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Tuesday October 3 2017


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St Andrew’s oldest collegian passes away at 102

HISTORY: Naylor Hillary was a navigator during World War 2.

„„ By Julia Evans THE OLDEST St Andrew’s College collegian has passed away. Naylor Hillary, 102, was part of March’s centenary celebration at the school where he cut the cake. But it was the beginning of 1929 when Mr Hillary first attended St Andrew’s. He moved into the boarding school from his family home in Opawa. “I have very pleasant memories of my time there,” Mr Hillary told said in March. In a way it’s like he never left – his son, grandsons and now great-grandson have all received a STAC education. Rector Christine Leighton

said Mr Hillary was a “special person”. She fondly remembers the whole school singing happy birthday to him in 2014 for his 100th birthday. “We are privileged to have had some special moments with him over these last few years,” Mrs Leighton said. The Papanui resident was also one of the last living veterans of the Royal Air Force’s Tempsford 138 Special Duties Squadron, which he was a navigator for during World War 2. Until 1989, the existence of the squadron was so classified it had never been acknowledged. At the end of last year, Mr Hillary was awarded the French

CELEBRATION: Naylor Hillary and greatgrandson Henry Bissland cut the cake with St Andrew’s rector Christine Leighton at the college’s centenary ceremony. ​

Legion d’Honneur medal by the French ambassador for his services during the war. Mr Hillary’s daughter Pam Bissland said her father didn’t really talk about that time in

his life. Mr Hillary read the paper every morning, took long walks in the afternoon, attended church every Sunday without fail and was a big Richie McCaw fan.


Frustration as kitchen fires keep flaring up across the city Fire risk management officer Mark Thomas points out five kitchen fires which could have been avoided I’m often complaining about cooking fires. I like to think with good reason as the kitchen is the most likely room in your house to have a fire start.  Sometimes this means the

destruction of a home. Sometimes even worse when somebody dies. More often, the result is someone doubled over with streaming eyes and hacking up black mucus from their nose. And simply because they left the kitchen while an element on the stove was operating. Last week, there were five such fires. One was on Pine Ave,

New Brighton, where smoke through the house was the result of a frying pan overheating. The smoke was removed by the fire service’s extractor fans but I bet the smell is still there today. Probably for months to come. On the same night, a similar incident happened on Hendon St, Edgeware. A similar result with smoke being cleared. 

Then on Linwood Ave a cardboard box of goods was placed on the stove top while the people went to the shops. Somehow the element was knocked on. They returned to smoke everywhere and tried to control it. The result was the doubledover condition referred to above.

Overheated food in a microwave on Barnes Rd, Redwood, caused familiar smoke problems, and a smoke alarm alerted neighbours to pots on a stove in a locked and empty house on Mary St, Papanui. It’s not hard. If you turn on a stove element, you don’t leave.  Not for a minute. Easy really.

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Southern View 03-10-17