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Overgrown grass angers Halswell residents „„ By Georgia O’Connor-Harding HALSWELL residents have taken to Facebook to vent their anger about overgrown grass. But the city council has assured them there has been no reduction in maintenance. Halswell Community Group Facebook page has identified a number of parks including Cobra Reserve, Scott Park, parks around Country Palms Drive and Halswell Quarry Park as overgrown. But the city council’s head of parks Andrew Rutledge (left) said the number of scheduled maintenance visits have not changed in the last year. He said 6574 maintenance jobs planned for parks in the Halswell Ward for the year and the programme increases significantly to manage spring growth. “It is true that overgrown grass has been a problem in recent weeks . . . we are experiencing occasional wet weather coupled with warm soil conditions, the rapid growth has been more difficult for the parks maintenance contractors manage,� he said. 1 NEWto LOCATION ADVERT.pdf Country Palms Drive resident

GROWING CONCERN: Overgrown grass along the side of Halswell Rd and the Country Palms Drive subdivision. PHOTOS: GEORGIA O’CONNOR-HARDING

Jenny Adams told Western News the reserves were not being maintained. “And the roadsides along Halswell Rd . . . I think it is just shocking with the state that it is in,� she said. She said the overgrown grass on the roadsides and parks has become more noticeable in the last six months. 1/05/2014 a.m. “We pay11:51:35 big rates. Just the same as other areas and that is

to maintain these sorts of things. They (the city council) are not doing their job,� she said. Mr Rutledge said for this financial year, the city council has planned to spend $455,761 for all parks in the Halswell Ward. But Halswell Residents’ Association secretary David Hawke didn’t agree with the Facebook criticism. “You have got people across the other side of town living in



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still earthquake-damaged stuff and you are still worrying about whether the lawns are mowed,� he said. Resident Sarah Wylie said she knows the lawns have not been mowed as regularly as they used to be but there are “bigger fish to fry.� She said while she thinks the grass is a bit long, she would be more concerned if there were dangerous playgrounds or pot

holes around the area. Cr Anne Galloway also confirmed the level of maintenance in Halswell had not decreased. “I think the community needs to be reassured that the services are not being cut back,�she said. HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think about the maintenance of parks around Halswell? Email your views to georgia.oconnor@ starmedia.kiwi

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Tuesday November 15 2016 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK

LIKE SO many in the coastal suburbs, I was perched up on the hills after being evacuated due to the tsunami risk yesterday. Again, like the previous earthquakes, I am always taken by the wonderful folk we have in this city. While I was perched up the top of Egnot Heights in Redcliffs, the lads in my car decided they would have a nap. I was not similarly afflicted and had a wander around. I found Nicki, of North New Brighton, who unknowingly soothed me with her banter and her beaut two-year-old dog. Then, Nicki and I found ourselves invited into a stranger’s home, who brewed us a cup of dearly needed caffeine. In her house, were other refugees – a school caretaker and a lovely young couple from Germany and Mexico. The earthquakes continue to shake us, but they do not shake our marvellous Christchurch spirit. Hei kona, Shelley Robinson



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Tuesday November 15 2016

News Highest and lowest home ownership rates in west By Georgia O’Connor-Harding THE LOWEST and highest home ownership rates in the city can be found in the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board area. Data released by the city council recently to the community board showed the Riccarton Ward has the lowest number of home owners while the Halswell Ward has the highest. The Riccarton Ward sits at 43.9 per cent for home ownership, just above the Central Ward at 32 per cent and below the Linwood Ward at 55 per cent. At the other end of the spectrum, Halswell has the Helen highest home ownBroughton ership rate in the city at 81.3 per cent, beating the Cashmere Ward on 78 per cent and Harewood Ward on 77 per cent. The Hornby Ward is in the middle with 67 percent home ownership. The data was analysed and

LOW RATING: Statistics show the Riccarton Ward has the lowest home ownership rate in the city.

compiled into a report by the city council to showcase the diversity across the western wards. The analysis of the wards covered the board boundaries, population growth, ethnic groups, age groups, relationship status, employment status and personal income. The information was based on the Statistics New Zealand 2013 census and population data. Community board deputy chairwoman Helen Broughton said she was surprised by the statistics and had expected home ownership in the Riccarton Ward to be at least 60 per cent. “Home ownership tends to

mean people are stable and live in one address longer . . . I knew it was lower than Halswell, but it is quite a gap,” she said. Mike Pero Real Estate agent Sonia Tafilipepe said she was not surprised by the statistics and the large number of rental flats near the university was not a recent shift. But she said she was not aware Halswell had the highest home ownership rate in the city. Community board chairman Mike Mora said the statistics confirmed the diversity of the three wards. “I think it has got everything in our ward. We’ve got the rich and the poor,” he said.

The Riccarton Ward has the highest population of residents who identify as Asian in the western city at 24 per cent. “We have probably got some of the broadest ethnic mix,” Mr Mora said. Cr Vicki Buck said what she found interesting was the “incredibly high” number of people working in the Riccarton Ward. The data showed that 13 per cent (20,898) of the city’s population is employed in the Riccarton Ward, while 9 per cent (14,466) work in the Hornby Ward and 5.1 per cent (8247) in the Halswell Ward. Population growth in the HalswellHornby-Riccarton Community Board area is projected to boom from 67,300 Vicki Buck to 102,100 people by 2043. The population explosion is expected to make up 23.4 per cent of the city’s projected population of 436,800.


In Brief DOMAIN CAR PARK Consultation has opened over the siting of a car park at Halswell Domain. The proposal requires the removal of 24 trees, which have been assessed as being of poor quality. The city council will plant 35 new trees as part of the project. The new car park will provide 69 spaces with two disabled parks. To have your say on the development, go to https://www.ccc.govt.nz/thecouncil/have-your-say SPEED LIMIT CHANGES Consultation on proposed speed limit changes in Halswell will close on Monday. The city council has proposed to decrease the speed limit on six roads. The changes would affect Milns, Sutherlands, Sparks, Halswell Junction, Marshs and Quaifes Rds. It comes after the city council approved speed limit changes on 29 roads around the city in September. To make a submission, go to https://www. ccc.govt.nz/the-council/haveyour-say/whats-happening-now/ consultations/ WOMEN IN BUSINESS Business and Professional Women will hold a seminar for women in business. It will be held tomorrow at the Fendalton Community Centre, 170 Clyde Rd, from 6pm to 7.45pm. It will cost $10. Email christchurch@bpwnz.org.nz for more information. Christchurch City Christchurch City

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Tuesday November 15 2016


Your Local Views   FLAME FILES

Handling fireworks more responsibly News Fire risk management officer Mark Thomas talks about fireworks, banning certain kinds, the impact public displays have had on public safety and looking after animals around Guy Fawkes. Thirty years ago Guy Fawkes night caused a holding of breath by just about every firefighter in the country. Inevitably somewhere a sawmill would end up burning end to end. Or a town would be circled in flames as trees and scrub went up in flames. Or someone not even celebrating the night would find their garage on fire. The news would report the tragic loss of an eye by ill-used skyrocket. Letter boxes were the target of ‘double-happy’ bombs. For firefighters it made no sense at all. Thankfully we’ve come on a bit since then. The ban on rockets

and bangers helped. The provision of public displays has been a big plus. And perhaps we should acknowledge that more recent developments in health and safety has had an effect on people’s behaviour. Whatever the reasons it was gratifying to see just nine fire calls overnight on November 5. Grass, scrub, fences and a couple of bins put down to fireworks. It’s not perfect. But it’s encouraging. Animal rescues are also quite common around Guy Fawkes as crackers terrify dogs, cats and other animals. This week saw three of these type of incidents, a dog, some ducklings and very topically a lamb stuck in a stream at Cashmere on Wednesday night. None were necessarily fireworks related but all involved the problem solving skills our firefighters develop every day in the multitude of different events they now attend. They’re pretty damn good actually.


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Aiming for the best outcome Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton community board chairman Mike Mora writes about developments in the western area of the city. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve another three years representing the Hornby ward of the community board. The issues facing the southwest area of the city are extraordinary. There is huge population growth, new industrial and commercial developments. This growth will bring some problems and solve some as well. This includes traffic, transport, congestion urban intensification, community space and facilities. I am very pleased to see the Southern Motorway Stage 2 sodturning last week. The $195 million project is due for completion in 2018. Contracts have also been accepted for the SH1/Barters Rd/Pound Rd improvements to allow for a safe heavy vehicle Hornby A reader responds to the Western News article on a proposed Lamb & Hayward funeral home on Halswell Junction Rd Angela Sablina – I am a resident of Dunbars

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bypass for trucks and cars travelling north and south. This will mean a new light-controlled intersection next to the Islington Tavern. The work is expected to take 15 months. Work is also under way with the extension of Halswell Junction Rd through to Pound Rd. All of these new road works will relieve much of the congestion in the Hornby business area. Alongside many new

residential developments are new business and job opportunities for the south-west. This includes the Waterloo Business Park, the Calder Stewart “Hornby Quadrant”, Crown Crystal Glass works site and many more in the Halswell Junction Rd area. The Hornby Hub expansion is also welcomed by residents and workers in the west. An issue we must be aware of is the increase in quarrying very close to rural residential, and urban residential areas of Yaldhurst, Templeton and Hei Hei. This activity is creating problems with silica dust, heavy vehicle movements, in and around schools and family homes. We must be vigilant for threats to the environment, human and animal health. As your representative I will continue to advocate for the environment, people, business and industry to achieve the best outcome for all.

Rd and I am totally against the proposal to build a funeral home. Halswell is a growing area, there are new subdivisions everywhere. I don’t think it’s appropriate to build this funeral home in this residential area.

There will be traffic congestion and a constant reminder of death (it should be built somewhere far away). There are lots of kids growing up that need a high school, which Halswell lacks.

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Tuesday November 15 2016

School’s $2.5m rebuild begins

By Georgia O’Connor-Harding WHEN THE $2.5 million redevelopment of Gilberthorpe School is completed, it will be the “icing on the cake” after a recent boost in roll numbers. The new block will house the junior section of the school, which is based in Hei Hei. Work began last week. The block will belong to year 0 to 3 pupils and feature four new flexible learning spaces. But junior pupils won’t be the only ones to gain from the redevelopment with a separate upgrade under way on a current block for year 4 to 6 pupils. This senior block incorporates the three current learning spaces, the library and administration area. Principal Andrew Wilkinson (above) said the brand new buildings will be the “icing of the cake” and would hopefully send a message to the community about the school being a viable option. He said over the past year, the roll for the school, rated decile 2, has grown from 110 to about 155 pupils – the highest number in

MAKEOVER: The redevelopment of Gilberthorpe School will be the “icing on the cake” for the growing school. ​ western area to be upgraded. school. decades. Ministry of Education head of He said, based on what he A new outdoor cycle track, education infrastructure service has been told, the distance is under-floor heating, “break-out Jerome Sheppard said the more than enough to ensure spaces,” such as meeting rooms programme involved repairing nothing concerning, such as for staff and an amphitheatre, earthquake damage, fixing dust, is spread across the school could also be on the cards. weather tightness issues and grounds. “The development is not just upgrading teaching spaces. The redevelopment will take about the construction of the Fulton Hogan will also build place in three stages and provide building, it is about master a new driveway off Buchanans room for about 167 pupils. It planning for the next decade as Rd to help the school cater is expected to be completed by well,” Mr Wilkinson said. for more car parks along with October next year. Separate to the development, redevelopment. A blog documenting the the school is growing their own Mr Wilkinson said the school process has been set up by honey bee farm and orchard. has a close working relationship Gilberthorpe pupils. To stay up The redevelopment is part of with Fulton Hogan and he to date or to get involved with the $1.137 billion Christchurch was comfortable with them the development go to https:// Schools Rebuild programme, quarrying about 500m from the gpsdreamteam.blogspot.co.nz/ and is the latest school in the


Teacher nominated for award By Fraser Walker-Pearce PRE-SCHOOL teacher Lisa James is described as enthusiastic, kind and caring by the parent that nominated her for a national teachers’ award. First Steps Roydvale teacher Mrs James was named runner-up in her category in New Zealand’s Most Inspiring Teachers campaign recently. She was runner-up in the early childhood category of the Warehouse Stationery initiative, designed to recognise the hard work of Kiwi teachers. Mrs James said she grew up always wanting to be a teacher, and finds early childhood the perfect fit for her personality and teaching style. She was nominated by parent Vicki Borcoskie. She said Mrs James was patient, had a great sense of fun, and was “extremely” kind and caring. The overall winner was early childhood educator Claire Shackleton, of Glenbrook Kindergarten in Counties-Manukau. In the sixth year of the Most Inspiring Teachers campaign, 1369 teachers from 812 schools were nominated and almost 7500 votes were cast to decide the winners.


Tuesday November 15 2016


Our People

Tony Murdoch

A passion for recording Your Local Views Tony Murdoch has just published his new sports history book Black and White about the North Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. It coincides with the club’s centenary celebrations. Fraser Walker-Pearce spoke to him


You must be thrilled to have published the book when you did. Yes, exactly. It was published in time for the club’s centenary celebrations over Labour Weekend. They had hundreds attend that. Is this your first sports history book? No, I have written two other sports histories, one on the Riccarton Cricket Club in 2002 and then in 2013 I did the 150th jubilee history of the Christchurch Football Club. Then this one came along, they asked me to do it, and I’ve been doing that ever since. So you’ve been working on this for the past three years? Yes. It’s a big project, I think it’s about 240 pages. Probably the club records weren’t as detailed as we would’ve liked but we were able to cross-reference with Surf Lifesaving New Zealand’s annual

reports and check most of it off. Things like results and that kind of thing were hard to check off though. Who approached you from the club to do the project? Roger Smith the president of the club talked to me about it. He’s lived and breathed the club for about three or four years. What’s different about this book compared to your others? This one is more of a coffee book style. With lots of newspaper clippings like the famous gala dances at North Beach. That’s basically how the club got through the Great Depression and that kind of thing. [In the book] there are ads for the dances, we used the full width of the page in the book with these photos and I think it really adds to the look of the book as well. Obviously it’s called Black and



BLACK AND WHITE: Tony Murdoch has coincided the publication of his sports history book Black and White with the centenary celebrations of the surf club it is written about. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

White, but that’s also the style of the book you’ve created? No, no. There’s a story to that. It’s called Black and White because the club colours are black and white. But also the personal-

ity of the club is very pragmatic, they’re hard workers and they get things done. They make black and white decisions and they don’t muck around – they’re black and white about everything. I ran that

past the committee near the start and they were well pleased to think that’s what people think of the club. How was the club founded? The original thought was that it was a group of men who were members of the New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club who got together and decided to make a club a little further along the beach. But the real story is that there was a guy called Ray Blank. It became pretty clear as I was looking into it that Ray Blank and a group of guys from a North Beach businessman’s association got together and had land interests in the area. They decided that if there was a surf club in the area that would bring people out there and raise their house prices. And they did quite well out of it. Do all of your books look quite deep into the club’s history? Yes, each of the books has a twist to them somewhere in it. The twist in the rugby book was me saying that the conventional theory of the first game of rugby in the country was played in Nelson in 1871 was wrong.


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Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei – For us and our children after us


Tuesday November 15 2016


Our People

our sporting history

Your Local Views It’s in all the official New Zealand histories saying that. But the Christchurch book showed quite clearly that wasn’t the case. They couldn’t have – as the game didn’t exist in New Zealand back then, they just played a hybrid game of soccer. It was actually out of Christ’s College that the game in Christchurch grew. What are the other titles of your books? The Riccarton Cricket Club book is called Green and Gold, and the rugby book was called The Old Club, just like the old newspapers used to call them. How would you define your style of books? Lots of anecdotes, lots of personalities. This book goes through a whole lot of life members, and families of members. These are guys that are prepared to swim out 400-500m to save someone. I mean, can you do that? I certainly can’t. No, I’d definitely 100 per cent drown. Do you work part-time as well as all of this? Yes, I have a full-time job at St Bede’s College. I’m the alumni and community development manager. I’ve been there for eight


Fashion CLASSIC RACES: North Beach surf club’s 1981 crew. The last surf crew to win a national title in the long course race until this year.


years. Previously I was the chief executive of Canterbury Cricket and chief executive of Athletics New Zealand. I was a teacher at Aranui High School before that. You have a huge sporting background, did you ever play

Previously United Travel


yourself? Modestly. I played rugby and cricket, unsurprisingly I played rugby for Christchurch and cricket for Riccarton. How did you start your writing career?

I actually started at the Christchurch Star back in the day. When I was teaching I also co-wrote a few history textbooks. There was a group of us at Aranui High, including John Rosanowski and we wrote a series of history books for fifth form (year 11) students. What subjects did they cover? A little bit of New Zealand history, Martin Luther King, race relations in South Africa, we touched on the Springbok Tour. Also the gold rushes, New Zealand foreign policy, and also two books on Hitler and Germany for social studies. To teach students from your own textbook is quite a thrill. And were you born and bred in Christchurch? Yes, born and bred. My brother Tim and I have lived in Sumner all our lives and I think my next project might be on the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club and their centenary. What schools did you attend back in the day? I was at St Bede’s and then onto Canterbury University where I studied American history. After that I went on to teaching at

Aranui High for about 16 years. And who’s with you out in Sumner? My wife and I live out there and we have two adult children. I met my wife at a dance at the Sumner surf club. So surf clubs played a big part of you growing up as well? Surf clubs have a big role in what I call the rite of passage. They had dances and social gatherings, they provided a social space for kids in quite an interesting time of their lives. There aren’t many other sports that boys and girls just hang out and compete together that much. Many men and women put countless hours into keeping these clubs going as well. Why do you write sports history books? If you look in the book, there’s only one thing that has stayed in the North Beach community for the past 100 years, and that’s the surf club. There’s been post offices and cafes and restaurants and that kind of thing but the only thing that is still there is the volunteer-run surf club. So I kind of write to give them their turn in the sun even if only for a minute.

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Tuesday November 15 2016


Middleton Grange, St Thomas of Middleton Grange School’s top prize went to Rachel Bedggood. She received the dux award along with Amanda Smithies who received proxime accessit. The senior prize-giving was held last week. Rachel was first in class in Spanish, history, English, statistics and chemistry. Amanda is first in class in biology and French, and second in class for chemistry, statistics and English. Special awards: • Kent award for performance music – Josie Hepburn • Marrett Cup for composition – Theema Numanit • Music Cup - Joshua MacGregor • Cultural award – Joel Tempero • Fraser Cup for drama – Joel Tempero and Celine Goulding • Senior Speech Cup – Rachel Bedggood • Senior Art Cup and Senior Design Cup – Josiah Rees • Senior Painting Cup – Joel Kong • Senior Photography Cup – Nikita Turner

HIGH ACHIEVERS: Middleton Grange School dux Rachel Bedggood (left) and proxime accessit Amanda Smithies.

• Laidlaw award – Clare Manson • Karen Baird Memorial Award for year 13 humanities awarded to the top year 13 student in any two of English, classics, history, art history – Rachel Bedggood • Digital Technology Cup awarded for excellence and service in digital technology media – Joel Tempero • Mathematics Cup – Caleb Stanton • Technology Cup for hard materials – Samuel Holden • Textile Technology Cup – Taylor Hastie • Peter Morrow Memorial Cup – awarded for exemplary attitude and


endeavour in Christian studies – Madeline Kendrew • Trevor Patterson Memorial Cup for year 12 Christian studies – Caitlin Brown • Isaac Thompson Memorial award for performing arts technology – Benjamin Close • International College Speech Cup – Yuanhung Chen • International College Senior Academic Excellence Cup – Theema Numanit Top awards: Head prefect awards • Associate principal’s award to the deputy head boy and service award –

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Meg Oxley, year 12; Lisa Swanepoel, year 12; Ben Close, year 13; Jamin Greenwood, year 13; Madeline Kendrew, year 13; Minjoo Kim, year 13; Beth Manning, year 13; Ta’apega Solofuti, year 13; Loisis Talivakaola, year 13; Cameron Webster, year 13; Joseph Wilson, year 13.

Galen Erickson • Associate principal’s award to the deputy head girl and service award – Loisi Talivakaola. • Principal’s award to the head boy and service award – Josiah Rees • Principal’s award to the head girl and service award – Victoria Reid. • Senior sportswoman of the year – Meike van der Meer • Senior sportsman of the year – William Steadman, year 11 • Female recipient of the Citizenships Cups – Clare Manson • Male recipient of the Citizenships Cups – Joel Tempero • Rock award – Isabelle Williams Service awards for senior college • Brooke Allan, year 12 ; Holly Broom, year 12 ; Amber Fibbens, year 12 ; Pedro Makaafi, year 12; Makameone Malua, year 12; Rebekah McKinnon, year 12; Olivia Neill, year 12;

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Senior college sports awards: • Senior boys athletics – Conor Bennett • Senior boys cross country – Renzo Childs • Intermediate boys cross country – Thomas Coleman • Senior boys swimming gold colour award for swimming – national age group swimming champion in multiple disciplines – Satori Dobbie • Senior girls swimming – Gemma Hickson • Senior girls athletics – Summer Rutherford • Senior girls cross country – Meike van der Meer


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Tuesday November 15 2016


Canterbury prize-givings YEAR 13 student Hamish Simpson (below) has won the top award at the St Thomas of Canterbury College prize-giving. Hamish was awarded the Father J J O’Sullivan Cup and Canterbury University scholarship for dux last week. The school’s prize-giving was held last Tuesday. Year 13 student Jakub Sawicki was awarded The McGurk Family Cup for proxime accessit. Meanwhile, year 13 student Luke Payne achieved three of the school’s top awards. He won the Bishop Joyce Cup for college captain, the Murray Aynsley Cup and Dean Wallace scholarship for general excellence, and The Paul Blackman Trophy for the student who best demonstrates the principles of the St Thomas of Canterbury College man.

Special prizes • Principal’s award for wisdom and courage – called upon to stand and be counted – Sailosi Rova; Kole Harmer; Oliver Ryan. • Father D K O’Sullivan Cup for postive contribution to school life – Jakob Mangels • St Thomas A Becket for significant process – Jamie Milne • Chris Smith Cup for pride, passion and participation – Liam Robinson • Paul Blackman Trophy for the student who best demonstrates the principals of the STC man –Luke Payne • Bishop Joyce Cup for college captain – Luke Payne • O’Connor Trophy for a student who achieves national honours in his chosen sporting, cultural or academic field – Ash Reihana • Thomas Ruane Challenge Cup for most points in inter-house competition – McClintock Xavier Ngaata • St Thomas of Canterbury College Cup for significant team achievement in junior futsal – Mika Rabuka; Tom Stewart; Cameron Brewitt; Lachie Doyle; Sean Newsome; Dylan Bargh; Isiah Ong; Aasish Rai; Takayuki Shimizu; Risias Mutonhori

Jakub Sawicki

Ben O’Connell

• Frances Loeffen Memorial Trophy for a student who has performed creditably in the academic sphere through persistence and determination – Xavier Ngaata • Nancy Mummery trophy for outstanding contribution to the spirit of the college – Joseph Spikerman

House of Hearing

100% NZ Owned & Operated

Luke Payne

Jakob Mangels

• Edmund Rice Award for college service in the spirit of blessed Edmund Rice – Joseph Devine, Xavier Ngaata, Nuku Tau, Te Aotahi Rice-Edwards • Stephen Robertson science award for the top year 13 science student – Joseph Devine • Parents and Friends

CLINIC Fendalton Halswell Rangiora Papanui Ashburton

Ash Reihana

Association Cup for excellence in cultural activities – Patrick Hansen • Parents and Friends Association Cup for sportsman of the year – Alex Coulthard • The Scott Family Cup and Scholarship for the student who most exemplifies the school motto “Virtute Scientiam Complete”. Scholarship of $500 – Benjamin O’Connell • The Murray Aysley Cup and The Dean Wallace Scholarship for general excellence. Scholarship of $500 – Luke Payne • The McGurk Family for proxime accessit – Jakub Sawicki • Father. J. J. O’Sullivan Cup and the University of Canterbury scholarship – Hamish Simpson

PHONE 03 351 3535 03 322 4326 03 310 7355 03 307 8949


Tuesday November 15 2016


Riccarton High School Zonta Award finalists

Top prize winners Jeffrey Chen – The Terry Hitchings Award for the Top Academic Student and Dux. Jeffrey won the Top Academic Award after achieving NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence. This year all of his Level 3 credits have been achieved with Excellence, including Chemistry,

Principal Neil Haywood delivers his address at the Prizegiving.

Economics, Mathematics with Calculus, and Physics. He won the cup for Boys’ Mathematics. Jeffery has been a member of the chamber music group and concert and jazz bands, and has served the Prefect committee as Treasurer. In his own time this year, he has participated in two tertiary courses: a chemistry course at ARA and a mathematics course at the University of Canterbury, both of which he passed. Rachel Wu – The Riccarton High School Award for Academic Excellence and Proxime Accessit Rachel has received the Award for Academic Excellence after achieving NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence and earned Excellence results and high placings in classes at Level 3. She won Excellence certificates for Biology, Music, Physics and Chemistry, and cups for Senior Biology, Practical Chemistry, Senior Physics, Excellence in Music

Top student and Dux Jeffrey Chen with the Proxime Accessit Rachel Wu at the Annual Senior Prizegiving held recently.

and Service to School Music, Top Year 13 Science Student in two or more subjects, and a School Service and Leadership Award. Rachel has been a learning tutor, and the accompanist

for school choral groups. She has also served the Prefect Committee as Secretary. During the last two years she been studying Chinese in her own time, and will sit Scholarship Chinese this year.

Riccarton High School students, Anna Taylor and Thomas Chin, were nominated for Zonta Sports Awards in which they were finalists. Anna was nominated in the outstanding athlete specialising in one sport category. She is a rhythmic gymnast who qualified for the Canterbury team for the National Championships and was second overall in the 2015 Anna Taylor Championships. She has been a New Zealand rep in championships in the USA, Bulgaria, Greece and Namibia. Thomas was finalist in the Athletes with a Disability division. He is a boccia player and won the Canterbury Secondary Schools Championships and won his division in both the South Island and North Island Championships. He was first in the Halberg Thomas Chin Junior Disability Games and placed in the Nationals.

Last day for Year 13

Left: Head students Cheyenne Te Haara-Barr and Rob Hopkins lead their Final Assembly at La Vida. Above: A group of Year 13s listen to the farewells. Right: The tradition of signing off shirts with messages of friendship precedes the assembly.

Pair earn their gold awards

Two Riccarton students have earned their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards. Sophie Madsen, Head Girl in 2015 and Bonnie Maxwell completed their award this year. Teacher Chris Stoop has inspired and monitored them.

Foundation Day celebrated Foundation Day was celebrated with a full school assembly led by the Principal, Neil Haywood. Two prefects from 2006, Emma Cusdin and Georgia Whitla attended and spoke of their time at Riccarton and their lives since. Later, the staff celebrated milestones. Chris McEntee was recognised as a Riccarton Legend for her 25 years service to the school. Bevan Phillipson and Julia McCarthy became Friends of the School for their contributions to the school. Former students Shannon Boorer and Richard Peebles were inducted into the Wall of Fame. Several staff were recognised for 10 years’ service to the school – Sean Coster, Charles Grubb, Lara Grocott, Amie Blackwell, Alex Schwass, Helen Pugh and Eileen McDonald. Nine have completed 15 years – Alison Mason, Joanne Nuttall, Jeff Gunn, Shane Morrow, Rick Harlow, Robyn Webster, David Biddick, Yvonne Andrews and David Harris. Andrew Jefferson and Joanne Thomson have completed 20 years’ service. Anne Herbison has completed 30 years’ service while Graham Batchelor has completed 40 years.

Above: Bevan Phillipson, who has been a reliever since 1999 as well as organising various administrative tasks, and Julia McCarthy, who was a youth worker for the 24/7 programme for 10 years, were recognised as Friends of Riccarton High School.

At right: Richard Peebles and Shannon Boorer, who were inducted into the Wall of Fame, cut the cake for the 58th Birthday of Riccarton High School, officially opened on 30 October, 1958. Property developer Richard Peebles was a student from 1976 to 1980, while Ecan Manager of Public Transport – planning strategy and marketing Shannon Boorer attended from 1994 to 1998.


Tuesday November 15 2016



New Sockburn Fire Station designs revealed By Georgia O’Connor-Harding DESIGNS revealing what the new Sockburn Fire Station will look like have been released. Clearing in preparation for construction of the new building began on the corner of Wilmers and Springs Rd two weeks ago. The development comes as part of a complete restructure of the city’s entire network of fire stations post-earthquake. Fire service area commander Dave Stackhouse (right) said nine fire stations will be built in Canterbury by the New Zealand Fire Service in a phased process between 2016 and 2020. The Sockburn Fire Station is currently based at a rented premises at Wigram Air Base. Other fire stations to be built on new sites include Ilam, Avondale and Redwood. The central, Addington and

Woolston fire stations will be rebuilt on their sites. Mr Stackhouse said the Sockburn development is part of an interlinked system of fire and emergency management stations which are designed to connect the community across the city. Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton community board chairman Mike Mora said he thinks the community will be pleased with the fire station’s location. “It is not in a high residential area for a start and the other thing is it is close to the main roads and state high ways,” he said. He said when stage 2 of the Southern Motorway is completed, fire services will be able to easily access the motorway to travel to Rolleston or into the city centre. Construction of the fire station will begin in March and is expected to be completed by April 2018.

DEVELOPMENT: Images showing what the new fire station will look like have been released.

CHANGE: The current Sockburn Fire Station.



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Tuesday November 15 2016

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Lunchtime surprise of healthy food EVERY LUNCHTIME will now be a surprise for pupils at Fendalton Open-air School after a programme aimed to make school lunches healthier was launched last Monday. A presentation was held by nutritional programme CrunchTime at the school with the opportunity for parents and pupils to sample some of the products. CrunchTime is a daily pack of morning tea and lunch for primary school children across the country. Lunches pre-ordered by parents online are delivered to children each morning in a compostable cardboard box. Another launch was held last month at Waimairi School. CrunchTime co-director Ann Moffat said the programme was received with a warm welcome and the parents loved the idea of nutritionally balanced food. She said the kids loved the foods and are excited about the surprise they get by not knowing what is in their lunch box each day. “The kids loved the foods, the surprise they get by not knowing what’s in their box each day,” she said.

HEALTHY PROGRAMME: The team at nutrition programme CrunchTime nutritionist/chef Helen Potter with co-directors Ann Moffat and Charlie Spenceley. ​ The first deliveries of 33 orders were delivered yesterday. Mrs Moffat said other children from Cobham Intermediate School arrived later at the launch and were asking to come to the school.

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Tuesday November 15 2016


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Knit ’n’ Stitch Tuesday, November 15, 1– 2pm Pop along with your crochet, knitting, mending, card making, tapestry, or anything you like that’s portable and crafty. If you fancy learning, there will be people who can help. Upper Riccarton Library, 71 Main South Rd UR Club Tuesday, November 15, 3.30– 4.30pm Go along and join the fun in our after school club. Open to all school-aged children, there will be stories, crafts, games and more. Upper Riccarton Library, 71 Main South Rd Musical Instrument Practice Slots Tuesday, November 15, 3.30 – 7pm Book a time to go solo or have a silent practice with up to four bandmates. There will be electronic drums, a digital piano, a Roland session mixer, mics and headphones available for budding musicians. You can also take in your own electric instruments, and plug into the session mixer. Te Hāpua Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Rd

Storytimes / Wā Kōrero Wednesday, November 16, 10.15 – 10.45am Go along to the library for a fun storytimes session. Programme includes stories, music, movement and rhymes. Hornby Library, Goulding Ave Scrabble Club Wednesday, November 16, 1.30 – 3.30pm Go along to the scrabble club. No obligation, just go along when you can and join the friendly group. Some boards provided, but feel free to bring your own. No fee. Te Hāpua Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Rd Science Alive in the library Wednesday, November 16, 3.30–4.30pm Free drop-in science sessions from 3.30pm – 4.30pm at your local library. Activities based around the science of popular books and other interesting topics. Fendalton Library, cnr of Clyde and Jeffreys Rd Knit & Yarn Thursday, November 17, 2-3.30pm Take your knitting along to the library’s weekly knit and yarn

Go along to the library for a variety of stories, songs, rhymes, finger-plays and other book-related activities for babies and pre-schoolers. The session will be held at the Te Hapua: Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Rd, on Tuesday, November 22, from 11am to 11.30am. ​

session. The programme is bestsuited for all ages. Fendalton Library, cnr of Jeffreys and Clyde Rd Go Well Group – play Rummikub Thursday, November 17, 1.30– 3pm Go along to Fendalton Library and play Rummikub – an exciting, interactive strategy game. Fendalton Library, cnr of Clyde and Jeffreys Rd Book Discussion Group with Veronica Thursday, November 17, 2pm – 3pm For those who love reading and want to share in discussion with other friendly book lovers. The group subscribes to the Book Discussion Scheme so there is a cost involved Hornby Library, Goulding Ave Learn to play Mahjong Friday, November 18, 2 – 4pm

Go along to the library and learn to play Mahjong – a game that will stimulate your brain and keep you on your toes. Fendalton Library, cnr of Clyde and Jeffreys Rd Science Snippets Afterschool Friday, November 18, 3.30 – 4.30pm There is a free and fun after-school science programme presented by Science Alive. Science Alive educators lead children through interactive activities to stimulate their interest in science, and there is something to take home every week. Programmes run during term time except the first week and last week of term. Activities are based around the science of popular books and other interesting topics. Sessions include spot prizes. It is best suited for school-age children aged five years and above. A

caregiver is required. Hornby Library, Goulding Ave Super Saturday Storytimes Saturday, November 19, 11am11.45am Go along to the library and enjoy storytimes, rhymes and crafty times. The programme is best suited for children aged between 2-7-years-old. Upper Riccarton Library, cnr of Jeffreys and Clyde Rd Halswell Community Market Sunday, November 27, noon Set in the award-winning gardens of St John of God, Hauora Trust, the community markets provide a place for people to connect and support local businesses, musicians, clubs and groups. This is a real community event with a variety of stalls. There will be a kids corner, fresh organic coffee, live music and stalls. St John of God Chapel, 26 Nash Rd



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Tuesday November 15 2016


Hornby High School Years 7 – 13

Be creative in every endeavour

Kia ora koutou, Talofa, Kia Orana, Malo e lelei, Bula, Fakaalofa atu, Namaste, Kumusta. Haere mai ki kura Te Huruhuru Ao o Horomaka. Warm greetings to the Hornby High School community. The end of the school year is a time to look back to the past year’s achievements and forward to challenges anew. Reflecting on the year that is nearly over we celebrated achievement with our Year 11 to 13 students at our senior prizegiving last week. Outstanding achievements in academic, cultural and sporting endeavour were honoured in a lovely night of celebration. I’d like to acknowledge our special congratulations to Naseeba Kaskar whose academic achievements were celebrated to wide acclaim when she was named as Dux of the school. We will acknowledge and celebrate junior achievement with our Year 9 and 10 prize-giving on Tuesday, December 13, and our Year 7 and 8 prize-giving on Wednesday, December 14. It is also a time to look forward, something that I dwelt on in my address at senior prize-giving, and I would like to quote from that speech: “One of the first tasks undertaken by the new Board was to revisit their vision for the school. Every organisation needs a vision, an aspirational statement of what it wants to be in the future. A vision should be bold, audacious and challenging, and our new Board has not stepped back from the challenge. Their vision for Hornby High School going forward is “A centre of creative excellence”. This acknowledges that the world is changing, and that as an educational organisation we must be ready to meet that challenge. Why the focus on creativity? Consider this: In a 2015 report the NZ Institute of Economic Research predicted that within the next 15-25 years 46 per cent of the jobs that we know today may well cease to exist as technology replaces workers undertaking routine repetitive jobs. One simple illustration close to home was the recent announcement by the Christchurch International Airport Authority that it will begin on road trials of driverless buses in 2017. Our future lies in developing and exploiting those things that make us human, a message that I have tried to communicate regularly to staff and students. It includes our ability to empathise, to understand our fellow human beings, and the abilities to think creatively, critically and collaboratively. Creativity is not limited to what you might traditionally think of as the arts. We mean creativity in every endeavour that we undertake in technology, sport, mathematics, physical and social sciences, administration and governance. Our biggest challenge now is to determine exactly what that looks like for each of us. What for example will creative governance look like? What will creativity on the sports field or in the science lab look like? In steering the school towards this vision, the Board adopted three strategic goals: 1. To provide future-focused individualised learning 2. To create and sustain an inclusive learning community 3. To foster inspirational, risk taking and enterprising leadership in all members of our learning community. There is much in what the school has been doing over the past eight years that is already closely aligned with these goals, but there is also the opportunity to look the new vision squarely in the eye and say ‘come on then, bring it on’.” These are exciting times and, when overlaid with the rebuild, these are times that offer boundless opportunity. Our new buildings have been designed with creativity in mind, and our challenge is to bring together vision, buildings, teaching methodology and student aspiration to equip Hornby High School students with the skills necessary for this new age. We must be careful not to think that this new age is some years away. It is here, now. In the meantime, once more our heartiest congratulations not only to our prizewinners, but to all of our wonderful students, each of whom has grown in so many ways over the past year. Please follow my thinking on issues that are both specific to Hornby High School and also of more general educational interest on my Principal’s blog “Whakatauki: He waka eke noa”, - https:// whakataukihewakaekenoa.blogspot.co.nz/. You can now also keep up with the latest news and happenings at Hornby High School on our official Facebook page at https:// www.facebook.com/hornbyhighschool/

Ngā mihi Robin Sutton Principal

Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, Respect

Senior Prizewinners 2016 Naseeba Kaskar, Year 13: Prefect; Senior Girls Badminton Trophy; 1st in Mathematics with Statistics; 1st in Biology; 1st in Chemistry; 1st in Physics; 1st in History; The Claridge Cup for Physical Sciences; The 2016 Dux of Hornby High School; and the University of Otago Dux Scholarship.

Jack Fisher, Year 13: 1st in Accounting; 1st in Economics; 1st in English; 1st in Media Studies; The Jim Anderton Trophy for Proxime Accesit; and the OJI Fibre Solutions Scholarship.

Jerica Flores, Year 13: Merit in Level 2 Hospitality; 1st in Health; 1st in Calculus; 1st in Tourism; 1st equal in Childcare; The Dalmer Cup for General Excellence; and the University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders Scholarship.

Ellison McLean, Year 12: Merit in Mathematics; 1st in English; 1st in Biology; 1st in Chemistry; Lewis House Leader; The United Building Society Award for Academic Excellence; and the Hornby High School Scholarship.

Madison Hickford, Year 12: Merit in Performing Arts; Merit in English; Merit in Mathematics; 1st in Painting; 1st in History; Lewis House Leader; The United Building Society Award for General Excellence.

Brooke Edwards, Year 11: 1st in English; 1st in Home Economics; 1st equal in History; 1st in Drama; The Board of Trustees Trophy for Academic Excellence; and the Hornby High School (Konica Minolta) Scholarship.

Quinn Jenkins-Wickins, Year 12: Softball Rep - Under 17 Canterbury and South Island Teams; Hornby High School Sportsperson of the Year.

Harsh Patel, Year 13: Canterbury Sport Depot Trophy for Boys Football; Hornby High School Hockey Player of the Year; Fairplay Trophy.

Kimberley McKee, Year 11: Merit in English; Merit in Mathematics; 1st in Science; 1st in Geography; United Building Society Award for General Excellence.

Haydon Dickie, Year 12: Merit in Performing Arts; 1st in Hospitality; 1st in Media Studies; The Paul Ryan Trophy for Service to the School.

Mrs Pandaram farewelled Ten groups of finalists from Hornby High School competed in the Lightbulb Grant Team’s “Pitch It” competition. All groups won $50 to fund their ideas to better the community, with Anton Hitt winning third ($500), Anaru Jackson second ($750), and Sergei Kuzmin first place ($1000). The top three students also won experience packages to reward their hard work.

We wish Mrs Sudha Pandaram farewell as she is leaving at the end of the term after teaching mathematics at Hornby High School for 15 years. Mrs Pandaram, who has been Head of Department for five years, said: “At this stage I wish to take a break from teaching and will later decide on my next plans”. Best wishes for the future from the students and staff of Hornby High School.


Tuesday November 15 2016

Western News

Keep it

Fresh new look for expanded family store There have been some exciting changes at the Salvation Army Family Store in Upper Riccarton recently. The shop has been extended, painted and new carpet laid, while new shelving and lighting have also been installed. As a result, the presentation of stock has been greatly enhanced with items looking fresher, plus there is more space for display and for customers to browse without feeling cramped. The additional space has enabled the store to introduce furniture to the range, too. Since the refurbishments were completed in August, staff members have received many appreciative comments from customers. The store offers an extensive range of items, and the staff and volunteers that run it take great pride in making the displays look attractive and inviting for customers. Stock carried includes a wide selection of quality clothing for all ages, jewellery, pretty china, crockery, handy household items, furniture and home

décor items, plus a huge range of books. Anyone who would like to volunteer in a friendly, positive environment and would be available on a medium to longterm basis, or to be on-call is welcome to enquire. Retail and customer service experience would be helpful. Like all the Salvation Army Family Stores, the Upper Riccarton store is stocked with goods generously donated by the public. Donations of clothing in good order, household items, books and brica-brac are always welcomed at the store. For larger furniture items, collection from your home can be arranged. Salvation Army Family Store Upper Riccarton is located at 355C Riccarton Road, just by the traffic lights, with parking available at the rear of the store. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am-5pm and Saturday 9.30am2.30pm. They also have a late night on Thursday to 6.30pm. Phone 341-8539.

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Herbal dispensary Natural & organic skincare In-store naturopath Consultations & massage therapy Proudly selling NZ products


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 Open 7 days from 9am  TAB and Gaming Room  Prizes and Raffles PH 03 343 4141 | 25 Riccarton Rd

Attention Halswell & Wigram Skies Residents



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Christchurch 2016 Stamp & Postcard Exhibition FREE ADMISSION 18th - 20th November Addington Raceway 9.30am - 5pm (Sun 9.30am - 4pm)

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Stamp & Postcard Dealers will be present Celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Canterbury Aviation Co by Sir Henry Wigram Sponsored by

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[Edition datE] Tuesday November 15 2016


Anxiety and breathing – are they related? When good breathing goes bad

H • • • • • • • • • • • •

ave you experienced any of these breathing difficulty symptoms? • Disturbed sleep • Erratic heartbeats* Feeling anxious and uptight Upset gut/nausea Chest pains* Shattered confidence Tired all the time Achy muscles and joints Dizzy spells* or feeling spaced out Irritability or hypervigilance Frequent yawning and sighing Breathing discomfort* Pins and needles Feelings of ‘air hunger’

*Check with your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

These questions are asked on the website www.BradCliff.com. BradCliff was started by North Island physiotherapists Dinah Bradley and Tania Cliffton Smith, who specialise in hyperventilation and anxiety treatment. Their website notes one in 10 people experience some form of breathing pattern disorder or chronic over breathing at some time in their lives, resulting in a range of disturbing or frightening symptoms puzzling to you and your doctor. You feel unwell because of overbreathing,

and overbreathing makes you feel unwell. A vicious cycle is established, which is a major stress all by itself. This is experienced currently by many Cantabrians, says Ietje van Stolk of Physical Sense Gym & Physio. As she explains, it is normal to breathe fast and in the upper chest when we are in danger and fight or flight is needed. We know all about that here, due to the earthquakes. Normally, once the danger is gone, our breathing should restore itself within a couple of days. We would then be using the diaphragm for our normal nonstressed

breathing. We have been having a hard time restoring our breathing pattern here in Canterbury because every time our body tried to achieve that, the next aftershock came rolling in. Even though the aftershocks have significantly diminished, some people’s fight or flight mode breathing has become chronic, or habitual, Ietje says. And, as she points out, using the wrong muscles for breathing means these overworked muscles cause headaches, neck pain and jaw pain. With fast upper chest breathing, sighing and yawning, the resulting disturbance of our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels can give us the feeling we are not able to control our own body. One moment you are are feeling fine, next moment your chest feels tight, you feel out of breath, your heart beats erratically and you may even experience dizziness and/or tingling. Very scary if you do not understand what is happening. No wonder this causes anxiety. Not being the boss over our own

body makes us anxious, anxiety feeds the faulty breathing pattern, and so it goes on. The BradCliff physiotherapists have established a national network of practitioners that regularly train together and can help you overcome this problem. Physical Sense is part of that network. To make an appointment phone 377 2577.

A vicious cycle is established, which is a major stress all by itself. This is experienced currently by many Cantabrians, says Ietje van Stolk of Physical Sense Gym & Physio.

What type of Parkinson’s do you have? Knowing the answer to this question can slow down your Parkinson’s and help you to look, move and feel better.

Get control of your Parkinson’s and find out more today!

www.musclepeople.co.nz Phone: (03) 961 0236



Tuesday November 15 2016


Adventure programme KIDSTUFF helps man bounce back Why The Enchanted Garden is AN OUTDOOR adventure programme has helped a Hornby resident begin a new life after his wife lost a two-year battle with cancer. Hornby resident Allan Fenerty, 41, attended the outdoor-education programme Outward Bound as a recipient of the Kathmandu “Live the Dream” scholarship. He returned to the city a year ago after living in Australia for nine years. Mr Fenerty’s (right) wife of 24 years Sarah passed away in March after a twoyear battle with cancer. “Outward Bound has helped me begin my new life, one that is based in nature. I learned that I’m going to be okay and that I’m stronger than I think. I still don’t know where I want to be, but that’s okay for now. My head is clearer than ever,” he said. He attended the Outward Bound Masters course – a three week course based in Anakiwa, in the Queen Charlotte Sound. Mr Fenerty said he was apprehensive about going to Anakiwa for many reasons. “Although I gave up smoking four years ago, I wasn’t very fit and I never thought I’d be able to run a marathon, but I knew from what I had been through, I was prepared for anything that the course could throw at me. “I think Outward Bound changed me even before I went as I started to train and get fit. I was also grieving but knew this was a great opportunity to start some-

Different from the Rest

ADVENTUROUS: Hornby resident Allan Fenerty (second from right) enjoying the wild on the Outward Bound masters course. ​ thing new.” Mr Fenerty says the hardest part of the course was the high ropes. “I was shaking and had to really go into my mind to push through – just close my eyes and trust the person on the ground telling me what I needed to do. It was groundbreaking for me.” Still grieving for his wife, Mr Fenerty found the ‘solo’ experience the easiest. “Grief was coming in waves so the time alone was much needed. I thought of my family and took time for myself to rest. I also made a dream catcher for my watchmates”. Community service is an important element in every Outward Bound course and Mr Fenerty said he enjoyed working on building a bush track.

Worried about a MOLE?

The Enchanted Garden is a small nurturing preschool that provides individualised care for infants, toddlers and young children. We are proud of our small group sizes, trained teachers and well above minimum teacher/child ratios. Our recent 2016 Education Review Office report states “Teachers follow well-paced, individual home routines that foster children’s sense of security and wellbeing”. If you care about the quality of care your child receives call in and enrol at any time and you will find your child’s perfect home away from home. You can also check out our website and facebook page.

Kids love CASPA!

CASPA (Creative After School Programmed Activities) which now incorporates PAPA JACKS offers children the opportunity to be creative, make new friends and try new experiences all within a safe, nurturing environment. CASPA offers working parents an affordable after school and school holiday programme that their kids just love! CASPA attributes its success to the variety of activities on offer as well as the convenience and affordability for parents. CASPA kids enjoy an exciting range of activities including sports, music, games, drama, arts and craft as well as fun trips. Previous themes and activities have

• affordable chilDcARE • small homely centre EnRolling now! FREE ½ DAYS for 3-5 yrs


n Affordable Melanoma Diagnosis n Latest Computer aided technology n Immediate Results n Dermoscopy inspection n SIAscope examination n See image results on screen n On-site management or referral OPAWA SURGERY 122 Opawa Road, Christchurch

included a Karaoke Dance Party, CASPA Fear Factor, Healthy Art, Out of Africa and hundreds of other amazing themes/ activities! CASPA parents enjoy peace of mind, knowing their kids are safe and enjoying the benefits of a quality after school programme. Some parents and caregivers also enjoy government subsidies for CASPA. CASPA is Child Youth and Family approved for the OSCAR Subsidy and in some circumstances, the full CASPA fee will be covered by the subsidy. For more information or to enrol, call Caroline, Rachel or Tania on 349 9260 or visit www.caspa.org.nz

• Central location • Cooked healthy heart meals • Large private outdoor play area • Casual care available

EnRolling now 0–5YRS

Ring Now: 332 7366

Dr John L. Dewsbury

M.B., Ch. B. (Otago) D.R.C.O.G. (Lond.) F.R.N.Z.C.G.P

• 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday


OPEN 7.30-5.30pm ALL YEAR

The Enchanted Garden 255 Greers Rd, Burnside Phone: 03 359 7944 www.theenchantedgarden.co.nz

EST 1987

389 2483 375 Worcester Street • Christchurch


super LOW prICes!

After School & Holiday Programme

SanderSon MagneSiuM FX

Our best seller!

• Enrolments available now

Your friendly childcare solution Creative After School Programmed Activities

Was $40.90 noW $29.90 120 tablets Was $25.90 noW $19.90 60 tablets Help reduce anxiety, mood & irritability. Helps improve sleep patterns & muscle relaxation.

3 Convenient Locations: The Palms: 385 0364 The Hub Hornby: 349 5150 Bush Inn Centre: 348 7867

call us noW

• We provide a safe, creative environment for 5-13 year olds • Our staff are trained • A range of fun activities • 7.15-8.30am and 3-6pm Mon-Fri • 8am-6pm Holidays Subsidies • Kids just LOVE it! Apply

P: 349 9260 or 027 352 1638 E: info@caspa.org.nz W: www.caspa.org.nz



Tuesday November 15 2016


! W O N your chance to N O win one of three



Shop scan

enter every time you shop at any of these participating businesses - more draws, more chances to win! Promotion closes 9th Dec 2016. conditions apply.


Computers service & repairs specialists

We buy all unwanted guns and accessories for cash Ph: (03) 348 0656 64 Carmen Road, Hornby


Super Location


Waimairi Rd

Repairs • Parts • Accessories • Software

plus lots of xmas ribbons

Come in for “Dragon Deals”

376 Riccarton Rd, Christchurch 03-341 8880 www.dragonpc.co.nz

From bricks and blocks to raised veggie boxes, T&G flooring to roofing, and almost everything in between. Check out our sharp prices on new timber, trellis, ply, plasterboard and coloursteel roofing.

9 Witham St Hornby | Ph 349 7867 • iPhones • Smart Phones • iPads • Tablets • Computers • Laptop Repairs, Parts and Accessories • Glass Screen Protectors • Phone Cases • Cables etc


Fashionable Functional Footwear at Feet First Podiatry

AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS Well equipped repair shop incorporating our mechanical workshop, tyre, WOF & brake servicing.

Bezzera E61 Machines Vitamix Blenders Kitchenaid Mixers Magimix Processors Bialetti Espresso Kai Shun Knives Lodge Cast Iron Le Creuset Cookware Pyrolux Cookware Arcos Knives Cutler y Homeware Cheforks Uniforms Bamix Stick Blenders

Schott Zwiesel Victorinox Knives D u a l i t To a s t e r s Electric Mincers Food Dehydtrators Cake Decorating Roasting Dishes Electric Kettles Sabatier Knives Acme Expresso Cups Imperia Pasta Makers Staub Cookware Wood Chopping Boards

Total Food Equipment 218 Moorhouse Ave

Making car repairs easy & affordable...

37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton Ph 348-7910 | www.feetfirst.co.nz

formulated for dogs

Want the best dog food possible? • Pure meat • No Chemicals • No Fillers • Dogs love Essentials • Convenient chilled roll • Affordable $1 a day for a medium dog TRY NOW AT

Shop 33, Bishopdale Mall | Ph: 359 5118

03 366 6912

www.thefeedshack.co.nz thefeedshackbishopdale@gmail.com

Printer Cartridges Visit us and SAVE!

The team at Allan’s Tyre are here to help.

& Auto

Ph: 358 9399. 164 Kendal Ave, Burnside Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8.30am-1pm

The Hair Lounge Now opeN iN LoNghurst • Ladies Cuts • Colour • Wedding & Prom Hair • Gentleman’s Barbering 1 hamill road, Longhurst-halswell ph: (03) 322 9199

EP: cateringinabox@gmail.com Unit 5, 7 Witham St, Hornby

special offer

Style Cuts™ cuts


$ Bring in this ad and receive

5 off


Thinking Luggage?

SO LITE luggage

Think Just Bagz! DressSmart Mall 409 Main South Rd, Hornby 03 349 7887







• Honest, Friendly, Reliable & Personalised service • Competitive prices • No job too big or too small

PH: 03 344 5565 3/15 Anchorage Rd, Hornby | aidan.cars@gmail.com


Boost Brain Performance


ENZO:PROFESSIONAL (ENZOGENOL) is a potent antioxidant extract of the N.Z. pine bark and has been clinically shown to improve memory, concentration & brain performance.


PHONE 384 8244 230 MACES RD, BROMLEY 391 Main South Rd, Hornby (03) 349 8899

Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 7am-1pm

Just Cuts™ Hornby, Shop 49A, The Hub, Christchurch

109 Matipo St | 0800 222 691

Prudence from the Propét Range

• Handmade food made on premises daily • Selection of sandwiches, bagels, paninis and rolls • Fresh made scones, muffins and slices • Gluten Free options available

1 per person. Offer valid until 06/12/16

NEW ENTRANCE: 3 Musgrove Close, Wigram • Phone 322 7922 Open Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm | Saturday 8am-4pm

Full mechanical service + repair available

Cnr Fitzgerald Ave & Hereford St. Phone: 365-5220 www.a1auto4service.co.nz

Corporate and Private events

any Style Cut

Buyers and Sellers of Recycled and New Building Materials and Joinery Since 1969

www.musgroves.co.nz Phone 358 5487


Ph 0274 141 692


by Hospitality NZ

ILAM - 213 Waimairi Rd




Judged Best Bottle Store in NZ 2016


Dragon PC


Proud to be your local

One stop shop for


only $45.30, save $5.00 SUPER 60’s 120’s only $84.90, save $15.70 PRICE! Detailed Information Available

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health!



Tuesday November 15 2016



No job too small at this repair business Scratch on the bumper? Dent in the door? Damage like this can happen so easily – in supermarket car parks, for example. And the place to get minor damage quickly and professionally repaired is SMART Repairs in Lichfield Street. SMART (Small to Medium Automotive Repair Techniques) Repairs provides a topquality service with a quick turnaround – vehicles are usually in and out within a couple of days. SMART Repairs is owned and operated by Brian and Maxine Caffell, who bought their first panelbeating business in 1993. Brian has a total of 31 years’ experience in the trade, so customers can be confident they will get a first-class job. Services include paintless dent removal, or PDR, and while a large percentage of their work is non-insurance, they also provide insurance quotes and carry out those repairs quickly and efficiently. To keep their customers on the road while their vehicle is in the workshop, SMART

The Automotive Lamp Specialists

New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes

Repairs recently acquired a courtesy car, and this has already proven to be a great help for people, Maxine says. They also offer a pick-up and delivery service if required. As a small, friendly operation, SMART Repairs specialises in small to medium repair work, with no job too small, Maxine says. Their aim is to provide personalised service, and make it easy for customers unsure what to do if their vehicle is damaged. “We take pride in our work and ensure that our customers are happy with the results.” SMART Repairs is located at 272 Lichfield Street, at the Fitzgerald Avenue end. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-4.30pm.

To enquire about repairs to your vehicle, call in, or phone 377-0409.

s mall

m edium a utomotive r epair t echniques

Full mechanical servicing for BMWs

• Paintless dent removal • Minor paint repairs

Dismantling BMW's Purchasing pre-loved & damaged BMWs

Smart repairS (NZ) Limited automotive refinishers

PH 0800 225 483 325 Brougham Street CHRISTCHURCH


vonhead utomotive


side assist 6 months road servicing e cl hi ve with any

• automatic transmission flushing service • Wof • tune-ups • suspension • batteries • neW tyres • oil & lube service • courtesy cars • full mechanical repairs oPen 6 days (sat until 1pm) 126 racecourse road Ph 342 7123 or 027 495 6600

European Car Owners

Fast turnaround

272 Lichfield St (Fitzgerald Ave end) Ph 377-0409


■ All Automotive Repairs and

Servicing including 4WD ■ Suspension Brakes & Cambelts ■ WOF, Tyres, Batteries ■ Courtesy Car


65 McAlpine Ave, Sockburn, Christchurch Ph (03) 341 6678 | eurorec@clear.net.nz A division of

Mob 027 331 0382 Email: parkerauto@clear.net.nz


Enquiries welcome CH 352 5090

new & near new tyres Excellent range at great prices! Brand new location

55 Lincoln Rd, behind Caltex (Cnr Lincoln & Torrens Rd)

Ph 03 982 4268

We can identify ANY electrical fault & reduce repair work with our NEW European Car Specific Diagnostic Equipment

343 0099 or 027 22 63 805 www.jcmdirect.co.nz 8c Birmingham Drive, Middleton Next to Addington Raceway

Your central city workshop


0800 624 477

127a Peterborough Street


Tuesday November 15 2016

REAL ESTATE By George…this is the one! 8 Shiloh Lane, Upper Riccarton 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2 living rooms 2 car-garage | Listing # SMT1794

Enjoying the benefits of a popular location and the space of a family home. This stunning 269m2 10-year-old home offers the best of both worlds. Situated on a private rear section, it is close to the University, Schools, Airport and Shopping amenities. With its high spec fit out and attention to detail, it is clear that this builder’s own property has been crafted with care which lifts it above the ordinary. Inside, the open-plan living features stunning pitched ceilings of 2.7m. Beautifully proportioned this light and airy space features zones for living, dining and cooking, opening to the outdoors. Perfect for entertaining or family living, the spacious kitchen features a workable open planned setting while the living areas add flexibility. With the added bonus of a separate formal lounge. Five bedrooms (2 master bedrooms with ensuite and walk in robes with 1 of them downstairs and 3 semi ensuite) and a total of three bathrooms ensure absolute convenience.

A double internal-access garage completes this very attractive package. Outside, established plantings enhance the outdoor living. Patio areas are a pleasure allowing you to follow the all-day sunshine in the privacy of your fully fenced section of 500m2. With value reinforced by zoning for Avonhead Primary School, Middleton Grange, ST Thomas of Canterbury College and Riccarton High School. This irresistible home offers modern convenience and charm: a rarity in today’s market. Contact me to view today as I know this will truly impress as a home of space and style…an opportunity not to be missed. For an appointment to view contact Debra Hakaraia of Smart Real Estate (Licensed Agent REAA 2008) on 027 562 0420 or 384 8600 or email Debra on enquiries.christchurch@smartrealestate. co.nz or visit our website www. smartrealestate.co.nz.



Tuesday November 15 2016




Fashion Designs & Colours Discontinued Designs End of Lines Bargain Prices Call at Our Shop CURTAIN FABRIC OUTLET 71 Hawdon St Sydenham Ph 366-5026

Gardening & Supplies

A GARDEN OR LANDSCAPING TIDY UP? Shrub, hedge & tree pruning, Lawns, Gardening, consistently reliable general property upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10 yrs experience, One off tidy ups or on-going service. Nick’s Property Maintenance. Keeping your garden beautiful. Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

Holiday Accommodation

QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email: reception@mandolin.com.au www.mandolin.com.au

Public Notices

Weka Pass Railway Waipara, North Canterbury

We Are Running SunDAY 20th november Running 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month Phone 0800wekapass Depart Glenmark Station 11.30am & 2.00pm www.wekapassrailway.co.nz

DEMOLITION With care and respect we will remove your dwelling. Our policy is to recycle as much as we can. We are a local company specialising in residential properties. We will endeavor to cater for your individual needs. Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

Phone our local team 03 379 1100 Trades & Services

Situations Vacant

Public Notices

Call us & we’ll help you place your classified advert in our community papers

MUMS & DADS Would you like your children to exercise more and earn some money?

Nobody knows


The Roofing Specialists

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597

We’re local, we’re in Christchurch, we speak your language!

Selwyn Times

A Mainland Media Publication


Kea (Nestor Notabilis)

Ladbrooks, Tai Tapu, Leeston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Prebbleton, Halswell, Rolleston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pass


MONDaY JULY 15, 2013

A Mainland Press Newspaper


384 0600

A Mainland Press Newspaper

A Mainland Press Newspaper

Black Billed Gull

MONDaY 12 aUGUST, 2013

A Mainland Press Newspaper

384 0600

HOUSE CLEARING Are you moving house?


New Zealand Swamp Hen (Pukeko)

Linwood, Avonside, Richmond, Shirley, Burwood, Dallington, Wainoni, Bromley, Aranui, Avondale, Bexley, New Brighton, Northshore, Queenspark, Parklands, South Brighton

Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt. Pleasant, Ferrymead, Woolston, Lyttelton & Akaroa Harbours

Southern View

Fantail (Piwakawaka)

Pegasus Post

MONDaY JUNE 24, 2013





Phone: 379 1100 TUESDaY, aUGUST 27, 2013

Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association


like a local


• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs


Bellbird (Korimako)

Harewood, Burnside, Bishopdale, Bryndwr, Fendalton, Merivale, St Albans, Mairehau, Papanui, Casebrook, Redwood, Regents Park, Styx Mill, Northwood,Spreydon, Belfast Hoon Hay, Hillmorton, Cracroft, Cashmere, St Martins, Somerfield, Sydenham, Addington, Waltham, Opawa, Beckenham, Huntsbury, Woolston


MONDaY JUNE 24, 2013

A Mainland Press Newspaper

Let All Clear Canterbury take care of your unwanted items.

384 0600

New Zealand Pigeon (Kereru)

Templeton, Islington, Hei Hei, Broomfield, Halswell, Oaklands, Westlake, Hornby, Wigram, Sockburn, Church Corner, Ilam, Russley, Hyde Park, Avonhead, Riccarton Park, Riccarton


The Star requires delivery personnel in all areas of Christchurch. The work involves door-to-door delivery of The Star newspaper.

You identify what you want to keep & we will dispose of the rest!!

Ph: 03 312 7119 Mob: 021 078 4553

Our community papers are published every Tuesday (Bay Harbour, Wednesdays) focusing on local issues & local people.


Computers ALL YOUR COMPUTER WORRIES SOLVED! *$30.00 off your first service with this coupon!* No problem too big or small from home PC’s to business networks. PC slow? An end to Viruses, Spyware, and Clogged Systems. Safe secure hassle-free computing. Lost files recovered. Microsoft Certified, MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years experience. Call Andrew Buxton this week on 3266740 or 027 435-7596 for $30.00 off* Custom Computers Christchurch

Contact us today


allclearcanterbury@gmail.com www.allclearcanterbury.co.nz


Replace, repair or new. We are a local company with over 10 yrs exp. We also operate a digger for all other earthworks.

o business vide


A video will bring your business alive & into your customers mind. Promote your services or business with a professionally created video with us • Corporate and Business video a speciality • Competitive rates • 25 years experience • Start to finished product • Professional quality guaranteed

PHone KeRRY 021 635 083 Health & Beauty

Comes to YOU with 33 years experience. Personal service in the comfort of your own home. Dianne is reliable, on-time and she listens to you because hair is her passion. • Adult style cuts: $25 • Senior discount (65+): $22 • Colour your hair with Tint $75-90 Longer • Foils & cut $85-100 Discounted for 2 or more.

Book now 022 439 5819 To Let


HOUSEME Portable sleepout or office available to rent. 3m x 3.6m studio. Insulated and value for money at $75.00 per week, you wouldn’t live in anything else. Contact Amanda today on 0279570920orhouseme2015@ xtra.co.nz

PIANO/KEYBOARD Tuition. Raewyn Clegg, Registered Music Teacher, 29 Lancewood Drive, Halswell. Ph: 3229377 PILATES Beginner & Intermediate classes, Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Fendalton Croquet Club, Makora Street. Phone Julie 351-2100

Please call Leanne Lucas 364-7451 or Mark Coulthard 364 7453 email: deliveries@starmedia.kiwi

Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

Situations Vacant

Trades & Services

Trades & Services




Strippers & Podium Dancers Wanted! 18+ TO APPLY

NEISHA 021 193 0118 Wanted To Buy AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156 A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045

Enjoy outdoor living all year round • Continuous spouting made to measure • New or existing homes • Steel fascia • Snow fall protection • No job to big or small • Will replace or repair any gutter profiles • All coloursteel colours available • All works guaranteed www.superiorspouting.co.nz Ph. Jem 0277 515250


Service / Installation Maintenance / Repair • Refrigeration design, build & repairs • Heat Pump sales, installation & repairs • Heat Pump servicing



Serving Canterbury for 33 years



196 Wordsworth St Christchurch

15 month

INTEREST FREs E Normal lendin g

criteria apply • House, deck, carport & window canopy etc • Warm & dry in winter • UV protection for summer • Customised & Tailored • Café curtains fitted Chris Thorndycroft • 5 year warranty

Ph 0800 27 24 46 | www.archgola.co.nz BUILDER For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067. BUILDER LICENSED available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 BUILDER AvAILABLE LBP Builders.All building work, bathroom re modelling, decks etc before Xmas, Ph/Txt Jon 021 613 493

& Property Maintenance

Paving Patio - Pathways - Driveways

Lawns and Gardens

Planting - Raised Vege Gardens Readylawn - Irrigation - Fencing

General Maintenance

Water Blasting - Gutter Cleaning Rental Property Maintenance Section Clearing - Weed Spraying

20 Years Experience

Locally owned and operated Free Quotes - Competitive Pricing

Blair Gibson 027 699 5815


Tuesday November 15 2016



Contact us today

Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services




TILINg Quality jobs done on time. All aspects of tiling. Reg Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027 334 4125


Travlon Coachlines

Remember... we are NOT in Parkhouse Road

New Homes Renovations Alterations Re-roofing Re-cladding to older buildings Family owned & operated E info@webuildltd.co.nz Antony Wright 021 111 1703 John Wright 0274 343 323 AH 03 347 4347

Landscape Lane (off Lunns Rd) P. 348 2915 OPEN 7 DAYS

nO GREEn wastE In anY OF OUR COMPOst


Travlon Travlon Coachlines Coachlines

School Run to some private schools ex Selwyn/Halswell area “Wide range of coaches and ofbuses for “Wide range coaches and buses School Run to some for Charter&& Tour” Tour” Charter private schools exwww.travlon.co.nz Selwyn/Halswell area | Phone: 03 325 www.travlon.co.nz 2959 Email: info@travlon.co.nz “Wide range of coaches Phone: 03 325 2959 and buses for Email: info@travlon.co.nz ROOFING Charter & Tour”

www.travlon.co.nz 03 325 2959 We Phone: have solutions Email: info@travlon.co.nz for all roof problems with Wetsuit Seamless Membrane

Call us 0275 568 121 or email us sales@roofmasterschch.co.nz

CARPENTER HANDYMAN - Small Job Specialists, Carpentry, Repairs, Decking & Maintenance, 40 years experience, no job too small, Ph Warren 03 3221103 or 027 697-8541


Now working in your area • Tree Pruning & Removal • Stump Grinding • Hedge Trimming Fully Insured Qualified Arborist For a free quote, ph 0800 248 733 www.jimstrees.co.nz

Appliance Sales & Service

388 4780

Appliance Services 14 Brighton Mall, New Brighton



If you need a hand around your home, we can help YOU

Specialising in Odd jobs, Lawns undertaken, Rubbish clean outs, ETC It’s the people that make the difference.

Phone Rodney 027 530 3030

ROOF PAINTING Rope & harness a speciality, no scaffolding required, 30 years of breathtaking experience. FREE QUOTES Exterior staining, exterior painting, moss and mould treatment and waterblasting

Phone Kevin 027 561 4629 CARRIER LOCAL experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 ************** CARPET & VINYL Laying. Repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching, Email jflattery@xtra. co.nz, ph 0800 003 181 or 027 2407416 CARPETLAYER Laying and Repairs, 40 yrs experience, ph Peter 3267711 or 027 240-6532 ELECTRICIAN REGISTERED for all electrical installations & repairs Ph 03 322 4209 or 021 026 73375 ELECTRICIAN The Downlight Man. Repairs, LED replacements. 30 yrs exp. Registered electrician. 022 1407-864


Experts in... • Wallpapering • Plastering/Crack Repairs • Interior Painting • Exterior Painting • Specialty Finishes • Design Advice Vicki Keast, Director 0274 933 529 email: vicki@paintmasters.co.nz PAINTER Top quality work, interior/ exterior, pensioners discount, free quotes, 30 years experience, I stand by Canterbury, ph Wayne your friendly painter, 03 385-4348 or 027 274-3541 PLASTERER Gib Stopping, Small job specialty. 30 + years experience. Ring 0800 387-369 PLUMbER For prompt service for all plumbing maintenance, repairs and alterations. Phone Michael 364 7080 or 027 438 3943 PLUMbER A Top Plumbing job completed at a fair price, prompt service, all work guaranteed, Ph Brian 9607673 or 021 112-3492

ROOFINg Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug.co.nz RUbbISH REMOVAL From Kleensacks to truck loads, the messier th better. Trees, flat clean ups. Call Silver Threads 022 1407852 SPOUTINg CLEANINg Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034

Trades & Services

TREES bIg OR SMALL tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph Trees Big or Small, for a free quote, 021 061 4783 TREE WORK Hedge trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 435-8759 T.V. SERVICE CENTRE Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400 VHS VIDEO TAPES & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping, weddings, twenty firsts, special occasions, www.grahamsvideo.co.nz ph 03 338-1655

Tel 322 1345

WATERbLASTINg Quality Job, Quick Service by skilled tradesman, Ph Richard Severin at Jet-X 0800 538 969 Free quotes, visit www.jetx.co.nz Appliance Sales & Service

388 4780

Appliance Services 14 Brighton Mall, New Brighton


BUSINESS HERE Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100


ELECTRICIAN Rewire specialists. Some old wiring, some new, get a free appraisal and quote. Switch boards, LED lighting, garages, spas you name it we do it. Give the boys at Turned On a ring, phone Muzza 022 6177275 FENCE PAINTINg Staining Quality at a reasonable price. Free quotes. Phone Warren today on 980-1676 or 027 2014713 FURNITURE REMOVALS Large Trucks $95 + GST per hour 7 day NZ wide, packing & moving, Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 0800 359 9313 HANDYMAN Silver Threads. A bunch of nice friendly mature tradies, builders, electricians, painters, landscapers, section tidying. Ring for a free quote 022 140-7852 PAINTINg & Decorating interior & exterior, gib fixing, plastering, paperhanging, Est 50 yrs in ChCh, ph Wingfields Ltd, ph Mark 021 171-1586 or 355-5994 PAINTER AVAILAbLE All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265

Just advertisement in The Star reaches more people than any other media in Christchurch! Reach more customers with The Star! For a free marketing consultation, contact the team: shane@starmedia.kiwi | 03 379 7100 www.starmedia.kiwi


Tuesday November 15 2016



Scottish Military Tattoo JOIN A CLUB THE SEABY !



Alex Hodgson and David Vernon




GREAT DINING - downstairs -




ClubBISTRO Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm

Midweek $10 SPECIAL ROAST Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

- upstairs -

PIERVIEW Restaurant

Quality a la carte with a view! Open from 5.30pm FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY




SIRLOIN STEAK or CHICKEN BREAST with Jacket Potato & Salad Bar


for a limited time


3 courses: $25 NOW OPEN FOR



202 Marine Parade Ph 388-9416 Members, guests and affiliates welcome

By the Seaside! 10.30am-2.30pm



$25... BOOK NOW!





BOWYN ‘BOMAN’ MORGAN v SHAUN COLMORE MARK JONES v KYLE ‘THE ESSEX BOY’ SMITH plus top line corporate fights Door sales $40 or @Dash








FRIDAY 9 DEC, 8PM THE WARRATAHS Tickets $25 Hornby WMC, 17 Carmen Rd, Hornby ph 03 349 9026 www.hornbyworkingmensclub.co.nz Members, guests & affiliates welcome

A MYRIAD of top performers takes to the stage in February for the 2017 Scottish Military Tattoo. Appearing at the Aurora Centre, Burnside High School, at 6pm on Saturday 4th February 2017 (Waitangi Weekend), seating is limited, so Tattoogoers are urged to book early for this wonderful event. Amongst the headline acts, direct from Scotland, are Alex Hodgson (singer/guitarist) & David Vernon (accordion). Also known as ‘Saltire’, these boys have played in Christchurch many times over the years and are renowned for their amusing banter and skilled musicianship.

Start your day with us We are open from 6.30am every day Join us for Race Day COOKED Breakfast BREAFASTS from


Also on the bill are the Temuka Pipe Band; Brass Cats; Willie McArthur; Highland Dancers; Scottish Country Dancing; Highland Marching Drill Team; Dunedin Scottish Fiddle Orchestra & the Defence Force Tri-Service Cadets; plus a ceremony for the Centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele with guest of honour, the Honorary Consul of Belgium. e Aurora Centre theatre only has 700 seats and there is only one show, so this Tattoo will book out very quickly. Tickets are only $49 plus booking fee on sale now at Ticketek. Follow the event on facebook: Scottish Tattoo Christchurch.


‘Famous for their roasts!’

FAMILY FRIENDLY Kid’s Special Two courses

Great Kids menu plus designated play area.


Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

$10 $20

Special available lunch only Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm. Conditions apply

Open daily from 6.30am - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



Christmas Functions

& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150


Lunch & Dinner Buffet

Lunch & Dinner All you can eat, 7 days


Book & dine with us for your Christmas party this festive season, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Bookings Essential PH 386 0088

fb.com/GardenHotelRestaurant www.gardenhotel.co.nz




le availab from


A classic, contemporary Club experience Cafe open from 11am TAB & Gaming Function Facilities


HOUSIE Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday SHUTTLE Tuesday - Saturday




7pm in the Whitford’s Bar



THE GARDEN HOTEL COMPLEX | 110 MARSHLAND RD www.gardenhotel.co.nz | phone 385 3132

Open 7 Days from 5.30pm


$10 Members / $12 Non


Tuesday November 15 2016

WESTERN NEWS Advertising feature

New Hope For Long Term Back Pain Sufferers

After more than eight years in New Zealand, Teeter Hang-Ups have now gained a reputation for success with long-term sufferers of Back pain. Inversion New Zealand was started eight years ago by Dave and Nancy Hare, Dave had suffered over twenty years of back pain from Degenerated Discs and had basically given up and decided to just live with it. “To me surgery was never an option” he said “as long as I still could walk, there was hope”.

was something I had never heard of sorting it out for me in a very short period of time” It was then Dave decided to introduce Teeter into New Zealand and Inversion NZ was born.

Dave had tried everything; every time he was overseas he would search for anything that could possibly help. While on one of these overseas trips eight years ago, Dave discovered the Teeter Hang-Ups. “The first time I tried it, the pain disappeared and I was completely pain free for about 30 minutes, nothing had done that” he told me. Dave never believed it would fix him, “as specialists had told me it was irreversible, I now knew I had a place to go every time I wanted some serious relief”.

“We have testimonials from people with over fifty years of back problems and even have them in a number of schools in New Zealand for their special needs children” he told me, “the blood to the brain helps these kids and the results are excellent” What this means for the aging population is that it helps maintain the health of the brain as we all get older.

To Dave’s surprise the more he used the table the longer the pain stayed away, until after nearly three months he was completely pain free, “I couldn’t believe it’ he told me “I had spent large amounts of money on every form of treatment available and here


Over the years INZ have helped thousands of people get some serious relief and have seen results in not only backs, but necks, hips, knees, posture, circulation, increased height, blood pressure and lots more.


In 2008 I had been living with a serious lower back pain for many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of $48,000. The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle changes including changing my profession, which was not practical as I own my own business.

Dave told me that he realised that, had he not tried the Teeter for himself he would still be suffering, “I would still be a miserable grumpy bugger, living with pain, that is why we do the shows, people need to try it for themselves” he told me “most people actually get off with the pain either gone or considerably less” he said “we let the tables do the Frank Harwood (84) of Turangi using his Teeter, Frank has been talking” Inverting for over eight years and has found it keeps him young


Discs: It

uses gravity to apply traction, the traction gently opens the discs and as they open up they create suction, this suction draws fluid from the surrounding tissue back into the discs, re-hydrating them. This is the key! Discs do not have their own blood supply, they rely on transfer of fluid from the surrounding tissue to keep them healthy and hydrated and over the years as discs get thinner with age, they lose the ability to take on fluid (just like squeezing a sponge) and they start to de-hydrate. De-Hydrated discs are less flexible, they are harder, more prone to injury, they interfere with nerve roots creating pain and ultimately the de-hydration causes degeneration. The Teeter Inversion table slowly and gently brings the hydration back into the discs, plumping them up. This brings back lost height (most people will regain around 2 CM of height), it separates the nerve roots far more effectively and returns quality of life

Muscles: A lot of pain is muscular, when muscles are stressed they become tight which restricts the flow of blood and lymph through the muscles so toxins build up, Co2 and Lactic Acid. Traction opens up the muscles, Rhythmic Traction, is a gentle rocking motion that stimulates circulation and encourages blood flow through the muscles, which clears the lactic acid into your lymph system where it stimulates lymph flow and deals with it. Most people with serious neck issues see a large improvement after only one treatment.


Come along to our expo in Timaru, or come to our expo in Christchurch next weekend. (See below for details). If you have completely resigned yourself to having back or neck pain for the rest of your life, then chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

Walnut Ave Pavillion Opposite Ashburton College 5th & 6th November 10am to 4pm

Posture: Poor

posture is one of the major cases of pain and is a major contributor to the deterioration of the body with age. A difference in leg length causes most of the hip and knee issues, as they continue to place uneven loads on the joints; similar to the wheels out of alignment on your car. Trying to correct posture is extremely difficult due to muscle memory, as it constantly pulls the muscles back to where they were. At a level of 40 degrees or more on the Teeter, the muscle groups open up and eventually come back into alignment, using the table daily, does not allow the muscle memory to pull them back out of alignment and slowly the muscles start to lose their memory and go with the flow, allowing the body to come back into correct posture. Then using the table once a day will ensure it is kept there. This is pure logic, if a machine is out of alignment it does not last long, the only difference between the body and a machine is that the body is constantly repairing itself, however if the wear and tear on the body is greater than the body’s ability to repair itself, it is a slow decline. The Teeter slowly brings the body out of its decline and allows the body to repair itself, resulting in a far healthier life.

If you are serious about investing in your health and really sorting your issues out, come see us at one of our local roadshows, you have nothing to lose and chances are, a lot to gain.


Fernside Memorial Hall 287 O’Roarkes Road Fernside 12th & 13th November 10am to 4pm



At the Waikato Home Show I experienced a demonstration on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare. To me the effect was amazing, I actually experienced some serious relief which lasted for an hour or two, I was told that the relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time, having nothing to lose and a lot to gain I purchased a Teeter. Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is as strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and most importantly I did not have the surgery. I consider the purchase of my Teeter has been one of my greatest investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and costly surgery, it has kept me in my profession and it has brought my health back. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Very best regards Paul Gordon Cambridge


Come along for a free treatment Here in New Zealand, Dr Giresh Kanji, one of the countries most respected Pain Specialists completed a PhD on how humans experience pain and then researched lower back pain, writing "Fix Your Back" and then spent a few years researching neck pain, headache and migraine and wrote "Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Migraine", both books are in most bookstores. Dr Kanji discovered in his research that the disc is the most likely source of low back pain and Inversion showed the best results of all the trials conducted. Three studies showed a 60% reduction in pain and one showed a 75% reduction in surgery for people with disc prolapse.

Inversion helps to: • Relieve Back Pain • Relieve Neck Pain • Relieve Muscle Tension • Stimulate Blood And Lymph Flow • Improve Posture • Increase Flexability • Reduce The Effects Of Ageing Caused By Gravity

Dr Kanji has personally been using the Teeter Inversion tables for his own low back pain, has Teeter Inversion tables at both of his clinics in Wellington (The Sports and Pain Clinic) and has had such success that he is now conducting the largest study in the World on Inversion Therapy. In his own words, "these things are gold and inversion should be a first line treatment for low back pain”.

Inversion NZ Ltd 0800 62 62 83 www.inversionnz.co.nz


Celtic Rugby Club Rooms 4 Brown Street Timaru 19th & 20th November 10am to 4pm


Christchurch Bridge Club 21 Nova Place, Christchurch Central 26th & 27th November 10am to 4pm

Ferrymead & Hornby

Join us at our new Hornby store

Grand Opening Sale save up to

10000 on


Big Spa Pool Savings at Grand Opening Prices!

premium packages*

1004 Ferry Road, Ferrymead 20 Carmen Road, Hornby






spa pools from under




Now you can afford the World’s #1 Selling Spa Pool

save up to



on premium packages*

Big Spa Pool Savings at Grand Opening Prices!

en R Ca rm

Ho Wo rnby Me rking ns Clu b Ch alm ers St


The Warehouse

Main South Rd




0800 80 1004 | wrightspapools.co.nz

*Save up to $10000 on a full spa package. Terms & conditions apply. Finance available. See instore for details.

Trade-in’s & display models at Crazy Prices

For more life at home get into a Swim Spa

The at-home, total body fitness system

Endless days and nights of family fun

Our E-series Fitness systems keeps up with fitness fanatic and professional triathletes and they can offer you year-around training at home for a complete body workout.

There is no pool or spa more versatile than a Swim Spa from Endless. From pure swimming pool fun to a relaxing spa pool, or for hydrotherapy and some healthy exercise, an Endless Swim Spa offers it all.

Check out all the models and features at Wright Hot Spring, Ferrymead and Hornby.

1004 Ferry Road, Ferrymead 20 Carmen Road, Hornby

0800 80 1004 www.wrightspapools.co.nz

Wright Spa Hornby Superstore Spa pool specialists now open in Hornby One of the city’s most well-known businesses, Wright Spa Pools of Ferrymead, has just opened a new branch in Hornby. Located at 20 Carmen Road, the premises formerly occupied by Hampton Motor Cycles is conveniently close to their client base, co-owner Matt Lowe says. “We service the mid-Canterbury area, and with the growth of the Lincoln, Rolleston and Selwyn areas, we saw this site as ideal for the expansion of our business.” The premises are almost three times the size of the family-owned business’ Ferry Road site, where they were running out of space, and are “as close as they could get to a purpose-built site”. Established in 1978, and trading on Ferry Road since 1991, Wright Spa Pools specialises in the world’s number one selling spa pools, the US-manufactured Hot Spring spa pools. “These Hot Spring spa pools are unique in that all models are fully insulated, unlike other spa pools on the market, and this makes them the most energy-efficient spa pools in the world,” Matt says. Models at the higher end of the range incorporate the latest technology, utilising the ACE Salt Water sanitising system, that works on real diamond electrodes to generate softer, cleaner water. Offering a range of less expensive models as well, Wright Spa Pools caters for all budgets and requirements. A new top-end line that has just been introduced is the Endless Swim Spa, which provides a smooth and consistent current for swimming against, with options including an underwater hydraulic treadmill. “These are the number one swim spas in the world,” Matt says. “Unlike most swim spas that use jets to move the water, the Endless Swim Spa provides a current like a river, creating a more natural flow.” Designed to offer therapeutic benefits, this spa is ideal for low-impact exercise and is a cost-effective alternative to a swimming pool, he says. Endless Swim

Spas are also easy to maintain, the water temperature can be adjusted at the push of a button, and they can be moved. Spa pool prices range from $5,990 right up to $100,000 - those considering purchasing one are invited to “try before they buy” at the showroom. “People can come in with their family and test out the different models. A spa pool is a major investment, so clients need to be sure they choose the right one for them,” Matt says. “We will also do on-site visits if they are not sure of the best place to install it.” Wright Spa Pools provides a full delivery and installation service, and after-sales support. “We don’t just drop off the spa pool, we set it up and explain how to operate it.” To complete the outdoor lifestyle experience, Wright Spa Pools has a range of Bull barbeques, also imported from the US. Like the Hot Spring spa pools, they are manufactured to the highest standard and are built to last. Wright Spa Pools Hornby is owned and operated by brothers Matt and Jeff Lowe. Their team of friendly sales and service professionals are ready to discuss your spa pool requirements and help you make the right choice. The team members are sales manager Nick Davies, sales professionals Joe Bergman, Jess Ledgerwood and Ashley Davies and service and installation specialists Shane Hamilton and Scott Sutherland. Wright Spa Pools Hornby, 20 Carmen Road, is right beside the railway tracks and has 40 on-site customer car parks. It is open seven days a week – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm. Phone 349 0443 for more information.

The Endless Swim Spa creates a natural, river-like flow.

Wright Spa Pools owners Matt Lowe (centre) and Jeff Lowe (right) discuss their range of spa pools with sales professional Joe Bergman.

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