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Wednesday October 11 2017

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Your Local Views Readers respond to the article regarding a lobby effort to get a dog park for Ferrymead Cherry Daly – Regarding the proposed dedicated dog park at Ferrymead. I agree that the eastern suburbs are in dire need of a dedicated dog park. This site is central to the region and would be absolutely perfect. Many thanks to city councillor Yani Johanson for making this proposal and hoping that the notoriously anti-dog city council will see their way clear to approving this as soon as possible.

Gayel Marquet – That sounds like a fabulous idea but the reason dogs love the beach is that owners do too. Give the owners a major unique reason and features (a pond to splash in) to attract them to Ferrymead and then educate them to be off the beach and I’m all for it – and I don’t even have a dog. Also re the article next to this about skateboarding . . . here we go again, one nimby (not in my backyard) spoiling it for all – give Sumner kids a place to go. Paula Mayer and her dog Frankie – I wish to support a dog park at Ferrymead – to have an alternative to the beach. Jo Wilson – I was so happy to read the article regarding a proposal to turn the old Maori Village site at Ferrymead into a dog park. I have lived in Mt Pleasant for a number of years and have often thought that the site would be perfect for a dog park. I walk my dog around there on a regular basis and would definitely use it even more if it were made more dog friendly. The eastern and hill suburbs including Lyttelton are woefully lacking when it comes to designated dog parks and I

Mechelle Wilson – Yah. Best ice-creams ever. We called in but saw you were closed. Good excuse for another visit soon. Brydie Wolfe – The best place ever not to mention the best people who work there. PLAN: A report on whether the former Tamaki Maori Village site in Ferrymead could be turned into a dog park is expected to return before Christmas. ​

have no doubt the Ferrymead site would be utilised by many of us dog owners on this side of town. Let’s hope the city council will make it a reality.

Sarah Joseph – I think a dog park in Ferrymead is an excellent idea.   I’ve been looking for safe places to let our dog have a run off the lead. 

Belinda Rooney – Yes, we support this.

Nick Stoneman – No to a dog park got lots of them already.

Anthea Wilson – Yes, I would definitely use it – in fact I already use it on occasion. Once it is fully fenced and some of the potholes filled it will be brilliant. About a year and half ago I emailed the city council suggesting it but never heard back. So it is a yes from me. Ann Newsom – I think its great idea to have a dog park at Ferrymead on the old Maori village site. It would be an alternative to the beach which if full of dogs at summer week ends. Jill Reesby – Excellent idea. Sounds like all of the buildings have already been removed and it is now bare land, so this would be an excellent idea as more and more restrictions on free running of dogs is implemented. Jeffrey Gibson – It already is a dog park on most weekends.

Karen Beaumont – If is not going to be used again, leave the buildings there and turn it into a paintball adventure. At least you can still make money off it. Plenty of dog parks already, it’s called the red zone.

idea but plant the boundary with edible fruit trees so it has more than one purpose. Margaret Nicholas – Great. We need lots more dog parks. They bring people together and are great for socialising. Make it like the Styx Park. Hazel Cain – About time our animals had a great park with plenty of different smells to find. Lisa Peters – How fantastic our dogs love it there. Nice and safe. Great place on a warm day.

Jenny Sutherland – Yay, my very favourite ice cream shop. I was gutted when we found it closed a few weeks back. Tracey Butcher – Best ice creams and he has my favourite flavour, which most places don’t have. Sue Qunlivan – Such a hard working family, they were one of the first to open to help the community after the 2011 quakes and yes – fab ice cream.

Jenny Bradley – Can’t help thinking this will attract people who may not like seeing my dog walking around with a dead rabbit in his jaws. Pamela Dixon – I reckon we have plenty of areas for our dogs to play, how about a theme park? Way more exciting. Tess Lenihan – Best idea ever. A lot of dog walkers go here already. Plus it might eliminate the mass rabbit population up there. Anita Beukenholdt – Great

SWEET: Vinod Manu celebrates the re-opening of his Redcliffs Dairy after a week closure for renovations. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

“We’ve never been so social.” Joy and Bill have been at Summerset for just over three years and held their golden wedding anniversary celebration at their retirement village last year.


Lindsey Nicole Burton – So good to have the dairy back, I told him so when I went in too.

Their spacious villa is often filled with family when they’re not flat out enjoying village activities with friends, including the very popular Wine Appreciation Group. They’re loving the life, and as Bill says, “The added advantage is that you have a support crew if something goes wrong, and that to me is reassuring.”

Come and see why we love the life at Summerset

Open Weekend 14-15 October, 10am-4pm

Summerset at Wigram

135 Awatea Road, Christchurch Contact Anne Walker on 03 741 0872 or 022 639 2341

Love the life


Michael Wilson – This is a brilliant idea. I live in the area and frequently take my dogs to this area for exercise. I’m sure this will go some way to controlling the rabbits and stopping the dirt bike guys being annoying early evening. Bravo to the person who thought of this.

Readers also welcome back Vinod Manu from Redcliffs Dairy after it was closed for a revamp

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