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Debra Edmond, Audrey Parker

Gabby and Rachele Morris

Toni and Caroline Sills

r, Sharon Trumpe

Mary Turnbull



t was all hands on deck when Sills& Co grandly opened early one spring evening as Papanui Road was buzzing with swarms of workers answering the homeward call. Not bound for domesticity though, were the invitees who gathered to welcome the boutique to Merivale. The store shone like a beacon to seekers after fine dressing who, taking advantage of the fine evening and gentle temperature, mingled in the sumptuously catered conviviality.

Caro and Henny Hutchinson

Lou Brown, Susie Pearson



ithin the neo-gothic edifice which commands with dignity the elegant Worcester Boulevard, a new era in shopping was beginning. Along the former halls of learning, modern sounds of celebration were heard as Shopology was launched. A multiplicity of designers, artists and providers of excellent things have come together to retail in unison, ensuring that the tank of creativity overflows like a bank-burst river.

Kirsty and Rohan Collett

Jean Oliver, Ed

ith Boyd

Sally Paterson, Sarah Gamble

Sue Hauser-Deakin, Louise Sutherland

Treena Swift, Kellee Berry

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