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Tuesday June 6 2017

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Kim Money

Working for the community Kim Money is a newbie to local body politics. Reporter Sarla Donovan finds out what makes the Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman tick

RELAXING: Kim Money, chairwoman of the Coastal-Burwood Community Board. PHOTO; MARTIN HUNTER



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What have you been up to today? My daughter needed me to babysit so I thought I’ll have her for a couple of hours and do some emails at the same time. Well, a 10-month-old and emails didn’t quite work! Then I popped over to see my mum, she’s in a rest home and I’ve had a lot of issues with her over the years especially in the six months since I’ve been in this job unfortunately. She’s had strokes, been in and out of hospital, that sort of stuff happening. After that, I had a staff meeting and now I’m seeing you. Do you have just the one grandchild? I’ve got two daughters, 30 and 27. One has a baby girl who I was looking after this morning and the other has a boy who is two-and-ahalf, and another little girl, she’s eight months. They’re all living in North Beach. We’re here at Salt on the Pier – is this a favourite cafe? There’s a few here. I think

because I live in North Beach, my favourite would be the Coffee Shed. A friend of mine’s daughter started that up 18 months ago and it’s a wee community hub she’s created. We all swarm down there like bees, and it’s not just the people you get to know, it’s the dogs as well. A lot of mums go there with their babies and I’ve recently been able to talk the kite man, Jim, into flying his kites down at North Beach so he does that every now and again too. Switch Espresso is good too, one of my favourites. It was a bit grey and chilly earlier on. Are you one of these people who get excited about winter? I used to when I skied, before children, but now, winter’s different. It’s a cosy time, a time to take stock, do a bit of spring cleaning or organising. But I love being outdoors so any sunny day it’s out on the beach, that’s why I live there. Anyway, we always get four seasons in one day.

Pegasus Post 06-06-17  

Pegasus Post 06-06-17

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