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Tuesday December 26 2017

Trust ‘couldn’t believe’ Christmas generosity

FESTIVE: June Wilson (left), trust co-ordinator Betty Chapman and trust patron Margaret Austin enjoying the Christmas party.

Secrecy over skate park sites •From page 1 fer, saying it was taking too long The need for a skate facility in to gain resource consent. the Sumner/Redcliffs area was In February this year a tempofirst recognised by the city counrary skate ramp at 36 Wakefield cil as far back as 2000. Ave was shut down when it failed In November 2009, a concept to comply with the city plan’s plan for a bike and skate noise standards. area in Barnett Park, But last week resource Redcliffs met with strong consent was granted for opposition from some of the ramp to be installed at the community. 26 Nayland St. The Hagley-Ferrymead Sumner Skate and Green Community Board spokeswoman Kimberley visited 15 potential sites Mossman said a group of within the park, before Tim Lindley volunteers would get it up asking for further comand running by February. munity consultation on the plan. As a condition of the consent, it The September 2010 and Febru- must be locked outside the hours ary 2011 earthquakes halted the of 7am to 9pm. project due to no further funding Consultation on the shortlist of being available. sites for a permanent skate park In October, 2014, clothing will be from January 29 to Februgiant Levi’s approached the city ary 26. council, offering to put $180,000 A Community workshop is towards constructing a skate park planned for February 12. in Christchurch. The Linwood-Central-HeathSumner was confirmed as a cote Community Board will good place, but 10 months later, make a decision on a permanent the company had retracted its ofskate park site in April/May.

„„ By Emily O’Connell CHICKEN, HAM, eggs, salad, crackers and make-up samples were among the items donated to a community trust’s annual Christmas party on Wednesday. Wainoni Avonside Community Services Trust co-ordinator Betty Chapman said she “couldn’t believe how generous people were.” The party was attended by 70 people from 12 different groups run by the trust throughout the year. Mrs Chapman said she has never received so much support. “People have come out of the woodwork, and you should see this bench – it’s full of food,” she said. Mrs Chapman said the party, which took two weeks to plan, was about spreading joy. “Companionship and being happy . . . it sounds simple but it’s true, that’s what’s important.” Mrs Chapman said the trust was able to use some of the left

CELEBRATION: The Wainoni Avonside Community Services Trust was overwhelmed with the support it received for its Christmas party last week. PHOTOS: LEE HAWKEY

over food for the volunteers’ Christmas party the following day. She some of the volunteers are in their 80s and still help out every day. “One lady here now, she’s been

with me for 16 years. She remembers how people have their cups of tea . . . that’s so important for elderly,” Mrs Chapman said. She thanked Bush Road and Peter Timbs Meats for their generous food donations.

Pipeline construction to begin soon CONSTRUCTION OF two submarine pipelines to carry wastewater from Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour to Lyttelton will begin in February. The 5km and 1.8km pipelines are part of a $53 million scheme that will end the discharge of treated wastewater into Lyttelton Harbour by 2021. Currently, wastewater from Lyttelton, Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour is treated before being discharged through outfall pipelines into the harbour. Under the new scheme untreated wastewater from Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour will be carried through the submarine pipelines to a new pump station on Simeon Quay in Lyttelton. It will then be piped through the Lyttelton Tunnel to the Ferrymead pump station and onto the Bromley wastewater treatment plant, where it will

MOVING ON: Wastewater discharges into Lyttelton Harbour will be a thing of the past by 2021.

be treated. From there it will be discharged out to sea through the Christchurch Ocean Outfall. City council service general manager David Adamson said the pipelines will be buried about 1m deep into the seabed, which is sufficiently deep to prevent anchors catching or the pipes being damaged in storms, tsunamis or earthquakes. “Construction of the marine pipelines will involve pre-fabrication of pipe strings onshore before they are joined together and bottom-pulled out to the required location. A backhoe dredger will then be employed

to excavate the trench, lower the pipeline and backfill it,’’ Mr Adamson said. Contractors McConnell Dowell have built several marine outfall pipes, including the Christchurch Ocean Outfall eight years ago. On-site work being done by NZTA installing the wastewater line through the Lyttelton Tunnel was recently delayed with problems manufacturing the overseas-made pipe. But this will not affect the construction of the harbour pipelines, which are expected to be completed by early 2019.




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