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New Brighton man adored the suburb

PASSIONATE: Wally Wakefield lived in New Brighton all his life and loved it. Right – Wally (front) and his brother Don when they used to perform together at concerts.

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„„ By Sarla Donovan WALTER ‘WALLY’ Wakefield was New Brighton through and through. The 83-year-old, who passed away on April 15, “absolutely adored” the suburb he lived in his entire life. Peggy Butterfield, of the New Brighton Museum, said what had happened to New Brighton over the years had “broken his heart.’’ Wally was a regular correspondent in the pages of the Pegasus Post, penning letters on topics from fishing on the pier to the election of the mayor. He told his wife, “things will happen, but not in our time Barb.” His son Paul told the Pegasus Post last week that his father used to “rub people up the wrong way now and then, but it was all for the greater good.” Wally was the third child of Huriwai ‘Lovey’ and Muriel ‘Bubs’ Wakefield, born on August 26, 1933. His parents were living in Pine Ave at the time. He made his first appearance as a singer on the “children’s session” of local radio station 3ZB with a rendition of South of the Border. •Turn to page 3


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Tuesday April 25 2017 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

When I was first starting out in journalism, I cut my teeth on this very paper. And one name I became very familiar with was Wally Wakefield. As many of you may recall, Mr Wakefield has been a long-time contributor of letters to the editor. I always looked forward to his name popping up in my inbox. He loved New Brighton and I was saddened to hear that he had died. In the article on the front page this edition this quote, which Mr Wakefield said to his wife, stood out to me “things will happen, but not in our time Barb.” Those in the eastern suburbs are very passionate about their community. There are many others like Mr Wakefield, who work so hard to ensure communities thrive. On page 5, we talk to another such person from the Aranui Community Trust. Hei kona, Shelley Robinson


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We need your comments on the future of the estuary! The Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust is a not for profit organisation formed by the community to coordinate management of the estuary. The Trust has developed a draft Ecological Management Plan for the estuary. But are we on the right track? Come and have your say. Trust Board members will present the draft plan and ask for your comments

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Tuesday April 25 2017




Trees to get the chop Wally farewelled „„ By Sarla Donovan TREES IN Burwood are breaking up berms and cracking footpaths. Two london plane trees will be given the chop as they are growing in berms which are too narrow to accommodate their size. The trees were planted in Lexington Pl as part of the new Westhaven subdivision in 1998 but due to their constrained location, “they Glenn are likely to create Livingstone on-going damage to infrastructure in the long term” according to city council consultant arborist Liz Warner. The Coastal-Burwood Community Board agreed to remove the trees after residents expressed concern about the damage being caused. The demise of the two london plane trees won’t be the end of the matter. The city council is to conduct a wider survey in Westhaven to identify other trees in need of removal. Burwood Ward city councillor Glenn Livingstone said the problem stems from a past legacy of “disconnect” between the city

DANGER: Birkdale Dr’s footpath is showing signs of damage from tree roots.

hadn’t suffered damage in the earthquakes being “ripped apart” by outsized trees, said Cr Livingstone. He was concerned to hear that a resident in Birkdale Dr, Shirley, had fallen out of their wheelchair when they hit a tree root on the footpath. “When we are meant to be building an accessible city, we need to hold that up against footpath design. Not just in the city, but the suburbs as well.”

council’s planning and consent departments. “There is a mismatch between the size of the trees and the footpaths.” London plane trees grow 2030m with a trunk up to 3m in circumference. It was sad to see areas that

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CONCERNED: Wally Wakefield had the welfare of New Brighton at heart.

usherette. But it was his mother who cemented things. Wally’s daughter Nina tells how “he and his mum went to a friend’s party and she (Barbara) was dancing with another man. Grandma saw mum dancing and said to Wally, ‘that’s the kind of woman I think you should marry.’ And he did.” Nina said he was a “fabulous father and an amazing husband. He was the best provider you could ever imagine.”

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•From page 1 After picking up sister June’s ukulele, he began accompanying himself singing and soon, June and big brother Don joined him and the Wakefield Trio was born. The group performed at numerous concerts over the next few years, mainly at the Civic Theatre (now Isaac Theatre Royal) and during World War 2 sang at community get-togethers held to sell bonds for the war effort. With June’s departure, Don and Wally continued as The Wakefield Brothers and were later joined by the baby of the family, Gary, who at 12-years-old had a “voice of pure gold.” After winning a nationwide talent contest, the brothers were picked up by showbiz entrepreneur Trevor King and a tour of the South Island followed, starting in Bluff and finishing in Nelson. After his brother Gary died of a heart attack at 34, Don and Wally continued touring and singing well into the 1950s. Wally married his wife Barbara at the Catholic Church in Lonsdale St in 1957. He was 24 and Barbara 21. Wally first saw his future wife at the Crystal Palace Theatre, where she was working as an

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Tuesday April 25 2017

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Your Local Views

New school offers exciting opportunities We are not. We will still offer single sex education and remain separate. However, in building the schools next to each other, both benefit.

Shirley Boys’ High School head boy Connor Edwards says the school’s new combined campus offers plenty of advantages for students SHIRLEY BOYS’ High School is being presented with the same exciting opportunity as much of Christchurch – the chance to completely redesign and rebuild our facilities. THis will allow Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ to review a schooling system that has remained relatively unchanged for decades. By implementing modern strategies and techniques, the two schools will be able to work in conjunction to provide an education better suited to what today’s world demands of young people. By fusing these techniques with the values and culture the students of Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ possess, we will be able to pass students through a system tailor-made to mould them into well-rounded members of modern society.

Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions. The idea of “modern learning” has come to carry a stigma of perceived chaos, however, this is simply not the case. Incorporating flexible learning environments allows teachers to modify their teaching style and environment to benefit the student and encourage learning in the truest sense of the word. Hopefully, these strategies and environments help students shift away from counting NCEA credits and instead learn for the sake of being able to apply knowledge. Another minor concern people may have is that they believe we are combining with Avonside to offer a co-ed school.

Obviously there’s bigger and better facilities, but students will also be advantaged by a similar timetable. Oversized classes can be spread more evenly across the two schools and more timetable flexibility is available as some courses will be run between the two schools. Finally, in the simplest terms, Shirley Boys’ High School will remain Shirley Boys’ High School. Our values, our culture, our pride and our people all make up the heart of the Shirley family. This is what makes us Shirley Boys’ and it remains unchanged regardless of where our site is or how flash our buildings are. The heart moves with the people and come 2019, will pump life around the new site at QE II.

LEADERS: Head boy Connor Edwards flanked by associate heads Glen Beardsley (left) and Keeley Legge. ​


Storm and flooding could have been a lot worse „„ By Mark Thomas – Fire Risk Management Officer THE MOTHER of all storms was predicted to hit the country during Easter. What actually occurred was a bit of a fizzer. Here in Christchurch there were a few people who would argue that what they experienced was hardly a fizzer but thankfully these incidents were relatively rare. Mainly on Good Friday our troops responded to six flooding events, one power line down and a couple of instances

where rain water and electrical systems were found to be incompatible. What the bad weather and the crisp mornings since did result in was the first use of the year of heating devices. This in turn caused a couple of callouts, a log fire smoking the house out in Quinns Rd, an oil fired home heating system refusing to close down and a bathroom heater on fire in Sumner. Those with fireplaces should have had the flu or chimney swept by now. If not please do it, might save red faces or worse in the near

future. Those who are using heat pumps perhaps for the first time need to know 21 deg C is accepted as the highest comfortable setting. Anything above that you’ll probably get an expensive shock when the power bill arrives. Hornby Hub got evacuated a couple of times this week, the first from a reported car fire in the rooftop car park that turned out to be steam and then an oven overheating in the supermarket on Easter Monday. A real nuisance to management, retailers and the public.

STORMY: The Heathcote River at full capacity and overflowing.

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Tuesday April 25 2017


Our People


Hannah Laughton

Nurse wants to inspire others Hannah Laughton, a registered nurse working for the Aranui Community Trust Incorporated Society, received an open for leadership award from Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne earlier this month. She talks to Sarla Donovan about studying nursing with her mother and growing up in east Christchurch What did your mum say when you told her about your award? I didn’t really know much about it, I had to look it up and then when I told her she was stoked. She was like ‘well done love, so proud.’ Both my parents are very proud. I bet they are. Do nurses run in your family? Yes, my mum is a nurse and we actually trained together and graduated together. It was pretty cool. At one point I was still living at home, so we lived together, we studied together, and for a while we both had jobs at the same supermarket. We are lucky that we get along; we’re not the kind of mother and daughter that have huge issues.   Did you always want to be a nurse? As I grew up I knew I wanted to help people. I thought I might be a teacher and I did a term of early childhood studies but it didn’t feel like my calling. I had a few bumps along the way,   failed a paper early on.  I was 19 and a bit silly with my decisions. Someone suggested perhaps I’d be better off just as an enrolled nurse, which is the diploma level.  I’m thinking I don’t want to do that but they said that’s the only way you’re going to move forward. So I found my mojo again, finished my enrolled nurse training, graduated in April 2010 and got a nursing job working at Kate Sheppard.

MOTIVATED: Nurse Hannah Laughton likes to learn and pass on knowledge. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

They put me in charge of the rest home section. By June 2010 I got accepted into the registered nurse programme and graduated from that in 2013 and you won’t believe how good that felt. I’m not afraid to say I failed because I don’t really like people telling me what to do. I’m not a big risktaker but when I feel strongly about something I learn from everything that I don’t do quite right. So I had a bit of fire in my belly and thought to myself ‘I’m going to show all those people who didn’t think I’d be worthy of being a registered nurse.’ Tell me about your family There are five of us – mum, dad, my two younger brothers and me. I grew up in Aranui the first 10 years of my life. I loved it, felt very safe, walked to school every day and home again. My parents were never concerned about where I was, they just loved this area. But when my brothers came along it was time

to upgrade the house and so we moved closer to the beach. That’s when I started surf lifesaving at Waimairi, which I’ve done for 19 years. When I was 14 I became a surf lifeguard. From there, I’ve gained a new qualification pretty much every year. I’m now the Canterbury chief examiner for the surf lifeguard award. All voluntary but that’s my side passion. I love the physical aspect as well as being able to pass on knowledge like CPR and first aid. Exposure to the public and dealing with emergency situations has all helped in my career. Building relationships is a big part of your job now isn’t it. Definitely. In any community you really need that strong basis of trusting a therapeutic relationship. You can’t just rock up, you have to give people the space to trust you with their health. You want to give them the power to lead their own health. What drives you?

I’ve got this deep-seated thing to be a leader and to make a difference someway, somehow to somebody. It doesn’t have to be life-changing but someone might see one of my videos or see a write up and go ‘I’m going to make a change today’, or ‘I’m going to take control of my life today.’ I just want to inspire. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you? Always being honest and genuine in everything you do. Courage is also a big thing with me because as a leader you sometimes have to have those conversations that aren’t comfortable but are necessary. It takes courage to have courage. What should people do to stay healthy? Look after their health when they’re healthy. The usual stuff – exercise, healthy eating, getting to the doctor when we need to, getting our tests, keeping ourselves warm, eating good food,

keeping up with your medication if you’re on them. People have the power to keep themselves healthy. Take control and focus on being healthy rather than treating a disease or an issue. Where do you see your career heading? I would like to move into being a nurse practitioner within the next five years or so; it’s such a great initiative. You have the compassion of a nurse with the bonus of prescribing rights in your designated area. I’m constantly hungry for new knowledge and ultimately that goal of being a nurse practitioner will be a win-win because you’re still developing yourself professionally and yet you have that knowledge that’s so advanced that you can teach people perhaps in a position like mine. There’s no such thing as just a nurse; the culture is changing around nurse practitioners and GPs are becoming more open to the idea.




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Tuesday April 25 2017

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I’m Jo Hayes, National’s list MP based in Christchurch East. I love being a part of this wonderful, tight-knit Christchurch East community. There’s so much going on that I just want to share a few highlights with you of what our community and Government are working on achieving together. Nga mihi mahana.

We will remember There is nothing more poignant on ANZAC Day than the sound of the bugle playing The Last Post. To New Zealand Defence Forces past and present, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. In recent years, it’s been a privilege for me to attend New Brighton RSA’s ANZAC service. This year, however, I’ll be at London’s ANZAC service while I attend an international conference on modern-day slavery: a timely reminder that we must remain vigilant against the threats posed to freedom in our world. Our Government is behind our defence forces: it’s committed to investing up to $20 billion into upgrading our capabilities over the next 15 years, to make sure that we’re equipped for modern-day conflict.

The Ode E kore ratou e koroheketia Penei i a tatou kua mahue nei E kore hoki ratou e ngoikore Ahakoa pehea i nga ahuatanga o te wa. I te hekenga atu o te ra Tae noa ki te aranga mai i te ata Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou. Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. We will remember them.

Tackling family violence The Government is working hard to redesign the way our system understands, prevents, and responds to family violence in our communities. That’s why it’s good to see a Christchurch family violence prevention programme get a $680,000 funding boost.

Thank-You Fest Kudos to the Cantabrians who organised Thank You Fest at the end of March, in order to show our appreciation to all the migrant workers who have tirelessly toiled to rebuild Christchurch. Yes, the next time we see a road cone or a detour it will be too soon, but spare a thought for those who have left homes and families – many of whom haven’t been home for several years – to help us put this broken city back together. The Hon. Nicky Wagner and I attended the festivities, along with Filipino Ambassador Jesus S. Domingo, and it was a fantastic afternoon!

Lots going on in Christchurch East Earlier this month I attended the Regenerate Christchurch meeting at Haeata Community Campus, then the mayor’s/ councillors’ scone bake-off in Wainoni. Definitely some baking talent there! It was a pleasure to attend the New Brighton Art Gallery art awards and see all the inspirational work of local artists, and also to head out with the local Community Watch on a Friday night. All round, it’s wonderful to see community spirit going strong in Christchurch East.

Salt Water Pools a winning idea I’m delighted that CCC has confirmed funding for phase one of the Salt Water Pools in New Brighton in its Draft Annual Plan. It’s a positive for everyone and will definitely be a draw card for visitors to the area. We certainly need a project like this - and many more - to lift the spirits of New Brighton residents.

Please come along and see me. I’ll be parked in my van on Friday 28 April at: 1) Preston`s subdivision By Marshlands School on Te Korari Street Time: 8.30 - 9.30am 2) Parklands Outside sports field, opposite shopping centre Time: 10-11am 3) Shirley Burwood Park by Shirley Rugby Grounds, New Brighton Road Time: 11.30am -12.30pm 4) New Brighton Next to Ray White offices Time: 12.45 - 1.45pm 5) Wainoni Marae on Pages Road (out the front) Time: 2-3pm 6) Richmond Stanmore Road, outside of the park and opposite New World Time: 3.30-4.30pm Please phone our office on 03 384 9459 to book. See you there!

Contact me anytime P M E W

03 384 9459 +64 021 620 316

Green Ribbon Awards

The Integrated Safety Response (ISR) pilot is already making a big difference. It’s helped more than 24,000 people since it was launched in July 2016, through 8000 targeted family safety plans. In some cases it has prevented serious harm or death.

The 27th annual Green Ribbon Awards recognise outstanding work to protect and enhance the environment, and are a great way to showcase an impressive array of initiatives making a difference to our natural assets and wildlife. Finalists will be invited to a banquet night at Parliament.

ISR supports the Government’s broader family violence work programme.

If you – or someone you know – have done something great for the environment, get your entries in before 10 May, details at Let’s get Christchurch East into the mix!

Let’s all continue to work together for safer homes and communities.

Let’s talk

Jo Hayes National List MP based in Christchurch East

Bill English Right Honourable Prime Minister of New Zealand

Authorised by Jo Hayes, National MP, Unit 6/975 Ferry Road, Ferrymead


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Tuesday April 25 2017



Fallen remembered Chisnallwood Intermediate head boy Thomas Hopgood writes about recent Anzac commemorations at the school

RESPECT: Chris Campbell of Canterbury Brass playing the Last Post and Reveille at the Shirley Boys’ High School Anzac commemoration service. ​

Shirley Boys’ honour sacrifice ON THE last day of term 1, year 9 and 13 Shirley Boys’ High School students filed into the school assembly hall for the 2017 Anzac commemoration service. Headmaster John Laurenson, whose relatives had fought in two world wars, emphasised that this was not an occasion to glorify war but to remind young people that what happened in the 20thcentury must not happen in the future. “Young people have the opportunity to prevent this,” he said. Guest speaker and Shirley old boy Lieutenant Michael Witty, 16 Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery, spoke of the continuing need to remember the sacrifices made in two world wars not just by service personnel but also by the merchant navy seamen who kept the supply lines open, the medical staff who attended the wounded and the civilian families who bore the brunt of the conflicts back home.

He also reminded the school that New Zealand soldiers have been deployed in Korea, Vietnam, East Timor and Iraq as well as providing rescue services such as were required after Cyclone Winston in Fiji in 2016 and also following the Kaikoura earthquakes that year. “Anzac Day is a commemoration for all who were involved in various conflicts.” Led by Jonathan Findlay, and accompanied by Alex McNeil and Tamatoa Tuhou, the school pipers played Amazing Grace as Mr Bell and year 9 student Jed Rimmer laid a wreath at the flagstaff. Head boy Connor Edwards read part of Laurence Binyon’s For the Fallen. Chris Campbell from Canterbury Brass played the Last Post and Reveille and the service concluded with the singing of the New Zealand National Anthem, led by the school choir.

ON APRIL 12, we had an assembly to remember those who fought in the Gallipoli Campaign, and to recognise the bravery of our soldiers. Our head boy made a speech about Anzac Day and why we remember those who risked their lives. Then the guest speaker, Reverend Major Kippax, spoke to us about peacekeeping and his time with the United Nations. Our deputy head boy and girl read the poem Why Wear a Poppy by Don Crawford. The flags were then lowered to halfmast while the Last Post was played and Binyon’s Lines read. The following day, the prefects and heads travelled to the Burwood War Memorial. There they were joined by Waitakiri Primary School, Burwood Playcentre and Lake Terrace Preschool, to remember the fallen Burwood men. The trumpeters were Lena Krakowiak (Wednesday) and Daniel Powley (Thursday). We wish Lena well as she plays for the Anzac day service at Diana Isaac Retirement Village on April 25 at 10am.

REMEMBRANCE: Daniel Powley played the trumpet at an Anzac commemoration service held at the Burwood War Memorial on the last day of term 1. ​

RESPECT: Pupils from Waitakiri Primary School, Burwood Playcentre and Lake Terrace Preschool paid their respects to the fallen at the Burwood War Memorial.

RECOGNISING BRAVERY: Pupils from Chisnallwood Intermediate beside the Burwood War Memorial.

Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Principal’s address 10:00am


Tuesday April 25 2017

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Bubble day at the Seaside Market on Easter Saturday was a huge success. Hundreds of children playing with bubbles in the sun put smiles on all faces. New Brighton Project co-ordinator Martha Baxendale said they couldn’t have put the event on without the support of the Christchurch faerie circle with their bubble mix and wands, and music from Itty Bitty Beats. PHOTOS: PETER SEYMOUR

Food for those in need PAPERBACKS: Rotary Club of Bishopdale Burnside president Liz Shackelton and president elect Graeme Tapp sorting through books for the upcoming Bookarama sale.

Feel like a good read? Check out Bookarama VOLUNTEERS HAVE been sifting through a mountain of donated books for next week’s Bookarama. Organiser Lindsay Crossen said there are so many books, it takes at least 30 volunteers to go

through them all. The Rotary Club of Bishopdale Burnside event will be held next week from Thursday to Sunday at Burnside High School with all profits going straight back to the community.

REDUCING FOOD waste and feeding the community is the goal behind City Harvest. City Harvest Food Rescue Canterbury aims to collect leftover and surplus food from retailers and gives them to community groups to then distribute to families and those struggling to make ends meet. The not-for-profit group has been operating in Canterbury for six months but a van is a new accessory, it has chillers inside and makes it easier for volunteers to collect food for those in need. The organisation’s co-founder John Milligan said there was so much food going to waste that people could eat. “City Harvest’s food rescue

programme makes an invaluable and important contribution to the community groups that are working hard to help those less fortunate,” Mr Milligan said. The food is weighed, sorted by volunteers and stored at the organisation’s Manchester St address overnight, community groups pick-up the food in the morning to give to members of the community in need. In the last month City Harvest has distributed more than 2200kg of food – the equivalent of 6330 meals. At the moment the group works with 12 different community groups and agencies but they hope to add more. Currently the Wishbone outlet at Jellie Park, New World in

Stanmore, Ilam, Northwood and South City are providing food for the organisation. Mr Milligan said having the support from these businesses is important for the group to provide for families. “It is all about resourcing as much nourishing food as possible . . . across New Zealand, 270,000 kids go to school every morning without breakfast or go to bed each night without dinner,” Mr Milligan said. City Harvest is working alongside Love Food Hate Waste, a national campaign backed by 60 councils including the city council and the Ministry of Environment to provide education and ideas to reduce food wastage.

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Tuesday April 25 2017

Linwood College


PERSONALISED PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS 2018 Student Leaders: 1st Row: Vai Mariner, Crystal Mehlhopt, Jenna Hollis, Leeah Mullany, Sarah Moana Wooff-Smyth 2nd Row: Eden Pettigrew, Adonai Schwenke, Anaru Gray, Cole Barrie 3rd Row: Havana Aaifou, Thomas McHutchison, Sapana Kharal, William Paulden, Sean Robertson-Wright, Makayla Austin

Enrolling now for 2018 Message from the Principal Kia ora koutou. Talofa. Kia Orana. Malo e lelei. Bula. Fakaalofa atu. Namaste. Kumusta. Haere mai ki te kura. Warm greetings to the Linwood College community. It is good to be able to report to our community of the successes of Term One. What is particularly pleasing is the increased involvement of students in co-curricular activities and the already close monitoring of 2017 NCEA achievement. This means that students achieving well are acknowledged and further encouraged while students with any early achievement ‘wobbles’ are promptly noted, with student-family-school conversations occurring. This is important to us as we value the dual concepts of personal pathways and personal excellence. Connected to these student pathways is another very pleasing development that has occurred over Term One - the Community of Learning (COL). COLs are schools collaborating to ensure the student is at the centre of all activity, but not just in the individual school that they are in at the time, but as students progress through their education. Linwood College is already in

the Tamai COL. These schools are LC, Te Waka Unua, Linwood North, Linwood Ave, Bromley, Tamariki and Bamford. A few weeks ago the Bays cluster of schools – Sumner, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote Valley – made an application to become a COL with Linwood College as their partnership secondary school and this has been accepted by the Minister of Education. A practical example of how COLs are good news is when Heathcote Valley’s Year 7-8s stay after their regular Technology class at LC to have enrichment Science, brain dissection amongst other things! Another enrichment programme that is occurring for both COLs is debating and oratory. Mrs Jac Yoder, our HOLA English; Mrs Rose McInerney, Redcliffs Principal and Ms Janeane Reid, Te Waka Unua Principal have brought together our top debaters and orators in Years 6-8 to work together in an eight-week programme. Personal excellence in action. Nga mihi nui to our community as we close Term One and prepare for the further positive activity of Term Two. If any member of the community wishes to talk to me about anything, my door is open. Richard Edmundson - Tumuaki-Principal

Taster Day 2017 Taster Day offered students the opportunity to see a range of different out-of-class activities that are on offer at Linwood College. Some of these activities include: community garden club, volleyball, futsal/football, league, Pasifika, theatre sports, young enterprise, cricket, kapa haka, debating, car club, Mindfulness, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Cactus, board games, rock bands, netball, basketball, maths club, Robotics, Ki o Rahi and choir.

Polyfest 2017 Linwood College students represented the College superbly during the recent Polyfest 2017 event. This was a day of celebration for all Pasifika students living in Christchurch. The Polynesian festival is a practical opportunity to strengthen students’ knowledge of their cultural heritage while showcasing their dancing and performance skills.

Dramatic Flair Year 10 students have recently finished Commedia Dell’Arte performances. This is an Italian form of theatre which focuses on themes such as Love, Food and Money.

Linwood College Cactus Training More than sixty Linwood College students have passed through the rigorous ‘Cactus’ Program. Cactus is a big commitment both physically and mentally, challenging the students from Years 7 to 13 to test their limits with training starting at 6.30am. Recently the Woolston Fire Brigade supported the program by providing onsite training at the Woolston Fire Training Centre.

2017 PRODUCTION: WOLFSTOCK We are very excited to present our production Wolfstock to our community. With auditions now completed, this will be performed during the third term.

Festival of Nations For two days in March, Linwood College was on show - in all its glory as communities from forty-seven countries came together to take part in its very first Festival of Nations. The idea was to create a multi-ethnic celebration that reflected the contemporary Linwood reality. The event kicked off with a colourful Parade of Nations, with students and communities, proudly marching in their ethnic gear, preceded by their flag and placard bearer. “The range of colourful costumes worn by our students, staff and community, was simply breath-taking,’ said Navjot McCormack, Head of Linwood College’s English Language Learning Department, the festival organisers. The festival concluded with a Cultural Evening, a night of spectacular entertainment. “One parent said that it felt as if they were entering another world. I quite agree”, said Mrs McCormack.

A new school is coming Make it yours

HTm NIpG OPdayE1N p 8 May 6 m-7.30


• Taster Open Afternoon for Year 6 & 8 students: Tuesday 16 May 1pm-3pm • Meet the Principal appointments: Monday 15 - Wednesday 17 May 5.30pm-9pm

Linwood College • Phone: 982-0100 • Email: •


Tuesday April 25 2017

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Richmond Discount

Furniture and Bedding The Best Little Furniture Shop in Town Tallboy 5 drawer


entertainment Unit 1900x600x450

Side Cabinet





Butchers Block

2 Draw Hall Table 1200 x 810 x 420



Hall Table



Coffee Table

1300 x 840 x 430





entertainment Unit


Duchess with Mirror

Black 1100 x 400 x 480

1090x410x820 NZ MaDe



Timber Bookcase



$299 $549 Coffee Tables

Corner TV Unit

Solid Timber




Lowboy 6 Drawer



entertainment Unit

1175 x 430 x 840


Buffet Unit


980x600x460 Solid Timber

1530x520x660 Solid Timber




entertainment Unit

Buffet Unit


2 Draw entertainment Unit 1200 x 600 x450



Buffet with Wine Rack



1200x 400x600


1500x800 x420 only




Jumbo 4-Drawer Chest (NZ Made)

1130 x 410 x 820


600 x 320 x 1200

Metal runners 1140x800x400

$299 $199 Tallboy

4 Drawer 600x400x900


Nest of Tables


White Bookcase/ Storage Shelf


$399 Ther-a-pedic Base & Mattress


available in Black or White


$199 Hall Tables

Queen Frame & Mattress





SolidTimber Free Standing Mirror

Dining Table + 2 Chairs 800x800


Reversible pillowtop innersprung

1200 x 600





White Bookcase/ Storage Shelf





3 Piece Dining Suite 600x600

only 3 DRaWeR 1260x350x775

SinglE $499


king SinglE/dBlE/ 3/4 $599


QUEEn $699 Midi 7 Drawer Scotch Chest 975x760x410 With metal runners. also avail in Cherry & Black




2 DRaWeR 900x350x770


$349 $279

Was $169




Bedside Cabinet



$269 EACH


5 Piece Dining Suite 1100x800

7 Drawer Scotch Chest

1140x800x410 Black, white,


540 x 460 With metal runners. also avail in Cherry & Black.

$120 EACH

Towerboy 6 Drawer


With metal runners. also avail in Cherry & Black.






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Tuesday April 25 2017


GREAT food Y ou r fre s h food pe op le


1 Tbsp Sugar 3 Tbsp Vinegar 330 ml Beer



4 Flat bread wraps, round, multigrain 1 Tbsp Canola oil 1 Onion, diced 500g Chicken 420g Canned tomatoes, with chilli 1 tsp Chilli, diced 1 can Red kidney beans, rinsed and drained 1 cup Corn kernels 1 bunch Coriander, or parsley 4 cups Long grain rice, cooked

Slowly cook (sweat) the white onions, garlic and grated ginger in a little olive oil, stirring constantly until the onions soften and caramelise. Add the mustard, chopped thyme, turmeric powder, the zest and juice of an orange, sugar and vinegar and stir to combine. Add the beer and simmer gently until the liquid has all but evaporated and the mixture becomes jammy. Remove relish to sterilised jars, seal and store in the fridge.

Salsa 3 Kiwifruit, peeled and diced 3 Tbsp Fresh mint, chopped 1 tsp Lemon juice Directions Preheat oven to 180 deg C. Meanwhile, warm wraps in the microwave for about 30 seconds, until pliable. Press into non-stick metal moulds to make baskets. Bake for about 10 minutes, until crisp. Remove and cool on a wire rack. Heat oil in a non-stick frying

pan. Add onion, chicken and diced chilli. Saute until onion is limp. Add tomatoes, beans and corn. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes, until chicken is cooked. Thicken, if preferred, with a little cornflour and water paste. Season with salt and pepper. Place rice in the base of each basket then top with the chicken mixture. Garnish with coriander or parsley. Serve with the combined salsa ingredients.

ONION RELISH Ingredients 5 Onions, finely sliced 4 cloves Garlic, crushed 1 piece Fresh ginger, a large piece, grated 1 splash Olive oil 2 Tbsp Mustard 1 Tbsp Fresh thyme, chopped ¼ tsp Turmeric powder 1 Orange, freshly juiced and zested

DELISH MARINATED ORANGES Ingredients 6 Navel oranges 1 cup Orange juice 3 Tbsp Apricot jam, or marmalade 3 Tbsp Orange liqueur Garnish 1¼ cups Water

Royal Gala Apples 1.99 Californian 2.49 Navel Oranges Green Kiwifruit 4.99 Loose Onions 89 c Van Rosa Potatoes ...









10kg Bag . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99 bag

lamb leg Roast Chicken breast


(skin on)


9.99 KG

9.99 kg

All our fresh meat is 100% NZ FARMED. specials VAlid 24th april - 30th april 2017. ONLY AVAILABLE AT RAEWARD FRESH HAREWOOD RD, TOWER JUNCTION,& MARSHLAND RD

harewood rd Mon – Fri 7.00am – 6.30pm Sat– Sun 8.00am – 6pm Tower junction Mon – Fri 8.00am – 6.30pm Sat– Sun 8.30am – 6pm MARSHLAND RD Mon – Sun 8.00am – 6:00pm




¼ cup Sugar 1 Tbsp Caster sugar Directions Simmer the orange juice and the jam in a saucepan until the mixture is reduced by half. Stir in the liqueur and cool. Thinly peel two oranges and reserve the peel for the garnish. Peel the remaining oranges, removing as much pith as possible. Place the oranges in a bowl and pour the cooled sauce over them. Chill. To prepare the garnish, cut the reserved peel into very thin strips. Bring one cup of the water to the boil, add the peel and simmer for eight minutes. Drain and rinse in cold water. Bring the remaining ¼ cup of water to the boil. Stir in the sugar, until dissolved. Add the peel and simmer for five minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Toss in the caster sugar. Reserve the syrup and add to the oranges when cool. Top each orange with a little peel. Excellent served with créme fraiche.


Tuesday April 25 2017

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EXHIBITORS BOOK NOW Showcase your products or services to more than 20,000 customers

Home & Leisure SHOW



JuNE – 2


JuLy 2017

HorncaStle arena BOOKINGS

VANESSA FLEMING | P 03 379 7100 | M 021 914 565 s t a r h o m e s h o w. k i w i A Star Media Event


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Tuesday April 25 2017



Email by 5pm each Wednesday Pages Rd Market Thursday, 8am-1pm This market offers a wide variety of quality goods. A huge selection of pre-loved clothing most priced at just $1.00. Also plants, toys, skincare products, books, DVD’s, fresh fruit and vegetables and all manner of new and used nic-nacks. 51 Pages Rd

other crafters. Linwood Library, 1st Floor Eastgate Shopping Centre 3D Printing Friday 2pm-3pm Go along and watch the 3D printer in action making some cool “I spy’ items. Free, no bookings needed. Caregiver required. New Brighton Library, Marine Pde

Craft Group Tuesday, 1.30-3.30pm Take your craft work along or learn a new craft at the Seaside Treasures craft group. ​Community Board Room, Cnr Beresford and Union Sts, $2 donation Knit ’n’ Yarn Wednesday, 11am-1pm Head along to to Linwood Library for a friendly craft corner session. Take your knitting, crochet or other portable craft project and enjoy time with

Poetry Evening Friday 7pm Enjoy an evening of poetry with live readings by Bernadette Hall, Kathleen Gallagher, Kerrin P Sharpe, Victoria Broome and Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, followed by open mic. event. Eastside Gallery, 388 Worcester St Seaside Market Saturday, 10am-2pm Head to the seaside this weekend and enjoy live entertain-

ment, great food, fresh produce, artisan bread, arts, crafts, jewellery and more. With a bouncy castle and free face-painting for the littlies. New Brighton Mall Introducing Mahjong Saturday 2pm-3pm Is Mahjong a mystery to you? Would you like to find out more about this ancient game? Enjoy a relaxed workshop with other learners. Parklands Library, 46 Queenspark Drive Golden Oldies Movie Screening Monday, 1.30pm Take a nostalgic journey back to the golden age of Hollywood with Road to Zanzibar, a 1941 comedy musical starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. New Brighton Museum, cnr Hardy St and Seaview Rd

ANZAC REMEMBERED: This exhibition is a multi-media participatory experience on the theme ‘we honour, we remember, we reflect.’ It incorporates photographs, artworks, installations, memorabilia, talks, readings, poetry and prose, printed and audiovisual material. Daily until Friday, 11am-4pm, Eastside Gallery, 388 Worcester St. As part of the exhibition there is a special Anzac Day reflection and discussion today from 1-4pm, followed by light refreshments. ​

now bigger than ever growing with you

SprIng Is here – It’S Sow Time how to get the best results from seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In The capItal

September 2016 | 100%

It’s time to grow! New look and more content than ever!

Unravelling the secrets of Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand landscape awards The people behind the projects

MeeT LeSTer Brice A Garden coach

The magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty

SubScribe from



$7.90 incl. GST

Save our roSeS

How a rose register is protecting our heritage

auckland Botanic GardenS Why we love our public grounds

*6 issues/6 months

ISSN 2423-0219


0800 77 77 10



Tuesday April 25 2017

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Bridalshow e t a d e ave th s

Sun 27th A ug 10am to 3p m

air Force M useum 45 Harvard Ave Wigram, Ch ch Tickets: $2 0.00

A Star Media Event


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Tuesday April 25 2017



Introducing Sukin’s Ultra Hydrating Body Oil Soft, supple, incredibly hydrated skin – in winter? It’s totally achievable with our gorgeous Sukin Ultra Hydrating Body Oil. Lotions just don’t measure up in the chillier weather if skin is overly dry and needing some extra TLC. Delivering intensive daily hydration, our luxurious Ultra Hydrating Body Oil contains Sunflower, Jojoba, Rosehip, Marula Seed, Avocado and Soybean Oils. It glides on easily, is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave an oily residue. This natural oil blend promotes a radiant appearance and can improve the texture of the skin. Added Calendula Flower Extract assists to soothe and revitalise dehydrated skin. This multi-use body oil, formerly called Wellbeing Body Oil, is ideal for those who prefer oils to creams or who

need extra hydration and softens skin from top to toe. It’s great for massage or as a bath oil, post-shaving or waxing and as a hand or foot treatment to soothe the skin. It can be added into your favourite Body Lotion or Cream for an extra hydrating boost, but we love adding a few drops to the bath, perfect for some winter pampering. Like all Sukin products, the range is free of sulphates, animal derivatives, parabens, propylene glycol, harsh detergents, mineral oils, triethanolamine, synthetic fragrances and parabens.

style noun

elegance and sophistication. synonyms: flair, grace, poise, polish, suaveness, urbanity, chic, finesse, taste, class, comfort, luxury, affluence, wealth, opulence, lavishness.

Magazine & TV




Tuesday April 25 2017

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REAL ESTATE Welcome to the good life! 53 Brookwater Avenue, Marble Court, Northwood Auction: This Thursday - 27th April 2017, 10am Gold Auction Rooms, 471 Papanui Rd, Chch 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 living rooms | 1 dining room | 1 office/study | 2 car-garage | Listing # PI46747

The good life starts here! If you’ve been dreaming of an immaculate, contemporary home in a beautiful, established location then look no further. With this property sited in a quiet Cul-de-Sac, there are absolutely no compromises. Boasting bespoke architecture, Hebel and Linea cladding exterior, and a unique mono pitch roof, this stunning 227.8m2 executive property is striking from the outset. Inside, there’s a lovely separate entranceway, with water feature vista, three double bedrooms (including a master with ensuite, 2 walkin robes and sliders into garden, plus a guest room with semi ensuite and built-in robe), a family bathroom with a fabulous freestanding bath, separate shower and double vanity, two toilets, an extra single bedroom/office, and a lovely separate lounge area with a cosy gas fire and built-in surround-sound speakers with sliders out onto the entertainment area. The spacious open plan kitchen/living/ dining area enjoys dancing sunbeams all day thanks to the property’s northwest facing aspect, a kitchen skylight and huge windows and sliders. The modern kitchen boasts a detailed fit-out, including a separate wall oven, a separate induction/ ceramic cooktop, dishwasher, range hood, soft-close drawers and breakfast bar. The ‘Pacific Wave’ detailing on the glass splashback and beautiful laminated finish in the cabinetry bring the style, while the walk-in scullery with sink, ‘Electrolux’ hot

water/filter system, abundance of storage and great bench space are a cook’s delight. A separate laundry with sink, drying rail, cupboards and large benchtop bring the function. This incredible property also offers full double glazing with tinted windows at the front, high-quality lighting fixtures, premium Rhino carpets, smart wiring, abundant storage space, and underfloor heating in the kitchen, dining and bathrooms. Outside, the entire length of the house is adorned with a beautiful low maintenance composite deck, which enjoys surroundsound speakers and offers up a private entertainment area nicely protected from the easterly winds, plus a separate BBQ area with lighting, power and a gas bayonet. The beautifully manicured gardens are awardwinning, framed by landscaped flower beds and partial timber fencing and enjoys allday sun, while a double automatic garage encompassing a workshop room and a separate storage room both with internal access, completes the appeal. Situated in a fantastic location, with lovely leafy outlook, Northwood’s shopping centre, Clearwater Golf Club plus the Styx Mill & Groynes Conservation Reserves are within close proximity and help to underpin the strength of your investment. Immaculately presented and marketed with genuine commitment and resolve, it is with a heavy heart that this owner leaves

this spectacular property. But, as the next chapter begins, so too can yours in this fantastic urban oasis. If you’re interested, early viewings are highly recommended, so give us a call and book yours today - you won’t be disappointed. For a private viewing appointment contact Deb Harvey of Harcourts Gold Papanui (Licensed Agent REAA 2008) on 352 6166 or mobile 027 220 6565

Visit anytime, anywhere!

Breaking news, delivered to your pocket. Fire rages, homes at risk

•news •CTV •sport •districts •schools •lifestyle •opinion •what’s on


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Tuesday April 25 2017


10 GAMES // 5 WEEKS // 3 TESTS



148-PAGE RGBY dNDSPECIAL EDITION British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand EVERY GAME, EVERY VENUE Plan your tour in front of the TV and on the road INSIDE: Rugby’s most trusted voices Ron Palenski remembers the classics Lynn McConnell on the challenge ahead

ON SALE FROM MAY 1 at all good bookstores and supermarkets Pre-order now: or 0800 77 77 10

18x4 Lions Guide Filler 2017

Phil Gifford on the game’s greats Justin Marshall calls it how he sees it

Tuesday April 25 2017

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A final childcare vacancy for your under 2 year old with Kay in Sabina Street, is opening up in May 2017….with an excellent 1:2 ratio! Kay is warm, very experienced and is fully police vetted, with first aid training. With WINZ and 20 hours ECE available, this personalised and affordable option with a Ministry licensed service will go fast! Please phone Emma on 0800 78 33 78 or email to discuss today.

Trades & Services

Exotic Performers Wanted


This occupation of exotic dancing and performing requires high levels of creative talent, personal commitment and interest. Must be able to compose dance, and work in an adult entertainment environment on stage.

Apply online at To Let


Free Delivery and Installation Terms and conditions apply

NEED A FRIDGE • WASHER TV • FURNITURE ? Call Mr Rental - 0800 111 313 Visit 123 Blenheim Road, Riccarton Open Monday to Saturday Computers ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 3266740 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch

Funeral Directors



Service without the funeral

0800 000 121

A GARDEN PROFESSIONAL NEEDED? Qualified Horticulturist, offering expert pruning, garden makeovers, garden design and landscaping, for free quotes call Bryce 027 6888196 or 0508 242-733 A GARDEN OR LANDSCAPING TIDY UP? Shrub, hedge & tree pruning, Lawns, Gardening, consistently reliable general property upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10 yrs experience, One off tidy ups or on-going service. Nick’s Property Maintenance. Keeping your garden beautiful. Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

Holiday Accommodation

Ideal as an extra bedroom or office. Three convenient sizes from $70 p/w: Standard 3.6m x 2.4m Large 4.2m x 2.4m Extra-large 4.8m x 2.4m Visit our display cabins at 470 Cranford Street or call 0211277227 for a free brochure


Registered all types of repairs, installs, lighting etc

HEATPUMP Full Service $60 + GST

Ph 326 4992 or 0274 329 755

Half Price Sale from $5 per mtre Call at Our Shop

CURTAIN FABRIC OUTLET 71 Hawdon St Sydenham Ph 366-5026


QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:


★Garden Clean-ups ★Pruning ★Lawn Mowing ★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546 (0800 4 JIMJIM)

Made to order Fabric and net samples available

Direct Cremation Provider

Gardening & Supplies

Free consultations Free quotes Phone Now! Sues Soft Furnishing 03 383-1928

Trades & Services



Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Situations Vacant

Childcare & Domestic Help

Last space in Shirley!




BUSINESS HERE Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100

• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association

DCM ROOFING LTD The Roofing Specialists

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597 BEST BATHROOMS full renovation specialists, LBP, repairs & maintenance ph 03 3870770 or 027 245-5226 BRICKLAYER George Lockyer. Over 30 years bricklaying experience. UK trained. Licensed Building Practitioner number BP105608. Insurance work. EQC repairs. Heritage brickwork a speciality. No job too small. Governors Bay. Home 329-9344, Cell 027 684 4046, email BUILDER LICENSED available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 BUILDER For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067. CARRIER LOCAL experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 ***************** CARPET & VINYL Laying. Repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching. Email jflattery@xtra., ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416 CLEANER AVAILABLE honest & reliable, ph 027 841 9111 or ah 388 1947 CLEANING Home cleaning service. Fussy, thorough and reliable. Ph 325-3426 evenings or 021 046 2258

Trades & Services CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS Pathways, patios, garden sheds, garages and house floors, foundations, Phone for free quote Roy 0274 316 860, N & R Concrete. FENCING & GATES section clearing, digger work, driveways & painting, free quotes, prompt service, ph Mark 027 331-3223 FENCING All types of residential, including gates, demolition & removal, ph 021 231-1860 Fencing Uprite FURNITURE REMOVALS Large Trucks $95 + GST per hour 7 day NZ wide, packing & moving, Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 0800 359 9313 GLAZIER Window repairs, pet doors, new glazing, double glazing, conservatory roofs. Experienced tradesman. Call Bill on 981-1903 or 022 413-3504 PAINTING & Decorating Wingfields Contracting, all interior & exterior painting & all forms of interior plastering & jib fixing, ph Mark 021 171-1586 or 355-5994 PAINTER AVAILABLE All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 PLASTERING Stopping / skimming. 30 yrs exp, all work large & small. Contact Tony 027 222 2993 or Earl 027 345 0561 PLUMBER For prompt service for all plumbing maintenance, repairs and alterations. Phone Michael 364 7080 or 027 438 3943 PLUMBER ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231 QEII COLLISION REPAIRS Free Courtesy Cars (conditions apply). All Insurance work, rust repairs & private work. Spray-painting. Free pickup & delivery. Ph. 03 388 5187

We will re-scope your property to ensure you have been paid in full to cover all your repair costs. None of the properties that we have re-scoped so far has been paid the correct amount to repair their damage.

•Yaldhurst Road Initially $3,800 after our re-scope payment received $46,320 •Wairakei Road Initially $7,575 after our re-scope payment received $38,182 •Prossers Road Initially $19,827 after our re-scope payment received $60,273 •Kaplan Avenue Initially $859 after our re-scope payment received $34,931 •Liverton Crescent Initially $11,000 after our re-scope payment received $29,842 •Dalkeith Street Initially $5,000 after our re-scope payment received $8,945



• We have re-scoped 50 properties who have been under paid for their repairs. • Have your initial repairs failed? • Did you receive your full entitlement? • Do not pay your excess until all repairs are completed. • General under payments are: Asbestos testing and exterior lead paint, peeling wallpaper, cracking in exterior plaster not repaired correctly.

For re-scoping and all earthquake repairs including painting and redecorating. Enquire now Phone 021-667-444

ROOF REPAIRS Locally owned & operated with over 30 years experience. • Extensions & repair • Roof coating • Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol • Malthoid • Asbestos Certified • Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278 or 021 223 4200 E:


ROOFING Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug. SPOUTING CLEANING Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034 TILER/CARPENTER 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440. TILER For all your tiling needs, new, existing & replacement of tiles, free quotes, ph Jared 021 023 58414 TILER 25 yrs exp.All aspects of tiling professionally done. Ph Greg 027 434 9160 TREES BIG OR SMALL, tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 TREE WORK Hedge trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 435-8759

T.V. SERVICE CENTRE Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400 UPHOLSTERER Dining Chairs, Lounge suites, Caravan Squabs etc. recovered. Free Quotes. Phone Graeme 383-1448 VHS VIDEO TAPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WINDOW CLEANING Average 3 bdrm house inside or out $40. Both $70. Phone Trevor 3442170

Wanted To Buy AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156 A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671 TOOLS, Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045


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Tuesday April 25 2017


HoScho lid ol ay s

‘Famous for their roasts!’

We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area.


Sights set on LA RISING Country Music artist, Molly G appears at the Hornby WMC this Friday. The concert is a special fund raising event to help Molly G finance travels to Los Angeles in June, where she will be competing in the World Championships of Performing Arts. Currently living in Cambridge, Molly is originally from Ashburton. She only started singing a few years ago and despite being in her early teens, already has a number of awards to her credit including NZ Junior Entertainer of the Year. She is a multiinstrumentalist (5 string banjo, guitar, mandolin, and double bass), has organised and performed fund-raising concerts for Starship Hospital, has recently released her first single ‘Where Were You?’, and appeared at numerous festivals and events across the country. A stellar lineup of artists are rocking up to support Molly G at her show next week - Allan Barron (MC); Academy of Country Music graduate Jayden Shingleton; Lanae & Bruce Hill (Ashburton duo); with backing by the

Cooked Breakfasts Check out our extensive breakfast menu from Continental to Cooked

We are open from 6.30am

Seniors SPECIAL Two courses

Soup/Roast or Special available lunch only Roast/Dessert Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm


$18 $20



Kid’s 2 course $ special



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150


well respected Sha-low band. Also making a special appearance will be Joining Forces, a Country/Pop fusion duo comprising Molly G and Cameron Walsh (Sha-low). Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a stunning line-up of great artists while assisting an upcoming Kiwi Counry Music star. Molly G and friends appear at the HWMC Westview Lounge on Friday 28th April, 7pm start. Admission just $15. Members, guests & affiliates most welcome.




Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm



TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS Members Lucky Card Draw


Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Quality a la carte with a view!



Sunday 30th April


202 Marine Parade | Ph 388-9416 Members, guests and affiliates welcome

Lunch & Dinner

Bookings Essential PH

386 0088





le availab from





All you can eat, 7 days





Offer available for a limited time and includes tea, hot chocolate



Live Music: Vintage Blue











Mother’s Day Buffet Sunday 14th May $ LUNCH from 12pm & DINNER from 5pm



Every Mother goes in the draw to WIN one of two Gift Baskets!



Chalmers Restaurant

Early Bird Special 5.30pm – 6.30pm FRI & SAT

Roast (4 Choices) and Free Desserts OPEN 7 DAYS LUNCH & DINNER Gluten Free & Vegetarian options

still only


Unbeatable value including your choice of fresh Veges and Salads

Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome


Tuesday April 25 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www.



ANZAC Day - All stores are open from 1pm.


$ 99 kg

Fresh NZ Pork Leg Roast (Excludes Free Range)



99 bag


$ 99 each



Country Fresh Washed Nadine Potatoes 4kg


Steinlager Pure/Stella Artois 24 x 330ml Bottles

Selaks Premium Selection 750ml

s u Pl


$ Nature’s Fresh Bread 700g

00 ea



Hellers Shaved Ham 100g

2 for


Signature Range Mild/ Colby/Edam Cheese 1kg

$ 00


$ 00


Sanitarium Weet-Bix 750g

60 Queenspark Drive, Christchurch. Open 7am – 11pm, 7 days.

NZ Queen Apples



Just Juice/Citrus Tree Fruit Juice/Drink 2.4/2.8L

383 1004

FreshChoice Parklands

Certain products may not be available in all stores. Savings are based on non-promotional price. Limits may apply. Prices apply from Tuesday 25th April to Sunday 30th April 2017, or while stocks last.

Owned and operated by locals


FreshChoice Parklands

2 for



$ kg99


99 ea

Pegasus Post 25-04-17  

Pegasus Post 25-04-17