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Tuesday August 1 2017

Crusade to make pupils safer

„„ By Julia Evans THE CRUSADERS have touched down in South Africa and are in training mode for the weekend’s Super Rugby final against the Lions. But when they get home, players are set to take on a new challenge – helping St Albans School pupils cross the road. Mother Rachel Donaldson is at the helm of a crusade to stop red light runners at the intersection of Cranford and Berwick Sts. Rachel The signs she Donaldson put up at the intersection, which read “slow down,” “St Albans children matter” and “don’t be that driver who kills a child” have all been stolen. But Mrs Donaldson has far from given up on her mission. She said now she’s on the case of the Crusaders, who have agreed to run a patrol at the intersection after school. “I’ve been in touch and they’ve agreed, hopefully, it’ll happen sometime this term,” Mrs Donaldson said. Although with their trip to

SAFETY: Red light runners at this Cranford St intersection put St Albans School children in danger

daily. ​

South Africa and final to prepare for, she said it’s been a tough ask locking in an exact date. But something needs to happen because red light runners have plagued the intersection for too long, she said. That being the case, momentum behind changing the attitude of drivers through that intersection cannot slow down. “The hope is that people seeing the Crusaders guiding children across the road will help spread

the message,” Mrs Donaldson said. Her campaign was sparked when she saw a St Albans Primary School pupil clipped by the wing mirror of a car driving through a red light at the intersection. “The car brushed right past him,” Mrs Donaldson said. And the intersection has since been the target for a police sting that saw 17 tickets issued to dangerous drivers within an hour.


The Papanui-Innes Community Board is also behind Mrs Donaldson and St Albans School parents. It has asked city council staff to do a safety audit of the streets around the school, including the Cranford St intersection. It is also setting up a meeting involving city council staff, board members, police, school staff and parents to come up with permanent solutions to the problem.


In Brief NEW LONE STAR The city’s fourth Lone Star restaurant will become the latest tenant at Harewood’s Spitfire Square. The new restaurant is on track to open at the airport development in September. The flooring has been completed and the kitchen area has just been finished. The restaurant is currently seeking to obtain its liquor licence through the city council. TRAFFIC DELAYS Delays of up to 20min are possible at the Russley Rd and Memorial Ave intersection from August 4-6. Motorists travelling to and from the airport are advised to plan ahead and allow plenty of extra travel time. Alternatively, motorists should consider taking other routes such as Harewood Rd or the southern airport access road. CLUB LEASE RENEWED Burnside Rugby Football Club has some certainty over its future at Burnside Park. The Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board approved the club’s renewed lease of the rooms at the park for the next 33 years. The lease is broken into three terms of 11 years so the club will have to seek renewal at the end of each term.

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