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Pupils can now get to school safely „„ By Caitlin Miles FOR YEARS pupils at Bromley School have had to duck and dive as they crossed a nearby busy intersection. But soon they will have a pedestrian island on Bromley Rd at the intersection with Keighleys Rd so the children can safely get to the middle of the road before crossing the other lane. The Bromley Community Centre raised the issue with the former Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board in 2015, pushing it for something to be done. “So many of our kids cross there and it’s such a busy road it can be dangerous. “They would duck between stopped cars and trucks because they didn’t want to wait, now it will be much safer,” said school teacher Cathy Baker. She hopes parents will be happier to let their children make their own way to school. School pupils made a deputation to the LinwoodCentral-Heathcote Community Board meeting last week, asking for safety measures to be put in place to make it safer

SAFE: Teacher Cathy Baker is excited pupils will be safer crossing a busy road near the school once the pedestrian island is installed. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

to cross. The community board approved the decision to install a pedestrian island. Cr Yani Johanson said it was good news for the school and community centre. Ms Baker said it was “exciting”

news after campaigning for safety measures for so long. “We spoke to so many people, went and counted cars and trucks driving past . . . it’s ridiculous,” she said. This comes after schools around the city started

campaigning for safer roads outside schools by lowering the speed limits during school hours in the morning and afternoon. Ms Baker said lowering speed limits is an important issue for the schools, but said this was a good step in making the


children safer. She said the school will hold road safety lessons with the pupils to encourage them to safely use the island to cross the road. Work is under way for the pedestrian island.

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Tuesday February 7 2017 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

LAST WEEK we reported on pensioner Peter Collins’ bid to improve bus services in Somerfield. And it looks like he’s got a lot of support from readers. Today on page 4, we publish responses to Peter’s campaign and needless to say, he’s got a lot of support. Peter is helping the Somerfield Residents’ Association with a petition and the sprightly 75-year-old has been knocking on doors. We’ll keep you posted on Peter and the association’s bid to convince Environment Canterbury to do something about the bus service. Also on page 4, we have reader reaction to another article last week on how polyglass panels will protect moments from being tagged. There’s a few suggestions on how taggers can be sorted out too! – Barry Clarke




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Tuesday February 7 2017


Students produce top marks in the world Fashion FOUR CASHMERE High School students have received the highest possible Cambridge score. Hsin-Yu Miu, Nina Noble, Alice Tiso and Lilly Van Keulen, all finished with 100 per cent in the Cambridge International Examination with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education subjects of English and Global Perspectives. Their research assessments and end-of-year Cambridge exam is marked against all the students around the world who also sit the exam. As a result of their score the students have received what is known as “top in the world” title from Cambridge. Next week they will travel to Auckland for an award ceremony to highlight their achievement. Principal Mark Wilson said it’s a challenging subject for the students to do. “It is an absolutely awesome result for these hard working and talented young scholars,” Mr Wilson said. The examinations are a global qualification, used mostly in international schools.



Tasty Bites

BRIGHT: Back from left: Lilly Van Keulen, Alice Tiso, front from left: Nina Noble and Hsin-Yu Miu.

Cashmere offers the opportunity to sit the qualification for the top year 10 students. It’s not the first time the school has had students achieve top

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marks in the exam, previously students in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 have also had success, however, it is the first year four have achieved the title.


In Brief NO PARKING LINES Parking restrictions will be put in place along part of Longhurst Tce, Cashmere, following residents concerns over road users safety and visibility manoeuvring in and out of driveways. City council staff investigated and found limited visibility impacted residents and vehicles going over the crest of the hill due to cars parked on the kerbside. The SpreydonCashmere Community Board approved yellow no parking lines for the road at the intersection with Harry Ell Dr and extending for 53m over the crest of the hill. Installing the lines is expected to cost $50. LINWOOD LANDSCAPING Consultation on landscaping at Linwood Lower Fields as part of flood mitigation work will close next week. The plans involve turning 2.75ha of unused land at the Kimihia Parents’ College into an urban forest and park area with retention ponds. The city council wants to use the land as part of a series of work between Antigua St in the central city and Hargood St in Woolston, designed to improve flood protection and water quality in the Bells Creek catchment. The plans will go to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote

Community Board in March. To make a submission go to NO MORE BIRD POO The city council is taking steps to stop bird excrement getting into the city’s water supply. City council staff are spraying a protective membrane on the roofs of the city’s reservoirs to protect against bird excrement getting through cracks and contaminating the water with E. coli. Protective membranes have been applied to six reservoirs and crews are working on another three. There are 11 reservoirs to go, including eight in Christchurch, two in Lyttelton and one in Diamond Harbour. CADETS WANTED Christchurch’s New Zealand Cadet Force is recruiting for the year. The force’s units include sea cadets, air training corps and the NZ cadet corps (sea, air and army cadets). Cadet training is aimed at 13 to 15-year-olds. The training includes bushcraft, firearm safety, first aid and radio procedure. For more information, visit www.


Tuesday February 7 2017


Your Local Views We asked: What you thought of the city council covering the monuments in see-through poly glass panels to stop people from vandalising and tagging them.

News You said:

Paul Skinner – Bring back the stocks for the vandals when they are apprehended. That would provide a effective deterrent to wannabe famous misfits.

Fashion Nicky Griffith – I hope these disrespectful louts realise they can live in this country and all that it encompasses because of the people that monument remembers . . . stick them in the army!

Lynette Morris – Seeing stuff like this makes me sick. How disrespectful.

Gardening John Walker – Pillory in Cathedral Square for the taggers. Suitable punishment and would be a great tourist attraction!

Readers respond to last week’s article about the lack of a bus service and stops in Somerfield.

Mia Griffiths – Just so disrespectful.

Patricia Patterson, of Somerfield – As a partially sighted pensioner with several serious health conditions, I find it quite a struggle to get to the closest bus stop over Milton St on Selwyn St. There used to be a bus just around the corner which I got most days. Now I stay home alone frequently

Motoring Cheryl Smith – Mindless cretins!

Karlene Jennings – Hope someone cleaned that, it’s disgraceful.

because it’s just too hard. A service running through the top end of Selwyn St would make my life considerably happier. Gary Knight, of Hoon Hay – From a commercial perspective, the disengagement of the 114 bus route from Barrington mall to Cashmere via Somerfield was a viable option for Environment Canterbury in 2014. Replacement services however, comprising the Blue Line and 145 bus routes, have incensed many Somerfield residents, noting the 1.3km  to the nearest bus stop, contrary to the 500m promised by ECan with

the introduction of these routes. Logistics and statistics stating reduced patronage on the 114 route in 2014 as the catalyst for its demise is a parochial sentiment probably not valid in 2017. Within this context, accolades are extended to Somerfield Residents’ Association for their petition for an alternate or re-devised bus route to include Somerfield within two options. Option one – amending bus route 60 (Orange Line) inclusive of Somerfield and Selwyn Sts, would be of little benefit to these residents many being elderly, by bypassing all hospitals and encompassing major distances to any bus stop. In contrast option two – the proposed Red Line route would encompass The Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch and Burwood hospitals and include Somerfield and Selwyn Sts, with realistic placement of

bus stops deeming this realistic for Somerfield residents with a service in their area to many destinations. Allie Mark, Addington – I think it’s great to see the Somerfield Residents’ Association taking a stand to get a bus service back in the area. With an aging population buses need to be easy to get to and then easy to use. Aren’t we continuously encouraged to use public transport? Well people can’t and won’t if it’s not easy to come by or access. There needs to be a good system in place for residents in the area. From young people to adults. I would hate to think what it would be like having to walk a long way to get a bus in winter when it’s pouring with rain or freezing cold and then having to wait for the bus to arrive. Something needs to be done to make it easier for people.

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Tuesday February 7 2017

News Yacht club’s $1.17m shed „„ By Tom Doudney THE Christchurch Yacht Club is hoping it will soon get the go ahead for a new rowing shed to replace the one demolished after the June 2011 earthquake. The Moncks Bay-based club wants to build a new $1.17 million shed in a more seaward position to allow room for the Coastal Pathway walking and cycle route between it and the Trevor Kite road. Building the shed further seaward means higher costs. The club already has resource consent and a building permit for the new shed. It has also asked the city council to contribute $327,595 towards the extra costs associated with providing for the Coastal Pathway, along with an additional $239,713 because the public will have use of the shed’s decks and ramps. The club has raised $607,000 so far, and has carried out soil testing. It has met with both the city council and the Coastal Pathway group over the last

WRECKED: The Christchurch Yacht Club’s rowing shed was demolished following the June 2011 earthquake, which was centred less than 200m away.

two months and expects to get a response from the city council soon. Once funding has been secured, work could begin almost immediately and would take about 10 months to complete. The new shed would be 5.5m further seaward, enlarging the space for a public walking and cycle route between it and the road from 1m to 4m. The club’s shed and boardwalk project convener Trevor Kite said the proposal was a win-win scenario for the

club and community. “Although we have the right to put the shed back as it was, to have done so would have denied the community the chance to walk past there except for a little track,” he said. “It has been identified as the major obstacle for completing the Coastal Pathway between Ferrymead and Sumner.” Mr Kite said the club would function much better when it could once again provide a shed for members to store boats.

This would also help with traffic and parking in the area, as members would not have to bring their boats with them on trailers. The shed had already been damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and was deemed unsafe following the magnitude 6.3 quake in June that year, which was centred less than 200m away. The clubrooms were also damaged by the 2011 earthquakes, although they are still able to be used and will be rebuilt at a later date.


St Anne’s gets skate, scooter park „„ By Ashleigh Monk ST ANNE’S Catholic School has a new skate and scooter park, thanks to help from a local contractor. Canterbury Diggers undertook the construction work free of charge, and the school covered the cost of materials. Project manager Ajay Prakash donated his time to make sure the project ran smoothly. Mr Prakash said the pupils contributed their ideas and design drawings, which he got the project team to interpret into the plans. Principal Dallas Wichman said a section of the school had become disused and overgrown in recent years and thought it was time to do something with it. From the various suggestions, plans and drawings the pupils made, it was decided a scooter and skatepark would best fit the spot. “We thought it was a great place to put something like this, where we can see the students from the field,” Mr Wichman said. The school spent a year and a half designing and fundraising for the project, holding quiz nights and a fair. The park took two weeks to complete.

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Tuesday February 7 2017




LONELY: Charleston Residents’ Association chairman, John Hoskin, with the lone Charlie horse. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN


Play horse still missing from Charleston Reserve

„„ By Caitlin Miles HAS ANYBODY seen Jade? The play horse is missing from Charleston Reserve. There seem to be some confusion over a missing horse that is supposed to be with its partner, Charlie, in the reserve in Waltham. Charleston Residents’ Association chairman John Hoskin said his wife saw it leave the reserve on the back of a city council truck in 2015 and hasn’t seen it since. “It’s completely and utterly lost,” Mr Hoskin said. The city council said it returned a horse a year ago, after it was repaired at a cost

of $1200. However, there is still one missing. The horses were affectionately named Jade and Charlie by local school children in the early 2000s. One was named Jade because of the close proximity the reserve has to Lancaster Park, formally called Jade Stadium. Its partner, Charlie, was named to symbolise the area. Mr Hoskin said he hopes Jade is replaced by the city council or Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board – but in the meantime if anyone sees the horse, phone the residents’ association on 389 35 84.


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New learning space for Cashmere Primary „„ By Caitlin Miles CASHMERE PRIMARY School officially opened its new learning space when the school opened for the first time this year. The learning space is the equivalent of 10 classrooms, in a two-storey building, with five on each floor. It has been built on existing school ground and is part of the Ministry of Education’s move to make more open plan learning spaces in schools around Canterbury. The school entered the programme in 2014. Principal Gavin Burn said the new learning spaces are very different from the traditional. “The idea here is that the environment has a variety of spaces and uses and that the children are able to use these in ways that best support their learning,” Mr Burn said. The building replaces three classroom blocks that were demolished last year to make room for the new learning spaces. It has four teachers and four homerooms on the ground floor and five teachers with five home-

HamisH soutHcott

tania Bostock

My art covers a broad range of mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, and furniture and I typically create one off pieces. I’m passionate about sustainability, so where possible I use reclaimed materials. I believe salvaged materials have an inherent beauty that should be showcased. In New Zealand, we’re fortunate to have a rich landscape, that is the envy of many. These artworks draw on our diverse landscape and looks at the burden that society has and High relief sculptures for the continues to have wall by Hamish Southcott. on this beautiful part of the world. Our actions today, have far reaching consequences tomorrow! I sought to reflect these contexts in artworks that convey the present and my hopes for positive change in the future.

My Paintings are Strong, deliberately imperfect, and beautiful. For me painting is emotive, and a great deal of time and thought goes into each creation. I am drawn to texture and contrast, and my process consists of straightening and perfecting, then pushing the paint in a freer, less controlled manner. I find both approaches necessar y, working in multiple layers with each. Tania Bostock has lived in Nelson for ten years. She Textural painting by Tania Bostock. has always had an interest in art, and because of the success of her paintings it was a natural progression to become a fulltime Artist.


Detail image of Southcott’s work.

Detail of the paint patina on Bostock’s work.

11 February – 8 March

Full Circle

Tania Bostock Hamish Southcott MAIN RD, LITTLE RIVER | 03 325 1944 | ART@LITTLERIVERGALLERY.COM

SPACIOUS: One of the learning spaces where pupils and teachers are able to easily move around.

rooms on the first floor. The pupils were excited to explore the open plan classrooms and use the new learning space. “It’s pretty cool, I like the different areas and I like the colours of the building. I like that it’s all open so I can easily move around and learn with my teachers and my friends,” said year 6 pupil, Louise. A year 3 and 4 teacher said the space makes it easier to

communicate with other teachers and the impact it will have on the pupils. “I’m really enthusiastic about the positive impact this will have on our students, both socially and academically. It’s quite humbling and I feel very lucky to be working in our school right now,” she said. The learning space will allow for further role growth at the school.

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Tuesday February 7 2017


News Making bus rides more enjoyable



Cashmere impressive SPORTS at tennis champs


„„ By Gordon Findlater CASHMERE TOOK home a healthy medal haul at the national senior tennis championship. The five day tournament played across Hagley and Cashmere clubs saw eight players from the club come away with national titles. A number of Cashmere players featured at the top end of the 35-plus category. Tim McHarg took the men’s singles championship, defeating fellow Cashmere premier men’s teammate Matt Meredith 6-3, 7-5 in the final. Meredith then got redemption on McHarg in both the men’s and mixed doubles finals. He first teamed up with Davis Cup captain Alistair Hunt to account for Tim and Johnny McHarg 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, in the men’s. He then partnered with Clare Warner

„„ Ashleigh Monk MAGDA Lorenzo has spent the last two months delivering books to bus stops for commuters to enjoy. Ms Lorenzo started the initiative ‘The Commuting Book’ to encourage reading and the use of public transport. The idea is for people to pick up a book at their bus stop, read it while they ride the bus, then drop it off when they get to their stop. “The idea behind The Commuting Books is to create opportunities for people to engage in reading by bringing them (books) into public spaces,” she said. “I see bus stops a social hub and it’s very interesting the way you can engage in conversation with people waiting for the bus with you and sometimes the books are an excuse to do that.” Ms Lorenzo delivered the books herself on her bicycle she had named ‘Mantis’. “It depends on the weather that day; I can ride for several hours around the city. Normally

I choose one of the bus routes and leave the books at the stops on that route.” Each book had a ‘Commuting Book’ sticker with informations and instructions on the project. Although Ms Lorenzo has not had much feedback she said the travelling of books was a good sign. “Some of them are responding through Facebook. They are being very generous with their comments and their feedback. It’s very encouraging.” Ms Lorenzo estimated she had distributed about 230 books so far, and hoped that number would rise as the project developed. “We hope to be implementing a few different aspects to the project in the next couple of months.”


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Working hard for our community Authorised by Nuk Korako, 6/950 Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch

Dave Meredith and Max Morrison teamed up to win their second straight 65-plus men’s doubles title together and Meredith’s third straight in total. Morrison also won the mixed doubles with Sandy Tritt. • More sport, p9

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in the mixed doubles, defeating Tim and Joanne McHarg 6-0 6-2, in the mixed doubles. There were also titles for Johnny McHarg in the 40-plus men’s singles, Kathy Dwyer in the 45-plus women’s doubles and Cathy Forrest in the 45-plus mixed doubles.


You can also contact my office if there is anything I can help you with.


CHAMPIONS: Cashmere’s Johnny McHarg, Tim McHarg, Cathy Forrest, Matt Meredith, Kathy Dwyer, Max Morrison and Dave Meredith all won titles at the national senior championship.


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Tuesday February 7 2017


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Tuesday February 7 2017

Keas eye up Crosbie Nines title „„ By Gordon Findlater LINWOOD KEAS will look to win their first Crosbie Nines tournament in three attempts on Saturday. The Keas have been in fine form on the back of victory at the inaugural Rolleston Nines where they cruised past the Halswell Hornets 28-6 in the final. “Clubs are definitely getting in behind these tournaments. It’s really great for our game and promoting the brand. It gives the clubs a chance to mingle and it’s also great for guys to get a taste before the season gets under way,” said Keas coach

Andrew Auimatagi. The 16-team Crosbie Nines will be a step up for many clubs as they get ready for the Massetti Cup competition which begins in late April. “You’ve got a few teams that have been put together with a group of mates and they’re always the dark horses. Samoa United are always really consistent . . . I’m sure they’ll have a few stars in there,” said Auimatagi. He said the Crosbie Nines will provide a great chance to cast an eye over up-and-coming talent. The tournament will begin HOPEFUL: Linwood Keas nines’ team will look to grab their second title in a fortnight when they take part in the at 10am on Saturday at Crosbie Crosbie Nines on Saturday. ​ Park, Avonhead.


NATIONAL SELECTION: Cashmere High School striker Jordan Spain is on his way to Tahiti after being named in the New Zealand under-17 squad for this month’s Oceania World Cup qualifying tournament. Spain, 16, who plays his club football for Cashmere Technical, is one of two Christchurch players in the New Zealand squad coached by Danny Hay. He joins FC Twenty 11 defender Matthew Jones. Spain flew to Auckland last week to meet up with the squad ahead of the two-week tournament, which begins on Saturday. New Zealand will play Samoa, Solomon Islands and Fiji in their group. The top two teams at the tournament will qualify for the under-17 FIFA World Cup in India from October 6 to 28.

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Tuesday February 7 2017


Strengthen your spine, avoid back pain Whether it’s from gardening, lifting something heavy, or twisting awkwardly, most of us will experience low back pain during our lifetime and it can certainly slow us down. An exciting and effective way of resolving and preventing low back or neck pain is Dynamic Spines, a programme run by Muscle People in Christchurch City and Bishopdale. As physiotherapist and director of Muscle People, Laurie Moore, explains: “Spinal strength and stability is the focus of the programme, concentrating on the deep core muscles in the trunk.” The programme is designed to move you beyond pain to a place where you feel confident about taking part in dynamic activities, and significantly reduce recurrence of back pain, she says. Led by physiotherapists, the weekly exercise programme is conducted for small groups, with core stability and spinal muscle control being addressed. Participants experience clear progression each week, which will cross over to their everyday life. “More than 80 per cent of New Zealanders suffer from a significant episode of low back pain during their life,” Laurie says. “Of these, 84 per cent are likely to have a recurrence of back pain within a year.

Research shows that those that undergo a specific spinal strengthening programme are almost three times better off.” The benefits of completing the Dynamic Spines programme: • Stabilise your spine • Increase your core strength • Improve your confidence • Correct causative factors that may relate to ongoing pain and recurrent episodes of low back pain • Specific training for your back A Muscle People client who has completed the Dynamic Spines programmes, Julie, says: “The course has been life-changing. I suffered from severe neck pain and was fearful of any movement. This programme has strengthened up my neck muscles, making me feel confident and like a new woman.” Another participant, Tor, says: After partaking in the Dynamic Spines group exercise programme I definitely feel stronger all over – thigh muscles, arms, general increased stamina. This has helped with my gardening work, with less lower back niggles.” Before you join the Dynamic Spines programme, a physiotherapist will assess your individual needs. The programme is then split into two levels. Laurie explains:

After Before “The first level is all about learning to locate and then strengthen the appropriate muscles. The physiotherapists will help each person to achieve this based on their individual diagnosis and ability. “The second level focuses on turning those learned skills into habitual movements and improving strength. Home exercises are also an integral part of the programme. The Dynamic Spines programme is designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, who have back or neck pain, or with core or postural weakness. For more information phone Muscle People at their City Clinic (03) 961 0236, Bishopdale (03) 360 3606, Wigram Skies (03) 322 9400 or visit A A unique UNIQUE PoweRFuL POWERFUL tReAtment TREATMENT wiLL WILL Give GIVE you YOU PAin PAIN ReLieF RELIEFin IN juSt JUST A Few FEW SeConDS SECONDS

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Want to improve your Core Strength? Join our programme!

• Our Dynamic Spines programme increases core strength and improves posture • Improves key movement patterns • Two level small group exercise programme led by a physiotherapist • Held at Bishopdale and Hereford Street with free parking Call us today on 961 0236

Muscle People Physiotherapy Clinics in Wigram Skies, Bishopdale & Central City

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Tuesday February 7 2017



From Super Rugby to City2Surf




Tasty Bites

„„ By Gordon Findlater AT THIS time of the year former Super Rugby player Ged Robinson is normally getting towards peak fitness ahead of a busy season. This year he’s all about keeping Christchurch well fed with what he calls a Kiwi take on Italian style pizza. Fed by Ged will be one of many tasty and nutritious options available for those needing refuelling following The Star City2Surf. The former Crusader, whose mobile wood fire pizza oven is regularly based outside Il Magro espresso bar in Papanui, will be awaiting runners at the finish area of next month’s event. Outside of rugby Robinson has always had a love for food. After recently hanging up the boots he’s now had more time to concentrate on that love. “I’m a front rower so I love food. I moved to Melbourne and played over there for three years. My wife

CONTINUING EDUCATION Help your child grow in confidence


Do your children lack self-confidence, or perhaps have so much energy that they need an outlet for it? Development through drama is the ideal approach to teach confidence and channel youthful energy while building self-esteem. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has been in New Zealand for 35 years. This highly regarded international programme helps students aged 5 to 17 fulfil their potential by acting confidently and speaking clearly. Our unique, self-development programme helps achieve invaluable life skills. The confident, articulate child makes friends easily, accepts challenges and new directions. Confident children become well-rounded adults. Our fully qualified teachers are trained in the Helen O’Grady Drama system, they ensure each child is encouraged and valued in a warm, positive learning environment. Lessons stimulate and motivate students without the exam or

peer group pressure. Weekly class activities include speech training, creative movement and improvisation. Our Youth Theatre programme encourages the development of leadership and organisational skills. We also offer Trinity College London examinations as an option for those who wish to pursue an international qualification. Our safe structured learning environment values student individuality and Raewyn Clegg encourages team Registered Teacher of building. After school Piano and Theory of classes available near Music. you. Enrol now, or phone 29 Lancewood Drive 0800 161 131 and see Halswell our website www. Ph 322-9377


and I spent a lot of time checking out the city and enjoying the food, that probably fired up the taste buds even more,” said Robinson. His first experiments with pizza came during his time while playing for the Melbourne Rebels, regularly feeding teammates on his own creations. His passion for fuelling a squad has grown ever since. After spending a decade as a professional rugby player Robinson knows all about nutrition, something he’s taken to the oven. “Italian style pizza has really high

quality meat and really low in sugar and salt. I do make brown flour pizza dough as well as the traditional white. It’s all really good quality, non-processed food,” said Robinson. Robinson is continually working on new creations and by the time March 19 rolls around he may just have a new recipe to unveil. The Star City2Surf with Mike Pero Sunday, March 19 14km or 6km option walk, jog or run $25 entries available at Pak’NSave, New World, The Athletes Foot, YMCA and online

Drama Classes Communication Be heard

Presentation Be seen

Confidence Be YOU

Fun Classes for 5-17 years

Weekly Classes 0800 161 131

SIT OPEN NIGHT CHRISTCHURCH CAMPUS 60 Waterloo Road, Hornby, Christchurch


Come and discuss your study options with our staff For more info email



Tuesday February 7 2017

PLAY FOOTBALL Email by 5pm each Wednesday

The Green Lady Exhibition Today until February 17. Times vary The Eastside Gallery presents “The Green Lady”. This exhibition will be other artists interpretation of the Green Lady, by Vladimir Tretchikoff, in all types of mediums. Look through another artists’ eyes to see what they do to create the pieces of art work. Linwood Community Arts Centre/ Eastside Gallery. Free entry

Zonta Annual Garage Sale Saturday, 8.30am Zonta Club of Christchurch South is hosting its annual community garage sale to raise money for charities. The club has been spending several months collecting many different goods and items for the day. There is something for everyone available, from clothes to preserves. Village Green, Dyers Pass Rd, Cashmere. Free entry

Knit and Yarn Wednesday, 11am-1pm Join in the friendly craft corner sessions at Linwood Library. Take your knitting, crochet or other craft project and be social with other like-minded crafty people. Learn some new skills, help others and find some creative ideas for a new project. Beginners are welcome at the craft group. Pick up some books for your next craft project while you’re there. Linwood Library, Eastgate Mall. Free entry

Inner City East Multi-cultural Festival Saturday, 11am-3pm The Eastside Gallery is hosting a multicultural festival to celebrate the diversity in the neighbourhood. Food, craft and ethnic stalls will feature along with a main stage hosting a variety of cultural entertainment. There is something for everyone with children’s entertainment, have a go at stone carving and raranga. Linwood Community Arts Centre, Eastside Gallery. Free entry

Lunar New Year Storytimes Wednesday, 10-10.30am Continue the new year celebrations with bilingual stories and rhymes in English and Mandarin. Learn more about Chinese culture. A craft activity will follow after the stories and rhymes. This event is aimed at pre-school aged children. Linwood Library, Eastgate Mall. Free entry Creative writing on Wednesdays Wednesday, 4-5.45pm If your imagination runs wild and you want to learn how to put those ideas on paper in a way that makes sense, head along to the creative writing classes. Whether you’re new to creative writing or just want to hone your skills pick up some tips and learn from other aspiring writers. Find some fictional books while you’re in the library or some books on creative writing tips. Linwood Library, Eastgate Mall. Free entry


Opawa Farmers’ Market Sunday, 9am-noon It’s a new year and the market is back. Find some organic and delicious produce from local growers. Enjoy sipping on a coffee while wandering around the market and seeing all of the food on offer. From artisan bread and French pastries to fresh berries and local cheeses. 275 Fifield Tce. Free entry Science Snippets at the Library Monday, 3.30-4.30pm Science Alive! presents a free after school science programme. There are many fun science activities and new interesting topics each week. Qualified educators lead children through interactive activities to stimulate interest in science. This event runs during term time only and is aimed at children aged between five and 10. South Library, 66 Colombo St. Free entry

Play Football with Nomads 2017! Registration Day, 2pm - 4pm 19th February 2017 at Tulett Park! Nomads United AFC members share a genuine love of football! We provide players with a quality, affordable club football experience within a fun, friendly environment. We encourage participation and support all players’ regardless of age, ability and gender. We have fantastic clubroom facilities and grounds (with a new sand pitch currently being installed at Tulett Park in Harewood. Nomads has a large membership with a strong junior following and numerous successful teams across all grades and divisions. Our club’s player support and community atmosphere is as big as our membership! Nomads has a full time Football Development Officer

to assist players and coaches with ongoing support and specialist training. We run NZF Skills Centre programmes, Girls only Training Hubs, One-on-One Coaching opportunities and much more. With a great pathway to the top of Canterbury football (our First Team is in the MPL league) and beyond, Nomads offer everything you want in a club and more! Please contact us on admin@nomadsafc. org or 027 202 1574 for further information or come and see us to our Registration Day, 2pm - 4pm 19th February 2017 at Tulett Park! You can also register on line for the 2017 season at

Western AFC Football Club

Western AFC is a Football club based in the St Albans, Mairehau area. We cater for all ages and abilities from the 4 year old attending first kicks for an hour or so on a Saturday morning through to the 70 year old playing masters football on a Saturday afternoon and the ladies playing on Sunday mornings. The club committee is committed to building up the numbers in the junior section as this is where our future stars come from.

We also need volunteers to assist with coaching or managing teams so even if you do not have a child involved with the club but want to put something back to a game you may have played in the past and feel as though you could offer something then we would be pleased to hear from you it is very rewarding watching the young ones improve. Please email Kali at westernafc@ with any questions.

2017 Junior rEGiStrAtion inFo All registrations must be completed online. Players who registered last season should have received an e-mail with details about 2017 registration process.

play football with nomads 2017! Offering you a quality, fun, friendly, affordable football experience!

2017 SubScriptionS First Kicks (4 to 6 year olds) $50 7th grade to 13th grade $120 Please note these subs include a club bag.

New players to the club will need to contact Kali by e-mail to obtain registration details

Registration Day: Who: Junior, Youth & Senior players When: Sunday 19th February 2017 Time: 2pm – 4pm Where: Tulett Park, Claridges Road, Harewood CELEBRATE: With the Chinese New Year comes many festivities. Head along to the Linwood Library to take part in craft activities focused on the new year. Learn more about your zodiac sign, make your own zodiac mask and have fun with lantern stencils to celebrate the lunar new year. This event runs throughout the week and is free. While you’re at the library pick up some books and find out more about the Chinese New Year. The library is open 9am-6pm. ​

Or register online via our website For any enquiries please contact us on or 027 202 1574

Parklands United sPorts ClUb Football Info Dates 2017

Saturday Feb 11th 10am to 12.30pm Sunday Feb 12th 11am to 1.30pm Football for all ages First Kicks (4-6 yr olds) Fun Football (7 & 8 yr olds) All junior mixed grades Senior Football from Div 8 to CCL Reserves & CCL Masters and Over 45’s Football for Females including 10th, 11th, 13th & 15th Grades, Women’s PDL and Women’s Premier League Contact for more info: All registrations are now done online at


Tuesday February 7 2017

PLAY FOOTBALL Mainland Football Make 2017 the year you GET IN to football. Make new friends, learn new skills, or even begin your pathway to becoming the next All White or Football Fern. Christchurch has over 20 football clubs catering for every level of football, for boys, girls, and mixed teams, for the serious or social player. And our clubs are registering players now for the upcoming winter season. Coaching and referring also offer great pathways. You may just want to give back to the sport or aspire to be a professional coach or referee, with the right support and education you can realise your potential. Whatever your ability or your passion football has something for you. Futsal - our 5-a-side indoor variation of the game - continues to grow and the Mainland Federation is developing players all the way from primary school to the national teams. Visit to find your local club or competition, and GET IN to football.

Burwood AFC Welcome to the 2017 football season

Burwood AFC is a progressive club with Junior and Senior teams. We expect to have 3 Senior teams, with our Senior A team in the Canterbury Championship League. Burwood supports the Whole of Football framework initiated by NZ Football and run by Mainland Football. This concept works for our First Kicks (4-6 years) and the 7-8 year olds (Fun Football). Both these grades are run In-house with the help of Mainland Football and other clubs. Registration is now online, for more information see our website

Hornby Women’s AFC

Hornby Womens AFC is a women’s only club and has been in Christchurch for over 25 years. We are a family orientated club with many children on the side lines each Sunday. We train at Prebbleton domain Wednesday nights 6-7.30 with games on Sunday mornings. We are a small, close knit club that focuses on playing to win and having a great time. We welcome new players who are willing to give football a go or the seasoned veteran looking to get back

We train at Prebbleton domain Wednesday nights 6-7.30 with games on Sunday mornings. into the game, our players vary in age from 20 to 50 so everyone is invited to play for Hornby Womens AFC. Subs are $200 with fundraising participant encouraged as we all reap the benefits.

Where it all started for All White Aaron Clapham and Football Fern Meikayla Moore

REGISTRATION DAYS At the clubrooms, Clare Park, Burwood Road Sunday 12th February 10.00am - 12.00pm Monday 13th February 6.30pm - 8.00pm New Junior players, we need to sight proof of age (birth certificate, passport or Plunket book) For more details on registration and subscriptions see our website

JUNIOR COACHES REQUIRED Please fontact the Secretary Mark Tolchard - 385 0098

Would you like to promote your Business? For local features please contact Bev Stanger 03 364 7407

Registration Day: 19th Feb Sunday 1pm at Warren Park, Hornby We train on Wed night 6-7.30pm with games on Sundays, 10.30am Kick off. $200 for subs. Enquiries to Kelly 027 224 1926 Fiona 027 934 4196 or email


Be part of the Christchurch United dream Christchurch United FC is the most successful football club in Canterbury and is making great strides to once again become the most famous football brand in the country. Since its formation in 1970 Christchurch United captains have lifted six National League trophies (1973, 1975, 1978, 1987, 1988, 1991) and six Chatham Cups (1972, 1975, 1976, 1989 and 1991). Christchurch United has recently joined forces with the acclaimed Christchurch Football Academy programme and the merged entity will be mainly based at the world-class Christchurch Football Centre on Yaldhurst Road, as well as the historic home at Spreydon Domain. The state-of-the art artificial pitches, top quality natural pitches, fit-for-purpose floodlights, 500-seat grandstand will soon be flanked by new offices, changing rooms and a café that will create the best football environment for players, parents and supporters, all seasons and all weather, 12 months a year. Christchurch United FC is proud to be one of the few clubs in the country with three internationallylicenced elite coaches with extensive pedigree in youth development. They will provide a huge variety of programmes, from intensive elite Academy

development, equivalent to the FTC programme, to community programmes in Spreydon, from First Kicks to Masters grades. Our professional coaches will personally deliver the curriculum but also run a coaching education programme to enhance the skills and qualifications of the club’s volunteer coaches. Christchurch United FC has set itself extremely high standards to deliver a world-class football experience, both on and off the pitch, from our elite players, our toddlers to the grey-haired weekend warriors battling. Don’t hesitate and register for Christchurch United Football Club on for the 2017 season or come to visit our facility to see what is possible for young, and older, footballers, right here in Christchurch.


Tuesday February 7 2017



The power of Snack on exercise

chlorophyll Chlorophyll is a truly amazing substance with powerful health benefits. It is the green pigment found in plants they use to make energy through photosynthesis. It is a rich source of natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, which are essential in balancing and maintaining the alkalinity of the body. Ideally we want our body to be slightly alkaline as an acidic body is prone to unhealthy organisms that can damage organs, the immune system and may lead to allergies, asthma, congestion, fatigue, frequent colds, headaches, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, skin problems, ulcers, weight gain and over the long term arthritis, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and stroke. The biggest contributor to acidity in the body is our modern diet. Excess acidity is caused by eating processed foods, too much animal protein, dairy products and processed grains such as corn and wheat. Normally the kidneys maintain our acid/alkaline balance by adjusting the electrolyte levels in the body. The electrolytes are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The best source of these electrolytes is raw fruits and vegetables as cooking depletes alkalising minerals. Green drinks made with fresh vegetables or powders are very alkalising as they contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is structurally similar to our

own blood and alkalises the blood. Chlorophyll is available in concentrated liquid form and is an ideal way to help alkalise and mineralise the body. Generally 5-15ml is taken straight or diluted in water or juice. Chlorophyll is a powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent for the body and blood. It acts as a natural internal deodoriser, helping with body odour, bad breath, promoting good digestive function and supporting overall health and wellbeing. Chlorophyll supports efficient oxygen transportation by the blood and as a result can improve energy and make you feel more refreshed and invigorated. Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy have premium GO-CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE liquid on special at $23.90 saving you $6.00 for the 500ml bottle. They also have an amazing New Year deal (while stocks last) where you can receive the GO-CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE FREE if you buy two heavily discounted select top selling GO-HEALTHY products for only $20.00 each. You can choose from a range of products including: magnesium, Co-Q10, sleep, weight loss, multi, adrenal support, and many more. Further information is available from the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are Always Happy to Help!

Health or lack of time can prevent people from exercising. That’s why Sue Bustard is encouraging people to do small bursts of exercise with the Aircycle – an inflatable cushion which aids natural arthritis care by improving circulation, joint flexibility and strengthening muscle. “We spend four minutes each day, brushing our teeth and looking after one small part of our bodies. ‘Snacks’ of exercise – two or three minutes – can make a huge difference to our entire bodies. You can stand on one leg while waiting for the kettle to boil, do knee lifts, step ups or jog on the spot. When sitting with a coffee, using the computer

or watching TV, the Aircycle provides a great way to ‘snack’ on exercise and keeps joints and muscles moving which helps strengthen legs, boosts circulation and relieves arthritic pain, swollen ankles and cramps.” Sue explains the Aircycle exercises are so simple, users can keep them up every day, week, and year for the rest of their lives. “You will always be able to exercise this way. For fast results, improved circulation, fewer aches and pains, stronger muscles, ‘snack’ frequently. Small things can make a big difference.” or 0800 141415

Amazing Island Miracle Oil Revered for centuries by Polynesians and Southeast Asians for its remarkable skin anti-aging and healing properties, Dilo oil comes from the nut of the sacred Dilo tree, “the tree of a thousand virtues”. The Dilo tree draws its sustenance directly from the nutrient rich warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Dilo oil is also called “the beauty oil” as it can penetrate all three layers of the skin offering exceptional cell hydration and regeneration. It has a unique ability to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and the formation of new tissue giving it powerful anti-aging properties that can help reduce lines, blemishes, scars, stretchmarks, dry or scaly skin, skin redness and repair damaged skin.

It also possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and sun protective properties and is commonly used on most skin ailments including rosacea, pimples, ulcers and sores, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, blisters, skin eruptions, warts, insect bites and stings, athlete’s foot, burns, sunburn, cuts and cracks, nappy rash, and many more often with incredible results. Also it is used for joint and muscular pain and may even help stimulate healing. Further information is available from the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are Always Happy to Help!


Boost circulation and gently exercise while you sit – it’s so easy!


you can stop him snoring with a

SNOREX Why put up with a broken night’s sleep? Ph 377-4318 or 027 682 1752 DENISE LIM


Pain & stiffness Swollen ankles Night cramps Painful hands Balance & mobility Sore legs/numb feet Travel & office sitting Diabetes foot problems Stroke rehab/Parkinson’s

Detox for FREE when you buy two heavily discounted selected top selling GO-HEALTHY products for only $20.00 each. Receive a FREE bottle of premium GO CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE worth $29.90 with every two products purchased while stocks last. CHOOSE FROM: (All Only $20.00 each) • GO-MAGNESIUM, 500mg, 60’s, save $14.90 • GO-COQ10, 400mg, 30’s, save $19.90 • GO-SLIM GARCINIA GOLD, 60’s, save $14.90 • GO-MAGNESIUM SLEEP, 60’s, save $12.90 • GO-FISH OIL, 2000mg High Potency, 230’s, save $19.90 • GO-STRESS REMEDY, 30’s, save $9.90 • GO-MULTI EVERYDAY, High Potency, 60’s, save $19.90 • GO-B COMPLEX, High Potency, 60’s, save $19.90 • GO-ADRENAL SUPPORT, 60’s, save $16.90 • GO-SUGAR BLOCK, 60’s, save $17.90

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE

Chlorophyll is refreshing, pleasant tasting, & naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids & antioxidants as well as a powerful cleansing agent. Chlorophyll cleanses & detoxifies the body & blood. It acts as a natural internal deodoriser, helping with body odour, bad breath & promoting good digestive function.

$ 39 90

Available from pharmacies, Diabetes CHCH, More Mobility, Aspire CHCH




or by calling 0800 14 14 15

NATURAL HEALING & BEAUTY OIL As seen on Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty Revered for centuries by Polynesians & Southeast Asians for its remarkable skin anti-aging & healing properties, Dilo oil comes from the nut of the sacred Dilo tree, “the tree of a thousand virtues”. Dilo oil is often called the beauty oil as it can penetrate all three layers of the skin offering exceptional cell hydration & regeneration. It has a unique ability to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells & this gives it powerful anti-aging & healing properties that can help reduce lines, blemishes, scars & damage to the skin. It also possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal & antioxidant properties. Dilo Oil Supports • Anti-aging & skin regeneration, helps reduce lines, blemishes, scars & stretch marks • Skin hydration • Skin repair & growth, helps feed the skin & stimulate healthy new cells • Wound healing & skin protection from bacteria, viruses & fungus • Most skin problems, rosacea, pimples, ulcers & sores, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, blisters, skin eruptions, warts, insect bites & stings, athlete’s foot, burns, nappy rash etc. • Joint & muscular pain


100% PURE & ORGANIC 50ml

only $19.90


only $29.90


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health




110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:

110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:






Tuesday February 7 2017


Take a trip with Third Aged Tours Taking people aged over 50 on trips around New Zealand and the world for nearly 20 years has earned Third Age Tours a brag book that Director Brenda CorbyYarrall says “businesses would give their eye teeth for.” Taking small groups of 10 – 24 people means I can operate the tour in a relaxed, companionable manner. We have an absolute blast when we’re away. It’s all about having fun. Most of my trips are run annually because they’re so popular, but I’m always adding new destinations - like “Sicily, South Italy & Vatican” + “Cuba”, as people ask for them. Brenda checks out all accommodation before booking it, and ensures the party spends at least a few nights at each place. That way you don’t feel like you’re living out of a suitcase. Many clients now have made over 20 tours with us, one has completed a whopping 27 tours. My clients tell me they keep coming back because

of the size of the groups and our relaxed manner. My motto is ‘There are no strangers, only friends waiting to meet.’ We gather together for breakfast at 8.30am which sets us up for the day and everybody thinks is a very civilised hour. I organise incredible trips at incredible prices. Look around, you can’t find better for all we include. For more information, phone 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 or email her on



Aspire Canterbury offers support, advice and resources to older people and those with impairments, their families and caregivers. Removing barriers to everyday living for individuals, Aspire Canterbury inspires people to live life to the fullest no matter what their difficulties. The Disability Information Service is a source of valuable information about the various services available to people with short or long term impairments and professionals from community/health organisations. Visit Aspire Canterbury’s shop at 314 Worcester Street or visit their website for more information and resources. They also have an online shop selling a wide selection of easier living aids, and offer rental services for wheelchairs, ramps and walkers. Aspire also has a mobile service which is available for free, fun, interactive presentations of all their equipment and services to retirement homes/ villages and any other community groups wanting a speaker. For more information visit, 03 366 6189

Third Age Tours

2015 NZ Disability Information Centre of the Year

Small Group Tours for the over 50s Domestic and International

Support and Resources for Independent Living Can we help you or someone you support?

Great Prices!

Disability Information Service – a ‘one stop information service’ which offers unbiased advice to assist people navigate their way to organisations or services that can provide them with support or advice.

england/Wales & Yorkshire Dales 24 August - 23 September 2017 enchanting Ireland & Scotland 1 June - 26 June 2017 curiosities of cuba May 2017 neW Treasures of Turkey On Hold & TBA captivating croatia, Slovenia montenegro & Venice 16 June - 10 July 2017 Vietnam & cambodia 3 - 25 October 2017 Beautiful norfolk Island 22 - 29 October 2017 neW Sicily, rome & Southern Italy October 2017

Aspire Canterbury Shop – shop online or call in to our shop at 314 Worcester Street and view our range of easier living products We also hire out wheelchairs, ramps and walkers. walkers to purchase (FroM $230) or hire


South Island Tours Glorious Autumn in Arrowtown 20 - 25 April 2017 catlins/Stewart Island 9 - 17 February 2017 White herons, Glaciers & Alpine loop Tour neW 30 Jan - 4 Feb 2017

PluS oTher DeSTInATIonS! For a Free InFormATIon PAck contact Brenda

Third Age Tours Ph 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 Freephone: 0800 927 725 |


Total Mobility Discounted Taxi Service – a scheme which provides 50% discounts on taxi journeys to eligible people in the Christchurch area who, due to health conditions, are unable to access public transport. Contact us for more information on 03 366 9093 or visit our website.

per week Mobile Service – Fun interactive presentations of our information, services and easier living equipment. We come to you! To book our presenter to speak to your group call Richard at numbers below or email mobileservices@ 121 Skyhawk Road

Mobility scooter demonstrations available. Aspire Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to the community since 1981 Physical Address: 314 Worcester Street Linwood Christchurch

Postal Address: PO Box 32074 Christchurch 8147

Ph: 03 366 6189 Freephone: 0800 347 242 Ph: (Total Mobility) 03 366 9093 Mobile Service: 027 588 9700 E: W:


Tuesday February 7 2017


REAL ESTATE Waterfront Gem 28 Esplanade, Sumner Auction 16th February 2017 (unless sold prior) 4 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 2 Living Rooms | 1 Dining Room | 2 Car Garage | 2 Off Street Carparks - Listing No: FM5064

Properties in this location are tightly held and are rarely becoming available and it is almost impossible to find an original character home let alone on Sumner’s waterfront. Positioned right opposite Cave Rock, Scarborough and Sumner Beaches and boasting one of the few homes on the Esplanade with rear access and views in both directions. Views encapsulate Scarborough Heads sweeping over Sumner Beach and right along the coastline to the Kaikoura Ranges and the Southern Alps. Built approximately 100 years ago when craftsmanship was valued this graceful character home has great street appeal, good bones and untapped potential. Clearly cherished and lovingly maintained with gleaming timber floors throughout and a good old fashioned ambience. All the ground floor is dedicated to two generous sized living rooms, one which is open plan with the kitchen and has French doors opening on to the rear garden, the other being the formal dining and living room area. Upstairs hosts four bedrooms, two that are large and

two smaller plus a sunroom which is sure to be the best seat in the house. The grounds are much larger than first appear with a well laid out back area for the family to enjoy, rear access from the ROW (off Burgess St) and off street parking, garage and a workshop/studio/storage room. This is an ideal location to raise your family and offers a beachy laid back lifestyle. Enjoy a surf or swim after work or a morning stroll along the Esplanade. Life doesn’t get much better than this. With a myriad of village shops, cafes and boutiques within close proximity from your door, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of such a prime address. A treasured family home for the past 35 years, it is now time for our owner to say goodbye. Here’s your chance to stamp your mark and purchase this special property. Your earliest inspection is highly recommended. Open Home Dates: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m until auction day. See you at one of the Open Days, or for a private viewing or for more information contact Alison Carter of Harcourts Grenadier Ferrymead (Licensed Agent REAA 2008) on 384 7950 or mobile 0274 318 960.

Photo not taken from property.

Kapuka Lane, Kennedys Bush 1500m² to 3983m² and priced from $349,000 to $495,000

sold sold


sold sold

Here is a special opportunity to build your own mini estate in the boutique subdivision of Kapuka Lane set in Kennedys Bush. Each section will offer commanding views of the rural country side and winery below. Each site has been designed with care to protect the view from the building platform and with the spaciousness of each site you can select where to place your new home to ensure maximum sunshine with maximum views. This is a chance to have a taste of country life with city living benefits. Kapuka Lane consists of eleven sections (two of which are sold), each having a gently sloping building platform and facing to bask in the evening sun. The majority of the sections are gently sloping with the larger sections that have a steeper part still retaining a large potential easier sloping area to build your home. Ranging in price from $349,000 to $495,000 and in size from 1500m² to 3983m² and each title issued, immediate possession is available to give you the opportunity to begin your new dream home.

Dyers Road Landscape & Garden Supplies • Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we supply the best available • Aggregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse • Pavers & Schist products • Pungas • Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks • Trailer Hire first hour free with purchase • Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered

r! e v i l e d l l i w We

P 0800 DEBBIE 027 777 0411



Phone: 03 384 6540

Y o u r a g e n t, Y o u r h o m e , Y o u r f u t u r e



183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS

David, Carol & Mike

Weekdays 7.30am-5pm. Weekends 8.30am-3pm

For all your blind repair and cleaning requirements The Blind Care Company has been cleaning and repairing the region’s blinds for over 60 years. Those six decades have seen changes in both fashion and technology. Styles have ranged from festooned fabric swags to straightforward and still popular holland roller blinds, from vertical to horizontal slat systems, and in every colour or pattern popular since the 1960s. Whatever your style, the Blind Care Company has the expertise to keep your window treatments looking fresh and working efficiently. Using only ecofriendly chemicals, the build-up of dirt, dust, grease, nicotine and smoke residue

can be removed so that your blinds smell fresh and are restored to their original glory. The company can repair blinds also, having a huge range of parts in stock. And if you want something completely new, a great range of blinds is available for purchase. The company prides itself on efficient service, providing a fast turn-around, with most work taking one or two days, and a same day cleaning option is available. It makes it as easy as possible for clients. The Cashel Street location couldn’t be more convenient and a pickup and drop-off service is available. 150 blinds per day can be cleaned at this site,

or one of their mobile vans can do up to 50 per day. That means they will come to your home or office, remove and clean your blinds on the spot and reinstall them for you. A cut-down and size alteration service is available in order that the blinds you bought are a perfect fit. They are experts in their field with a huge amount of experience to draw on. In fact, all their staff has been on board for at least 8 years, and many up to 20 years. Whatever the job involves, they will work hard to make sure it gets done, including one job of 800 blinds which they completed in 4 days.

Find them at 330 Cashel Street Call 3770770 email: or visit


Tuesday February 7 2017


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Phone our local team 03 379 1100

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Wright Enterprises Build Limited

Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

You don’t have to struggle on alone.

Ph: (03) 377 5280

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Ph: 377-5814

Rexellent Rentals

Cars, Vans, Brisbane, Coolangatta

FREE CALL 0800 601 508


For all your property and cleaning requirements Trained, insured & security screened owner/operators Multi-award winning systems & Franchises Franchises Available

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14 Brighton Mall, New Brighton

WEDDINGS, Civil Union Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals and Unveilings - Jenni Gibson Ph/Fax 324-8332, 021 723-089. www.

If you need help getting your garden back in order after repairs, need any type of landscape construction work or garden restoration.

Michael Gale


Plumbing Ltd


Ph 021 272 0303


AAA CArpentry licensed builder practitioner all property maintenance small job expert by tradesman / handyman free quotes city wide call now 03 3870770 or 027 245 5226

TYRES Secondhand, most sizes, from $30 fitted, Also batteries, 217 Waltham Road, 027 476 2404

ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 3266740 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch

For Sale HANDBAG Genuine Guess Leilani box bag CR240831 sand/neutral colour, sz 42cm long x 22cm high, excellent condition only $160 ono ph 020 444 4204

and Garden

A GARDEN PROFESSIONAL NEEDED? Qualified Horticulturist, offering expert pruning, garden makeovers, garden design and landscaping, for free quotes call Bryce 027 6888196 or 0508 242-733 A GARDEN OR LANDSCAPING TIDY UP? Shrub, hedge & tree pruning, Lawns, Gardening, consistently reliable general property upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10 yrs experience, One off tidy ups or on-going service. Nick’s Property Maintenance. Keeping your garden beautiful. Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

Holiday Accommodation

Health & Beauty

Centre of Excellence

AVENUE HEALTH 202 Bealey Ave

New purpose-built surgical facility • Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery • Skin Medicine & Dermatology • Skin Cancer Surgery

QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:

388 4780

For all Plumbing • Roofing/ spouting • Maintenance • Installations Small work no problem

ROOF PAINTING Rope & harness a speciality, no scaffolding required, 30 years of breathtaking experience. FREE QUOTES Exterior staining, exterior painting, moss and mould treatment and waterblasting

Phone Kevin 027 561 4629

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597

BUILDer For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067. BUILDer LICenSeD available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 CArrIer LoCAL experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 CArpenter HANDYMAN - Small Job Specialists, Carpentry, Repairs, Decking & Maintenance, 40 years experience, no job too small, Ph Warren 03 3221103 or 027 697-8541

Cracked tiles? Dirty grout? Old or mouldy silicon?

Jewellery Dr Ken Macdonald

MB ChB (Edin), FRACP, FRCPE, FRCP (Lond), FNZDS Phone 03 379 9467

WATCHES Ladies Versace, Gucci & Calvin Klein, brand new in boxes, bracelet design excellent price $99.95 each, plse ph ChCh 020 444-4204

E Antony Wright 021 111 1703 John Wright 0274 343 323 AH 03 347 4347

Ph 0800 27 24 46 |

Concrete Removal & Trucking Driveways, paths, sheds, garages, site clearances We also deliver and spread landscaping supplies – topsoil, bark chip, shingle etc.

Things we offer... Competitive/affordable pricing Attention to detail Professional service free quotes/insurance scopes

For fast friendly service phone

Nick on 0274 324 124

Cell 0278 145 848



residential - commercial - industrial New Builds electrical and lighting design Renovations New Builds incl. rewires, switchboard upgrades, basic additional lights & power / data points, garden lighting, spa power Renovations Home Ventilation Home Ventilation heat transfers and positive pressure systems Alarm System Installation Alarm System Installation Electrical Safety Inspections incl. the latest smart phone control and monitoring


Remember... we are NOT in Parkhouse Road

CallWilliam Williamfor for a a free 021021 594594 442442 or Call freequote: quote: email: email:

Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd) P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS nO GREEn wastE In anY OF OUR COMPOst

We are proud members of:


Shop with us and Give Hope.

Te Ope Whakaora

Brett Ph 03 358 5105 or 027 746 7632


Exposed Aggregate Stamped Concrete Plain Concrete Resurfacing

Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association

The Roofing Specialists

New Homes Renovations Alterations Re-roofing Re-cladding to older buildings Family owned & operated

criteria apply • House, deck, carport & window canopy etc • Warm & dry in winter • UV protection for summer • Customised & Tailored • Café curtains fitted Chris Thorndycroft • 5 year warranty

• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs


Ph 364 7080 (24 hour) Mob 027 438 3943

15 month

INTEREST FREs E Normal lendin g


Appliance Services


Car Parts

W.E. Build

Professional, personalised service. Regular & one-offs. Fixed price.


Therapy Professionals Ltd’s physio, speech language, music, occupational therapists and dietitians can make life easier. Don’t wait, go private! We can help.

We come to you. Contact us now!


Is ageing, disability, injury or illness making life difficult?

With care and respect we will remove your dwelling. Our policy is to recycle as much as we can. We are a local company specialising in residential properties. We will endeavor to cater for your individual needs.

Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.15pm 62 Poulson Street, Addington 300 Lincoln Road, Lincoln PH: 338 5154 Your donations of household goods support our emergency housing hostel



Tuesday February 7 2017



Trades & Services

Phone our local team 03 379 1100


CARPET & Vinyl Laying. Repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching. Email jflattery@xtra., ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416




Replace, repair or new. We are a local company with over 10 yrs exp. We also operate a digger for all other earthworks.

Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

ElECTRiCiAn Rewire specialists. Some old wiring, some new, get a free appraisal and quote. Switch boards, LED lighting, garages, spas you name it we do it. Give the boys at Turned On a ring, phone Muzza 022 6177275 FEnCE PAinTing Staining Quality at a reasonable price. Free quotes. Phone Warren today on 980-1676 or 027 2014713 FURniTURE REMOVAlS Large Trucks $95 + GST per hour 7 day NZ wide, packing & moving, Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 0800 359 9313 HAnDyMAn Silver Threads. A bunch of nice friendly mature tradies, builders, electricians, painters, landscapers, section tidying. Ring for a free quote 022 140-7852 lAnDSCAPing Paving, Lawns, Irrigation, Decking, Fencing. Kanga & small digger services. Check out Squire Landscaping on facebook. FREE QUOTES. Ph Arthur 347-8796, 027 220-7014 Edwin 027 2207154 lAnDSCAPing Mini Digger hire for drainage & section development. Ph Silver Threads 022 140 7852 lED / DOWnligHT replacement. Huge new year special, get those troublesome downlights replaced with modern LED lights from $38 + GST inclusive. Ring the boys at Turned On for free advice & quotes. Call Muzza 022 6177 275





Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

OVEn ClEAning Professional cleans $50.00. Gift Vouchers avail. Phone 0800 6836253 or 027 228-0025

ROOFing Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email RUbbiSH REMOVAl From Kleensacks to truck loads, the messier th better. Trees, flat clean ups. Call Silver Threads 022 1407852 SPiDERS / FliES ANNOYING YOU? We can help! Certified Pest Control 022 507 3787 info@certifiedpestcontrol. SPOUTing ClEAning Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034 TilER For all your tiling needs, new, existing & replacement of tiles, free quotes, ph Jared 021 023 58414 Tiling Quality jobs done on time. All aspects of tiling. Reg Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027 334 4125 TilER/CARPEnTER 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440. TREES BIG OR SMALL, tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 TREE WORK Hedge trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 435-8759 T.V. SERViCE CEnTRE Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400 UPHOlSTERER Dining Chairs, Lounge suites, Caravan Squabs etc. recovered. Free Quotes. Phone Graeme 383-1448

VHS ViDEO TAPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WATERblASTing Quality Job, Quick Service by skilled tradesman, Ph Richard Severin at Jet-X 0800 538 969 Free quotes, visit

PAinTER AVAilAblE All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 PAinTing & PLASTERING. Excellent finish. Domestic & Commercial. Ph Chris 027 223 8542 PlASTERER Gib Stopping, Small job specialty. 30 + years experience. Ring 0800 387-369 PlUMbER ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231 PlUMbER A Top Plumbing job completed at a fair price, prompt service, all work guaranteed, Ph Brian 9607673 or 021 112-3492


7pm Whitfords Bar

TAB & Gaming


Function Facilities HOUSIE Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Thanks to our principal sponsor:

PAinTER Top quality work, interior/ exterior, pensioners discount, free quotes, 30 years experience, I stand by Canterbury, ph Wayne your friendly painter 03 385-4348 or 027 274-3541


Cafe open from 11am


Valentines Day $3 0 2 COURSE SPECIAL

SHUTTLE Tuesday - Saturday




CARS Wanted. Fair prices paid, quick and easy process, money paid directly into your bank account, friendly local service, call Tim Koller ph 03 390 1717

Wanted To Buy

CASH FOR STAMPS Do you have an Old Stamp Collection tucked away somewhere? It could be worth a fortune! We are currently buying old collections and can come to you for larger collections or if you are unable to come in.

Call Matt Power 0800 239 325 The Stamp Exchange

AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156 A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045

$10 Members / $12 Non





Ph 347 9354 or 027 476 2404


Open 7 Days from 5.30pm

Vehicles Wanted

$ $ $






GREAT DINING - downstairs -

ClubBISTRO Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm

Midweek $10 SPECIAL ROAST Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Members Lucky Card Draw


GREAT DINING - upstairs -

PIERVIEW Restaurant

Quality a la carte with a view! Open from 5.30pm FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY





3 courses $25

Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat







By the Seaside! 10.30am-2.30pm

202 Marine Parade Ph 388-9416

Members, guests and affiliates welcome

Saturday 11th February, 7.30pm

Door sales $45 or from Corporate Tables Available, ph 022 329 9624 For more details phone 021 223 4002


OPEN 7 DAYS LUNCH & DINNER Gluten Free & Vegetarian options

Hornby WMC 17 Carmen Rd, Hornby Phone 03 349 9026 Members, guests & affiliates welcome


Tuesday February 7 2017

‘Famous for their roasts!’

Start your day with us


Kid's SPECIAL Two courses

$10 We are open from 6.30am

We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area.

Cooked breakfasts

Seniors SPECIAL $ 20 Two courses


Check out our extensive breakfast menu from Continental to Cooked

Soup/Roast or Special available lunch only Roast/Dessert Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150

Lunch & Dinner All you can eat, 7 days

Bookings Essential PH

386 0088




le availab from



Live Music: Rhonda Campbell




Tuesday February 7 2017


See instore for

Valentine’s Day Savings





99 kg

99 kg

Fresh NZ Beef Rump Steak

First Of The Season Royal Gala Apples





99 each

99 bag

Country Fresh Carrots 1.2kg

Whittaker’s Chocolate Block 250g

2 for


$ 50






Alpine Mild/Colby/Edam Cheese 1kg


Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg

Molenberg Bread 700g




Steinlager Pure/Stella Artois 12 x 330ml Bottles


$ 99




Selaks Premium Selection 750ml

FreshChoiceNZ FreshChoiceNZ

Hummingbird Coffee 200g

355 332 4432 6364

FreshChoice FreshChoice Merivale Barrington

256 189Barrington Papanui Road, Street, Christchurch Christchurch. Certain Certain products products may may notnot be be available available in all in all stores. stores. Savings Savings areare based based onon non-promotional non-promotional price. price. Limits Limits may may apply. apply. Open Prices Prices apply apply from from Tuesday Tuesday 2nd 7th August February to Sunday to Sunday 7th August 12th February 2016, or2017, whileor stocks while last. stocks last. Open7am-11pm, 7am – 9pm,77days. days.

Owned and Owned and operated operated by bylocals locals

FCSV0702 FCNO0208

FreshChoiceBarrington Merivale FreshChoice



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Southern View 07-02-17  

Southern View 07-02-17