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Tuesday November 21 2017


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Love your dentures Is it time to swap your generic denture appearance for a beautiful, natural looking smile? Internationally renowned dental technician Richard Greenlees, PGDipCDTech (University of Otago) of Lovebite is the person to call. His special point of difference is rebuilding what he calls the Oral Architecture, the structure and shape of a patient’s face that is often lost following years of wearing dentures. Lovebite dentures address problems that can arise due to years of the patient wearing incorrectly fitting or poorly functioning dentures, such as poor occlusion (the way the teeth come together), aesthetics, function and hygiene. An intricate knowledge and understanding of facial features allows Richard to return facial tissues back to the correct position, reform lips, and restore beauty and confidence. Richard provides a friendly, discreet service and personally guides his patients through the transformation process to create teeth with small nuances in the fabrication, colour and shape. Carmen, a recent patient said in a thank you letter to Richard, “I highly recommend your craftsmanship to anyone wanting a natural looking smile. Because

you do your work in front of your client, one is able to see how meticulous and dedicated you are to ending up with a top class result. My dentures are amazing. They look like one’s own natural teeth. So much time, effort and energy went into the end result. Simply the best.” Richard’s patients have varying needs, from full denture replacement, to first time immediate dentures, implant supported dentures and metal partial dentures. Since he started making teeth in 1980 Richard has travelled extensively, accumulating vast knowledge through training and working in Japan, and running his own practice in the prestigious Harley Street, London for 15 years. He continues to teach his world leading techniques globally. Richard also creates porcelain crowns and veneers, working with like-minded dental professionals. A beautiful new Lovebite smile resembles nature and reflects the patient’s character. It boosts confidence and helps patients to look and feel years younger. To learn more and to view a gallery of stunning Lovebite dentures, visit



These before and after photographs perfectly highlight the facial rejuvenation that can be achieved with a Lovebite denture (right). The patient’s facial structure and shape have been restored, with her beautiful new smile transforming the way she looks and feels.


Who thought

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could look this natural?

• Full dentures • Metal partial dentures • First-time immediate dentures • Implant supported dentures

STUNNING: A beautiful new denture for a young female patient

AGING GRACEFULLY: Natural teeth for a gentleman patient in his 80’s

These stunning lovebite full upper and lower dentures have been expertly crafted by internationally-recognised dental technician Richard Greenlees at his Christchurch studio. The combination of Richard’s skill, experience (including 15 years in London’s prestigious Harley Street) knowledge and revolutionary techniques allow him to create beautiful bespoke false teeth that truly resemble those in nature and reflect each patient’s individuality and unique character.

402 Montreal Street

Christchurch | P. 379 1222 By appointment only. Consultation fee applies.

VEBITE HOLLYWOOD: It’s all white for this female patient in her 60’s

Richard will personally guide you through the entire process to create teeth with small nuances in the fabrication, colour and shape. Your beautiful new lovebite dentures will boost your confidence and make you look and feel year’s younger!

Western News 21-11-17  
Western News 21-11-17  

Western News 21-11-17