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...where your results come first!

Sue Jenkinson

Jill Lange

Chris Lewis

Licensed Sales Consultant 0274 128 001

Licensed Sales Consultant 021 417 991

Licensed Sales Consultant 0274 050 287

Jan Morley

Sarouen Mulvey

Deb Nichols

Licensed Sales Consultant 021 674 668

Licensed Sales Consultant 027 305 6345

Licensed Sales Consultant 0275 847 055

The team at Harcourts Fendalton has built a reputation for being the best at what they do. Helping the people of Christchurch buy and sell houses.

Candice Toughey Licensed Sales Consultant 021 155 2609

Success comes when every consultant puts the needs and concerns of each client first. Experienced salespeople, targeted marketing campaigns, hard work and continuous communication are the keys to this success. Get the results you want by working with one of our results-driven team.

Fendalton Ilam Gazette 12-09-17  

Fendalton Ilam Gazette 12-09-17