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Oli back home after a year on the prowl MEOW: Pet Oli is back with owner Lyn Gottermeyer after disappearing for a year.

„„ By Sarla Donovan OLI THE cat is back. Well, owner Lyn Gottermeyer is 99 per cent sure it’s Oli. The big maine coon lookalike went missing in June last year and Mrs Gottermeyer, who lives in Marshland, said after months and months of searching, she’d given up any hopes of finding him when her daughter noticed a post on the Lost Cats Christchurch Facebook page last month. “ ‘Mum, I think that’s Oli,’ she said. I took a look and he had the same markings. It was a lady in Spreydon who’d found him, he’d been hanging around her place and then took up residence in her garden.” Jeanette O’Connor, who posted his photo on the Facebook page, has a labrador and three cats of her own and Oli had been going in and stealing food from them. “She cried when I went and picked him up,” said Mrs Gottermeyer.

So how did he end up travelling from Marshland to Spreydon? “I think either someone took him because of the way he looks, or he’s got into someone’s vehicle. We had contractors around the day he went missing and he’s very inquisitive. He might have climbed into their van.” Mrs Gottermeyer kept him inside for a week after he returned, just to make sure he didn’t disappear again. She thinks he must have eaten well as he’s “a bit broader” than when he left. “I’ve noticed he doesn’t like my husband as much, but I’ve got three fox terriers and they always got on well. One of them went and laid down in front of him. He likes to be outside; he always used to sleep on the back porch but now he goes down to the creek somewhere and gets soaking wet. He’s one of a kind, Oli.”


Lower speed zones may be brought forward „„ By Sarla Donovan MEASURES TO improve the safety of school children crossing Ferry Rd may be brought forward. The Linwood-CentralHeathcote Community Board will ask the city council to fast track time frames for speed reduction measures outside Te Waka Unua and St Anne’s Catholic schools. The move comes after the city council’s Ferry Rd Masterplan, which was meant to solve the safety problems by reducing speed limits along sections of Ferry Rd, was pushed back. Board member Alexandra Davids said safety needed to come “before masterplan time frames.” The two schools want the speed reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h during school pick-up and dropoff times along with flashing speed reduction signs. •Turn to page 5

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Tuesday July 4 2017 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

LOCAL BODY politicians often get a clip around the ear, or kick up the backside over its decisions. Verbal clips and kicks, I must say. But in general they actually do a good job keeping the city and wards running, and at the end of the day they are the few who do put their hands up for public election. On page 1 today we reveal the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board will ask the city council to fast-track time frames for speed reduction measures outside Te Waka Unua and St Anne’s Catholic schools. Ferry Rd is one heck of a busy stretch of roadway. As St Anne’s principal Dallas Wichman says, waiting is “a lot of time in the meantime for someone to get run over.” So get on with it and lower the limit to 40km/h. - Barry Clarke

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tickets on sale n w Home, Sea & Between JoSH BaSHford The imagery in Josh Bashford’s new body of work was inspired by last summer’s early morning and late evening fishing adventures. Adventures such as heading 40km offshore to fish for Groper off Banks Peninsula, or ducking down to Birdlings Flat for a relaxing evening surf casting on the beach, fishing the Rakaia River or Hurunui river mouth early morning for the elusive Chinook salmon. These places are of great significance for Josh Bashford. They provide him with not only a harvest of fresh kai for friends and family, but also the visual material for his art making. This visual material is sometimes captured on a GoPro camera, but more often it’s caught by simply being physically present in these very special places. It’s the way a bird may move through the air, a sudden glimpse of a fish breaching, or the excitement of hundreds of birds and kahawai chasing after small bait fish along the beach. All this strong imagery settles itself in Josh’s mind and has allowed him to produce this new body of limited edition woodcut prints on canvas. Josh’s latest exhibition named ‘Home, Sea & Between’ takes place at Little River Gallery from July 8th until August 2nd.


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Tuesday July 4 2017


News Council’s $25m property buy-up „„ By Bridget Rutherford MORE THAN $25 million has been spent on buying properties for cycleways, roading projects and flood remediation in the last two years. Figures released under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act show since November 2015, the city council has bought 42 properties and pieces of land, costing $25.1 million. Two of the latest purchases, finalised last month, were properties in Somerfield that needed to be bought to make way for the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway. The $915,000 purchase of the properties, on Roker and Barrington Sts, was contentious as the owners were not keen to sell. It spent just over $2 million buying land parcels and properties as part of the Northern Arterial project. They included some on Winters Rd, and others on Cranford St and Innes Rd to make room for Cranford St to become four-laned as part of the work. Some properties were bought

COSTLY: The city council bought this $545,000 Barrington St property to demolish and make way for a cycleway.

for flood remediation plans for the upper Heathcote storage project, the Styx stormwater management plan, and Bells Creek. On top of that 13 houses and properties were bought in Flockton Basin at a cost of




$3 million. Some were bought so the property could be used for the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation Scheme. Seven were properties the city council had to buy because they could not be protected from flooding, even after the $48

Selwyn Village Healthcare



for Rotary Mowers & Electric Reel Mowers

$100 $195 for Petrol Reel Mowers $60 for Hand Mowers

million scheme is completed. Two street frontages along Lincoln Rd were bought last month for its road widening project, costing $24,240. From 2011 to November 2015, the city council spent $65.1 million on property purchases.


In Brief GRANT FOR CENTRE The Pūkeko Centre development has been awarded a $400,000 grant from the lottery community facilities fund. The joint venture between two sports clubs has seen the relocation of two buildings from the now closed Freeville School on to the Parklands Bowling Club site. The money will go towards setting up the former school hall to provide a venue for indoor sports, performances and events. FUMES CAUSE INJURY A man was taken to Christchurch Hospital after fumes from a generator filled the building he was in. St John were called to the scene on Travis Country Drive, Burwood, at about 7.40am last Wednesday and found a man feeling dizzy from the fumes. Firefighters were called to assist ambulance staff and he was taken to hospital with moderate injuries. QEII DRIVE EXPANSION Steel safety barriers are being installed on QE II Drive this week, from Grimseys to Innes Rd. There will also be site clearance work involving tree felling and vegetation removal along QE II Drive, allowing work to start on building two new traffic lanes. Work is due to finish on July 24.

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Tuesday July 4 2017

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•HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the decision to move L:inwood College while it is rebuilt? Email


Rescuing animals all part of the job „„ By Mark Thomas – specialist fire investigator I’M NOT sure what got into the pets of Halswell last week but over just two days our crews were called to three animal rescues in the suburb. First a dog chased a rabbit underneath a childcare centre – and stayed there.  It was retrieved.  Second, a horse was stuck down a bank at Kennedy’s Bush. With local help and a vet on-site it was winched up.  Finally, an old fashioned catup-a-tree event in Arkwright Pl shows no record of just what was done in the radio message log. It might still be there. But I doubt it. To complete this animal report a mama duck from Bromley, who is a bit out of season with her troop of ducklings, fell into a drain only to be rescued by the good lads of the Woolston Fire Station. A bit early in the year you’d think. I hope they all survive. There were fires of course. 

We said:

A very elderly lady wielding a walking stick actively prevented neighbours evacuating her from her home in Sockburn after a kitchen fire on June 24. Consequently, she was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.  Someone in Redwood used a toaster as a cigarette lighter by lying it on its side on June 23.  Not too surprisingly the toaster caught fire. There’s a thousand ways your house can catch fire.  But there are many hundreds of thousands of houses.  Most will never burn.  A bit of common sense makes it much less likely. Just how common that common sense is, I sometimes wonder.

Linwood College is on the move to the former Avonside Girls’ High School site while the school is being rebuilt You said: Laura McIntosh – Lots of chopping and changing and moving of sites to create this Avonside Girls’ High School/ Shirley Boys’ High School super school. Seems like they should be staying where they are. Is Linwood going to adopt this new student-led learning policy like Haeata? Lisa Armstrong – This has made me so mad. I have had several chats with the principal and others and they all said that they won’t be moving, as they didn’t want it to interfere with the students and thought moving

VISION: Architect Carsten Auer will redesign Linwood College, which will move to the former Avonside Girls’ High School site PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER ​ while it is rebuilt. sites would do more harm than good. The original plan was to do one block that was not being used at the time, i.e build a new gym on site, then remove the old building. Sounds like saving dollars

became the first priority. Stephan Lance Gardiner – Fact of the day, the grounds were used as the morge for the influenza pandemic during the war before the school was built.

Nuk Korako National list MP based in the Port Hills A

6/950 Ferry Road, Ferrymead



03 384 0008

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Tuesday July 4 2017



Lower speed zones may be brought forward

•From page 1 But St Anne’s was facing the prospect of a three to five-year wait after the Linwood Village project was met with public criticism and was taken back by the city council. Principal Dallas Wichman said that was “a lot of time in the meantime for someone to get run over.” He was pleased to hear that the city council may look at prioritising the speed zones. “There’s a lot of schools higher up the order (for getting speed zones) which are in quiet roads, compared to us. In terms of the volume of cars, we must be one of the highest in the city.” Traffic figures from April last year showed along Ferry Rd between Osborne St and Aldwins Rd an average of 24,600 vehicles per day used the road with 1810 during peak traffic from 8am9am and the same figures for the school peak between 3pm and 4pm. A 1759-signature petition was presented to the city council in March, asking for its support in lowering speed limits outside the schools. Meanwhile, Linwood Avenue School is to have a speed cushion and a ‘recommended’ reduced

SPEED: Te Waka Unua and St Anne’s Catholic schools are still fighting to have reduced speed limits and flashing speed reduction signs put in place. PHOTO: CAITLIN MILES ​

speed sign installed at the entrance to the school’s slipway in term 3.

Principal Blair Dravitski said it would hopefully deter drivers from using the slipway as a

shortcut to the Aldwins Rd traffic lights. He said the school was not

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Tuesday July 4 2017

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Tuesday July 4 2017



Gym club stumbles Halswell School gets top award over QE II Park build „„ By Sarla Donovan IT’S BACK to the drawing board for the Christchurch School of Gymnastics after its proposed new building site was rejected by residents. The club has been in its current spot at QE II Park for 21 years, but says the cost of repairing the building is high and it wants to relocate closer to the new QE II Recreation and Sports Centre. However, Dan O’Sullivan, who lives near Ascot Ave, said he and at least 25 nearby residents aren’t happy about the spot that has been chosen, and they’ve made their voices heard in two recent meetings at the proposed site. Coastal-Ward city councillor David East said a “co-operative” discussion was held on Thursday between the CSG, city council staff, CoastalBurwood Community Board members and residents. As a result, a new consultation document will now be drawn up and delivered to the local community within the next few weeks. It will present several options whichADVERT.pdf may in- 1 NEW LOCATION clude the original QE II site.

Mr O’Sullivan said he was pleased there would be other options put on the table as the current proposal was in the middle of the sports grounds and partially covered one of the rugby fields. “It’s going to be an eyesore, built on a prime position in the middle of the park. That rugby field is well-used. They’ve already covered up a playing field for the schools (Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls’ High).” “It seems like there’s a land grab. We don’t mind the schools, but the gym school, which is a private company, doesn’t need to be there. It’s an ugly, tilt-slab, single-use building, a private facility in the middle of a public park.” “They’re trying to piggy-back on the pool but we can’t see their point (about wanting to be closer to the recreation centre).” The club has said it wants to remain close to the recreation centre “so members could potentially use both facilities in one visit.” Following further public consultation, the community board will make a final recommendation ona.m. a site to 1/05/2014 11:51:35 the city council.

HALSWELL SCHOOL has been honoured at the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards. The school won a special commendation award at the ceremony held in Auckland last Tuesday. The award, which has not been given before, recognised that through the challenge of the earthquakes Halswell School has created change and innovation. “We were bestowed the award as we have introduced successful transitioned into a modern learning environment, mastering new approaches to teaching and learning, and while making major advances in utilising digital technologies to support learning,” principal Bruce Topham said. The judging and expert panels saw Halswell as a model for others to aspire to. “This recognises the talented team we have and is a tribute to the fact that we all kept our children and their learning at the centre of our thinking throughout a very challenging period,” said Mr Topham. Minister of Education Nikki Kaye was there to celebrate the wide range of winners at the ceremony. Ms Kaye said even getting

HONOUR: Prime Minister Bill English gave Halswell School associate principal Cathie Zelas the award. ​ through to the finals is hugely significant. “For the first time the judges gave an additional commendation, awarding it to Halswell School for the particular

focus the school has had on introducing a modern learning environment, new approaches to teaching and learning, and its use of digital technologies,” Ms Kaye said.



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HILLVIEW Christian School pupil Isla Cook is doing her part to protect endangered penguins. The nine-year-old turned her school project into a conservation reality this month, placing her homemade penguin nesting box on site at Harris Bay, near Taylors Mistake. Isla has been doing an endangered species topic at school and chose to do her project on the whiteflippered penguin – which involved making an action plan on how to save it. “I chose the white-flippered penguin because it lives close to us so I could actually do something. We found out you could sponsor a penguin nesting box on Quail Island, but that cost $500, so I persuaded

dad to help me build one,” Isla said. After some home handywork, the box was ready to go and Isla emailed the Department of Conservation to get advice on where she could put it. DOC put her in touch with city council ranger Kenny Rose and the pair worked together to put the nesting box in place by the pine trees at Harris Bay. “We dug out a bit of the hill and had to lever out all sorts of rocks. Then we put the box in place and chose a nice view for the penguin and then covered the box with big stones and rocks and earth to keep the penguin safe and make it look like part of the hill,” Isla said. The Harris Bay colony

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Nine-year-old’s bid to help save the penguins has around 65 breeding pairs which produce between 80 to 90 chicks each season. Mr Rose said Isla’s project was a fantastic initiative for someone so young, and he looked forward to seeing the nesting box become home to a penguin. “It’s so great to see kids taking the initiative to do conservation and wildlife projects. As rangers, that is so wonderful to see, so we were more than happy to help Isla complete her project and get the penguin nesting box installed,” Mr Rose said. Isla plans to revisit the nesting box site in the future and hopefully plant some Ngaio on it to make it look nice.

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Tuesday July 4 2017

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Council makes peace with RSA over Brighton memorial panels PRESENTED BY:

„„ By Sarla Donovan AN APOLOGY has been extended to the New Brighton RSA after it copped some of the blame for the “ugly” panels installed around the war memorial by the city council. The $25,000 panels were intended to protect the New Brighton War Memorial from vandalism. But after their installation in May, they received almost universal condemnation from the community. The panels were called “hideous”, “horrible” and compared to the Berlin Wall. City council staff apologised for their poor communication on the issue at a meeting with New Brighton RSA executive manager Garry House on Friday. Mr House said although they’d agreed to the panels, they had never seen an image of what they would look like. He said the city council had failed to communicate directly with the New Brighton RSA, instead directing their correspondence to the Christchurch RSA, a completely

separate group. Mr House said he was keen to move on and was working cooperatively with the city council to resolve the issue. Andrew Rutledge, city council head of parks, said the city council would continue to “monitor the situation and liaise with the community to ascertain if and when it might be prudent to remove the barriers.” Mr House said the city council had asked him to consult New Brighton RSA members about different options for protecting the memorial. One option could involve removing the panels but making the area more visible through increased lighting, signage and cameras. Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money, who was also at Friday’s meeting, said it was good to get everybody around the table. “We want to look forward rather than back.” Mr House said he hoped to meet with the city council again this week after speaking to RSA members.

LOOKING AHEAD: The city council has apologised to the New Brighton RSA for poor communication over the war memorial panels. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER


Rescuing animals all part of the job „„ By Mark Thomas – specialist fire investigator I’M NOT sure what got into the pets of Halswell last week but over just two days our crews were called to three animal rescues in the suburb. First a dog chased a rabbit underneath a childcare centre – and stayed there.  It was retrieved.  Second, a horse was stuck down a bank at Kennedy’s Bush. With local help and a vet on-site it

was winched up. Finally, an old fashioned cat-up-a-tree event in Arkwright Pl shows no record of just what was done in the radio message log. It might still be there. But I doubt it. To complete this animal report a mama duck from Bromley, who is a bit out of season with her troop of ducklings, fell into a drain only to be rescued by the good lads of the Woolston

Fire Station. A bit early in the year you’d think. I hope they all survive. There were fires of course.  A very elderly lady wielding a walking stick actively prevented neighbours evacuating her from her home in Sockburn after a kitchen fire on June 24.  Consequently, she was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.  Someone in Redwood used

a toaster as a cigarette lighter by lying it on its side on June 23. Not too surprisingly the toaster caught fire. There’s a thousand ways your house can catch fire.  But there are many hundreds of thousands of houses.  Most will never burn.  A bit of common sense makes it much less likely. Just how common that common sense is, I sometimes wonder.


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Tuesday July 4 2017

‘NTA’ a hidden gem at McLeans Island At McLeans Island, you will find an educational institute providing land based courses, supported by commercial enterprises offering its students work experience. The public can also experience visitor attractions including horse trekking and a farm park.


Animal Care

People interested in farming can study a New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture. The academy’s agricultural courses cover the dairy industry where job availability is high, sheep, beef and arable farming.

A Certificate in Animal Care, level 3 is the first step towards a qualification and employment in the animal care industry. This certificate is ideal for people wishing to continue with further study in vet nursing or who want to work in a kennel, cattery or pet shop.

Students learn about: livestock handling, feeding, welfare and reproduction; safe work practices; land sustainability and soil management; weed control and pest identification; pasture management; farm fencing, farm technology, vehicles and machinery; and more.

NTA also offers the New Zealand Certificate in Animal Technology, ‘Rural Animal Technician’ strand at level 5, for graduates aiming to work as Rural Animal Technicians for rural veterinarian practices.

Students learn about all domestic and rural animals, utilising the Arion Farm Park to complete practical components of the course, where they take responsibility for the day-to-day care of the farm park’s animals.

The practical skills required for working in agriculture are emphasised with considerable hands-on time spent, on the Academy’s training farm and commercial farms. The National Trade Academy has numerous contacts in the industry with their own recruitment consultant responsible for work placement opportunities.

Arion Farm Education Park The Arion Farm Park is open to visitors where you can see, touch and feed a variety of farm animals, and also hosts children’s parties and pony rides. The park is open 7 days, 10am-3pm,

Arion Horse Trekking Arion Horse Trekking through the West Melton Forest is ideal for corporate team building, Christmas parties, family fun days, or a group of friends; available as a 1-2 hour or half day option. Horse treks or lead rein walks are also available for birthday parties. Book now on: 021 467 618.

ENROLLING NOW Equine Popular courses at the National Trade Academy are the New Zealand Certificate in Equine Skills, levels 2, 3 and 4. Students gain hands-on work experience on a day-to-day basis with over 35 horses stabled at the multi-purpose ‘Arion Riding Centre’. Subjects covered include: horse care and handling; stable management; conformation and health; feeding and pasture management; lunging; riding; and more. Each course provides a pathway to further study and is the next step towards employment in areas such as: stable or stud assistants; saddleries; riding centres; stable management or working in tourism ventures like horse trekking.

Arion Riding Centre Based at NTA is the Arion Riding Centre, providing riding instruction and lessons in horsemanship to all age groups, from beginners to more established riders. With a dressage and show jumping arena, cross country schooling area, and affiliation to the Pony Club Association, the Centre is a top class facility for a range of disciplines. Riding lessons are available 6 days per week. See

Horticulture A wide range of opportunities are available in horticulture – specialising in nursery, production, orchard work, viticulture, landscaping and more. NTA students can study towards a New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture at levels 2 or 3, with the option to specialise in industry strands, learning in a practical manner which includes working in the Academy’s commercial nursery. Courses are available as full-time or part-time options, suitable for: school leavers as a pre-employment course; people in the workforce who wish to up-skill; those looking for a career change; lifestyle block owners who want to learn how to utilise their land; or people interested in gardening.

Commercial nursery NTA’s wholesale nursery is open to for public viewing and purchase of plants from the new café at the Arion Farm Park (opening in spring).

890 McLeans Island Rd McLeans Island, Chch Ph (03) 360 2192 •

are here WeMcLeans Island Rd Orana Wildlife Park

Ultimate Paintball


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News Golden anniversary for jewellers „„ By Sarla Donovan ANDREW KELSO is fascinated by jewellery. The 45-year-old took over Westende Jewellers from his father Roger in 2013, but he’s worked in the business for 30 years, starting as a youngster doing engraving work after school. He loves seeing the hallmarks on a ring or bracelet, telling where and when it was made. Vintage and antique pieces have become an increasingly important part of the business, a way to differentiate from massproduced chain stores. Westende celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and Mr Kelso says helping customers is still one of the most fulfilling parts of the business. “A lady we helped recently had developed arthritis in her hands and had to cut her rings off but they meant a lot to her, so we made a bangle and set her stones into it,” he said. “There’s nothing more satisfying than a remake; (it might be) helping a couple with their engagement or wedding bands, sourcing stones – just seeing a client’s dream become a reality.”

BLING: Andrew Kelso celebrates the 50th anniversary of the family-owned Westende jewellery store. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

Mr Kelso’s father was a police detective in 1967 when he decided to buy a pawn shop and costume jeweller, also called Westende Jewellers, at 207 Man-

chester St. He’d married Margaret a year earlier and the couple, who were in their early 20s, weren’t keen on a possible transfer out of

Christchurch. Roger already knew a bit about the business having visited regularly during policing work, so they took the plunge and

worked long hours over the next few years to transform the pawnbrokers into a fine jewellery business. They shifted to the corner of Manchester and Worcester Sts in the 1980s. But, after the September 4, 2010, earthquake, the business settled in Colombo St, Sydenham. Dealing in vintage goods means they have to take precautions, always ask for identification and hold the pieces for a period of time. “If there’s any reason staff are suspicious, they’ll let police know. Once we made a specific time for a guy selling jewellery to come back and the police were here waiting for him – took him away for a wee chat.” Fashions come and go in jewellery, but Mr Kelso assures me diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. “If it’s an engagement ring, it’s generally a diamond. They still far outsell any other gemstone. Sapphires would be second and rubies are also popular at the moment.”


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RediscoveR old tReasuRe We specialise in Diamond rings, Wedding rings and Remaking jewellery. Remade Rings

Customer Comments “I have been meaning to touch base and say a BIG THANK YOU for the beautiful job you made of my new ring. I have had many compliments about it and are thrilled to bits it’s just gorgeous.” - Teresa




For more remake examples & customer’s comments visit our website To enquire or make an appointment phone Edwin 03 9822982 Email |

THE JEwEllEry ValuaTion SpEcialiSTS Caring for your jewellery since 1990 • Personal service with your

professional valuer • Qualified, experienced gemologist

& diamond graders • All valuations completed on

premises • Validate + Research + Knowledge

= Value New location: 2/301 lincoln Road P: (03) 332 4233 | E:



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Cross-country athletes make NZ team „„ By Andrew King CASHMERE HIGH students Connor Melton and Liliana Braun have been selected for the New Zealand secondary schools cross-country team to compete in Hobart in August. Melton and Braun competed in the New Zealand secondary schools cross-country championships, held in Christchurch on June 17-18, and will now test their skills against international competition. Both Braun and Melton said it was their goal to be chosen to run for their country. Said Braun: “I am very excited and looking forward to meeting others from around New Zealand who are in the team. I

am interested to see how I will go against a larger field, as I’ve only ever raced against New Zealanders before.” Said Melton: “After missing out in previous years, making this team in my last year of high school is a big achievement for me.” Cashmere High sports director Michael Jones said the school is proud of their students selection. “Connor has been a great representative of the school at running events throughout his time at Cashmere and it is great to see his hard work rewarded. Liliana has been shining since she arrived in year 9 and continues to do great things with her running. She is a truly dedicated and talented athlete,” he said.

Melton said for the past four months he has been training and racing six times a week, specifically to peak for nationals, where the national team gets selected from. Braun said she has also been putting in the hard yards with five runs a week and a day dedicated to biking. “I was pleased that all the training has paid off,” Braun said.​


HARD WORK: Lilliana Braun (front) has been selected for the New Zealand secondary schools cross-country team to compete in Hobart in August. PHOTO: CASHMERE HIGH SCHOOL

Cashmere scrape into national first XI tournament Coach Craig Squire said the players were distraught after the loss, but that has all changed now A NERVOUS wait has given way to jubilation for Cashmere High’s they know they have made it. “This means a lot to this team. first XI football players as they We have been to the found out yesterday past six national tourthey will be heading naments in a row and to nationals. getting there again was Cashmere, along a definite goal for us,” with Lincoln High, he said. St Andrew’s College He said it will take a and St Thomas, will bit of pressure off his compete against the side and hopefully let best 32 teams in the them concentrate on the country at the nafootball. tional tournament in Craig Squire “Now we need to get Napier in September. back on the horse. I was It was touch and go proud of the effort the boys made for Cashmere, who were pushed to stay in the game last week. out of the top four last week after However, we need to show more a 3-2 loss to St Thomas, but the desire and be hungry for the ball school was told on Monday that with more passion,” he said. in spite of that, they have qualiBurnside High will be disapfied. „„ By Andrew King

pointed, Squire said. They now have to apply for a wildcard position, in spite of being in fourth spot while Cashmere are in fifth. Cashmere takes on Papanui at the Christchurch Football Centre tomorrow afternoon at 4pm in round 10 of the Connetics first XI football competition. Points St Andrew’s, 18pts, 1; St Thomas, 18pts, 2; Lincoln, 17pts, 3; Burnside, 17pts, 4; Cashmere, 16pts, 5; Shirley, 13pts, 6; St Bede’s, 13pts,7; CBHS, 12pts, 8; Riccarton, 11pts, 9; Middleton, 8pts, 10; Papanui, 6pts, 11; Christ’s, 4pts, 12; Rangiora, 3pts, 13 THEY’RE IN: Cashmere have qualified for the national schools tournament, which will be held in Napier from September 4-8.


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MUSGROVES Buyers & Sellers of New & Recycled Building Materials Since 1969 Flooring, timber, kitchens, doors, windows, vanities, iron, spouting, hardware and many more recycled bespoke items.

760 cover 5 Rib and corrugated .8 gauge thick TRANSLUCENT

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Internal french doors.

Beautiful premium recycled furniture grade timbers.

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Extended & renovated iron & roof bay with new 5-rib cutter

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unframed & framed trellis


Great selection

of recycled cobbles and pavers our wide range of new and recycled furniture grade, landscaping and structural timber for all your building requirements. 3 Musgrove Close (off Wigram Rd) Chch • Phone 322 7922

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm • Saturday 8am-4pm



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tower junction, off Clarence St, Riccarton | Bishopdale, 31 Bishopdale Court, Bishopdale | rangiora, 206 High Street, Rangiora Northwood supa centre, Main North Road, Belfast | st martins shopping centre, Wilsons Road, St Martins

• st martiNs • tower juNctioN • BishoPdaLe • raNGiora • Northwood • st martiNs • tower juNctioN • BishoPdaLe • raNGiora

Northwood • st martiNs • tower juNctioN • BishoPdaLe • raNGiora • Northwood • st martiNs • tower juNctioN • BishoPdaLe •

raNGiora • Northwood • st martiNs • tower juNctioN • BishoPdaLe • raNGiora • Northwood


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GREAT food Y ou r fre s h food pe op le



Ingredients 500g chicken 1 to taste Salt & freshly ground pepper 2 Tbsp Butter 2 Tbsp Olive oil 3 sprigs Tarragon 1 Onion 3 Apples 2 cups Apple cider Directions Preheat the oven to 180 deg C. Wipe the chicken completely dry inside and out with paper towels. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and a little chopped tarragon. Melt the butter in the oil in a large cast-iron casserole dish on the stove top and gently brown the chicken on all sides. Remove to a plate while you cook the onion (chopped) in the juices left behind in the pan. Add the remaining tarragon with the apples (cored and quartered) and stir, allowing them to brown slightly. Pour in the cider and return the chicken to the pan.

Export Grade Southern 1.99 Rose Apples Extra Large 2.99 Angelys Pears Carrots 1kg 1.79 Loose Red Yams 3.99 Breakfast and BBQ 3.99 Mushrooms 250g Whole Lamb Legs 10.99 Beef Cross Cut 12.99 Blade Steak Chicken Tenderloins 11.99 .....................













Allow the cider to come to a gentle boil, cover the dish and place in the oven to simmer for an hour. Check occasionally, basting the chicken with the juices. To serve, place the pieces on a heated platter. Allow the apples and juices to boil to reduce if there’s too much liquid. Season to taste, pour over the chicken and serve. Accompany with carrots and fennel cooked in cider. ROCKET, PEAR, WALNUT AND BLUE CHEESE SALAD Ingredients 2 tsp Honey ⅓ cup Extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp White wine vinegar 1-2 Pears large 3 cups Rocket leaves 100g Blue cheese ¾ cup Walnuts, lightly toasted

Mix honey, extra-virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar. Remove cores from the pears and slice thinly, leaving skin on. Place pears in a bowl and pour over the dressing. Combine rocket leaves, crumbled blue cheese and walnuts on a serving platter. Scatter salad with ripe pears, drizzle over extra dressing and serve. HEARTY CARROT AND GINGER SOUP Ingredients 1 packet Vegetable soup mix 9 cups Hot water 1 piece Ginger, approx 5cm, peeled and thinly sliced 500g Carrots, coarsely shredded Directions Place the soup mix in a large saucepan and add the water and ginger. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45min. Add the carrot and continue cooking for 30min until the soup mix and carrot are tender. Serve topped with a little freshly shredded carrot.




, s e g a s U a s d e t f Handcra made instore! ● FLavours for all occasions ● Great for a quick & tasty meal ● Check us out in store for a great range of handcrafted sausages


All our fresh meat is 100% NZ FARMED. specials VAlid 3rd july - 9th juLY 2017. ONLY AVAILABLE AT RAEWARD FRESH HAREWOOD RD, TOWER JUNCTION & MARSHLAND RD

harewood rd Mon – Fri 7.00am – 6.30pm Sat– Sun 8.00am – 6pm Tower junction Mon – Fri 8.00am – 6.30pm Sat– Sun 8.30am – 6pm MARSHLAND RD Mon – Sun 8.00am – 6:00pm





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3rd - 9th July 2017



99 kg


$ 99 kg

Corned Silverside

Chilean Red Seedless Grapes







Tip Top Better For You/Supersoft/ Goodness Grains Bread 700g


$ 90



Signature Range Mild/Colby/Edam Cheese 1kg

Keri Premium Juice 2.4L/Original Juice/Drink 3L/ Uncle Tobys Oat Quick Sachets 340-350g








DB Draught/Export Gold/Citrus/Tui 12 x 330ml Bottles/Cans



Shingle Peak 750ml


Arnott’s Shapes 120-190g

(Excludes Pinot Noir/Reserve)


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256 Barrington Street, Christchurch. Open 7am – 11pm, 7 days.

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Choosing the right heat pump for your home

Whether it be a new build, or a retrofit, most homes include at least one heat pump, if not a whole heating solution. They can provide cheap, clean heat and are much more convenient than a log burner as you just need to press a button. But how do you decide what is best? Choosing the right sized heat pump is key to ensuring optimum comfort levels. Every situation varies and it is therefore important to get professional advice from heat pump experts. The range varies from wall mounted high walls, floor mounted systems, multi systems, ceiling cassettes, right through to ducted central heating systems allowing you to have a very discreet way of heating your whole home to a constant temperature throughout. Firstly, you must select a heat pump that is suitable for the size of the space you wish to heat. Usually a site visit is the best way to ascertain this. Not only is the size of the area taken into consideration but also, insulation, building orientation, windows and ceiling space. There are a wide range of heat pumps available with different heating outputs so it is important to select the correct size for your requirements that will handle the job but not be unnecessarily overpowered. Secondly, the location of your heat pump is also extremely important. The cheapest installation is a back to back where the outdoor unit is positioned directly behind the indoor unit however this is not necessarily always the best option. It is vital that the indoor unit is positioned in a place that will not be

constantly blowing on you. Also important, is the location of the outdoor unit. Most people do not want their outdoor unit sitting directly in their outdoor entertaining area or right outside their bedroom window. Choose a brand you can trust. Many brands have come and gone over the years but there are a number of manufacturers who provide reputable and reliable products. All brands vary in their energy efficiency, quietness of systems and price, so it depends on your application as to which will be most suitable. Major brands such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba and Hitachi are all reliable brands backed up by good technical after sales service. Ensure your heat pump is installed by an accredited installer. This will not only ensure correct installation of your heat pump, but also validate the manufacturers warranty. Other things to consider when choosing a heat pump are time clocks, ease of use of the remote controllers, air filtration and also wifi capabilities. Heating is a major investment in your home and it is vital to get the right advice. Enviro Master Ltd specialise in the supply, installation and servicing of all major brands of heat pumps. Our salesmen are engineers ensuring you get quality, unbiased advice as to which system will suit your application the best. Enviro Master Ltd offer a free, no obligation quote and will come to your home to see what is required. Visit our website at

HEAT PUMP SALE NOW ON! Amazin’ WINTER Specials!! • We will offer you the best quality brands and option of heat pump for your home/business

The facts about home ventilation Balanced Pressure vs Positive Pressure Under the New Zealand Building Code, all buildings, including residential, need to be suitably ventilated, either with opening windows or forced ventilation. Clause G4.1 states: “The objective of this provision is to safeguard people from illness or loss of amenity due to lack of fresh air.” There are many benefits to forced, or mechanical, ventilation over opening windows, including warmth, security, reduction of outside noises and reduction of condensation. Traditional domestic ventilation systems are ‘positive pressure’. They bring air in from outside via the roof space and force the stale air out through gaps around windows and doors. The incoming air from these systems has to be heated or cooled to keep the house warm in winter or cool in summer. The Smooth-Air HEX390 is a ‘balanced pressure’ system. It extracts air from the house and at the same time brings in fresh air. These two streams of air pass through a heat exchanger, which warms incoming air in winter and cools in summer if air conditioning is being used. This means that up to 80% of the energy which would be

ve Remo mells om s o r h t ba m! a e t s and

wasted using a traditional positive pressure system is recovered, resulting in significant energy savings and therefore lower heating or cooling costs. Until recently, balanced pressure ventilation systems have been considerably more expensive than traditional positive pressure systems. However, with Smooth-Air’s unique manufacturing capabilities, a HEX390 balanced pressure system can be installed for a similar price as a traditional positive pressure system. Contact Smooth-Air on 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684), or visit www.smooth-air. or

Ventilation Equipment Suppliers to trade and retail

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 15 years to Cantabrians • We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years (providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote 41A SHAKESPEARE RD, WALTHAM

PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

● Domestic Remote extraction fans


P m A D g n i s Ri

● Commercial ● Industrial the source

Wall or ceiling mounted fans

Smooth-Air has a wide range of ventilation equipment to bring fresh air into your home

For existing homes with wooden floor construction • Stop Mould & Mildew • Reduce Heating Bills • Cost Effective Permanent Solution To Rising Damp • Free Consultation / Quotes



Free Phone: 0508 362626 Main Office: (03) 3764608 Fax: (03) 3764603

0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684)

264 Annex Road, Riccarton Christchurch 8024, NZ Ph +64 3 343 6184

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm


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SENIOR LIVING Email by 5pm each Wednesday

MUSICAL: Get out of the cold with this winter warmer, the Mainland Big Band is putting on a show. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to bust out some of your best moves on the dance floor. The band will be playing all its usual dance favourites but with a special focus on music from the 1960s and 70s. The show will be held at the Cashmere Club, 88 Hunter Tce and starts at 7.30 but it is recommended to get there a bit earlier to guarantee a seat. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at the door on the night. ​ Creative Writing Wednesdays Tomorrow, 4-5.45pm If your imagination runs wild and you want to learn how to put those ideas on paper in a way that makes sense, head along to this creative writing class. It will suit people new to creative writing, or those wanting to hone their skills, pick up some tips and learn from other aspiring writers. Find some fictional books while you’re at the library, or some books on creative writing. Linwood Library, Eastgate Shopping Centre. Free entry. Mid-Week Laughter Club Tomorrow, 6-7pm The focus of the club is to get over the stress of the first part of the week and have a positive outlook for the rest. The event aims to release endorphins and help you relax and lower stress levels. There is no comedy, stand-up or jokes at this session. Instead, you are encouraged to make yourself laugh at nothing at all for the purpose of relaxing. St Marks Methodist Church, cnr Barrington and Somerfield Sts. Entry $2 Knit ’n’ yarn Wednesday, 11am-1pm and Thursday 1.30-3.30pm For those who want to have a chat while they construct their favourite woollen creations can, with the weekly knit ’n’ yarn meetings. From crochet to knitting or a craft of your choice, have fun with this



social group. There are a variety of books to help inspire ideas for your next project or even to help a beginner. Everyone is welcome. Every Thursday from 1.30-3.30pm at the South City Library, 66 Colombo St and every Wednesday at the Linwood Library, Eastgate Shopping Centre, 11am-1pm. Board Games Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-6pm Go along and enjoy a variety of board games with all sorts to choose from. Meet some new people and have fun playing games. There are no bookings required for this but caregivers are required. Spreydon Library, 266 Barrington St. Free entry Maker Space – Family Times Thursday, 10am-noon Go and check out the cool Maker Space which will feature crafts, Lego, 3-D colouring, clay, interactive games and more. South Library, 66 Colombo St Game Zone @ Linwood Library Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm Play great favourites like Minecraft, Charades, Connect Four, Pictionary and more. Learn and develop strategies in new games such as Dutch Blitz, Heads Up, Hand and Foot, and group games. Join in for Xbox and PS4 tournaments. Take your friends or meet some new ones; all children aged eight to 12 welcome. 

No booking or payment required. Linwood Library, Eastgate Shopping Centre Spreydon Social Games Club Saturday, 10-noon There are many fun games to play in a social atmosphere. Spend your Saturday morning getting to know new people and maybe even learning some new games, there will be Upwords, Scrabble, chess, Mahjong, card games and much more. Spreydon Library, 266 Barrington St Ooky Spooky Spectacular Sunday, 10-noon It’s a spine-chilling, scary and fun event for the whole family to enjoy. This show will have you on the edge of your seat with magical tricks and spooky moments throughout. It’s not your normal kind of magic show but it is one the whole family can attend and enjoy together. Go to http://www. grimaldientertainment. com/to purchase tickets before the show. Opawa School, Ford Rd. Tickets from $12 Opawa Farmer’s Market Sunday, 9am- noon Find some organic and delicious produce from local growers. Enjoy sipping on a coffee while wandering around the market and checking out the food on offer. There is something for everyone. 275 Fifield Tce. Free entry

Take a trip with Third Aged Tours Taking people aged over 50 on trips around New Zealand and the world for nearly 20 years has earned Third Age Tours a brag book that Director Brenda Corby-Yarrall says “businesses would give their eye teeth for.’’ Taking small groups of 10 – 24 people means I can operate the tour in a relaxed, companionable manner. We have an absolute blast when we’re away. It’s all about having fun. Most of my trips are run annually because they’re so popular, but I’m always adding new destinations - like Sicily, South Italy & Vatican + Cuba, as people ask for them.’ Brenda checks out all accommodation before booking it, and ensures the party spends at least a few nights at each place. “That way you don’t feel like you’re living out of a suitcase.’’ Many clients now have made over 20 tours with us, one has completed a whopping 27 tours. My clients tell me they keep coming back because of the size of the groups and our

relaxed manner. My motto is ‘There are no strangers, only friends waiting to meet.’ We gather together for breakfast at 8.30am which sets us up for the day and everybody thinks is a very civilised hour. I organise incredible trips at incredible prices. Look around, you can’t find better for all we include. For more information, phone 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 or email her on

Third Age Tours EST 1999

Small Group Tours for the over 50s Domestic and International

Great Prices! England/Wales & Yorkshire Dales 24 August - 23 September 2017 Enchanting Ireland & Scotland 31 May - 27 June 2018 curiosities of cuba 30 April - 26 May 2018 Treasures of Turkey 11 May - 04 June 2018 2017 captivating croatia, Slovenia Full montenegro & Venice 15 June - 9 July 2018 Vietnam & cambodia 2017 Full 4 - 26 October 2018 Beautiful norfolk Island 22 - 29 October 2017 Sicily, rome & Southern Italy 29 Sept - 24 Oct 2017

South Island Tours Glorious Autumn in Arrowtown 17 - 22 April 2018 catlins/Stewart Island 4 PlAcES lEFT 8 - 16 February 2018 White herons, Glaciers & Alpine loop Tour 28 January - 2 February 2018

PluS oThEr DESTInATIonS! For a FrEE InFormATIon PAck contact Brenda

Third Age Tours Ph 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 Freephone: 0800 927 725 |

Would you like to promote your Business? For local features please contact Bev Stanger 03 364 7407


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3 21

Supporting your bowel and digestive Osteoporosis is a serious condition ...but research shows it can be reversed! function helps prevent disease It is most important to keep the whole digestive and elimination systems of the body working efficiently. Otherwise toxins that have not been eliminated set the stage for disease. Many diseases have been linked with micro-organisms (virus) or a bacterial component. Generally these microorganisms or bacteria can only survive due to the fact that the environment they are in is suitable for their survival. Non eliminated toxins are probably one of the main causative factors for their survival. We know that when the digestive system and bowel function are poor we have many more health problems. These include arthritis, digestive problems like reflux and stomach pain, bladder infections, chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes, poor eyesight, pain and inflammation, tumors and a weakened immune system just to name a few. Nature’s Sunshine LBS II contains a highly effective blend of natural herbs to support the whole digestive system and it is especially effective at cleansing the lower bowel and intestinal tract. It is commonly used for arthritis, constipation, diarrhea, digestive problems, dry stool, fever, colds and influenza, flatulence, gallstones, gout, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, urinary infections, liver dysfunction, Candida, weakened immune function and for people who want to keep their health as good as possible. The herbs in LBS II help stimulate the production of digestive fluids and bile

for efficient digestion. This alone may help prevent many diseases as a properly working digestive system will itself neutralise many disease causing organisms before they have a chance to cause any problems. LBS II also stimulates peristaltic action of the colon effectively cleansing the colon of any accumulated build-ups of waste material. It also relaxes abdominal cramping and spasms, enhances liver function, purifies the blood, neutralizes acidic conditions, helps destroy intestinal parasites and worms, and fights infection. Keeping your digestive system and bowels functioning efficiently is definitely an important step in obtaining and maintaining good long term health. LBS II and further information is available from the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are Always Happy to Help!

Osteoporosis is not taken as a serious condition by most people! Most people don’t realise they have osteoporosis until a fracture happens, as there are usually no signs or symptoms. Fractures can commonly be debilitating with chronic pain and can lead to early mortality. Fractures kill more women than all gynaecological cancers put together and one in six women taken to hospital with a hip fracture, will not come out alive and men fare even worse. Around one in three women and one in twelve men are affected with osteoporosis. The most common osteoporotic fractures are of the wrist, spine, shoulder and hip. Vertebral collapse is a compression fracture and causes back pain often with shooting pains due to compression of the nerves. Multiple vertebral fractures lead to a stooped posture, loss of height and chronic pain with reduced mobility. Hip fractures, in particular, usually require prompt surgery, as there is a serious risk associated with it of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism leading to increased mortality. Osteoporosis literally means “bones with holes”. It occurs when bones lose minerals such as calcium more quickly than the body can replace them. Although calcium is essential for bone health other minerals like magnesium, zinc and trace minerals like silica, boron, manganese, copper are essential also. Vitamin’s D3 and K2 have been shown to be essential in a bone support program. A less well known mineral strontium,

that is naturally found in your bones has been researched and found in four landmark studies to actually reverse bone loss when sufficient other nutrients are present. One study of 1,649 postmenopausal women with osteoporosis who had had at least one fracture were divided into two groups. Both groups took vitamin D and calcium supplements. One group were also given 680mg/day of strontium. After the three year study the strontium group showed an unheard of average bone growth of 8.1%. This study shows that osteoporosis can not only be halted but may even be reversed and without the side effects of common osteoporosis drugs. Further information on how to support your bone density and overall health is available from the natural health specialists at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are Always Happy to Help!

BREAKTHROUGH AGAINST OSTEOPOROSIS Osteoporosis, the weakening of the bone is a serious health threat that often leads to severe pain, fractures & early mortality. Research has found the bones can be re-mineralised & strengthened when the required nutrients are present. Minerals calcium, magnesium & vitamins D3 & K2 are essential but are not enough in many cases. A missing link appears to be the mineral strontium. Research shows strontium to positively affect bone density. - Supports strong healthy bones, teeth & nails - Is a naturally occurring mineral often lacking in the modern diet - Found in healthy bones & teeth but lacking in people with osteoporosis

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Swanson’s Premium Strontium Citrate

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FIXING A LEAKY ROOF Wouldn’t you rather go sailing? Let us take care of the roof at your new home at McKenzie Lifestyle Village in Geraldine. Contact David Connolly on 0800 84 55 24.

Help prevent Disease By supporting HealtHy Bowel & Digestive Function A poorly functioning bowel & digestive system can lead to a toxic environment in the body that sets the stage for disease. Nature’s Sunshine LBS II contains & all natural herbal blend that has been proven highly effective at supporting the elimination & digestion system function.

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- Healthy bowel function (No Constipation) - Bowel & colon cleansing - Digestion & assimilation of nutrients - Enhanced liver function - Purification of the blood - Eczema & psoriasis relief - Enhanced immune function

121 Skyhawk Road

- Cleansing the urinary tract of infection - Neutralizing acidic conditions - Destroying intestinal parasites & worms - Fighting infection - Keeping the body healthy

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Bridalshow e t a d e ave th s

Sun 27th A ug 10am to 3p m

air Force M useum 45 Harvard Ave Wigram, Ch ch Tickets: $2 0.00

A Star Media Event


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Journey to a smile continued...

“Over the last few years Smile Concepts has helped my extreme fear of the dentist, treating me as a person not a dental guinea pig.” Visiting the dentist can be a daunting proposition for many people, who fear they may have to endure a painful process when having their teeth treated. That’s where the caring team of experienced dentists team at Smile Concepts can help, by providing painless treatment. Plus, the personal touch they offer by taking time to go over all the treatment options and associated costs means those who fear a dental surgery will be immediately put at ease. One patient who is very happy with their service tells her story…

“My name is Jacinta. I am a 27-year-old wife and mum from Christchurch. I have enamel hypoplasia, which is a lack in enamel formation. In most cases, the enamel on people’s teeth is low or thin, but I have no enamel on all my teeth, resulting in a dark-yellow colouring. After a life of struggling with everything from bullying to failed ‘fixes’, I decided to once again pursue my smile dreams. After ringing around Christchurch dentists, Smile Concepts was the first ‘off the bat’ to know about hypoplasia. Natalie happily booked me in for a consultation. Over the last few years Smile Concepts has helped my extreme fear of the dentist, treating me as a person not a dental guinea pig. Natalie always did what she knew would work instead of trying things that might. In January 2017 I contacted Dr Dee from Vogue Dental Studios in Melbourne. He is kindly donating his time, skills and expertise to give me my dream smile. Financially, this is something I would have never been able to do without Dr Dee. And Natalie has been fabulous in helping prepping me for my trip to Australia with photos, bite guards, moulds and cleaning”. On June 2, Jacinta had the opportunity to tell her story on Seven Sharp, just one week before she flew to Melbourne to begin her journey. Before she left, Jacinta had her final hygienist clean at Smile Concepts where the team wished her well in Melbourne, and now look forward to helping her maintain her beautiful new smile in the near future. Smile Concepts is proud to help patients like Jacinta with any dental problems they may have. Their knowledgeable staff members use safe and proven procedures, the latest technology, materials and philosophies to enhance your teeth and smile.

Discover this unique Emporium Experienced team provides caring and gentle dentistry for the whole family

Dental Hygienist Available Sedation dentistry  Dental Health Counselling Wedding packages  Free treatment for adolescents (13-18 years) Winz quotes ZOOM whitening  Free treatment of children (0-13) with a treatment school dentist referral  ACC accredited

PH 332 6399 We've moved!

Now based at 104 Colombo Street, Beckenham

This unique powerful treatment provides you with pain relief in seconds


“Where Every Smile Matters”

   

To find out about their full range of services, visit their website at or call them on (03) 332 6399.

Metal art - gifts - hoMewares water features - pottery Mirrors - candles wall hangings & More

• • • • •

without needles

Relieves all kinds of body pain Boosts your energy Improves sleep and mood Relieves asthma and hay fever Combat addiction (sugar, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs) • Reduce blood pressure

TRY IT NOW - First treatment is free FOR A lIMITed TIMe ONlY

722 Marshland Road, Top end Styx Open 7 Days Ph: 03 323 9781

Dr Lan’s Reflexology Network Melrose Building 108 Sawyers Arms Road, Christchurch Phone: (03) 323 4168 or 027 231 8388

Shop online with the in store special prices! Discount code: Goat

themohairstore 140 Colombo Street, Beckenham Phone 03 943 1639

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Back & neck pain Sprains and strains

Bishopdale Clinic

13a Bishopdale Court, Ph 360 3606

City Clinic

12 Hereford Street, Ph 961 0236

Wigram Skies Clinic

67 Skyhawk Road, Ph 322 9400

Functional training studio Biomechanical assessments Headaches and migraines clinic Work injuries & gym rehab

Join our hosts Geoff & Renee on SKY CHANNEL 83 THURSDAY 7.30PM REPEATS FRIDAY 1.30AM & 7.30AM

Pre and post surgery rehab WE SHARE YOUR VISION SKY 083 + On Demand

Call us today Ph 360 3606

W W W. S TA R . K I W I

For enquiries, contact Geoff Moreton: 021 1066 177


Tuesday July 4 2017

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REAL ESTATE Perfect starter in a prime location 1/60 Innes Road, Merivale - Unit B also available for sale Auction: Thursday, 20 July 2017 Unless Sold Prior 2 bedrooms | 1 bathroom | 1 living room | 1 car-garage | 1 carport | Listing # PI47693

Buy 1 Unit Or Both!! A perfect starter or investment, this townhouse ticks all the boxes for great buying. Solidly built with permanent materials for easy maintenance, pitched ceilings and large windows ensure a sense of space and great natural light. Set on a rear section in a blue-chip location, you’ll have all the convenience of easy access to Merivale and the CBD, while enjoying a quiet and very private setting. A northwest aspect ensures plenty of sunshine in the spacious living room, which flows to an inviting kitchen – updated to create a practical workspace. Two generous double bedrooms both have access to the garden and share an updated bathroom. Outside, a single garage, carport and additional parking are further benefits. Zoned for Elmwood School, St Albans School, Heaton and Boys’ High, and just an 8-minute walk to St Andrew’s. Presented in

comfortable and tidy condition, there is still opportunity to add value if desired. Don’t miss this chance to get into an exceptional location. Contact us today. For a private viewing phone Cameron Bailey on 352 6166 or mobile 0275 557 079 or Harrison Hopman on 027 340 5076 of Harcourts Gold Papanui (Licensed Agent REAA 2008)

now bigger than ever growing with you

SprIng Is here – It’S Sow Time how to get the best results from seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In The capItal

September 2016 | 100%

It’s time to grow! New look and more content than ever!

Unravelling the secrets of Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand landscape awards The people behind the projects

MeeT LeSTer Brice A Garden coach

The magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty

SubScribe from



$7.90 incl. GST

Save our roSeS

How a rose register is protecting our heritage

auckland Botanic GardenS Why we love our public grounds

*6 issues/6 months

ISSN 2423-0219


0800 77 77 10



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Trees and Power Lines

The responsibilities of tree owners and Orion under the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 Orion New Zealand owns and operates the electricity distribution network in central Canterbury between the Waimakariri and Rakaia rivers and from the Canterbury coast to Arthur’s Pass. Trees touching power lines account for 10-20% of all unplanned power outages on our network. If you see a tree touching a power line, or any other hazardous tree condition, please contact us immediately on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

Orion’s tree management programme

This advertisement provides a general notice of the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 and the dangers of trees near power lines. More detail on these issues can be found on our website or by phoning us on 03 363 9898.

We currently undertake periodic cutting or trimming of vegetation within the notice zone. The intent of this cutting or trimming is to support safety and reduce the risk of power outages. This periodic cutting or trimming by us does not remove the tree owner’s responsibilities and in the case of fast growing species may not be sufficient to ensure that trees remain outside of the growth limit zone. You will be notified prior to any periodic trimming being carried out and the work will be completed by arborists carrying Orion identification.

The Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003

The regulations set out the responsibilities of electricity line companies and tree owners. The purpose of the regulations is to protect the safety of the public and help to ensure a secure supply of electricity. The regulations: • define safe separation distances between trees and power lines • specifies who is responsible for ensuring clearances are maintained • places potential liability on the tree owner if any damage or accident occurs due to trees touching power lines. (Note that the word “trees” includes all types of vegetation, including shrubs, hedges and climbing vines.)

What are the dangers?

Trees near power lines need to be trimmed or removed for the following reasons: • children like to climb trees and when trees are close to power lines there is a risk of serious injury or death • in severe weather conditions, vegetation can become electrically “live” and may electrocute anyone or anything that touches it • while a tree may not touch a power line in fine weather, branches can bend or break in wind or snow storms, causing serious damage and possibly prolonged power outages • in dry conditions, electrical sparking caused by branches or windblown debris on lines may cause fires.

Orion’s tree management programme is largely governed by the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003. Our programme involves education, monitoring and the cut/trim or removal of trees that threaten to come into contact with power lines. Through this programme we work with tree owners to minimise the risk of their trees touching power lines.

If Orion becomes aware of a tree which is within the ‘Notice zone’ (see Tree “A” in the diagram below) then we are required to issue the tree owner with a Hazard Warning notice. For trees within the ‘Growth limit zone’ (see Tree “B” in the diagram below) we are required to issue the tree owner with a Cut or Trim notice.

What is a hazard warning notice?

If a tree is within the “Notice zone” (see Tree “A” in the diagram), we are required to issue a hazard warning notice to the tree owner.

Notice zone

Minimum distances required between trees and power lines

The minimum distances that must be maintained between trees and power lines, defined in the regulations, are outlined in the diagram to the right. A common sense approach, by tree owners trimming trees early, will generally prevent trees touching power lines.

Growth limit zone

Tree “A”

To maintain a safe distance from power lines some trees require cutting or trimming more frequently than other trees, but if it is determined that cutting or trimming cannot satisfactorily meet the requirement then removing the tree is recommended. Other situations may require trees to be felled because they are at a distance that is considered to be a hazard due to falling during storms or being diseased.

Tree “B”

Power line

Notice zone

Growth limit zone

66kV (high voltage)

5.0 metres

4.0 metres

33kV (high voltage)

3.5 metres

2.5 metres

11kV (high voltage)

2.6 metres

1.6 metres

400V/230V (low voltage)

1.5 metres

0.5 metres


V = Volts; kV = kilo Volts ie 1,000 Volts

1) These distances are from the power line, not the power pole 2) These distances are a minimum and apply in all conditions including high wind or snow 3) In most instances the power lines that go to a house or building are low voltage power lines. Power lines that go down a street may be low or high voltage.

A hazard warning notice alerts the tree owner that the tree has encroached the notice zone and that if it encroaches the “Growth limit zone” (see Tree “B” in the diagram) a cut or trim notice may be immediately given to the tree owner (see above).

Trimming trees near power lines

Trimming trees near power lines can be extremely hazardous and the dangers should not be underestimated. Contact with a power line can cause: • • • • • •

injury or death to yourself, family or passers by injury or death to livestock damage to property and other trees damage to electrical appliances damage to power supply facilities damage to third parties.

We recognise that the public is not always experienced in tree trimming, so we are happy to advise you on this. We can arrange for trees near power lines to be trimmed at your cost. If, however, you prefer to arrange your own tree trimming, we recommend you hire professionals with the necessary expertise and safety procedures to competently carry out this work. If you or someone working for you intends to work within 4 metres of power lines, a close approach consent is required from Orion before you start. As a tree owner you may be liable for any damage caused by carrying out trimming or felling of trees.

The growth limit zone is the area around a power line which trees must not encroach even in windy or snow conditions. The notice zone is a distance one metre beyond the growth limit zone.

What is a cut or trim notice?

If we become aware that a tree has encroached on the “Growth limit zone”, we will give notice in writing to the tree owner that the tree must be cut or timed to maintain the distances prescribed in the regulations, and the timeframes for action. If no action is taken Orion may then trim the tree and seek to recover costs.

Who pays for the cut or trim?

Orion is responsible for the first cut of trees near power lines, where the first cut is on a property basis, not owner basis. We have already met this obligation by completing a first cut of vegetation on all our lines. The tree owner will need to organise and pay for any subsequent and future cuts or trims. We are happy to provide tree owners with a list of approved arborists who can carry out this work, and also advise the best solution given the circumstances.

What fines can be imposed?

A tree owner commits an offence where a cut or trim notice is given, and without reasonable excuse, the tree owner fails to have the tree cut or trimmed and/or fails to advise us of the time and location of the cut or trim. A person who commits such an offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000. If the offence continues, that person is also liable for a further fine of not more than $500 for every day or part day during which the offence continues.

Contact us if in any doubt about your tree


Please contact us or an approved Orion tree trimming contractor to help with your trees, or to discuss your options.

We aim to work with tree owners to ensure safety is maintained and power outages are minimised. We will actively work with tree owners to see trees are trimmed or cut before regulatory powers are applied. However, as we wish to ensure the safety and security of the public, we will use the regulations where necessary.

Orion New Zealand Limited owns and operates the electricity distribution network in central Canterbury between the Waimakariri and Rakaia rivers.

565 Wairakei Road, Christchurch 8053 PO Box 13896, Christchurch 8141 Phone +64 3 363 9898


Tuesday July 4 2017

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Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services



Wright Enterprises Build Limited

Why go to the Dump? Junkman comes to you!

BEST BATHROOMS full renovation specialists, LBP, repairs & maintenance ph 03 3870770 or 027 245-5226 BRICKLAYER George Lockyer. Over 35 years bricklaying experience. UK trained. Licensed Building Practitioner number BP105608. Insurance work. EQC repairs. Heritage brickwork and stonework a speciality. No job too small. Governors Bay. Home 329-9344, Cell 027 684 4046, email BUILDER For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067. BUILDER LICENSED, available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 CARPET & VInYL LAYIng Repairs, uplifting,relaying, restretching,Email, ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416 PAInTER Available, All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 3350265 PAInTIng DECORATIng Quality workmanship,John Collins Painters & Decorators.Int/Ext, wallpapers.Trade qualified.Resene Eco decorator. Free quotes. Ph 03 332 3947 or 0274 311 331 www. PLASTERER Gib Stopping, Small job specialty. 30 + years experience. Ring 0800 387-369 PLUMBER For prompt service for all plumbing maintenance, repairs and alterations. Phone Michael 364 7080 or 027 438 3943

PLUMBER A Top Plumbing job completed at a fair price, prompt service, all work guaranteed, Ph Brian 9607673 or 021 112-3492 PLUMBER ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231 ROOFIng Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug. SPOUTIng CLEAnIng Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034 STOnEMASOn BRICK & BLOCKLAYER Earthquake Repairs, Grind Out & Repoint, River/ Oamaru stone, Schist, Volcanic Rock, Paving, all Alterations new & old, Quality Workmanship, visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145 TILER/CARPEnTER 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440. TREES BIg OR SMALL tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 TREE WORK trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 4358759 T.V. SERVICE CEnTRE Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400

UPHOLSTERER Dining Chairs, Lounge suites, Caravan Squabs etc. recovered. Free Quotes. Phone Graeme 383-1448 VHS VIDEO TAPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WInDOW CLEAnIng Average 3 bdrm house inside or out $40. Both $70. Phone Trevor 3442170

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W.E. Build

New Homes Renovations Alterations Re-roofing Re-cladding to older buildings Family owned & operated E Antony Wright 021 111 1703 John Wright 0274 343 323 AH 03 347 4347

Items too big for the rubbish bin? Or too heavy for you to move?

Junkman comes to you & takes it away





*Prices vary depending on items and volume – minimum charge $65

0800 586 5626

Gardening & Supplies A GARDEN PROFESSIONAL NEEDED? Qualified Horticulturist, offering expert pruning, garden makeovers, garden design and landscaping, for free quotes call Bryce 027 6888196 or 0508 242-733 A GARDEN OR LANDSCAPING TIDY UP? Shrub, hedge & tree pruning, Lawns, Gardening, consistently reliable general property upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10 yrs experience, One off tidy ups or on-going service. Nick’s Property Maintenance. Keeping your garden beautiful. Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

Phone our local team 03 379 1100

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Computers ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 3266740 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch





Concrete Removal & Trucking Driveways, paths, sheds, garages, site clearances We also deliver and spread landscaping supplies – topsoil, bark chip, shingle etc. For fast friendly service phone

Nick on 0274 324 124

Holiday Accommodation

• Interior/Exterior • New Homes & Repaints • Quality workmanship assured • Correct preparation always undertaken • 20+ years experience • Earthquake repairs (Painting/Plastering/Wallpapering/Tiling)

Ph 381 7417 or 027 216 8946

Trades & Services

Trades & Services



Trades & Services

CLEARING QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:

Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd) P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS

Lost & Found

nO GREEn wastE In anY OF OUR COMPOst


Are you moving house or trying to downsize? Call All Clear Canterbury. We work with you to recycle, sell and dispose of unwanted items.

Ph: 03 260 0934 or 021 078 4553

FOUND CHILD’S small mauve carrybag on Bowenvale Ave footpath on Wed 21st June. Ph 027 2377 321

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Cracked tiles? Dirty grout? Old or mouldy silicon?

• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association


Brett Ph 03 358 5105 or 027 746 7632

The Roofing Specialists

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597

Ph John 027 860 8106

Situations Vacant CHILDCARE WANTED After school care needed for quiet 12 yr old girl. Would suit someone around Christchurch South Intermediate. Ph 027 517 5528



PAINTING Plastering, Wallpapering Spray Painting

Public Notices

Situations Vacant


Remember... we are NOT in Parkhouse Road

Wanted To Buy AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045 WHITEWARE WANTED Cash for fridges, freezers, dryers, washing machines, ovens. Top prices paid for good working machines. Ph Dave anytime 960-8440 or 027 6622 116


Trades & Services

Part-time 8-10 hours per week. Days of work are flexible.


Hourly rate plus commission.

Earn extra dollars.

Price Family Painters Ltd Interior/Exterior Wallpapering/Painting Gib Stopping Free Quotes EQC Opt Out Fletcher Accredited Project Management

Phone: Morton 021 667 444 Email:

Star Media is looking for a talented & determined person to work 8-10 hours per week. The role will be to contact a wide variety of businesses offering a range of advertising options across our newspaper titles. The person we are seeking should be self motivated, reliable, have a good telephone manner & enjoy talking with people. You must be highly organised & be able to work independently. Sales tools, training & an excellent remuneration package will be available to the successful applicant. Our offices are at 359 Lincoln Road near Hagley Park.

Send your CV to Classified Manager Mike Fulham


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Tuesday July 4 2017



A West Coast welcome in the heart of Redwood, beautifully refurbished and something for all the family. TRY OUR WONDERFUL MENU & DAILY SPECIALS

To advertise, contact

Jo Fuller 03 364 7425

Daniels Road|Phone 352 8355


‘Famous for their roasts!’ RESTAURANT & CAFÉ

We are open from 6.30am


2 courses Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert


Special available lunch only. Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm




Members Lucky Card Draw


Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm



Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Family Friendly

Quality a la carte with a view!


Kid’s 2 course special


this school holidays!



118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150

SUNDAY BUFFET By the Seaside! 10.30am-2pm

Treat the Kids


THIS Sunday 30th July


202 Marine Parade | Ph 388-9416 Members, guests and affiliates welcome







Lunch & Dinner All you can eat, 7 days

Bookings Essential

PH 386 0088






FAMILY DAY Neville Barrie entertains

Bouncy Castle, Lollies, Face Painting, Balloons


Chalmers Restaurant

Mid Winter Buffet



$30 PER


349 9026


RETRO ROCKIN’ Anthony Easterbrook-Carter & BACKPACK present

Three decades of rock’s best known hits spanning the greater rock era of the 1950's through to the 1970's featuring a mini set of



Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome








Offer available for a limited time and includes tea, hot chocolate

Live Music: 6PM.FRI.7 JULY




Tuesday July 4 2017

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Southern View 04-07-17  

Southern View 04-07-17

Southern View 04-07-17  

Southern View 04-07-17