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Thursday November 16 2017

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Where did you work before CTV? I was in the post office from 1962-76 as an engineering associate. We used to design telephone exchanges, but that’s all changed now. Then I went off and did 23 years of social work helping people. What do you do in your spare time? I’m still on the trust in Oxford. At CTV, I was always fixing everyone’s cellphones. I still do that on the side and I’ve always got my head in a computer. I spend a lot of time with my family. My wife Christine died in 2015 and I’ve got six kids, 18 grandchildren and two great grandchildren, so they keep me occupied. They live all over. My kids take me fishing sometimes. I do a lot of swimming, I try and go a couple times a week – but sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t (laughs). How did you and Christine meet? There used to be a lot of church dances. This one, it was a fancy dress dance, I was in a skeleton costume, or something like that. We had known each other from youth groups and stuff. We got engaged on April Fools Day and married on Guy Fawkes. I

POST-QUAKE: Peter Brown with CTV staff and former staff on February 22, 2012, when they were allowed back on the site for a remembrance ceremony.

wondered about the method of that, I think it was for my sake so I didn’t forget those big days. And you’re still waiting on a decision regarding the investigation into the collapse of the CTV Building? The evidence has got to be

far more thorough. The Royal Commission was designed to find out what went wrong and to fix that. The criminal investigation is to convict someone. We’ve just got to wait until they make that decision. I’m hopeful

there will be something out before Christmas, I’d rather it’s thorough. If they do go ahead, this will be hard for the families involved and just as hard for the people who survived because they will have to give evidence and you’ve got to relive the

whole thing. It’s hard to move on in Christchurch, there’s always something to do with the earthquake every day in the news. What do you think of the new landscaping plans for the CTV site? I think it’s good. We’ve always wanted it to be a reflective site where people can go and just sit. It’s got the cherry blossoms for the Japanese. We had to fight for it to begin with but, once Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority got hold of it, it was good. Do you find earthquakes frightening? No, unless there’s a really big one. I won’t say you get immune to them. I remember when my daughter visited, there was a rattle and she got under the doorway and the rest of us just sat there and said ‘it’s only a 4.5 don’t worry’. •A police spokeswoman said she could not give a date for when a decision would be made on whether charges would be laid for the collapse of the CTV Building. Police said the investigation is in its final stage.

Christchurch’s new Memorial Avenue Gateway Bridge is open to traffic but we are not finished yet! There will be speed restrictions and other traffic management on and around the bridge over the next few months while the project team lay the final road surface and carry out other work to complete the Russley Road Upgrade. Please drive with extra care and pay close attention to the signage to ensure you are in the correct lane to get to your destination. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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