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Police say no to bus lounge bylaw „„ By Emily O’Connell POLICE AREN’T backing a bylaw to help stop anti-social behaviour at the Riccarton bus lounge. The lounge, on the corner of Riccarton Rd and Division St, has been plagued with youth issues since it opened in December 2015. A working party consisting of board members, business and landowners, police, community groups and residents’ Lianne Dalziel association representatives have made 19 recommendations to help solve the issues. These include introducing an anti-loitering bylaw, playing music in Division St which would attract more people to the area and changing the current bus lounge Wi-Fi policies. A report was given to the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board last week with an update on the recommendations. One update included a letter from Inspector John Robinson,

ONGOING ISSUE: Police don’t believe a bylaw would help stop the anti-social behaviour at the Riccarton bus lounge. ​ in other disorder,” Inspector who said he and Canterbury Robinson said. District Commander SuperHe said defining what loiterintendent John Price had the ing is would also be difficult. same views on the anti-loitering “We understand this is unbylaw. likely to be the response that Mayor Lianne Dalziel had a you were wanting, but hope that preliminary meeting with Sua successful alternative can be perintendent Price last month. found,” Inspector Robinson said. Inspector Robinson said the Senior Sergeant Stephan bylaw would be difficult to enMcDaniel said he met with force and most people involved the community development would be under 17-years-old adviser Marie Bryne last month which certain criteria would not regarding the lounge issues. be met if they had to enforce the “Our discussions were bylaw. over how we would reduce “Trying to enforce such a the calls for service in the general bylaw would likely environment of the lounge bring about a lot of anger and to ensure the community feel disagreement and an increase


Tuesday December 5 2017

safe using this facility,” he said. Senior Sergeant McDaniel said they are looking at doing this “through any recommendations made from a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design review, increasing CCTV surveillance and signage, reviewing security and increasing police presence.” The report said the city council has made a request to Westfield Riccarton management to consider installing additional security cameras along Division St. If the mall decline, about $10,000 of community board funding would be required for the cameras. The report also said increasing the access is part of the city council’s strategy and needs further investigation. As for playing music along Division St to attract more people to the area, the report said speakers will be installed on the outside of the bus lounge. Deputy chairwoman Helen Broughton made an amendment to the report, for the community board to review the recommendations in the new year. City councillor Vicki Buck also made an amendment for up to $5500 to be allocated for the CPTED report.

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In Brief BUS STOPS TO GO The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board approved the removal of eight redundant bus stops in Templeton at its meeting last week. The stops are located on Kirk Rd. The city council was contacted by a resident who stated they had sometimes seen people waiting at the bus stops for a bus which would never come, and requested removal of the signs. BROCKWORTH PL MURALS The community board also approved a $2000 grant for supplies for the Brockworth Pl murals. The murals are being painted by advocate advisor Damian Holt. The funding was from the board’s 2017-18 Discretionary Response Fund. $10,000 ILAM BURGLARY Jewellery, vitamins and foreign money, to the value of $10,000, has been stolen from an Ilam flat. The house was broken into last week and the burglars took with them what flatmate Carly Fisher is describing as “very sentimental and personal items.” Miss Fisher said it was especially disappointing as they were moving flats in less than a week.

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The attitude of living well.

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Western News 05-12-17  

Western News 05-12-17