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Tuesday April 11 2017




Joint pain: Do I have arthritis or could it be mainly my muscles? The team at Physical Sense in Sydenham sees clients with a range of symptoms but many of their middle-aged and senior clients visit complaining of pain in one of their joints. PhysiotheraPist ietje van stolk suggests that a major part of the pain could be due to muscle pain rather than simply arthritis. “even if an x-ray shows arthritis, the reason for the pain may be the muscles around the joint,” she explains. The images show how a muscle knot (the crosses) in a back muscle can give hip pain (aches and pain are the red areas in the drawings), a knot in a muscle on the back of the shoulder blade can give a deep pain in the front of the shoulder and a muscle knot all the way near the groin can give an ache in the knee (especially at night in bed). ietje recalls one case where an 89 year old client with severe arthritis who walked with a stick, told her, “i will end up in a wheelchair, i cannot put any weight through my right leg due to pain in my hip and buttock”. “Within 4 treatments, she was walking with her stick but without the severe pain,” says ietje. “The arthritis was one of the factors that made her muscles spasm but

the other was that older people move less and the flexed position the hip is in when we sit is particularly bad for the hip.” ietje is happy with the fact that although the client was 89 and could have been “given up on” or told to live with the pain, she made a difference to her health and wellbeing. The same lack of movement can be the reason for your knee pain or your shoulder pain and the same few treatments could make a huge difference for you. at Physical sense, hands-on techniques (massage and triggerpoint deactivation techniques) are used to release the muscles. The client also gets a home exercise program designed to mobilize and stretch the joint, strengthen the important core muscles and increase general strength and balance. They teach a movement sequence that stretches the joint in all directions whilst the client is able to lie safely on their bed, perfect for older or

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(the crosses are the areas of the muscle spasms, the red areas is where the pain is felt)

less mobile clients. in many cases having the muscles released and being taught how to maintain it, is enough to stay on top of the problem. if severe arthritis is the underlying cause, some maintenance therapy may be necessary, but that is often more affordable and, for older patients, better tolerated than surgery. in very few treatments the client will know

if it is going to work for them or not, without financial commitment. Physical Sense Gym & Physio is located at 300 Colombo Street, Sydenham. The Blue Line Bus stops in front of the door and there is ample parking. To enquire about specialised exercise classes or physiotherapy treatment, phone 377-2577 or visit

Chronic pain in one of your joints? Even if your joint is not in the best shape, a major part of the pain could be caused by the muscles surrounding the joint. At Physical Sense we have good results with releasing the muscles (with hands on techniques) and increasing your strength and flexibility. Within a few treatments you will know if this is what you need.

Call 377 2577 Physical Sense | Ph: 377 2577 | 300 Colombo St, Sydenham

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Southern View 11-04-17  

Southern View 11-04-17

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