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Tuesday June 6 2017



with empathy and positivity A bit like Dunedin. I was actually born there, in 1960. My parents emigrated from England with my sister, who’s seven years older than me. They first went to Dunedin, then after about six months we shifted to Sumner. I grew up there, went to Sumner School. Then I met my husband, (who I’m separated from) when I was 16 and he lived in North Beach. So I’ve been associated with this area since then. We met at a church camp; he was jumping on a trampoline and my best friend broke her leg so I thought he might like to go and visit her in hospital, that’s how it started. Plus, he was a surfer, which appealed. Do you surf yourself? I’ve got a surfboard and a wetsuit but all the youth around the place, they all use it. Anybody that wants to use my board uses it. My daughter and I designed the pattern, it’s a Barron board. But no, I’m a beach whale. We’ve been a surfing family though, in the surfing community for years and my daughter surfs, my son-in-laws surf and I love that lifestyle, being on the beach, going up and finding the surf in Kaikoura. Do you a have a bolt-hole, somewhere you escape to for

ELECTION TIME: Kim Money out and about on the campaign trail last year.

weekends/holidays? When I was married, we used to go to Bali every year. That was somewhere that we found which worked for both of us. The surf was always fantastic, the weather

was always fine, the shopping and food was cheap, you didn’t have to cook or clean so we’d go for 2-3 weeks every year. Otherwise, in New Zealand, Dunedin and Kaikoura were our favourite

spots, again, because of the surf. I do love the beach, otherwise I feel claustrophobic. Where I grew up in Sumner, our house was on The Esplanade, right opposite Cave Rock. I heard the house we had just sold after about 30 years for $1.4 million. And apparently they’re going to pull it down. I haven’t lived there for a long time of course, but I was there 21 years. How are you enjoying your job as chairwoman? It’s a real privilege. It was really exciting when I first heard I got in because as I said my mother was really sick and I found it difficult to campaign. I wanted to door knock a lot but mum was out at Oxford Hospital for respite and she was there for virtually the entire campaign. I was travelling out there a lot and found it difficult to run the campaign I wanted so I didn’t know how it would end up going. I did the best I could so when I got in it was really exciting and then that turned into, ‘oh my goodness, I’m now chair.’ Is that something you were pushed into? Not at all. I said I’d consider being chair (thinking it was parttime – it’s not). It turned out I had the backing of the entire

board, it was unanimous and that in itself was a privilege, to think that these members who’d been there six to nine years were happy for me as a new person to come and not just be part of the team, but lead the team. It was a double privilege really. I take it very seriously and I love the board, all of them. We all respect each other. We’ve recently just done a ‘StrengthsFinder’ course. They really enjoyed that and it was so useful in finding out what we bring to the board and how we can use that and it just brings an understanding of how we’re made up. For example, empathy and positivity are two really strong traits of mine. I’ve noticed you’re quite efficient at meetings, is that something you’re conscious of? It’s just being respectful of people who have come to present and also (city council) staff that are there. We have to get on with the job and be mindful that people who are presenting have taken time out of their day. I’ve chaired groups at other organisations and I do like to start on time and try and stick to the rules. But then, we’re community so there needs to be discretion and ability to go with the flow sometimes.


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Pegasus Post 06-06-17  

Pegasus Post 06-06-17