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Tuesday December 5 2017


Your Local Views Readers react on Star. Kiwi Rise Up Christchurch’s Facebook page to Rose Williams winning a three-year battle against hamburger company Wendy’s. Mrs Williams’ battle now means Wendy’s workers will be given their days in lieu when they work on public holidays

Stand up and be counted •From page 1 City council staff had strongly advised board chairman Mike Mora not to allow Mr Peters to do so, the reason being because the matter was subject to a hearing. Mr Mora used his discretion to give Mr Peters the opportunity. Mr Peters had previously made a deputation on Denton Park, but said he had new information which he needed to share. During the presentation, Mr Peters said entering into the reclassification process would be a waste of time and money for the city council as the clubs weren’t going to end their leases. The Hornby Rugby Football Club’s lease runs until 2039 and the Hornby Cricket Club’s lease ends in 2053. Mr Peters said its likely the city council has already made up their mind and they’re only going through with public con-


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sultation so they “show interest.” He said the group definitely want the facility but not on Denton Park. Mr Peters told the board he’s been requesting figures from the city council on remediation costs at Kyle Park, but they were unable to provide them. City council operations manager neighbourhood and sports park, Al Hardy, told Western News garden areas were fenced off permanently two years ago at Kyle Park as a remediation strategy. “The areas have been mulched to ensure the amenity of the park is retained while containing the risk. The cost of the fencing was $138,237,” he said. Board member Ross McFarlane requested two additional city council resolutions regarding traffic, safety and sports club accomodation to be fast tracked for clarification.

Kate Blackley-c – Good on her for standing strong. Poor example Wendy’s, trying to contract out of law. Makes you wonder what else they do. Shannon Burrows - I don’t get Wendy’s excuse . . . they didn’t pay it because hours are changeable . . . it’s got nothing to do with normal hours . . . if you work it you work it and you get the lieu day. Lyla Heaslip – My question is why did it take three years to get this right . . . wrong on every level. Kerri Scott – Shame on you Wendy’s. Well done Rose. Judy Gillstrom – Great work – all staff are deserving of this. Come on New Zealand

employers, treat your staff with respect. Danella Friend – Good on her. Ruth Sproston – Congratulations, awesome win. Carly McAllister – Good for her. Ange Hodges – Awesome work. Jase Anthony – That’ll teach fast food owners to not rip off their hard-working employees. Crooks. Sally King – Good on her.

court? More money wasted when anyone with common sense could see they were breaking the law. Cherisse Masefield – Well done. Shame on you Wendy’s. Tanya Didham – There’s also a thing called ‘they smashed the unions back in the 80s and everyone forgot how to collectively bargain.’ I feel for that woman, good on her for sticking to her guns.

Rachel Roberts – If it’s not your normal rostered day, you only get time-and-a-half period. If its your normal rostered day on you get time-and-a-half plus the day in lieu. If it’s your normal rosteted day on and you don’t work it, its still a normal day’s wage for you. You do not have to work a stat day if you don’t want to. Employer can not force you. Hospitality is a minefield in regards to hours paid in a lieu day and is usually calculated by average of hours worked over a three-month period, as hours worked are very changable.

Kathryn Macgregor Wendy’s not sticking to the law – tut tut.

Graeme Brown – How the hell did this even make it to

Trish McGregor – Good on her well done.

Debbie Erickson – Yes weakening the unions and people are scared to stand up because they could lose their job which are hard to find these days.

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