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Inside WORD Location, location

Leading New Zealand designer Caroline Sills is famed for her exquisite knitwear, fine tailoring and sophisticated style. Followers of her range will be pleased to hear she is opening a new store right in the heart of Merivale, at 191 Papanui Road.

Luxe Living Â

Louis Vuitton’s new collection is a tribute to the enchanted rainforest. The Twist MM models are dipped in an array of elegant colours and offer bold prints, complete with sequins, embroidered leather patches and tufted decorations. The new must-have luxury accessory.

Designers To Watch

New Zealand Fashion Week is in full swing. Designers on our must-watch list are: Hailwood, Tanya Carlson, Knuefermann and Lela Jacobs. Keep up with all the details and schedules at

Fashion 01-09-17  

Fashion 01-09-17