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Council earns praise for coastal hazards process „„ ByFraserWalker-Pearce A LONG time critic of a controversial coastal hazards report says the city council has finally got the process right. South Brighton Residents Association chairman Hugo Kristinsson (below) has been vocal in his opposition to last year’s report, saying the science behind conclusions was not sound. ​But he says the city council is on the right track after it, on Thursday, approved GHD Consultant’s terms of reference for an expert panel to review the report. The city council came under fire for the Tonkin + Taylor Coastal Hazards Assessment Report, released in July, which identified 6000 properties that could be susceptible to erosion. It also reported that nearly 18,000 homes were at risk of coastal inundation over the next 50 to 100 years. Last year the report was independently reviewed by Dr Terry Hume of Hume Consulting Ltd, but the science of the findings was widely questioned by the communities affected.

IN DANGER: The Spit, off Southshore, was discussed in Tonkin + Taylor’s report on coastal hazards as being one of many at-risk areas. ​ The city council decided in December that another review should be carried out with more community input. Mr Kristinsson said he was pleased to see the shortlist of experts approved by the city council, when they accepted GHD Consultants’ proposed terms for the report. The city council also approved the scope of the review, scientific and legal questions to be

answered by the expert panel, and a preliminary timeline for the panel to have completed the review. GHD Consultants national business group manager Maurice Hoban said they appointed a community reference group to “call the shots� when making the proposal. “We’ve been talking to the affected communities for some time, asking them who

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they’d like to see on the panel . . . through mid April to mid May we discussed the terms of reference and the list of experts, which was made by them,� he said. The shortlist for the expert panel is made up of five members, three scientists, a legal expert and a statistician. The scientists will have local, national, or international expertise.

The shortlisted experts are: Associate Professor Ron Cox Paul D Komar Martin Single Dr Deirdre Hart Dr Willem de Lange Dr Paul Denys Professor James Renwick Professor Bruce Glavovic Gordon Whiting Shonagh Kenderdine Dr Kesten C Green Peter Thomson.

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Tuesday May 31 2016 FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK



WELCOME TO your new look local paper. We try to jam as much news as possible in your paper, this week is no different. Volunteers are often the unsung backbone of the community, whether sports coaches or even volunteers at the local community hub. Reporter Fraser Walker-Pearce talks to Volunteering Canterbury’s manager Ruth Gardner who has been at the helm for more than 20 years. She has retired but it doesn’t look like she will be putting her feet up anytime soon. Thank you Ruth for leading such an important organisation. You will be missed. If there is a local issue bubbling away, get in touch. Or even send us a 300 word column, as we invite someone in the community to take up the challenge each week. Feel free to email me a column to Shelley Robinson

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Schools in harmony for the last time


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CHOCOLATE CHEWED OVER AT COUNCIL A HEATED discussion was quelled at a city council meeting last week when a councillor was told to “eat a Snickers.” During last week’s meeting, city councillor Jamie Gough joked that fellow councillor Glenn Livingstone should have a snack during passionate discussions over a deputation presented to the

city council. The popular American chocolate bar’s motto is: ‘You’re not you when

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you’re hungry.’ Perhaps Cr Gough felt Cr Livingstone needed a bite of chocolate to calm down.

Community Clinics

I will be coming to your neighbourhood every month to hear your concerns.

First Monday of every month

9:00am – 9:40am - Linwood Linwood Avenue – outside the Salvation Army 9:50am – 10:30am Dallington Cnr of Gayhurst Road and Claydon Place 10:40am – 11:20am Stanmore/Richmond Stanmore Road opposite New World at the Park at Richmond Playground 11:30am – 12:10am Shirley Cnr of Marshlands Road and Hammersley Avenue

First Friday of every month

9:00am – 9:40am Bromley, Bromley Road, outside the Community Centre 9:50am – 10:30am Wainoni/Aranui Wainoni Road (near Shortland Street West) 10:40am – 11:20am Burwood 17 Parnwell Road next to the Education centre 11:30am – 12:10am Parklands Queenspark Drive - outside Harcourts


News Still friends after 66 years By Fraser Walker-Pearce FRIENDSHIPS formed in high school 66 years ago are still going strong for an Avonside Girls’ High School group. Avonside Old Girls, a group of 10 women who all began at the high school in 1950, at age 14, celebrated their 66th anniversary as friends on Friday. This year, the women met in Huntsbury for a late lunch, a cup of tea, and a chin wag about the “good old times” from 66 years before. The group was originally 13 members, but a few have passed on. The group is now made up of Joy Masters, Eleanor Gillespie, Rosalind Fahey, Moyra Forsyth, Rosemary Harper, Valerie Percy, Alison Royfee, Norma-Anne Prior, Pam Howell, Aileen Rice, and Fay Powell. Some members have known each other since 1941. Mrs Gillespie, Mrs Percy and Mrs Harper all attended Opawa Primary School together. Mrs Gillespie said the group only meet a few times a year, but their friendship has remained strong over time. “We meet every two or three months. It’s been 66 years since that all started, and now we’re all turning 80,” she said. The members will or have

BEST FRIENDS: The old girls still catch up every two or three months at age 80. Below: The

Avonside Girls’ High School class of 1950, which includes 10 of the now ‘Avonside Old Girls’. turned 80 this year, but Mrs Gillespie said that doesn’t mean any of them have lost their marbles. “It’s amazing because when we were at school, we had the choice of commercial work, or home life. And we all chose commercial work. I worked until I was 65 as a clerk, and some still do some work. We all still have our marbles,” she said. She said from their original Avonside class of about 20, the original group of girls from that class still “catch up and have a

yak” every two or three months. “There was only ever about 21 in the class, and we have lost three members along the way, they’ve passed on. So we are doing really well,” she said. Mrs Gillespie said if she could give any advice to young people going through school now, it would be to keep your friends. “Make the most of every


friend that you have, they’re so special. And keep in touch with them,” she said.

Tuesday May 31 2016

In Brief QE II LAND SALE DECISION The hearings panel in charge of deciding whether a portion of QE II Park should be sold to the Ministry of Education, has decided that it should, with minor adjustments. They recommended the sale proceed, so long as some land is retained to enable the Travis Medical Centre to use it for customer car parking, some of the park’s memorial trees are protected, a publicly-accessible walking track is created, and the proceeds from the land sale go towards the development and implementation of a master plan for the entirety of QE II Park. RED ZONE MEETING A meeting was held to discuss the future of the residential red zone last week. Organised by New Brighton Union Parish co-ordinating minister Mark Gibson, the meeting was held to discuss processes that residents would like to see Regenerate Christchurch take. The community want Regenerate, charged with the development of the residential red zone, to be clear and transparent in their decision-making. Regenerate chairman Andre Lovatt said success for him is having the community involved throughout the process.

Use main arterial roads to travel across city Traffic will be unable to cross route during event.

The Christchurch Airport Marathon is THIS SUNDAY Traffic restrictions will be in place from 6am - 2pm. Top travel tips: • Avoid unnecessary car travel across the central city from 9am - 2pm. • If you need to travel by car, travel around the central city using the wider network in the east and west • Bus services will continue but will be delayed • Park in an easy to get to area, and walk to and from your destination. • You will be able to walk and cycle across the Marathon route • For car travel, allow an additional 10 to 20 minutes on your journey

Parking closest to the event will be easiest in these areas


The city centre is open for business!



More detailed information is available at



Tuesday May 31 2016



Don’t leave the kitchen when cooking


McMaster Heap

Veterinary practice

TINKER – THE SURVIVOR There is never a dull moment at McMaster & Heap vets and funnily enough the critical serious cases mostly show up on weekends, or 7pm at night. I’d arrived into work one Saturday to help out and Tinker was in our surgical area, having just been transferred from the After Hours Clinic. He looked terrible ( his face had taken the full impact of a collision with a car) but he was on a fentanyl drip and his pain seemed well managed. Miraculously he had survived and his success story is due to not just our surgical efforts that Saturday but also the events that took place by many people prior to us seeing him. His accident happened Friday night and some great human being saw him on the road and immediately delivered him to the After Hours clinic, which incidentally saved his life. We are so fortunate to have an emergency centre open through the nights and weekends when other clinics have closed. The team there swiftly examined and stabilized Tinker and started him on pain medications, antibiotics and intravenous fluids. Then his owners were contacted as Tinker wore a collar with nametag attached. This means of identification (or a microchip) is so important because without an owners consent we can’t really treat a critically ill patient to save its life. He was monitored and cared for all night until he was dropped off to us Saturday morning. Even though it was a weekend with less staff rostered on, I knew Tinker couldn’t wait until Monday for surgical repair. His lovely, worried owners wanted for us to do “everything” we could to ensure Tinker came home. That’s where our outstanding team need

to be greatly commended, because regardless if any of them had plans that night, they all, without me asking, stayed late to ensure the best possible care and attention was given to a critically ill patient. Tinker was anaesthetized, his skull was radiographed and I repaired his mandibular jaw fracture with wire and his hard pelate injury. He had a massive gnash under his chin that required suturing and he had several broken teeth. A feeding tube was placed in his oesophagus to enable us and his owners to feed him post operatively. Cats with fractured jaws can take weeks to eat on their own. Steve was called in to assess his eyes as they were completely closed over and I wasn’t sure whether he had retinal injuries, lens or corneal damage. Luckily Steve felt there was no ocular damage, just a lot of bruising and facial swelling. Tinker was managed intensively over the coming week, his days spent with our hospital nurses and nights at the After Hours. He needed everything done for him from feeding six times a day, loads of medications to be given, his face washed and he needed grooming as he couldn’t do this for himself. His owners visited him daily and he really loved their visits. He was the perfect patient to treat – he was stoic, obliging and grateful. Tinker was a FULL TEAM effort and I’m so pleased to report he’s home now, lounging on beds, walking around his section, able to groom himself and even eating a little on his own. Steve and I couldn’t do the job we do without the dedicated, caring staff we have.

Mark Thomas – Fire Risk Management Officer IT’S BEEN a while since I’ve talked about cooking fires in kitchens but there were five of these this week including a couple that caused quite considerable damage and inevitably one that resulted in ambulance treatment for the house occupant from smoke inhalation. As always the advice is the same. Don’t leave the kitchen when you’re cooking on the stove top. If you are cooking with fat or oil have the lid of the pan, an oven tray or a breadboard always available to slap on the top if the worst happens and flames appear. A quick fix with no ongoing problems or a kitchen on fire with the weeks of inconvenience that involves. It should be a no-brainer really, shouldn’t it? A number of quite odd fire calls featured this week. A fish smoker was found on fire in Barrington Park. A distraught Mum was attended to in Addington where she had locked herself out of the house with two toddlers inside. A lady rang for help because she had found a mouse in her laundry. A crew were called to accident and emergency the hospital to help a young woman whose finger was somehow struck fast in a doorknob. Finally, we had a call to a car fire at

Rent Me Or Buy Me

DAMAGE: Kitchen fires require a lot of cleaning up.

a service station that turned out to be a blown engine and two calls to low hanging smoke that turned out to be mist. I suspect we’ll have some more of these now with winter starting to bite. Stay warm, stay safe!

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A fantastic outcome and even though Tinker looks a little facially different now, his owners report they have their “old” friend back. Dr Michele McMaster

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McMaster & Heap


Tuesday May 31 2016


In harmony for last time

By Fraser Walker-Pearce TWO EASTERN schools celebrated a last musical hurrah before one will close its doors forever. It was a bittersweet ending to May, New Zealand’s Music Month, for Chisnallwood Intermediate School and Avondale Primary School, as it was the last time they would ever sing together. Chisnallwood and Avondale joined forces on Friday to sing, as they have done for the past five years. But this time was different. Avondale is closing at the end of the year to make way for the new super school being built on the site of Aranui High School, Haeata Community Campus. The two schools celebrated their last chance to collaborate, by singing the annual Hook, Line and Singalong competition’s winning song, We are Aotearoa. The competition was set up by the New Zealand Music Commission for schools to submit original songs for judging. The winning tune was recorded by its Auckland-based creators in a professional studio. Chisnallwood’s head of music Judith Bell said the two eastern

IN TIME: Avondale Primary School and Chisnallwood Intermediate School combined for the last time to celebrate NZ Music Month.

schools have sang each year’s competition-winning song for the past five years. “We have had a tradition for the last few years of combining Chisnallwood with Avondale to celebrate New Zealand Music Month by singing the winning song together. Almost 1000 voices singing along with ukuleles,” she said. Mrs Bell said Chisnallwood

had decided this year they would turn the singing into a school house competition, with each house’s rendition being judged. “When we hosted the New Zealand Ukulele Trust’s development squad, one of the girls in that squad learned that week that she’d won. So she performed We are Aotearoa to the school. Then we took the group

to Avondale and they sang it there too,” she said. She said this year was particularly special to the two schools, as it would be the last time they could perform together. “This year’s event is especially significant because it is the last year we can do this with Avondale Primary as they close at the end of the year,” she said.


In Brief DRIVER HURT IN CRASH A teenage driver was taken to hospital with moderate injuries after a car crash in Avonside last week. The crash happened on Avonside Dr on Wednesday. St John was alerted at 11.20am. MODEL CLUB OPENED A club in New Brighton recently celebrated its first public event, and plan to expand further into Rawhiti Domain. The New Brighton Radio Controlled Car Club was set up by Phillip Cossar earlier in the year, but was only opened to the public earlier this month. The first event took place on Sunday. The club was set up with funding and help from the Rawhiti Community Sports Inc and the city council who have given the group some land at Rawhiti Domain. Mr Cossar said he hopes the radio controlled car club could be the first step in creating a hobby park that could include a lake for radio controlled boats, and somewhere to fly radio controlled planes. NEW PLANS Residents can now finally have a look at the first design of the Eastern Recreation and Sports Centre. Concept designs were released on Friday by the city council, and are available at for viewing.



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Tuesday May 31 2016


Our People

Ruth Gardner

Retired but still involved in community Ruth Gardner worked as Volunteering Canterbury’s manager for more than 20 years until she retired last month. Fraser Walker-Pearce talks to her about voluntary work after the earthquakes, running the show at wedding ceremonies, and living with the town crier How long have you been involved with Volunteering Canterbury for? I’ve been involved with Volunteering Canterbury for 21 years. And what have you achieved in that time? They weren’t just my achievements, I was leading a great team that led a whole group of volunteers and encouraged volunteering throughout Canterbury. How many volunteers did you get into the community in your time? Do you know the number? Thousands in my time, I probably couldn’t tell you the exact number. After the earthquake there was a lot of informal volunteering, and it took time to become more formal again. By the end of my time there, we were having a couple hundred volunteers a month applying. So who is next in line for your job? The organisation has decided now to have two managers, one that does marketing outreach, and she’s been there for four years, and there’s a new man that will be coming in too. What was some of the work you got involved with because of the earthquake?

RECOGNITION: Mayor Lianne Dalziel spoke at Ruth Gardner’s retirement function to recognise her work for Volunteering Canterbury over 21 years.

Well we had a lot to do with clearing liquefaction off the streets with the help of volunteers, the Student Volunteer Army and the Farmy Army. We made sure those people that needed help got it. How many people are involved in Volunteering Canterbury? There are only two paid workers full time, but there is another group of about 10 who help out voluntarily. They do store work, accounting, PR work, stores or expos, website, trust board, all kinds of things, whenever we needed something we knew where to find those people. Wow, sounds like you’ve had some busy days? It was always busy, always varied, and there was always something different every day. It keeps you on your toes. Did you still feel like that at the end of your 21 years?

Yes, absolutely, I still feel like that, I had just had enough of full time work, so now I’m able to do other things which is great. Oh that’s good then. What do you do in your spare time now? I still actually do a bit of voluntary work, I chair the residents committee in the Avon Loop, and that’s with a lovely bunch of people too. At the moment we’re working hard to rebuild a local community centre. There’s seven on that committee, and others help around the place. I’ve been involved for quite a long time. But since the earthquake the need has become different for a lot of communities. We also have a community cottage that we maintain and rent out. With Volunteering Canterbury did your role change after the earthquake to more of an emergency recovery mode? Yes it did, in fact we had to put some of our policies to the side


after earthquake. Because there were urgent things that had to happen right away, and a lot of informal volunteering took place. It was also a bit difficult in terms of health and safety with people going around those dangerous chimneys. Are you from Christchurch? I’ve been here for 30 years and I was also brought up here, so I’ve spent more than half my life here, but I was born in Auckland. I went to St Albans Primary School, and then back to Auckland when I was about 10, and lived there for 20 something years, but now I love Christchurch and I wouldn’t leave. Oh that’s good to hear! What high school did you go to? Epsom Grammar in Auckland. I don’t have a degree but I did feminist studies at Canterbury University and a bit of study at the polytechnic. And I’m actually

a celebrant too, with the certificate and everything. Wow, you’re qualified all over the show. Well, when you’re in the voluntary sector you never know what will come in handy, and what different skills are useful. And now that you’ve retired from Volunteering Canterbury, do you plan to do a bit more with your celebrant’s certificate? Oh yes, absolutely. Now that I’m retired I’m hoping to do more celebrants work. Do you know how many weddings you’ve done? Oh, I really don’t know. I’d say about 100 weddings, but a lot fewer since the earthquakes. But I’m hoping now to have more time to do more weddings. I’m also a keen blogger, I write about anything that’s going on around here, and anything to do with the central city. I’ve been doing that for 10 years, and I have more than 1000 followers, which has taken a long time. But that’s on realruth. if you wanted to have a look. Very good, I definitely will. What are some other hobbies? I enjoy my garden and I write poetry. I write mainly rhyming poetry, I joined a group of women poets, and I like to walk and relax with friends. And are you married with kids? Yes, I’m married and two adult daughters who both live in England. Both near London, one is a lawyer and one is an IT manager. They’ve done very well, yes. And does your husband work still? Yes, he does – he’s actually the town crier. It makes for some interesting conversations for sure. He’s originally from England, but he’s been doing that for about 26 years. He started five years before me, to the day. He’s very keen to keep doing that. Where in the city are you based? We’re in one of the remaining little old cottages in the Avon Loop now.

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Tuesday May 31 2016


Choir’s heartfelt tribute Tradesmen off

ByTomDoudney A TIGHT-KNIT choir group have recorded a song for the funeral of a terminally ill former member now living in the Netherlands. Women in Harmony recorded East Timorese hymn Ita Hotu Maromak Nia Povo We Are God’s People at the request of Dorien Pel who is dying of cancer. Ms Pel was a long time member of the choir up until about six years ago when she first developed cancer. When her house was damaged in the September 2010 HARMONY: Choir member Dorien Pel, standing with red scarf, fifth from earthquake, she left, with the choir in 2007. moved back to her Pel at a social gathering and sang Radio National station to help country of birth, the Nethertogether again. them go over it and get the lands, for what was supposed to “Dorien was wonderful at pronunciation right, as the words be six months. always bringing poetry to our are in the Tetum language. But the stay ended up becomgatherings and she had written After recording it, they sent it ing permanent. a poem especially for us,” Ms to Ms Pel. In spite of surgery, the cancer Smitheram said. “We got a lovely note back had returned and Ms Pel It was during this visit that from Dorien saying how much was already planning her funeral Ms Pel asked if they would she appreciated it and she was in the Netherlands when she record the song, which the choir very moved,” Ms Smitheram returned to Christchurch for a had not performed in more than said. visit in December and January. eight years. Women in Harmony has Choir member Judi Smitheram The choir sourced a recording about 20 members from around said choir members had met Ms of the song from Australia’s Christchurch.

to national skills competition ByMattSalmons TWO TRADIES will put their skills to the test when they represent Canterbury in the national WorldSkills competition later this year. Marshland welder Liam Robertson, of the Lyttelton Engineering company, and Spreydon plumber Jesse Pitts, of On Tap Plumbing, won their places after completing two challenges tailored to their trades. The pair, both 19, will travel to Hamilton for the national competition from September 29 to October 2. Both are alumni of the Ara Institute of Canterbury. Here they will be competing for a place in New Zealand’s WorldSkills team, the Tool Blacks. The national team is set to compete in the international WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017. Mr Robertson was tested on his welding abilities and Mr Pitt on making piping using different materials. They were judged on speed, planning accuracy, ability to use materials and tools

and the quality of their finished products. Ara plumbing tutor and judge of the plumbing competition Blair Maguire said all the competitors were reasonably even, and the final decision might come down to one point. The international WorldSkills competition is run every two years. It pits young men and women from all over the world against each other in a competition of skill based on their profession, be that plumbing, carpentry, baking or any of the more than 40 categories. Ara tutor and regional competition facilitator for plumbing, Ritchie Gorrie, said WorldSkills was the “Olympics of trades”. Mr Gorrie has been to three international WorldSkills events and was impressed by the skilllevels on show and the interest in the competition internationally. He said there were about 200,000 spectators in Leipzig, Germany in 2013, where bricklaying drew the biggest crowds.

​Charity that helps most vulnerable falls on tough times ByTomDoudney A LOCAL trust which acts as a problem solver for vulnerable, disadvantaged and struggling people around New Zealand said it is in urgent need of funding. SigJaws Trust helps people in a variety of ways, from lobbying for retention of services, suggesting changes to legislation, finding work and housing and promoting innovations.

However, project manager Gary Watts (right), who founded SigJaws in 2001, said the trust had been struggling financially for some time and needed more funding to carry on. The trust’s operating expenses were “conservatively” about $207,000 a year and while it had enough to carry on over the next six months, finding new funding was a big challenge.

“We have got over 200 clients now that we are dealing with on a day to day basis and a lot of these people have slipped through other systems big time,” Mr Watts said. “We always struggle to get resources. I don’t think people even realise what we do half the time but we do some amazing things.” One of its recent projects has included working with Can-

terbury University to develop a robotic arm which would allow mobility-impaired drivers to fill up at petrol stations without leaving the car. The trust had received funding from organisations including the Ministry of Social Development, the Rotary Club of Christchurch and The Lion Foundation within the last year. However, it had been unsuccessful in seeking funding from the Red Cross, the Canterbury

Community Trust and the city council. “If our funding dries up it’s just impossible to carry on,” Mr Watts said. SigJaws Trust board member Jamie Hoffman, who has cerebral palsy said Mr Watts had been pivotal in helping him find suitable accommodation after the earthquakes. “People just don’t realise how much good he does out there,” Mr Hoffman said.











Tuesday May 31 2016


Your Local Views

Rugby league more than just a game

New Zealand Rugby League general manager for the southern zone Steve Martin talks about the popularity of league in the eastern suburbs. The extremely successful visit to Christchurch by the Penrith Panthers NRL side and the New Zealand Warriors, shows what an appetite Cantabrians have for rugby league. To sell out AMI Stadium, the former home of rugby league in Canterbury and the scene of many past historic encounters, was a superb feat. The community was well served by the high level of engagement undertaken by the two teams in the time that they were in the city. A huge number of young people were able to interact with the stars of the game. The programme, delivered to schools across the city,

was very well received and continued the theme of rugby league being ‘more than just a game’. Sport can be a catalyst for many positive outcomes for communities and individuals alike. Rugby league has shown that it is a game that cares about its people and their health and well being. The environment for delivery of opportunities to play the game has improved immensely with a variety of measures that have been undertaken. Rugby league has fought to shrug off the negative tag which it has often been given. And with events such as the Panthers and Warriors game, the prospect of a new home for rugby league was created. With the potential for a team from Canterbury being involved in an NRL

Readers respond to a recent article on proposed godwit sculptures being installed into an area of ‘no-man’s land.’ Bon Suter – I love the idea of the sculpture on no-man’s land. Seems very fitting to me.

competition, and the chance for there to be a Rugby League World Cup fixture in Christchurch next year, the future has never looked brighter. The challenge facing the sport is the same as that of all sports, finding volunteers prepared to take on the many key roles that are needed to run the game at club level and to coach and manage teams. With participation numbers continuing to rise and interest high, Canterbury Rugby League is positioning itself to provide the best possible support to those wanting to be involved in the game. Rugby league is truly ‘more than just a game’.

S Coleshill – What is it with some residents of New Brighton and Southshore in regards to the godwit plan? Five years have passed, surely our priority is the rebuild of our shopping area. Has everyone turned a blind eye to what is becoming a ghost town? A mini revolution is needed, but instead of heads rolling, councillors and mayoral seats. We need fresh blood who has the verve and the tenacity to bring this area back to life. Who knows, 2022 could well be when this phoenix rises. But I doubt it. Readers respond to an article on smaller buses being installed to the 135 route from July onwards. Brian Sandle – Years ago I was told that peak hours required large buses and it would be a waste of investment to have them sitting idle while smaller buses were used for lower volume times. We should promote bus use and the coastal areas should be setting an example as they are under a global warming threat more. The city council is in charge of stopping positions and I have asked them to do a crime prevention through environmental design study on where the stops are placed. Mayor Lianne Dalziel wants to take

over the routes, too. Who would use buses more if stops were placed in the busy, lit area between Countdown and the New Brighton Club? Norah Southorn – It was very pleasing to read of the introduction of the Red Bus service being introduced on four routes in the eastern suburbs. However, it would be even more pleasing, if this service could be expanded to the Dallington and North Linwood areas as well. The people of North Linwood and Avonside areas have no bus service other than the Orbiter, and Dallington has a rather limited service, the number 44. I travel the full length of this service regularly and find it a rather epic journey on an extremely long and tortuous route, the buses old and rattling. If the route could be altered to continue over the Dallington bridge down into North Linwood and Avonside, and the Shirley loop cut out or incorporated into another service, it would attract more users. If this was done using the small new buses, I think the patronage would greatly increase. As it is, travelling on the number 44 bus is quite an unpleasant experience and I can understand people not wanting to use it.


White, wholemeal, grain & honey.

SLICES The choice of 3 great slices: Tan, Rocky Road and Citrus Slice.



Dairy Dale 2L varieties.


$ 98

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FAMILY PACK BISCUITS Afghan, Apricot Yoghurt, Choc Anzac.




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Promotional pricing available while stocks last from 30/05/16 to 05/06/16. Images are serving suggestions only.

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Tuesday May 31 2016


KIWIBANK IS FINALLy Here We welcome all our local and existing Woolston kiwibank & Postshop customers



kids TOYs & acTiviTes


caRds & GiFT-WRaP

20th Century World Architecture Book by Phaidon

OPeN 7 daYs

shop hours: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 8.30am–5.30pm Wed 8.30am–6.30pm Sat 9am-7pm Sun 10am-5pm kiwibank Hours: Mon–Fri 8.30am–5.30pm Sat 9am-5.30pm Sun 10am-5pm

1005 Ferry rd Ph 384 2063 while stocks last (see instore for terms and conditions) Barry & kerry


Tuesday May 31 2016



[Edition datE]

Pegasus Post

Keep it

Local, convenient and


open seven days a week

The Team at Paper Plus in New Brighton understand that when you work full-time or are busy with family, the weekends can be the only time to run errands. That’s why they are open seven days a week, offering full Kiwibank and NZ Post services for their customers all week long.















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Wide selection on the breakfast menu:

Ruedi’s Café 319 Stanmore Rd. P. 389-4848.


New Zealand Post and New Zealand Post and Kiwibank sevices New Zealand Post and Kiwibank sevices available 7 days a week Kiwibank sevices available 7 days a week *For a limited time.

available 7 days a week

Monday-Friday 6.30am-4pm Paper Plus New Brighton Saturday 8am-3.30pm | Sunday Closed Paper Plus New Brighton 72 New Brighton Mall, New Brighton | 03 388 1809 Paper Plus New Brighton 72 New Brighton Mall, New Brighton | 03 388 1809

72 New Brighton Mall, New Brighton | 03 388 1809

The only Book and Stationery store with Fly Buys and My Big Deal VIP Rewards

The only Book and Stationery store with Fly Buys and My Big Deal VIP Rewards

The only Book and Stationery store with Fly Buys and My Big Deal VIP Rewards

Trust your local retailer of auto parts!

We have all the parts you'll need for your vehicle at fantastic prices. Everything from engine parts, electrics, accessories, audio, car maintenance clean and much more!

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ink or paper in the middle of a job, they are just around the corner so there’s no need to head into the city centre. They couldn’t be more convenient. Find them at 72 New Brighton mall, or ring 03 388 1809.

Now ServiNg Breakfast from $7.90

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Whether you need to collect or mail parcels, buy road miles, renew your car license or change a vehicle’s ownership, they are open Saturdays and Sunday. Weekend opening hours are 9 am to 7pm Saturdays and 10 am to 4 pm Sundays. You can even open a new Kiwibank account with them when most other

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Dedicated to looking after you and your family



• Prescriptions • Cosmetics • Giftware Hours: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 8.30am - 6.00pm Wednesday 8.30am - 8.00pm SATURDAY 10.00am - 1.00pm

Marshlands Family 18E Bower Avenue, New Brighton Phone 388 5750

LIVE MUSIC & FREE POOL Live music from 7pm Fri & Sat Nights Free pool Wed & Sun

Plus Courtesy Van aVailable from 5Pm thurs sat


427 Marshland Road. Ph: 385 3312. Fax: 385 3380

siDeline SPORTS


331 stanmore rd, richmond P. 3817566

Advertising enquiries Gail Henry | Ph: 021 377 196 |


Tuesday May 31 2016

Big sports gear give to school By Fraser Walker-Pearce A four week campaign asking people to donate their old sports equipment has ended with bins full of gear being given to Shirley Intermediate School. The Westpac branch at The Palms Shopping Centre last month set up a container in store, asking customers to bring in their used sporting gear for a good cause. It was a drive from the iSport Foundation, led by former All Blacks Ali Williams, Richie McCaw and Dan Carter, aiming to get more sports gear into Canterbury schools. Westpac, The Palms, branch manager Mark Jenkins said the bank got on board with the iSport Foundation’s drive. “Westpac, about a month ago, decided to ask customers for any old sports gear they weren’t using anymore and bring it into the branch. We had a great big poster of Richie McCaw asking them to bring stuff in. I think that got most people’s attention,” he said. Mr Jenkins said the first week of collection was quiet, but soon a bin had “overflowed”, so others were brought in. After about a month, the “six or seven bin” haul was gifted to Shirley Intermediate, just across the road from The Palms, and was gratefully accepted.



NEW GEAR: Shirley Intermediate’s Ben Cox and Lucy Cook-Darke from room 2 show off some of the new equipment with Westpac, The Palms, branch manager Mark Jenkins. ​

Shirley Intermediate principal Geoff Siave said the generosity of the bank was “just fantastic”. “There was cricket gear, football gear, hockey gear, football and rugby boots, tennis racquets, hockey sticks, swimming gear, bike helmets, a scooter or two, and balls of all shapes and sizes. It’s just fantastic for us,” he said. Mr Siave said sports teacher

Kyle Anglesey already had plans for the new equipment. “The sports teacher said he will use some of it for his classes. But he also said he will be giving some equipment to specific kids who need it. So he’s told kids to come in and see him for equipment, for things like boots for their sports if they don’t have any,” he said.

CROSS COUNTRY: Blue, gold, red, and green could all be seen dashing through Shirley Boys’ High School last week during their annual cross country event. On Monday afternoon, runners dressed in their house colours, ran along the back of the Shirley Village to the Averill St gate, before taking the western North Parade footpath to the library gate. They went along the football and rugby field boundary to the finish.


Tuesday May 31 2016



Akaroa 28 Selwyn Avenue



Million Dollar Views!



Harcourts ID: BF25733

Retirement dictates a sale for this industrious couple, providing what can only be deemed a magical opportunity. Outstanding views from every room, spacious living with a kitchen any master chef would desire. Sited on an elevated 1107m² section with flat off street parking for four. Every inch of this property is utilised right down to the ground floor workshop along with tons of storage space. Sue & Gemma Roberts

M 027 440 1282 or 027 223 6471 P 03 323 6045 Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008

For Sale: $659,000 View: Phone for viewing times.


Cust 1692B Cust Road




Harcourts ID: BF26265

This three double bedroom home is situated in a wonderful private rural terrace setting that is sure to excite. In the heart of the village the home is basked in sunshine with expansive decking from where the magical views across farmland to Cust River, Mt Oxford and Mt Thomas can be enjoyed year round and located close to great walking and biking tracks. Our owner’s mind is made up and a sold sign is paramount - be quick! M 021 519 275 or 021 519 274 P 03 323 6045

Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008

For Sale: Price on application View: Phone for viewing times.


Kaikoura 30 Valley Road, Goose Bay




Harcourts ID: BF25943

Nestled in the valley at Goose Bay this lovely spot needs to have a new owner. Only 400 meters from the beach with a great rural outlook from the living area and balcony to native bush. Two bedrooms + sleepout in the garage below, there is room for guests with a great sheltered BBQ area behind the house at the foot of the attractively landscaped outdoor space. Must be sold! M 029 358 3175 P 03 323 6045

Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Contributor to

Where Modern & Rural Meet



Harcourts ID: BF25984

Properties do not come up often in this neighbourhood - simply because once you’re in... you never want to leave! Unfortunately, however, our owners are in a new life stage, making the very difficult decision to move on - allowing a new buyer the exclusive opportunity for a prime spot. The perfect home for a family to grow their own memories with established gardens + stand-alone sleep-out. Mitchell Roberts & Mana Tai

M 027 413 0797 or 027 626 2824 P 03 323 6045

Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008w

For Sale: Price on application View: Phone for viewing times.

Harewood 523A Harewood Road


Repaired & Ready to Sell!



Harcourts ID: BF26456

Thispropertyhasbeenemptyfortoolong,withtheownernowdesperatetogetitsoldurgently.Thegood news for buyers is that they are left with a completely refreshed property, which has been repainted, re-carpeted, re-clad, and EQC repairs on the home complete! Buyers will also appreciate the easy living that comes with such a contemporary home. Located in an extremely convenient location. Mitchell Roberts & Mana Tai

M 027 413 0797 or 027 626 2824 P 03 323 6045 Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Auction: 15th June at 3.00pm (unless sold prior) Twiss Keir Auction Rooms, Russley Golf Club View: Phone for viewing times.


Coastal Location, Bush & Stream Outlook

Bill Dowle



Seize The Opportunity

Karen & Barry Ellis

Casebrook 37 Woodhurst Drive

For Sale: $315,000 View: Phone for viewing times

Springfield 5 Albert Streeet

Investment or First Home




Harcourts ID: BF26438

Want your first home or first investment. You can’t pass up this opportunity. Has to be sold. Popular town for rental or live here and enjoy the local amenities, fishing, skiing, mountaineering. Still close enough to Christchurch to commute. The home offers various living/bedrooms options. Nestled on a 810m² fully fenced section with stream boundary in a park-like rural setting. 40 minutes from Christchurch. Bill Dowle

M 029 358 3175 P 03 323 6045

Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty / Belfast Licensed Agent REAA 2008

For Sale: $269,000 View: Phone for viewing times


Tuesday May 31 2016


Freehold 28.32ha + Optional Lease 4.0480ha (80 Acres incl LIP) 213 Mandeville Road - Mandeville

Auction: Wednesday 22nd June 3.00 p.m, Russley Golf Club, Memorial Avenue (unless sold prior) 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2 Car Garage | Off Street Parking | Property ID: BF26397

Prime location 25 minutes to airport! Viable, sheltered block, market garden, cropping, calf rearing, horse stud - subdivide or land Bank. Two separate titles made up of Title 1 24.2811ha, Title 2 4.0480ha + optional lease block available of 4.5220ha perpetual (LIP) rights over river bed. The freehold land (of approx 28ha’s) has an irrigation main line in place (underground main), excellent soil, Deep Waimakariri silt loam and a multitude of outbuildings including a seven aside milking shed with automatic feeder system (unused), substantial 5 bay barn (333m²), 2 concrete floor lock ups, cattle yards with head bail, 4 bay barn (4.5 x 7m²), 2 concrete silo pads plus feeder silo. Two wells domestic well and irrigation well. Warm and Inviting three generous bedroom family home with study, two living - both formal and informal areas, wood burner on wetback, generous family bathroom, main bedroom with en suite, walk in robe plus two car internal access garaging. Easy care, established garden with mature trees ensure privacy. The location of this property is certainly an attraction, easy access to Christchurch city, airport plus local shopping facilities in Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

Less than 2.5km’s to arguably North Canterbury’s biggest sport facility Mandeville sports ground, the home of Ohoka Rugby, Cricket, Touch footy, Netball, Pony club, Western riding, Archery, Kennel club, Rodeo, Dog training and Squash courts. Minutes to Waimakariri River, 2 hours to Ski fields - this property is in a sensational location. For further information contact Sue or Greg Roberts 027 440 1282 (Harcourts Twiss-Keir Realty, Licensed REAA 2008).

Who you going to call? Issues with your rental property never happen at the right time. Have you got a list of contacts to sort the problem effectively and quickly? Harcourts Twiss-Keir Property Management have a list of repairmen on call to take care of any emergency your rental property may have. We’ve got your back.

Looking For a Career Change? Join Us.

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Lindie Thomas Jill Andrews

P 03 323 6045 E or

Christchurch Specialists

Contributor to

• Experienced salespeople needed • Are you looking for a challenge? • Award winning team • Full training and support • Superior systems • Working with top performers • Unlimited income Call James Twiss for a confidential chat today. P. 03 313 6158 M. 0274 211 164. Licensed Agent REAA 2008


Tuesday May 31 2016



Club day celebration ByGordonFindlater SHIRLEY BOYS’ High celebrated their annual club day in style. On Saturday, all of the Shirley’s school teams took to the field at their home ground. The first IV took the limelight staying unbeaten in the UC Championship, defeating Burnside 19-5. The home side had the best of the early going. Shirley first-five Jackson Taylor continued his fine form with the boot knocking over two penalties to stay amongst the top points scorers in the competition. Nathan Koolen grabbed the first try twenty-six minutes into the game, finishing a well-

worked move in the corner before Jackson calmly converted the toughest of his four successful kicks, taking his points tally past 40 for the season. Ill-discipline snuck its way into the second half of the game with both team dropping down to 14 men towards the end of the game. Burnside centre Mike Ravalawa had been sinbinned for repeated dangerous play, he would return with less than a minute of the game to play. However, he crossed the line to get a late consolation try for his side. The next test for Shirley has them travel south to tackle Timaru Boys’ High who will be fresh after a bye.

READY TO PLAY: Shirley prepare for battle against Burnside, last year’s finalists remain unbeaten in this year’s UC Championship.

HOMETOWN HEROES: Year 5 and 6 pupils from Queenspark School attended a Crusaders training last week and got to meet some of their heroes. Crusaders first five-eighth Richie Mo’unga (pictured) sat down and had a picture with Noah Barrett and Manaia Wharepapa (right) after their training session at Rugby Park. The Crusaders will take on the Chiefs in July after the international rugby window passes.

City South Van Spares NOW AT 166 MAces Rd, BROMley


We Buy, Sell & Dismantle Vans & Cars

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Tuesday May 31 2016

Free “Recovery Matters� stress and wellbeing workshops are still available for your community and workplace until 30 June 2016. For more information and bookings, email psychosocialtraining@

Here for Good



Tuesday May 31 2016


Community Events

Email by 5pm each Wednesday

Golden Oldie Movies – June Every Monday, 1.30pm start Go early for a cup of tea and a chat. June 6: South Pacific, 1958, musical, 2hr 31min. June 13: Marty, 1955, romance, 1hr 30min. June 20: Beggars Opera, 1953, musical, 1hr 34min. June 27: The Secret of the Loch, 1934, fantasy adventure, 1hr 14min. New Brighton Museum, 8 Hardy St. $2 donation Reading to Dogs Every Tuesday, 3.30-4.30pm Reading aloud is critical when children are learning. However, many children have difficulties reading and become self conscious when reading in front of their peers. Libraries and schools around the world have found that by sitting down and reading to a friendly dog, a child’s fear of being judged or laughed at ‘over mistakes’ disappears. Bookings are essential, phone 03 941 7923 to book. Shirley Library, 36 Marshland Rd. Free entry New Brighton Ukulele JAM Every Friday night, from 7.30pm Every Friday this group meets

to play the ukulele and other instruments and sing all kinds of songs and different genres of music. Anything that is in the spirit of Joyful Anarchic Music (JAM) goes. There is a data projector so all the lyrics and the chords are available. Everyone is welcome. Tea, coffee and biscuits are free. St Faith’s Hall, 46 Hawke St, New Brighton. $2 entry Burwood Playgroup Every Thursday, 9.30-11.30am Every Thursday including school holidays, for just $2 per family, take some morning tea for your children and enjoy a tea, KITE FLYING: Big kites are flown on the beach near the pier, almost every day that conditions are coffee, milo or biscuits, which suitable. Go along and watch, or bring a kite and join in. People complain about the Christchurch will be provided for adults. easterly wind, but it’s ideal for kite-flying, so dress appropriately and come along, between 11am Burwood Plunket Rooms, 149 and 4pm daily. ​ Burwood Road. $2 entry Eastside Gallery: Elusive Beauty Opened on Sunday, will close on Saturday June 11 Elusive Beauty is an exhibition of works by six visual artists and a musician. Ken Doidge, Coral Reef, Robin Walsh, Gina Papageorge, Ross Gillies, Sandra Beltman and Philip Redpath have worked individually and together over the past six months to bring together this two week show.

Eastside Gallery, 388 Worcester St. Free entry

Mall. Free entry, donations appreciated

The Coconut Whangersnozzle Pirate Puppet Show June 4, from 1-2pm Join Crackers the parrot, a wily and cheeky bird. Help him and his friends, the pirates of Madagadabadabada, outwit the Great Crocodile who has invaded their waterhole. Antidote Juice Bar, 86 Brighton

Matariki in the Zone June 19, 10am-2pm Go to the red zone in Anzac Drive Reserve to celebrate Matariki. Learn about weaving and make poi out of natural materials, watch carvers, and learn about the environment and whitebait. Make a waka out of raupo reeds (mokihi) to take

home, and view the kids’ art exhibition and colour in or draw something to add to the art mural. Grab some kai and soup for free. If you feel like helping to plant an orchard and some native trees, bring a spade and your gumboots along. There will also be coffee, a kids treasure hunt and entertainment. 36 Chimera Crescent, Burwood. Free entry







HORNBY 409 Main South Road | OVER 50 STORES


Tuesday May 31 2016

WOF $35


Full Workshop Repairs (exhaust repairs by appointment) Bookings Advisable


All popular sizes available

C omplete T yre and A uto

Canterbury owned and operated 464 Ferry Rd, 03 389 5370 8.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri, 9.00am-1.00pm Sat • New & Used Tyres • Puncture Repairs • Batteries • WOF • Balancing • Mechanical Repairs • Lube & Servicing • Wheel Alignment

464 Ferry Road, Christchurch

Phone: Hayden 03 381 6592 or 021 365 957 ALL AVAILABLE FROM NO DEPOSIT | VISIT US ON FACEBOOK: Cars-2-Go Open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm Saturday


1996 MITSUBISHI CARISMA Auto, 1800cc, airbags.


1998 NISSAN PRIMERA S/W Auto, 4x4, chain driven.


2000 MAzDA CAPELLA Auto, tidy inside & out.


1989 HOLDEN COMMODORE Hard to find in this condition.


1999 MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 3500cc, leather trim, NZ new.


1995 NISSAN MISTRAL 7 seater, auto, 192,600kms, Diesel.


1997 DAIHATSU PyzAR 5 speed manual, 1500cc, airbags.


2000 HOLDEN COMMODORE Auto, alloys, airbags.


1999 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VR6 Alloys, auto, quick car.



1999 TOyOTA CAMRy S/W Auto, 2200cc, nice car.

1999 NISSAN CEFIRO Auto station wagon, alloys.



2005 FORD MONDEO H/B 5 speed manual, 225,000kms, drives great.


1996 TOyOTA RAV4 5 speed manual, 5 door, looks smart in black.

2000 MITSUBISHI DION 7 seater, 150,000kms.


2007 MAzDA DEMIO 104,000kms, sports model

2 18

[Edition datE] Tuesday May 31 2016



Tips for untreated hearing loss

Hearing is a sense that many of us take for granted. Throughout our lives, we subject our ears to loud sounds–music, power tools, lawn mowers, air travel– without using ear protection. regrettably, this can cause hearing loss. also, the natural aging process generally results in hearing loss. even certain illnesses

and medications can adversely affect our hearing. Unfortunately, hearing loss that occurs from such causes is permanent. The good news is, even if you already have a little hearing loss, it’s never too late to preserve your hearing for the years ahead. The first thing you can do is protect your ears in noisy environments.

also, avoid using cotton swabs to clean your ears. and, make it a priority to get a baseline hearing screening to see if hearing loss has already occurred. if hearing loss is found during your hearing evaluation, it could be due to excess ear wax or infection. This type of hearing loss is reversible. if hearing loss stems from chronic exposure to loud noise, aging, or certain illnesses and medications, hearing aids are the best way to preserve your good hearing. The great news about today’s hearing aids is how small and easy to wear they are. Modern digital hearing aids use super-tiny microprocessor technology– making them virtually invisible when worn. Hearing aids can help almost all degrees of hearing loss–from a little to a lot. and, by stimulating your brain with sound that might not otherwise reach it, hearing aids help keep your brain active, which lowers your risk for cognitive diseases, such as dementia. if you suspect you may have hearing loss, don’t ignore it. neglecting a hearing loss can have a snowball effect–making it grow bigger, faster than necessary.


Here are 10 ways you can limit hearing damage and preserve good hearing: 1. Understand the sound levels of the noises in your environment. 2. Learn about proper ear protection. There are many kinds on the market today, ranging from custom ear molds to foam plugs and more. 3. Put physical distance between you and loud noise when it is present. if possible, stand at an angle from the noise, not directly in front of it. 4. Take breaks when you are exposed to noise. 5. When listening to music through headphones or earbuds, keep the volume low-to-medium. 6. Know the signs of hearing loss, and measure yourself against them. 7. schedule a baseline hearing evaluation. Hearing loss is on the rise among Baby Boomers and young people. it’s never too early to get your hearing checked, but don’t wait past age 50. 8. Have your hearing evaluated by a professional licensed by your state. 9. if you have hearing loss caused by a reversible condition, take steps to correct it. 10. if any permanent hearing loss is diagnosed, choose hearing aids to slow it down, and preserve good hearing.

it’s never too early to get your hearing checked, but don’t wait past age 50.

Who thought

and false!


could look this natural?

• Full dentures • Metal partial dentures • First-time immediate dentures • Implant supported dentures



HOLLYWOOD: A beautiful result for a female patient in her 60’s

AGING GRACEFULLY: Natural teeth for a gentleman patient in his 80’s

These stunning lovebite full upper and lower dentures have been expertly crafted by internationally-recognised dental technician Richard Greenlees at his Christchurch studio. The combination of Richard’s skill, experience (including 15 years in London’s prestigious Harley Street) knowledge and revolutionary techniques allow him to create beautiful bespoke false teeth that truly resemble those in nature and reflect each patient’s individuality and unique character.

402 Montreal Street

Christchurch | P. 379 1222 By appointment only. Consultation fee applies.

GOOD KEEN MAN: Teeth with character for a hard-case fisherman in his 50’s

Richard will personally guide you through the entire process to create teeth with small nuances in the fabrication, colour and shape. Your beautiful new lovebite dentures will boost your confidence and make you look and feel year’s younger!

[Edition datE] 2 PEGASUS POST

Tuesday May 31 2016


Broken-hearted to leave 21 Highpeak Place, Halswell Auction: June 9, 2016 (unless sold prior)

4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 toilets | 2 living rooms |1 dining room | 2-car garage | 3 off-street parks | Listing #: BE192595


ut it is time to make a change and leave this spacious happy home of many years. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity in the boutique subdivision of Broken Run. The cul-de-sac location is desirably tranquil, and this immaculately presented home will be a delight to view. Step into the entrance way and then onto the large well-appointed kitchen with quality Smeg appliances and large oven. The dining and family room are very spacious and have vaulted ceilings. The separate formal lounge with a cosy gas fire and family room have bifold doors that open onto the manicured garden, a wonderful prospect for summer entertaining. The master bedroom also opens as well to the garden - perhaps time for a coffee and croissant in the morning before the day begins? The ensuite is unusually large, a rare find in modern homes, and the family bathroom certainly does not lack in size as well. Two further double bedrooms and a large single will safely house the family and guests. The home is double glazed, fully insulated, has two heat pumps, a gas fire and under floor heating in the tiled kitchen and bathrooms. A larger than normal double garage with trailer door to the backyard completes the deal in this very spacious home. Don’t delay; this lovely home must be sold on or before auction day to let my vendors NEW LOCATION ADVERT.pdf 1 1/05/2014 move on to the next stage of their life.

Open Home dates: Saturdays and Sundays 2.30pm to 3pm until auction, or to arrange a private viewing of this property call Debbie Pettigrew now on 337 1316 or 027 777 0411 or Malcolm Parker on 027 220 7843 from Harcourts Grenadier Beckenham (Licensed 11:51:35 a.m. Agent REAA 2008).



Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture

Visit us online

Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909

P. 371 7500


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

Dyers Road Landscape & Garden Supplies • Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we supply the best available • Aggregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse • Pavers & Schist products • Pungas • Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks • Trailer Hire first hour free with purchase • Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered

iver! l e d l l i w e W






Phone: 03 384 6540

183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS

David, Carol & Mike


Weekdays 7.30am-5pm. Weekends 8.30am-3pm

EXHIBIT NOW! C o n t a c t Va n e ss a F l e m i n g 02 1 9 1 4 5 6 5


Tuesday May 31 2016


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Freeview HD 40 and online For enquiries, contact Geoff Moreton: 021 1066 177


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Free Quotes Professional, personalised service. Regular & one-offs. Fixed price.

Ph: 377-5814

(03) 341 2060


CARPET VINYL Laying & repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching.

Ideal as an extra bedroom or office. Three convenient sizes from $70 p/w: Standard 3.6m x 2.4m Large 4.2m x 2.4m Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m

Visit our display cabins at 95 Beach Road or 470 Cranford Street or call 0211277227 for a free brochure.

Ph 0800 003 181 or 027 240 7416 e:

Trades & Services


Fashion Designs & Colours Discontinued Designs End of Lines Bargain Prices Call at Our Shop CURTAIN FABRIC OUTLET 71 Hawdon St Sydenham Ph 366-5026

Are you moving house?

To Let HOMESITTERS reqd short term sits. Ph Lisa 359-2323 www. townandcountryhomesit.

Gardening & Supplies

Trades & Services

A GARDEN PROFESSIONAL NEEDED? Qualified Horticulturist, offering expert pruning, garden makeovers, garden design and landscaping, for free quotes call Bryce 027 6888196 or 0508 242-733 A GARDEN OR LANDSCAPING TIDY UP? Shrub, hedge & tree pruning, Lawns, Gardening, consistently reliable general property upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10 yrs experience, One off tidy ups or on-going service. Nick’s Property Maintenance. Keeping your garden beautiful. Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440


Holiday Accommodation

CLEARING Let All Clear Canterbury take care of your unwanted items. You identify what you want to keep & we will dispose of the rest!!

Mob: 021 078 4553


Trades & Services

Ph. 03 329 4806 or 027 827 0505


Professional, friendly Service Always


Trades & Services


- Re-roofing and new roofing - Quality roofing at the best price around - Licensed building practitioner


Roofing Ltd

Michael Gale

Plumbing Ltd PROMPT SERVICE 8790441AA

For all Plumbing • Roofing/ spouting • Maintenance • Installations Small work no problem

Ph 364 7080 (24 hour) Mob 027 438 3943

Trades & Services



Trades & Services

FENCING Paling, picket, iron, trellis Demolition and removal Phone Bevan 021 231 1860 Fencing Uprite Your Eastside Specialist

GLAZING Stephen Thom Glazing 2012 Ltd. (Under New Management)

• Mirrors • New Glazing • Pet Door Specialists • Frameless Showers • Splashbacks

For all your property and cleaning requirements Trained, insured & security screened owner/operators Multi-award winning systems & Franchises Franchises Available

AAA CArpentry licensed builder practitioner all property maintenance small job expert by tradesman / handyman free quotes city wide call now 03 3870770 or 027 245 5226 AnDreWS tree CAre Services, tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, shelterbelt clean up, section clearing, rubbish removals, excavation work, ph 027 728 5688 BUILDer For all building work but specialist in bathroom renovations, 30 yrs experience, with service and integrity. Free Quotes. Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or 0274 367-067. BUILDer LICenSeD available for all aspects of building. Please call 027 241-7471 or 335-0265 CArpenter HAnDyMAn Small Job Specialists, Carpentry, Repairs, Decking & Maintenance, 40 years experience, no job too small, Ph Warren 03 322-1103 or 027 6978541 CArrIer Local, experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069 CArrIer Local, experienced, friendly, trade-me purchases, single items to truck loads, furniture to whatever, removals & trade deliveries a specialty. Ph GEH 341-5069

Trades & Services

CARPET VINYL Laying & repairs, uplifting, relaying, restretching.


QUEENSLAND SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA Resort, Ocean Views, Balconies, Self Contained, 1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, Free Internet, Shops, Restaurants, Tennis, Surf Club & Patrolled Beach, Public Transport at door. Ask for our SEASONAL SPECIALS. Phone 61 7 544-35011 Email:

Call Hamish for a quote 03 347 90 45

Trades & Services

Phone our local team 03 379 1100 Trades & Services


Lawns, Gardens DRIVEWAYS & Home Cleaning Replace, repair or new.

Pet Cremations

Let us help you lay your pet to rest in an appropriate, respectful manner. Honour the memory of your beloved friend and companion.

Trades & Services


Cars $4,001 - $8,000


Tuesday May 31 2016


ALL BROKEN WINDOWS Phone Cushla 03 352 6225 or 027 352 6225

Ph 0800 003 181 or 027 240 7416 e:

COnCrete CUttInG AnD GrInDInG Cutting of walls and floors; Small break and remove jobs; Grinding concrete level; Cracks filled; Concrete polishing and sealing. Call Danny at Stoneshine on 021 063 8833

We are a local company with over 10 yrs exp. We also operate a digger for all other earthworks.

Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

• Replacement/new roofing • Colour Steel gutter & fascia • Flue & log burner installs • Skytube/light installs • Earthquake repairs Licence Building Practitioner LBP Member of the Roofing Association


FenCInG All styles and shapes, gates, wooden, ph Mark 027 331-3223


Wanted To Buy

FenCe pAIntInG Staining Quality at a reasonable price. Free quotes. Phone Warren today on 980-1676 or 027 2014713

PHONE IAIN 027 445 5597

A Records and Hi-Fi gear wanted, excellent prices paid for good records especially kiwi and overseas bands 60’s - 90’s PennyLane 430 Colombo St Sydenham 7 days www.pennylane. ph 3663278 or 021 2226144 TOOLS Garden, garage, woodworking, mechanical, engineering, sawbenches, lathes, cash buyer, ph 355-2045

FUrnItUre reMOVALS Large Trucks $95 + GST per hour 7 day NZ wide, packing & moving, Professional Company, Professional Service. Canterbury Relocations Ltd. ph 0800 359 9313 LAnDSCApe COnStrUCtIOn Lawns, paving, water features, irrigation, planting, decks, driveways, kerbing, ponds, retainer walls, fencing. Free quotes, Phone Tony 021-034-8555 OVen CLeAnInG Professional cleans $50.00. Gift Vouchers avail. Phone 0800 6836253 or 027 228-0025 pAInter Available, All aspects in painting. Very competitive in roofs and fences. Please call 027 241-7471 or 3350265 pAIntInG DeCOrAtInG interior & exterior, gib fixing, plastering, paperhanging, Est 50 yrs in ChCh, ph Wingfields Ltd, ph Mark 021 1711586 or 355-5994 pAInter Top quality work, interior/ exterior, pensioners discount, free quotes, 30 years experience, I stand by Canterbury, ph Wayne your friendly painter 03 385-4348 or 027 2743541 pAIntInG DeCOrAtInG Excellent finish.Domestic & Commercial. Ph Chris 027 223 8542 pLASterer SOLID, both ext & int work, Scottish Tradesman with over 30 yrs experience, FREE Quotes, ph Donald 354-5153 or 021 023 26186 pLUMBer ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231 pLUMBer ALF THORPE PLUMBING Certifying Plumber for all types of plumbing, maintenance, spouting, alterations etc. Phone 352-7402 or 0274350-231

The Roofing Specialists

rOOFInG Qualified & Licenced Practitioner. Re-Roof & Repairs, all types. Member New Zealand Roofing Association. Over 35 years experience. Phone John 027 432-3822 or 351-9147 email johnmill@ihug. SpOUtInG CLeAnInG Spouting Unblocked, Cleaned Out and Flushed Out. Also Full Handyman Services Available. Call Trevor 332 8949 or 021 043-2034 tILer/CArpenter 35 years exp, no job too small. Ph Ross 027 4311440. tree WOrK Hedge trimming, stump grinding, rubbish removed, small job specialty Ph Andrew 03 322-8341 or 027 435-8759 t.V. SerVICe Centre Repairs, tvs, microwaves, stereos, DVD. Aerial installations and kitsets, 480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379 1400 UpHOLSterer Dining Chairs, Lounge suites, Caravan Squabs etc. recovered. Free Quotes. Phone Graeme 383-1448 VHS VIDeO tApeS & all camera tapes converted to DVD, video taping, weddings, twenty firsts, special occasions, ph 03 338-1655 WAterBLAStInG Quality Job, Quick Service by skilled tradesman, Ph Richard Severin at Jet-X 0800 538 969 Free quotes, visit

Wanted To Buy AAA Buying goods quality furniture, Beds, Stoves, Washing machines, Fridge Freezers. Same day service. Selwyn Dealers. Phone 980 5812 or 027 313 8156


paid for estate lots, antiques and good quality furniture. Ph Rick 347 4493 or 021 376 883 Wanted To Buy A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671 A+ Household effects, fridges, freezers, washing machines, ovens. Good cash paid. Ph Paul 022 0891 671

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Weka Pass Railway Waipara, North Canterbury

We are RUNNING QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Sun 5th June & Monday 6th June

Running 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month Infoline Chch 96 22 999 Depart Glenmark Station 11.30am & 2.00pm

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Rexellent Rentals Cars, Vans, Brisbane , Coolangatta

Situations Vacant

FREE CALL 0800 601 508


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Strippers & Podium Dancers Wanted!

With care and respect we will remove your dwelling. Our policy is to recycle as much as we can. We are a local company specialising in residential properties. We will endeavor to cater for your individual needs.



Ph. R.M. Solutions 021 02866981 for a free quote.

021 193 0118

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Christchurch like a local

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TUESDaY, aUGUST 27, 2013

A Mainland Media Publication


Kea (Nestor Notabilis)

Ladbrooks, Tai Tapu, Leeston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Prebbleton, Halswell, Rolleston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pass


MONDaY JULY 15, 2013

A Mainland Press Newspaper

A Mainland Press Newspaper

Black Billed Gull

Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt. Pleasant, Ferrymead, Woolston, Lyttelton & Akaroa Harbours


Fantail (Piwakawaka)


Bay Harbour News MONDaY 12 aUGUST, 2013

Southern View A Mainland Press Newspaper

Pegasus Post

MONDaY JUNE 24, 2013


384 0600

A Mainland Press Newspaper


Bellbird (Korimako)

Harewood, Burnside, Bishopdale, Bryndwr, Fendalton, Merivale, St Albans, Mairehau, Papanui, Casebrook, Redwood, Regents Park, Styx Mill, Northwood,Spreydon, Belfast Hoon Hay, Hillmorton, Cracroft, Cashmere, St Martins, Somerfield, Sydenham, Addington, Waltham, Opawa, Beckenham, Huntsbury, Woolston

New Zealand Swamp Hen (Pukeko)

Linwood, Avonside, Richmond, Shirley, Burwood, Dallington, Wainoni, Bromley, Aranui, Avondale, Bexley, New Brighton, Northshore, Queenspark, Parklands, S


MONDaY JUNE 24, 2013

A Mainland Press Newspaper

New Zealand Pigeon (Kereru)

Templeton, Islington, Hei Hei, Broomfield, Halswell, Oaklands, Westlake, Hornby, Wigram, Sockburn, Church Corner, Ilam, Russley, Hyde Park, Avonhead, Riccart

Classifieds Our community papers are published every Tuesday (Bay Harbour, Wednesdays) focusing on local issues & local people.


Tuesday May 31 2016










3 June, 7PM





4 June, 4.30PM




Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome


The newly refurbished Woolston Club...


A classic, contemporary club experience


Dining, bar, entertainment, sport, and so much more!



Cafe open from 11am Happy Hour 4.30pm - 5.30pm TAB & Gaming, Function Facilities, HOUSIE Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday SHUTTLE Tuesday - Sunday

Newly renovated Open 7 Days Restaurant open from 5.30pm! With a selection of main meals for $20 Retro Roast Lunch 12pm Wednesdays $10 Members/$12 Non Roast of the Day $16.00 Members $18.00 Non

NOW OPEN Cooks and Cocktails offers affordable family dining with an international menu and amazing cocktails. Come and enjoy our great family environment and meet our amazing staff. 77 M

Papanui's newest family friendly dining experience

ain N


oad Ph w Ope ww.coo 352 4 , Papan n Mo ksan ui nday dcoc 242 - Su ktails nday .c - late R

Air Force Band Flies High with the Queen THE ROYAL New Zealand Air Force Band is celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday in style with a special afternoon concert at the New Zealand Air Force Museum at Wigram on Sunday 5th June. Surrounded by the museum's mighty collection of Air Force history, the band will perform music that spans the nine decades of the Queen's life so far. The afternoon performance on June 5th features a segment dedicated to music by British composers, from Walton's stirring Crown Imperial March, to excerpts from popular musical theatre, through to the theme music for the James Bond 007 movies. During the RNZAF Band's last performance at the Air Force Museum in 2015, the band's 65 strong brass and woodwinds under the baton of Flight Lieutenant Brew received a standing ovation from the packed house. “We're looking forward to Walton's Crown Imperial March, and we'll also reference some great British artists including The Beatles, Queen and David Bowie,” Flight Lieutenant Brew said. “Our band is wonderfully versatile. We'll be taking the opportunity to feature some of our virtuoso players in solo pieces at Wigram.”

The Queen's Birthday concert programme will also include Gershwin's An American in Paris, Glinka's Russlan and Ludmila Overture, as well as a full symphonic version of the impressive soundtracks from the Star Wars movies. Flight Lieutenant Brew recently traveled with the NZ Defence Force Contingent to conduct services at Gallipoli. The RNZAF Band performed in February at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo during the NZ Festival in Wellington. Air Force Band in concert at the New Zealand Air Force Museum, Wigram th Sunday 5 June, 2pm, New Zealand Air Force Museum, Wigram. Adult: $25, Senior $22; Child/Student: $5 Tickets: New Zealand Air Force Museum (03) 343 - 9532.


Tuesday May 31 2016





‘Famous for their roasts!’

Open daily from 6.30am. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Treat the Kids! Kids two course special from

Members Lucky Card Draw


$ We are family friendly. Great Kids menu plus designated play area.

TAB POD - upstairs -

- downstairs -

ClubBISTRO PIERVIEW Restaurant Open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-2pm and from 5pm.


$10 ROAST Available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Quality a la carte with a view! Open FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY from 5.30pm

Seniors SPECIAL Two courses Special available lunch only Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm Conditions apply.


Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

All Grills... $20! for a limited time


SUNDAY SPECIAL $25 3-Course Feast

SHUTTLE RUNNING Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat

202 Marine Parade | Ph 388-9416 Members, guests and affiliates welcome

Racecourse Hotel Motorlodge 118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150

Lunch & Dinner All you can eat, 7 days

Bookings Essential PH 386 0088




le availab m o r f





Vintage Blue

6PM FRIDAY 3rd June




Tuesday May 31 2016






Fresh NZ Beef Rump Steak




Tip Top Ice Cream 2L


$ 49



$ 69 each

Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg

Country Fresh Washed Potato Range 2kg



$ 99

$ 99


Meadow Fresh Yoghurt 1kg (Excludes Greek)


Mainland Mild/Colby/ Edam Cheese 1kg





DB/Export Gold/Tui 24 x 330ml Bottles


$ 99 each

Montana Classic 750ml



$ 50

$ 00


Fresh-Up Fruit Drink/Juice 3L


L&P 1.5L

See our online mailer at! Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits speciďŹ ed apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale.



FreshChoice Parklands 60 Queenspark Drive, Christchurch. Phone 383 1004. Open 7am-11pm, 7 days.


Prices apply from Tuesday 31st May to Sunday 5th June 2016, or while stocks last.

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