordinary Vehicular Traffic In accordance with the Transport (Vehicle Road Closure) Regulations 1965, the public is advised that the following roads are proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below.

Richmond Unlimited – Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare Croucher Street between Queen Street and McGlashen Avenue and Sundial Square car park. 2.30 pm – 11.00 pm, Friday 20 March 2015. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 6 March 2015 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

Nelson Car Club Inc – Rally Sprint 424 Rosedale Road to 749 Rosedale Road, Upper Moutere. 8.30 am to 4.00 pm, Saturday 29 March 2015. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 20 March 2015 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

National Advanced Drivers School – Driver Training Marchwood Park Road from entrance at Queen Victoria Street. 10.00 am to 11.00 am, 11.45 am to 12.45 pm, 2.15 pm to 3.15 pm. Tuesday 31 March, Wednesday 1 April, Thursday 2 April 2015. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 20 March 2015 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

Nelson Drag Racing Association – Drag Racing Event Queen Victoria Street, Motueka from King Edward Street to Green Lane. 7.30 am to 5.00 pm, Saturday 4 April 2015. If the weather is inclement, the event will be held on Sunday 5 April 2015. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 20 March 2015 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

Richmond Community Forum AGM 7.30 pm, Wednesday 11 March 2015, Tasman Disctict Library Meeting Room.

Keep up with the Tasman District Council Lowdown Hear news items from the Council about current public consultations, Council and community projects, topical interviews, plus a range of notices about activities and events in the Tasman District. Tune in to Fresh FM on Monday 11.40 am or Wednesday 3.40 pm. Nelson-Tasman 104.8, Golden Bay 95.0.

Council Meetings Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at www.tasman.govt.nz Full Council Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 5 March 2015, 9.30 am. Public forum Golden Bay Community Board – Public Forum Only meeting Collingwood Fire Station, Elizabeth Street, Collingwood, Tuesday 10 March 2015, 7.00 pm. Public forum Motueka Community Board Motueka Office, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka, Tuesday 10 March 2015, 4.00 pm. Public forum Environment and Plannning Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 12 March 2015, 9.30 am. Public forum Corporate Services Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 19 March 2015, 9.30 am. Public forum Audit Subcommittee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 19 March 2015, 1.30 pm or at conclusion of Corporate Services Committee. No public forum

24 Hour Assistance Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

join our community: Twitter • Facebook • Website

7242 HotHouse Communications

Event Date

28 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

Community Notices

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Car Boot Sale & Market, Sat 21 Mar. 9am-1200 Henley Kindergarten 11a Gilbert St Rmd.. Sites $10 set up from 7.30am. No bookings needed. Also Bouncy Castles, Baking, Coffee, BBQ, face painting & White Elephant Stall. Alzheimers Nelson For people living with Memory loss & Dementia Advice, Information & support ARE AVAILABLE . Ph: 5467702 or 0800 004 001 Messages cleared regularly. Autumn Garage Sale. Used Goods, Baking, Plants, Produce, Preserves, Toys, Raffles, BBQ, Morning Tea. Church on the Hill, Dorset St Richmond. Sat. 14 Mar.. 8.30am—12 noon NELSON TRAMPING CLUB invites you: Mar. 7-8, Collingwood, $29, easy, Ph: Ross 538 0064; Mar. 1415, Flora Hut Working Bee, $14, Ph: Lawrie 544 4096. More details www.http://nelsontrampingclub.org.nz Waimarama Community Gardens: In The Brook. AN URBAN GARDEN is being developed. It’s an ongoing project to show what can be done in your backyard. Come help create it.Every Wednesday 9.30-12.30. Much fun & learning to be had. The Playhouse Mapua Sun. Mar. 8th at Mapua 6pm an evening of music by local performers in aid of The Ne on lson Ark.more info 9276237 or Playhouse website Meet the author at Richmond Library. Robin Robilliard author of Hard Country will be at Richmond Library Thursday 12 Mar., 5.00 – 6.00pm. Books will be available for purchase. Stoke Hockey Club AGM to be held on Mon. Mar. 16 7pm, Hockey Pavilion, Saxton Field. All welcome. FRESHFOCUSNigelCostleyspeakingabout“WhytheEdwin Fox was saved”.Mon., 9 Mar., 10-11 am, at Nelson SuburbanClub,168TahunanuiDrive.Everyonewelcome.Entry$2. Apple MacIntosh User Group Mar. meeting Wednesday 18, 7pm Richmond Library. Visitors welcome. Topics: Time Machine & Download & Install Apps. Call www.nbmug.org.nz Music on Friday: St David’s Church, Florence St. Friday 10am. A morning of Edward Elgar, scenes of

his birth place & area where he grew up. His glorious music. Also on 6 Mar. 10am, DVD Renee Fleming, admission $4 incl morning tea. Star Indoor Bowls Club opening night Thursday 12th Mar., 7pm, Warne’s Stadium, Songer St., Stoke, New players welcome, further enquiries Ph: Judy 5476939 Boundaries for woman is starting on the 19th of Mar.. This group will empower you to take control of your life in every area. For more info ph 0274435507, Sharyn TOP OF THE SOUTH MORRIS MINOR CLUB Sun. 22 Mar. meeting at Icon Sculpture Park 1.30pm. Interested in joining us. Ph Julie or John 5473316 by Thursday 19th. First Aid for babies & toddlers - Nelson Parents Centre. 11 Mar. 7pm. Aimed at parents & caregivers of babies & preschoolers to learn CPR, choking & First Aid skills. Toilet Training - Nelson Parents Centre. 25 Mar. 7pm. Get information, tips & tricks on toilet training your preschooler. Contact Mel 5474677 or 02102954514 for info or to register for these classes.. FOSTER Parents Change Lives & Communities. Child, Youth & Family are offering free training for foster parents & caregivers in Nelson. Dates: Mar. 19, Mar. 26 & Apr. 2. Time 6-9pm. Contact Heather 03 989 4200 or heather.couper002@cyf.govt.nz for further info. SunCity Rockers, Rock ‘n’ Roll beginners lessons begin Tues. 3 Mar. for 6 weeks($30).Club Waimea,7pm. Professional instructors.Its great fun. Forest & Bird Wed. Mar. 11 Chris Cornelisen of the Cawthron Institute will talk on managing a healthy Pacific Ocean & the Pacific Ocean Initiative POI. 7.30 p m Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai St.. Get MONEY Smart - Want to save money or SLASH debt in 2015 for FREE? Register for our weekly evening class held in Nelson, Motueka or Blenheim. Bonus - NO FEES!! Call Pip 03 547 6138 or Register at www.barbicantc.com for info session next week. Scottish Country Dancing, Beginners Class 2 Mar.. 7.30pm $5.00 per class. St David’s Church Hall, Florence St, Richmond. Good fun & exercise ph 5440902.

Rock’n’Roll (Sun City Rockers) beginners lessons commence 3 Mar. ,Club Waimea 7pm $30 for 6 lessons to be paid on first night. Come & & have some fun Nelson/Tasman Endometriosis Network celebrates International Endometriosis Mar. Awareness with Guest Speakers discussing Endometriosis with respect to treatment, fertility & pelvic physiotherapy. Join us Sat. 21 Mar. 10-11.30am at Contour Roofing, 41 Venice Place, Stoke. Gold Coin donation See www.nzendo.orgformoredetailsorPh:Helen5441724 RED PUPPY APPEAL Volunteers needed for an easy 2 hours of collecting for the Blind Foundation at tables at shops in Nelson & Richmond on Fri 27 & Sat 28 Mar.. Please contact Carl Horn at 539-1108. SINGING WORKSHOP: Brush up your vocal skills & learn an a cappella arrangement of The Beach Boys’ song “In My Room”. 7-9pm over three Thursday evenings, 12-26 Mar.. Early registration is $40 ($20 for students). New friends & laughter free of charge. Ph: Jenny, 547 4354 or www.nelsonharmony.org.nz. Preschool Holiday Programme for 3-4 year olds, 7 to 16 Apr.. Fully registered teachers in a caring & nurturing environment. Rmd., Greenwood & Grove St Kindergartens. See www.ntk.org.nz for details. Playgroup: Sallies Play Cafe Richmond held at The Salvation Army, 57 Oxford St Fridays 9.30am 11.30am (term time). Come along meet other mums while the kids play. Bring morning tea for your own child(ren). Cuppa provided. Gold coin donation. More info contact Vanessa 0274446976 Learn to Play Bridge Do you enjoy cards, like challenges and want to stay mentally alert?...then discover Bridge with the Richmond Bridge Club. Lessons start Thurs 5 Mar, first lesson is free! Ph Shirley 544 6734 REGULAR EVENTS Mum4Mum Breastfeeding support meets the last Wed. of every month 10am at the Ecomoon Collective Building, 120 Bridge St, Nelson. All welcome. Ph Tara 0212772098 or mum4mum@nbph.org.nz TOASTMASTERS Improve your social confidence. Learn the art & skills of public speaking. There are 4

Toastmasters Clubs in Nelson&Motueka. For info contact June at 022-018-0853 or neatjun@yahoo.co.nz. Social Cards ‘500’ & Euchre. Senior Citizens Rooms Oxford St Rmd. Tues & Thursdays 1.30-4pm. $2 includes afternoon tea. Allwelsome. Contact Kath 5445563. Kath.dick@xtra.co.nz GIVE IT A GO! New programme Sport Tasman once a week on Wed 10am Entry level activities different activity each week all welcome $5 contact Sarah at sarah.h@ sporttasman.org.nz or Ph. 9232313 for more info. WAIMEA AREA QUILTERS Our first 2015 meeting is at Hope School Library on Feb. 12th, 7.30pm . Speaker will be Fiona Jenkins on her Mosaics; plus news, Show & Tell etc. New Members welcome to this friendly group. Contact: Secretary Marilyn on 541 8435 Richmond Park Sunday Market, At the Showground’s Every Sunday 10am – 2.00pm Crafts, Produce, plants, small goods. Richmond Waimea Toy Library: Come & look at our extensive range of toys. Open Tues 9.30-11.30am, Thurs 6.30-8.00pm & Sat 9.30-12.30pm. Yellow building beside the tennis courts at Jubilee Park. Ph 0276826217 x Richmond Creative Fibre- meetings at Birch Hall, Richmond showgrounds, 9.30am on 2nd & 4th Thursday for Spinning, 3rd Thursday for Felting/ weaving. New members welcome, bring your lunch. Contact Mary 547 2611 Tiny Tots, a free , fun introduction to stories, songs, active movement & rhymes for preschoolers & their caregivers. Tues.s 10-10.30am. Children’s Area, Richmond library during term time. Better Breathing Classes (BBC) including hydrotherapy pool held regularly. Light exercise with a focus on breathing & relaxation. Ph: Nelson Asthma Society 546 7675 for more information & classes near you. ALLIANCE FRANCAISE Join us on Fridays, 4:005:45 pm at La Gourmandise, 276 Hardy St, for informal French conversation. All welcome whatever your level of French. See www.af-nelson-tasman.org.nz

DEADLINE: MIDDAY FRIDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: accounts@waimeaweekly.co.nz Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

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We’ll get you moving Vans, Cars and Station Wagons available for hire • 8 - 12 Seater Vans • Luggage Trailers • Discounts for Long-Term Hire • Delivery to Airport or Accommodation

Lost 21.02.15 Black with white dots cell phone case. Inside was a white samsung s3, eftpos card, drivers license and cash. I really need the sd card out of the phone as they have very special baby photos on it. Please any information call or text Melissa on 03 542 3506 or 021 0254 9531.

puBlIc noTIce 388 Paton Rd, Hope

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Monster Garage Sale. Saturday 7 March 8-1pm. 26 Bledisloe Ave, Stoke. Toys, Clothes, Bunks (with Mattresses), puzzles, games, DVDs, a bit of everything for everybody!

30-50% off Gifts & Homewares

McShanes Rd

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Stampin’ Up! Nelson Extravaganza. Saturday 21st March 2015 from 10:30 am to 4pm. $35 and includes a $10 voucher to spend on the day. You will do five fabulous projects during the day. Please book by 13th March 2015 with Rebecca. Via email: all_about_ assistance@xtra.co.nz or ph 027 255 4346.

Computer Technology Level 2 & 3

Richmond Community Forum AGM

Feeling left behind by the computer age? Catch up for free.

Wednesday 11 March

Kensington Court Lifecare in Nelson provides Rest Home and Hospital Level care to the elderly. We are currently seeking applicants for the following roles: Caregivers Part time shift work, three days on three days off. Registered Nurse Casual to cover staff leave and sickness. If you are passionate about providing good quality care to the elderly, then we want to hear from you. You must be eligible to work in New Zealand and be able to pass a criminal check. For more information please contact Vanessa Kingsbury, Facility Manager on: 03 547 9444. Please email applications to: manager.kensington@ultimatecare.co.nz Applications close Friday 20 March 2015.

puBlIc noTIce

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0800 422 733 nmit.ac.nz search: computing

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WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015 deaTHs HOFMANN, John. On February 25, 2015, passed away peacefully at Christchurch Hospital, surrounded by his family, aged 81 years. A much loved father, father in law, grandfather, and great- grandfather. Messages to the family of John Hofmann, C/o 19 London St, Christchurch, 8013 and John’s Memorial page, www.heavenaddress.co.nz. At John’s request a private cremation has been held.

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Manson Tony & Moweena and a very proud big brother Brodie, are pleased to announce the arrival of wee girl Maddison Weighing - 7lb 2oz. Big thanks to Kathy and Linda

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• Door to Door Service • Complete rental makeovers Brenda: 027 842 1780 bbsservices@xtra.co.nz

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cHuRcH noTIces

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10.00am every Sunday

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm We are located at:

@ The Headingly Centre Headingly Lane Richmond You are welcome

Stoke/Waimea Methodist Parish

Contact: (03) 547 - 6056


Weekend Mass Times Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street

Sunday Service 9.30am

Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church

Cup of tea to follow

5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway

Enquiries Ph 544-8394

All Welcome! Ph 544 8987 www.richmondcatholic.co.nz

Wensley Road Richmond (opposite TDC) (no access off Waimea or Ridgeway)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Sunday Services

8 March 2015 9.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Praise on the Hill Theme: Holiness & Justice All Welcome Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion www.holytrinityrichmond.org.nz

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Meeting Sunday 10.30am Ellis St, Brightwater

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Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there

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Favourite Hymns

Wednesday 20 Feb 10am - Morning Tea Cnr Croucher & Darcy

Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St www.richmondchurch.org.nz

sunday services 10am Stoke 271 Songer St Parish Service. Holy Communion. Footprints children’s programme

2pm Richmond 11 Florence St Super Two Holy Communion No service at Tahunanui this week. Rev Jon Parkes 544 6507

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30 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015 ricians

brake and cial services plumbers el maintenance landscaping builders accountants finan lawnmowing home and car elect e and car main brake and clutch specialists accountants financial hom bers ing ers ing plum scap build mow land ices ts lawn serv ialis nce ns cial spec tena h ricia elect untants finan mowing home and car main landscaping brake and clutc lawnm financial services plumbers nce ns specialists builders acco h specialists builders nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land ers electricians lawnmow bers b ers accountants financial hom landscaping plum build andscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts e and elect unta scaping brake and ricians lawnmowing hom h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ts ing home and clutc nts n and bers mow unta and car maintenance land e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial elect bers specialists nts finan untaants maintenance land nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders account unta land bers electricia spec h acco plum lawnmowing home and car nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan scaping mowing home and brakkee and clutch specialis ts builders accountants scaping bra ialis land e and car maintenance land spec hom h nts financial nce clutc ing unta tena plumbers electricians lawn and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns ialists build ing home ncee landscaping nanc tena plumbers electricia ainte main er e and car m ing brake and clutch spec bers electricians lawnmow accountants financial services ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists build car maintenance landscap and brak elect nts financial services plum e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices build serv lawn nce ts ricianss e maintena nts financial brake and clutch specialis cial services plumbers elect lawnmowing home and car tenance landscaping brak ialists builders accounta finan ns main spec h car ricia nts clutc and elect unta e and acco e hom bers brak ers ing plum build services nc ns lawnmow maintenance landscaping brake and clutch specialists ers accountants financial ing home and car maintena services plumbers electricia maintenance landscaping e and clutch specialists build bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial lawnmowing home and car tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum unta main car acco and e ers hom build ts ing mow nd clutch specialis plumbers electricians lawn

Trades & Services




For all women’s & men’s alterations come and see the experts

24HR Call Out


Ph 544 3985

24HR - PH: 544 5723





Hassle free motoring

All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

You can be assured of MTA standards of service everytime.

Your one-stop shop for - WOF - Engine Tuning - Brakes & Clutch - Wheel Alignment All mechanical services



dvanced utomotive

10 Poutama St, Richmond (off Gladstone Rd)

544 8388

(behind Mobil)

Ph: 544 1212

Phone 03 544 2266


Computer Problems?

Specialising in the restoration and staining of all decks.



544 1660

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond LOCALLY OWNED


and the life of your heatpump Phone

0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher



Ph: 538 0824 Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 8090 Stoke

Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes roofing requirements for over 10 years


Domestic & Commercial Wiring


ELITE FLOORING SERVICES Member NZ National Flooring Assn.




FREE Mileage - conditions apply



• All new facilities • Personalised service • Insulated & double glazed kennels • Regular exercise • The closest boarding kennel to town (only 5km)

Owners Candy & Richard

Ph 544 6411

864 Lower Queen Street Richmond


lawnmowing weedeating gardening Atawhai to Wakefield and everywhere in between

FREE Quotes Call Simon

545 1000 021 223 3135



Sew for U Bridal Formal Childrens

Smart Solutions for Smart People

Your solar specialists Specialising in supply & installation of Solar Systems for:

- zips, hems, mending Chris Inglis 03 5448059 0275485877

544 7285 No job too small

Camping and RV • Hot Water Heating Domestic and Commercial • Dairy Farms12v Off Grid Clean, green, affordable • 12V Grid Tie/ Off Grid • Camping and RV • Domestic and Commercial • Swimming Pools

Hot Water Heating Dairy Farms 12V Grid Tie


Liz McLean

Kevin Harris Kevin Harris


027 542 4473


paint, oil & stain restoration

• Leaks • Repairs Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters • Maintenance Since 1915 Since 1915 Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes • ReRoofs Jobs Jobs • Kitchens & • New Roofs Welcome bathrooms Welcome

New homes ● Light commercial Renovations ● Fences/landscaping ● Mapei waterproofing systems ● Original stone installation ● Free quotes John Cunningham P: 0274 812 481 E: Cunningham.construction.nn@gmail.com ●

Over 20 years Experience


Basic Service 85 Improve the performance


INSECT MAGICSEAL SCREENS FORINSECT WINDOWS SCREENS SCREENS AND DOORS. FOR WINDOWS FOR WINDOWS Any Size, AND DOORS. AND AnyDOORS. Size, Any Colour Any Colour Any Size, PHONE PHONE Any Colour 03 1398 03 545 545 1398 PHONE 104 466 0800 104466 03 545 1398 0800 104466 rOOfiNg

We have A great team with 37 years in the industry References available

Registered Electricians



Heatpump Servicing


542 2120

24hr Service

QUOTE %Call Now 021 130 4130



Maintenance & Repairs

16 Halifax Street

www.callageek.co.nz – since 2005


 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings

Prompt response is our priority

Call a Geek



New Homes • Commercial Rural • Retail • Alterations

We do call outs and remote support too

(opp Westpac)




548 0007



Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond

12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Richmond 4A Gladstone Road,Road) Richmond

For the best service in town call or visit


Ph 548 7655

155 Trafalgar St




Your only MTA Auto Electrician in Richmond


NelSoN TailorS MeNSwear

Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate,Nelson

• Solar • Drainage



1-19 McPherson St Richmond www.nzsolar.co.nz info@nzsolar.co.nz

03 544 8059 www.nzsolar.co.nz


PV Solar expert

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

Dave 0274 296 669

4 Ernest Pl, Brightwater

eliteflooring2005ltd@xtra.co.nz www.elitefloorsanding.co.nz


Baby&Mobility HIRE Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs



269 Queen St Richmond. Ph 544 6603 NOW OPEN SATURDAYS


TA S M A N S TO R AG E • Low prices • Secure storage • CCTV Surveillance

• Inside car storage • Self drive truck hire • Staff on site

Size & Price List available at www.tasman-storage.co.nz

74 Gladstone Rd, Richmond & 481 High St, Motueka

Ph 544 4306

Trades & Services

WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015 31

cial services plumbers landscaping brake and home and car maintenance builders accountants finan electricians lawnmowing e and car main brake and clutch specialists accountants finan hom bers ing ers ing plum scap build mow land ices ts lawn serv ialis nce ns cial spec tena h ricia elect untants finan mowing home and car main landscaping brake and clutc lawnm financial services plumbers nce ns specialists builders acco h specialists buil nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land ers electricians lawnmow bers b ers accountants financial hom landscaping plum build landscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts e and elect unta scaping brake and ricians lawnmowing hom h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ts ing home clutc nts n and bers mow unta and car maintenance land e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial bers elect specialists nts finan untaants maintenance land nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders account unta land bers electr spec h acco plum lawnmowing home and car nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan scaping mowing home and brakkee and clutch specialis ts builders accountants scaping bra ialis land e and car maintenance land spec hom h nts finan nce clutc ing unta tena plumbers electricians lawn and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns ialists build ing home ncee landscaping nanc tena plumbers electricia ainte main e and car m ing brake and clutch spec bers electricians lawnmow accountants financial services ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists bu car maintenance landscap and brak elect nts financial services plum e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices build serv lawn nce ts cial tena ricianss brake and clutch specialis builders accountants finan mowing home and car main cial services plumbers elect tenance landscaping br brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan mowing home and car main maintenance landscaping accountants financial services brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn ers ing ing home and car mainten ices build scap mow serv ts land cial lawn ialis finan ns nce spec h nts ricia tena clutc main e and bers elect ers accounta lawnmowing home and car tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum unta main car acco and e ers hom build ts ing mow nd clutch specialis plumbers electricians lawn

Trades & Services




iPhone - iPad Screen Repairs

Apple Computer Repairs

NZ Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor • Difficult Tree Dismantles/Removal • Power Line Vegetation Clearance • Thinning & Crown Reductions • All Aspects of Tree Work • 24hr Emergency Call Out Service PHONE 0800 TREEWORK (873396) • (03) 544 0588 • 027 274 5653 • lianp@treescape.co.nz www.treescape.co.nz

Certified Mac Technician www.mac111.co.nz Ph: 0275481618



CONtraCtiNg (2 0 1 4 ) L







Building Repair and Construction maintenance, commercial fitout, decks, fences and hard landscaping Prompt Service


Contact Ian on Mob 027 284 3957 or (03) 547 2242




Painter Decorator

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Residential to Lifestyle Blocks

WE DO IT ALL Phone Tony & Amber

Painting PAINTER - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying Adam - Waterblasting Brumwell - New & Old Painting Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Obligation - Waterblasting - New & Old WorkFree Quote - Fully Qualified Tradesmen - Obligation Free Quote


671 8417 027 232 1550027 027 671 8417 Call Adam

MADE FOR SUIT HIRE MEN Richmond MADE Suit Hire forFOR all formal occasions MEN Richmond MADE 543 9977 Suit Hire FOR for all formal MEN occasions

or 544 9415



Fayette Ln Storage Stoke

Caravans Campervans Buses Boats

Ph 544 1290 Mob 027 245 8192 eemland@xtra.co.nz Fayette Lane - No.2, Stoke, Nelson

Carpet cleaning professionals

• Homekill • Wildmeat Processing • Beef • Sheep • Venison • Domestic & Wild Pigs • Smallgoods/Ham/Bacon

Phone Lindsay

544 6880 or 027 240 4979

Carpet, rugs & vinyl Carpet stains Upholstery Mould Pest control

• Commercial & Residential


Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

• Pressure Cleaning

• Property Maintenance

24/7 phone: 03 548 2831 nelson@enviro.co.nz


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

• Tenancy Changes

• Window Cleaning

www.techclean.co.nz FREE PHONE

0508 832 425



• Builders Cleans

• Carpets & Upholstery


Specialising in

Technical Cleaning Solutions

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning IICRC internationally qualified

59 Edens Rd, Hope



Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

545 1053

Fully Trained, Security Screened

Quick - Efficient Professional




the wise choice

The small team with all the skills

Locally owned and operatedCall

AH/Fax: 544 3177

Wakefield Butchers


Adam 0275 288 434 021 255 6163 / 544 0444 Brumwell PAINTER


ArcAdiA Sage

AL FRESCO Garden & Property

• Landscaping + Fencing • Pre-Sale Garden Tidy Up • Lawn Care & Mowing • Gardening • Hedges & Treework • Green Waste Removal • Section Clearing • Handyman Services • Chipping Greenwaste • Stump Grinding • Mowing Services for Large Sections Contact us today! Andrew & Wendy Neame


or 544 9415

249 Queen St Richmond

249 Queen St Richmond Richmond Suit9977 Hire 543

for all formal occasions

Planning Construction Planting Maintenance Call us today for a friendly no obligation quote P: 03 5530 306 M: 022 122 5013

E: ollie@sagelandscapes.co.nz www.sagelandscapes.co.nz

sOul Oasis

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond

waterblasting wallpapering new & repaints interior & exterior airless spraying

027 430 2742

15 Leicester Street, Stoke, Nelson

info@enterprisepdl.co.nz www.enterprisepdl.co.nz

Over 20 years experience $80 per hour




Quality Painter $


• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

022 327 8813

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954




Work Place First Aid Courses

Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor

For course dates see www.harristraining.co.nz

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775 info@harristraining.co.nz

March: April: May: June:

Phone 548 8590

022 609 0088

(offRichmond Beach Road)


plasterboard stopping

Healing you

Regas or New Struts

First home buyers • Purchasers Refinancing • Investment Properties Guarantor lending 100% loans

3, 10, 19, 27, 28 7, 14, 21, 30 1, 2, 12, 28, 29, 30 4, 16, 25, 26, 27

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available



Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

0275 423 343

• • • • • •

Maintenance Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

A/H: 542 3343

544 8059


window cleaning

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN


Marks Off

Window Cleaning

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobilewashing 0220 649 822 House Roof treatments for mould, lichen, moss, algae Gutters cleaned out Paths, decks, driveways Ant, spider, cockroach control Chimney cleaning

Jeff NeilsoN


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •


Jeff NeilsoN A/HWaterblastiNg 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

Jeff NeilsoN

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson


• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

Jeff NeilsoN

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson


Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

• House washing • Roof & gutters • Moss & algae removal • • Driveways, paths & decks • Boats & caravans •

Jeff NeilsoN

WaterblastiNg Mobile 0220 649 822 (24hr)

A/H 547 7856 • 80 Neale Ave, Stoke, Nelson

Cell: 0220 649 822 A/H 547 7856

Professional Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Oven Cleaning Walls, Bathrooms House Washing

541 0008 021 650 5605

RY, l LEFT! a fin ek

895 SAVE $1104!

WAS $3999




32 WEDNESDAY 4 March 2015

emory foam, d fabric.





DORMIRE PLUSH is the favourite of those who want extra support for their back and neck. Offset Pocket Coils plus 40mm of soft Durafoam.










SUPER KINGwith pure n Zoned pocket spring BASE+ MATTRESS natural latex and designerQUEEN fabri WOW! A SUPER KING

HARLOW’S NZ made design has Zoned Pocket Springs for maximum support and no partner disturbance finished in a plush fabric.

SAVE $1104!




Slumberzone New Zealand Reclaim your Sleep Comfort








the he Big Bed Bash SLEEP DESIGN contains super elastic springs and comfortable pillow top construction.


Finance 18 COMFORT ZONE offers comfort and value. The Term: RETREAT Pocket Springs & Soft feel pillow top provides excellent optimum body support & unsurpassed quality. with 36

69! d’s 199 Ph 455 6151 99! GRAB A BARGAIN!




Corner Hillside andand Andy Bay Bay Rds Rd’s • Ph 455 61516151 Corner Hillside Andy Ph 455

30% to 60% off store wide Po Pu

SnooZe trundler Set Was $1399

now $699 save 50%

SnooZe Queen Set la


king Single/Single innerspring set Great Value

SnooZer Queen Set

G Va re lu at e

Was $999

now $499 save 50%

Great-value innerspring bed with designer fabric

Back Supporter Queen Set Was $1399

now $699 save 50%

Was $4199

now $2099 save 50%

5-zoned individually wrapped pocket-spring technology

coMfort pluS douBle Set

Pro 7 Zone Pocket Spring with natural Latex. NZ-made. 10-year warranty. Hurry - Limited Stock

carlton Zone Queen Set

Was $1699

Was $2199

now $849

now $879

save 50%

covered in bamboo-enriched fabric

SyMphony Queen Set Was $3699

now $1849 save 50%



save 60%

Beautiful plush top and individual Posture Pro pocket-spring technology

SleepSlumberzone deSign Queen MattreSS New Zealand Reclaim your Sleep Comfort


5 Zone Posture Pro Pocket coils, Aircool memory foam, total edge support system, bamboo fabric.

Was $379

now $189 save 50%

Hurry - Limited Stock

Great ranGe of nZ Made Beds and BedrooM furniture 46 Rutherford St - next to Zumo - 03 546 6244 Customer Car Park at the rear on Vanguard St

Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm • Saturday: 10am - 4pm • Sunday: 10am - 2pm

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