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Lymphoma Moya is a beautiful 4yr old Bull Mastiff cross who until earlier this year had been a perfectly healthy young dog. Her owners had noticed that over the past few days she hadn’t been quite her normal bouncy self, had gone off her food and developed a swelling under her throat. They bought her to the clinic and although on examination she seemed quite well she not only had enlarged lymph nodes around her neck but also around the front of her shoulders and at the back of her hind legs. Causes of this could be infection, an allergic reaction, immune mediated disease (where the body kills off its own cells) or cancer. Fine needles aspirates (FNA’s) were taken of Moya’s lymph nodes and sent to a veterinary laboratory. Taking an FNA is a painless procedure and in the majority of animals can be done without sedation. A small needle is inserted into the tissue that you want to sample and a small amount of cells are collected and put onto a slide.

Unfortunately, the results that came back from the laboratory confirmed that Moya had a malignant form of cancer known as Lymphoma. This form of cancer is one of the most commonly seen in dogs and often involves multiple organs around the body. To find out where the cancer had spread to Moya had blood tests and thoracic and abdominal x-rays and ultrasound scans performed. The Lymphoma had spread to organs within her chest and abdomen as well as within her lymph nodes – she had high stage B cell-Lymphoma. The results were discussed with her owners who decided that they would like to go ahead with treating her further. With this type of Lymphoma treatment is not surgical, but medical; usually with chemotherapy. We are in contact with a number of specialist Veterinary Oncology clinics in Australia and we contacted them straight away. Within 24 hours they had produced an entire report on Moya, her cancer and different chemotherapy options that they recommended. These treatment options varied from palliative care with steroids through to multidrug chemotherapy options. Moya’s family decided to go ahead with the preferred primary treatment option lasting 15 weeks. Moya started her chemotherapy the following day coming into the clinic every Friday for a blood test to check her red and white blood cell levels and for administration of her drugs intravenously. Throughout the entire duration of treatment, she was very well behaved and tolerated the chemotherapy drugs extremely well, with hardly any noticeable side effects. She was always ready for her treats and walk after her drugs had been given! At the end of the 15 weeks Moya was in complete remission and four weeks later still appears to be. Her owners report that

she is better than ever and when she visited last week she was rolling around as normal for her tummy to be tickling whilst we were trying to take her blood test! There is a chance that the Lymphoma will come back but for the moment she is happy, has a new lease of life and is enjoying her time at home with her family. Informing a client that their special friend has a form of cancer, is one of the awful parts of my job. It is such a dreaded disease with often fatal consequences and often at the time of diagnosis, the disease has well advanced. Due to many cancers having malignant potential, speed of diagnosis and treatment is necessary to have any chance of remission. Many hard decisions have to be made and that is when you can rely on us to do our job. We have the necessary skills and diagnostics to diagnose the type of cancer your pet has and then we employ the specialized services of Oncology consultants in Australia to get the most successful chemotherapy protocol for your pet. That’s often the hardest part as the administration of chemotherapy usually goes really smoothly. Pets rarely have side effects, the drugs are painless if given properly, your pet is treated as an outpatient and we often see improvement quickly, if we are going to be successful. I have first hand experience in the process as my beautiful dog Lola developed kidney cancer last year and received four rounds of chemo. If anyone wants to discuss the process of cancer diagnosis and treatment for your pet, please give the clinic a call.

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„„ By Georgia O’ConnorHarding AN OLD single-storey building has been transformed into a new two-storey retail and commercial centre. Designed by Cymon Allfrey Architects Ltd, a rebuilt retail centre in Hornby will feature a retail area on the first floor and a studio space on the second. The centre based on the intersection of Main South Rd and Garvins Rd will have a downstairs area housing a hairdresser, fish and chip shop and restaurant. Tenants for the retail centre are still being finalised. NAI Harcourts real estate agent Mike Tapley said the studio space on the second floor could be divided into a gym and office. He said the building was close to completion and was hoping to receive a code of compliance certificate from the city council over the next two weeks. The business owners Kaushik Nalin Patel and Manta Kaushik Patel applied for the resource

COMING SOON: A newly-rebuilt double-storey retail centre is set to open in the next few weeks in Hornby. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

consent on March 10 last year. The former single building which housed a dairy, Thai restaurant and fish and chip shop was demolished so the new two-storey building could be rebuilt. Mr Tapely said the former building was “tacky as anything” and a “terrible old place” before it was demolished. The new centre leased by Harcourts will include associated car parking, 48m2 of signage and landscaping. Along the eastern side of the site will be car-parking and access both to Main South Rd and Garvins Rd with 17 on-site car-parking spaces.

Mr Tapley said all traffic issues will be mitigated with a 10min car park outside the shop, car parks around the back of the building and down the road. The report prepared by traffic engineer Novo Group Ltd’s planner Andrew Fitzgerald said the proposal’s potential effects on the surrounding environment would be minor at most. •HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of a new two-storey retail centre opening up at the intersection of Main South Rd and Garvins Rd? Email your views to georgia.oconnor@


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