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Tuesday January 2 2018


Your Local Views Readers respond to the article regarding two large trees in the former Redcliffs School grounds that may be cut down after the city council declined to give them protected status Jan Simpson – We strongly believe that the two lovely old trees in the original Redcliffs School grounds should be given protected status. I do not know the criteria for protection of worthwhile trees but on our property on Beachville Rd we have inherited a protected tree which we have tried to have removed from the list. It is a nonsense – an old, unhealthy, ngaio tree with unsightly dead branches. Ngaios are poisonous weeds and a tree such as this, very close to our house should not be protected, unlike the two lovely old trees in the former Redcliffs School. Playgrounds benefit from trees like these. Retain them please. Bobby Phuong – I believe the trees should be given protected status. They have been there for so long and are part of the land now, not to mention beautiful. If there are configurations that allow the trees to be retained then there’s no reason at all for their removal. Dan Salisbury – Please

LANDSCAPE: An oak tree at the former Redcliffs School may be chopped down when the city council develops playing fields on the site. While Avondale’s Maree Ross says she wants the overgrown mess on the property next to her home cleared. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Helen Young – Make a Daniel Leadley – Why The city council doesn’t want to keep the oak and elm on the old complaint to the city council to it should the city council be help.  Redcliffs School site. It sounds being a fire risk. I did that when expected to look after a privatelylike they can be accommodated owned section? I cut the berm Nicky Kidd – The city  into any new plans. The trees add the neighbours had grass up to the top of the fence 2m high. down for this lady about council will end up getso much. They were made to cut it down two years ago the site was bad ting someone in to do it and and keep it to a low height as then hate to think how bad it is send them a bill. The section Readers also respond a fire risk. It’s worth a try even now. owners are lazy. Grow up and to the update about if it is the city council with the take responsibility of your the overgrown section problem. Karen Bullock – Typical. section. in Avondale

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City Communities 02-01-18  

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