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Tuesday October 3 2017



Haunting of Sisson Drive „„ By Julia Evans THIS TIME cars are not to blame for congestion around Northlands Shopping Centre – it’s the ghosts. After receiving complaints of congestion from users of the Sisson Drive and Sawyers Arms Rd intersection, the city council investigated and found “ghost calling” is causing traffic build up, city council manager planning and delivery transport Lynette Ellis said. She said feedback from people using the intersection indicated the light phasing was not correct when detecting cyclists. “When the signal operation was analysed ghost calling was evident in the detection logs.” Ms Ellis said finding a cause is difficult as ghost calls can occur for a variety of reasons. “They happen when the induction loops or the thermal cameras incorrectly detect a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian,” she said. At the Sisson Drive intersection, Ms Ellis said the lights were incorrectly detecting cyclists, which may be caused by electrical interference, software coding or thermal spikes. It unnecessarily changes the phase.

EXERCISE: Commodore Airport Hotel general manager Michael Patterson and David Cartwright try out the new Burnside fitness trail.

Fitness trail open in Burnside „„ By Julia Evans

COMMUTERS: The lights at the intersection of Sisson Drive and Sawyers Arms Rd were found to be ghost calling. PHOTO: GILBERT WEALLEANS

She said ghost calling tends to effect new intersections and the lights only went in recently during the Papanui Parallel cycleway upgrades. City council staff and contractors have been working on the issue and said the occurrences of ghost calling have been reduced.

Ms Ellis said she believed the underlying issues causing the ghost calling have been found. “Changes have been made to the software and some changes to the detection loop settings inside the traffic signal controller and this is currently being monitored to ensure issues have been resolved,” Ms Ellis said.

BURNSIDE PARK’S $69,000 fitness trail was opened on Saturday. Said Fendalton-WaimairiHarewood Community Board chairman David Cartwright: “It’s a fantastic asset for the city and particularly this part of the neighbourhood.” The project was a joint effort by the community board, which was approached by the Commodore Airport Hotel with the idea. The hotel then donated $10,000 and the board gave $11,500, plus a similar contribution came from three rotary clubs – Bishopdale-Burnside, Avonhead and Riccarton.

Mr Cartwright said it was a great example of someone coming to the community board with an idea, and the board taking it on and getting involved. The four stations include a situp bench, push-up bars, stairs, a vertical ladder, chin-up bar, gym rings, a shoulder wheel, cross trainer, pull down exerciser, recumbent cycle, skier, leg press, parallel bars, monkey bars and a balance beam. “The exercise equipment is quite general. Kids, adults and those with disabilities can use the gear,” he said. It was all installed in phases, starting two years ago but completed this month. The most expensive equipment was part of the forth station.

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