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Fun and educational care out of school

Working parents may worry about how their children will be cared for out of school hours.

further develop a child’s skills and confidence while encouraging them to challenge themselves.

CASPA after school and holiday care will put your mind at ease, knowing your child is looked after in an invigorating, fun and educational programme.

Children are cared for in a safe, friendly environment by an experienced trained team who are highly motivated and professional.

Five to thirteen year olds love CASPA which focuses on developing interests, skills, hobbies and activities including art, crafts, music, sport and drama. “We’ve even developed a city-based youth holiday programme for children aged 11 to 14 years so they can participate in age appropriate activities during the holidays,” advises Tania Moriarty of CASPA. These new experiences

CASPA is Child, Youth and Family approved for the Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) subsidy. Talk to Work and Income to find out if you are eligible. For more information and a list of CASPA locations, check or phone 03 349 9260.


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N IO T U L O S E R A C D IL H C Y L D YOUR FRIEN creative after school Programmed activities

• We provide a safe, creative environment for 5-13 year olds • Our staff are trained • A range of fun activities • 7.15-8.30am and 3-6pm Mon-Fri • 8am-6pm Holidays ies d i s b u S • Kids just LOVE it!


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P: 349 9260 or 027 352 1638 E: W:


Selwyn Learning 17-02-17  

Selwyn Learning 17-02-17

Selwyn Learning 17-02-17  

Selwyn Learning 17-02-17