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Wednesday March 29 2017

Your Local Views Police expected to do more with less Labour Party MP Ruth Dyson writes about the police presence in Lyttelton and encouraging residents to get involved in the community patrol

Michael Toomey

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A lot of people in our communities grew up in an era where you could leave your house open when you went out and when you came home, it was safe and secure. The local cop knew everyone in the neighbourhood and knew how to respond to problems – and how to avoid them arising in the first place. People looked out for their neighbours.  There was less inequality and more inclusion and respect in our communities.  There has been a lot of talk recently – and of course, it takes off now on social media – about the lack of presence of police and the increase in crime.  It might be what official statistics describe as “lower level crime” but if you have had stuff

RESPECT: A meeting between police and the community was held recently to cover concerns and provide information as to how police operate in the area.

stolen from your car or your car itself stolen, if your home has been burgled or if your fence has been tagged – these intrusions into your life can be pretty disturbing. We know that the police are now being expected to do far more with less. The Lyttelton station which covers all

the Bay Harbour News area, had, in 2010, 12 staff. This number included a detective, an investigator and a watch house keeper.  The rest were uniformed staff. They now have just five plus the sergeant.  They also had staff based at the Sumner police station which hasn’t been used by the police for several years now. So the police presence is just not there as it used to be. Two things that were obvious from the recent community police meeting in Lyttelton.  One was that people really appreciated the work the police do – and the fact they engaged

at the meeting. The main thing that people wanted was to see the police around their area – and to know they are there when we need them. And from the police was the news that there is a “spare” community patrol car available for Lyttelton area.  It just needs volunteers trained and keen to do the work.  Lyttelton is always up for a challenge and I am sure it will be for this one. • To find out more or to join the City to Sumner Community Patrol email •More local views, p8

Bay Harbour News 29-03-17  

Bay Harbour News 29-03-17

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