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Opening her own salon seemed the natural choice for globe-trotting hair stylist Alex Wirz-Dunbar. Victoria Tait speaks with her about the latest trends, and her excitement to be working in Christchurch.

I understand you have a background in high fashion – can you tell me about the publications and people you’ve worked with?

When I was in the USA and UK, I had the privilege of working with many talented individuals from the television and publications industries. Some notable works include: Vogue, W Magazine, New York Times style section, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, America’s Next Top Model (season 4), NYC Fashion Week, and styling Hollywood babes like Emmy Rossum. I also worked on daytime television favourite Katie Couric’s hair for ABC’s coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and had the honour of working and training alongside Oribe, the namesake of a very luxurious brand of hair products that we carry at Chère Chérie.

What was your inspiration behind Chère Chérie?

We wanted to offer a luxurious hair experience to the people of Christchurch, and to create an environment for a dedicated team to flourish.

What is one of the biggest hair trends emerging for spring/summer?

The shag and mullet are back in a big way. I foresee this will translate to softer, more layered looks. It’s a nod to the glamorous ’70s but with a modern, polished vibe. We can all start embracing a bit more of our natural texture and stop fighting it.

What are your views on sustainability and environmental products and responsibilities within the hair industry?

We take our environmental impact very seriously and we are doing what we can to limit that impact. We compost our food waste and hair clippings, and we use low-energy lighting. We are building up our stock of salon plants to help purify the air and to add a little more greenery to our environment. We use and carry Davines hair products, which are created with ingredients sourced from biodiversity farms and are also carbon neutral. We offer clients the option of re-filling their shampoos and conditioners, to help reduce our use of plastics. Every bit helps!

What’s your biggest fashion addiction? Definitely lipstick and jeans!

photography: Charlie Jackson

Fashion 01-09-17  

Fashion 01-09-17

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