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Thursday January 18 2018

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Regular watering and garden management is critical for plant health during the hot summer months. Adding a thick layer of mulch around plants will help prevent soil moisture evaporating. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when plants are heat stressed; instead water in the early morning or evening.


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I need some advice and tips for using planter boxes for my vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce etc). How often should I water and fertilise? Am new to this! Plus, what’s the best way to deter the local cats from using my planter boxes as their toilet?


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Today’s winning question came from Candice Johnson. Congratulations! Depending on the position of your planter boxes, they will need to be watered regularly and thoroughly in the height of summer; possibly every second day. We presume you have used good quality potting mix and/or container mix which is purposely designed for growing vegetables in planter boxes.


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Most container mixes have nutrients included, but with regular watering and plant uptake, these readily available nutrients are used up over time. Therefore, apply side dressings of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer months. In order to keep cats out of your garden, it may be necessary to enclose your garden in some chicken mesh supported by stakes that are high enough to allow sufficient room for the veggies to grow, while preventing the animals from accessing the growing plants. There are some products on the market which are meant to deter cats from entering parts of the garden through their pungent odour. You might wish to try these and experiment for yourself.

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Tongue-twister will add colour and texture to your garden „„ By Henri Ham BEAUTIFUL bupleurum – that’s a bit of a tongue-twister. If you’re not sure how to pronounce it – it’s boo-pler-um. This pretty plant, which is sold under the ‘flower’ category, is actually a herb. But unless you have experience in herbal medicine or the like ingesting it isn’t recommended. These days, bupleurum is more commonly grown to add colour and texture to gardens and for cut flowers – it lasts really well in a vase. It has beautiful eucalyptus-like leaves on tall stems with greenyellow flowers and grows to around

80cm tall. It’s closely related to fennel and dill, and you can see why – they have quite a similar look due to the fact they are all umbelforming plants. What’s an umbel? This word comes from the Latin word umbella which you’ve probably guessed means parasol, sunshade – much like an umbrella. And it’s used to describe the short flower stalks which spread out from a common point on each stem – like the ribs of an umbrella. While there’s a bit of information you can learn about bupleurum, growing it is quite simple. It likes full sun and each plant

naTiVe planT nursery Trees for CanTerbury

should be planted around 40cm apart from the next. Once it’s planted it’s very easy-care and doesn’t attract many pests or insects. And will flower in around four to five weeks. It’s a short-lived perennial which means if you live in an area that gets frosts you will probably get one flowering from your bupleurum. But if you live in a frost-free area of New Zealand, you should get two or more flowerings out of your bupleurum. Regardless of where you live, if you’re lucky, when they’ve finished flowering they may self-seed and pop up again the next year.

SIMPLE: Bupleurum likes full sun and is easy-care.

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