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July 2016

River Side Homes Cinch Top Honours


erene aquatic outlooks unite the three properties designed by Cymon Allfrey Architects that were honoured with five accolades at the recent regional Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) Resene Architectural Design Awards for Canterbury and Westland. Architect Craig South designed the majestic contemporary twin family homes set on the charming bank of the Wairarapa Stream in Ilam, winning the Residential Multi-Unit Dwelling Regional Architectural Design Award. Maximising the available footprint, each dwelling boasts voluminous internal living spaces that make the most of the visual connection with the surrounding landscape and burbling stream. As both families focus was firmly on maximising the water outlook, South created two elongated dwellings, each positioned to push their outdoor courtyards towards the stream. Each home consists of plastered half gables rising up toward the centre, encapsulating the softer material palette of the rich natural cedar, which runs through the centre and out towards the stream. Impressed by the finished product the judges concluded that the “two parts constitute this compositional whole. A unifying architectural vocabulary of common elements and details articulate an exemplar of high end urban infill housing.” Meanwhile the other home in the neighbouring suburb of Fendalton that

scooped the Residential New Home over 300sqm Architectural Design Award and received a Highly Commended in the Colour in Design category also benefits from a stunning water view. Inspired by the clients’ penchant for midcentury modernist architecture, especially that of renowned American real estate developer Joseph Eichler, Cymon Allfrey’s Don Roy has used a similar language to create a brand new

home in a tree lined cul-de-sac in Fendalton. Influenced by Eichler’s post-war style, Roy’s design comprised a gentle sloping roof resting on two dark, horizontal cedar board masses. With tranquil views of the adjacent stream, the clients’ brief for their post-quake rebuild was to create a contemporary environment that was light and open, embracing the stream aspect to the north and existing garden to the east.

Located in the same general footprint of the original home, the L-shaped structure wraps around the eastern court and has been oriented to connect the main living areas with a stunning outlook over the river. Roy explains that the home’s living spaces were organised to provide the intimacy of day to day living for two and for larger groups while entertaining. “One particular feature,” Roy says, “is the kitchen space which has been divided into two zones; the functional ‘back kitchen’ and the social ‘front kitchen’,” designed by awardwinning Christchurch interior designer, Davinia Sutton. The judging panel were delighted with the overall result, saying, “This elegant project embraces and showcases a take on our timber tradition. Set between river and road, building and landscape intentions are held in a sensitive balance.” Cymon Allfrey’s handsome concrete modernist home for a retired structural engineer on the banks of the Avon, won the judges over by it’s wonderful interior spaces that created the ideal platform to showcase the owner’s art collection. Celebrating its 50th year, ADNZ CEO, Astrid Andersen, said the awards are a key part of the organisation’s success and are a true reflection of New Zealand design. “Our Canterbury designers produce intriguing and beautiful designs year after year. All the hard work (they) put in is rewarded and the few who reach the top get the recognition they so very much deserve.”

Exterior and interior of Fendalton home by Don Roy of Cymon Allfrey Architects PHOTOS BY STEPHEN GOODENOUGH

Nurse Maude & Harcourts Holmwood working together for the people of Canterbury For seven years Harcourts Holmwood has sponsored 40 Nurse Maude cars, so every day when we’re out there caring for the people of Canterbury they’re right there along with us. That’s what we call really getting behind the community you care about and why they really are our kind of people.


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REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE The demand for property in Christchurch remains very strong. In May the number of properties sold in Christchurch City was 717 up from 653 in the same period last year with the median sale price increasing to $455,000 from $422,000. While a lot of sellers like to wait until Spring to sell their property, Winter is still a great time to sell. With fewer properties on the market, buyers tend to be highly motivated generating good competition and great results for our vendors. Interest rates continue to be at an alltime low with some very good long term fixed rates well under 5%. We have our own in house mortgage broker, Kevin Burrowes, to help secure these for you. If you are contemplating a real estate decision, please contact one of our Holmwood team today.

For further information: Tony Jenkins, CEO 027 432 2896 tony.jekins@ harcourts.co.nz

Brain scan technology reads minds


he concept that Big Brother is watching is one that is becoming more and more prevalent in our technologically savvy world. However, these developments could aid police to serve and protect our society to an even greater degree. First invented in 1921 by a medical student and a police officer in Berkeley, California, the polygraph or lie detector test is listed as one of Encyclopedia Britannica 2003’s greatest inventions. Designed to measure and record several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, and respiration, it can determine whether someone is telling the truth by using a list of “yes” or “no” questions. While this is still a valuable investigative tool, it is not reliable enough to be used as admissible evidence in a court of law. One of the main reasons it is not deemed 100 percent accurate is if the suspect in question is a psychopath who shows none of the common physiological signs of stress that a polygraph is designed to indicate. Now imagine if a simple brain scan could go beyond the purely physical chemical reactions within the body and actually read our thoughts for a higher rate of accuracy. The potential efficacy of this relatively new forensic tool, known as Forensic Brain Scan Analysis (FBSA), is being explored this year by the UC Law School

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To register interest in participating in the project contact Professor Robin Palmer, Director of Clinical Legal Studies on 03 364 2316 ext 8818 or email robin. palmer@canterbury.ac.nz.


DENTURES PLUS (2014) LTD Denture Clinic and Laboratory

Tony Jenkins is the CEO of Harcourts Holmwood. He has been in real estate for 27 successful years, winning the Best Practice Award in 2009 for his contribution to the real estate industry.

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in their fight for justice. Using electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brainwave responses, combined with additional features in a so-called MERMER test (Memory and Encoding Related Multifaceted EEG Response), the subject is fitted with a headband containing electronic sensors that detect brainwaves and are shown various stimuli on a computer monitor that includes words, phrases,

h t e e T l u f i t u Bea tural Smile NaFree Consultation, No Obligation Ryan Carlton

after 15 years of overseas experience

Te Kura Ture, in conjunction with the Brain Research Institute, Christchurch, and partners at Otago and Massey universities. The research project will delve into the FBSA’s scientific validity and legal application, which the project’s leader, UC Director of Clinical Legal Studies, Professor Robin Palmer, says the new technology has much greater potential than the traditional lie detector to aid police and lawyers

diagrams, pictures or photographs that randomly test for recognition of three types of information (irrelevant, target and probe). “If this science checks out, and it has a high accuracy rate for reading brainwave response to stimuli,” Professor Palmer says, “then it could provide effective proof of knowledge.” Professor Palmer continues to explain that from various studies already conducted in the States, the potential of this technology is extremely promising and indicates a very high rate of accuracy. “This particular test is clear cut in that if you have knowledge of a particular item of information it will show up as a wave with a bump on it. If you don’t, it will show up as a wave with a dip in it.” If verified, FBSA could be used not just for criminal investigations, but also in civil litigation, employment disputes and other ancillary applications. Just last month Professor Palmer and his fellow researchers traveled to Seattle to meet with the American pioneer of this ground breaking technology, Professor Lawrence Farwell. The next step for the team will be to replicate the MERMER test through a pilot programme, scheduled for December.

Est . 1981 C H R I STC H URC H , NEW ZEAL AN D

(at Wairakei & Br


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Multi-sensory condition as a teaching tool Ever wondered what it’s like to hear a strain of music and experience an explosion of flavour on your taste buds? This curious neurological phenomenon, called synaesthesia, is where the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to an automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Affecting around 1 in 2000 people, some experts suspect that as many as one in 300 or even as high as one in 23 may have some variation of the condition. The condition known as synaesthesia, gives people the ability to smell sounds, taste words, or experience numbers as colours. Many of the world’s most famous artists and musicians are bestowed with this extraordinary quality. Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov was said to have experienced colours through music, Jazz musician Duke Ellington experienced musical notes as colours and textures, Engish painter David Hockney used his experience of music as colour when designing his stage sets, Australian actor Geoffery Rush experiences days of the week and numbers as colours, and even silver screen goddess Marilyn Monroe is said to have seen vibrations when she heard sounds. However, in an ongoing study conducted by University of Canterbury’s College of Education, Health and Human Development’s Senior Lecturer Dr Patrick Shepherd, he suggests that although synaesthesia does not necessarily make you more or less creative, a teacher’s

understanding of this condition could enhance how they teach music, the arts and other subjects. When the study was first launched in 2010 Dr Shepherd focused on talking with synaesthetes about their condition and their experience rather than testing them , which was an important aspect of his study. Initial findings were presented at two conferences in Australia in 2011 and 2013. Both stages of his research won UC Summer Scholarships, the first focusing on interviewing the synaesthetes and

gathering data, and the second working on a website, Synaesthesia Aotearoa, which is currently being updated. While the study explores synaesthesia in its broadest sense, participants were specifically asked to comment on any ways in which their own learning might have been enriched by their synaesthesia, says Dr Shepherd. They were asked if they felt it made them any more or less creative and whether there were any particular ways in which synaesthesia, as they perceive it, might be

used in education, particularly with regard to music and the arts. “Analysis of their responses indicated that having synaesthesia is not a determining factor as to someone’s ability to be creative,” Dr Shepherd explains. “However, it is possible that synaesthetes might use the condition as a positive tool in the teaching of the arts.” “Synaesthesia affects people in very different and usually very inconsistent ways, colour hearing does not automatically come with taste association; combinations are not universal nor are they similar. Synaesthesia can equally be a help or a hindrance – there is no evidence to suggest that it makes you any more or less creative. But knowing somebody with a similar view of the world helps by normalising the condition. Being aware of synaesthesia is important for educators and non-synaesthetes, as well as using colour analogy as part of a dialogue with the students about the way they perceive their world.” Dr Shepherd goes on to explain that this genetic condition is apparent in large numbers of children although they may hide it, and in some cases regard it as an affliction when in actual fact it could be used as a positive tool in the teaching of the arts. Coincidentally, he says that number is similar to the incidence of dyslexia which is a condition that often accompanies synaesthesia. The next stage in Dr Shepherd’s study aims to focus on the effect on young children as this is where the condition is most prevalent.



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Happily ever afters for pets


rustrated by the lack resources available for immediate help when their beloved family cat, Sammy went missing, Kim Buchanan founded Pets on the Net. A national wide online service, Pets on the Net allows instant access to online advertising for locating missing family pets, reuniting thousands of pets every year. Not just for finding cats and dogs, they have even been known to reunite the odd sheep and pet pukeko with their human families. Running since 2002 Pets on the Net works in tandem with other animal services such as the SPCA, NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR), NZ Companion Animal Council and the NZ Vet Association. Due to the advent of the internet, Kim says that it has presented an even greater challenge for people seeking lost pets. “With the creation of so many lost and found Facebook pages and websites, it has only made it harder for people by creating many more haystacks in which to search for lost needles. This is why the SPCA and NZCAR strongly support and deem our service to be the one single effective system for lost and found pets in New Zealand.” As well as providing this valuable resource for pet owners across the country, Pets on the Net also offers a rehoming service, giving pets a second chance and owners the peace of mind to rehome their pets if their circumstances change and they can no longer care for them.

Run from Kim’s home in the picturesque Coromandel Peninsula, the service is available 24/7 throughout New Zealand. Although the service remains free even after 14 years, the running costs are covered by the optional advertising upgrades available

on the Net has been a lifesaver for both owners and their pets, and is the best port of call when looking for a lost pet. This can also be ideal for those looking to take on a pet that has already been house trained. Within the 14 years Kim has been

Cat rescuer Antoinette was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed to rehome her seven timid rescue cats. It was probably one of the most satisfying things we’ve done to help make this lovely lady’s last wish come true.”

to give your ads priority and therefore increasing your pet’s exposure. “Despite being a free service, it surprisingly costs a lot of money to run each month, so we offer additional pet services through the website as another source of revenue to continue running this community service,” explains Kim. For people looking to rehome pets, Pets

running the site she says there have been many heart warming stories that make her job so worthwhile. In the aftermath of the quakes when their service extended beyond the regular happy endings for owners and their pets many personal tales emerged. One adoption in Christchurch was particularly special, Kim recounts. “It was as heartwarming as it was heartbreaking.

Find your lost pet, adopt a new one, or find a new home for your pet, and any other pet related services, visit www.petsonthenet. co.nz.


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Long-established Retirement Village offers

comfort and peace of mind Located in the peaceful residential area of Bryndwr/Fendalton, the Fendalton Retirement Village is one of our city’s more established retirement facilities. As such, it is able to offer its valued residents total peace of mind with its long-standing management and staff having the skills and experience to ensure their comfort, safety and well-being throughout the levels of care. Offering just 35 rest home beds and 14 studios, Fendalton Retirement Village is also a smaller, more boutique-style facility, enabling residents to meet each other and make friends easily in a welcoming and companionable environment.

independent villas, assisted living studios and rest home-level care. The rest home rooms are spacious and comfortable, each with an en suite bathroom. Group activities take place in the warm, bright communal lounge, where residents can also spend time just quietly chatting with their friends, while the smaller, more intimate morning room with its own kitchenette is perfect for entertaining visitors.

make enquiries, contact Sales Consultant Donna Monk, 351 0974, mobile 021 241 9979, email reception@fendaltonretirement. co.nz, or for more information visit www.fendaltonretirement.co.nz.

The beautifully landscaped gardens create a very pleasant outdoor environment for both residents and visitors to enjoy too.

With the many and varied activities and outings provided, residents can enjoy a stimulating and active lifestyle, while the local shopping centre, with its library, specialty shops and bus service is an easy stroll away.

Making the transition from living in your own home to a retirement facility may take some adjustment, but the caring staff will be with you every step of the way, helping you to become confident and settled in your new lifestyle.

Fendalton Retirement Village offers a range of lifestyle options, including

Fendalton Retirement Village is located at 73 Bryndwr Road. To

Come and view our village Fendalton is centrally located, with the Fendalton shops and library close by. We offer a range of living options from independent to Rest Home care.

Villa now available to view for immediate occupancy.

For more information, phone Donna Monk on 021 241 9979 or 03 351 0974 ext 716

it’s the care that counts

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10 reasons why you should use a professional property management company to take care of your investment Whilst our office is predominantly a sales team and we deal with the buying and selling of homes we have a very close relationship with our property management department. Our repeat investor clients are testament to the fact that our Property Management department does such a fine job. CoreLogic stats indicate 41% of Christchurch sales are to investors. A recent search I did online shows that there are 1761 properties available for rent in Christchurch at present. Anecdotally a more balanced market would be closer to 1200, so the supply / demand equation for rentals has swung. So here are just a few reasons why you should choose a professional property management company to take care of your investment.

Call 03 351 5534 for a free rental appraisal!

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– All property management costs are 100% tax deductible – Tenant checks from sources readily available to licensed Real Estate Agents – Wider advertising exposure when sourcing new tenants – Zero tolerance for rental income arrears – Specialists in Tenancy contracts and in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the latest legislation changes to the Act – Objective approach when dealing with tenant issues, inspections and arrears – Property Management is our business and not our hobby – Our 24/7 service means no late night and weekend calls – In depth knowledge of the continually changing rental market – Blacklisted tenants avoid Licensed Real Estate companies


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SUBURB SNAPSHOT Ilam 2015/ 2016 (Jan, Feb, Mar)

We finally managed to get everyone together to present this cheque to Fendalton Open Air School from Harcourts Holmwood (although the school has had the money for a while). The money raised from the Harcourts Holmwood House and Garden Tour came to a whopping $7,500.00 which we were so happy to hand over! We can only hope the next one will be as successful! Stay tuned for next years dates. Once again we are looking forward to being involved with this Gazette and to help you with your property needs. Why not call in and see us for a catch up? Friends old and new are always welcome.

Sale price (median) 2016 2015



+ 0.65% in 2016

Left to right: Emma Bradley Fendalton Board, Raewyn Saunders Fendalton School Principal, Corina Grey, Tracy Denny, Juliet Lill from Harcourts Holmwood

Total volume ($) 2016 2015

Warmest Regards,



+ 10.01% in 2016

Simon Hollander Branch Manager Ilam Office

Sourced from REINZ

Recent sales in the area




Geraldine Street, Edgeware Auction


Carrington Street, St Albans Auction




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Worthy Street, Ilam Auction


No more sleepless nights A new study gives hope and aims to assist families and their autistic children suffering from debilitating sleep disturbances at the University of Canterbury.


he effectiveness of treatments for sleep disturbance in children with autism is now underway in a new study conducted by two University of Canterbury researchers. UC School of Health Sciences senior lecturer Dr Laurie McLay and Associate Professor Karyn France are keen to provide assistance to families of autistic children as part of the research process and say help is available for children across the range of communicative ability. “Sleep is one of the major concerns reported by parents of children with autism,” Dr McLay says. “Our study offers practical support to families, who select an individualised treatment to use with their child to improve sleep.” For children across New Zealand three years and above who have a formal diagnois and are not currently receiving treatment, are eligible to particpate in the study. Dr McLay says there are very high rates of sleep disturbance in children with autism and problems can develop due to physiological components, as well as environmental influences. “As many as 40 to 80 percent of children with autism have some type of sleep difficulty. This can include delayed sleep onset, frequent and prolonged night awakenings – or a combination of both,” she says. “Sleep disturbance can have an impact on a child’s learning, behaviour and socialisation, as well as affecting the overall well-being of parents, who can become stressed and also affected by lack of sleep.” Supported by a research grant from

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong developmental disability affecting social and communication skills and includes Asperger’s syndrome. People on the autism spectrum can have accompanying learning disabilities, but everyone with the condition shares the common difficulty in making sense of the world. Key symptoms include difficulties with communication and social interaction, and restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour. It is estimated that approximately 40,000 New Zealanders have Autism Spectrum Disorders, which makes it approximately four times more common than cerebral palsy and 17 times more common than Down’s syndrome. SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM IN CHILDREN

the IHC Foundation and the university researchers have been working in partnership with IDEA Services and various autism support networks to recruit participants. The research team has already worked with a number of families to successfully reduce sleep problems. So far the response in Auckland and Christchurch as been good, but there is still room for more children in the study right around the country, Dr McLay says.

The study focuses on behaviour therapies and other treatments such as the use of white noise and massage therapy. Dr McLay says this study is about investigating the effectiveness of approaches that may minimise parent and child distress. The researchers are based at Dovedale Centre Pukemanu which is run by the UC Child and Family Psychology Programme at the School of Health Sciences on Dovedale Terrace in Ilam.

For more detailed explanations and further information on diagnosis and treatment for autism visit www. altogetherautism.org.nz.

Empowering your body to have no restriction or pain

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• Disconnection with others • Apparent lack of empathy • Indifferent to human interaction • Emotional outbursts • Delayed language development • Prone to non-verbal communication • Repetitive behaviors • Sensitivity to external stimuli • Pica - tendency to eat non-edible objects • Difficulty understanding figurative expressions

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Do you suffer from ... • Neck or Back Pain • Tingling in arms or legs • Headaches • Lack of concentration • Fatigue or stress • Sports, muscle or joint injuries

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to give back through volunteering. We also offer Premium Packs that are also available to a number of local businesses. One business that currently receives bulk produce provides fruit free for their staff on a weekly basis and subsidises any standard pack ordered by their employees.

From humble beginnings in a Bryndwr church, Reverand Craig Dixon is behind the healthy food social enterprise, Food Together, that brings fresh, seasonal and affordable fruit and veggies to Cantabrians. When and why was Food Together launched? A fruit and veggie co-op has been operating now for 25 years while I was a vicar at the Bryndwr Anglican Parish for seven years. Initially we operated under the Anglican umbrella until a couple of years ago when I formed the Healthy Life Trust that developed the Food Together, which operates as a brand for all our healthy food activities. The vision was to provide fresh, affordable, nutritious food locally using community and church facilities, engaging volunteers to assist. Each packing hub was to be sustainable and independent, while loosely aligning itself as a collective. From humble beginnings Food Together expanded exponentially as a result of the quakes and now supports seven packing hubs, around 30 distribution hubs and has 250 volunteers helping out each week across Canterbury, as well as having branched out to serve other major cities around the country.

Now that Food Together has several packing hubs around Canterbury, and has started to expand into other cities around the country, what is your long term vision? We hope to build a national following, addressing issues of food affordability, nutrition and social isolation. We also seek to empower individuals and communities to address problems around food security in creative and sustainable ways. What kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables are available, where do they come from, and Reverend Craig Dixon is the face behind why are they better than the usual sources the social enterprise Food Together that like the supermarket? began in Bryndwr 25 years ago. We’re definitely better priced than normal retailers. Our food is also fresher. It arrives direct from the market and leaves our packing

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What has Food Together done for people in the community? Before Food Together, one woman in Shirley could only afford to buy fruit for her children, but now she is able to buy vegetables to feed her family. We’ve also had some delightful stories families have shared of their children excitedly rushing to see what goodies were in the bags each week. We were pretty chuffed to hear that in Wellington, where around 1,000 packs are distributed each week, the consumption of fruit and vegetables had increased by 30 percent in the homes of those receiving produce through the local co-ops.

For more information on how to purchase and where to pick up your weekly food bag, visit www.foodtogether.kiwi.

One stop shop for all your dental needs

We provide a full range of modern dental services and ensure the highest level of care.

Where does the produce come from, who packs it, and where it can people get it? The Healthy Life Trust purchases produce through a local Christchurch grower’s cooperative that provides produce that is then shipped to the seven independent packing hubs around Canterbury. Then our many dedicated volunteers unload, pack and distribute the produce in packs that contain one bag of fruit and one bag of vegetables, through the various packing hubs and distribution points that range from local businesses to private homes, and churches to community centres.

What are the unexpected benefits from the service? We post recipes and nutrition tips on our Facebook pages, which also provides a great platform where people can share ideas and make connections with others in like-minded online groups and are developing valuable organisational and interpersonal skills.

Initially starting out as a service targeting lower socio-economic households who else in the community benefits from this service? Food Together is open to anyone who wishes to purchase from our hubs. This increases our buying power. We also recognise that many people are part of our healthy food enterprises in a response to social isolation or a desire


hubs within hours. Produce is sourced locally, nationally and in some cases through importers (bananas). We tend to buy seasonal. This gives us more bulk food.


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www.artworkspictureframing.co.nz Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Closed weekends

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Tired of aching and unsightly veins? No surgery, no scars, no stitches. No time off work - continue normal daily activities. An affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society (medical necessity criteria apply) - check your policy for cover. Enjoy skirts, short and cropped pants again.

Live life confidently with advanced dental and denture care.

Payment plans available (Conditions apply)

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8 CONVENIENT CHRISTCHURCH LOCATIONS: Merivale Beckenham Fendalton Linwood Kaiapoi QEII Dental Dentistry with a Smile Halswell Dental

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like there are many wonderful opportunities to connect with the world, the city, and the ongoing growth of culture here, and I am very grateful to be part of this energy.

> Meet the locals International musician Mark Menzies returns to the University of Canterbury to give back to a new generation of musicians in his new role as Head of Performance. With such an illustrious international career as a performer, how much of your time is spent performing vs teaching? Almost no week goes by without some performance or other. I don’t take vacations or holidays, and conveniently for someone that works all the time I enjoy performing in the concert seasons in both the northern and southern hemispheres. What do you enjoy most about teaching? You never imagine the extent to which the questions and insights of young minds can bring you what you might be looking for, or they simply inspire you. Also, I teach by employing a healthy dose of collaboration which means I play alongside the students and other colleagues, and even at the incipient stages of their developing careers the energy and inspiration that students can bring to these moments is often a precious contribution to the culture and impossible to gain via any other means. How has UC, and Christchurch as a city, changed since you last studied here? Dramatically so! Visiting Christchurch in the year or so after the ‘major’ quakes I found myself looking for bullet-holes in some of the broken buildings, only because it reminded me so much of the blaring images of certain war-torn parts of the world. Now it feels like a different kind of life in the city, and definitely within the University. It feels

I know I have been extraordinarily blessed with the path my life and career has taken, and the wonderful and ongoing inspiration I am given at seemingly every moment. It’s difficult to pick a particular highlight, but the first time I played at Carnegie Hall is one such unforgettable moment and on stage at Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Closer to home a recital with (the late) Maurice Till at UC is a particularly fond one. By then, in a sprightly form of old age, most of the programme was completely new to him. Of course he learned it with impeccable grace and style; his influence on my musical thinking, practice and generosity will never dim, and this recital was a superb moment to remember this by.

Which aspects about this position interested you most? The potential for growth with new artistic ventures and partnerships in a city whose recent tragic experiences have at the same time generated a very obvious climate of opportunity and need for the contributions from artists. With its rich cultural and academic history, along with its inspired relocation of the Performance Music and Classics departments to the Arts Centre, the University of Canterbury has given the local musical and artistic community a unique platform to make a whole lot of noise. If we do What are the greatest differences between it right, we will be seeking to become a major life in Christchurch and Los Angeles? cultural hub within Australasia. The culture in Southern California, centered largely on Los Angeles, is in distinct contrast How will you divide your time between your to the ways things are in Christchurch. In new university position and performing in the 17 years I have lived in Los Angeles I the States? have become very fond of the city, although In order to take up the professorship at the traffic is a nightmare. For a journey that UC, which also involves being Head of should only take 20 minutes takes more like Performance, I have resigned from my two and a half hours with all the traffic jams, position at CalArts; however, a series of regular which can happen day or night and at very professional appointments like playing with unpredictable times. the Formalist Quartet in the US will see me However from a cultural standpoint the shuttle quite regularly between here and the ability to connect with people is inversely ‘left coast’ of the States in the coming years. proportional to the population size. It is much easier to have a friendly conversation Is there a particular period of music you and indeed connect with colleagues in enjoy playing most? the ‘civilized’ dimensions of a city like Though I am most well known for playing Christchurch. By contrast, Los Angeles is a contemporary music, I enjoy listening, behemoth construct that can be a strangely teaching, and playing almost any musical lonely place. style. Each fulfills a different need in my sense of connection with the world and its What kinds of changes do you anticipate expressions: contemporary arts relate to the when the music department moves from the aspirations of what art, music could become, current campus to the new purpose-built rather than celebrating what ‘should be’, which space within the Arts Centre in 2017? is often the way classical music is presented. Being very near the city centre means the public will be able to come to our concerts What has been the highlight of your without having to trek all the way out to Ilam performing career to date? and deal with the elaborate Byzantine parking

International musician, composer and teacher, Mark Menzies, takes on his greatest role yet, as Head of Performance at UC.

and other logistical realities of a large campus. Our building in the Arts Centre is split between the Performance Music and Classics department, where the world-class Loggie Collection will be on display. This symbiotic relationship brings with it the potential for interdisciplinary outputs that promise to be quite unique. Above all, being a resident so close to the city centre grants heft to our assertion that we seek to collaborate with others to help shape the cultural future of Christchurch. What is the greatest piece of advice you have received in your performing career? Only once one is motivated to perform without satisfying an ego (mostly your own), can the music truly flow through you; then performing is absolutely only about you and simultaneously got not one thing to do with who you (think you) are.

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