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Tuesday December 5 2017


of Canterbury College’s prize-giving •Louis Andrews — Senior athletics, BR J.B. Duffy Cup. Basketball •Isaac Beever and Jacob Sue — Senior First V, The Lyn Mummery Memorial — MVP. •Jacob Sue — Senior First V, Most points prize. •Ben Ruffles — Senior First V, Most improved prize. •Asoono Puni — Senior First V, 6th man award. •Isaac Beever — Senior First V, Best defensive player prize. Cricket •Harry Mayo — First XI, Wijemanne Cup — Bowling award. •Lachlan Stove — First XI, J.L. Powell Cup — First XI caption. •Anton Smail — First XI, O’Neill Cup for most runs scored. •Lachlan Stove — First XI, The Eady Trophy for best team player. •Kieran Charlton — First XI, J.P. Lee Memorial Cup for most improved. Cross country •Daniel Prescott — Under 12 cross country, Father Cooper Cup. •Liam Murdoch — Under 13 cross country, Adamson Cup. •Jamie Watson — Under 14 cross country, L.R. Casey Cup. •Nicholas Dravitski and Mykah Lumb — Under 15 cross country, Otto Nelson Cup. •Cormack Tarrant — Under 16 cross country, J. Shaw Cup. •Luke Baker-Garters —

AWARDS: Oscar Sergel-Stringer (left) receiving the Brother J G Rodgers Memorial Cup for year 12 academic excellence from pastoral dean Richard Washington. Senior Open cross country, V L Walker Cup. Football •Oliver Cosgrove — Junior, Brother Gillies Trophy for junior player of the year. •Michael White — First XI, Dick Schuyt Cup — First XI captian. •Thomas Stewart — First XI, Van Opzeeland Cup for best team player. •Treye Butler — First XI, Mike Killick Golden Boot Trophy for

most goals scored. •Leon Barrowcliff — First XI, Jack Killick Trophy for most improved. •Michael White and Treye Butler — First XI, Ryan Nelsen Trophy for player of the year. Rowing •Tobias Sunter — St Thomas Blade — Sportsmanship. •Leon Barrowcliffe — Suzanne Woodward Cup for most dedicated rower. •Lachlan Sydney — Graham

Brown Rising Star. •Benjamin Scarlett — Malcolm Robinson Cup for most improved rower. •Logan Anderson — Paddy Dowling Cup for rower of the year. •Ben Wright — Tanya Woodward Cup for coxswain of the year. •Logan Anderson and Lachlan Syndey — Under 17 Double, Terry Noonan Cup for rowing crew of the year. Rugby •Patrick Elia — First XV, Captain — B.A.L.M. Cup. •Theodore Fowler — First XV, The McKeefry Cup for best team player. •Caius Faatili — First XV, John Fowke Cup for most improved. •Elisara Vaifale — First XV, The McWhirter Cup for most skilled player. •Noah Gosling — First XV, The Lafdal-Cookson Cup for best trainer. •Seth Tauamiti — First XV, St Thomas of Canterbury Cup for player of the year. •Tommy Taualai — First XI, BR Bill Dowling Cup for sportsmanship in rugby. Swimming •Campbell Buck — Under 12, The Kappely Cup. •Carter Mathew — Under 13, Terrence O’Brien Cup. •Jamie Watson — Under 14, H.D. Gillies Cup. •Jake Charlton — Junior, D. Stewart Cup.

•Oliver Darby — Intermediate — Hay’s Ltd Cup. •Caleb Rahurahu — Senior, M.A. Connelly Cup. Volleyball •Asoono Puni — Senior, STC Cup. Other sports awards •Izaac Beever — Puni Family Trophy for sportsmanship of the year. •Patrick Elia — STC Cup for sportsman of the year. •First XI Football — STC Cup for sports team of the year. •Patrick Elia, Izaac Beever, Lachlan Stove and Michael White — STC Cup for outstanding contribution to STC sport.

Junior Academic Awards Years 7 & 8 •Harry Tullett — Year 7H, Academic excellence prize. •Finn Clarke — Year 7H, Academic excellence prize. •Will Hodgson — Year 7H, Academic excellence prize. •Jackson Bunting — Year 7T, Academic excellence prize. •Elliot Price — Year 7T, Academic excellence prize. •Jackson Austin — Year 7T, Academic excellence prize. •Hunter Adam — Year 8K, Academic excellence prize. •Alexander McCorkingdale — Year 8K, Academic exellence prize. •Turn to page 14

Western News 05-12-17  
Western News 05-12-17  

Western News 05-12-17