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Wednesday may 31 2017

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Readers beat drums for skate park in Sumner

RACE: George Jarman (left) and Joel Peck get off to a racing start with Redcliffs School caretaker Chris Smith. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

School project gets kids into karts „„ By Caitlin Miles TWO DESERVING boys at Redcliffs School spent weeks building themselves karts which are now their pride and joy. When Joel Peck, 11, and George Jarman, 12, were asked what they would like to build as part of some hands-on learning by their teacher, Michelle Mc-

Ewan, Joel didn’t hesitate when suggesting karts. Ms McEwan enlisted the help of the school caretaker, Chris Smith, who had built a kart for the school pupils to use at lunch time a couple of years ago. Simone Loader, a teacher aide, said it was about getting the boys interested in doing something that wasn’t just “pen to paper”.

She said they were involved in the project every step of the way. “It was quite in-depth . . . they had to do the design, source the materials from the Eco Store, build models and everything before they could start building,” Ms Loader said. Joel’s mum Paula said it was very exciting for her son and

he “comes out of his shell” when he learns in a hands-on way. “It sits right outside our front door. It’s pride of place and no one but Joel is allowed to touch it,” she said. Mr Smith said he was “delighted” to work with the boys. Joel and George met with Mr Smith every Tuesday, to work on the project.

„„ By Caitlin Miles THE DRUMS are beating for a skate park in Sumner. Locals have written to Bay Harbour News this week saying why a skate park would be beneficial to the community (see pages 4/5). The letters are in response to those against a skate park – published in the May 24 issue of Bay Lucy Hone Harbour News. The issue is a hot potato. There are plans to have a temporary skate park open for the July school holidays – location as yet unknown. Today, reader Lucy Hone said a skate park and village green would benefit people of various age groups. She also said while it was good to see a library and community centre running again, it was important to have outdoor spaces for people of all ages to be active and enjoy. Richard Harcourt said his son skated everywhere to get around, but there was nowhere for him and his friends to socialise and skate in the area.

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Wednesday May 31 2017



AKAROA PENSIONER Sue Stewart has taken the law into her own hands after she tripped on uneven pavings in Akaroa (see page 3). The plucky 67-year-old has spray painted the offending area and is determined to force the city council into carrying out repairs. Sue suffered facial injuries in the fall – which is a warning to others, particularly the elderly. Bay Harbour News will follow her campaign. The drums are beating loudly for a skate park in Sumner. In our last issue, we published readers’ letters against a skate park in the area. This week locals in favour of a skate park have responded in kind (see pages 4/5). It’s a hot potato. In sport, congratulations to Sumner bowler, the timeless Gary Lawson, (page 16) for his latest accolade. – Barry Clarke

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Wednesday May 31 2017

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Pensioner strikes back

FRUSTRATED: Sue Stewart tripped on an uneven tile and fell and grazed her face. PHOTO: VICTORIA ANDREWS

„„ By Caitlin Miles AFTER AKAROA pensioner Sue Stewart tripped over uneven tiles and fell grazing her face on the footpath, she took it upon herself to spray paint the hazardous concrete and loose tiles. Ms Stewart, 67, fell when she was walking along the Akaroa waterfront and decided to point out the uneven surfaces to other people. She spray-painted the footpath in broad daylight and hoped the police would see her and try and stop her from carrying out “graffiti”. However, no police were present. She marked the area to help prevent other people from falling and injuring themselves. “Locals have been complaining about the state of the tiles around the waterfront for ages,” Ms Stewart said. The city council recently carried out public consultation on safety improvements at footpath intersections. The focus of the consultation was on installing tactile pavings – textured, yellow surfaces that aid pedestrians who are visually impaired. It also included kerb improvements and some road



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painting to make it clear where the footpath ended and the road began. Ms Stewart said it was frustrating that improving the uneven concrete didn’t make it into the consultation. “It’s really bloody annoying. This is my village, I was born here. It breaks my heart to see my town falling into the sea,” she said. City council staff went to look at the uneven surfaces and investigate what could be done about the problem. Ms Stewart said while she hadn’t broken anything but when she fell it had knocked her confidence. HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the state of the pavement and tiles around Akaroa town centre? Send your views to caitlin.miles@

In Brief LAND SWAP FEEDBACK The city council has started consultation on the proposed land swap, which involves moving Redcliffs School to Redcliffs Park. The plan is to exchange ownership of Redcliffs Park for the school site. The swap has been proposed by the Ministry of Education, which wants to exchange the school site it owns in Main Rd for the city council-owned Redcliffs Park on Beachville Rd. Under the proposal, there would be a new park on the current school site and the school would be built on the current Redcliffs Park. Submissions to city council close on June 26. •Ruth Dyson’s column, page 13 CENTRE RECEIVES GRANT The Heathcote Valley Community Association has received $​ 5786 for the Heathcote Valley Community Centre. The Linwood-CentralHeathcote Community Board has approved the funding from its discretionary response fund to go towards the set up costs of the centre. The old centre and library had to be demolished due to earthquake damage. The association has been setting up the building and making it into a community space.


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Wednesday May 31 2017


Your Local Views Readers respond to a recent article about the temporary skate ramp returning to Sumner by July Simon Dickson, Sumner – In regards to the article on a new temporary site for a skate park in Sumner. I would like to acknowledge what a positive move for our community this is. I realise there has been a lot of debate around this matter and that it is an ongoing work in progress, and this step is a step in the right direction. The site seems very appropriate as it is close to our community centre, safe for our kids is regards to traffic, and does not seem to be a disruptive site for residents or businesses. I have two young boys who have both benefited from the social engagement with older kids and the ability to take on a challenging sport. The skate park, when open, is a highlight of Sumner for our family and we believe there should be a permanent fixture for our family and generations to come. Richard Harcourt, Sumner – It was very disappointing to have the temporary ramp closed down, not that long after Levis generous offer was withdrawn as a result of some resident pushback.

CLOSED: Readers want a new skate park in Sumner.

While I understand the concerns, they can be dealt with, and there is a bigger picture, which as parents and grandparents we all need to take some responsibility and action on, to help all ages and interests. The pros, by far, exceed the cons. In my own case I have a nearly 18-year-old son who loves to skate and surf. He has a great bunch of mates, locals and guys from school in town, and they go everywhere else to skate, but they can’t in Sumner because we have no facility.

Seems weird that they have to travel to all these other suburbs but can’t do it in their own suburb. All his mates I know well and love seeing them in our community having fun and mixing with the younger kids who really look up to these guys. A lot of them are involved with both Sumner and Taylors Mistake surf life saving and they contribute to the community very bravely, they play rugby for Sumner and cricket too and represent our suburb proudly. Keeping them involved in

the community and socialising in our community fosters this spirit.​ Let’s encourage our kids to come home absolutely knackered, tired and hungry, and happy after a skate or surf rather than fry their brains online with social media, they get enough of that as it is without being pushed that way. With their physical needs taken care of they settle into homework better as well. Our village needs a healthy active outdoor skate area, our businesses need it, our kids and youth need it, our community needs it. Lucy Hone, Sumner – As someone who understands the dynamics of community resilience (I’m an academic researcher focusing on the field of resilience), I’m really hoping we can find a site for a skate ramp and village green in Sumner.


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The benefits to the community of the old green/skate area were hugely visible to me – I’d often see children of different age groups mixing there, getting to know each other, sharing their tips and tricks, and really appreciated that we had a place to come together as a community. Both are now sorely missed by young and old in Sumner. While it will be good to have the new library up and running, outdoor spaces to keep youth active are equally important for maintaining social interactions, giving people places to meet and be active, and through these actions binding us together as a community. Sarah Agnew – The Sumner skate ramp should be positioned in the heart of the community. Research has shown that when something like this is visible and in a central location people naturally want to look after it and reduces bad behaviour. It would also have good connectivity to local shops, community centre, adds a vibrant feel to the village and supports children of all ages with something healthy and positive to do outside. Therefore I think it should go on the vacant land where the Marine Tavern used to be or close too.

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Wednesday May 31 2017

Damian Doyle, of Sumner – It will be great to see the skate ramp reopen, it is badly missed by many people, of all ages. If it’s placed close to the village centre it can once again create a needed meeting space in the community. Free amenities like a skate area and green space bring life and diversity to Sumner, attract customers for local business, support activeness and well-being in our youth and bring people from many backgrounds together. Can’t wait to see it back. Cameron Haylock – Reading the article in the Bay Harbour News the other day got me very excited that the community and surrounding communities are finally interested in the thoughts of those that care about the younger people in the Sumner community.

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I am the youth pastor at the local Sumner Anglican Church and have a lot to do with the young people that skate and surf in this community. The life they bring this place is amazing and with that skate ramp being shut down the town centre is dead. They need the ramp and village green to be in a place you can visually see from the middle of the village. This creates a safe and visible place for families to be there, young people and older people. It also holds the young people accountable for their actions because everyone can see them. It gives them responsibility and ownership over a space that is finally theirs in a community that seems to have priorities and motives that don’t include the next generation growing up. People need to understand that our role as the older generation (I’m only 25 so still young), is to be “planting trees that we know we will never sit in the shade of.” Understanding this isn’t for the older people but it’s to acknowledge the young people, give them hope, give them ownership and empower them with the hope that they will then go on to do that with the next generation and then the next generation, setting up opportunities for the young people to be a part of growing their community instead of pushing them to the side.




McCormacks Bay resident Alanya Limmer writes over the debate to site Redcliffs School at Redcliffs Park A year and a half ago we were told the Main Rd site was not suitable for a school and, as a result, there would be no local school. The community – in its widest sense – invested immense time, resource and energy in trying to get the school re-opened on its Main Rd site. The dedication to this end cannot be questioned.  The Government spent 12 months considering whether the school should return to the Main Rd site.  The process during that 12 months was fulsome, allconsuming and with experts of all disciplines advising parties on both sides of the debate.  But even in the face of that extraordinary effort and community cohesion the Government said “no” to the Main Rd site.  However, the community was thrown a lifeline.  An alternative site that would still give it the local school it fought so very hard for – albeit in a different location.  Although not everything the community wanted, the November 2016 announcement was a far cry from the devastating blow delivered one year earlier.  I read an article only last week

DEBATE: Redcliffs Primary School after the earthquakes, Should it reopen or move to Redcliffs Park? PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

reporting that residents are calling on the Minister to revisit the decision to rebuild Redcliffs School somewhere else. Haven’t we (exhaustively) “been there and done that?’’ The question being asked now is whether the land swap should occur and if so, on what conditions. We have moved on.  We have had to.  Is re-litigating the past going to achieve anything constructive and positive?  Or will people miss the opportunity for meaningful engagement on how the land swap could be made to work in the best possible way for them? Is it realistic to suggest the

Government might change its mind now in response to a faction (and fraction) of the community, when a concerted and whole-of-community campaign failed? Or do we just risk undoing the good that has been done – retaining a local school at all?  Do we risk making the land swap process so hard the city council says: “No, Minister” and the Minister in-turn says: “Sorry Redcliffs, no school?”  After six years of uncertainty and inertia we are moving forward … or are we going back to the proverbial square one? •Ruth Dyson’s column page 13

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Wednesday May 31 2017


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Wednesday May 31 2017

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Cassels bottled beer launched

WOOLSTON RESIDENTS are the first in the country to try a newly-bottled brew. Shoppers at Woolston New World on Ferry Rd are able to buy Cassels and Sons Brewery’s milk stout and extra pale ale in the bottle. Last Friday’s tasting marked a day of celebration for the company as it was the first time it had bottled beer and sold it at a supermarket. Woolston Business Association chairman and Woolston New World owner Greg Boock said he was approached by the brewery’s director Zak Cassels to see if they would like to be the first supermarket in the country to launch and sell the bottled

beer. “I think it’s pretty awesome that two local companies can collaborate and launch a product locally like this,” he said. Mr Cassels said the milk stout was a favourite and won a trophy at the New Zealand 2011 Brewers Guild Award. He said the extra pale ale was a relatively new beer having only been brewed for about a year. Mr Cassels said the company plans to offer the beers nationwide from September. He also said they are planning to add two more bottled beers to the range later in the year.

CHEERS: The Tannery’s Zak Cassels (left) with co-brewer Joe Shanks and Woolston New World owner Greg Boock sample Cassels and Sons Brewery’s new milk stout and extra pale ale. PHOTO: GILBERT WEALLEANS

Error on feedback form delays speed limit changes „„ By Caitlin Miles THE PLAN to lower speed limits in Little River was delayed due to an error on the consultation form. The Banks Peninsula Community Board did not present its recommendations to the city council because one of the questions was not included in the online consultation document.

The question was whether or not the community would support a 10-minute parking re-

striction outside the Little River Service Centre. The community board opted to delay its decision until online submitters were given a chance to answer the question. However, the city council received no responses. The community board has not changed its recommendations to the city council. It still recommends the speed reductions and

a 10-minute parking restriction outside the service centre. It is planning to reduce speed from 70km/h to 60km/h on Council Hill, Morrisons, Barclays and Wairewa Pa Rds, where they intersect with State Highway 75, as well as through the township. The city council will make the final decision on the speed changes.



$30,000 will cover cost of changing sheds „„ By Caitlin Miles THE CONSTRUCTION of changing sheds in Sumner will go ahead – in spite of losing more than half its funding. The Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board has requested to remove $70,000 from the changing sheds budget to go towards a dropin centre for the homeless. The would leave $30,000 for the changing sheds. The idea for the changing sheds was a result of residents frustrated that beach-goers were congesting the toilets at Marriner St to get changed before and after going to the beach. Community Board member Darrell Latham said while nothing had been confirmed as public input could not be carried out until the project budget was confirmed, the design and build would be simple and it would possibly built adjacent to the toilets. Dr Latham said $30,000 would be adequate for the project, as they were originally only looking to spend between $15,000-$30,000. City council community governance manager Shupayi Mpunga said splitting the money between the two projects would be considered by the city council in the draft Annual Plan.​

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Wednesday May 31 2017


Over-60 singers still rocking „„ By Caitlin Miles A GROUP of elderly rockers are warming up their vocal chords to sing songs from Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie and a mix of other artists. The Sumner Rockers of Ages consists of people mainly over the age of 60. The group has been operating since the February 22, 2011, earthquake. The group was set up to stop the elderly from feeling socially excluded and to also encourage people to show their musical side. They also sing in a variety of languages. Member Julia Cunningham said singing in a different language was “good for old people’s brains.” Ms Cunningham has been involved in the group for three years, she said it’s a really interesting little group of people. The Muse Community Music Trust runs Rockers of Ages. The trust is a not-for-profit communityfocused group that encourages anyone to get involved in music. It has four to six concerts throughout the year and it is always interested in finding new members. The members have been practicing every Wednesday for their performance on June 10 at the Sumner Bridge Club at 7.30pm.

Hotel become business hub „„ By Caitlin Miles THE BRITISH Hotel is turning into a micro-business hub, with two more businesses setting up shop in the last two weeks. The 70-year-old hotel in Lyttelton was damaged in the February 22, 2011, earthquake, and is undergoing repair works. As more of the building becomes safe, businesses have started popping up throughout the building. Clothing shop Finder Gatherer recently set up inside the old hotel and owner Jenny Braithwaite said she was happy to be able to set up her business again after her last one was badly affected by the February 22, 2011, earthquake. Ms Braithwaite owned the Tin Palace, also based in Lyttelton, which she set up three months before it was destroyed in the earthquake. She decided against trying to start again straight away but a trip to New York, United States, reinstalled her love for fashion and she decided to set up Finder Gatherer. Ms Braithwaite said it was a case of perfect timing and finding her passion again which led to her decision to set up in the

HOME: Jenny Braithwaite has found a place for her business Finder Gatherer inside the British Hotel. It operates every Saturday, 10am-noon.

WORK: Following the February 22, 2011, earthquake, repairs needed to be done to make the British Hotel building safe. Now it is becoming a hub for businesses.

British Hotel. She works from the space which once housed the pool table, which was sold to help fund the ongoing repairs to the hotel. “It felt like the right space and I love Lyttelton and I want to see business come back here,” Ms Braithwaite said.

Ms Braithwaite said she thought turning the hotel into a business hub was a good idea and it really showed what Lyttelton was about. The hotel has a mix of businesses taking up residency in the space. Food truck Sherpa Kai, which

is popular at the Lyttelton Market, has also recently found a spot at the hotel, it operates from the courtyard six days a week. These businesses join the Hell Fire Club, a bar that has set up in the hotel’s basement, and the Green Dinner Table, a plantbased subscription food box. This has brought the total number of businesses operating out of the hotel up to four and as the repairs are continued more businesses hope to find their place in the hotel.

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ARTY: Lucinda, Seraphine and Chloe painted a dolls house.

Pupils learn their way LYTTELTON PRIMARY School is encouraging pupils to use their interests and passions to make their own projects. The junior pupils spend Friday afternoons working on their individual projects. This includes visualising, explaining and thinking about what materials they will need and how they plan to share their project with the community. There are a wide range of projects the pupils work on from building models and birdhouses to decorating doll houses and making stop motion films. Parents and families are encouraged to attend and help out and learn along with the pupils.   After the pupils finish their projects, they spend time focusing on what they have learned which prepares them for senior classes.

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Wednesday May 31 2017


CREATIVE: Tyler and Harlin focused on their project.

Wednesday May 31 2017

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Technical challenge for Lyttelton pupils

PRODUCTIVE: Baie Vance showed off some of the ingredients going into the chutney. Olie Vosper and Josh Wear had fun making pine cone creatures as part of the harvest festival celebrations.

Festival brings out creativity DIAMOND HARBOUR School celebrated the end of autumn with a harvest festival. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, the school was determined to host the event after last year’s festival was cancelled due to bad weather. Events and activities were held in and outside in case the weather turned bad. The pupils planted native trees on the school grounds which were donated by Trees for Canterbury. The pupils also took part in various craft activities, including decorating plant pots for chive seeds that they could take home. They also made art using sticks, stones and leaves, with a

mix of pupils creating different pieces which are currently on display outside one of the classrooms. Pupils from Kereru made pinecone creatures. In preparation for winter, another class made bird feeders. Pupils also harvested vegetables from the school garden for their Thai noodle and vegetable lunch recipe. While some of the pupils were making lunch, others were busy creating upside down feijoa muffins and feijoa chutney. The pupils’ spicy feijoa chutney is now on sale for $4 a jar at the school. They also made scarecrows for the vegetable garden.

SEASONAL: The pupils’ artwork is on display in one of the classrooms and the scarecrows are watching over the vegetable garden

A GROUP of year 7 and 8 pupils from Lyttelton Primary School put their brains to the test at an inter-school technology and science challenge. The team of four, named The Ferrets, went to Belfast Primary School to compete in a range of challenges that involved using innovative ways to fix the problems. The Ferrets, comprising Georgia, Kayden, Lachlan and Arni chose the bridge challenge. They had to build a bridge of certain specifications which could allow a car to travel across the top and trigger traffic lights. Each time a challenge was completed they were awarded points. It was very stressful for four mothers, one grandmother, one sister and one teacher watching the pupils as they were not allowed to make suggestions. If they did the team would lose points. The pupils worked as a team and communicated their ideas well during the challenge.

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Year 1 Introduction to Organics

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chris Moores

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MINI GOLF Buy 1 round of Mini Golf at either Ferrymead Golf (Monster & Zombies Indoor or Volcano Park outdoor) or Caddyshack indoor and get another round FREE

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Volcano Park

Ph 384 1566, 21 King Edward Terrace, Woolston

Ph 376 5350, 50 Ferrymead Park Drive, Ferrymead



Bay Harbour News

Latest Christchurch news at www.

Wednesday May 31 2017


Keep it

Free fashion consulting at Time and Time Again Sumner Boutique Have you ever wondered if a piece of clothing compliments another piece of clothing your eyeing off a store rack? Have you purchased clothing only to have it sit in the back of your closet wondering why you bought it in the first place? Have you ever thought about recycling your clothes for extra cash? Time and Time Again Sumner can help. Located in the Sumner Village Mall, Time and Time Again Sumner has been in business for more than 25 years with the 2-year anniversary of current owner Ali, that was just celebrated. Ali was a frequent customer and loved the atmosphere and motif of the store so much so that when she found out the previous owner was retiring, she decided to bring her decades of fashion experience to the shop and add her flair and expertise. “Time and Time Again Sumner is a pillar of the community where people come from far and near to browse, shop and talk about fashion. I love the vibe and have met so many wonderful people. Each day is different and fun.” Ali says. Stop by today at 2/41 Nayland in

Sumner and browse through their extensive clothing and accessory collection. When you walk into the quaint, homey shop you are excited to browse the racks and see what gems you can find amongst the extensive inventory. Shoes, belts, jewellery, coats, scarves, and so much more will provide you with interest and anticipation to see what you can find. Ali is excited about their current inventory of high fashion pieces at truly

Four good reasons to use us to frame your artwork:

Ferry Good Service

1. Know how - UK qualified conservation framer 2. Experience - We have been established now for eighteen years 3. Guarantee - All work guaranteed 4. Price - Very competitive prices

Ferry Nice People You are ferry welcome to call on us at our new home. Phone: 03 384 5015 Kite lane, 1027 Ferry Rd Behind Casual & Country

SPACE AVAILABLE Also, call Ali or Leigh to book your fashion style consult at 03 326 7246. Don’t forget to go through your wardrobe and bring all your recyclable clothing to Ali for consideration. What’s old to you, is new to someone else and might as well make you some money along the way. By recycling your clothing this helps the environment which has bursting landfills of clothes. Stop by Time and Time Again Sumner. It will become your favourite clothing destination.


Lyttelton Framing

Ferry Good Cleaning

affordable prices. She is very pleased that the shop has just become the outlet store for the fashion brand Sabatini. They are a name brand NZ fashion house. Make sure to browse their special rack for designer labels where you will be surprised at the affordable prices you might have previously thought were out of reach. A unique service the shop now offers is FREE fashion consulting appointments because of new team member Leigh. With Leigh’s years of fashion styling experience, she can put together an outfit for any occasion. “Leigh is a master stylist and we joke that customers have been ‘leighed’ when they walk out with her fashion suggestions.” Leigh can assemble and customise an entire outfit with flair and style that is specifically tailored to each person’s individual style, preference and appearance. Check out their new website at



Mathematics • Sciences Reading • NCEA Subjects Y11-13 Spelling • Preparation for school English entrance test

FREE AssEssmEnt

Contact Malcolm Ph 328-7350 32 London St, Lyttelton Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Unit 1/27 Waterman Place, Ferrymead (just off Ferry Rd) | Phone 384 1188


BOUTIQUE The best in recycled designer clothes, shoes & accessories. Thou Shall Not Pay Retail. Accepting winter stock now. OPEN 7 DAYS

Shop 2, Sumner Village Mall Christchurch | 03 326 7246


If you’re reading this ad chances are thousands of other local Bay Harbour readers be will also Are you interested in advertising on our ‘Keep it Local’ page and for less than $100 per month and also includes an advertorial

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to $250

47c Garlands Road, Woolston Contact Rob Davison 021 225 8584 or Javier Balcazar 021 225 8221

Phone 389 3431

Open Monday - Friday 6am-5pm & Saturday 7am-3pm 8 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Phone: 03 328 9004

Advertising enquiries Javier Balcazar | Ph: 021 225 8221 |

Wednesday May 31 2017

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Your Local Views



Redcliffs School land swap moves forward


Labour MP Ruth Dyson writes about the strong sense of community tied in with Redcliffs School’s move to Redcliffs Park The signs say it all – “Our School Our Heart Our Community”. The overwhelming response from Redcliffs when the Minister of Education proposed to close the school reflected the fundamental social need for the community to have its school. The Ministry of Education ruled out the original site and alternatives were explored. The board and community faced the prospect of an ongoing lengthy legal battle to have the school back on its original site (think of the Cathedral), or move forward in a positive way to bring the school home.  This week that process moves another step for-

CLOSED: Consultation has started over Redcliffs School’s relocation to Redcliffs Park.

Mainland Cheese 1kg

ward. The city council has just started consultation on the proposed land swap. The proposal is to exchange ownership of Redcliffs Park for the school site. There would be a new park on the current school site and the school built on the current Redcliffs Park. Submissions to city council close on June 26. Frustratingly, a lot of information that is important for people to know is not part of this process. Things like geotechnical, rockfall, contamination; coastal hazards, traffic management, and location plan are part of a parallel process being run by the Ministry of Education. The

(excludes Tasty)

ministry has given a clear commitment to make all this information available to people to help everyone get the full picture but it is still a separate process. The plan is to have the new school open for term 3, 2019. That will be eight years since Redcliffs had its school based locally. So some students will never have been to primary school in their own area. So have your say to the city council on this land swap proposal. If you have any questions about this, please ask and I will be happy to help. •Redcliffs School campaign wins award, page 15


Wilcox Vivaldi Gold Potatoes 1.5kg Prepack

Product of New Zealand


$ 99 pk



$ 99 kg

Fresh NZ Chicken Drums

Tip Top Bakery Supersoft Bread

Whittaker’s Chocolate 250g




$ 79

$ 49 ea





Continental Cup A Soup 40-80g



$ 79


$ 49

Persil Washing Powder 1kg


Stoneleigh (excludes Latitude, Wild Valley & Rapaura Series)

Your fence, your style! QUALITY • STYLE • PRIVACY

Speight’s Gold Medal Ale or Summit Lager



12 Pack 330ml Bottles

99 pk



99 ea

CALL US TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063 Specials available South Island only from Monday 29th May until Sunday 4th June 2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.



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Have you been declined treatment by the DHB ? The Canterbury Charity Hospital may be able to treat you at no cost. Our current services are: • Colonoscopy (acute and screening) • Gynaecology and women’s health • Cataracts • Upper and lower limb orthopaedics • Vascular (severe varicose veins) • General surgery (abdominal, rectal) • Oral surgery and dentistry (* conditions apply) • Counselling (by self referral)

To be treated by the Charity Hospital you must: • Have been turned down in writing for treatment by the CDHB • Not have medical insurance • Not be able to afford the treatment privately (means tested) • Have a referral from your doctor * All dentistry and oral surgery patients need a dentist’s referral. Dentistry is available for WINZ clients only, whilst oral surgery may be available if you fit the above criteria.

Why are the Charity Hospital’s services at no cost to the patient? More than 280 unpaid volunteer surgeons, nurses, dentists and support staff generously donate their time for free. The Charity Hospital does not receive any Government funding. Volunteers are always welcome. If you are a surgeon, nurse or technician, volunteer forms are on our website at or email To donate to the charity please visit our website at

Your next step... get a referral from your doctor or dentist - please don’t contact the hospital directly. For more information:

Wednesday May 31 2017

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SUCCESS: Redcliffs Primary School Board of Trustees member Chelsea Halliwell accepted the award. PHOTO: PRINZ

Public relations award for Redcliffs School campaign A CAMPAIGN to keep Redcliffs Primary School in the area has been recognised with a top award. The campaign to reverse the Ministry of Education’s decision to close the school postearthquake took out the supreme award in the 2017 Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Awards, held in Christchurch last week. Board of trustees member Chelsea Halliwell accepted the award on behalf of the school. The campaign also won the not-for-profit/pro-bono award category. Board chairman Mark Robberds led the communications during the school’s campaign. “This award recognises the immense volume of voluntary work that members and helpers of the board have undertaken over the last few years,” “Closing a school under a


cliff at risk of rockfall may have seemed a clear-cut decision. But the concern was not about safety, and so our challenge was to use our flawless case to refute the ministry’s complex geo-technical concerns,” Mr Robberds said. He said the campaign showed how the community came together and the power of campaigning. “The campaign truly demonstrated the way ethical public relations can be used to engage communities and decision-makers. It also reflected the board’s strategy of using a platform of fact and communicating it solidly and positively, giving voice to an informed, logical and determined community,” he said. While the campaign’s effective lobbying was successful in retaining a school in Redcliffs, the final ministerial decision was to move the school to Redcliffs Park.

TEAM: Rosie Still, Melissa Landrebe, Tanya Cross and Brittany Frost all won awards for their work at YOU Travel, Ferrymead.

Sales team at YOU Travel Ferrymead flying high TANYA CROSS from YOU Travel, Ferrymead, was named top retail consultant at the annual First Travel Group conference. It isn’t the first time Ms Cross has won the award. YOU Travel

Ferrymead director Melissa Landrebe said it was a great result for the company and the whole team. The awards were held at the Sky City Auckland Convention Centre at the weekend.

Ms Cross also received a sales award along with Ms Landrebe, Melanie Peacock and Rosie Still. The whole team won the top shop award for their collective work. The awards gala was part of the conference.

Saturday 8 – Saturday 22 July 2017



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CHAMPION: As well as taking out the Canterbury men’s singles title in January, Gary Lawson was a major winner at the Bowls Canterbury annual awards.

Lawson’s form on the green wins him awards „„ By Gordon Findlater SUMNER’S Gary Lawson was one of the major winners at the Bowls Canterbury annual awards evening on Saturday night. Held at the Hornby Working Men’s Club, Lawson picked up the sportsman of the year award and was part of the Canterbury senior men’s inter-centre team which won the team of the year award. There have been many highlights for Lawson over the past 12 months, including winning the men’s

pairs at the Bowls New Zealand national championships in New Plymouth in January. The victory was Lawson’s 11th national title, making him the most successful Kiwi bowler of all time. “To win my 11th New Zealand title was something I’ve been trying to do for a while,” he said. Lawson then went on to win the national inter-centre title with the Canterbury men’s team, which he described as the icing on the cake. “The spirit the boys had

was the winner there. The seven other guys that I played with made it a thrill to be part of the Canterbury team,” said Lawson. Canterbury men’s team coach Darryl Hawker praised Lawson. “He was a great team member and mentor to not only the senior men’s teams this year, but also to the development men’s and women’s teams,” said Hawker. Lawson was part of the Sumner team which won the national sevens title. •More sport, page 19





HORNBY 409 Main South Road | OVER 50 STORES

Wednesday May 31 2017

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3 Hardwicke Street

Deadline Sale

A superb example of Arts and Crafts architecture, with the character and honesty of this beautiful home intact. Sympathetically renovated from beginning to end, a fine example of craftsmanship from a bygone era with the conveniences of modern living. A grand staircase leads upstairs to the bedrooms, the main includes built-in wardrobe and cute ensuite. A gorgeous sunroom opens from two of the bedrooms, a relaxing space to enjoy the energy and atmosphere of living by the sea. The large kitchen and spacious dining has adjoining living, perfect for busy family life and entertaining. The elegant panelled lounge is gorgeous complete with gas fire. French doors open to outdoor living to enjoy the evening sun. A surprise addition is a self-contained studio tucked away in the back garden, perfect for those who work at home or extended family to enjoy. All beautifully presented and like brand new, an excellent location, close to the Esplanade and within walking distance of everything that is this part of this seaside community.

4pm, Fri 16 June 2017 (unless sold prior) View Thurs/Sun 12.15-1pm

Marilyn Still M 027 229 8769 B 03 595 2844 WHALAN AND PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.



78 Clifton Terrace


Sweeping from Scarborough to Sumner across Cave Rock, the Sumner Bar through to Kaikoura. This magnificent entertainer´s home has the feel good factor, the wonderful warmth of wooden construction, stained glass windows and cedar cladding will appeal to your natural senses. Designed in 1992 by Great Barrier Island Architect Leanne Harwood to be at one with nature, this lovely hill property is surrounded by native bush and trees and enjoy’s sensational lower slope sea views of Sumner. A wonderful family home, which has matured into a private haven. Designed to maximise full sun, with expansive decks offering protection and privacy for brilliant outdoor living. Fully refurbished throughout including kitchen, bathrooms, carpet and paint, open plan living, warm and cosy with a log fire. Location perfect, drive on access with double garaging, an easy walk to village and beach via Aranoni or the Zig Zag track. You will never tire of this home it has been built with love and attention to detail to enjoy for many years to come.

11am, Sat 10 June 2017 (unless sold prior) On Site View Thurs/Sun 11-11.45am

Marilyn Still M 027 229 8769 B 03 595 2844 WHALAN AND PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

All companies within this composite are Members of Bayleys Realty Group




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29th May to 4th June 2017 Fresh NZ Beef Rump Steak



99 kg

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Fresh Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets




Doritos Corn Chips 150-170g

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Nature’s Fresh Bread 700g

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Steinlager Classic 15 x 330ml Bottles


Alpine Butter 500g

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Whole NZ Crown Pumpkin

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Royal Gala NZ Apples 2kg

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Shingle Peak 750ml

Sunsilk Shampoo/ Conditioner 200ml


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Safe travels this long weekend

All stores open this Queen’s Birthday Weekend*

*SuperValue Edgecumbe closed until further notice.

Owned & operated

by locals

SuperValue Lyttelton: 17 London Street, Lyttelton. Phone 328 7368. Open 7am�–�9pm, 7 days. SuperValue Sumner: 3 Village Mall, Sumner. Phone 326 5688. Open 7am�–�9pm, 7 days. While stocks last at SuperValue Lyttelton and Sumner only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied.

Please drink responsibly

For inspiration visit |

Wednesday May 31 2017

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Tickets on sale NOW! SPORTS

KEY MAN: South Africanborn No 8 Dylan Nel put in another man of the match performance for Sumner.

Sumner’s fate in hands of others „„ By Gordon Findlater SUMNER’S 35-13 bonus point win over Linwood on Saturday made it three on the trot, keeping their slim top six hopes alive in the Hawkins Cup. The seasiders looked like a team desperate to make the top six. They started the match at full pace and looked to have the game won by half-time, running in four first-half tries to lead 28-3 at the break. Sumner’s dynamic No 8 Dylan Nel was his normal dominant self running in two tries, while Tu’uta Simalie and Poasa Waqinabau also scored in the first half. “It was a classic case of knowing the outcome we needed to get. We talked all week about needing to get five points and we got the tries we needed before half-time,” said Sumner coach Martin Dodgson. The second-half had a different look with Linwood scoring within six minutes of the restart while Sumner looked content with their first-half efforts. “We were guilty of

Home & Leisure SHOW


TRY TIME: Half-back Hayden O’Donnell scored Sumner’s only try of the second half during their 35-13 win over Linwood. PHOTOS: ROZELLE MAY ​

buttoning off about 10 per cent. If we carried on playing the way we did in the first half then we could have put 60 points on them,” said Dodgson. The Hawkins Cup has just two more rounds before the 12 teams are split into a top and bottom six. Currently in seventh, Sumner’s fate isn’t in their own hands. They are eight points behind Burnside and nine behind University. They will need to win their final two games convincingly and hope that

Burnside or University slip up. On Saturday, Sumner host Belfast. The team is coached by Damian Steele who has a connection with Dodgson. He has previously played under Dodgson during the Sumner coach’s time as a head coach at the Brothers club in Brisbane, Australia. “He’s a sharp operator and it’s no surprise to me that Belfast are an improved team this season,” said Dodgson.


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COASTAL REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTS We’ll help you live the dream. Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. specialises in homes, sections and rental properties in the spectacular Lyttelton Harbour bays, and coastal suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. We’ll make it so easy for you. All our sales consultants live in the area – we can give you valuable insights into life in our thriving coastal communities. This is an exciting time; of promise, optimism, and opportunities never anticipated pre-quakes. Beachfront, or hillside with grandstand views, find the property of your dreams: Lyttelton | Diamond Harbour | Governors Bay | Cass Bay Charteris Bay | Church Bay | Purau Bay | Port Levy | Northshore Southshore | New Brighton | Heathcote | Sumner | Redcliffs Scarborough | Mount Pleasant | Clifton

Call Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. for free, no-obligation advice. Lyttelton: 03 329 4161, or Church Bay: 03 328 7273,



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cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch

Sales, Service & Parts:

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SCOOP PURCHASE 2016 Pajero Sport VRX 4WD 2.4L Diesel

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Wednesday May 31 2017

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Email by 5pm each Wednesday

Use it or Lose it Wednesday, 9-9.50am This class is for the over-50s and is a gentle exercise class suitable for those wanting to improve their strength, balance and mobility. Have fun in a friendly atmosphere, meet new people and get active and fit at the same time. First class is half price. Redcliffs Bowling Club, James St, Redcliffs. $5 Running Club Thursday, 6-7pm Get active and have fun running with like-minded people at this event. There will be various professional coaches to help improve your running style and encourage you. It will also give you a chance to learn to run on different terrains. Mt Vernon Valley track car park. Free entry Create ’n’ Connect Art and Craft Group Thursday, 9.30am-noon If you’re crafty or want to start getting crafty go along to this group. Take your own project or go with ideas for a new one. This event aims to help with your projects and meet new people. For more information, phone Beth

on 022 678 1252. St Andrews Anglican Church, 148 Main Rd, Redcliffs. Free entry Bardo of the Nectar Lovers Today until June 4, various times The latest exhibition from 50 Works Gallery features new pieces by Maryrose Crook. She used oil on canvas to create her surrealist pieces. Take a wander around the gallery and check out all of the pieces on display from a range of different artists. The gallery is open Thursday and Friday, 2pm-4pm, and Saturdays, 11am-4pm. It is open other times by appointment. 50 London St Babytimes Friday, 10.30-11am This event allows for parents and caregivers to interact with each other while letting the babies learn. At these sessions, babies learn through language, rhymes, songs, stories and play. They learn together and build connections with each other. Lyttelton Library, 18 Canterbury St. Free entry Rhythm and Bubs Friday, 9.30-11.45am

HELP: The restoration of the Port Hills following the February fire is extensive and the city council is calling on volunteers to help. The next planting day will be on Saturday, June 10, at 12.15pm, and involves planting around different areas affected by the fire, including Mt Ada, Marleys Hill and Kennedys Bush. Meet at The Princess Margaret Hospital to get a bus which will take you to the sites. Some can be hard to access so you will need suitable shoes and a reasonable level of fitness. The bus ride will be free and it costs nothing to register. However, you must register before the day to reserve a seat. Take gardening gloves and a sharp spade if you have them, although some will be provided. ​ If you’re looking to engage your baby or pre-schooler in music, go along to this event every Friday morning for a series of 30min sessions. This event runs during the school term and allows children, parents and caregivers to meet one another and interact with others around the Sumner, Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant area. Mainly Music is a fun and educational music and movement session followed by morning tea and a social and play time. The first session is free, then $4 per session after that. For more information,

phone Hazel on 384 1965 or 021 077 1264. St Andrews Church, 148 Main Rd, Redcliffs Storytimes Tuesday, 11-11.30am Storytimes has interactive programmes which include stories, songs, rhymes and play. Have children meet each other and build friendships at this event while they learn to read. Pick-up some library books to take home. Lyttelton Library, 18 Canterbury St. Free entry

Markets: The weekly markets have many different attractions and delicious treats on offer. Find some healthy food options and sip on a coffee. Lyttelton Farmers’ Market: Every Saturday, 10am-1pm, London St Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market: Every Saturday, 9.30am12.30pm, 3 McCormacks Bay Rd Wakefield Ave Akaroa Farmers’ Market: Saturday, 9.30am-1pm, Madeira Car Park.

book release

3 Garlands Road, Woolston Christchurch's Premium Cinema Experience

03 389 5360

Phone Bookings | Free Parking | Cafe/Licensed Bar Online Bookings | Cinema Club | Hot Nuts/ Cheeses

MClareN Pioneer, Leader, Father, Champion Wed: 12:15pm thU: 10:00am, 2:10pm frI: 10:30am, 2:00pm, 6:20pm Sat: 10:30am, 2:00pm, 5:50pm SUn: 10:45am, 2:15pm, 6:30pm mOn: 10:15am, 12:20pm, 4:25pm tUe: 10:30am, 2:00pm, 6:10pm peCkING OrDer ChCh Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club Wed: 10:15am, 2:15pm, 8:15pm thUr: 2:10pm, 6:20pm frI: 10:00am, 2:35pm, 6:10pm Sat: 10:00am, 4:00pm, 6:35pm SUn: 2:35pm, 4:15pm, 6:10pm mOn: 12:10pm, 4:10pm, 6:25pm tUe: 10:00am, 2:45pm, 6:40pm the hIppOpOtaMuS Stephen Fry Wed: 12:05pm, 6:10pm thUr: 10:15am frI: 4:25pm Sat: 12:30pm SUn: 12:45pm mOn: 8:15pm tUe: 8:30pm vICerOy’S hOuSe The End Of An Empire. The Birth Of Two Nations. Wed: 10:00am, 1:50pm, 4:05pm thUr: 12:00pm, 4:15pm, 6:15pm frI: 11:50am, 4:00pm, 8:00pm Sat: 11:50am, 2:20pm, 7:50pm SUn: 12:10pm, 4:25pm, 8:00pm, mOn: 10:15am, 2:20pm, 6:00pm tUe: 11:50am, 4:00pm, 8:10pm theIr FINeSt Bill Nighy (FINAL WEEK) thUr: 4:00pm frI: 8:20pm Sat: 8:25pm SUn: 8:30pm mOn: 8:05pm tUe: 12:30pm the SeNSe OF aN eNDING Charlotte Rampling Wed: 4:00pm, 8:00pm thUr: 12:05pm frI: 12:30pm Sat: 4:25pm SUn: 10:00am mOn: 2:00pm tUe: 4:35pm SpeCIal eveNtS/retrO COMING SOON JuNe 15th Churchill JuNe 22nd The Time Of Their Lives JuNe 29th Monsieur Chocolat July pOlINa


The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy

DelaNey DavIDSON June 9th 8:30pm GreMlINS June 14th 12:30pm GreaSe Sing along June 18th 2:15pm

mclaren G the hIPPOPOtamUS R16 Offensive Language, Sex Scenes & Sexual References vIcerOy’S hOUSe M Content May Disturb PeckIng Order PG Coarse Language the SenSe Of an endIng M Sex Scenes & Offensive Language theIr fIneSt M Sex Scenes & Offensive Language neW: ServIng free mOrnIng tea enjOy a free tea, cOffee & a freShly Baked BIScUIt WIth every mOrnIng ShOW 100%

A Dark So Deadly by Stuart MacBride




Gripping standalone thriller from the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of the Logan McRae series. OK Welcome to the Misfit Mob… I S BO H T It’s where Police Scotland dumps the officers it can’t get rid of, but wants to: the outcasts, the troublemakers, the compromised. Officers like DC Callum MacGregor, lumbered with all the boring go-nowhere cases. So when an ancient mummy turns up at the Oldcastle tip, it’s his job to find out which museum it’s been stolen from. But then Callum uncovers links between his ancient corpse and three missing young men, and life starts to get a lot more interesting. O Division’s Major Investigation Teams already have more cases than they can cope with, so, against everyone’s better judgement, the Misfit Mob are just going to have to manage this one on their own. No one expects them to succeed, but right now they’re the only thing standing between the killer’s victims and a slow, lingering death. The question is, can they prove everyone wrong before he strikes again?

The Fallen

CAFE open from 11am TAB & Gaming Function Facilities HOUSIE Tues, Thurs, Sat SATURDAY’S JACKPOT Be in to WIN up to $80 SHUTTLE Tues - Sat


by Eric Van Lustbader




ROBBIE DREW entertains

Dinner Theatre Show

7.30PM SATURDAY in Whitfords Bar

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4PM-7PM SUNDAY in Sports Bar Gold coin entry

Brand new from the bestselling author of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series. The End of Days has arrived and the legions of Hell are upon us... In a hidden cave in the mountains of Lebanon, a man makes a fateful discovery. He has been chosen to bring what has been forbidden for thousands of years out of the darkness and into the light: the Testament of Lucifer. In Istanbul, Braverman ‘Bravo’ Shaw, member of a secret Franciscan splinter sect, has been warned by his ageless confessor, Fra Leoni, of a battle most ancient: the war between Good and Evil, waged to a standstill since time immemorial. Now an unfathomable danger has arisen: Lucifer’s advance guard, the Fallen. All of humankind is at risk of being enslaved by the forces of evil. Bravo, Fra Leoni, and Bravo’s blind sister, Emma, are the first and last line of defense against the unleashed chaos. All roads lead to the Book of Deathly Things: the testament of Lucifer. But if Bravo and Emma become privy to its dreadful secrets, they may well forfeit far more than just their lives.

WIN THIS BOOK We have one copy of A Dark so Deadly by Stuart McBride to give away, courtesy of Take Note Ferrymead. To be in the draw, email with A Dark so Deadly in the subject line or write to Take Note Book Giveaway A Dark so Deadly, Star Media, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140. To be eligible for the draw, all entries must include your name, address and contact number. Entries close Tuesday 13th June, 2017. Winner of The Lucky One is Frances Martyn of Ferrymead.



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Wednesday May 31 2017


REAL ESTATE Top notch contemporary harbour home 52 Koromiko Crescent, Diamond Harbour Negotiation over $699,000 4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 4 car-garage | Listing # FM5156

This quality home will impress for all it offers from internal space to the wide harbour views. There are 4 double bedrooms, main with en-suite and door to patio, an excellent study area, open plan kitchen, dining and living plus a separate living area, again opening to decks to enjoy whatever the weather. Internal access to a 4 car garage and well established garden setting complete the picture. Add to that the friendly, go ahead, local community of contemporary housing plus an excellent local school within a kilometre, a local medical centre a couple of kilometres away and the big city within a scenic 30 minute commute. A quality home offering a quality lifestyle. For a private viewing, please contact Min of Min Sarginson Real Estate (Licensed Agent REAA 2008), phone 027 432 0327 or 329 4161

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Landscape and Garden

Services If you need help getting your garden back in order after repairs, need any type of landscape construction work or garden restoration. Ph 021 272 0303

Gardening & Supplies GARDENER - Need your home or commercial garden tidied up or renovated or require long term assistance. Phone Ruth 326-6663 or 021 272-0303

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Reporter, Sub Editor

• Quiet rural setting • Modern purpose built facility • AsureQuality approved • Caring qualified staff • Inspections welcome

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Star Media is seeking journalists.

QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:

Holiday Accommodation

SUMNER Holiday Accom 027 600 6076 SUMNER Holiday Accom 027 600 6076

We are looking for a reporter who will have the ability to file great stories for our print publications, including The Star and Community titles, and our website The successful applicant will need to be competitive, have a thorough knowledge of Christchurch and Canterbury, have great deadline sense and have a passion for community news and the people that make it. Video skills would be an advantage. Star Media is also seeking casual sub editors. The successful applicants will need to have had experience with InDesign and able to copy sub, lay out pages and write headlines.

Send your CV to Editor in Chief Barry Clarke

69 Avoca Valley Road, Heathcote. Ph. (03) 3844028 Email.

Trades & Services Plumbing & Drainage PLUMBING Plumbing&&DRAINAGE Drainage

Local business for all MTPD plumbing and drainage Morgan Thomas Plumbing & Drainage Ltd work. Call Morgan - 0223758506 Local business for all Local business for all plumbing and plumbing and drainage drainage work. work.

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Free Quotes

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No job big0223758506 or too small! Call too Morgan


Email Call-Morgan 0223758506

Wednesday May 31 2017

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Protect your home with a new Colorsteel roof. Call for a friendly, FREE assessment and quote.

Bathroom repairs Renovations Leaks Tap Repairs Gas and Drainage

• Roofing • Spouting and Downpipe • Safety rails • Licensed Building Practitioner


Phone our local team 03 379 1100 Public Notice

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Lyttelton Port Company Limited

Address for service:

C/- Jared Pettersson, Lyttelton Port Company Limited, Private bag 501, Lyttelton 8841; or email:

Environment Canterbury has received an application from Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) for resource consents in respect of its proposed Te Awaparahi Bay Reclamation Project (Project). The Project involves the proposed construction of a reclamation and a piled wharf totalling approximately 24 hectares in size. The Project is to be undertaken in Te Awaparahi Bay, Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupō. LPC proposes to undertake the Project in two stages: • Stage 1 will involve the construction of approximately 5 hectares of reclamation via end tipping; and • Stage 2 will involve the construction of approximately 16 hectares of reclamation, by: – creating a perimeter bund around the remaining area to be reclaimed; and – the bulk filling of the area behind the bund. A piled wharf will be constructed in stages along the southern edge of the proposed reclamation footprint.

Ph: 347 9045 or 021 165 1682

Carol and Chris


Phone 376 5322 or email


Rope & harness a speciality, no scaffolding required, 30 years of breathtaking experience. FREE QUOTES Exterior staining, exterior painting, moss and mould treatment and waterblasting

Phone Kevin 027 561 4629 Trades & Services CARPET & VINYL LAYING Repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching, E mail jflattery@xtra., ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416 CONCRETE Decopave Ltd, Canterbury owned & operated for over 10 years, competitive rates, full excavation, coloured, exposed, stamped, call Paul 027 322 6119 ELECTRICIAN JMP Electrical. Experienced & registered.. Expert in all home electrical repairs & maintence.Call James 027 4401715

Trades & Services PAINTER/PLASTERER Experienced tradesman, quality work, free quotes, ph Simon 027 389-1351 or 03 328-7280 PAINTER Available, RAPID RESPONSE, quality work guaranteed, interior/exterior, roofs, spraypainting, waterblasting, ph Graeme for a free quote, 027 318 2614 PLASTERING INTERIOR, no job too big or too small, specialise in repair work & new houses, free quotes given, over 20 yrs plasterering experience, ph 027 2214066 or 384-2574 ROOFING Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug. STONEMASON, BRICK & BLOCKLAYER Earthquake Repairs, Grind Out & Repoint, River/ Oamaru stone, Schist, Volcanic Rock, Paving, all Alterations new & old, Quality Workmanship, visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145




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TREES BIG OR SMALL tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 VHS VIDEO TAPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WINDOW CLEANING “Your Windows are the eyes of your Home”, for a free no obligation quote, call Greg Brown, Crystal Clear Window Cleaning ph 384-2661 or 027 6160331 Local Resident

YOGA for Seniors on Mondays 11am at Yoga & Qigong School of Sumner, 42 Nayland St. Promotion $25 for 5 times , call Maja 027 4210 424

Public Notices

Do you know where your nearest CIVIL DEFENCE sector post is? Ring your local council to find out.


Clean Dry Firewood Marcrocarpa, Bluegum, Oregon & Old Man Pine

Free delivery for 6cm truckload or 3cm by arrangement

COAL & FIREWOOD suppLIEs yARD stAtE HIgHWAy 75, KAItunA Lynda or Ron Aldersely Phone 329 6233 Mon- Sat 8am - 12 noon

Public Notices

SALE AND SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL ACT 2012 SECTION 127, 101 & 120 ORANGE STUDIO LIMITED, (THE LICENSEE, PO Box 19907, Woolston, Christchurch 8241), has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Christchurch for the renewal and variation of ON-LICENCE RENEWAL in respect of the premises situated at 1/1063 Ferry Road known as ORANGE STUDIOS. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is: ON-LICENCE OTHER NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: CURRENT HOURS: MONDAY TO SUNDAY 5.00PM TO 11.00PM HOURS SOUGHT: MONDAY TO SUNDAY 10.00AM TO 2.00AM THE FOLLOWING DAY. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Christchurch District Licensing Committee, Civic Offices, 77 Hereford Street, Christchurch. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee, PO Box 73049, Christchurch 8154. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the second publication of this notice. This notice was first published on 18 May 2017.

Part of Cashin Quay breakwater will also be removed, during either Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the reclamation construction. The applicant has applied for the following resource consents in relation to the proposed Project: 1. CRC175507 – Coastal permit to reclaim seabed and construct a wharf, and associated disturbance of the seabed, and deposition onto or into the seabed in the Coastal Marine Area. 2. CRC176030 – Coastal permit to discharge contaminants (seabed material and water) into water in the Coastal Marine Area associated with construction of the reclamation and wharf described in CRC175507. 3. CRC175508 – Coastal permit to discharge any water or any contaminants into water or into or onto land, and associated deposition in the Coastal Marine Area. 4. CRC175509 – Coastal permit to discharge stormwater (water and contaminants) into water, or onto or into land, and associated deposition in the Coastal Marine Area. 5. CRC175510 – Discharge permit and a coastal permit to discharge dust into air from the site. A diagram outlining the location of the Project, the site boundary and details of its approximate staging is included as Figure 1.


The Site wo Stage Tation Reclam

Cashin Quay

ne Stage Oation Reclam Wharf

60m of Cashin Quay Breakwater to be removed

Figure 1: Location of the Te Awaparahi Bay Reclamation Project

The application includes an assessment of effects. An unlimited duration of consent is sought for consent CRC175507. A consent duration of 35 years is sought for all other consents. SUBMISSIONS The application may be viewed at Environment Canterbury’s offices at 200 Tuam Street, Christchurch and at the Christchurch City Council’s Lyttelton Service Centre, 18 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton. The application may also be viewed on Environment Canterbury’s website at: resource-consents/notifications-and-submissions/current-consent-projects/. An online submission form is available on Environment Canterbury’s website: do-it-online/resource-consents/notifications-and-submissions/notified-consents. A submission form (form CON520) can be found at: Submissions must be sent to Environment Canterbury, PO Box 345 Christchurch 8140, or Your submission must include your name, address and phone number; the applicant’s name and the consent application number(s). Your submission must state the reason for your submission, whether you support or oppose the consent application, and if you wish to be heard in support of your submission. Your submission must be signed, and a copy sent to the Applicant. Any submission made online will automatically forward to the Applicant. Questions If you have any questions about the consent applications and filling in a submission form, please meet with Environment Canterbury staff at the Lyttelton Community Boardroom, 25 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton between 3pm – 5pm on Monday 19 June 2017. Alternatively please phone Environment Canterbury on 03 353 9007 or 0800 ECINFO (0800 324 636), or email: Submissions must be received by Environment Canterbury not later than 5pm on Monday 26 June 2017 Bill Bayfield Chief Executive Environment Canterbury



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Queen’s Birthday

Wednesday May 31 2017

















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Bay Harbour News 31-05-17  

Bay Harbour News 31-05-17