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Tuesday July 4 2017

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Readers respond to the article in the Western News last week regarding the city council’s decision to cut an incentive programme that encourages people to cycle to Jellie Park Recreation and Sport Centre

Judy Fanning – Who knew? Sadly I missed the promo.

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The Hair Lounge

Jeurmly a b ra si o n M ic ro d S p e c ia l!


Tegan Osborne – The amount of times myself or my partner has nearly been hit because drivers aren’t looking where they’re pulling out with those cycle lanes down St Asaph St is crazy! It’s just too dangerous because drivers and pedestrians aren’t looking for cyclists. I feel safer on a road without cycle lanes. But people just need to watch where they’re going the lanes are a good thing because it makes thigs somewhat easy, it’s just the idiots who need glasses.. Gavin Simon – Its winter. Not a good time to cycle unless you are especially dedicated. Wait for summer for the cycle usage numbers to increase. Kylie Mills – I bike... but its damn cold I understand why it’s not used a lot yet... Readers respond to the news the anti-loitering bylaw could breach the Bill of Rights Daniel Thompson – That idea of turning off the wifi should be a given. When I was a loitering teen (before wifi) those I hung out with and I were quick to move around out of sheer boredom. We used to buy one cup from The Palms Subway and stay for hours refilling the same cup over and over and chatting at

the food court. If they took the cup away, because we were teens and had little in the way of common sense, it would have lost its fun. Remove the free wifi and these kids will get bored and go next door to the mall where security might nab them (which is probably the reason why they’re in the exchange, I dunno). Bronwyn Dobier – This is typical of our country lately. Why do the scumbags have all the rights and Joe Public gets screwed over! People need to grow a pair and deal with issues and make New Zealand safe again! Kevin Kiwibird – What about the rights of people to quiet enjoyment of the bus lounge or to walk the streets around it without fear or intimidation? Don’t let anywhere be held hostage by these slithering idiots. Paul Cull – I don’t get why the Bill of Rights act would apply at the bus lounge. Surely it is a waiting area available to legitimate users of the bus service, and as such neither an area for the “movement of people” nor a “public place”? Just like they have no legal right to hang out being obnoxious brats in my living room, wouldn’t the same principal of not being an open public space apply to the bus lounge?

John Lear – It’s those begging thieves around the area pretending they don’t have a life, they are the ones that slowly sabotaged the streets parks... greedy bus exchange, instead of wasting money, why don’t you help these people get back on their feet instead of moaning about yourselves. Margaret Gamblin – What about the rights of the public to use it without feeling intimidated by these punks?

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LOITERING: A bylaw to curb anti-social behaviour would provide little benefit and could be in breach of the Bill of Rights. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

Western News 04-07-17  

Western News 04-07-17