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Fendalton - Ilam

some streets as cars take ‘short cuts’ to avoid main roads and the increase of heavy vehicles using residential streets. The board is working with council traffic engineers to manage residents’ concerns and attempt to come up with solutions.

Park/Reserve/Berm maintenance There has been an increase in complaints from residents regarding the untidy mowing (leaving longer grass on edges of parks and The key functions of a community board playing areas), infrequent mowing resulting in long, unsightly berms and the increase of are to: • Represent and act as advocate for the weeds and litter in planted ‘garden’ berms. interests of its community. • Consider and report on all matters Clearwater Reserve, Lake Roto Kotahu referred to it by the council, or any Reserve, the Groynes The community board recently had a site matter of interest to the Board. • Maintain an overview of services visit to Clearwater Reserve, Lake Roto Kotahu provided by the council within the Reserve and the Groynes. Members were impressed with the results from ongoing work community. • Prepare an annual submission to the to improve the water quality of the Otakaikino council for expenditure within the Stream. Issues around the maintenance of the waterways and walkways, vandalism and community. • Communicate with community accessibility were also discussed. organisations and special interest 2017/18 Annual Plan groups within the community. The community board held a couple of Examples of recent issues the Fendalton- drop-in sessions for the public to come and Waimairi-Harewood Community Board talk to them about what they would like to see in the Council’s Annual Plan for 2017/18. has been dealing with include: The information gathered from local residents was taken into consideration when the Board Changing traffic patterns Residents are continuing to raise concerns made their submission to council on May 16, regarding the impact of changing traffic 2017. The community board requested the patterns. These include increased traffic on council consider the following projects: • Traffic safety outside of schools The board supports the introduction of school safety measures including speed signage, zones and crossings and wish to see funding increased to speed up

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How your community board works for you Community boards were created by the local government reforms in 1989. Approximately 108 community boards now operate in both urban and rural areas within local authorities throughout New Zealand. They carry out functions and exercise those powers delegated to them by their councils. Local body elections for community board members and councillors are held every three years.

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Approximately 108 community boards now operate in both urban and rural areas within local authorities throughout New Zealand.

the implementation of safety measures across the city.

Signalised intersection - Harewood/ Breens The board continues to receive deputations and requests from residents regarding the safety of this intersection. There are a number of primary and pre-schools in the vicinity who have equally expressed their ongoing concerns to the board and this topic dominated community engagement around this year’s Annual Plan. The board requested the council to urgently investigate the installation of traffic signals at this intersection and consider the safety of vehicle and pedestrian users by setting aside sufficient funds in 2017/18 with a view to introducing signalisation as soon as possible.

Right Turn Arrows - Heaton/ Glandovey/Rossal/Strowan intersection This is one of the most used intersections in the ward and has had increasing traffic in recent years due to changes in the road network in the surrounding areas. Many near misses occur daily and are observed due to jumping/running the red light for right-turning traffic. The carriageway width would appear sufficient for a realignment to enable a dedicated Right Turn Arrow(s) to be installed.

Regeneration of Bishopdale Mall The board is working with Development Christchurch Limited and Council’s Urban Regeneration Team on the issues

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and opportunities for the regeneration of the mall following the opening of the new Library and Community Centre mid-2017. •

Condition of local waterways Particularly the Waimairi, Wai-iti and Otakaikino Streams. The board requested funding and support for the maintenance and pro-active management of streams and rivers that are negatively impacted by lack of flow, silting of the streams/river beds and eroding of properties by stream bank collapses during heavy rain. The board has received deputations from concerned residents and the Waimairi Stream Action Group and has been working with council and Ecan staff on possible solutions.

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Fendalton Ilam Gazette 13-06-17  

Fendalton Ilam Gazette 13-06-17

Fendalton Ilam Gazette 13-06-17  

Fendalton Ilam Gazette 13-06-17