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Tuesday March 28 2017

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From kitchen fires to bathtub shenanigans „„ By Mark Thomas – Fire Risk Management Officer OVER THE past couple of weeks, several people have had the misfortune of having the Fire Service called to their house because of a blaze in the kitchen. At one in Hoon Hay recently, firefighters had to smash a window to get into a well-locked house with a pot on fire on the stove.  There’s got to be a sinking feeling when you get the call after having gone out that there’s a fire at your house.  I know it’s easy to forget and, in this case, smoke was the only cause of damage to the house, but the possibility of a complete disaster is certainly there. You’ve just got to remember to switch elements off. A lady in a motorised wheelchair had the misfortune of becoming stuck up against a wall when the control panel for her scooter failed in Bellbrook Tce, Shirley.  She obviously, and fortunately, had her phone with her and had the presence of mind to call 111.  This wasn’t a fire. It was a call

for help. And the St Albans crew that responded had to break in to her house to free her. It’s the sort of thing firefighters do without complaint. So well done to the St Albans crew. Finally, you know the stainless steel or brass grill in the plug hole of your bath? I bet you can’t get your finger down it, but a small child can – just.  However, getting their finger out is another matter. The Addington crew had to spend almost an hour dismantling the bath in Hoon Hay Rd to do it.  There was no injury, just a very relieved wee fellow when he was eventually freed.



Readers respond to Tane Apanui’s Pledge Me campaign to have passenger trains run from the city through Papanui and out to North Canterbury in order to ease traffic congestion. Karen Kingsford – Love, love, love this. Just what a progressive Canterbury should be shooting for. It would provide jobs and transportation and get people out of cars. It has to start somehow. We don’t want to be bogged down like Auckland. It’s really about great planners using what’s available and identifying and sourcing (locally if possible) what’s not. All the great cities have rail and have had for years. People want to live and work where there is great infrastructure. Cantabrians need to think about their future and the generations ahead. Mark Docherty – What a fantastic idea. About time the rail system was put to good use. Roger Larkins – Unfortunately, it is largely a feel good idea. . . to be effective, it needs to operate frequently and costeffectively. It also needs to go to and from places that people actually travel to. It also needs tracks that are available for use at the appropriate times. In Christchurch, the tracks have

scheduled freight, the stations don’t meet the general community needs, the schedule would be infrequent and the cost of operation on a per journey basis will be either very high, or heavily subsidised. Andrew Deadman – About bloody time someone gave this a shot. Nicky Gibson – About time we had some sort of rail service back, just back from Australia and, wow, the trains are the way to go for sure. Come on New Zealand, bring our train service back. Christine Mottram – They should bring the railway station into the centre of Christchurch near the bus terminal so people can get off the train and catch a

bus to where they need to go like in Auckland. For people coming in from North Canterbury and Rolleston, it would save some of the traffic congestion on the motorway. Jeff Bell – This is a case of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. For years, places like Kaiapoi had a railway station with ample parking available – now there is housing there.

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NorWest News 28-03-17

NorWest News 28-03-17  

NorWest News 28-03-17