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School uncertain about the impact of closing Winters Rd By Andrew King A SECTION of Winters Rd will be permanently shut to vehicles to make way for the Christchurch Northern Corridor bringing positive and negative effects for a primary school. The project will be a four-lane highway running from Chaneys Cnr to Cranford St. It aims to ease congestion in the north of the city and is expected to be completed by 2020. From February 7, the road in Mairehau, between property numbers 137 and 143, will be closed. Papanui Primary School is on the corner of Fraser and Cranford Sts. Principal Paul Kingston (above) said there are positive and negative effects to the closure. He said there will be more vehicles using the Fraser and Cranford Sts intersection outside the school and it limits access options for staff, parents and pupils. “But on the upside, there will be reduced ‘through’ traffic which often speed,” he said. “We’ll have to wait and see

CLOSING: The red circle in the photo shows where Winters Rd will close. A tunnel will be constructed underneath the motorway for pedestrians and cyclists. PHOTO: CNC ALLIANCE

how driver behaviour changes to see if any safety issues arise and work with the appropriate

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authorities and our community to mitigate these.” He said the project will benefit


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the wider community. A tunnel will be constructed to allow pedestrians and cyclists

to pass under the motorway and is expected to be completed within six months. The Northern Corridor project includes the construction of a new road between QE II Dr and Cranford St, and the four-laning of Cranford St to Innes Rd. The new motorway will bring an estimated 20,000 extra vehicles a day into St Albans once finished. The city council will put together a team to come up with a downstream effects management plan to identify the traffic issues on surrounding residential streets. The team would then come up with strategies to mitigate those effects, which would go out for public consultation. Traffic congestion would become “increasingly severe” in Main North Rd, Cranford St and Marshland Rd if the new road was not built, the city council said.


Tuesday January 31 2017 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

AARON KEOWN has always been one to think outside of the square, and on page 3 today he’s doing it again. Keown, elected back onto the city council late last year, campaigned to do something about the Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds intersection. To his credit he is backing up his campaign by pushing for the changes in 2017. More than 1700 people signed a petition he set up pre-election. To that end he is offering anyone $100 if they can come up with an intersection in Christchurch that has the same issues as Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds. He’ll use that as part of his case to get funding included in the Annual Plan. So good on you Aaron for pushing through with what you promised. – Barry Clarke



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Tuesday January 31 2017

News Keown’s $100 intersection By Andrew King ONE HUNDRED dollars is up for grabs to anyone who can find an intersection in Christchurch which has the same amount of lanes – and no traffic lights – like one in Harewood. City councillor Aaron Keown has laid down the challenge and will give $100 to the first person who can find an intersection the same as Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds. “All up, there are 10 lanes that converge at that point. I don’t think there is another intersection like that in the city, that doesn’t have lights,” he said. The intersection has been labelled dangerous by local schools and residents. Nor’West News reported in September that residents, schools and elected officials all want a change to the intersection due to near misses with school pupils, cars and cyclists. More than 1700 people signed a petition set up by Cr Keown calling for lights to be installed. It was also the main focus of his 2016 campaign to be elected on to the city council in the Harewood Ward.


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CHALLENGE: City councillor Aaron Keown has offered $100 to the first person who can find an intersection like the Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds without lights in the city. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

He is now using the petition to lobby for money to be set aside for the upgrade in the city council’s annual plan. A draft version of the annual plan is expected to be finished in mid to late March and put out for public consultation. “There has been unprecedented interest in this intersection. I am still receiving phone calls and emails asking

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me what is going on,” Cr Keown said. He plans to set up a public meeting “within the next few weeks” at the site to find out what people would like to see installed and hear more of their concerns. “That way we could reduce costs later down the line because we have a lot of the information that consultation

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would show,” he said. City councillor Yani Johanson attempted to get the $100 by suggesting Linwood Ave and St Johns St, but it only has eight lanes which meet. HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you know of an intersection that has 10 lanes converging without traffic lights? Let us know. Email andrew.king@

CANTABRIANS NOW have a great new news website to go to. launched yesterday with articles and video on news, events, opinion and other material from around our region. CTV, which ended as a television broadcast channel in December, has been transitioned on to the website. “We are unashamedly local and – like our free print publications – will be our online medium for all the news, views and information Cantabrians need,” said Star Media chief executive Steve McCaughan. would also be a great medium for advertisers, he said. Star Media is a multi-media company which publishes community newspapers Nor’West News, Southern View, Pegasus Post, News, Western News, Bay Harbour News, Selwyn Times, The Star, Style magazine, Kiwi Gardener, Rugby News and a host of other niche publications, and has events like City2Surf and The Home Show. The company has moved premises and is now at 359 Lincoln Rd.


Tuesday January 31 2017


Your Local Views

Trump changing politics


McMaster Heap

Veterinary practice

KIDNEY SURGERY A 6 year old Golden Lab called, you guessed it, LOLA, came to see us for a referral ultrasound at the end of last year because she had been urinating “clots” of blood. She was clinically bright and alert at the visit but did have a history of possibly having access to rat bait 7 days earlier. The abdominal ultrasound was performed by Catherine and she found a possible bleed into the left kidney but no sign of tumours anywhere else. A wide range of blood and urine testing was performed, including clotting times in case of rat bait access, and all showed up very normal, apart from evidence that she had experienced a recent bleed. So initially she was discharged on Vitamin K in case of rat bait and antibiotics. She seemed bouncy and was of course still ravenous but a follow up ultrasound was scheduled for the following week to check to see if the haemorrhage had resolved in the left kidney.

She returned happily to see Kirsty the following week looking great. No further blood clots were seen in her urine. The ultrasound of the left kidney appeared in worse shape – the kidney was increased in size and still full of fluid – blood? Specialists were consulted and it was agreed that a CT scan was needed to rule in or out cancer. Kirsty accompanied Lola to her CT scan. The radiologist noted marked pathological changes in the left kidney that resembled a rapidly progressing primary kidney tumour. No sign of cancer was seen in the lungs or other parts of the abdomen. It was decided that she needed a nephrectomy ( removal of the left kidney) fairly urgently while she still essentially well. Her right kidney was functioning normally ( as seen on CT scan and via the bloods)and without surgery her prognosis was probably less than 1 month. So Kirsty and myself put our hands up to operate on Lola. A nephrectomy surgery is not to be taken lightly so we did our research before attempting the left kidney removal ( text book reading, U tube videos, consulting with other surgeons). We had a blood donor dog, a German shepherd called Pepper, on standby in case she lost a lot of blood or we couldn’t control surgical bleeding.

My Lola frequently gave blood but since she’s had a renal tumour removed and undergone chemotherapy, she can no longer have blood drawn. It is important for a clinic to have access to a healthy, young, disease free canine patient in the case a blood transfusion is needed. Collecting blood is largely straight forward although the donor dog often needs to be sedated as the collection needle is large bore and goes into the jugular vein. The patient must lay very still while we are collecting the blood. Pepper did an amazing job and her blood was sent to the After hours clinic with Lola in case she required it. The surgery was a complete success, and even though there were a few tense moments during the 2 hour operation, Kirsty and I were thrilled with the final outcome. Her left kidney and ureter were carefully removed and the bleeding controlled. Georgie did a superb job of anaesthetic monitoring – not straight forward at all. Lola woke up brilliantly and has really never looked back. Her owners were very thrilled and grateful for the work our entire team carried out from start to finish. And the best news being, the mass in the kidney wasn’t “cancer”, the kidney was diseased, non functioning and had a large blood clot present. Lola will need ongoing monitoring to make sure the surviving kidney maintains good health. This will be done by regular blood and urine testing with her primary vet in Ashburton. Just like with my Lola, we are out of the woods but still need to keep our eyes open for any small changes. My Lola did have kidney cancer confirmed so she gets 6 monthly CT scans at St Georges and 3 monthly blood and urine testing. Periodically she is fed Prescription kidney diets but for now her surviving kidney is holding up well. Long may it last – my Lola is now swimming and relaxing up in the Bay of Islands with the family. Take home message – consult your vet immediately if your dog passes clots of blood in the urine. This isn’t normal.

Has Donald Trump revived politics? It seems to be the topic every media outlet across the globe is reporting – the Donald Trump presidency. While we have seen him already make controversial moves like remove the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and adopt an archaic, protectionist approach to trade, the question still stands. Is a Trump presidency likely to improve the awareness of politics and the importance of voting? One of the struggles inherent with local government elections is the lack of awareness or engagement and the resulting low voter turnout. In the 2016 elections, only 40 per cent of Christchurch voters cast a ballot. For an organisa-

tion tasked with spending millions of dollars every year on roads, traffic, waterways, parks and collecting rubbish, there isn’t much of everyday life that isn’t impacted by the work overseen by elected representatives. Now, while I don’t propose that our elections are comparable to the US elections, the challenge remains: How do we improve voter participation and increase the awareness of what your city council and community board do for you? I’ve taken a different approach in the Waimairi Ward. Firstly, by working with local residents on key issues, such as challenges with urban planning and development, parking and traffic issues, and the under utilisation of our parks and recreational areas. Secondly, I’ve been working to raise awareness of the importance of

democratic participation. As a young representative, passionate about getting youth involved in not only our community, but the democratic process, more can be done. I challenge you to talk to someone under the age of 30 and discuss the importance and impact of their vote. While rubbish collection and traffic issues may not be the most appealing conversations, the point remains – will the ongoing controversy surrounding the Trump presidency, in the very least, raise awareness around the importance and impact of your democratic right to vote? HAVE YOUR SAY: What is your view on Sam MacDonald’s Soap Box? Email andrew.king@

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FendaltonWaimairiHarewood Community Board deputy chairman Sam MacDonald talks about what Donald Trump is doing to politics.

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Tuesday January 31 2017

News School’s pool sharing plan By Andrew King THE YMCA and Fendalton Open Air School could work together to keep costs down once the school’s new pool is built. Both have entered into a memorandum of understanding. Under this, the YMCA would take over the running of the pool and promote it, while the school will fundraise the $750,000 needed to build it. Board of trustees chairwoman Emily Flaszynski said it was vital to get the YMCA on board as the running costs of the pool would be too much for the school to pay on its own. “This way we can do what we do best. Educate,” she said. It would mean there will be a cost to use the pool and Ms Flaszynski said that is currently being worked through by the YMCA. There would be learn to swim classes, water safety and coaching available, Ms Flaszynski said. She said with the YMCA on board, it will become “more than just a pool.” “There is about 1800 students in the surrounding area that can use it. Locals will be able to head

POTENTIAL: When finished, the $750,000 Fendalton Open Air School pool will serve as a hub for the community. ​

down and use it and it will really bring back that community vibe,” she said. So far, the school has fundraised about $390,000 for the project. The resource consent to build has been approved and there is a preferred tender for the project already. Once the money is there, the Ministry of Education will allow it to be built.




YMCA chief executive Josie Ogden Schroeder said the YMCA is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the school on such an important project. “The vision and determination of the school to bring back the pool will be of great benefit to future generations of students, and also help build a sense of school community over the




WINZ quotes

couonNlyt dISntu 10% res new de on

summer months. We are excited to be a part of that brave vision,” she said. In March, the Harcourts Holmwood House and Garden Tour will raise money for the pool. Last year it raised $10,000. If you would like to get involved in the house and garden tour, phone Corina Grey on 027 486 0396.

(Opp Clocktower building) Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-12noon




SINCE 2012

In Brief CHARGES DENIED A man accused of breaking into the St Albans Shirley Club and setting it on fire on January 16 has denied all charges and been remanded in custody. Reece William Janetins Skipper, 38, has been charged with burglary and arson and appeared in the district court on Friday where he elected to a trail by jury. He was remanded in custody until a case review hearing on April 10. The club was broken into twice on January 16 with a second offender still at large. The two break-ins were not linked. TWO TAKEN TO HOSPITAL Two people were taken to Christchurch Hospital with moderate injuries after a vehicle crash in Marshland. A car went off the road at the intersection of Marshland and Prestons Rds at about 5.28am on January 22. St John sent two ambulances to the scene and took two people to hospital for further treatment. NOISY ROADWORKS Residents in Richmond will have noisy machinery working on North Parade and North Avon Rd tonight. As part of the northern relief wastewater repairs, CCTV investigation work will be under way. They will be working between 7pm and midnight. On North Avon Rd, a one-way traffic system heading eastbound will be in place.


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Tuesday January 31 2017



Merivale filmmaker follows Muslim skater By Georgia O’Connor-Harding ZAHRA LARI could become the first figure skater to represent the United Arab Emirates at the Winter Olympics. And a filmmaker who grew up in Merivale is determined to capture the skater make history at next year’s event in South Korea. From the moment filmmaker Niamh Peren (left), 27, stumbled across a low-quality video of the Muslim figure skater on YouTube, she instantly wanted to know more. “We became like pen pals for a little bit and I was like this is too good of a story. She is on the cusp of doing something really big,” Peren said. The filmmaker secured a week in February to travel to Abu Dhabi to create a documentary about the inspiring skater in her homeland. “I think it is a really beautiful and cinematic notion, an ice skater that comes from the desert. Like it is quite a brave sport to choose . . . the chill of the ice and the heat of the desert is just worlds apart,” she said. Peren, who attended St Margaret’s College, will travel over

with a small film crew, including London-based cinema photographer Jeremy Valender. Valender, who has shot a range of work for Burberry, Adidas, Google and Louis Vuitton, is one of the big names Peren has built up in her contact list. Peren has worked with filmmakers Jane Campion, Garth Davis and Jonathan Glazer. The film crew plans to “get to know” Lari and her home life by capturing places such as the rink she trains in, and the desert she drives past on the way to training each day. “Hopefully, she gets into the Olympics, which will be the biggest thing ever and we will go to South Korea and watch her shred it,” Peren said. Peren’s career took off when she first acted in the film Blue, which won an award in the Cannes critics’ week section of the Cannes Film Festival, when she was 17. She then started her own video-making while studying at the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland. Recently, Peren was signed to Blink Productions in London, which specialises in commercial and music video production, and she has since been travelling for her filmmaking. Peren and her crew need to

BEHIND THE LENS: Niamh Peren, who grew up in Merivale, wants to make a documentary about United Arab Emirates ice skater Zahra Lari.

raise at least $10,000 to under take the project and have so far raised about $2540 using Givealittle. She will be supported by two film companies. She said people who make donations will have their name presented in the end credits. “I think it is such an important, huge and beautiful story. Seriously, in today’s climate, if we look at the women’s march, it is really important to be telling female stories,” she said. To support the film, go to niamhperen-documentary


Tuesday January 31 2017


Former St Bede’s student gets career boost By Georgia O’Connor-Harding OLIVER DAVIDSON was going to study to become a surveyor at Otago University. But after achieving three major feats in the performing arts realm, the former St Bede’s College student has decided to take a risk. Davidson, of Papanui, will study a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Otago University after winning a $16,000 scholarship. But, not only has he had his tertiary fees covered, he was recently accepted to attend an intensive singing school in Napier earlier this month, and has been chosen to represent the country at the world championships of performing arts in Los Angeles in June. About 300 people auditioned for a place in Napier’s IFAC Handa NZ Singing School and Davidson was one of 73 chosen to attend. But, while the 11-day course focuses on helping students to accelerate their skills in singing, Davidson said what he enjoyed most was being around likeminded people. He said his junior years at St Bede’s were a struggle with some of his fellow classmates finding dancing a “weird thing.” But he said as everyone grew

up they began to see dancing as “cool” instead. “I think towards the end of my high schooling, it was quite good. There wasn’t many people like me, it made me stand out so I wasn’t just part of the norm,” he said. Having started in dance at the Patricia Paul School of Dance and Southern Ballet Theatre, his involvement in the arts began to go up a gear when he performed in all three productions produced by Showbiz Christchurch last year. Now, encouraged by his No 1 supporter, his mum, Davidson will have a crack at a career in arts. “Some people were like you are so stupid going down to Dunedin to do surveying, why are you wasting your talent?” he said. He is now hoping for the best outcome for his career from his upcoming competition at the world championships. The competition, known as the official ‘talent Olympics’ is renowned for giving scholarships to schools, such as the New York Film Academy and the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. But for now, Davidson is most excited about having the chance to “start over again” in Dunedin.

TALENT: Oliver Davidson has decided to take a risk and pursue a performing arts career. He performed in Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Evita last year. PHOTO: DANIELLE COLVIN

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Tuesday January 31 2017


News Parents urged to take care around school drop-off zones

Farm buildings to be restored

Fashion AS STUDENTS start to head back for another year of school, the city’s travel planners are urging parents to take a fresh approach to school drop-offs. City council travel advisers are urging caution around schools as more pedestrians and cyclists hit the roads. Transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said the new school year was the best time to look at your school drop-off and pick up routines and make a change to active travel. “We’re asking drivers to remember that there will be more pedestrians and cyclists about, many of them young. We’re asking drivers to be especially careful and watch their speeds around schools,” he said. Mr Thomas said if walking or cycling the entire distance from home wasn’t practical, parents could consider parking further out from the school gate. “Our school year starts back in summer so the weather is warm enough to walk, scoot or cycle at least part NEW of the way to school,” 1 LOCATION ADVERT.pdf Mr Thomas said.

By Georgia O’Connor-Harding TWO FARM buildings on the original Deans’ farm in the heart of Riccarton could be restored by the end of June. The buildings at 39 Kahu Rd, close to Riccarton House and Bush, were damaged in the February 2011 earthquake. Work is under way on the buildings, which will become a museum. The city council last week rubberstamped a heritage grant of $62,326 to help the $2.1 million repair cost. The buildings are on Christchurch Boys’ High School land and are owned by the school. Headmaster Nic Hill (above) said the grant was “wonderful news.” The school was committed to having the buildings open to the public within the first half of the year. “We are really appreciative of the support . . . it is important; 1/05/2014 11:51:35 a.m. they are the first farm buildings


REPAIRS: The badly-damaged Deans’ farm buildings will be restored by June with a concept design (left) showing what they could look like.


in Canterbury,” he said. The buildings had been used for storage until they were severely damaged in the quake. In the 1970s, fundraising had began to convert the buildings into a museum, but that never eventuated. The total cost to restore the building is estimated to be $2.1 million. The school has $1,486,468 available from insurance and has so far raised almost $150,000 for the project.

Tasty Bites

Other funding is being sought and a Givealittle page has also been set up. Mr Hill said the school would fund whatever the shortfall was to complete the project. The school has a long association with the Deans’ family. Its highest award, The Deans Scholarship, was founded in memory of Bob Deans, who was a senior monitor at the school before becoming a famous All Black. Deans etched himself into



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rugby folklore when he had a try disallowed against Wales at Cardiff Arms Park in 1905. The try would have allowed the All Blacks to draw the match. Mr Hill said the restored buildings would be the long awaited museum which would be open to the public. The Deans’ brothers, William and John, were some of the earliest European settlers in the city and were successful farmers. They set up the farm in Riccarton in 1846.


Tuesday January 31 2017



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Tuesday January 31 2017


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Tuesday January 31 2017



Zonta garage sale to boost charities

WATER FUN: Mikaylin Ivory, of Belfast, having fun in the warm weather at the end of the school holidays last week. She is playing at the Margaret Mahy Family Playground.

A GROUP of women have spent six months collecting items for a garage sale – with the proceeds to go to charity. Zonta Club of Christchurch South will hold its annual summer garage sale on February 11 with children’s toys, preserves, furniture, ornaments and linen among some of the items for sale which will be held bordering the village green on Dyers Pass Rd, Cashmere. Club president Sue Clark said the women have been busy collecting and making items to sell. “It is a lot of work but well worth it,” Ms Clark said. Members family and friends have helped by donating items as well. “It’s a white elephant sale really, with a huge array of goods, all in good order and all donated to us by friends and families. This sale is an annual event . . . and it provides us with a great start to the year.” Funds raised are all distributed to the club’s chosen charities. “We have a number of very worthwhile charities which we support and it is incredibly satisfying to be able to make substantial donations to these groups. Next up on our activities

list will be a visit to the Broadfield Garden on February 19, and tickets to this are still available to the public.” The Zonta Club of Christchurch South is part of the national Zonta network which in the last four years has donated thousands of dollars to the Sophie Elliot Foundation, principally for the publication and distribution of the book Loves Me Not. A copy of this book is given to every student who participates in a course jointly delivered by the Foundation and the New Zealand Police, and on offer to all New Zealand secondary schools. Mrs Clark says Zonta aligns itself well with the Sophie Elliot Foundation because Zonta’s prime aim is to improve the status of women worldwide. The Zonta Club of Christchurch South is well known for its annual Zonta Sports Awards which attract competition from top athletes and sportspeople in the secondary schools in the region. For more information about Zonta or tickets to the Broadfield Garden tour email or phone Sue 344 2141.

For all your blind repair and cleaning requirements The Blind Care Company has been cleaning and repairing the region’s blinds for over 60 years. Those six decades have seen changes in both fashion and technology. Styles have ranged from festooned fabric swags to straightforward and still popular holland roller blinds, from vertical to horizontal slat systems, and in every colour or pattern popular since the 1960s. Whatever your style, the Blind Care Company has the expertise to keep your window treatments looking fresh and working efficiently. Using only ecofriendly chemicals, the build-up of dirt, dust, grease, nicotine and smoke residue

can be removed so that your blinds smell fresh and are restored to their original glory. The company can repair blinds also, having a huge range of parts in stock. And if you want something completely new, a great range of blinds is available for purchase. The company prides itself on efficient service, providing a fast turn-around, with most work taking one or two days, and a same day cleaning option is available. It makes it as easy as possible for clients. The Cashel Street location couldn’t be more convenient and a pickup and drop-off service is available. 150 blinds per day can be cleaned at this site,

or one of their mobile vans can do up to 50 per day. That means they will come to your home or office, remove and clean your blinds on the spot and reinstall them for you. A cut-down and size alteration service is available in order that the blinds you bought are a perfect fit. They are experts in their field with a huge amount of experience to draw on. In fact, all their staff has been on board for at least 8 years, and many up to 20 years. Whatever the job involves, they will work hard to make sure it gets done, including one job of 800 blinds which they completed in 4 days.

Find them at 330 Cashel Street Call 3770770 email: or visit

NEW TORO DH 210 DH 210 SPECIFICATIONS • Powerful Briggs and Stratton Intek 500cc engine, with hydrostatic transmission • Tight 50cm turning circle • Width of cut: 102 cm • Monster 300 litre rear catcher, or switch to rear discharge or mulch with a tap of the foot • Height of cut: 25mm – 76mm • Front nudge bar and halogen headlights


Book a test ride online or visit our showroom today. 03 343 8960 455 Blenheim Road, Sockburn

* Visit our shrowroom for full details.



Tuesday January 31 2017



MEDALS: The St Andrew’s boys’ under-17 coxed four of Oliver Bailey, Ben Oxley, Evan Young, Flynn Dijkstra and Tom Flavill (coxswain), were one of five crews from the school to win gold. PHOTO: STEVE MCARTHUR BIG HITS: The Riccarton Knights and Papanui Tigers were two of the six teams which contested the inaugural Rolleston Nines tournament on Saturday. The tournament, at Rolleston Reserve, was won by the Linwood Keas which beat the Halswell Hornets 28-6 in the final. The Rolleston Warriors and Wycola Heat also took part.

St Andrew’s break rowing record with 16-medal haul

By Gordon Findlater ST ANDREW’S College broke records over the weekend, as Christchurch’s top rowing schools continued their Maadi Cup build up. St Andrew’s qualified for 30 A finals – a regatta record – at the South Island Rowing Championships, held over the weekend at Twizel’s Lake Ruataniwha. They went on to win 16 medals on Sunday, five of which were gold. Their first gold came in the men’s under-19 coxed four with the schools second boat complet-

ing a one-two in the race. St Andrew’s also occupied the first two podium spots in the boys’ under-17 coxed four. Meanwhile, the boys’ under-15 coxed four, men’s under-19 coxless pair oars and girls’ under-15 coxed four also came home with gold. Christchurch Boys’ High School secured the most gold medals at the regatta with seven of their nine podiums resulting in wins. They took gold in the under-17 coxed eight, under-15 coxed octuple sculls, club coxed four, under-16 coxed four, novice

coxed eight, under-15 coxed eight and open coxed eight. There was also success for Rangi Ruru Girls’ School which came away from the regatta with eight medals, five of which were gold. St Margaret’s College managed seven medals, while Christchurch Girls’ High School secured three golds in their five medal haul. The next event in the build up to March’s Maadi Cup is the Canterbury Schools’ Regatta at Ashburton’s Lake Hood on February 25.



Since being back at work, with my offices opening on 6 January, I have been out and about visiting constituents. I’m enjoying being able to meet people in my new office in Belfast and it’s great to be more accessible for Northern Christchurch residents. Thanks for the feedback to all those who’ve let me know how much the new office has helped them.

a demonstration of the first fully autonomous electric vehicle in New Zealand at Christchurch Airport. The airport provides employment opportunities in not only the terminals but also at the business and tourism park developments. Tourism is one of the cornerstones of Christchurch’s recovery, so we are lucky to have the airport right on our doorstep, with the new roading networks to feed people efficiently through the city.

I’ve enjoyed watching progress on the Western Belfast Bypass over the summer break. It’s going to be a game-changer for commuters, delivering shorter travel times and it will free up our local roads. A reliable roading system will support our economic development and growth, something that was brought home to me last week while attending

Like many families, the summer holidays usually mean a trip to Willowbank. It’s another great familyfriendly destination and the hours of fun it provides for the children is valuable during the long summer break. It’s another example of the Waimak being a great place for families.

We’re into the start of another busy year.

• Driveways • Earthquake repairs • New Home Specialists • Patios & Paths

tel: 0508 873 7483


Funded by Parliamentary Service and authorised by Matt Doocey MP, 130A Percival St, Rangiora.


Tuesday January 31 2017



Due to upcoming EQC repairs on our existing premises we have decided to vacate our Athelston Street, Barrington offices at the end of our lease which expires on the 31st January 2017

Barrington Jewellery Centre With over 100 years of combined expertise in jewellery we offer a unique service where you can purchase your engagement, wedding rings and remakes, have jewellery repaired, ring resizing and restoration completed, as well as your precious items of jewellery valued.

Clarity Diamonds

Craig Anderson

- Edwin Edmonds

– Goldsmith/ Manufacturing Jeweller

Clarity Diamonds will continue to offer their extensive range of engagement and wedding rings and remaking service by appointment only. To make an appointment as from the 1st of February phone Edwin on 982 2982 or email: edwin@ Edwin wishes to thank all those who have supported him while in Barrington and he looks forward to hearing from you again to meet your requirements and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Craig Anderson - Goldsmith, will continue to offer Jewellery Manufacture, Restoration and Repair by appointment only. Craig wishes to thank his customers for their support whilst based in Barrington. To make an appointment as from 1 February 2017 Craig can be contacted either by Mobile: 021 844 649 Email:

Clarity Diamonds was established by Edwin Edmonds to offer a personalised service to provide the best combination of style quality and value for money. Over the last 35 years Edwin has specialised in engagement and wedding rings and carries one of the largest selections in Christchurch which customers can order in the Before combinations that suit them best. Free Quotes are given and a design service is also available. Remaking of your jewellery is also a speciality at Clarity Diamonds where we can recreate your treasured pieces.

With 38 years experience at the workbench Craig specialises in jewellery repair and restoration. A member of the Goldsmiths Guild of New Zealand, Craig completed his apprenticeship in Wellington and attained his Trade Certificate in Manufacturing Jewellery in 1978. Jewellery repairs, ring resizing and restorations are carried out by Craig in his workshop on the After premises. Craig will discuss the best available options to you in regards repairs as well as advice on the care and maintenance of your precious jewellery items. Whilst no appointment is necessary Craig can be contacted on (03) 337 6576 if you wish to make a time to see him.

Remade Ring

03 332 4233 4234 Fax: 03 982 Email: jim@jvcvalu

We are Moving, our new address from Feb 1/2017 will be unit 2/301 Lincoln Road (opposite Domino’s and next door to The Addington Coffee Coop). Ph: (03) 332 4233 | Email: |


nce uation for Insura


Ruby Ring Client Name: Ad er: JC12-7834 Valuation Numb

Setting: r Designer: na, bled cast, Make SOLITAIRE RING facture: assem cross over, Item: 1 : (18ct/1.00), Manu ond set extended and pointed w gold, Stamped Shoulders diam Alloy: 18ct yello rrail: straight, Unde ed. claw, taper six tly sligh tapered weight w, near flat and estimated total Shank/Band: narro 5.37 - 5.29 mm, . ond measuring : medium good brilliant cut diam ty: low SI2, Make claw set, round Colour: I-J, Clari DIAMOND.. one ged quality of; mm, estimated apparent avera uring 1.93 - 1.95 Make: medium. 0.58 carats, with meas onds diam 1, ant cut ty: SI2-I el set, round brilli quality of; Colour: H-I, Clari chann teen Four rent averaged DIAMOND.. carats, with appa total weight 0.42 9M- #L04 DiamondLink 510 grams Item Weight: Good $6,275.00 Condition: cement Value ...... Good NRV- New Repla Durability:

date shown ned by me on the personally exami nty or guarantee. This above item was warra y certify that the not constitute a This report does ARATION - I hereb VALUERS DECL d for the purpose of Insurance. ed schedule value attach the been has with and read in conjunction 2012 GIA: ADG report should be

s: Economic Factor

Edwin Edmonds Clarity Diamonds GIA Diamond Cert.

Craig Anderson Goldsmith / Manufacturing Jeweller Member Goldsmiths Guild of N.Z. NZTCMJ

JVC Valuers, Jewellery Valuation Specialists

JVC Valuers lstan Street, 1st Fl/10a Athe Barrington Christchurch

Young, GIA: Valuer: Jim ture: Authorised signa

Professional service from professional people

20 July


Diamonds Grad

Rates US$ 0.7775 $NZ Exchange 36.09 785.52 Silver

Metal Prices (NZ$/o

6 unce) Gold 2055.1

Platinum 1857.8

7 Palladium

Last month aLone more than 700 new ZeaLanders needed to cLaim for Lost or stoLen jeweLLery and watches. if you need to cLaim now, wouLd your jeweLLery be fuLLy insured?

Why use JVC ? See why JVC Valuers, jewellery valuation specialists are leading the industry in jewellery valuation services. 1. EXPERIENCE. As we value more precious jewellery than anyone else in NZ, our valuation team have unrivalled expertise. We can value all types of jewellery, diamonds and gemstones. We value antique watches, antique jewellery, Asian 22 carat or 24 carat gold jewellery. 2. QUALITY. Our valuations meet Insurance Company standards. Your jewellery will be clearly described, cleaned, photographed and valued. (see sample in advertisement) 3. PRICE. We offer fair and transparent pricing based on the work we do, not the value of your jewellery. So there’s no hidden fees. 4. SECURITY. Your jewellery stays on our premises, all our valuations are completed in house. 5. CONVENIENT. JVC Valuers has four valuation centres conveniently located in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch (Christchurch, 1st floor 10a Athelstan Street-next to medical centre). 6. SERVICE. By appointment you can make a booking at our special Valuation Days, to have your jewellery valued within the same day. Please Phone 332 4233. 7. Check us out.

Jim Young JVC Valuers Senior Valuer GIA: Diamonds Graduate

Bei Kong JVC Valuers FGA: Gemmogolist GIA: Diamond Grading

Craig Anderson NZTCMJ By appointment only Ph: (03) 982 2982 or 0800 4 RINGS Email:

Goldsmith Jewellery Manufacture, Repair & Restoration

By appointment only Ph: (03) 337 6576 Email:

2/301 Lincoln Road Ph: (03) 332 4233 E:


Tuesday January 31 2017




New location for language school in Burnside

iel cutting Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalz y, with AEI mon cere ning the ribbon at the ope t, and guests. righ her on rne Tho hryn principal Kat

Specialist English language school, the Alpha Educational Institute (AEI), moved into new premises at the end of 2016, with an official opening by Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel. Now located in the Canterbury & Technology Park in Burnside, AEI offers a range of programmes for children through to adults, and a sister company, Alpha Homestays, arranges home stays for its international students. Director of Alpha Homestays and principal of AEI school Kathryn Thorne talks to Alpha Homestays co-ordinator Margaret Bray about the experience of hosting students and about the new facilities. Kathryn: Margaret, you yourself have hosted many students over the years. What would be some of the stand-out ‘positives’ in your mind? Margaret: You learn a lot about their culture, and you learn that it is not nationality but personality. It’s the sharing of culture, food, language and experiences. If you have children or grandchildren, there is that extra layer of positive ‘spin-offs’ all round. Another one of the good things is that you get to see your own environment through new eyes. You may have been to places many times before, but when you are showing your student around, you get to experience it

through their fresh eyes, and to enjoy it on a whole new level. Some of the popular places we have taken our students to are: Akaroa, Hanmer Springs, Lake Tekapo, the A&P Show, school fairs, the Riccarton Market, the Botanic Gardens and Canterbury Museum, canoeing on the Avon, Willowbank Wildlife Park, and simply joining in a family BBQ or watching the bright stars in our night sky. Students adjust at different rates and have to be supported through that, but generally, they love to become ‘part of the family’. Many of our students have stayed in touch over the years and even revisited us. Kathryn: What is special about the new AEI school premises where Alpha Homestays has its office now? Margaret: It’s amazing – light, bright and breezy. Beautiful grounds – lots of windows and surrounded by trees. There have been many positive comments from the students and teachers and it’s convenient for Alpha Homestays to be sharing the AEI campus. It’s very exciting to be located in this Business and Technology Park, with a lot going on around us. And our opening ceremony with our Christchurch Mayor, Leanne Dalziel, was a fantastic occasion!

A student enjoys meeting a new friend.

Canoeing on the Avon is one of the many activities students can particip ate in.

Café Berlin

Alpha Educational Institute (AEI) has now moved to 19 Sheffield Crescent, Burnside!

Delicatessen & Café

Alpha Homestays has also moved and works closely with AEI. We are looking for good, new, welcoming homestay families in this area for our International Students! We are especially interested in homes that are near to the No 17; No 120; No 125; No 29 or the Purple Line Bus routes.


You will be well paid for this service! For more information contact: Margaret Bray, Alpha Homestays Coordinator Email: | Phone: 027 348 0535 or Kathryn Thorne, Principal, AEI Email: | Phone: 03 359 1525

GIVE YOUR DOG THE GIFT OF HEALTH • Pure meat • No Chemicals • No Fillers • Dogs love Essentials • Convenient chilled roll • Affordable $1 a day for a medium dog

formulated for dogs

With our experienced real estate agents you can expect more for less

MONTY PARTI Brand & Territory Owner 0800 Pero (7376) 05 Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

Book your hair and beauty appointments for summer!

Need something to reward yourself or to entertain your guests? Come and visit us to sample German and European delicacies. 9c Normans Rd, Strowan. Ph: 03 355 0932. Open Tuesday to Saturday

Reach your local community with us To promote your business and for your free marketing plan contact:

Monique Maynard P. 364 7474 Shop 33, Bishopdale Mall Ph: 359 5118 | Mon-Sat 9.00am - 5.30pm. Closed Sundays & Public Holidays.

44 Newnham St, Southbrook, Rangiora Ph: (03) 313 3016 | Mon-Fri 9am-5.00pm. Sat 9am-12.30pm Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

Open 6 days a week Three late nights Follow us on Facebook!

HAIR 358 2007 | 162 Kendal ave, Burnside BEAUTY 3578557 | 168 Kendal ave, Burnside


Tuesday January 31 2017

Christchurch City Choir Today, 7.30-9.30pm There will be an open performance of Stainer’s The Crucifixion today at the Rutland Street Church. If you have ever wanted to sing with the choir, this is a great opportunity to find out what it’s like. Scores will be provided. For more information, phone Jody on 027 694 3640 Rutland Street Church, 12 Rutland St, St Albans CSO Music Trail Wednesday, 10.30-11.15am New in 2017, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, in partnership with Christchurch City Libraries, introduce Music Trails through the Libraries. CSO ensembles will visit 10 libraries across the city during the year. These free 45-minute performances will provide a fun and interactive way of introducing young people to live music. With elements of dance, song and stories, Music Trails through the Libraries will provide a great opportunity for children to see the instruments up close and join in on the musical fun. It will be free but a

caregiver will be required. Fendalton Library, Jeffreys Rd, Burnside Free Computer Help Friday, 10-11am Technology misbehaving? Need some advice? The team at Geeks on Wheels will offer up their time and expertise to the Papanui community in the form of free drop-in computer help sessions at the Shirley Library. The geeks are extremely knowledgeable about a myriad of different technical devices, so bring along your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and get some help from the experts. Shirley Library, 36 Marshland Rd Farm Yard Fun Saturday, 12.30-3.30pm If you love farm animals and a party, head along to Jellie Park Recreation and Sports Centre on Saturday. There will be a selection of farm animals and lolly scrambles throughout the day. Jellie Park Recreation and Sports Centre, 295 Ilam Rd, Burnside

NEW YEAR CHALLENGE: The Lunar New Year Crafts and Chopsticks Challenge will be held at the Papanui Library on Friday. Find out about your Chinese zodiac animal and make masks. Enjoy the fun rooster arts and crafts activities. Try out your chopstick skills with some fun challenges. This event will run from 3.30-4.30pm and admission will be free. Head along to the Papanui Library on the cnr of Langdons Rd and Restell St.

Laughter Club Sunday, 11am-noon Feel like a laugh? There won’t be any jokes or funny stories at the laughter club, instead it will provide a chance to laugh at nothing and relax with other people. There will be exercises through the session to focus on breathing and stretching. Entry will be $2. Scottish Society Hall, cnr of Edgeware and Caledonian Rds, St Albans

Science Snippets Monday, 3.30-4.30pm Free and fun science education activities will be provided by Science Alive. It will run weekly during term time for children aged five to 10-years-old. Fendalton Library, Jeffreys Rd, Burnside Reading to Dogs February 16, 3.30-4.30pm. This programme uses dogs which are the pets of the city






HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days

council animal management team. These furry friends have all been trained and tested for health, safety and temperament. The dogs can increase a child’s relaxation while reading. They listen attentively, don’t laugh, judge or criticise and allow children to proceed at their own pace. A dog handler will be present at all times to help facilitate the sessions. Admission will be free. Papanui Library, cnr of Langdons Rd and Restell St


Tuesday January 31 2017




Keep looking when Help your child grow in confidence you are cooking Do your children lack self-confidence, or perhaps have so much energy that they need an outlet for it? Development through drama is the ideal approach to teach confidence and channel youthful energy while building selfesteem. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has been in New Zealand for 35 years. This highly regarded international programme helps students aged 5 to 17 fulfil their potential by acting confidently and speaking clearly. Our unique, self-development programme helps achieve invaluable life skills. The confident, articulate child makes friends easily, accepts challenges and new directions. Confident children become well-rounded adults. Our fully qualified teachers are trained in the Helen O’Grady Drama system, they ensure each child is encouraged and valued in a warm, positive learning environment. Lessons stimulate and motivate students without the exam or

By Mark Thomas – Fire Risk Management Officer LAST WEEKEND’S wild weather caused a few issues around town with our fire trucks attending a number of trees and lines down. Scariest for the occupants was a house in Marine Pde where a power pole ended up hanging over the building. Evacuation of the home was the only option until the power authorities could stabilise things. THe old pot on stove scenario was evident again this week with one of the incidents being at a school. I’m not going to say where because I don’t want to embarrass the staff but it’s so easy to see someone putting the pot on and then rushing off to do some of the thousands of jobs needed to do and simply forgetting. One third of all structure fires start in the kitchen. The saying: ‘Keep looking when you’re cooking’ never dates. One of the most frightening events for a young mother is accidentally locking your children in the car. We are quite often called to assist in breaking-in and mum’s distress is commonly picked up by the child who becomes equally unhappy. Not so on the Rapaki Track on Wednesday, where the trapped baby was still smiling when Woolston’s crew finally broke into the car. Mum smiled then too! A late night cigarette outside saved a

late model car from major damage in Avonhead in the early hours of Thursday when a smoker noticed, well, smoke! Smouldering electrics would probably have eventually destroyed the car. Not often something good comes from ciggies!

Not ready to buy?

R ent a Piano from as little as $18 per week Our piano rental option is an ideal way to have a quality piano in your home for minimum outlay. Rent a piano from just $18 per week and if you decide at any time to purchase, half the rent paid is refunded! All our pianos are modern instruments, fully reconditioned and guaranteed for seven years if you decide to buy. To arrange a shop visit to choose a piano, call Wytze Hoekstra on (03) 384 4248 or 021 373744 or just call into the shop at 1025 Ferry Road The Sails Ferrymead


Salewa Packs 30% off | All clothing 30% off | Oztrail 30% off Sleeping bags 30% off | Lowa/Han Wag boots 15% off Open 7 days | twO lOcatiOns 7d Mandeville st, Opp placeMakers ph 03 366 4166 dressMart hOrnby, Main sOuth rd ph 03 344 5304

peer group pressure. Weekly class activities include speech training, creative movement and improvisation. Our Youth Theatre programme encourages the development of leadership and organisational skills. We also offer Trinity College London examinations as an option for those who wish to pursue an international qualification. Our safe structured learning environment values student individuality and encourages team building. Most importantly its great fun too! After school classes available near you. We know we can make a positive difference in your child’s life. Enrol now, or phone 0800 161 131 and see our website


Raewyn Clegg Registered Teacher of Piano and Theory of Music. 29 Lancewood Drive Halswell Ph 322-9377

Drama Life skills programme for children.

Drama Classes Communication Be heard

Presentation Be seen

Confidence Be YOU

Fun Classes for 5-17 years

Weekly Classes 0800 161 131


Tuesday January 31 2017


Papanui High School Term 1 2017 night classes Make joining a night class one of your New Year resolutions and begin 2017 by taking some time for yourself and joining one of the wide range of night classes that are on offer at Papanui High School. The start of a new year is the ideal opportunity to get inspired to get out and learn something new and meet some new people? Classes for Term 1 begin from Monday 13 February and the options are extensive from Art to Yoga and everything in between we are sure regardless of your age or interest you will find something to tempt you. Classes at Papanui High School are held

in a warm, friendly relaxed environment and our tutors are supportive and well qualified in their chosen fields. We have many new courses on offer for the first time in Term 1, Mindfulness, Creative Writing, Introduction to Beauty (a course specializing in Nails), Cake Design and Cooking for Weight Loss (showing you how to eat more and weigh less). For further information and enrolment in any of our courses please visit our website or telephone our office on 3520701. Cake Design and Cooking for Weight Loss showing you how to eat more and weigh less.

We have many new courses on offer for the first time in Term 1. Introduction to Beauty - a course specializing in Nails.

Adult and Community Education Term 1, 2017 Come learn with us

Risingholme Community Centre offers a wide range of short courses each term at a range of venues. Risingholme Community Centre Alterations & upcycling (sewing), Art (Basic Painting, Creative Art, Mixed Media, Watercolour, Painting with Acrylics), Breathworks Mindfulness for Health, Belly dance for Exercise, Cake Decorating, Drawing & Sketching, Dyeing of Natural Fibres, Embroidery, ESOL, Fabric & Craft Skills, Guitar, Hand Quilting, Italian Language, Knitting, NZ Sign Language, Patchwork & Quilting, Pilates Beginners, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Using your Overlocker, Weaving, Weekend Sewing classes, Yoga, Wood Sculpture, Woodwork, Woodwork for Women, Work & Living Skills.

Adult and Community Education at Risingholme Community Centre Risingholme Community Centre wishes everyone a Happy New Year and the opportunity to begin or continue on the journey of being and Adult Learner. Risingholme Community Centre continues to offer a wide range of exciting Learning opportunities across the city. We start the term on Monday 13th February so why not enrol in one of our exciting classes – www. Risingholme’s strong focus on language development continues with a wide range of language courses at a variety of levels – ESOL, Sign Language, Te Reo Maori, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Risingholme’s traditional base of art and craft courses continues to flourish with a full range available at a number of venues. They include fabrics, woodwork skills, cake decorating, health & fitness and well-being, computing, guitar and photography, cooking as well as many others. We also have some new and exciting classes planned such as Zen tangle, Creative Writing for Young Adults, Drawing and Sketching, Work and Living Skills. If you can’t find what you are looking for – “Tell us what you would like to learn” For more information on classes at Risingholme, Riccarton High School, Christchurch Girls High School, Shirley Boys High School, Hillmorton High School and Hornby High School, contact Risingholme Community Centre at 332 7359 or email The full programme for Term 1 is on our website at

Riccarton High School Arduino –introduction to coding and electronics, Basic Photography, Calligraphy, Customer Service, Creative Art, Chinese Cooking, Computing (Excel & Word), Embroidery, ESOL IELTS, ESOL Business English, First Aid, Gnocchi, Advanced Indian Cooking, Italian Cooking, Italian Language, Learn to Touch Type, Mediterranean Cooking, NZ Sign Language (a range of levels), Russian Language, Sewing Skills, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori, Woodwork, Writing For Children & Young Adults, Yoga, Zen Tangle.

Shirley Boys’ High School Arduino –introduction to coding and electronics, Art (Painting with Acrylics), Computing Basics, Designing Your Garden; German Language, NZ Sign Language, Photoshop, Pilates, Reiki Level 2, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori, Thai Cooking, Website Design, Woodwork, Yoga (range of classes).

Full details available on Risingholme office at 99 Hawford Road Phone 332 7359 | Email

Christchurch Girls’ High School Dressmaking, Embroidery, Preserving Fruit & Vegetables, Skincare & Make up, Screen Printing, South East Asian Cooking, Te Reo Maori, Watercolour Painting.

Hornby High School Pattern Making, Sewing Skills, Thai Cooking.






plete and attach to clothing bag for

Tuesday January 31 2017





2017 19 March 2017 2017 This sticker is valid for entry into either distance. Must be worn during the event, to claim prizes, and for free entry into Ferrymead Heritage Park.

emergency contact number

Moving with you for 43 years!


existing medical condition

This dist to c Ferr

th emergency Park. 19name March 2017 • Prize Giving Ferrymead

contact number


existing medical condition


19 th March 2017 • Prize Giving Ferrymead Park.

5 2 $ ! W N E O P O N RS NOW TE RIE


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e rld l a b le o n n i o l W w e e N e r • f r e i e • PakNSav y bird avoald and und $20 CEhailrdlren 10 years


, o w t r o f s t h g i l f n r u t e r B e i n to w i n S i n g a p o r e A i r l i n e s t h a n k s to The Star Photo Archive: 1983

A Star Media Event

Are you up for it?


Tuesday January 31 2017


Offering a full range of dental services

A fortnight. One month. Two months. How much time and patience does one need to have a porcelain crown or a ceramic dental restoration nowadays? At Merivale Dental Group, they acknowledge people have hectic lifestyles juggling work and family life leaving little time for multiple dental appointments. CEREC same-day dental crowns and implants are the most modern technology available in dental restoration. They are one of a few practices in Christchurch being able to manufacture and place ceramic restorations by taking a 3D

digital scan of your teeth. The tooth is then designed on clever software and sculpted by a milling unit which allows them to produce beautiful, strong porcelain restorations in the one appointment. This means no temporary restoration and no second visit for their patients. Merivale Dental Group has the latest and state-of-the-art Omnicam CEREC unit. Dentists David Rowley and Jenny Kim believe that the advances of digital dentistry are the way of the future and pride themselves in producing strong long lasting restorations. Behind all beautiful, swift dental

Merivale Dental Group staff, left to right, David Rowley, Megan Smith, Jenny Kim, Petria Waitzer. restorations should be firm healthy gums covering the pearly whites. When it comes to focussing on having fantastic oral health, it is very easy for us to forget gum health. Megan Smith and Petria Waitzer are the friendly and experienced dental hygienists at Merivale Dental Group. They are both passionate about prevention and treatment of gum disease and provide gentle but thorough removal of plaque, stains, and tartar build-ups. Since prevention is better than cure, they are dedicated to helping you perfect your homecare technique and aid in sorting out any problems before

One stop shop for all your dental needs

Warm, friendly & affordable dental care for the whole family...


Merivale Dental Group welcomes hygienist Megan Smith to the team We provide a full range of modern dental services and ensure the highest level of care. ACC Treatment Provider | WINZ Quotes |Student Discounts Free Dental for Adolescents | Same Day Emergency Treatment


2 family stores in your community

(03) 355 3888

Level 1, 184 Papanui Rd (opposite Merivale Mall)


30 Main North Rd, Ph 352 4581 520 Cranford St, Ph 352 0515

Varicose Vein Treatment Non-surgical Vein Laser Treatments available

Tired of aching and unsightly veins? No surgery, no scars, no stitches. No time off work - continue normal daily activities. An affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society (medical necessity criteria apply) - check your policy for cover. Enjoy skirts, short and cropped pants again. Payment plans available (Conditions apply)

Free Assessment | 52A Mandeville St | Riccarton 0800 2 Look Good or 0800 246 654 | |03343 343 2880 | 52A Mandeville St || Riccarton | 08002lookgood 2880

they get worse. Merivale Dental Group offers a full range of dental services and they would love to help you out with all your dental needs. If

you would like more information on their friendly practice, please check out their website at www. or call them on 355 3888.

Merivale Dental Group offers a full range of dental services and they would love to help you out with all your dental needs.


Tuesday January 31 2017


REAL ESTATE A Golden Opportunity 125 Main Road, Governors Bay From $700,000 3 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 2 Car Garaging | 2023m2 section - Listing No. 3502

NOTE: The owners have just had a subdivision report completed by a Registered Survey Company, a Geotechnical Report completed by Registered Consulting Engineers and a subdivision application has been submitted to council. This is currently in the approval process and applies for two separate titles to be issued for the property. Title 1 - House on 1023m2 and Title 2 - Separate section of 1000m2. On a 2023m2 section which occupies a prime position right in the heart of the bay. Enjoy the space and the stunning harbour / hill views. Last on the market in 1948, this was home to one of our much loved local identities. The comfortable family home offers three double bedrooms and open plan living opening to wrap-around verandah. You will be super cosy in winter with the Kent Duo wood-burner and heat-pump, plus a still operational “chippy” in the kitchen. There is easy, sealed access to a detached double garage plus a single carport and woodshed. This is a golden opportunity to own a good chunk of the bay right at its centre. Spread out and keep the whole half acre (2023m2)for yourself, develop into a beautiful garden or just keep as real country space for the kids to romp. For a gardener it is a blank canvas, an additional way to enhance the future value of this property. For a private viewing, please contact Min of Min Sarginson Real Estate (Licensed Agent REAA 2008), phone 027 432 0327 or 329 4161.

Preliminary Plan

Status quo

New order

Who will we listen to in 2017? | THE MIKE HOSKING BREAKFAST | 6am – 8.30am weekdays




Tuesday January 31 2017

Classifieds Animals Livestock/ Supplies

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Situations Vacant

Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Situations Vacant

GREAT HAY for horses, conventional bales, pick up Southbridge, any number up to 1000 bales. $6 per bale. Call 021 649049 Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

Caravan 4 to 5 Berth Wanted Repairs OK 027 938 5344

Car Parts TYRES Secondhand, most sizes, from $30 fitted, Also batteries, 217 Waltham Road, 027 476 2404

Computers ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 3266740 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch


Uniform Shop Manager

Gateway Administrator

Villa Maria College is a Catholic school for girls established in 1918 by the Sisters of Mercy. We are looking for a Uniform Shop Manager to join our team.

Villa Maria College is a Catholic school for girls established in 1918 by the Sisters of Mercy. We are looking for a Gateway Administrator to join our team.

The Uniform Shop manager is responsible for the operation and stock management of this retail entity.

The Gateway Administrator is responsible for all aspects of this programme which aims to give senior students opportunities to gain workplace learning and learning experiences aligned to vocational pathways.

Part Time

Part Time

To be successful in this role you will need to... • Have great customer service skills, to be able to interact positively with both students and parents • Maintain and develop good business procedures • Be available to work flexible hours • Be able to work unsupervised to manage all aspects of our busy Uniform centre • Have an eye for detail and plenty of initiative • Have experience using Excel and stock management • Maintain and develop relationships with suppliers

Trades & Services

PAINTING & WALLPAPERING Satisfaction guaranteed Over 30 years experience Reliable & honest Please call Ray Martin Ltd



• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association

DCM ROOFING LTD The Roofing Specialists

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597

Applications close 17 February 2017 Please provide your CV and two references to: Donna Scarlett - Executive Officer Villa Maria College 21 Peer Street, Christchurch 8041 Or email to:

& Property Maintenance

Paving Patio - Pathways - Driveways

Lawns and Gardens

Planting - Raised Vege Gardens Readylawn - Irrigation - Fencing

CURTAIN FABRIC OUTLET 71 Hawdon St Sydenham Ph 366-5026




Stephen Thom Glazing 2012 Ltd. • Mirrors • Pet Door Specialists

We Are RUNNING SUNDAY 5th FEBRUARY Running 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month Infoline Chch 96 22 999 Depart Glenmark Station 11.30am & 2.00pm

• Frameless Showers

Three convenient sizes from $70 p/w: Standard 3.6m x 2.4m Large 4.2m x 2.4m Extra-large 4.8m x 2.4m

• Splashbacks

HOST Families Wanted Students from overseas

ALL BROKEN WINDOWS Phone Cushla 03 352 6225 or 027 352 6225

Visit our display cabins at 470 Cranford Street or call 0211277227 for a free brochure

With care and respect we will remove your dwelling. Our policy is to recycle as much as we can. We are a local company specialising in residential properties. We will endeavor to cater for your individual needs. Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.


Michael Gale Rexellent Plumbing Ltd

Lawns, Gardens & Home Cleaning



Cars, Vans, Brisbane, Coolangatta

FREE CALL 0800 601 508


Locally owned and operated Free Quotes - Competitive Pricing

Blair Gibson 027 699 5815




QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:

Ideal as an extra bedroom or office.


Holiday Accommodation

Waipara, North Canterbury

20 Years Experience


• New Glazing

Public Notices

Weka Pass Railway

Water Blasting - Gutter Cleaning Rental Property Maintenance Section Clearing - Weed Spraying

(Under New Management)


For Sale HANDBAG Genuine Guess Leilani box bag CR240831 sand/neutral colour, sz 42cm long x 22cm high, excellent condition only $160 ono ph 020 444 4204 HANDBAG Genuine Guess Leilani box bag CR240831 sand/neutral colour, sz 42cm long x 22cm high, excellent condition only $160 ono ph 020 444 4204

Trades & Services


Fashion Designs & Colours Discontinued Designs End of Lines Bargain Prices Call at Our Shop

Trades & Services

For all Plumbing • Roofing/ spouting • Maintenance • Installations Small work no problem

Ph 364 7080 (24 hour) Mob 027 438 3943


To Let

We will re-scope your property to ensure you have been paid in full to cover all your repair costs. After 5 years of scoping for EQC claims we have found that most claims have been under paid. Examples of Clients EQC Payments: Payment Initially $3,800 after our re-scope payment received $46,320 Payment Initially $7,575 after our re-scope payment received $38,182

For re-scoping and all earthquake repairs including painting and redecorating. Enquire now Phone 021-667-444

General Maintenance

WATCHES Ladies Versace, Gucci & Calvin Klein, brand new in boxes, bracelet design excellent price $99.95 each, plse ph ChCh 020 444-4204


Payment Initially $19,827 after re-scope payment received $60,273

Additional Information... • Villa Maria College offers you a collegial work environment with flexible hours • A job description can be found on the College website

Applications close Friday 17 February 2017. Please provide your CV and two references to: Donna Scarlett - Executive Officer Villa Maria College 21 Peer Street, Christchurch 8041 Or email to:

Trades & Services

021 770 551 or 359 5520

To be successful in this role you will need to... • Work with TEC (Tertiary Education Commission), employers, Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s) and private Tertiary Providers. • Have great customer service skills, to be able to interact positively with both students, parents and providers • Be available to work flexible hours • Be able to work unsupervised to manage all aspects of the College’s Gateway function • Have an eye for detail and plenty of initiative • Have experience-using Excel

Additional Information... • Villa Maria College offers you a collegial work environment with flexible hours • There is the potential for additional hours by mutual agreement • A job description can be found on the College website


Free Quotes Professional, personalised service. Regular & one-offs. Fixed price.

Ph: 377-5814 For all your property and cleaning requirements Trained, insured & security screened owner/operators Multi-award winning systems & Franchises Franchises Available

Household and Motorhomes. Supply and install TV aerials, satellite dishes, decoders (12/240v), TV Wall Mounts, extra outlets, TV, DVD, Portable satellite kits, Ph 022 081 0928


Rope & harness a speciality, no scaffolding required, 30 years of breathtaking experience. FREE QUOTES Exterior staining, exterior painting, moss and mould treatment and waterblasting

Phone Kevin 027 561 4629

Appliance Sales & Service

388 4780

Appliance Services 14 Brighton Mall, New Brighton

BEST BATHROOMS full renovation specialists, LBP, repairs & maintenance ph 03 3870770 or 027 245-5226

ELECTRICIAN REGISTERED for all electrical installations & repairs Ph 03 322 4209 or 021 026 73375 ELECTRICIAN REGISTERED for all your electrical needs, reliable & friendly, oven repairs done, free quotes, ph 027 333 3768 or 03 390 0221

BRICKLAYER George Lockyer. Over 30 years bricklaying experience. UK trained. Licensed Building Practitioner number BP105608. Insurance work. EQC repairs. Heritage brickwork a speciality. No job too small. Governors Bay. Home 329-9344, Cell 027 684-4046, email

FURNITURE REMOVALS Large Trucks $95 + GST per hour 7 day NZ wide, packing & moving, Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 0800 359 9313

BUILDER For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067.

• Fast Professional Service

BUILDER LICENSED available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 CARRIER LOCAL experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 **************** CARPET & VINYL Laying. Repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching. Email jflattery@xtra., ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416


Replace, repair or new. We are a local company with over 10 yrs exp. We also operate a digger for all other earthworks.

Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

LAWNMOWING • Small lawns from $10

Phone Mark 022 307 7176 OVEN CLEANING Professional cleans $50.00. Gift Vouchers avail. Phone 0800 6836253 or 027 228-0025 PAINTING & Decorating interior & exterior, gib fixing, plastering, paperhanging, Est 50 yrs in ChCh, ph Wingfields Ltd, ph Mark 021 171-1586 or 355-5994 PAINTER Top quality work, interior/ exterior, pensioners discount, free quotes, 30 years experience, I stand by Canterbury, ph Wayne your friendly painter 03 385-4348 or 027 274-3541 PAINTER AVAILABLE All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 PLASTERER Gib Stopping, Small job specialty. 30 + years experience. Ring 0800 387-369 PLUMBER ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231


Tuesday January 31 2017



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Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services

Wanted To Buy

joinery specialists




New or flat pack joinery installations Alterations New hob, oven or sink won't fit? No job's too small

Locally owned and operated family business. 25+ years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Interior • Exterior Free Quotes

Contact us on or 021 545 807 View us on Facebook @epsinstallers PLUMBER A Top Plumbing job completed at a fair price, prompt service, all work guaranteed, Ph Brian 9607673 or 021 112-3492 ROOFING QUaLIFIEd & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug. SPOUTING CLEaNING Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034

STONEMaSON BRICK & BLOCKLAYER, Earthquake Repairs, Grind Out & Repoint, River/ Oamaru stone, Schist, Volcanic Rock, Paving, all Alterations new & old, Quality Workmanship, visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145 TILER/CaRPENTER 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440. TILER/CaRPENTER 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440.

Phone Michael 0212 649 492 TREES BIG OR SMALL, tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 TREE WORK Hedge trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 435-8759 T.V. SERVICE CENTRE Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400

UPHOLSTERER Dining Chairs, Lounge suites, Caravan Squabs etc. recovered. Free Quotes. Phone Graeme 383-1448 VHS VIdEO TaPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WaTERBLaSTING Quality Job, Quick Service by skilled tradesman, Ph Richard Severin at Jet-X 0800 538 969 Free quotes, visit WINdOW CLEaNING Average 3 bdrm house inside or out $40. Both $70. Phone Trevor 3442170

Rope & harness a speciality, no scaffolding required, 30 years of breathtaking experience. FREE QUOTES Exterior staining, exterior painting, moss and mould treatment and waterblasting

Phone Kevin 027 561 4629

Vehicles Wanted




Ph 347 9354 or 027 476 2404 CARS Wanted. Fair prices paid, quick and easy process, money paid directly into your bank account, friendly local service, call Tim Koller ph 03 390 1717

Phone for further details

Michael Kelly Painters

(03) 379 1100

Trades & Services


Trades & Services

Do you have an Old Stamp Collection tucked away somewhere? It could be worth a fortune! We are currently buying old collections and can come to you for larger collections or if you are unable to come in.

Call Matt Power 0800 239 325 The Stamp Exchange

AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156 A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671 BOOKS Old wanted, anything considered, including hunting, mountaineering, fishing & childrens, ph 03 354-1621 BOOKS Old wanted, anything considered, including hunting, mountaineering, fishing & childrens, ph 03 354-1621 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045


Tuesday January 31 2017

‘Famous for their roasts!’


Start your day with us


More rock than glam these days


Kid's SPECIAL Two courses


Check out our extensive breakfast menu from Continental to Cooked

Soup/Roast or Special available lunch only Roast/Dessert Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150

Odyssey initially formed in the early 70's. An explosive glam rock act, they were resident band at the iconic Moby Dick’s Nightclub.

“We were considered one of the most in uential bands at the time, “ said Ronnie. “Back then we were glam rock. We’re

Cooked breakfasts

Seniors SPECIAL $ 20 Two courses

ONE of NZ’s longest established bands -Odyssey - is set to gig again at the Wunderbar Lyttelton on Saturday night.

eir glam image, strong musicianship and awesome stage presentation made them a popular act across the country and soon had them featuring on TV shows such as e Grunt Machine, Ready to Roll, and Pop Co.

We are open from 6.30am

We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area.

not so much glam these days, just more rock.” Over 4 decades later and the original lineup is still pumping out the tunes with Terry Gallavin on keys/vocals, Bill Kearns on bass/vocals, Jeff Stribling on drums, and Ronnie Harris on lead guitar/vocals. Saturday’s gig will include material from their early days through to recently penned songs. Joining them on the bill are special guests Mike ‘Dudley’ Davison, Steve Gainsford, Mary Dunne, and Layna Hunt. $10 entry.


CAFE open from 11am


7pm THIS SATURDAY in Whitfords Bar

TAB & Gaming Function Facilities


HOUSIE Tues, Thurs, Sat SHUTTLE Tues - Sat

Open 7 Days from 5.30pm



Lunch & Dinner All you can eat, 7 days





Bookings Essential PH

386 0088




Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm


le availab m o r f


GREAT DINING - downstairs -

Midweek $10 SPECIAL ROAST Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Live Music: Rhonda Campbell



Members Lucky Card Draw


- upstairs -

PIERVIEW Restaurant

Quality a la carte with a view! Open from 5.30pm FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY





3 courses $25

Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat









By the Seaside! 10.30am-2.30pm

202 Marine Parade Ph 388-9416

Members, guests and affiliates welcome







Gluten Free & Vegetarian options

Chalmers Restaurant Early Bird Special 5.30pm – 6.30pm FRI & SAT still only Roast (4 Choices) and Free Desserts $20.50 Unbeatable value including your choice of Fresh Veges and Salads

Hornby WMC 17 Carmen Rd, Hornby Phone 03 349 9026 Members, guests & affiliates welcome


Tuesday January 31 2017


Long d n e k Weevings! Sa



99 kg


$ Fresh Tegel NZ Skin On Chicken Breast Fillets

99 kg

Yellow Hunny Nectarines

Keri Fruit Drink/Juice 2.4-3L



c each

$ 70 each






$ 50

$ 30





Wattie’s Roasters/Wedges/Tempura 650/700g/Complex Mix 650-750g

Anchor Butter 500g

Vogel’s Bread 720-750g (Excludes Gluten Free)



99 pack

Speight’s/Summit 24 x 330ml Bottles

189 Papanui Road, Christchurch Open 7am – 9pm, 7 days.




Stoneleigh 750ml

Cotton Softs Toilet Tissues 12 Pack/Double Length White 6 Pack

(Excludes Rapaura/Latitude/Wild Valley)



355 4432

FreshChoice Merivale

Certain products may not be available in all stores. Savings are based on non-promotional price. Limits may apply. Prices apply from Tuesday 31st January to Sunday 5th February 2017, or while stocks last.

Owned and operated by locals


FreshChoice Merivale



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