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Wednesday October 11 2017

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Boat safety week a timely reminder Lyttelton-based navigational safety officer Gary Manch writes about Safer Boating Week which starts on Friday AS I am writing, I can see the odd pleasure boat out in the harbour making the most of the lovely day. It’s great to see people out there using our amazing coast for recreation. With Labour weekend not far away, the start of the boating season is here, and hopefully the weather will be kinder to us this season than last. To coincide with the start of the season, Maritime New Zealand is running its nationwide Safer Boating Week from Friday to October 20. I want to highlight the week for two reasons.

First, it’s a timely reminder to get you thinking about your preparation for the upcoming boating season. That means making sure your vessel has been serviced, making sure all the safety equipment is still in good working order, and making sure you have two forms of communication ready to take out on the water. It also means checking that lifejackets are the right size and, in the case of inflatable ones, checking the cylinders are working and manually blowing the lifejacket up, and leaving it overnight to check there are no leaks. Second, it’s a good time to make sure you know the boating rules for where you are going to be. In Canterbury, for example, you must have an identifying

name or number on both sides of your boat. Check out our Navigation Safety Bylaw 2016 (item 20) for full details on identification. It’s available at or contact us if you’re unsure.   That’s it from me this week. Remember that if you have any

questions or queries, I am always available to help at gary.manch@ Be safe out there and respect each other on the water.

Korako’s environmental focus

Thanks for voting

National MP Nuk Korako writes about his plans now that he has been returned to Parliament

Labour MP Ruth Dyson is humbled to have been re-elected to represent the Port Hills electorate

WITH THE final election results now announced and my place back in Parliament as the National List MP based in the Port Hills confirmed, it’s time to look ahead to my priorities for the next three years. I will continue to maintain an office here in the Port Hills and be available to assist with constituent cases and concerns. But there are also some specific issues where I think I can make a difference in the Port Hills, particularly within the environmental area. In my last column, I talked about the set up of Te Tapuwae o Rakau Trust, which is now working on developing a structured approach to replanting the Port Hills. I believe leading the set up of this trust is one of the most important contributions I

UNSIGHTLY: About 720 volunteers, including Environment Canterbury councillor Cynthia Roberts, helped with the annual Mother of All Clean Ups this year.

have been able to make to our electorate, and I look forward to seeing the work the trust does and assisting where I can. Another area of real environmental importance here in the Port Hills electorate is the Heathcote River and Ihutai Estuary. This is something I was involved with even before becoming an MP, in my role as chairman of Te Ihutai Trust. One of the greatest community initiatives we have in our electorate is the annual Mother of All Clean Ups, and I’ve always enjoyed getting in and helping to clean up the

rubbish which pollutes the waterway and its banks. It’s a privilege to live in close proximity to such a beautiful landmark as the Heathcote River. But winding through residential areas carries risks for water quality. There are many issues around silt, chemicals and run-off from metal building products ending up in the river. These are issues that will require ongoing attention from local authorities and from central Government. I am committed to using my position to leave a better and cleaner environment here in the Port Hills.

I SPOKE to a Mt Pleasant woman who is in her 90s during the week. “This has been the most exciting election since I was a young girl,” she said. And it certainly has been exciting. The final make-up of the Government won’t be known for a little while but we can be satisfied the MMP system will deliver us a Government of our choosing, given that the party vote determines how many MPs each party ends up having. I have been re-elected to represent the constituents of Port Hills in Parliament and I feel humbled at the support I received and want to express my thanks to each and every one of you – not just those that supported my re-election, but

everyone who participated in our democratic process. Some countries don’t have the right for citizens to vote and we really should appreciate it more than many do. We should make it as easy as possible for people to vote and I do hope that the technology develops soon so that people will have confidence in online voting. The advance voting was certainly popular this year and is a step in the right direction of making voting more accessible. There are many issues that need support and attention in our electorate and I give you my commitment that I will continue to work hard for you, listen to what locals are saying and get things done for the benefit of our communities. We can face our challenges together and get through difficult times as we have shown in the past. But we’re not there yet. There is still much to do before we can truly say that we are on the road to recovery. But we know we can do it together.

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Bay Harbour News 11-10-17  

Bay Harbour News 11-10-17

Bay Harbour News 11-10-17  

Bay Harbour News 11-10-17